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Local Committee Making Elab
orate Preparations to Enter
tain Annual Convention.
Auburn. N'cb., Jan. 12. (Special.)
l'lans for the entertainment of the
visiting delegates from the volunteer
lire departments over the state to the
thirty-fifth annual convention, which
is to be held in this city January lf.
17 and 18, arc about completed and
arrangements for taking care of and
furnishing sleeping quarters for the
50fl or more are made. Two bands.
a local band and one from Ord, will
furnish street music, while a large
orchestra will be used in the conven
tion and banquet halls. Several arti
cles of fire-lighting apparatus from
manufacturers ' will be on display,
with demonstrators in, charge.
On the second day of the conven
tion an automobile party has been
arranged which will take the visitors
to Peru, where the Commercial club
and citizens will play the role of
hosts, winding up the trip with a
visit to the State Normal school,
where a program has been arranged
to lake place in the chapel by normal
Upon returning to Auburn the
guests will be treated to a special
vaudeville show of tive acts, followed
by an athletic exhibition, for which
a number of state wrestlers and box
ers have been engaged, as well as the
main event, which will be a ten
round boxing exhibition between Red
Butler of Kansas City and Jess Hall
of Lincoln.
The third day of 4hc convention
will be mostly devoted to business of
the organization and the city will be
selected for next year's meeting. The
free moving picture show and ban
quet, for which tables for 5(10 will
be set, will he the principal amuse
ments of the day's entertainment.
Prominent speakers during the
three davs to be in evidence wi
dude ex-Governor Morehead and
Governor Neville.
To close the event the Nebraska
City firemen have arranged to hold
their annual ball, and on rndav
special train from here will run over
the Missouri Pacific to that place to
convey the visitors and local people
and the day will be spent in that city,
Largest Grange in State
Installs Its Officers
Gibbon. Neb., Jan. 12. (Special.)
The following officers were in
stalled in bharon Grange last night m
its hall northeast of Gibbon: Charles
Walker, business manager; Henry
Wood, master; George Brown, over
seer; James Looney, treasurer; W. H.
Holcomb secretary; W. V. Wilcox,
chaplain; Mrs. John Weller, lecturer;
Art Hibberd. steward; Mrs. White
Ceres; Mrs. Stroud, Pomona; Clayt
Glazier, assistant steward; Mrs,
Charles Walker, lady assistant stew
ard; Mrs. Joe Skala, Flora. Mrs.
C'iark Bassett was installing officer
and Laura Bassett, assistant. Sharon
Grange is the largest in the state,
having 210 active members.
News Notes of Geneva.
Geneva, Neb., Jan. 12. Special.)
W. H. Mewart, department com
mander of the Grand Army of the
Republic, went to York yesterday to
install officers in the post. From
there he goes to Omaha to visit the
post, then to Lincoln on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis of Lewiston,
Mont., tore visiting relatives in Ge
neva. Mr. TJavis was formally in the
Citizens bank here, but is now in the
Fergus County bank of Lewiston.
Mrs. Davis is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Mohrmon.
II. C. Piker of Newman Grove has
bought the Grand, theater.
Auburn Infant Found Dead.
Auburn. Neb., Jan. 12. (Special.)
--The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Palmer was found dead in bed
yesterday morning, when its mother
went to take it up. During the night
it had an attack of croup, but ap
peared to be all right when the
mother arose to prepare the morn
ing meal. After breakfast, not hear
ing any sound from the child she went
lo get it making the above discovery.
Xo cause for the sudden demise has
been given by the attending physi-
Notes From Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice. Xeb.. Jan. IJ. (Special.)
The Fanners' instiluie closed at
Wymorc yesterday afternoon by the
election of these officers: President.
K. S. Jones: vice president. H. Mc
I'heron; secretary, Harry Dixon:
treasurer, Juluis Neumann. The wo
man's department elected Mrs. Shei -
fciau Chapman, president; Mrs. F.d
Aard Jones, vice president and Mrs
Jacob Dawson, secretary-treasurer.
Three hundred farmers were sered
with dinner in Grccuvvood's lull The
speakers wore I.. Boyd Nisi, the farm
demonstrator, Mi Scott ami Mrs.
John Lyons.
One hundred persons attended the
father and sou banq.'c! held at the
oung Men's Christian Association
building last eveing. The principal
speakers were Mate rsecretary Mus
selman and Secretary McKcc of tbt
state boys' work.
Mrs. Ruth S. Willis in.
stituled suit for divorce irom Xoah
K. Willis, alleging cruelty, nnisupport
anl drunkeness.
The Young Woman's Christian as
sociation held its annual meeting last
evening, which was addressed by Miss
Aimec Fagundus of Lincoln. Com
mittees were appointed for the year's
work, after which a banquet was
served. Miss Ha?cl Hulterluld is
secretary of the local association.
Samuelson Resolution
Passed by State Senate
Lincoln. Jan. 12. (Special Tele
gram.) The Samuelson resolution
calling for a full investigation of the
car shortage situation was passed by
the senate today and Samuelson,
Hager and McAllister were named
by Lieutenant Governor Howard.
State House Notes
(Kroin a Htaff Corrfspundent. )
,Inn. J;'. (SpprUl.) Riiilw
Ir. Bell's Plnfr-Tr-HoneT,
I'ur your cold and bronchial cough, use
lr. Bell's Plnc-Tar-Honey. It culs the
lhleftm, relieves congestion. Only 26c. All
druggists. Advertisement.
An Awful Sight With
Itching Pimples On
Face. Healed By Cu
ticura Costing 75c.
"One rribming 1 noticed a pimple on
my face at the corner of my mouth. It
itched and I scratched it so that in a few
days pimples were all over my chin and
neck. They festered and when 1
scratched water would come out and
they were in blotches as bie as a dime.
1 lost sleep over them, for when my face
touched the pfllow, the pimples smarted
something terrible. Myjace was an
.iwful-looking sight.,
"I sent for a free sample of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. After the first
application I noticed that my face did
not itch so. I bought a cake of Cuticura
Soap and a box of Cuticura Ointment,
and they were not quite used when the
pimples were healed." (Signed) Mrs.L.
(ioneau, 32.S W. 8th St., Superior, Wis..
Oct. 19, 1916.
Having obtained a dear healthy skin
by the use of Cuticura, keep it clear by
using the Soap for all toilet purposes
assisted by touches of Ointment as
needed. Cuticura Soap is ideal for the
complexion because so mild, so delicate
and so rreamv.
For Free Sample Each by Return
Mail address post-card: "Cuticura,
Dept. H, Boston." Sold evervwhere.
Com mifx toners Mall ai'd Wilson
Alma Friday to hold a hottrintf u I ho pro
posal of th! Kiirnnrs' and Merchants' Tele
phone rompany ( tru-tvup! lis r t to. The
llrm ha.H pxchannt-M t Alum, Stamford. Re
publican City and Or!.-mn. Cyninii.salonf r
Taylor remained In Lincoln for the hearing
on the application of the Palt;iad ixihariKV,
in the western psirt of the (Uatr, for an
Increase In rates.
Proliallrtti rifftf-or A W Miller nf rin,ah
has filed a deficiency claim with .Stale
Auditor Smith for ir..tin for taktnn a uirl
to Ihe Geneva Home for CtrK. Douftlas
rounty recently filed wnrlh of audi
lalma for transporting youths in detention
F. K. Kdgerton of Aurora has slpned up
as a lohyist with Secretary of iSate Pool,
In the Interest of public .orvire corporations
and electrical tna tiers. Mih. Minnie I (oyer
t'avis of Lincoln has signed as a lobbyist
for woman suffrage.
' Meredith Nicholson. Indiana author, will
visit th Nebraska legislature in a few days.
He Is on a tour of the country, visiting the
state k-fflslatures of thirty states.
Conference in Governor's Of
fice to Lay Plans to Spend
Federal Money.
tl'rom a StHff Correspondent t
j Lincoln, Jan. 12. (Special Tele
grain.) - A great deal of interest a:
snow u in a inmitiK in ttic governors
office this afternoon which was at
Mended by the roads committees ol
I the legislature, the highway cotnniis
! sunt and many members of the legis
I lature.
A discussion resulted of the plan?
, tor a 5,M0-ini1e system of roads in tin
! state built with the $1,000,000 appro
nriatiou from the government. The
plan includes a system of north ami
south, east ami west roads in each
county, according to State Knginecr
Johnson, who. speaking for the board
proposed to distribute the appropri
ation according to the mileage in each
The roads ma" be merely dirt roads.
turtaccu with gravel or clav and in
counties where no gravel or clay is
available, the government will accept
plain dirt roads. The cost will not
exceed $1,000 a mile.
Attorney General Reed, a member
of the hoard, emphasized the impor
tance of the counties co-operating
with the commission in order that the
whole system might not be blocked
and the opportunity lost. A levy
should he made tor the lull five years.
Several of the members of the legis
lature did not approve of the board's
"distribution of the funds and sug
gested other plans.
Farmers' State Bank
Beats Competitor by Day
(From h Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Jan. 12. (Special.) The
banners Male bank of Hamlet. Neb.
beat the Hamlet State bank by one
day in its application for a charter to
the State Hanking board. 1 he Ham
let hank charter was rejected.
A charter for tiic i Matte Valley
State bank of Sutherland was also re
jected. James Peterson of Chappe
was to have been president and the
capital was to have been $25,000. The
proposed capital of the Hamlet State
bank was $15,000, with L. C. Churchill
of Palisade president. These appli
cations were approved:
Farmers' Mate hunk of Hamlet, capital
$:'.ri,OU0; O. K. Mutzman of Avoea, president.
Faltsad State hank, capital 115,000; A.
It. Thompson, president.
Farmers' State hank of Kimball, capital
10,000; titin l,hm, president.
The Quinine That Does Not
Cause Nervousness or
Ringing in Head
Because of its Tonic and Laxative effect, LAXATIVE BROMO
QUININE can be taken by anyone without causing nervousness
or ringing in the head. It removes the cause of Colds, Grip and
Headache. Used whenever Quinine is needed.
but remember there Is Only One
romo Quinine"
That la the Original
Laxative gromo Quinine
This Signature on Every Box
Uamtl thm World Ormr
Curm a Oold a vA
In Onm Day. C
Cascara and Pepsin A Digestive Laxative
Lax-Fos Is an Improved CASCARA with PEPSIN. Pleasant lo Take
In LAX-FOS the Cascara is improved by the addition of Pepsin
and certain other harmless chemicals which increase the effi
ciency of the Cascara, making it better than ordinary Cascara.
LAX-FOS aids digestion. Pleasant to take and does not gripe
or disturb the stomach. Adapted to children and adults. Just
try one bottle for constipation or indigestion. 50c.
4 Numbers
Kitchen Cabinet
For Saturday
Tlw cabinet here illoitratcd Is the mum,
rxcct In m few minor detail, m 3 of these
at U.M, flT.13, $21.75. The, cabinet are
made of select white oak. Eqnlpped with
sliding: metal find porcelain tope. They are
white enameled, hare sanitary metal racks,
titrated floar bins, have twinging class
aayar jar and flais service.
This "AH-Orer" While Enameled
Cabinet is a demonstration of every
good and usefuf Idea ever Incorporat
ed in any high grade cabinet, includ
ing flexible roll doors and porcelain
adjustable work table.
Reduced to
Ask to see our porcelain top
Only Cabinet,
Piinuniiw -1
Miss Emig will be here
Saturday, 6 to 9 P. M to
teach Pingocraft FREE.
Third Floor.
biandeis Stores
Cut Flowers
, Largo bunches of Violets, Sat
urday 19c
Funeral desifrns our specialty.
Made up on short notice.
Entranc. to Pomp.i.n Room.
MuNSlNGTwice-a-Year Sale
E A R Irregulars at About a Third Under Regular
THIS IS A SEMI-ANNUAL Sale and one that always throngs the Underwear Store.
Everyone knows the QUALITY of Munsing wear and while these garments show
just one or two irregularities in weave, it is in no way detrimental to wear and measures
up in every other particular to the high grade garments always put upon the market by
Munsing wear. Here is a chance to save on a standard article be sure to take ad
vantage of it.
Women's Munsin Union Suits, medium
and fleece lined cottons. All styles and siies.
The roRular garments would be
to $1.D0, these
Women's Munsing Union Suits, fine cotton.
medium weight. Vests and Pants in part
wool. The regular garments would flj 1 f(
be to $1.75, these , 4 i .UU
Women's Munsing Union Suits, part wool.
All styles and sizes. The regular t 1 fQ
garments would be $'150 j these.
Women's Munsing Vests, Ankle Pants to
match, in medium and fleece lined cottons.
Regular and extra The regular Ai'n
garments would be fiflc; these,
Main Floor.
Misses' and Children's Union Suits, fleecy
lined cottons. All sizes. The regular
garments would bo to 75c; these. . . .
Misses' and Children's Munsing Part and
All-Wool Suita, white, and natural color. All
sizes. The regular garments would d 1 A A
be $1.50; these J) i .UU
Drugs and Toilet Necessities
Glrcothymolinc, 50c size bottle 33
Bliss Native Herb Tablets, $1.00 size box 67C
Madam Yale's Hair Cleanser, 50c sizo bottle. . SflO
Camphor Ice, in tubes, for 6C
Orangeine Headache Powders, 60c size 20C
Savoy Hair Strengthener, 60c size 29C
Booth's Hyomei, $1.00 size 67C
Bromo Seltzer, 50c size bottle 20c
Carbolized Arnica Salve, 25c size 16
Cascarets, 25c size box 16c
Sal Hepatica, 50c size 2!)
Seidlitz Powders, 10 in box for 16
Horlick's Malted Milk, Hospital size $2.68
Rubber Sheeting, 3fi inches wide, yard 29C
Household Rubber Gloves, all sizes .29c
Pompeian Olive Oil, $1.00 size ..69C
Beef, Iron and Wine, special, bottle 29C
Kirk's Jap Rose Cold Cream, the jar ISi
Ricksecker's Complexion Soap, 25c size cake. .12
Dorin's Brunette Rouge, the box 24
Hind's Honey Almond Cream, 60c size 2!t
Thermos Bottles, regular $1.50 kind .$1.18
White Ivory Dressing, Combs, $1.00 values.. 59
Kolynos Tooth Paste, 25c size tube 16f
Graves' Tooth Powder, 60c size can 29
Sanitol Face Cream, 25c size 16
Pond's Face Powder, 50c size box 39
Armour's Natural Rouge, 50c size 39
Mary Garden Perfume, the ounce $1.79
Djer-Kiss Talcum Powdar, the box 24
Reiger's Flowerdrops Perfume, bottle 98
Lustrite Nail Polish, 25c size package 16
Phenolax Wafers, 30 in bottle, for 21
Williams' Shaving Sticks, special 16
Hughes' Ideal Waterproof Cushion Brush, $1.29
Main Floor.
Special Dinner
From 5 to 8:30 P. M.
Consomme Princess en Cup
Queen Olives Celery Hearts
Young Radishes
Roast Young Goose with
Brown Sweet Potatoes
Applo Sauco Green Peas
Waldorf Astoria Salad
Hot Rolls Hot Corn Bread
English Plum Pudding,
Hard Brandy Sauce or
Cocoanut Custard Pic or
Apple or Blackberry Pie a la
Mode or
Ice Cream and Cake
Tea Coffee Milk Room
Unusual Sale of Pictures
From Leubrie and Elkus Stock
The plates that these pictures were
printed from in Dresden and Berlin, have
been destroyed, so there will be no more of
them. If they were numbered like the
limited editions of de luxe books, they
would probably be invaluable. '
That is all we will say about their
worth. We will leave it to you to judge
for yourself.
The subjects are inspirations of the
finest artists in the world.
Photogravures and Etchings,
both hand-colored.
Priced at
50c to $12.50
To quote values would be superfluous.
Frame Mouldings a Fourth
For Saturday Only.
Third Floor.
Clearance of Women's Wear
Dancing Frocks at Unusual Prices
These are some of the most charming models of this season, and this sale comes
right in the midst of the social season.
We make this extraordinary offering in order to make room for our Spring stocks.
We divided these dresses into three groups:
$25 Dresses, at $12.50 $35 Dresses, at $ S.00 50 Dresse8 at $25.00
The Dresses are of Nets, Georgettes, Taffetas, Satins and other excellent materials,
with combinations of laces and silver trimming, that add to their attractiveness.
Dresses. Coats and Skirts
One lot of Serge and Silk Dresses, worth up to $22.50, Thursday, at $13,35
Smart Serge Dresses, clever straight-line effects, at $10.00
One lot of Suits, worth to $20.00, at. $7.50
One lot of Coats, worth to $22.50, at $10.00
One lot of Skirts, worth to $5.98, at qe
Socoad Floor. O.VO
Children's Wear
Wonderfully Underpriced
economize is an occasion
which no wise mother will
permit to pass by. Here are
Coats and Skirts at prices
that will appeal.
SpacUl Lot of Children's CoaU,
in excellent styles. Materials are
Corduroy, Chinchilla, Plush, Zibe
line, etc.; sizes 2 to 14 yean. Sell
ing here up to today at $7.50 to
$10.00, all now QQ
at Pi.70
Entire Stock of Junior
and Children's Skirts
Plain and pleated Skirts, with
pockets, trimmed with large pearl
buttons; in bUck and blue Series,
black and white Checks, pretty
Plaids, etc.
Second Floor.
Overcoat Sale for Boys
All-Wool Chinchillas, in grays
and blues. Fancy mixtures in various
styles. Different model coats full
belted styles, half belted styles, or
pinch-back models, fljO QK
Boys' Two-Pair-Pant Suits
At January Sale Prices.
$.').00 values 83.05
$(i.50 and $7.50 values $4.95
$8.50 to $10.00 values $6.95
$12.50 to $15.00 values $8.95
Third Floor.
Wf B f at
Dainty Lingerie
In January White Sale
Crepe de Chine and Satin Camisoles, trimmed yfQ
with Val. and shadow lace : .
A beautiful assortment of Gowns, Envelopes and
Skirts, carefully sized and well made. Trimmed with
dainty laces and embroideries. Wonderful djl nn
values pl.UU
Another lot of Undermuslins grouped for this sale,
representing wonderful values. Gowns, Combina- CQ
tion Suits, Skirts and Envelopes. Special, at OUC
Second Floor.
Hosiery Offerings
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hosiery, fancy embroidered
insteps, clocks and many other designs. Fashioned garter
tops; high spliced heels, toes and soles. All our CQr
$1.00 novelties, at
Women's Kiber Silk Hose, in colors and black and white. Seam
less, double heels and toes; lisle tops. 3 pairs for $1.00, each nr
pair ODC
Women's Kiber Silk and Lisle Hose, extra quality. Black and
white. Double tops; spliced heels and toes. 35c quality, Satur
day, pair
Women's Lisle and Kiber and Fleeced Hose, one big lot,
worth 25c pair
Misses', Children's and BoysVHose, heavy and medium
weights. Double heels and toes. Pair
f Main Floor.
Charming Blouses at $1.98
Visions of daintiness even at this modest price. Made
of beautiful Voile, with large collars charmingly lace
trimmed. Lace Blouses at $3.98
Made of Cream Lace combined with Flesh and Yel
low Georgette Crepe. Very effective and fascinating.
S Second Floor.
Candy Specials For Saturday
Our Home-Made Delicious Black Walnut Nougat Roll,
rolled in black walnut meats. Pound 29
Creamy Nut Divinity, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, pound. 29
Cream Peanut Squares, all flavors. Special, pound 15
Old Fashioned Black Walnut Taffy, pound 29tf
Fresh Maple Confections, every Saturday, pound
Take home a box of our luscious Chocolate Pompeian Bittersweet and
Swiss Style Milk Chocolates, fruit and nut centers. Pound 29C
Pompeian Room
Our January Slipper Sale
Forty Different Styles
Beaded, Embroidered, Braided, Silvered, Gilded; also
a few dull finishes.
It's the best lot that we have had the good fortune to offer in
any January Slipper Sale.
For example here's a French Bronze Kid, with cut steel, copper
finish, bead design on vamp; kid lined, kid covered wood Louis heels,
light turned soles this is but one from scores of charming styles.
Such Make. a. Weil, Wickert & Gardner and Grif fin-White.
Grouped in Three Lots
Lot No. 1 Slippers that were $6.00 to $9.00. gg
Lot No. 2 Slippers that were $3.95 to $4.95. .rj
Lot No. 3 Slippers that were $2.98 to $3.48. .dl no
P A eeSU
'if i
I f-IS
b tiff