Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 23, 1916, Page 7, Image 7

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Briej City News '
Plattaum Waddlae- SUna Edhoire.
Hav. Root Print It Now Beacon Proaa
i Lighting lxtweo.Buraaa.-Grandn Co.
1S17 Caknaan Htm it Carey's. Web. 112.
" Automobile Storage, clean and dry,
SS.f.0 per month. Keys Bros., Co.
Bluffs, la.
Robt. C. Drnesdow Co., 860
Omaha Nat'l Bank. Listed and unlisted
securities; bank stocks; several 7 per
cent guaranteed gilt-edge investments.
Miss Perry's Rummajre Sale (or
benefit Child Saving institute begins
Thursday, November 23, at 10 a. m.
on Twenty-fourth street, fourth door
south of Vinton.
To Talk at "Y. M." Miss Oril Elii
abeth Hoge will give a reading on
"Peg o' My Heart" at the Young Men's
Christian association Sunday after
noon at 4 o'clock.
Fined for Cutting- TJu H. W. James.
Sheeley, broke a windowpane in the
Home or Mrs. u. f uller, 636 Bourn
Thirty-fourth street, through pure
oussedness Induced by an oversupply
of liquor. L. Laos, in the same con
ditions cut a set of harness belonging
to Gertrude Salisbury, Fifth and Jones
streets. Kach were nned So and costs.
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderland.
Anna M. Lowry, Ex-Nun Author of
"Martyr In Black, ' will give two lec
tures in Swedish auditorium, 1611
Chicago street, (near Sixteenth) Oma
ha, Thursday evening, November 23,
8 p. m. sharp. Subject, "Convent Life
and Why I Became a Protestant."
iweryooay welcome, jmaay arier
noon. November 24. at 2:30. "The
Confessional." Ladies only. No babies
in arms admitted. Admission 26 cents,
each lecture.
American Consul
And Wife Insulted
By German Officials
' Amsterdam, Nov. 22. (Via The
Hague to London, Nov. 22.) Dimi
nic I. Murphy, American consul gen
eral at Sofia, Bulgaria, arrived here
today through Germany from Stock
holm, where he went recently with
his wife to visit their daughter. De
spite the fact that Mr. Murphy had
a special pass from the German lega
tion at The Hague, it is stated that
the i German authorities at Warne
muende treated the couple with in
civility on their way to Stockholm
and again on their return.
The second incident occurred, it is
said, notwithstanding the intervention
of Dr. Maurice F. Egan, American
minister to Denjnark, and also of the
German minister, who had assured
Mr. Murphy that the treatment given
him and hit wife would not occur
Mr. Murphy will leave for bona
Mrs. Borelum's Hands
Modeled by Solon
The expressive hands of Madame
August M. Borglum, an Omaha wom
an and his sister-in-law, were mod
eled by Solon Borglum, the celebrated
artist,1 in his sculpture "The Gentle
Closing of Two Lives," known as the
Schieren memorial, which stands in
the lobby of the Hotel Fontenelle dur
ing the Fine Arts exhibit there.
Madame Borglum was visiting at
the home of her sister, who is Mrs.
Solon Borglum, in Norwich, Conn.,
Jast summer when the artist was at
work on this subject.
'.. "I watched the evolution of the
sculpture for about a month. The
model used for the central figure had
not beautiful hands and Solon asked
to use my hands for that part of the
work," said Madame Borglum, a.
chance remark to a friend while view
ing the statue disclosing this infor
mation. "On the Trail" and "New-Born,"
two bronzes by Solon Borglum, have
been purchased by C. N. Dietz.
Swedish Inventor
Will Be Honored
Omaha Swedes are interested in the
"John Ericsson monument fund"
meeting to be held at Hotel Vander-
bilt, New York City, next Saturday
afternoon. Nelson T. Thorson of
Omaha is a member of the commit
tee, appointed by .John Sharp Wil
liams, Congressman James L. Slay
den and Josephus Daniels, secretary
of the navy, to tend to the business
of building a monument to perpetuate
the memory of the man who invented
and constructed the "Monitor," the
little wonder boat of the civil war.
Congress, in its last session, appro
priated $35,000 to construct a monu
ment in memory of Captain Ericsson
in Washington, D. C. Mr. Thorson
will take part in the council to decide
just what sort of a memorial will be
Paroled From Prison to
"Become a Good Citizen"
Denver, Colo., Nov. 22. Frederick
Goodwin, alias Goodrich, sentenced
to the Colorado penitentiary last April
to serve a term of from one half to
three years for attempted horse race
swindling, was parolled and released
from the prison highway camp last
c i i. i i .
ounuav, 11 uccaiuc Known ucrc touay.
Friends of Goodwin told the pardons)
ooara ne aesirea to go to L-amornia
to marry and become a arood citizen.
Warden Thomas J. Tynan and
Sheriff S. J. McAfee, prosecuting wit
ness in the case, recomnjtnded that
Goodwin be pardoned. i
Auto Escapes Smashup
In One Form, Tries Another
Fremont, Neb., Nov. 22. (Special.)
When the motor of his automobile
went dead as he was crossing the
Union Pacific tracks on Main street
at noon today, L. B. Gibbs jumped
when he saw a freight train approach
ing. The motor engine suddenly start
ed and the machine dashed ahead,
leaving Mr. Gibbs behind. By this
time the train had arrived and cut Mr.
Gibbs off from following his auto
mobile, which dashed up the street a
block before it crashed into the curb
ing. It was badly smashed.
Veteran Newspaper Man of
The West Dead in Texas
El Paso. Tex., Nov. 22. Captain
John I. Ginn, a veteran newspaper
man of the west and southwest died
here today. He would have been 81
years old on Christmas day. He was
editor of the Virginia City, (Nev.) En-
ternrise at one time and also worked
on the San Francisco Argonaut. He
was connected with local newspapers
here for many yars. He was a civil
war veteran. 1
Wednesday, November 22, 1916.-
-Phone Douglas 137.
Burgess-Nash Announce
A Big Room-Making Sale
in the
Beginning Thursday Morning, November 23d
WE have decided to move our Toy Department for the month of December, from the Fourth Floor to the
Down Stairs Store. v
A move like this naturally means a general condensing and rearrangement of the various sections now in the Down Stairs Store, and in
order to accomplish this result in the least possible time, we.have made some
on. good dependable winter merchandise of the most wanted sort. Here is just an idea of the good things in store here'f or you. ,(
Women's High Shoes that Were
$3.50 and $4.00 at
J -
"DLACK glazed kid, black and tan
" calf skin and patent leather, all
sizes, were $3.50 to $4.00, pair, $1.98.
Women's Shoes That Were $5.00
i and $5.50, at $2.95
Black calf skin, glazed kid,
patent leather and tan Rus
1 sia calf, broken sizes, but
your size in some one of
these four styles ; were $5.00
to $5.50, pair, $2.95.
Misses' Sample Shoes, $3.50 Kind, $2.55
Patent leather, dull calf and kid skin, sizes 12 to 2, pr., $2.55
Boys' school shoes, black calf, lace and button, sizes 1 to BH,
pair, $2.45.
Eatra Special Men's black calf, English lace shoe, a $4.00
shoe, pair, $3.25. Co. Down Stain Slora.
NOTIONS in Room-Making Sale
spool silk thread
machine thread,
for 3 He.
. 200 yards
spool, 2c.
Children's hose supporters,
pair, 7c.
Shopping bags, each, lOe.
Fancy trimming buttons, the
card, 1c.
Steel thimbles, each, le.
Safety pins, 2 cards, Sc.
Bone hair pins, box, 5c.
Kid curlers, dozen, 10c.
Burf..-Na.h Co.-
Dressing comb!, each, 5c.
Large bottle machine oil, 5c.
Tatting shuttles, each, 5c.
Rick rack braid, bolt, 7c.
Pearl buttons, dozen, 2 H c.
Bias seam tape, 12-yard bolt
for Sc. 1
Hair barrettes, each, 6c.
Darning cotton, 3 spools. Sc.
60-inch tape measures, each,
for lc.
Scissors and shears, pair,
for 12 He.
Down Stab. Stora.
Wool Dress Goods
to 59c Yard 29c
ONE big lot of wool dress goods,
consisting of mixed suitings,
plain weaves, wool challies in a
big range of colon and patterns.
Very desirable for skirts, women's
and children's dresses, waists and
kimonos; 27 to 36 inches wide.
Regularly 49c and 59c, 2!dc
Remnants of Dress Goods
Short lengths of wool dress
goods for skirts, suits, dresses and
coats, including satin, prunella
cloth in plain, also self-tone
stripes; fancy granite crepe weave
serges, Panamas, black and white
shepherd checks, mixed suitinga;
heavy coatings in military colors,
27 to 64 Inches wide; lengths 1ft
to 5 yards, regularly 75c to 11.50.
yard, 49c.
Military Coatings, at $1.29
the same kind of fabric used by
the various governments for army
wear, considered one of the best
materials for making long coats,
IVt yards wide, regular price,
$3.50, yard, $1.29. Co. Down Stairs Stora.
Novelties at 17c
ONE lot of nickel and brass nov
elties, including hat pin hold
ors, paper clips, ash trays, 1 "7
etc.; were to 79c, for. ... I C
Writing Paper, 10c
Remnants of Per
cales at 12V2C
SEVERAL thousand yards of 36
inch Manchester percales, in
apron and dress lengths, light and
medium colorings, all the pretty
figures, stripes, checks, plaids,
dots, etc., on sale, at 12C
ISc Eden Cloths, at 11c
The celebrated Eden cloths, for
pajamas, gowns, etc., 15c value, at
yard, He.
15c-25c Galatea Cloth, 6V.c
Desirable lengths for children's
clothes. Galatea, Rough Rider and
Romper suitings, 15c to 25c values,
on sale, at, yard, 6 He.
25c Satine Shirtings, 14.c
Fancy figured satine shirtings,
' also black, highly mercerized, soft
finish, 26c value, at, yard, 14 He
Mercerized Poplins, 18c
Highest grade mercerized pop
lin, in black and colors, including
in this special lot several hundred
yards of Irish poplin, all at, the
yard, 18c.
$2.50 Bed Comforters, $1.98
The prettiest designs and color
ings in bed coverings are made by
the Beacon Mfg. Company. The
quality is the best to be had, reg
ularly $2.50 bed comforters, in the
newest patterns, at, each, $1.98.
$5.00 Bed Pillows, $3.98
Crown Down bed pillows, linen
tick covering, regular bed size,
$5.00 value, at, pair, $3.98.
BurgaM-Nah Co. Down Stair. Stor..
Knit Hoods and
Caps 19c
ALL wool knit hoods and caps,
in a big assortment of styles
and colors, very special, 1 Q
to close, at
$1.00 Kimonos, at 69c
Women's kimonos, cut full size,
in medium and dark fleece lined1
materials; were $1.00, for 69c.
Flannelette Gowns, 59c
Women's flannelette night
gowns, cut full size, splendid as
sortment of stripes, sale price, 59c.
Women's Bath Robes, $2.25
Women's bath robes, all sizes,
collar and sleeves bound with rib-,
bon edge, sale price, Thursday,
at $2.25.
Boys' Suits $3.95
BOY'S suits, for ages 6 to 18
years, coat made popular
pinch back and belt, 2 pair of full
lined trousers, colors dark gray,
fancy blue mixtures, brown diag
onals, stripes, etc., serviceable,
well made suits and very special
ly priced for Thursday, flJO QC
at l)J.7)
Burfs-Na.h Co. Down Stair Stor..
Children's Cotton
Hose at 15c
(CHILDREN'S fine ribbed, black,
J cotton hose, full seamless, all
sizes, sale price, 1 1m
pair Women's Hose, 15c
Plain or ribbed top, black cot
ton hose, full seamless, special, at,
pair, 15c,
Women's Hose, 25c
Women's plain black cotton
hose, fleece lined, also wool hose,
seamless, at, pair, 25.
Women's Fiber Hose, 39c
Black silk fiber hose with rib
bed garter tops; imperfections of
59c quality, special value, at, the
pair, 39e.
Burg...-Naah Co. Down Staira Store.
A high grade, 2-quart hot CQ
water bottle, $1.25 value. . "ft
Two-quart combination foun
tain syringe and hot water bottle,
guaranteed, 95c.
Burgo..-Na.h Co. Down Stair. Star.
Silverware. 10c
An assortment of silver plated
ware, including knives, forks, tea
spoons, butter knives and - sugar
spoons; all made by the R. Wal
lace and Sons Company; in the
room-making sale, choice, at 10c. Co. Down-Stalra Star..
Linen finished writing paper,
ruled, 1 quire to a box, special,
at lOe.
Burgoa.-Naab Co. Dawn Staira Stora.
Rich Silk Poplin
at 39c
HERE'S a highly favored mater
ial for waists and dresses, silk
poplin with small figures, neat
stripes and in all the different col
ors, 24 inches wide. Very special
ly priced for this sale, QQ
at, yard
Crepe de Chine, at 49$
the Yard
86-inch crepe de chine, made of
silk and very desirable for waists
and underwear. Will launder, in
all the pretty light shades, also
white. We consider the sale .price
most unusual for Thursday,, at,
yard, 49c.
Silk Poplins, at 59c
Another extreme value in silks
for this special room-making salel
beginning Thursday. Silk poplin in
practically every plain shade, es
pecially desirable , for one-piece
dresses, wide range of colors for
street wear, 36 inches wide, very
special for Thursday, st yard, $9.
Burgaao.Naah CaIown Staira Stora.
Cretonnes, 15c
FULL bolt of cretonnes, in pret
ty patterns, suitable for any
color scheme, so inches
wide, regularly 86c, yard
. Scrims, at 9$c
Limited quantity of bordered
scrims, regularly 15c, Thursday,
yard, 9:
Burgaaa-Naah Co. D.w. Stair. Star..
Women's Winter Coats
Intended to Sell to $25.00, at
rERE is, indeed, a most re
markable coat valu. Every
one this season's style, made in
a variety of ways, of such splen
did materials as caracule, Salts
baby lamb and s few plush. All
either loos, flare or belt effect
Some made with large shawl
collar, others button up close
round the nek. Some have the
new bell euff on sleeve. Were
intended to sell to $25.00, In
this sale, beginning Thursday,
at $9.0$. ' .
Women's Serga Dresses,
$5.95 '
Think of ltl It's worth that
alone to worry over the making,
to say nothing of the material.
These dresses are all practical
styles, made of French serge,
some embroidered with beads,
others in silk and tinsel em
broidery, some have large, shawl
collars; navy, brown, green,
plum, burgundy snd black, slses
16 to 18, also 84 to 42. Very
special, at $5.96.
Children's Coats, at
$2.95 and $3.50
In loose snd belt effects, msde with large collar. The materials
are mixtures, plaids and melton cloths; were to $5,96, st $2.9$
and $3.50.
Buriaa.-Na.h Co. Dowa-Staln Star.. .' '
Underwear in the Room-Making Sale
UNUSUAL values for the man who has need of mer
chandise of this sort. ,
Men's Flannel Shirts, $1.15
Tan color, 2 pockets, box plait to shoulder, full cut, (PI 1 C
flat collar, attached, medium weight A splendid value, at
Men's Flannel Shirts, $1.45
Brown, gray, dark maroon, navy blue shirts, Vs wool, flat col
lar, soft cuffs, 14 -inch center plait, well trimmed and fl1 AC
made, full size bodies snd all neck sizes. Price aSl.tJ
Union Suits, 98c
Wool and cotton mixed, a
good, heavy winter garment, all
sites, price, 98c.
Undershirts, 98c
Sample wool and part wool
undershirts, in gray, tan and
ecru color; soiled and mussed,
less than V regular retail price,
at 98c.
Sweater Coats, 98c
Cotton and wool mixed sweat
er coats, Shaker knit, rough
neck collar and 2 pockets, $1.69
and 98c.
Men's Sox, 35c
' Oxford gray, white heel and.
toe, seamless, wool, at 25c.
Burfaaa-Naah Ca. Dawn Stairs Stare.
Children's Vests
or Pants at 6c
CHILDREN'S cream colored
vests or pants, fleece lined,
small sizes only; 'Were f
12Hc, at ... OC
Women's $1 Underwear, 6$c
Women's part wool vests and
pants, in slses $4 to 86, were
$1.00, sale price, 69c.
Women's Union Suits, 50c
White cotton, fleece lined, ankle
length; low neck, no sleeves; dutch
neck, elbow sleeves; high neck,
long sleeves, st 50c.
Child Union Suits. 50c
Boys' and girl's union suits, cot
ton fleece lined, all sites, special,
at 50c. Co. Down Stair. Stora.
Leather Hand Bags,
were to $1.00, at 25c
Real leather hand bags, leather
and silk lined, including an assort
ment of patent leather strap
purses. These bags were to $1.00,
choice Thursday, at 25c.
BursM-N..a Co. Dawn-Stair. Stan.
Odds and ends of Jewelry, jnclud
ing scarf pins, belt pins, brooches,
cuff links, etc.; values to 50c,
sale price, 10c. Co. Down Stair. Stora.
Household Needs Specially Priced Thursday
White lanan-
ned flour bins,
apacity 25
bs., spec'l 69c
I White Japan -
: ned flour bins.
c a p a city, 50
lbs., special, 98c.
White Japanned brtad box, U14
inch aiie, 49e.
White Japanned brtad box, 16 -Inch
slue. 59c. M .
Combination ontf.t, oonnistinv of 1
triangle oil mop with handle, and 25c
can Biff Wonder
polinh, 50c value,
at 25c.
Triangle chemic
ally treated mop
for dusting, etc..
complete with
polished handle,
special, at 3e.
Big wonder cedar
oil polish, for
floors, furniture,
etc., 50c values,
at 2ftc
Values to 79 c
at 39c
In the assortment are
f gray enameled tea
kettles, gray enamel
ed rice boilers, water
pails, blue and white
enameled oral dish
pans, blue and white enameled preserv
ing kettles, 10-quart size; blue and white
enameled Berlin kettles, with enameled
cover, 4 and 6-quart sizes; all unusual values, no chip
ped pieces, values to 79c, choice, 39c
Burf.-Na.h Co. Down Stair. Stora.
my- wi
m n
G a 1 v a n ised
iron wash tubs
first quality,
with wringer
a t tachments,
Nos. 2 and 3
sizes, $1.25
values, 95c.
K e ystone
clothes wring
ers, wood frame, enclosed cog
wheels, warranted for three
years, special, at $2.95.
Galvanized iron pails, 12-qt.
size, special, at 25c.
ironing board
w i th stand,
full size, spe
cial, 98c.
Scrub brushes,
solid back, 8c
values, 5c.
Handkerchiefs 5c
SPLENDID assortment of wom
en's handkerchiefs, in a variety
of styles and kinds, including;
Pure linen handkerchiefs.
Colored edge handkerchiefs. 15c 1
Fancy colored edge f .
handkerchiefs ;...,"
Handkerchiefs, 10c
Including linen handkerchiefs
with embroidered corners snd col
ored edges, also colored embroid
ery rwith fancy edges. Handker
chiefs that were to 25c. each, 10.
Handkerchiefs, lOe
Hen's full size linen handker
chiefs, with plain hem, special In
this Room-making Sale, Thurs
day, at, each, lOe.
BuriaM-Naah Co. Dawn Stair. Stare,
Neckwear Were
to 50c now at 10c
WOMEN'S neckwear, consisting
of flat collars, collar and
cuff sets, Jabot effects, a big sam
ple line, some slightly 1A
mussed, were to 60c, at.y. tUC
v Fancy Braids, Sc
Fancy silk braids, in colors and
black, widths to 2 inches, sals
price, yard, 6c.
Bursa..-Na.h Co. Down Staira Start,
Corsets. Were to
$1.50, for 69c
THREE distinct styles, lace front
or back, models for the aver
age figure, also for the small or
well developed figure; were to
$1.50, sale price, 69c.
$1.00 Brassieres, 39c
Large assortment of brassieres,
made of good quality muslin and
neatly trimmed with lace edges
and embroidery; were to $1.00,
sale price, 39c.
BursaacNaah Ca. Down Staira Stora.
50cDresser Scarfs 29c
SIZE '17x52, scarfs for dresser or
buffet, fine lace trimmed with
insertion; very special, 29c
50c Mercerized Damask, 39c
' Heavy mercerized damask, full
bleached, 64 inches, fine, soft fin
ish, good assortment of patterns,
39c the yard.
$1.25 Bed Spreads, at $1.00
Crochet bed spreads, large dou
ble bed size, good weight, assorted
patterns, plain hemmed.
10c Long Cloth, 10 Yds, 85c
Long cloth, 36 inches wide, cha
mois finish for gowns, and wom
en's and children s undergarments.
A limited quantity to close out in
10-yard bolts, for 85c the bolt. Co. Down Staira Start.