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12 A
New Rational Society Set on
Foot in New Tork With
Definite Purpose in View.
With an organization remarkable
(or its completeness, considering the
very short time that has elapsed since
its inception, the "American Society
for the Relief of French War Or.
phani" has opened permanent head
quarters in the Equitable building, 120
Broadway, New York City.
The deeds of Lafayette and
Rochambeau and their gallant sol
Aim are chronicled in American his
tory and form some of the brightest
pages. I he debt ot America to
France for its generosity, which
Washington declared "must inspire
every citizen of the states with senti
ments of the most unalterable grati
tude," has never been repaid. It is
v possible that it never will be, but the
Exigencies of the terrible war that for
more than two years has been de-
. vastating Europe will enable Ameri
cans, out of their prosperity and
abundance, to show, in a measure,
their "unalterable gratitude."
Orphans in Plenty,
There are already in France more
than 200,000 children made fatherless
by the war and in extreme need of
help. The French government, over
burdened by the enormous expense of
carrying on the war, is unable to
make, a sufficient allowance for the
proper maintenance of these war or
phans. Its stupendous burden will,
long after the war, preclude the pos
sibility of adequate aid to the families
of dead and incapacitated soldiers,
and it is hoped and confidently be
lieved that Americans will cheerfully
share the burden, by giving, each ac
cording to his means, enough to care
' for ana educate the orphans of France
and enable them to become self-supporting.
The American society will have a
nation-wide membership, and will co
operate with existing relief societies
in the United States and in France
wherever it is found possible. No ef
fort will be made to bring French or
phans to this country, or to create
new agencies for their care in France.
It will work, in such a manner that a
personal sympathetic connection will
be established between the donors of
funds in this country and the needy
orphana of France.
Division of Membership.
Membership in the American so
ciety is divided into four classes
founders, who will pay $500 or more
a year; benefactors, who will con
tribute $250 annually; sustaining
members, who will give $100 a year,
and contributing members, who will
' contribute less than $100 per annum.
Contributions in any amount which
nth ftnnnri mav ara.ftt tv ertv. will ha
'.solicited from the general public. AH
.expenses of administration and op-
viauuii will wuinc uj tiuiuriuuiiuiiB
made by the . members .for that
specific purpose, and one-hundred
cents of every, dollar .donated by the
, public wjll be WSed (or the purpose of
relieving the
nnans M rmcr. ; .w.
land Directors.
- ' Offid
The active
ficers of the society
are: William 1
Outline, president;
James Stillmafl
vice oresident: I.
rierpont , Morgan,' vice president;
Thomas Cochran, treasurer; Reginald
H. Giles, assistant treasurer; Clyde A.
Pratt, general manager, and Snowden
A. Fahnostock, secretary.
The honorary vice presidents are:
Edward Douglass White, chief justice
of the United States; John Cardinal
Farley, archbishop of New York;
Right Rev. David H. Greer, bishop of
New York; William G. Sharp, am
bassador to the French . republic;
JoseDh H. Choate. former amhanxadnr
to Great Britain; Robert Bacon,
. former ambassador to the French re
public; Myron T.' Herrick,' former
ambassador to the French renublie:
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, presi
dent of Columbia university; Dr.
John Grier Hibben, president of
Princeton university, and Dr. John H.
r in icy, commissioner ot education of
the state of New York.
The directors of the society are:
George F. Baker, jr.; James M. Beck,
S. Reading Bertron, Cornelius - N.
Bliss, jr.; James Byrne, Thomas L.
Chadbourne, jr.; Thomas Cochran. R.
Hilton Cutting, - Charles . Stewart
. uavison, fcugene Delano, Daniel Gug
genheim, William "D,, Guthrie, Alex
ander J. Hemphill, . Adrian Iselin,
ueorge urant Mason, Charles T.
Mathews, Ambrose Monell, J. Pier
pont Morgan, Victor Morawetz,
Dwight W. Morrow, Otis A. Mygatt,
Seward Prosser, Percy . A. - Rocke
feller, Sylvanus L. Schoonmaker,
John W. Simpson, Charles . Steele,
Tames Stillman. lwia A . fitimam.
Willard D. Straight, Henry M. Til
ford, Edward Tuck, Frank A. Vander-
"P or.P. w- Wickers,ham and At
Donations to the Frrni-tt war nr.
phans fund should be sent by checks
or postoffice money orders to the
order of the American Society for the
Relief of French War Orphans, Room
1435 and 1436, 120 Broadway, New
iuik vny.
Stewart Products Service
- Station's Business Booms
The Stewart Products. Service sta
tion nt flmih. . J
' a shipment of 250 phonographs. This
mi was iuiu ana wntie tne fac
tory has a large production, at this
time it is behind on orders. '
' Back Of 111 K,u,.r .kn-.l.
are the same men, the same means.
uic aame orains ana the same facili
ties that have developed the Stewart
Warner Speedometer corporation, the
largest automobile accessory business
in the world. Stewart motor car ac
cessories are- found on nra-ii-n..
"Trie Unwelcome Mother"
At the Farnam Today
"The Unwelcome Mother" is the
title of the feature at the Farnam to
day, in which Walter Law haa thr
it u W1U inc IlIC
ot a girl who marries a widower and
tries to make Jierself a mother to his
children, but they cherish the mem-
iUmim Ia.. 1 If I
i ... iv, .iiiviuci.- muiiuar
June Caprice in ."Little Miss Happi
ness." Tuesday Alice Brady in "Miss
i.,: -- ...... .
F i S 1
. t" " if
Rltza Freeman
.To help raise $15,000 for equipment
to start the new free dental clinic or
dispensary, to which local dentists
will donate their services, Miss Ritza
Freeman, Chicago settlement worker
and widely known as "the story
telling lady, volunteered ner
services as campaign manager.
Miss freeman arrived from Chicago
this morning and will start on het
three-weeks' ' campaign for funds to
morrow. She will address all organi
zations and solicit funds from the
generous-pursed. Miss Freeman is
connected with Miss Mary McDow
ells Chicago university settlement.
Last year, she told stories each after
noon in one of the local stores. Her
home is in Randolph, la., though the
family formerly resided in Omaha.
Dr. F. F. Wnitcomb is chairman of
the dentists' committee which is
boosting the new dispensary.
Personal Mention
Of Men and Women
Known in Omaha
Miss Helen Clarke, who was brides
maid Tuesday at the wedding of Miss
Margery leall ot Chicago, goes to
morrow to Minneapolis to visit Miss
Marion thompson.
Miss Marion rvunn and Miss uer-
trude Metz will be bridesmaids at
-the Metz-Mack wedding in Buffalo in
Mrs. n. Culver, who has been
visiting old friends here, left Wednes
day tor Milwaukee.
Mrs. John 1. Stewart of Council
Bluffs left Sunday for Chicago with
Miss Gibson, on her way to San An
tonio, Tex., for the -winter. Her
daughter. Mrs,-Wildman. remained to
close their home, "1 he Gables, ' and
Joins her short)?. "This will be the
second winter Mrs. Stewart and Mrs.
Wildman have spent in San Antonio.
Mr. and Mrs. G .W. Meceath left
Wednesday1 for Montana, to visit
their son, fcdward, who is engaged in
mining in that state.
Mr. ana Mrs. u. c stapieton and
little daughter, Stellita, have deferred
their departure to Washington for a
few days. They had planned to leave
r riday, but now expect to leave Mon
day for the east. . -
Mrs. C r. Crowley has returned
to her home from the Nicholas Senn
hospital where she has been for the
last four weeks. " , .-.
Cerle de Lens-ace.
' Mrs. R. B. Elliott, who is forming a
circle to study Spanish and trench,
announces an organization committee
composed of Miss Mav Riale. Mea.
dames Blaine Young, J. J. F.gan, Fred
Hansen, t. r. Ucspecher. William H
Dox. Charles O. Pickett. Frank M.
Usborne and Mrs. Alexander Pollack.
Miss M. Cullen is treasurer of the
circle. 1 his week s meeting will Drob
ably be a tea held Wednesday at the
Wedding at Charter Oak. '
Miss Grace M. Richards and Mr.
Charles Leslie Armstrong of Water
loo, la., were married Tuesday eve
ning at the home of the bride's oar.
ents, Mr, and Mrs. D. A. Waterhouse,
at cnarter uaic, la. Kev.. tt. W. L.
Mahood officiated Miss Lucille Arm
strong of Dyersville was maid of
honor and the bridesmaid,; Miss Edith
Schelm. Mr. Fred Gehrig of Des
uomes was best man. ...
' Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong left for
the Pacific coast, where thev will
spend their honeymoon. Later they
will be at home- at Prospect Hills,
Waterloo. .
The bride is a musician of rare abil
ity, and after finishing high school
continued her musical studies in Sioux
City and Umaha. . '.
The out-of-town Burst InrlmlpH
Mr. andMrs. James Armstrong, Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Armstrong, Misses
Marie and Lucille Armstrong and
Mrs. J. A. Miller of Dyersville, la.;
Dr. and Mrs. C. Allen Snyder of
Dubuque, la.; Mrs. E. E. Carty of
Earlville, Mrs. J. E. Armstrong of
Waterloo, Mrs. T. R.. Bell and Mrs.
E. C. Herrlina- of Charles Citv. Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Snyder and daughter.
name,, oi umana.
Dodge Bros. Motor Car
. . Gets Grand Prize at Show
Dodge Brothers have been notified
that the Dadge Brothers' motor ear
has faen .awarded as a grand prize
at the Panama-Pacific exposition to
the prize winning exhibitor in the
palace of machinery. . '
' The selection was made by a .com
mittee of eighteen chosen by the Ma
chinery Exhibitors' association of the
palace of machinery. The commit
tee was unanimous in its choice after
an examination of all cars selling at
approximately- the same price.
In making its announcement the
committee said:
"This decision was reached only
after a most careful consideration of
the merits of the many cars selling at
about the same price as the Dodge
Brothers' motor car, as well as the
financial standing and responsibility
of the manufacturers themselves."
Church Commission Will Say
Some Plain Things About
Sunday's Free Will
Offering Plan.
St. Louis, Nov. 25. (Special.) It
is learned on unquestioned authority
that the commission on evangelism
of the federal council of churches
will say some very plain things con
cerning the Rev. William A. Sunday's
free, will" offering, in its report to
be made to the council at its forth
coming meeting in St. Louis. More
than that the commission will recom
mend, it is said, that all evangelists,
Sunday with the others, be taken
charge of by the churches themselves,
according to religious bodies to which
they Deiong, tneir nnances reguiaicu
and supervised, and evangelists paid
salaries, .
The commission will tell the coun
cil, it is said, that almost all profes
sional evangelists have united in ex
pression of a desire that they be put
on an official basis, as are ministers,
and money matters be taken off their
hands. The commission does not
state whether Sunday has himself
joined in the appeal, but it is infor
mally stated that he has not done so.
The commission will say, it is known,
that some measure ot harm is done by
the Sundajr "free will" offering plan.
Public criticism of it is known to be
?:eneral, and it is not mitigated by the
act that Sunday gives much of it
awav. It is certain that the council
will adopt the recommendations of its
Flaws in Management
Other reports to the council will
show unhealthy conditions in church
management. There will be presented
a careful survey of the whole state of
Ohio. . I hat survey will make plain,
it is known, that tremendous sums of
money are lost in so-called Christian
work. There are places that are
over-churched, and also places ' that
are overlooked. In not a few places
where large sums of money should
be spent only very small sums are
available, while in other places money
is poured out and wasted. The coun
cil will a)so hear that throughout the
whole United States there has been
very serious deterioration of family
religion. Instead of the war making
Americans more religious, as it has
done in France and England, pros
perity or other cause seems to have
made, so the council will hear, inroads
upon the church in the home and the
home in the church. The council will
hear that something must be done
immediately. Conditions are : more
serious in" cities of New England and
the middle west, and less so in the
south and on the Pacific coast.
Propositions to be put up to the
council include one to get into the
temperance cause in behalf of work
ingmen, and to take hold of the plans
for the saving of human lives, espe
cially in factories where machinery is
run. lhe saving ot lite by all possi
ble means wills however, become a
part of the tasks of American
churches as it has not heretofore
been, if the council takes action it is
expeeted to take. In -this line the
council will hear from a commission
of education in the public schools, the
Uary and other plans.
It seems the council has been in
constant touch, since Europe went to
war, with the churches of Germany,
France and Russia, and of course
England.- Certain things the German
chancellor has said in the Reichstag
have been from relations with the
council, and with the churches of
Germany. Plans are perfected, and
will be acted upon in St. Louis,, for
larger work by Christian churches in
America and in all European belliger
ent nations immediately the war ends.
The St. Louis meeting is an executive
one, coining every four years, and its
date is December J, continuing that
week, William Jennings Bryan is to.
conduct public meetings, at his own'
expense, but in co-operation with the
council, during the sittings of the
For Pile
Basnate Paek-
n f k
K a at o a a
rrnaal Pile
Treat arcat
Pfaw Offered
Frees Prey
Wa.t It Will
De ter Ten,
Pyramid Pile
Filvea quick re
let, stops Itch-
I n . hlftAriln
or protruding piles, hemorrhoids and
all rectal troubles. In the privacy ot
Xour own home, too a box at all
rug-gists, a single box often cures.
Free aaaiale for trial with booklet
mailed free In plain wrapper. If you
send us coupon below.
Hi Pvramld Bids., Marshall. Mloh.
KlnJly sen me a Free temple of
la plain wrapper.
office. Hundreds of the Most Prominent People in Omaha
have been cured by ,
408-9-10 Omaha National Bank, 17th and Farnam Sta.
Phone Red 4390. Hourst 9 to 12 and 2 to 5.
Dr. Henry G. Mabie
Here This Week
Dr. Henry C Mabie, L. L. D., of
Boston, lecturer in world conditions
and missions, will arrive in Omaha
Monday, to be the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. I. W. Carpenter, ur. atame
is touring the colleges, universities
and theological seminaries of the
west. While here he will speak in
the University of Omaha, the Pres
byterian Theological seminary and
at the Baptist Social union. First
Baptist church, next Tuesday even
ing. He will also soeak to the min
isters -of the city Wednesday at 4
p. m., in the Young Men s Christian
association auditorium. On Thurs
day morning he will preach the
Thanksgiving sermon in the Grace
Baptist church. Dr. Mabie was close
ly associated with D. L. Moody and
is now a yearly attendant and in
structor at Northficld. He has spent
much time in Europe and Asia mak
ing a careful study of world condi
tions. Osborne Realty Company
Reports Big Fall Sales
The Osborne Realty company re
ports that the fall sales have been
good, bat that the demand has been
greater for the small improved homes.
The following sales have been made
by this firm:
Sli-room house at Sit . J6lh St., to
W. H. Mallaad.
Bli-room luoee ai SE20 Plnkaer St., to
Charlna Cowaa.
Seven-room stucco and frame, at S524
Plnkney St., to Anna Marah.
Seven-room home at till Leavenworth
8L, to Rar Llrht,
Seven-room frame and stucco at lilt
Plnkney St., to It. . Blair. .
Nine-room house at 1501 Georgia Ave.,
to H. Potera.
au-room atueeo at 4301 Dodge 8t., to
H. W. Pope.
Six-room atueeo at 430S Dodge St., to
Carl Clary.
8lx-reom houae at 1711 a 2Sth St., to
Anna Coufal.
Six-room bouse at S431 Webster St., to
S. B. Moore.
Plve-room bung-alow At S51S Plnkney St,
to Henry Vlckera.
rive-room bungalow at SCSI Sherman
Ave., to flam Cohen.
Five-room cottage at 14S4 S, Mth SL, to
Oertrude Bowman.
Plve-reom oottage at S(S a flat St, to
Herman Meaa.
Five-room cottage at 1273 Baakell, to
Plorenoe Bock.
Blx-room bungalow at 423S Larlmore
Ave., to Stewart Dale.
Kour-room bungalow; at 2714 Taylor St,
to Cora VaoBoaklrk.
Two lota, one In Amber Place and one In
Blllaton Park, to B. K. Wlnani.
-Two lota In Crelghton Helghta Addition
to h, P, Kllgore.
One lot la Crelghton Helghta Addition
to L. Bergman.
."Tennessee's Pardner," With
Fannie Ward, at the Apollo
The attraction today at the Apollo
is "Tennessee's Pardner," with Fannie
Ward in the leading role. Fannie
Ward's work is noteworthy because of
the subjects in which she has ap
peared. In "The Cheat" she appeared
with Hayakawa, the Japanese film
actor, and the two made a name for
themselves that will be carried out, so
far as Miss Ward is concerned, in
"Tennessee's Pardner."
"The Girl from 'Frisco" : -At
Besse Theater Today
Marian Sais and True Boardman
are today at the Besse theater, South
Side, in "The Girl from 'Frisco," de
picting the life of the western deserts,
showing many scenes in the mountain
mining camps.- A drama and comedy
are on the same-program. Monday
Robert Edeson in "The Light that
Mary Pickford Is on
.Screen at the Lothrop
'The Girl of Yesterday" is the fea
ture attraction at the Lothrop theater
today, with Mary Pickford in the stel
lar role. Tuesday, Vivian Martin in
"The Stronger Love." Wednesday
Edna Wallace Hopper comes in "The
Perils of Divorce. .
"Honor's Altar" Feature
At the Dundee Theater Today
Bessie Barriscale in "Honor's Al
tar" at the Dundee theater today. "A
Political Tramp" is the comedy. Mon
day, Myrtle Gonzales in "The Secret
of the Swamp" and Ora Carewe and
Joseph Belmont in "Dollars and
Humphreys' Seventy-seven
For Grip, Influenza,
Cracked Lips
Cold aorei or fever blietera on tne Una
are earned by an upaet itomaob from taking
The iwelling, the Itching, the burning,
the tracked llpe, the ngir icab, broken when
!?,v!,l!r., or easing, earning bleeding,
the disfiguring redneei and irritation often
preadlng, are controlled by Dr. Humphrey!'
Twenty-nine (No. 29) used in conjunction
with Seventy-ieven" at the firit stinging,
tingling or aweiling of the lire.
Price. 26c, at all Drug Storea.
For the convalescent, for the weak
and the weary. Price, $1.00, at all
Drug Stores, or sent, C. O. S. parcel
Hnmee. atedleine" tin. 1KC
William Street, New York.
Sunday. Full.
Piles and Fistula Cured
Without Surgical Operation or Pain.
No Chloroform or Ether given. Writ
ten Guarantee Given in All Cases.
Pay When Cured. Car Fare Paid One
Way to Point Within 50 Miles of
Omaha. Patients must come to the
Sense." Tuesday Mae Marsh and Rob
ert Harron in 1 ne Little Liar.
Wednesday, "Husband and Wife,"
with Holbrook Blinn and Ethel Clay
ton. Thanksgiving day a free Chris
tian Science decture will be given.
Friday Walkr Whiteside comes in
"The Melting Pot." Saturday. Frank
Keenan in "The Thoroughbred."
French "Field of
Battle for Sale"
(Correeoondenee of The Antedated Preaa.)
Paris, Nov. 10. "A field of battle
for sale" was the unicjue heading of
an advertisement in a Paris newspa
per recently. The text was at fol
lows: ,
"Twenty-five acres of land, fur
rowed by German and British trench
es, in the full center of the battle of
the Somme, north of the Fameaux
woods and southeast of Martinpuich
for sale. Address, etc,"
"The Stronger Love Is
Subject at Boulevard
Vivian Martin is at the Boulevard
theater today in a Paramount, "The
Stronger Love." The play deals with
a girl who, in order to save herself,
undergoes terrible humiliation. Mon
day, Joseph Kilgour in a Vitagraph,
"The Turn- of (he Road." Tuesday,
Earl Metcalf in "The Nation's Peril."
Wednesday, Blanche Sweet in her
"Public Opinion." Thursday, Valeska
Suratt in "The Straight Way."
What Man Want This
$175 Monthy Salary?
I have a small business in the heart
of Omaha's business district that I
will sell for $2,000 and take $1,200
cash down balance monthly pay
ments. It will clear the owner 4175 to
S250 monthly. Can you invest your
money where It will bring such sal
ary and interest on your investment?
Requires one man's time nine hours
each day and is an all cash business.
Call the owned at Douglas 1669, or
come to 326 Rose Bldg., and talk it
over at once. Don't wait, this is
your opportunity to get into business
for yourself at a good income. Owner
is leavine Omaha and" must deal at
once. Sunday Phone Harney 4205.
( '- The highest development of the
coach builder's art is shown in all jVW
the Cadillac enclosed models for the' iXvNvNwi
I season. ' The Type 55 Cadillac Lan- WnImMkI
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Vas3! may be used in all weather.
Sliilttilll Cadillac , Company of Omaha. 4 i
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Merrier Christmas for yourself and many
others by doing your Christmas shopping
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Overland 83 i
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Chalmers 6-30. . ,
Hudson Super-6 . .
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Reo the Fifth.
Winter Top Co.
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m t.