Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 13, 1917, Page 9, Image 9

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Friday, January 12, 1917.
A1I th. la to tfctioa Is tho Cir.
cnlatiag LiWmry at 2c A aWr
Nrw Victor RtcorcU
for January now ready
-Phone Doug. 137.
Burets -Nash Announce For Saturday a Number of Salej
That Are of die Most Unusual Importance to Everybody
We Will
Be Three
Years Old
Next Monday
TlTONDAY, January 15th, we
will enter upon another
year's business the fourth year
of our service to YOU the buy
ing public, by whose LIBERAL
patronage and APPRECIATION'
of our modern methods of mer
chandising we have attained
such splendid success. To show
our appreciation in return we
will celebrate
Our Third
with a bargain festival to which
we invite all Omaha and vicinity.
It will be our Third celebration
an occasion which we take to
impress upon a larger public the
advantages of shopping at this
store to test the stability of our
rapid growth and the efficiency
of our organization.
See Our Display Windows and
the Sunday Papers for
We've planned this
sale of dainty new
Especially for Your Personal Benefit
EVERY one a new, 1917, Spring
model, in such favored mater
ials as voiles, batistes, organdy,
etc., all daintily trimmed with
val., Venice, shadow and filet
lace, hand embroidery and drawn
Blouses of Batiste and Voile, $2
Trimmings of val. and Venice lace,
pretty collar and cuff effects, long
sleeves; sizes 36 to 46.
Embroidered Blouses, at $2.50
Also prettily tucked and hemstitched,
and trimmed, with dainty laces. Many styles and every blouse a
splendid value. Sizes 34 to 46 and a few in 48 to 52.
Dainty New Blouses, at $3.50
In all the coming summer styles, filet, Venice and val. lace trim
med hand embroidered dainty tucks and hemstitching; sizes 34
to 46.
Exquisite New Blouses, at $5.00
Prettily embroidered, tucked and lace trimmed, materials are
soft batistes and fine voiles, every new collar and cuff effect; sizes
34 to 44.
Burffoss-Naah Ca.
Women's White Venetian Silk
Union Suits Were $3.50 Now$1.95
INTERESTING news to women who wear silk under
garments. White Venetian silk union suits, with cro
cheted top, and reinforced throughout; were $3.50,
for $1.95.
Women's Union Suits, at 85c
White cotton, fleece lined, ankle length, with low neck or dutch
neck, elbow sleeves, extra sizes, 85c.
Burreu-Nuh Co. Mate Floor.
A Radical Clearaway of Women's Boots at
Great Reductions, Saturday, Second Floor
E must majce way for the new Spring lines that are being received. To do this we
have taken all the novelty lines made for this season ana enppea me price unmerci-
Women's Boots, Were $8.00 to $9.00, at $4.85
Made of colored kid and two tone effect, high cut boot, lace or button styles;
were our $8.00 and $9.00 styles, Saturday reduced to $4.85 a pair.
Women's Boots, Were to $12.00, at $6.95
Women's colored kid and dull calf vamps, high shoes with colored buck skin
tops, were to $t2.00; reduced for Saturday to $6.95 the pair.
Women's Boots, Were $6.50 to $7.00, at $4.65
Patent colt button boots with dull kid and cloth top, were $6.50 and $7.00, for
$i.G& the pair.
Women's Boots, Were $5.00, for $3.95
' Women's patent kid high cut boots, our best $5.00 lines, for $3.95 the pair.
WmN 4.00 Patent Boots, at $3.25
Women's special Burgess-Nash $4.00 boots in patent colt, button and lace,
reduced to $3.25.
BurfeM-Nath Co. Second Floor
Clearaway of Children's Coats
at Less Than Half Price
MOTHERS with little tots, ages 2 to 6 years, will appre
ciate this offering for Saturday. The coats repre
sent a wide range of style selection, in the most favored
materials and colorings.
Child's Coats,
Were to $3.75,
Child's Coats,
Were to $5.98,
Child's Coats,
Were to $9.50
$2.50 $4.00
Burf ess-Nub Co. Second Floor
Clearaway of
Child's Bonnets
at $1.00
A determined effort to clear out
every child's plush velvet or cor
duroy bonnet, regardless of what
the former price may have been,
the range of selection is very good
and the values are most unusual
at $1.00.
Bnrgess-Nasa Co. Second Floor
We Bid "Goodbye" to Our Stock of
Women's Winter Suits
The Reductions Are Most Extreme
THE styles are the very latest, fall and winter models, made of such splendid materials
as serges, poplins, gabardines, mixtures, checks, etc., in a good range of color selection.
Four groups:
SUITS that were to i SUITS that were to
$29.50 reduced $45.00 reduced
now to now to
$975 $1475
SUITS that were to
$59.50 reduced
now to
SUITS that were to
$69.50 reduced
now to
None sent on approval, no exchangee, none sent C. O. D.
Burgess-Nash Co. Second Floor
Fresh Califor
nia Violets
California violets, 50 in a
bunch, on special sale, at the
cut flower section, Saturday, at,
ISc a bunch. '
Burtosi-Nash Co. Mala Floor.
Clearaway of
Several groups specinlly re
duced for Saturday.
Chamoisette Gloves, 59c
Women's 2-clasp chamoisette
gloves, reduced to 59e a pair.
Leatherette Gloves, 79c
Women's 2-clasp leatherette
gloves, chamois color, at 79c a
Silk Gloves, 85c
Women's 2-clasp double silk
gloves, reduced to 85c a pair.
Child's Gloves, 59c
Fleece lined gauntlets or
wool skating gloves, at 59c a
Child's Mittens, 25c
Double wool mittens, special,
at 25c a pair.
BurtoM-Naah Co. Main Floor.
You'll appreciate this show
ing of new spring millinery we
have arranged for Saturday.
New Satin or
Satin and Straw
Hats at $5.00
Pretty Puritan effecU, also
the new chin chin shapes, with
slightly rolled brims, all daintily
trimmed with flowers, Chinese
ornaments, etc.
The colors are chartreuse,
purple, green and Copenhagen
blue; also black.
BurKoss-Naah Co. Second Floor
1 T" ! .
rug and louet
Goods Specials
Large rubber sponges, 10c.
Pond's vanishing cream, 25c
size for 15c.
Danderine, 50c size, 34c.
Canthrox, 50c size, 34c.
Almond lotion, 25c.
Pebeco tooth paste, 29c.
1-pt. witch hazel, 29c.
Massatta talcum, 13c.
Lilac rose soap, 7c.
7 cakes cocoanut oil soap, 25c
1- lb. talcum powder, 19c.
Locust blossom extract, the
ounce, 29c.
Kleinert's rubber sheeting, 1
yard square, 39c.
Sal Hepatica, 50c size, 34c.
Listerine, 50c size, 34c.
Castoria, 22c.
Jad salts, 75c size, 49c.
Philips' milk of magnesia, 39c
Swamp root, 60c size, 37c.
Kodol dyspepsia remedy, 50c
size, 37c.
Syrup of figs, 50c size, 35e.
2- qt. guaranteed hot water
bottle, special, 79c.
2-qt. combination syringe and
hot water bottle, high grade,
for $2.50.
Liquid veneer, 50c size, 34c.
Burfosi-Nash Co. Main Floor.
In the
Down Stairs
Women's Serge
Dresses at $5.95
French serge, nicely made
and trimmed with beads, tinsel
and buttons; brown, navy,
green burgundy and black, spe
cial at $5.95.
House Dresses
at $1.50
Percale and voile, trimmed
with embroidery, have large
collars, were to $2.50, reduced
to $1.50.
Child's Coats
$3.00 and $5.95
Embracing a wide range of
styles in mixtures, checks,
plaids, cheviots, chinchillas,
filushes and fancy plush, made
oose flare or belted effects,
trimmed with buttons, plush
collar and pockets, were to
$10.00; in two groups at $3.00
and $5.95.
Burf Mt-Naih Co. Down Stairs Store.
Men! You've Seldom Shared in Greater
Values Than These in
"Black's" Stock of Shirts
Together With the Surplus From a
Big Shirt Manufacturer, at
65c, 89c and $1.29
COME in, all you men stout men, mddium men and small men men with radical
tastes men with conservative wishes every imaginable shirt need will be filled
to your satisfaction. A shirt sale yes, and such a sale as it will be
At Big Reductions From the Regular Price
A dazzling variety of light and dark effects, plain or plaited bosoms, hand laundered, coat styles,
cuffs attached everything that anyone might wish for. Shirts of most attractive shirtings of imported
and American-made madras silk and cotton novelties, mercerized fabrics, in an almost endless variety
of patterns all sizes, 14 to 17-inch neckbands.
In spite of the fact that the variety is great, there arc many stylos and patterns that will be
snapped up quickly; be here Saturday for the shirt treat of the year; your choice of table after table
of fine shirts, at 65c, 89c and $1.29.
Any Suit of Underwear
from the "Black" M AO
Stock at pl.iO
AFFORDING you choice of such well known
makes as "Sterling," "Superior," "Made
well," "Rocking Chair," "Duofold" and other
high grade garments, including the heaviest
winter weights' to the lightest summer weights.
Wool or cotton, in all the good colors; come Sat
urday and secure for yourself a season's supply
at the wonder price saving advantage.
Burioee-Nath Ce. MelB Floor.
Sweater Coats
from Black's (Q AO
Stock at yd.VO
ALL wool and part wool, nil tho good colors,
all sizes, splendid fitting and well made gar
ments at a fraction of their regular price. Hope
and jumbo stitch, rough neck and cape collars;
sweaters which you will want at a price you will
not believe possible; your unrestricted choice,
regardless of former price, $3.98.
Burg.M-Nah Co. Main Floor.
Your Choice of Any Soft or Stiff Hat AQ
From the "Black" Stock Saturday at . . vPIrT
BuryawNtub Co. Fourth Floor.
THE offering includes every
favored style in soft hats,
such as narrow,medium and wide
brims with pencil curl, bound or
raw edge, flat, roll or turn-down
brims, in cloth, velour or scratch
ups, etc. Black, green, gray,
brown, etc.
The stiff hats are the latest
blocks, in brown and black all
at, choice for $1.49.
Any Cap From
"Black" Stock at
Including blue serges,
home spuns and novelties
with velvet lined inside ear
bancs or leather sweats, silk
or team Sued, large or small
shafaa. ,
Burfoeo-Nash Co. Fourth Floor.
A Remarkable Clearaway of
Men's Clothing
Scheduled Here for Saturday
A GREAT price lowering on certain lines of men's high grade and hand tail
ored suits and overcoats that will appeal to the man who is particular
about his dress. Four groups like this :
Men's Suits
and Overcoats
That Were $13.65
Now at
Men's Suits
and Overcoats
That Were to $20.06
Now at
$9.75 $14.75
Men's Suits
and Overcoats
That Were to $27.50
Now at
Men's Suits
and Overcoats
That Were to $40.00
Now at
The Suits
' Are represented by a large assortment of patterns and
models, including the very latest ideas as well as the more
conservative styles.
The Overcoats
Include fancy weaves, vicunas, cheviots, double back
twill, Irish frieze, English coverts and domestic homespuns,
form-fitting, line tracing, single and double breasted, with
convertible, self or velvet collars.
Burgett-Naeh Co. Fourth Floor.
i Z I