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Omaha. January I, 117.
Cattle. Hon Sbxp
l.lll Ml !
.MS . 11.111
.. io.t7 H.J7 11,136
1,000 10.000 i,too
Good San of Cattle Sells Ten to
fifteen Cents Higher Than
a Week Ago.
feaeelata war
OttleU I Mender....
Official Tueadar...
Official Wedneaday
Official Thureder. .
iatlmaU Frdey...
rin am thla .1.M iT.Tol
Sana dare laat week.l6.M 41.104 44.701
Saraa day t wka. a to. 10.161 77.014 44,410
Barn dara t wka aso.l4.l6t 11.111 (1.400
Same dara 4 wka aga.14.Wl 71,410 T7.147
8ama dara laat raar..t.i: 11.110 il.lll
Receipts and dtepoeitlen of lira ato'k at
the Union atock yarde. Omaha, lor twenty
four Bonn endlns at I p. m. yMterday:
Cattle. Horn. Sheep.
C. M. SL P
Mlaaourl Partflc
Union Paclflo ........
C N. W., aaat
CAN. W . WMt
C, St. P.. II. A O....
C, B. Q., wnt.,..
C. B. As Q. wait..,.
C, R. I. P., aaat..
C. R. I. A P.. weat..
Illlnola Central
Chleaao Gt. Weat....
1 1
1 1
it 4 s
4 11 4
11 12 1
11 11
4 7 1
1 1
5 I
10 112 II
Cattle. Hom.
Morrta Co
Swlrt Co
Cudahy Packing Co..
Armour A Co
chwarti Co
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co..
. Cudahy, Sloui City..
P. B. Lewie
J. B. Root A Co
J. H. Bulla
Tlnaenatnck Brae. . .
F. O. Kellogg
Werthetmer ft Degan . I
H P. Hamilton 1
Sullivan Broe. 14 '
Rothachlld A Kreba.. 1
Mo. A Kan .Calf Co.. 14
Chrlette 14
Huffman' 1
Banner Broe tl
John Harvey ..' (1
Jenaen A Luagren..,."' 11
O Day 11
Other buyera MS
Total 1.114 . (.(14 4,106
Cattla Receipt war quit liberal for a
Friday, tbty-on freah oar being reported
In. Tha demand waa good and the market
In vary aatltfactory condition for thla late
la th week. Price paid war generally
ateady with yaatarday, which mean 100 lie
higher than a week ago. Tha big end of
tha receipt chanced band In good aaaaon
la tha morning. . .
Quota lione ' on eattlai Good t cbolo
yearling beere.; good to
choice weighty corn led beevea, (10.004,11.00;
fair to good oorafed beevea. 11.100 10.00;
common to fair cornfed beevea, !7.714jt.&0;
god to choice graaa beevea, tl.004tl.20; fair
to good gran beevea, t1.toa)S,u; common
t fair gram beevea,; good to
ohaloa halter. (10001.10; good to choice
cow. 17.00 01.00; fair to good cow, M.000
17. M; - common to fair oowa, 94.(001.00;
prima feeding Ueera,; good to
chlo feeder. 4.(O0(.(6; fair U good feed
eri. 17.(001.04; common to fair feedere,
(0.1(07.(4; fair to cholc atookera, 17.7(0
1 It; atock aelfera, 14.1001 It; etork cowa,
It. 1007,14; etock ealrea, 97.(401.04; veal
calvea, 97.(00 10.14; beef bulla, state, ate,
tt(0O7.7t; bologna bulla, tt.10 0 4.00. .
RoprewauUr aal;
I ..1041
I r 411
1 7
It 2
14. ....... Ill
47 1171
41. ...... .1111
II. ...... .111
Av. IT.
Ill l II
7SI 7 19
I (I
I 04
Ho. , - . Av, Pr.
IS , .l $7 00
11 t0 7 40
' 101
.. 137
It tu
II 1041
I.....,. $
It 1-4
14 117
10., 1111 10 M
1421 10
7 10
QI.TI; bulli, I.I097.I0; calve. I-..0&
Hors Rrclpts. 1,000 ; market,
hi her; bulk of ali, 110.0ft 10.60; heavy.
10.4d4I.iQ; pack dm and butchero, 119.30
OIO.Ia; 'Uthl, .8IO 10.31; pica, H.OOtF
8hp and Umbu-RrMpt.t, 1.000 hrad:
market, steady; lambm liriteil-lt; year'
linn. Ill AO tr 11.09; wethn. I1.T64J 10.00,
wea, 8.000.2e.
Cattle Htr Hop Waavk bat Hhde nigh
tihemp Firm.
Chlcaro. Jan. I. Cattle Receipts, 1.000
head; mark at, attorn; natlva beff cattla.
I7.I0&11.I0; waatern ateera, 17.21910.00;
teckera And feeders, $k ib&.M; rows and
hetf4.n1, I4.20&10.00; calvta, ll.00ftU.2l.
Hon Receipt, 11,000 head; market alow
at yesterday's average; bulk, $10.00i.0.;
lta-nt, 10.41010.20; mlied, l.B6 10.M.;
heavy, I10.00O10.II; rough, fl0.00O10.ll;
ptft I7.60frl.4e.
flheep and lamba Receipts, t.000 head;
market, firm; wether. 11.25910.10; ewee,
C.76fjtlO.0O; I am be. 1 1 . 40 1 3. Tl.
Sloax City Live Stock Market.
Btoox City, la., Jan. l.--ttle--Rfielpu.
1,000 head; market for klllera atronc,
tor-ken ateady; beef ateara, Iff.2l9l0.7l;
butcher. 17.00 91-00; fat ewi and neirera,
t7.?Stl.A: cannera. ft. 2191.10; atockera
and feeders. ff.t09I.IO; calvea, t.0O9S.6O;
bulla. lUita, etc., I6.e097.00; leeainar cow
and helfera, f4.7697.2l.
Ho Receipt. I2,oon neaa; maraet id
10c higher; )lht, 19 1091.00; mlied, fff.fl
910.21; heavy. flO.109 10.41; plaja, f7.7!9
1.10; bulk of aales, fff,f09 10.30.
Bheep and Lam bo Receipt, 200 head;
market ateady; fed muttona, fl.009U.2l;
wethers. R.769t i owe., 18.009 1.10;
lambs, fll.1091200.
100. Iftt ft
40..17t : 40 I II
it.. toe 1 it t ti
It. .187 ... It 01
1..202 ... 10 It
3te.HI ... It II
11.. a) 41 ... It II
ft It
t to
It 00
10 10
10 20
, 10 It
It 40
t 20
I 71
.1141 It It
, : ,, , CAliVKll.
1. ....... tSI 7 10 4.. 481 7 IE1
1. ....... 220 t 00 1........ 140 I 10
1........ lit It It
Hot Tor a Friday the hot ma. waa Juit
decent, receipts being aaUmated at 111
loads, or 10,000 bead. Free shipper buying
again today resulted la prices being pushed
up to the blgheat levels touched atnee Sep
tember or the beat ser - seen during the
month ot January. Compared with th
alas of supplies order buyer' purchases were
the- largest la a long time, their buy :
amounting to about a third of the On tire
offerings, - They paid price that wars
largely from a dims to tte higher than
yesterday, though some Individual toads
ware called much as 2 bo higher.
Hackers did not follow the shipper lead
as readily as they did yesterday and while
ibey bought most of their hogs at prices
that averaged around lt higher the un
dertone was noticeably slow, th' less de
slrsblo kinds being muoh harder to nova
thaii on Thursday. .
Tha 010 was dreggy a sprinkling of
Jlght4 plain mixed hogs that were left
trem earlier rounds giving sellers a good
deal of grief while some good hogs that
came In on the extreme close were alow at
the morning advanc. General market waa
however around lie higher, a spread of
910.10 catching most of the sales, with
tops high as 110.40. A noted above, these
prices are th highest over paid la January.
: ReoreaamtatIVs salasi - "
Kb, Av. ah. Pr. No. Av. Bh.
13. .10 ... I 10
8bp -Fat lambs were a. little mors ac
tive Uaa they have bean the last couple
of days. Heller made another attempt
to boost prices a little, but while packer
ofrerea yesieraay s prices iron, tne outset
they would not rata their bids, and wkat
gnaily developed was juat a gooa steady
market, with no advance quotable any
where. Heveral loads of good fed western
reached fll.ll. equaling yesterday's top on
that clnas. with bulk Of tne ascent oner-
Inge upwards from 111-00. No dippers were
kSwes also brought good steady prices.
The ft.41 top which has been In force nearly
all week waa paid for the beet here, and
others reached Feeder oHeringa were
Woo led lambs have not entirely recovered
frera the slump ot Tuesday and Wednesday
and ara still largely 10 9 Ho below a week
go- The bulk ot the good western lambs
Is moving at tll.009it.ll, with an extreme
lop ot 113. 1 on high dressing Mexlcana.
Quotations4' on sheep and lambs: Lambs.
gooV to choice,; lambs, fair
to good, fl2.2l91-ao lambs, clipped, flO.IO
911.31. lamba, feeders, $11. 00912-10; year
lings, good to choloe, fl 1.009 11-71; year
lings, fair to choice, flO.00911.00; wethers,
fair to chotee, fl. 00910.21; ewes, good to
-holce, fl.ff09MI; ewes, fair to good, 17.10
90.00; ewee, plain to culls.;
ewes, feeding, Il.t07.l0.
No. Av. Pr.
32t fed lmbB It 13 0
101 clipped lambs ,..... II 11 th
lit clipped lambs 71 11 20
lk fed ewes lit I 2b
402 Utah lambs 01 12 40
U8 ted lambs tl 12 II
40 native feeding lambs It It 40
XI fed ewee 101 t to
2J1 fed lambs 7t IS II
SIT led lambs 71 13 21
! " St, Joseph Uresis J. Market. :
nt. joseoh. Jan. Cattle receipts too.
markst atsady; steers fl.009ii.os; cows -and
heifers.; caives, ae.eean.QS.
Hog - receipt 4.000, market steady to to
hie her: to; ouia, t. eve
tiheep and Lambs receipts 1,000; market
stdi Umbs, fll.lt9U; owes. l.609
t.2V . . . '
A ' " lit Ms ha Night.
Receipt of live slock at the flvs principal
western market yesteraay;
. . , , Cattle.
Omaha ..
fUoux City .
Kansas City
bU JUouia ...
Hi. Louis riv Rtoek Market,
Rt. Touia, Jan. I.- Cattle receipts 1.400;
market steady. Native beef steera 17.109
11.10; yearling steera and heifers iB.bOQ
11.10: lowi 11.6098.10: atockers and feeders
fl. 2098.10; prime southern beef steers 18.00
VO.OO: beer cows ana neirera i,;
prime yearling tee re and helfera f7.IO9t.00;
native calvea 18.00912.21.
Hnga, receipts 11,800 ; nigner. L.ignia
I10.2&910.0I; pigs 7.769ff M; mlsed and
butchers tlO.20910.70; good heavy fl0.tl9
10.71; bulk $10.26910.81.
ffheep, receipt boo; market steady, lmuxvm
ft. 00913.60; ewes $6.00 9010; yearlings
Wheal Opcsu bratu and liower More
BafBra of rear NegotlatloBS.
Chlcaco. Jan. I. Dread of extensive re-
selling by foreigners In the event of actual
peace did a good deal toaay to onng anoui
declines In the value of wheat. Closing
prices were unsettled, 1 to I lower,
with May at 11.10 to $1.81, and July f 1.48
to $1.48tt. Cora finished ft off to
un. oats showing a setback of o to lo and
provisions advanced tic to 2c
Hears aominaiea tne wnesi pn iron me .
tart Notwithstanding the evident urgency
of foreign demand for supplies, tne iikii-
hood of new move for a peace parley was
receiving too general notice to allow specula
tlva buyers a chance to develop emnusiaem.
On the contrary, attention turned more and
more to poaalbllltles which might ensue In
esse predicted fresh efforts foT- stoppage
of the war should meet with some degree of
sueoess. In this connection, gossip that for
eign Interests already had acquired ownership-
ot the greater part of the surplus stock
In ths United States led to much nervous
ness on the bull side, so much so that at one
tlms prices dropped to nearly five cent un
der yesterday's latest figures.
Borne thin of a recovery toon piace in
wheat price during the 'lent part of the
ilon. but not enougn 10 aismro to a aer-
lous extent, bearish oontrol of the .market.
What rally there was seemed to be baaed
chiefly on signs ef freah export purchasing
which in a measure served to remove mis
givings about chance that contingent whole
sale unloading by Europeans would yet sud
denly overwhelm tne traoa. Atier me ciose
the fresh exuort' Business waa ngureu a
having amounted to 800,000 buehels.
Corn ahowed atubborn resistance to seiung
pressure and at times made considerable up
turns In tha race 01 tne wesjensss in wneau
Kionrt demand for corn was In evidence
and the bulls made much of the fact that
the British government had commandeered
all the supplies of com In the United King
dom. Oats, unlike corn, reflected the
wheat declines. Sales of 111,000 busheli of
oats to exporters acted oniy a an onset in
Peas optimism helped to lift the pro
vision market. Investors were said to have
done a moderate share of buying.
Chicago Caah Prices wneat: no. rea.
nominal; No. S hard, $1.809 LtO-A; No. I
hard, nominal, uorn; no. s yeiiow, v
8c: No. 4 yellow, t2tt92e; No. 4
white, t4e. Oats: No. 8 white, ISffHttc;
atandard, UVfiMe. Rye: No. 1, nominal.
Barley, ttc9tl.lQ. Seeds: Ttmotny, sa.Duey
610; clover, f 12.00917.00. Provisions: Pork,
f 21.60; lard, f 11.41911.10; ribs, I13.l0
QBotattoM of the Day on Various Leading
- Commodities.
New York, Jan. I. Flour Quiet.
Wheat Root: easy: No, I hard, $2.01;
No. 1 northern, Dulutb, 11.08; No. 1 north
ern, Manitoba, $2.11. f. o. b., New York.
Corn Rpot, firm; NO. 1 yeuow, si.t,
c 1. f., New York.
Oat spot, steady; stannara. e wooc
Lard Firm; middle west, $11.10911-60.
T. i lowstrong : city, 10 0, nominal :
country; 11911c; special, UVfco.
Bran weetern, . tuw-irj. sbokb. .
standard middling, 100-lb, sacks, $32.26;
city bran. 100-lb. sacks, 111. 10.
Hay Steady; wo, 1, fi.eueyi.ue; no. 1,
H987o; No. I, I69tc; shipping, 70910a:
Hops Steady j stats, common to -choice,
lilt, 46960c; 118. 1914c; Paclflo coast,
1111, 11914c; 1816, t911c
Hides Dull; Bogota, 4Sc; Central Amir-
Irs. 4S4142UO.
Leather Firm ; hemlock, firsts, 87o; sec
onds, lie. -
Provisions Pork, firm; mass, $31,009
it.10: family, f 30.00922. 00; short clear,
gtl. 00 9 84.00. Beef, steady; meaa, $32,009
21.60; family, f26. 60927.00, Lard, strong;
middle west, $11.7091 16.
Butter Firmer; receipts, 1,131 tubs;
creamery. 419"tto. OrsU, SltttfSfttc;
seconds, 36930c.
Bggs Firmer; receipts, 7,371 eases; freah
gathered extra firsts, 4. 60c; firsts, 47 9
He; refrigerator spec tali, marks, fancy,
119 17c; seconds to firsts, 044? 34c,
Cheese Steady; receipts. 1,180 boxes;
state held special, 249240; elate held
average fancy, 23 ft 9 4c.
Poultry Live weak; chlckena. 1749 He;
fowls, lltflOVic; no turkeys quoted. Pressed
dull and weak; chlrkenr, 17920c; fowls,
UH02tci turkeys, 10912c.
Future Market Declines and
Cash Wheat Situation is
Uncommonly Slow.
Omaha,' January 1, 1817
The cash wheat situation was rather slow
today on account of the decline In the future
market and only a few sales of this cereal
were reported during the early trading
There was very little disposition on the
pert of the sellers to let go, as the market
was quoted from 1 to IVjc lower, and moet
of the traders preferred to take their
chances on tomorrow's market.
The demand, however, would have easily
taken care of the llsht receipts, and the few
sales of No. 2 hard were made at 11.874 and
fl.SI while the 1 hard brought from fl.M to
The receipts of corn were considerably
better and the demand for thla cereal wan
fairly active at prices ruling from unchanged
to lc lower. ,
No. 3 white corn sold at a He premium
over the same grade of yellow.-but the 2
white and ve low so Id at practically tne
same price, the bulk of the samples going
at 81c and II 4c No. 2 mixed com sold at
lie and 814c and the 1 mixed brought from
0 4c to 80 c.
The oats market was very active con
sidering the light receipts and the market
generally was quoted unchanged, the 1
white grade selling at 614c.
The receipts of rye and nariey were on-
Important and both of these markets were
quoted unchanged. .
Clearances were: wneat ana nour, joti
1,668,000 bushels; corn, 62,000 bushels;
oats, 268,000 bushel.
Liverpool close: Wheat, uncnangca;
corn, 2d up.
Primary wheat receipts were ftll.oou mwn-
els and shipments 700,000 bushels, agalnit
receipt of 1,748,000 buehels and shipmentc
of 172,000 bushels last year.
Primary orn receipts were i,94t,oco oosn
1 and shipments 334,000 bushels, against
receipt of 1,032,000 bushels and shipment
of 876,000 bushels last year.
Primary oata receipt were 482,000 bush
els and shipments 266,000 bushels, against
receipt of 807,000 bushels and 'shipments
of 1,136,000 bushels last year.
Wheat. Cora.
Chicago 83
Minneapolis 141
Duluth II
Omaha 42
Kansas City 76 43 17
Louis 41 41 24
Winnipeg 441
These sales were reported today:
Wheat No. I hard winder : t cars,;
I cars, 11.87 4; 1-1 car, 11.87. No. I
hard winter: 1 cars, f 1.17 4; 2 1-1 cars,
fl.87; 1 ear, $1,814: 1 cars, $1.18. No, 4
hard winter: 1 car, si.IT; 1 car.; 1
car (old), $1.80; 1 car, $1.71. No. 1 du
rum mlied: 1 car, fi.784- no. s mixed;
1 car, 11.86.
Rye no. 4: 8-8 car,
Corn No. 3 white: I ears, tlttc No. 1
white 1 cars, 114c; 1 car, 81c. No. 3 yel-
U4a;"lt cars, tic; 1-6 car, 10c. No. 4
yellow; 1 car, tic. No. I yellow: 1 car,
tic. No. 2 mixed: 1 ear (shipper's weights),
82c; 1 car, tic. No. 1 mixed: 2 cars,
114c; I care, tOc; 4 cars, 104c. No. 4
mi ted: 4 cars, tOAc
Oats No. 1 white: I oars, K2c No. 4
white: 2 cars, 62c.
Omaha Caah Pisces wheat: No. 3 hard.
$1.86 4 91-88; No. 1 bard, $1.16 4 91.87 4 ;
No. 4 hard. $1.7191-17; No. 2 spring, $1.87
91.12; No. 8 spring, 11.m01.1t; no. z
durum, $1.7191.10; No. 3 durum, $1,779
1.79. Corn: No. 1 whits, llK9914c; No. s
whits, 819HHC; No. 4 white, tl9lc;
No. I white, to 91; No. I white, 104 9
I0c; No. 1 yellow, 81911: No. 1 yellow,
19914c; No. 4 yellow, 90i9l; No. 6
yellow, I04 9tlc; No. 8 yellow, t0904c;
No. 1 mlied, tl9tlc; No. 1 mixed, 1040
80c; No. 4 mixed, 109104c; No. I mixed.
8l49IOHc; No. I mixed, lt49tHc Oats;
No. 1 whits, 13 9 Mo; standard, 6140?
I3c; No. I whits, ISHOHo; No. 4
white, S39534C Barley: Malting, 1.O70
1.17; No. 1 feed, t Or 9 (1.01. Rye: No. 2,
$1,1491.11; No. 1. $1.1191.14.-
Osssiba Futures Market.
The seaboard reported an excellent busi
ness in export wheat and corn and about
210,000 bushels of wheat from th local
market were sold to brokers at Baltimore.
Today's wheat market, however, was a
trifle bearish on ' account of the reaction
resulting from th strong advance of the
last few days.
Corn opened about c lower, and during
the early hours followed the decline In
wheat, but the strong caah situation was a
bullish factor and the corn market re
gained most of ths early loss and closed
firm. "
The oats market wan without Interesting
feature and broke Ho In sympathy with
Local rang of options:
Art, I Open. HiVh. Low.j Cloie. Yes'y
Wht, I I I j
May 183- 1 13 171 1 7lllI4
July 1 40 1 41 141 1 44 1464
Sep. 1334 1 334(1314 134 i13
Corn. I I I
May 13 84 13 13 14
July 134 1241 t34 134) 134
Oats. I ' I I I
, May fl If 64 ' 6441 16
July I 60 64) 60 60 16
Chicago closing prices, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brokers.
316 South Sixteenth street, Omaha:
Hogs. Bheep.
s.ost la.ouo i,ftuo
1,09 12,000 204 ' 1.000
S 1 6,000 , 3,000
1.10 11,200 800
8,40 41,100 16,180
lfsnsss CHy live Stock Market,
Kansas Cttr. Jan. I. Cattle Receipts,
S0 head. Prim fed steers, $10.71911.80;
dressed beef steers, $1. 10 9 1 0.10 ; western
teen, $7.60911.00; cows. $6. 36 9100; heir.
Coffee Market,
New York. Jan. 1. Coffee There waa a
further advance In the market for coffee
futures here today on the more favorable
view ot peace prospects and report that
varv few frssn oners were neing receiver
from Brasll. The market opened unchanged
to s nolnts blather and sold 7 to s points
above last night's closing figures before the
end of the morning with May contracts
touehinc 1.01c and Bepiember s.isc. Tne
advance veaa then checked by realising,
however, and there were slight reactions.
with the market closing net unchanged
to 4 point higher. January, 1.76c; Febru
rv 1 tie: starch. 1.87c: April. 1.82c; May,
8.t7e; June, t.llo; July. 8.02c; August. 1.07c;
September, s.iicj uciooer, nuytmiwr,
1. 36c ; uecem oer, . npin w w .
quiet, but firmer. In sympathy with the
freight situation, with Rio 7s quoted: at 10c
and Sanloa 4s at 11c. Firm ofrera were re
ported acarce In the cost and freight mar
ket, with Santos 4s and 6s quoted at 10.40c
nii Hantna 4s at 10.76c, American credit
The official cables reported no rhange In
UrailHan markets, except ror a partial ae
riine of 26 reis In Santos futures. Bra-
alllan port receipts, 14,000 bags; Jundlehy,
14,000 bag. .
Cote Market,
1 New Tork, Jan. I. Cotton Futures
opened steady, January, H.soc; March,
IT. 46c; May, 17.10c; July. 17. tic; October,
11.86c. "
Spot cotton qulot; middling upland. IT-tOo.
Sales. BOO bales.
Cotton futures closed - firm; January,
17.7tci March. 17.7c.i May, Il.ITe; July,
18.27c: October,
The cotton market closed today very
steady at a net advance or jt to 43 points.
Liverpool. Jan. I. ('ot ton i pot. (irm;
good middling, U.1M: middling, lO.tCd; low
middling, lt.80d. Hales, 11,000 bales. ;
Omaha Hay Market. ;
tiy 'holee Upland prairie, 111.00812.10;
No. 1, fl 1.009 11.60; No. t, $1.609 10.10; No.
2, $7.6091.60. Midland, No. 1, 810.60011 .00;
No. 1. $8.1091-80- liowtand, No. 1, $8,009
1.60; No. 2, $7.00 9 7.60; No. 8. $1.0098 60.
Alfalfa Choice, $17,00; No, 1, $16,009
10,00; etrandard. $12.60 9 14.10; No. t, $10.10
912.60; No. 1, t. IO910.IO,
Straw Oat, $7.0097.10; wheat, $4,009
f.10. - . A
Art Open. HHlgh. Low.) Close. TesT
Wht, j 1 T
May 1 14 1 144 179 1 $1 1144
July 1 104 1 604 144 1 484 HO
Sep. 1314 14)14 130 1174 1384
May t$H 184 87 87
July 18 174 M4 $84 l
May- 17 17 54 4 . t4 67 4
July 644 14 63 4 13 144
Jan. 37 tS 27 834 7 10 27 124 27 20
May 27 SI 37 174 27 31 37 124 27 00
Jan. 11 11 11 47 4 U 26 It 46 16 22
May If tl II 16 16 70 II $0 11 17
Jan. 11 26 13 26 . 18 16 13 !! 13 17
May 14 SO 14 76 14 60 14 724 '4 46
City General Market.
Kansas City, Jan. 6. Wheat No. t hard.
11.8691.11: No. 1 red. fl.1891.81; May,
fl.71; July, 11.44491-44.
Corn No. 3 mixed, 11914c; No. 3 white.
13984c; No. I yellow, 849844c; May, 14
ji&c; July, I4H9HKC.
Oata No. I white, 66947c; No. I mixed.
Butter Creamery, 41c; firsts, 314c; sec
onds, 37 4c; packing, 28c.
Ngga Firsts, 40c.
Poultry Hens. 164c: roosters. 124c: tur
keys, 24c,
Minneapolis OrsAn Market.
Minneapolis. Jan. I. Wheat May. $1.88;
July. $1,77 . Cash: No. 1 hard, $1,149
1.86; No. 1 northern, $1.8791-10; No, d
northern, $1.83 91.18.
Corn No. 3 yellow, I29ttt-
Oata No. 3 white, 634 9&3c.
Flaxseed $3.114 92.87.
Flour Unchanged.
Barley 10c 91.10.
Rye $1.4391-44.
Bran $27. 00937. 60.
St. Louis (lenersl Market.
St. Louia, Jan. 1. Wheat No. 3 red. $1.86
92.OQ; 1 aim d, nominal; May, $1,814;
July. $1.43. .
- Corn No. 1, I7c; No 1 white 17c; May,
fl4v; July, tc.
Oats No. 2 nominal; No. I white, 67 He
Sgr Market.
New Tork, Jan. 6. Sugar Raw firm;
centrifugal, 1.38c; molaaaee, 4.82c. Refined
ateady; fine granulated, 4. Tic. The market
for future was quite active early and
prices were higher owing to the continued
strength of the spot market. Shorts cov
ered and there waa a fair demand from
trade In teres ta, with prices at midday t to
10 points net higher.
. liry Goods Market. ,
New )Tork, Jan.1 I. Cotton goods were
steadier' eoday with gray goods a tittle more
seilva and hlsher. Yams Were lrresulse.
rs, fl.WftltUO; slocksrs and feeders, $1.21 1 Wool markets were quiet but firm.
OU ai
Savannah, Ga.. Jan. 4, Turpentine firm,
114984c; sales 10; receipts 16; shipment
I; stock 31,171.
Roaln, market firm; sales 187; receipts
317; shipment a 1300; stock 74,800.
vote: A. a C. D. K. $8.3:4; fill;
O..; H.. I IB; !., 1145. K., $8.60; M.,
ft-IOj.N., $8.16; WQ., $7.00; WW., $7.10.
Leodoe, Htorei Market,
loOndon. Jan. I. American securities were
Irregular, with a limited business on the
stock exchange here today.
Silver Bar, td per ounce.
Money 4 4 per cent.
discount Rates Short bills, I per cent;
three months, 964 Pr cent.
America Telephone I Teleeuph Co.
A dividend of Two Dollars per share will
be paid on Monday, January II, 1917, to
stockaoiaei-B 01 recora at tne Close oc bUMi
ness on Saturday, December 30, ltlf.
0, D. MILNE, Treaeurer.
A Ride Up on the
Escalator to the
. Second Floor
Will Pay You.
I brandeis Stores I
An Entire Building
Devoted to the Sale
of Men's Wear.
Pay Enough tor Your Clothes
To Get full Value.
Many men don't pay enough for clothes
to get all the value they should.
. You buy clothes to wear, and the way
they wear is the value you get.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
at $18, $20, $25 .
and up to $60
Are. the best your money win" buy, because they give you full
value in return for every dollar you expend.
Make a close comparison with any other Coat and be fair
We have the broadest stock of the best Overcoats in town
This You Know Is the
Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx
Tha beat of .Tarything in clothe. Look for tha label,
.mall thing to look for a big thing to find.
Fur Collar and. Fur Lined Overcoats
This is Omaha headquarters. Mink lined, Northern Rat lined,
Monmouth lined, Persian Lamb Collar and Beaver and Ofcter Col
lars; all full cut-in all sizes; priced from $20.00 to $95.00.
CewrvatHertBcaatber klfaaj
Hart Schaffner & Marx Dress Suits . . .$40 and $45
Hart Schaffner & Marx Tuxedo Suits $35-$40-$45
Kingsley Trousers, $7.50 and $8.50 Values, at $4.75
S.cond Floor Man'. Building. Ride Up en tha Escalator.
Men's High-Grade Shoes $9 fiC
Formerly $4 and $5 Pair, P"tJ
HERE'S the season's opportunity and there's
a Shoe here for every man;
In the lot are Tan Russia Calf, Black Calf and
Black Kid ; button, lace and bluctter styles. About
290 pairs in all. Come early.
usjjsflffray SHOES $7j00
BR5 for Men Tf
We recommend these as the standard Shoe at
$4.00 we do not know of any other that measures
up to it. ' --
Main Floor, Men's Building.
A t1 KQ About 60 dozen Shirts of Imported
At J 1 D7 jap Crepes and Fiber Silk Mixtures;
atripea and figures all neat patterns; every shirt well
tailored; coat style, soft French double cuffs; also Borne
laundered cuff "Emery", high-ffrade Shirts included in.
this lot. Enough . said, when we tell you that at $1.69
you will find them the best Shirts you ever bought for
this money. . .
About 68 dozen Shirts of fine corded
Madras, Satin Stripe Soisettes and
Repps. The patterns are neat and novel. Mostly with
soft French turn-back cuffs. The labels in these Shirts
are a guarantee in themselves. W e haven't seen anything
approaching these for value, even at a third more. ONE
$1.00 to $1.50 Ribbed Union Suits, 79c.
Including "Munsing" Seconds.
Men's Wool Mixed and Cotton Ribbed Union Suits,
' medium and heavy weight; included in this .lot are a
number of "Munsing" seconds, 79c
Men's $1.00 Wool Mufflers, for 49c.
About 50 dozen of these and they are cumfy right now.
Assorted shades; made to button close up around the
neck so that you may laugh at zero weather; each, 49c
100 Dozen Fiber Silk Half Hose, 21c Pair
. At 21c a pair they are, as you will-quickly concede, the
most worthy you have been able to get anywhere.
Men's Silk Four-in-Hands, liberal shapes, good pat
terns, in variety v. 25c
Men's Wool Hose, medium weight, plain colors;
"run of the mill;" a pair 15c
Main Floor, Man's Building.
Clearing Sale of
Men's and Boys'
Winter Headwear
A very wide variety of Caps
come in and pick up a "snap."
All the Men's $1.50 Winter Gaps, QQp
All the Men's 65c Winter Caps, 39c
All' the Men's' $5.00 Fur' Caps', gO QO
All the Boys' 25c and 39c Headwear, 19c
All the Boys' 65c Headwear, 39 C
All'ihe Boys' and Children's $1.00 and $1.25 QQC
Headwear, to be closed out, choice. .07 c
All the Boys' $1.50 Headwear, 9Sc
&t a a a
Odds and Ends of Boys' and Children's Hats and C.
Caps, very special .
' East Arcada
Here's a Flyer for Every Buyer
In the Men's Furnishing Department Saturday
We've stacked up group after group of these Shirts for a rousing
Saturday sale, because we know, when you see the Shirts at these
low prices, you will certainly add a few to 'your wardrobe.
Here's the Shirts
At $1.15
Men's Sweater Coats, at $5.98.
About 150 of these made in heavy rope stitch, also
plain weaves and angora finish. They are all Weber's
high grade make the height of perfection is reached
when you mention this name. Some of these are worth
close to double the price we mention.
Men's Kid Gloves, 95c a Pair.
125 dozen of these and every pair worth much more
than we ask, as every one knows, because of the rise in
the cost of material BETTER SATISFY YOUR NEXT
Men's Wool Shirts and Drawers, 95c Each.
25 dozen Men's Wool Shirts and Drawers, in tan and
gray, that should sell for $1.39 to $1.50; garment, 95c