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    re You Being Slowly
The must eminent physicians
recognize that uric acid stored up in
the system is the cause of gout and
rheumatism, that this uric acid poison
is deposited in the joints, muscles or
nerve-sheath. By experimenting and
inalysis at the Surgical Institute in
Buffalo, N. Y., Dr. Pierce discovered
a combination of native remedies that
he called Anuric, which drives out
the uric acid from the system, and in
this way the pain, swelling and in
flammation subside, tf you are a
sufferer from rheumatism, i backache,
pains here or there, you can obtain
Anuric (double strength) at any drug
store and get relief from the pains
and ills brought about by uric acid.
Swollen hands, ankles, feet are due
to a dropsical condition,, often caused
by disordered kidneys, .naturally,
when the kidneys are deranged the
blood is filled with pbisonoUs uric
acid, .which settles in the tissues of
the feet, ankles, wrists or back as
firatic salts, or under the eyes in bag
like formations.
It is just as necessary to keep the
kidneys acting properly as to keep
1 lie bowels active to rid the body of
, poisons.
The very best possible way to take
care of yourself is to take a glass of
hot water before meals and an Anuric
tablet. In this way it is readily dis
solved with the food, picked up by
the blood and filially reaches the kid
neys, where it has a cleansing and
' tonic etfect.
Step into the drug store and ask
tor a 50-cent package of Anuric, or
send Dr. Pierce 10c, for trial pekg.
Anuric many times inore potent
than lithia, eliminates uric acid as hot
water melts sugar. A short trial will
convince you. Advertisement.
For Grey Hair
1 Will Tell You Free How To Restore
Your Grey Hair to Natural Color of
Youth and Look Year Younger.
Na Dyes or Other Harmful Method. '
Results in Four Days.
Tt tnfl send you free full information to restore
Four grey hir to the natunl colour and beauty of
jmith. no matter what your urb or rauiw of your
eirynewi. inia Mme aim
I'tc means not only suc
ceeded with me. hut with
thousand nt others. One
men a w mine of e who
had been ms for 3 years
restored his hair in -lean
than one sbnrt month to the'
natural colour of youth.
to inat not a grey hair
can now be found. I roy
1 aclf naa prematurely grey
at 27 and a failure bo
cauM I looked old. 1 re
stored It to girlhood's col
our, through the advice of
a sclent If lo friend. I look
younger than I did 9 years
ago ino am a living ei
araple that greyness need
no louser Mint for anvnue.
And an I hare arfanred to give full instructions
who wishes to restore the natural ithade or youtli to
any (trey, bleached or faded hair, without the use of
any greasy, sticky or Injurious dyes or stains and
without detection, 1 pledge suceess with both seies
and aU ages, no matter how many things bate failed.
So write me today, (live your nam and address
plainly, state whether lady or gentleman (Mr.. Airs.
m Miss), enclose 2-cent stamp for return postage and
' will send you fill I Instructions to restore the nat
ural colour and antiearance of youth to your hair.
making it soft, natural and easily managed. Write
1day and never liave s grey bair again. Address
Mrs. Mary K. Chapman, Aptmt. 491. N. F. Old '.
O. HI.. Pror., It. I.
SPECIAL NOTICE: Every reader of this iiMr,
man or woman, who wishes to be without gray hair
or inn resi or ineir im is acviiea to accept anova
liberal offer at one. Mrs. Chapman' hloh standing
grovee the sincerity of her after.
To Relieve Catarrhal
Deafness And
Head Noises
Persons suffering from catarrhal deaf
ness and head noises will be glad to know
that this distressing affliction can usually
he successfully treated at home by an in
ternal medicine that in many instances ha
effected complete relief after other treat
ments have failed. Sufferers who could
scarcely hear have hud their hearing re
stored to such an extent that the rick of a
watch was plainly audible seven or eight in
ches away from either ear. Therefore, if you
know of someone who is troubled with head
noiBes or catarrhal deafness, cut out this
formula and hand it to them and vou miv
have been the means of saving some noor
sufferer perhaps from total deafness. The
prescription enn be prepared at home and
is made as toiiows : r
Secure from your druggist 1 os. Pur-
mint (Double strength about 76 cents
worth; Take this home and add to it "4 pint
of hot water and 4 ti. of granulated sugar;
Btir until dissolved. Take one tableepoonful
tour times a nay.
Par mint is used in this way not only to
reduce by tonic action the inflammation rnd
swelling in the Eustachian Tubes, and thus
to eaualiza the air pressure on the drum, but
to correct any excess of secretions in the
middle ear, and the results it gives are
nearly always quick and effective.
Every person who has catarrh in any
torm snouia give mis recipe a iruu.
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth a
lazy, no-good feeling you should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study
jvith his patients.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
Mive oil. You will know them by their
olive color.
To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
rhildhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the
liver and bowels like calomel yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. That's why millions of boxes
are sold annually at 10c and 25c per
box. All druggists. Take one or two
nightly and note the pleasing results.
V . "4
Tki Worlft Grind
Any Local
Iniiti m
Recti .7 antads for profit ;
Use therp for best Results
If r W
First of Associations to Hold
Forth at Capital City
' (From a Staff Correspondent
Lincoln, Jan. 15, (Special.) The
first of the many meetings in connec
tion with organized agriculture was
held today. The Nebraska Horse
Breeders' association convened at the
judging pavilion at the state farm,
where member of the association
were welcomed by Dean E. A. Bur
nett. Addresses were made by different
members of the association and by
Stfete Veterinarian Anderson while a
colt judging demonstration was put
on by John Dalton of Lincoln.
Tomorrow morning the meetings
will be in full swing and most of the
associations will start as follows:
State Board of AKrtrultnro In the after,
ooon at the Commercial club.
Corn Improvers' aHHoriatltm, both morning
and afternoon at the plant industry build
ing. Btate farm.
Asaoclatton of Mate and rounty fairs In
tho evening at the Commercial clul In a
titate Florist society, afternoon and eve
ning at Ltndeil hotel with banquet in eve
ning. Home Economies' association, morning
and evening at Agricultural hall state farm.
State Horticultural society, morning and
evening at Llndell hotel.
Stale Live Htock Improvement association,
ovening at Llndell hotel
Nebraska Horse Wreeders' association.
morning nnd afternoon at stock Judging
pavilion, slate farm.
State Hwine Breeders' association liy the
afternoon at judging paction, university
Thirty-three different associations
will hold meetings of some Hind m
connection with the meetings of
organized agriculture this week Some
of them will be merely conferences
and election of officers, but most of
them will have program, in some in
stances elaborate in nature. -
Notes from Beatrice
, And Gage County
Beatrice. Neb.. Jan. 1J. (Special.)
In a circle hunt near Blue Springs
Saturday, which was held under the
auspices of the Odd Fellows' lodge
Ot that place, 14s rabbits were killed
Ey agreement Sides were chosen and
the rabbits were to be sold to defray
the expenses of a big oyster supper
to be served by the lodge next
Thursday evening.
Roy Hermle, son of Mr. and Mrs.
G. C. Hermle of this city, has been
appointed assistant in .the manual
training at the state farm at Lincoln
He will assume his new duties at
once. ' ' - '
Miss Mollie ''Ramsey, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ramsey, old resi
dents of this city, will leave Beatrice
Tuesday for Brownsville, Tex., where
she will be married next Saturday to
Second Lieutenant Arlie Culver of
Company C of this city, now doing
duty on the border. Lieutenant and
Mrs. Culver will make their home at
Mercedes, Tex., until the troops
leave the border.
The Beatrice high sphool basket
ball team returned Home Sunday
from a two days' trip to Lincoln.
Friday evening it lost to the Lincoln
high school five by the score of 45 to
15, and Saturday evening it was de
feated by University Place, 17 to Z,
New'House Bills
H. R. 76, Neilson, Douglas Gives Omaha
right to regulate rates and service ot tele
phone companies in that city.
H. R. 77, McAllister, Dakota El ht-hour
day for all trades except farmers. News
paper reporters included.
H. R. 78, McAllister, Dakota Compulsory
learning ot co-operative agriculture and
buying required of university and norma)
school of mate.
H. R. 79, McAllister. Dakota Constitu
tional amendment providing for income ax,
exemptions up to 12,0011.
Ht R. 80, Norton, Polk Commlsulon form
of government for counties.
H. R. 81, MAlllBter, Dakota Reduces
legal rate or Interem from 10 to 8 per cent.
H. R. 82, Lam pert, Saunders rand
larceny charge for auto theft.
H. R. 8.1, Lampert, Saunders Amount of
money under grand larceny charge reduced
from $35 to JliO.
H. R. 84, Flansburg. Lancaster Does
away with justtco courts. Constitutional
H. R. 86, Flansburg, Lancaster Limits
right of appeal in civil cases involving not
more! than 8500.
H. R. 86 Reduces time for appeal order
H. R. 87, Scudder, Hall Appropriates 82,-
700 for purchaseaddltional land for Grand
Island SoidlerH' home.
H. R. 88, Hosteller, Buffalo Antl-trad-Ing
stamp measure.
H. R. 8, Relshhlrk, Richardson Appro
priates $28,700 for state printer. Emergency.
H. R. 90, Dau, Dodge Provides election
polls open from 7 a. Ri. o 2 p. m.
H. R. SI, Leinar, Saunder County fair
properly execution proof.
H. R. 9J, Fries, Howard Prohibits trap
ping, catching or killing fur bearing ani
mals between February lb and Novem
ber lb.
H. R. 93, Meysenburg, Butler Dally
quotations from horse markets as to sales.
H. R. 94, Howard, Douglas Pension bill
for school janitors.
H. R. 9G, Howard. Douglas Civil service
for school janitors and engineers.
II. R. 94, Keed, Hamilton Amends high
school tuition law.
H. R. 97, Reed, Hamilton Defines re
quirements for second grade teaching certi
H R. 98, Howard, Douglas Anti-nepotism
H. R. 99, Howard, Douglas Anli-courslng
meet and anti-wild went show bill.
r. R. 100, Dau, Dodge No county voting
precinct shall have more than 200 legally
qualified electors,
I. R. 101, Horrmeldter, Chase Defines
pounds per hushel of different farm pro
ducts. I. R. 102, Hoffmetsler, Chase Pupils
may attend high schools in counties other
than where reside.
H. R. 193, Hoffmelstdr. Chase Prohibits
practice of medicine by Itinerant physicians,
H. R. 104, Hoffmelster, Chase Provides
county high srhool bonds may be ifsued
without vote ol people upon tiling or peti
tions by 66 per cent of voters.
11. R. 105, Jelen, Douglas Prohibits In
surance of children under 15 years of age.
H. R. 106, Lemar. Hnundera Provides for
birth and death registration with county
H. Ri 107, Bates and others Double elec
tion board.
II. K. 108, Mggrtt, Reward Appropriates
$10,000 phyniral valuation of Houtb Omaha
took yardtt py railway commission.
H. R. 109, Taylor and others Rotation of
names on ballot in counties of liO.OOO or
II. R. 110, Mills, Lancaster State re
formatory for women.
. R. Ill, Lancaster delegation Adds one
district Judge to Lancaster county. Emer
gency. I. II. 112, Keegan, Douglas Raises
salaries of -Douglas county deputy sheriffs
tu II, 200 a year.
' Far Rheumatism sad Neuralgia.
No better remedy for rheumatism and
euraigta than Sloan's Liniment. The first
application gives relief. Only 36c. All drug-
tjU.a. Advertisement.
Nielsen of Douglas Would Put
Phone Companies Under Con
trol of City Commission.
' (Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Jan. 15. (Special.) Rest
ing over the Sabbath, the members of
the lower house of the Nebraska leg
islature today introduced three dozen
bills. '
Among, them was one by Nielsen
tabbed house roll No. 76, which, if it
becomes-a law, will give the control
of telephone companies in Omaha
into the handsof the city commission
and away from the railway commis
sion. McAllister, with tyousc roll Xo. 77.
would prohibit any individual except
those Vorking upon the farm from
working more than eight hours a day,
except upon agreement. This in
cludes newspaper reporters. This is
similar to a law passed in 1891, which
made hours of labor nine hours ex
cept for farm hands and domestics.
The supreme court declared the law
unconstitutional because -it was class
McAllister introduced another hill
calling for an income tax on all kinds
of business and professions where the
income was more than $2,000.
Howard of Douglas has two bills
tending to better the condition of
janitors and engineers under the
Board of Education of Omaha, one
placing them on a pension after a cer
tain term of years and the other plac
ing them under civil service. ,
Keegan of Douglas, with house roll
No. 112. would raise the salaries of
deputy sheriffs to $1,200 a year.
The house adjourned until 9 o'clock
tomorrow. The .senate was not in
session today, having adjourned Fri
day unttt 2 o'clock tomorrow after
noon. House Judiciary Committee J
For New Constitution
(K-rom a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln. Jan. 15. (Special Telc-gram.)-Thc
judiciary committee of
the house met this aftcrnoou and re
ported favorably on the Norton bill
for a constitutional convention .
Purdy Holds His Seat.
Wayne, Neb.. Jan. IS. (Special
Telegram.) Judge A. A. Welch, sit
ting in chambers at Wayne, granted
Watson L. Pttrdy. commissioner of
the First district, a temporary injunc
tion against Lew Jacobs, whonr the
county board recently tried to scat in
Purdy's place. Nothing further will
be done in the case until the regu
lar term of court at Madison.
Puts Stomach in
Fine Condition
Says Indigestion Results from art
Excess of Hydrochloric
Undigested food delayed in the
stomach decays, or rather, ferments,
the same as food left in the open air,
says a noted authority.' He also tells
us that Indigestion is caused by Hyper-acidity,
meaning there is an ex
cess of hydrochloric acid in the stom
ach which prevents complete diges
tion and starts food fermentation.
Thus everything eaten sours in the
stomach ntfich like garbage sours in a
can, forming acrid fluids and gases
which inflate the, stomach like a toy
balloon. Then we feel a heavy, lumpy
misery in the chest, we belch up
gas, we emctate sour food or have
heartburn, flatulence, water-brash or
He tells us to lay aside all diges
tive aids and instead get from any
pharmacy four ounces of Jad Salts
and take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast and drink
while it is effervescing andT further
more, to continue this for a week.
While relief follows the first dose,
it is important to neutralize the acid
ity, remove the gas-making mass,
start the liver, .stimulate the kidneys
and thus promote a free flow of pure
digestive juices.
Jads Salts is inexpensive and is
made from the acid of grapes and
lemon juice, combined with lithia and
sodium phosphate. This harmless
salts is used by thousands of peo
ple for stomach trouble with excel
lent results. Advertisement.
Cocoanut Oil Makes
A Splendid Shampoo
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition,, be careful what you
wash it with.
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali. This dries
the scalp, makes the hair brittle and
is very harmful. Just plain mulsitied
cocoanut oil (which is pure and en
tirely grascless), js much better .than
the most expensive soap or anvthing
else you can use for shampooing, as
this can t possibly injure the hair.
Simply moisten your hair with
water and rub it in. One or two tca-
spoonfuls will make an abundance of
rich, creamy lather, and cleanses the
hair and scalp thoroughly. The lather
rinses out easily and removes every
particle of dust, dirt, dandrtrT and ex
cessiveoil. The hair dries quickly
and evenly, and it leaves it fine and
silky, bright, fluffy and easy to man
age. You can get mulsined cocoanut oil
at most any drug store. It is, very
cheap, and a few ounces is enough
to last everyone in the family for
months. Advertisement.
To Overcome Eczema
Never mind how often vou have tried
and failed, you can stop burning, itching
eczema quickly by applying a little zemo
furnished by any druggist fqr 25c. Ex
tra, large bottle, SUM). Healing begins
the moment zemo is applied. In a short
time usually every trace of eczema, tet
ter,' pimples, rash, black head and sim
ilar skin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and makinir it
vigorously healthy, always use zemo, the
penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is not a
greasy salve and it does not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable treat
ment for skin trouble of all kinds.
Attorney General Brings Pro
ceedings Against Douglas
(From Staff Corrfipondont.)
Lincoln, Jan. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) Attorney General Reed to
day filed quo warranto proceedings
in the supreme court to oust from
office Arthur D. Compton, newly
elected county commissioner of
Douglas county. The proceedings
are brought under the corrupt prac
tices act on complaint of Klmer L.
I'latz of l-'lorence, republican, and
profreader on the World-Herald.
The attorney general alleges that
he has proof that Compton spent
money during the heat of the cam
paign far in excess of which the law
expects, the excess being for cigars,
drinks, etc. Mr. Plati says he has
evidence that Tompton spent from
'I " S Fit 0M N ', f & ' 1
$1,000 to $1,200. whereas the sworn
statement sets out only expenditures
of $518.76.
The election of Mr. Compton. to
gether with that of Jeff W. Bedford,
gave the democrats control of the
Douglas county board of commissioners.
Carload of Horses Loose
In Grand Island Streets
Grand Island, Xcb Jan. 15. (Spe
cial.) The war horse business of
Grand Island gave the city a new
diversion during the eany hours of
Saturday evening, when, through a
slight mishap, one carload, being un
loaded for British inspection, got
away. While few of the animals
immediately steered clear of the city,
the greater portion made for uptown.
In easy gallop the animals inspected
the residence portions of the city,
separating at this or that intersec
tion until they were only in singles
or pairs. Scouts, in saddles, were
immediately sent after the rebellious
recruits and by morning the last one
of the would-be deserters was cor
raled and safely confined in the horse
barracks. No damage of any kind
was reported from the runaways in
carload lots.
ANNA HELD says: The boys in the
trenches expressed such a preference
for Adams Black Jack Chewing Gum
tnat I forward some every month.
Rancher is Ordered to
Keep Off Forest Reserve
Rapid City, S. D., Jan. 15. Judge
Elliott has issued an important order
of the court restraining the further
illegal use of lands near Pactola, a
short distance west of here.
It appears that Arthur Harvey,
who owns a ranch at Pactola, had en
closed and used for his own advan
tage certain national forest lands
without having obtained proper au
thority. The forest service had expressed
Cascara and Pepsin A Digestive Laxative
Lix-Fos is in Improved CASCARA with PEPSIN. Pleasant to Tiki
In LAX-FOS the Cascara is improved by the addition of Pepsin
and certain other harmless chemicals which increase the effi
ciency of the Cascara, making it better than ordinary Cascara.
LAX-FOS aids digestion. Pleasant to take and docs not gripe
or disturb the stomach. Adapted to children and adults. Just
try one bottle for constipation or indigestion. 50c.
its willingness to legalize the use of
this land by the issuance of a special
use permit, contingent upon the pay
ment of the regulation annual fee for
such permits. Arthur Harvey, how
ever, apparently considered such
compliance on his part unnecessary
and refused to conform to the law.
Consequently United States Attor
ney Stewart investigated the easy,
with the result that Judge Elliott haK.
issued a restraining order against
Harvey whereby he is ordered forth
with to remove the illegal enclosures
and also cease any trespass whatso
ever on tne lana m question.