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5 B
is Going On
in Society Circles
(Continued from P; Two.
to their grandmother and presented
her with a boquet of flowers. Mrs.
Xash has in all sixteen grandchildren,
all hut two of whom, the Cartan boys
of San Francisco, were present.
Events to Come.
Columbian club will entertain at
cards Wednesday afternoon in the
club rooms. Mrs. J. W. Kcnnebeck
and Mrs. V, H. Fletcher will be hos
tesses. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Porter will en
tertain eight guests at the Blackstone
New Year's eve.
On Wednesday evening. January
17, a large banquet will be given at
the Blackstone in honor of Dr. and
Mrs. V. L. Dayton of Lincoln. Neb.
Or. Dayton was recently elected pres
ident of the American Academy of
Ophthalmology and Oto-Leryngnl-ogy,
and the dinner in hi honor wilt
he attended by not only local, but Ne
braska and I wa. oculists and aurists.
Wives of the specialists will also be
included in the guests. Dr, J. M,
Banister head the committee of ar
rangements. Mr. Warren .Hamilton of Chicago
will entertain at a luncheon on New
Year's day for his sister, Ruth, at
the Fontcnclle, when covers will be
laid for twelve guests. Afterwards
they will attend the matinee at the
Luncheon for Miss Mickel.
One of the pretty alfairs of the
week was the luncheon given Thurs
day by Miss Anna Clyde Porter for
Miss Gladys Mickel. The house was
decorated with Christmas greens and
poinsettias. The table decorations
were miniature Christmas trees and
Santas. Those present were:
Misses Miasm
Gladys Mickel. Kleanor Carpntr,
Kuth waterman, Dorothy Arter,
Miss Margaret Warner of Dakota
City is the guest of Miss Yclista I'res
son. Mr. and Mrs. KHward T. Hover and
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Wood leave
Wednesday for Florida and Havana.
Cuba, to bo gone for the rest of the
Miss Mareta Matthews, who has
been visiting in Panama tor two
months, arrived at New Orleans yes
terday, and is enroute to San Fran
cisco and Seattle, where &he will visit
for two mouths before returning to
Among the out-of-town guests at
the Maltese club dance Fridav evening
were Miss Kathenne Holyokc. Helen
Sheperd, Marguerite L. unman. Max
Miller. Fred Martlett, John Charles
Wright and Joseph Scacrest of Lin
coln, and Miss Kathenne Howey of
Beatrice, Dorothy I avics of I'tica,
and Mary Clark of York.
Dr. C. A. Cassidy left Thursday for
Placerville, Colo. He will take charge
of the hospital and sanitarium at that
place for a couple of months during
the absence of the medical director.
Mr. Warren Hamilton, who is visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Hamilton,
will return to C hicago Monday night,
Mis. K. T. Weekes and children.
Kdgar and Kcrniec, are spending the
holidays with Mr. and Mrs. VY. B.
Weekes and family.
Notes of Interest.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Frederickson
will leave Monday for Linda Ventura.
Nicaragua. They will sail from New
Orleans and expect to spend the win
ter in Central America, returning in
the spring by way of the Panama
Mi;.s Dorothy A. Murphy left Sat
urday to be the guest of Mrs. Lharles
Taylcr De Pew of Kansas City, Mo.,
over New Year's.
Mr. Thomas K. Dunbar has just
returned from a visit with relatives
in Cleveland, O., and from attending
.loan Field.
.lean Kennedy,
Lillian Head,
'&rnilla Edholm,
Madeline Johnson,
Flora Shukert,
Ann Axtet,
(, W. Axtell.
Unorge Mickel,
Josephine La tenner.
Maureen Richardson,
Herberta Barker,
Melon Laurence.
Hattle Pickard.
l.ydia Burnett.
Klsa Stastny,
I!. K. MrCuUry,
Frank Field.
Dinner for Visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hanson gave
a dinner party Wednesday evening at
1 he University club dinner-dance for
thir guests, Miss Mary Scaly of Kan
sas City and Miss Katherine Curray
of FUsworth, Kan. The decorations
were in Mrs. Ward roses and hy
acinths and the guests were.
Messrs. and Mesdames
Henry Nygard.
Louise White,
Mary Sealy,
Dudley Gallagher,
Ray uumont.
J. K. Morrison,
M Isses
Katherine Curray.
P. P. Whitromb.
K. C. Hartkv.
Dr. and Mrs. N. H. Dunham.
Dinner for Visiting Girls.
Miss Mary Johnston was hostess
Friday evening at a dinner in honor
of Miss Margaret Warner of Dakota
City, and Miss Susanna Jobst of Lin
coln. The decorations were in pink
and green and the guests who were
present are as follows:
Misses Misses
Clarbnso Browne, Helen Curtis,
Vetlsta Presson, Hulda,
Kthelwynne, Hodjte, Bentrlre Walton.
Margaret Warner, Kdythe .Stanton.
Susanna Jobst,
Announcement Party.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Chrstcnsen enter
tained at a birthday party last eve
ning for their daughter, Sadie, when
her engagement was announced to
Mr. Robert H. Walstrom, son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. Walstrom. Both are
Central High school graduates. No
date has been set for the wedding.
Holiday decorations prevailed and
thirty guests were entertained.
Personal Mention.
Mr. C. B. Keller is confined to the
house with an attack of the grip.
Miss Grace Bridge, formerly of
this city, and now teacher in one of
the Chicago Higli schools, has been
spending the holidays with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, and her
sisters, the Misses Nona and Laura,
at the Colonial. Miss Bridge will re
turn to Chicago Monday.
Miss Mary Clark is spending a few
days with Miss Katherine (iould.
More Working Space Demanded
by Hi. Growing Bu.ineM.
Work to Be Started at Once on
the Alteration..
The exceptional prosperity of
Omaha and the west has made it
necessary for another Omaha firm
to enlarpe its quarters and make
some extensive business improve
ments in order to accommodate a
fast increasing: trade.
Elmer Beddeo, president of the
Beddeo Clothing Co., 1417 Dour
las street, has unnounced some
big plans for immediate recon
struction in his establishment.
The offices are to be moved to
the third floor, which will be re
modelled to accommodate the gen
eral office, the collection depart
ment and the advertising depart
ment. The installation of an elec
tric elevator and a general re-arrangement
of the basement, which
is to be used as a store room, are
included in the improvements
planned. For the benefit of the
ladies a rest room is being put in
that will be modern in every re
spect. In order to allow the workmen
to complete the work in the short
est possible time Mr. Beddeo must
reduce the stock now on hand to
the lowest possible point
The big sale started Saturday
and hundreds of buyers crowded
the store room to take advantage
of the marvelously low prices that
have been offered. Prices on every
article have been slashed, and as
every article in the store must at
all times measure up to the high
standard of quality maintained,
the values and prices are truly re
markable. If indications Saturday are any
thing to go by this sale is going
to be a Summer. Everyone inter
ested in getting the most for their
money should make it a point to
get in on the great bargains on
seasonable merchandise.
During this sale the privilege
of paying a small sum down and
the balance to suit the customer's
convenience is gladly extended.
You will find it most interesting
as well as profitable to pay this
store a visit.
Keeping Abreast
With the Times
HE progress of photography,
particularly since the intro
duction of later-day motion
pictures, is so marvelous
that it seems like a fairy tale.
Enormous corporations have
sprung up whose sole business and
purpose is to advance photography.
Millions are spent each year in
research work.
To keep abreast with this means
an endless task, and the present
day photographer must be some
thing more than an artist he must
by a student, a chemist and have at
his finger tips facts concerning a
dozen separate and distinct profes
sions. We attribute our phenomenal
success and growth during the past
season to "keeping abreast with the
times." We have introduced a mul
titude of new ideas to Omaha and
the people like them.
When you are considering photo
graphs please allow us to explain
what advanced photography is. It
obligates you 'in no sense and if
you do not like our work you will,
at least, have seen the latest ideas
in photography. You will know
what advanced photography is.
Superior Photographs
Wead Bldg., Opposite Court House, Omaha.
a convention of the Delta Theta Phi.
of which he is a member, at the Hotel
La Salle, Chicago
Mr. P. K. Dunbar spent the holiday
week with relatives at Painesvilte, O.
Delta Chi Smoker.
Members of the Delta Chi fra
ternity, home for the vacation, gave
a dinner and smoker at the I'niversity
club Friday evening. Those attend
ing were; .
Krank Carpenter
Ilayniond Hurgtna
Fred Walnith
Stuart 'CioulJ
W'aliT HtxtntiKtith
tin mid I.atulorvou
.lohn limrtttm
Fred Keimr
Mews- -Robert
Howard VpdfRrm
Frank HlM-nbauKh
Tim Sullivan
Albert invert
Harlan Can in
.lames Htdnar
Waldomnr Thompaoa
Friday Night Dancing Club. I
About sixty-five couples, members I
of the Friday Night Dancing club and ;
their guests, attended the club's j
"Last Chance" party Friday evening:
and assisted in celebrating the obse-'
quies of leap year. The club's next
partv will be held Fridav evening at
Drutd lull.
Social Gossip.
Mrs. .1. M. Mctcalf is expecting a
visit from her brother. Mr. 1. J.
Cornish of New York, next week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Daughertv of
Vireeley. N'cb., spent from Saturday
until last Wednesday w it h Mr.
, Paugherty's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Daughertv.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Baxter are at
White Sulphur Springs, Ya., for two
Mr. Smith Ferguson of New York
left Thursdav after spending Christ
mas with his sister. Mrs. Lowrie
Childs, and his mother, Mis. Fer
guson, who is spending the winter
Mr. Brinkley Fvans returned Tues
day from Kansas i ity. where lie spent
Christmas with his sistci, Mrs. Kus
sell Smith.
Mrs. Frank Colpetrer returned to
Chicago Saturday with her daughter,
Mrs. Harry Wilkin, and Mrs. WiM
kins, who came to Omaha for the
funeral id Mi Dubois. Mis. Col
petcr expected to lemain two week-
in Chicago.
Miss Dorothy Davies ot diet. Neb.,
arrived yesterday to be the guet of
Miss Alice Ktisluoii bi a tew d.ivs.
Mis. II. F, hitcomh of t hicai;o
is the guest of her sister. Mr. II. O.
Fdw ardv
Miss Kuth McCoy leturned Wed
nesday from Marshalltow n. la, wheie
she spent 1. hrislinav
Mr. and Mr.-. Conrad Spens amved
Saturday from Chicago to he t he
guests over New Yeat s oi Mr. and
Mrs. lilenn C. W harton.
Mrs. OiTutt and Miss Yirguu.i Oi
futt will return to New York next
Friday. Miss Virginia will ic-uinic
her studies as a day pupil .1! M ivs
Spence's school, staying w uh her
mother at the Gotham.
Mr. and Mrs. F. I'. Kiikendall and
Mrs. liarber will leave next Wednes
day for Holly wood, al . w here a
house complclev tut inched and
equipped awaits them and which they
hac taken for tin- winter. Their
automobile will aKo he shipped and
the expect to unoy touring in Cati
fot nia.
Mr. and Mrs. i harle. T. Stew.ut.
accompanied h v t heir daughter, M i s.
Donald McFerren. and Mi. Mcl'er
1 en, icturncd 1'tidav from Hoopestoti,
111., wheie they spent I In
Mr. Fldml llatt leiiirns Sunday
to re-utiie hi- -Tudie-. a! nies. His
si-tei. Mis V lata Mart, will leave a
week tioni Nimlav for Dana Hall.
Mi- I M 'Fail-held ami her
daughter. Vi-s W'vnne Fairhcld, leave
todav lor New York tor a week or
Mi and Mis .. Mohlcr have
bought a winter home a I New -bent,
N. C.
M iss Mary 1 ut av ha-, gone -to
Si.Mix Fall-. S. 1 . t 1-1l Mrs.
I'hoina- I'.iliir:'. of that city.
Mi. and Mrs-, W, .1. Council will
spend New Neat's day with their
daughter, Mrs Isaac Miller Ray
mond, jr.. and M 1 . Raymond, who
, have just returned from hvo weeks
t in I 'hicago.
M iss M ar;oii 1 lowe, accompanied
1 by her mother, Mrs. R. C. Howe,
' leaves Tuesday for New York to re
sume her musical studies at the Com
t stock Music school.
! Robert Howe returned Wednesday
j to C hicago.
; Cornell Club Luncheon.
I The Cornell club of Omaha, made
1 up of the local Cornell alumni, met
j lor luncheon Wednesday at the Uni
versity club and discussed plans for
: showing moving-picture films of Cor-
nell. its buildings, foot ball team,
crews and cither interesting features
, of the university at some hall here in
'. the near future.
! Messrs. Morton and Thompson
i akeley were guests of the club
; Those present were:
i M.-Hf-fM IMssra.
Warren Howard,
A O. Waketry,
Know If s,
Itlfttnn Wilcox.
Council H1uffs:
I.ucdcr, Council Bluffs
,Tihn W Tolc,
.lame 111- h;mlMon.
John Haili.1,
ilov Wll.,x.
I'mimll liluff.
Hum Klnyrc.
djhs v !n t- mmiLiiM mm&r
"flr fL,:-y S,,Bs-rlBr;-v?..jF M
mm ma
.i.r ' r-:-
To Our Little Friends .
To Our Grown-up Friends
To Our Employees . .
To Each and Everyone .
Retrospective 1916
r0 you realize how definitely this vast institution,
-L with its wonderful resources and tremendous fa
cilities, exists for your service?
Have you ever given thought to its principles and
policies, its unique methods and unusual achievements
and considered what special interest they should
arouse in you?
? Practically everybody who gives the matter a
thought realizes that Burgess-Nash is different from
other stores.
f Serious-minded people, who remember the retail
trade conditions around Sixteenth and Harney, must
inevitably be impressed by the NEW LIFE that has'
developed here in the last three years.
Shrewd business men strongly advised against try
ing to build up a big business in this location. But the
advise went unheeded. The business was bought.
The new principles and methods were planted, and in
these three short years has grown this store of service.
I But what is back of and under it all I What caused
the new life and the marvelous growth?
T A NEW IDEA, and the courage, originality, initia
tive, genius and aggressiveness to develop it.
And what is the "idea?"
r Doing each thing a little better than it had ever
been done before.
r Never being satisfied with what has been accom
plished always seeking better merchandise.
If Always living up to our promises.
' Making good for any mistakes, with our thanks to
the customers that brought our shortcomings to our
T Never permitting any customer to keep any mer
chandise that was not perfectly satisfactory.
Ti Giving back the money, or allowing the credit when
ever asked.
Lending every helpful service that a store can give
to all customers and visitors.
r Providing entertainment and diversion of most in
teresting and refined character.
1; Always looking for a way to serve you better and
make this store come more closely to your individual
idea of what your store should be. Well be glad to
have you tell us how we can make it better.
Tn the meantime, THE BEST WE KNOW is at
vour service.
A Day of Joy
Greetings and Thanhs
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
Prospective 1917
IIRISTMAS has slipped down over the horizon.
1J The New Year of Nineteen-Sevcnteen is dawning,
and, as we turn over the fresh page and write down
our New Year's resolutions, a word about them may
not be amiss.
! We hope to make 1917 the greatest year in the his
tory of the store. We hope to make the store's service
and usefulness bigger, broader and better than ever
' We have great plans for the New Year, and we know
a discriminating public is going to carry them through
because the plans we have in mind are all along the
line of still better service and greater usefulness.
They are worthy of your help.
To meet the requirements of our growing business
it has become necessary to increase our facilities.
This we plan to accomplish by erecting a six-story and
basement structure where the Boyd's Theatre now
stands, to conform as nearly as possible to our pres
ent store.
With this greater store will come added conveniences
for your comfort and an even stronger determination
to serve you better than in the past. Tt is our one
aim to give to the buying public of this community the
most, complete store of its character one of which
you, as well as ourselves, can be justly proud.
A stoic of t he people and for the people, in incep
tion, in development, in name, in public service and
civic influence.
' We believe in giving you the very best we have to
render a service that will help you as well as reflect
credit on us.
c That is why we are building this master organiza
tion for the foundation an institution of good things
assembled here from the best markets of every corner
of the earth necessities and luxuries that make for
you a better welfare and a brighter life.
' It will be our constant aim to be of "The Greatest
Service to the Greatest Number" in reality a store
for everybody.
Tt And we implore the New Year, Nineteen-Seventeen,
to grant prosperity and continued peace to Our