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Everyone should drink hot water
with phosphate In It,
before breakfast.
To feel as line as the proverbial
hddle. we must keep the liver washed
.lean, almost every morning, to pre
icnt the sponge-like pores from clog
eiiiR with indigestible material, sour
ilc and poisonous toxins, says a
noted physician.
If vou get headaches, it's your liver.
1 1 you catch cold easily, it's your liver.
If you wake up with a bad taste,
furred tongue, nasty breath or stom
ach becomes rancid, it's your liver,
fallow skin, muddy complexion,
watery eyes, all denote liver unclcan
lincss! Your liver is the most im
portant, also the most abused and
neglected organ of the body. Few
Ktiow its function or how to release
the daniined-up body waste, bile and
toxins. Most folks resort to violent
calomel, which is a dangerous sali
vating chemical which can only be
used occasionally because it accumu
lates in the tissues, also attacks the
Kvery man and woman, sick or
well, should drink each morning be
fore breakfast, a glass of hot water
with a teaspoonful of limestone phos
phate in it, to wash from the liver and
bowels the previous day's indigesti
blr material, ' the -poisons, sour bile
and toxins: thus cleansing, sweeten
ing and freshening the entire alimen
tary canal before putting more food
into the stomach.
Limestone phosphate does not re
strict the dirt like calomel, because it
can not salivate, for it is harmless and
you can eat anything afterwards. It
is inexpensive and almost tasteless,
and any pharmacist will sell vou a
quarter pound, which is sufficient for
a demonstration of how hot water
and limestone phosphate cleans,
stimulates and freshens the liver,
keeping you feeling lit dav in and
day out. Advertisement.
Most every woman
want a nice, clear com.
plexion. and can have it at a triflinff coat.
Constipation in women is increasing to
an alarming extent, and this causes poor
circulation which accounts for yellow,
muddy, pimply complexions which so
many women are trying to overcome.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
is the one dependable remedy for had
complexions. They act on the liver and
bowel like calomel, yet have no dangerous
after-effect. They assist nature to throw off
the impurities that get into the blood. They
will surely clear up, even the most distress
in g condition quickly and tone up the entire
system, giving a pure, fresh, ruddy skin.
They are absolutely pure easy to take
and correct constipation. They act quick
ly, cleanse and purify and make you
feel fine. Start treatment now. Get a bos
from any druggist 10c and 25c
Sciatica, Etc.
Free Trial of a New Method That Cures by
Removing the Cause. Send No Money.
We've a new method that cures Neuralgia,
Neuritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Sciatica,
Neurasthenia, Tic Douloureux, etc., and we
want you to try it at our expense. No mat
ter how great your pain, or how terrible the
torture you endure from diseased nerves,
our method will bring prompt and blessed
relief. No matter whether your case is oc
casional or chronic, nor what your age or
occupation, this method should cure you
right in your home.
The Mulhall Method does not contain a
drop of morphine, opium, chloral, cocaine,
acetanild or any narcotic whatsoever. It
provides a nerve food that cures by remov
ing the cause.
We especially want to send it to those so
called "incurable" cases that have tried all
the various doctors, dopes, sanitariums,
"opathys," etc., without relief. We want to
n how everyone at our own expense, that this
method will end at once and for all time,
all those tortures and twinges of almost un
bearable pain that are present in Neuralgia,
Neuritis. Sciatica. Migraine, Tic Douloureux,
Neurasthenia and other nerve diseases.
This free offer is too important to neglect
a single day. write now and begin the cure
at once. Address Mulhall Co., Room 674,
Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.
Don't Rub It On
Bruises or Sore Muscles
Sloan's Liniment quickly pene
trates and soothes without
rubbing. Cleaner than mussy
plasters or ointments, does not
stain the skin.
Have a bottle handy for emergency,
rheumatic achei and paint, neuralgia, lum
bago, gout, itraini, sprain! and lame back,
yield to Sloan's Liniment.
At all druggist, 25c. 50c. and $1.00.
Read Wantads for Profit ;
Use them for best Results
Omaha Magnate Turns to
Pleasantry and Poetry to
Historical Society Dinner.
Lincoln, Jan. 10. (Special.) At the
annual dinner of llie Nebraska His
torical society this evening G. W.
Wattles of Omaha was the principal
speaker. Mr. Wattles, in a very pleas
ant way, referred to his connection
with the society and what hroiiRht
him to Lincoln, tellinp of John Lee
Webster's recent visit lo his ot'licc for
the purpose of petting him on the
toast list. He went on:
"He thinks he knows what I am go
ing to talk ahoul. hut he doesn't know
and vou don't know, and let me con
tide in you a little secret, I am not
very certain, for as the boy said, I am
going to speak 'expectoraneous.' hut
one thing is certain, I am not going to
talk about the scmi-cente)nnial celebra
tion, the first installment of which was
held in Omaha last tall.
Nobody Much Present.
"You alt know what happened on
that occasion, we only had 300.000 or
400,000 people on the streets lo wit
ness the parade. All the dignitaries
we had there consisted of the presi
dent of the I'niled States, the gov
ernor of Nebraska, the mayor of Lin
coln, Arthur Mullen and a few other
democratic politicians. The president
made three nonpartisan speeches and
in N'ovrnvficr he carried the state of
Nebraska by a majority of about One
tenth of the number who attended the
celebration and who were uudoubtcdlv
converted to his standard during his
visit in Omaha. I see you arc going
to have the president m Lincoln at
your celebration in June. I had hoped
by that time we might have a brand
new, tirst-class. up-to-date republican
president, but my hopes were blasted,
so I wish you success in your efforts
to gc? the old one to come. He owes
it to Nebraska. He ought to come
out here regularly to all uur public
Never Mind Celebrations.
"But in considering what 1 am go
ing to talk aboutthis evening , I be
lieve I will speak of something more
pleasant than serious semi-centennial
celebrations. 1 am off down here at
Lincoln, where the folks at home will
never hear of what I do say and I
have a big notion to take a big drink
of water, kick over the traces, recite
some poetry and talk about something
pleasant. In Omaha I am expected lo
think only in dollars and to deal only
in banks, street railways, grain ex
changes and million-dollar hotels, with
an occasional expositiuu or centennial
celebration thrown in for diversion.''
Pleases With Poems.
Mr. Wattles then recited a semi
humorous ode relative to his first visit
to California, following this with a
poetic tribute lo work, its pleasures
and rewards, and concluded his enjoy
able talk with a poem dedicated to
mothers. This revelation of his abilitj
as a poet delighted his hearers, who
loudly applauded the captain of com
merce and industry before them in a
new light.
Oelkers Wins His Office
In Frontier Recount
Curtis, Neb.. Jan. 10. (Special tel
egram.) The recount on county com
missioner of Frontier county before
County Judge E. R Pylc was fin
ished today and resulted in the re
election of Henry E. Oelkers. repub
lican, of Eustis, by two votes. The
official returns in November showed
Goohlieb Albricht. democrat, elected
by one vote. Oelker asked for a rc
coutn, which reversed the result.
University" Students
Construct New Gavel
(From fl Staff Corrchpondenl .)
Lincoln. Jan. 111. (Special.) A
new oaken gavel made by the engi
neering department of tlic University
of Nebraska, was presented to Speak
er Jackson Wednesday afternoon by
Representative Fleetwood of Dixon
county, himself a law student at that
Obituary Notes
F. A. STOCK died at his home at
Kails City, Neb., Tuesday morning af
ter an illness of more than five years.
He was born In Saxony, Germany,
April 3, 1832. Hp was married sixty
years go in his native co un try to
Miss Wlihelmina C'obert and camp to
America at unee. They lived in Wis
consin and at Arago. Neb., until 187li
when they came to Kails City. A few-
years apn he erected a brick building
and had been running a bakery on a
largo scale, lie is survived by his
wife, one daughter. Mrs. George Ger
hardt of Falls 'City, and three sons,
Fred W., who was associated with his
father; Ed, a traveling salesman, and
William, a farmer living near MeCook.
Mr. Stock had lived a retired life for
(he laat ten years and had lived for
the last forty-four years in the same
G. i . Squires of Lyons, Neb., died
Wednesday morning at a local hos
pital. Mrs. Squires was 35 years of
ape and in addition to her husband she
leaves three little children. The body
is at the Fdward U Dodder under
taking establishment, from where it
will be sent to Blue Mound, Wis.,
for burial.
South Thirty-fifth street, died Wednes
day morning at her home as the re
sult of pneumonia. The funeral will
probably be held Friday afternoon.
Miss L'rquhart was 33 ypars of age
and was a sister-in-law of Kdward S.
Thompson, Omaha shoe dealer.
VINCENT RUSSELL, aged 27, died
Tuesday night at St. Joseph's hospital
after a brief illness with pneumonia.
The body is at Ileafey & Ileafey's,
where It will be held pending word
from Russell's mother In New York.
an Indian woman of Rosebud, S. L.,
died Wednesday at a local hospital
of stomach trouble. ter body will
be sent to Rosebud for burial.
JAMES WALLACE, 30 years of age.
died Wednesday at his home, 410
North Fourteenth street, after an ex
tended illness with tuberculosis. He
ts survived by his wife.
Cun YiMtr Told!
It. Klnjt'N New IMncovcry will cure your
i-oNl. It to nniisi-ptte nnd eoothinit, klllit the
'old germs. All drugfjlHlfl. AOvcrthrmont.
(Krom n Staff I'orrospon.trni '
I .incoln. Neb., Jan. 10. I Sikh ial
Telegram.) The name of Ktigeuc O
Maytield of Omaha wa cm to the
senate at 10 o'clock this morning for
appointment as a commissioner nt
the board of control of state iiiMitu
(ions. Senator Henv ol Collax
moved for consideration of the mat
ter next Tuesday at J o'clock. Sena
tor Howell moved for immediate con
sideration, but later, when Senator
Sandall of York opposed immediate
consideration, Mr. Howell withdrew
his amendment and consideration
went over until I uesdav
Two Persons Only Register
In Lincoln as Lobbyists
(From a Staff Correspond rut )
Lincoln. .Ian. 10. (Special.) -Only
two have registered thus far with
Secretary of State l'onl ar lobbyists.
They are:
A. C Whittct nf the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Train men, in I lie in
terest of railway legislation.
Elmer K. Thomas of Omaha, of the
Omaha dry committee of 5iMt, in the
interest of prohibition legislation.
Mrs. Y. E. Rarklcy of Lincoln,
president of the Nebraska Woman
Suffrage association, has announced
her intention of registering imme
diately. Falls City Missionaries
Are Home From Africa
".ills City. N'eb., Jan. 10. (Special.)
I. O. Layman, wife and four chil
dren arrived from South Africa to
spend the year in the United States
after eleven years as missionaries.
Two-, of llie children were horn in
Africa. Mrs. Layman is the daugh
ter of John Ilei.'.c, one of Kichardson
county fanner;..
Madison. N'eb., Jan. 10.- -(Special.)
Walter l;reudenherg and Lena Km
erick were married at J:.W this after
noon at the (iermau Lutheran church.
Rev. M. Ilensiek officiated. The
bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Adam Linerick of this city, and the
groom is I he son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Kreudenbrrg, residing several
miles west of Madison. The young
people were born and raised here hav
ing known each other from childhood,
and are members of prominent pio
neer families of this community. They
will he at home on and after Febru
ary 1 on Mr. Frcudcnbcrg's farm west
of Madison.
Lindsay. Neb.,' Jan. 10 (Special.)
Miss Lizzie Wilhelm and John
Fischer were married in the St. Ber
nard C atholic church. After a wed
ding reception at the home of the
bride's parents north of here, the
young couple gave a wedding dance at
the fireman's hall. They will go to
housekeeping on a farm near Madi
son, where the young man comes
A UorfT Bakke and Nellie Kirk
patrick, Essex, la., were united in
marriage last evening in the assembly
hall of the Young Men's Christian
association building by Rev. B. R.
von dcr Lippe, pastor of the Clifton
Hill Presbyterian church. Mr. and
Mrs. Malley Mathcs, Essex, la., wit
nessed the ring ceremony.
Avoca, Neb.. Jan. 10. (Special.)
Frank J. Sand of Lorton and Miss
Katie Meyer of Avoca were married
yesterday at the Holy Trinity church
east of town by Kev. l-ather L. K.
Broerman, pastor of the church. The
groom is the son of Michael Sand of
Lorton. I he bride is the eldest
daughter of the late Mat Meyer. They
will reside on a tarm near Lorton,
Avoca, Neb.. Jan. 10. (Special.)
Otto I'red Heine and Miss Mary S.
Wolilers, prominent young people liv
ing southwest of town, were married
yesterday at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Woli
lers, by Kev. Carl Luecke. They will
make their home on a farm west of
Miss .Josephine Foyncr and Fred
Fowler, both of Council Bluffs, were
married by Rev. Charles W. Savidge
Wednesday afternoon. They were ac
companied by Mrs. Hattie foyncr
and Henry C. McAdams.
Detroit Beauty Doctor Gives Simple
Recipe to Darken Gray Hair and
Make It Soft and Glossy.
Miss Alice Whitney, a well-known
beauty doctor of Detroit, Mich., re
cently gave out the following state
ment: "Anyone can prepare a simple
mixture at home, at very little cost,
that will darken gray hair, and make
it soft and glossy. To a half pint of
water add 1 oz. of bay rum, a small
box of Barbo Compound and Va oz.
of glycerine. These ingredients can
be Bought at any drug store at very
nttie cost. Apply to the hair twice
a week until the desired shade is ob
tained. This will make a gray-haired
person look twentv years younger. It
is not sticky or greasy and docs not '
ub on. Advertisement.
Richmond of Douglas Intro
duces Measure Carrying Pro
vision for Mill Levy.
(Knim a Staff Corrrnptnlont
Lincoln, Jan. 10. - Special.) -- Rep
resentative Henry Cly Richmond has
the honor of introducing house roll
No. 1, the first bill introduced m the
present session in either house. It
provides for the erection of a new
capitoI building in Lincoln on the
site of the present building, to cost
$-,500,000 and provides fur a special
cominsioii. who will serve without
Commission of Four.
1 he bill provides that the governor,
immediately after the passage of the
hill, j.hall appoint a commission con
Ms ting of tour men. not more than
two of whom shall reside in the same
congressional district nor be of the
same political party, neither shall any
one of them he a member of the pres
ent legislature nor hold ,tuy state of
lice, except the governor, who slrall
be an c-oflii io member of the com
mission. The com mission is authorized to
. ausc to he prepared a suitable design
tor a state capit-.I building to meet
iiiture wants of llie slate, so that the
building can be erected from tune to
time as the needs of the state shall
require. Emm the designs submitted
the committee shall .select the most
suitable and enter into contracts
therefor for the building according lo
the accepted plans.
One Mill Levy,
The expense of erection of the
building shall be met by a levy of I
mill upon all taxable property of the
state, to be collected the same as
other taxes, to constitute a fund to be
Known as the "Capitol Construction
bund." and be placed to the credit of
the commission. The levy and col
lection of such tax shall continue from
year to year until the total sum col
lected shall aggregate the sum of
$3,500,000. In the erection of the
building the commission shall give
first consideration to Nebraska firms
and workmen, where the proposition
is of equal weight.
Invitation to Wilson, i
Mr. Richmond also offered a resolu-,
tion, which was adopted, conveying '
an invitation from the legislature to
President Wilson to speak at the '
semi-centennial celebration of Ne
braska statehood, at Lincoln, June 13.
Value of Fillmore Land.
Geneva, Neb., Jan. 10. -(Special.) j
Eighty-two acres of Fillmore county i
land brought $11,000, while 160 acres!
near Exeter sold at administrator's'
salt yesterday for $21,100.
It is highly important
that you pay special
attention to the
stomach, liver
and bowels 1
to sluggishness or weak
ness you should try
Stomach Bitters
Bargain Rugs
The biggest sale of Rugs we will
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Rug $90.00
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sian Rug $97.50
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$22.60 9x12 Croas Seam Brussels Rug,
for $13.95
$24.(0 9x12 Cross Seam Axminster
Rug $15.05
! Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
1 lieatrire. N'eb.. Jan. 10. (Special. )
-Mrs. Martin Vertuass, who has re-
i sided northeast of t, ortland tor years,
was found dead m bed at her home
Monday. She ate a hearty dinner.
and a short lime later her husband
found her dead He. nt trouble is
gixen as the cause The deceased was
about 50 years of ;tpe and leaves her
husband and ectal children.
The board of supervisors held a
meeting yesterday, disposed of the
business be lore it and adjourned sine
die. Che new board was organized
by the election of J. Y. Marples
of W'ymore chairman.
I. X. Floyd, who wa formerly en
gaged in farming: southwest of Hea-
1 trice, died Sunday at his home at
Stromsbuig, Kan,, where lie had been
living for a number of years. lie
was 73 years of age and leaves a
widow and nine children.
John (i. Andreas and Miss Magde-
Take Advantage of This Offering
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Charier, IJ deaign $66.00
$60.00 54-Inch round top table lo
match $46.00
January Prices in the Gift Shop
A few odd pieces of Chelsea China at half price and
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One vrry ornate wire bird cbko with funny little porcelain
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One painted waste paper basket, white with Paul Poirret
flowers. Ixively for sun room. Was 16.00. now $3.35.
One fitted ork basket. Was $17.00, now 111. 34.
414-416-418 South
line lliischler, both residents of this
ieinii, were married estcrday aft
ernoon at the home of t he groom's
parents. Mi. and Mrs, William An
dreas, easl of the city. Rev. Albert
i. hoiher-in-law ol the
groom, officiated. About 100 guests
witnessrd the ceremony, which was
followed by a wedding dinner. Mr.
and Mis. Andreas will make their
home on a farm three miles east ol
The annual banquet ol llie Beatrice
I onimercial club will be held at the
club rooms on l-ebruarv (- The com
mittee on arrangements will make an
elH-i t to scenic an outside speaker j
to give the principal address on that
evening j
Death at Geneva.
ticneva. Neb.. Jan. 10. (Special.) '
A daughter of Fred Wilte, living ;
northwest of deneva. was buried to- t
dav . Her deatli was caused by
grippe. She was Jh years of age. I
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