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Cattle Receipts Heavy, Trade
Active at Steady Prices
Sheep Active and Higher.
Omaha, November 22, 4 til.
Receipt Wero: Cattle. Hon. Sheep
u lst IAS II lil 13.111
iiKi.1.1 t, ...). e'nn lKoni. IB. 771
K.iimat Wednesday . 7,000 13,000 MOO
Thre daya thla week.K,til 3,I5 IT.IM
Same days last wck. 18.060 Ji,7JS 41.014
Same daye t Wlu ao.lMl 31.421 JI.720
Same daye S Was aco. 13,549 24,7 43,711
Same daye 4 w as ago. SB, 461 17,:tt 8.t00
8m daya last ytar..21,98 13.36 21,791
i Kitie receluta wen liberal thla morn
Inr. making the total for the three daye
izAli head, the largest since inre weeas
ago, and 19,000 head larger than a rear
mg9 Fortuoaieiy mere waa a iwu aenmnu.
bo that the mantel waa in a lain? active
and entirely healthy condition. Price were
unt about ateady with yeaterday on prao
1 ikally all klnda. although feedera were a
little alow. Aa high aa flO.tft waa paid for
fund yea Mine beeves.
wuotaUons on cattle: Good to choice
ran.fedri. S10.60tMl.ltJ I fair lO gOOd OOIH'
feds, Js.60iylfl.OV; common te fair oornfeda,
Ih.fcuOS.OO; lancr heavy graaaers, 49.60O
1U.V0; good to choice graaa beevea, 17. 75
.; to good graaa beevea, ti.U91.1i:
common to tal:-, $a.7604.J; good lo choice
net f era, good to choice cows,
.07.0(t; lair to good cows, I4.764y4.e0;
common to fair eowa, l4.16OS.S0i good to
choice feeders, 7.eO4n.O0i fair to good
feeder, 14.76411.101 common to fair feed
ers, M.00O4.76; good to choice Blockers,
7.604S.oo; atock Heifers, ls.Q00T.ift; itock
eowa, jb.0047i.6Oi atocK oaiveo, ss.vvvb.du;
veal caivea, M.OV01..W. beef bulla. lo.--
Hog Whllo receipt of hog were not a
heavy as yesterday, when the largeet run
elnca laet aprlng showed up, tney were toler
ably liberal, estimates placing the supply
at 171 loads, or 13,001 head. Yesterday'
official run was. a usual, greater than cell
mates, and the total for the first half of
the week la 3f,b4 Head, wnicn ts s.euw
larger than last week, nearly twice aa large
aa two weeks ago and three time as heavy
aa for the corresponding period last year.
Another unevenly higher market waa on
the cards for today. Many of the early
packer bid were no mora than steady, and
a few were actually lower, but first sales
were quite a little higher, while the aver
age market was a big 6410c higher lhan
yesterday, trad being the best towards the
close oacept on a few vary common loads,
which were passed up entirely. Owing to
the uneveiinese that has featured the mar
ket so far thla week, there wr nearly aa
many opinions concerning the market aa
thera were trader In the yard. Bom who
old at the best time Tuesday did not call
their sales more than strong to to higher,
while other not so fortunate yesterday
claimed they sold bog that were lO&JpUo
At any rat. It waa a good, acttve mar
ket for desirable hogs of all weight, and
It waa the opinion of the majority that on
an average prloes were somewhere near 14)
lOo higher. A good share of the al
landed at ft IOOt.7i, with quit showing
of light downward from 11.(0, and a top
of It. 10. .
flheep Aftar opening a Ht tie now with
some early bid at easier ngurea the fat
lamb market firmed up, and when move
ment started prloaf were strong to a.muoh
as 190 higher. A good share of the desirable
offerings sold at ft apread of fll.tftO, with some that war good but
weighty down to Sll.M. The top oame with
in loo of th season's high time, reaching
911.90. Some of th lambs were lat getting
up to the barn, but after th market really
got started It. was tolerably active, and
bulk of the later arrivals sold Just about aa
fast as they war yarded.
Th percentage of feeding lamb In the
aupply wa unusually large, but print held
and were tf anything strong to ft little
higher, demand exceeding the aupply as It
hs all wsek. Top of a atrlng of Wyoming
sold at 119.10, equaling yesterdey'a top,
with a second lot at 111.71, and tho re
mainder, about two car, at flt.40. A one
car bunch boosted tho record another nickel,
touching llt.sft. '
Quotations on Btuep and Lam be La m bs,
good to choice, 11.46f H.0; Urn be, fair
to good, $U,loell.Oi lambs, feeders, ins
10.i yearlings, good to choice, St.004
I.7&; yearlings, fair to good. l1.7tOI.Tt:
yearlings, feeders,' 17.0001.99; wethers, fair
to choice, .004l,ft9i awe, good to choice,
n.l047.S6; lambs, fair to good, I...et7,fc0;
Vwm, plain to culls, 14.0001.71 owes, feed
ing I4.ni04.60; ewes, breeders, all ages,
tattle L ate t tied, Hogs Unsettled, Sheep and
Lambs Stroag,
Chicago, Nov. IS. Cattle Receipts, tf.000
head; market, unsettled; natlva beef cattle,
to.ftooii.Ot; western steers,;
lockers and feeders, 4.I04J7,T0; cows and
be If era, 13.4(413.00; calves, l.0U.O0. -.
Hogs Receipts, 60,000 bead; market, un
settled, at yesterday' average to fto higher;
bulk of sale, ll.OO0t.8l; light, IR.4O0t.6B;
mixed. 19.10010.00; heavy, tt.U019.Oft;
rough, t.3ft0t.ftftt pig,
Sheep and Lamb Receipt, 14,001 head;
market, strong; wethers.; ewe,
IM0O7,"; lambs, ft.sft0U.oo.
. Kansas City Uts) Mock Market. ? ,
Kansas City. Mo., Nov, XX. Cattle Re-
lower; atook.r, and feeder. 16a to IS, low.r;
prtm. I.d sfeera., .l..fco 11.7 B; dr. wed bfl.f
.teere, t7.MtflO.3t; WMt.rn ,t..ri, I4.60O
10.16: com, i4.7Stfs.tO; heifers, ll.e0O10.ll;
tock.ra and teeder 11.35(97.71: bulla,
07 Ml calves, H.SOOU.SO.
Hoge neoetnls, 11,060 head; market,
hither; bulk ( aalea, I7.I0O10.00i heavy.
I, ,0010.06; packer, and bulch.ra. SMOO
10.01: lliht. Il.iooo.i6: pin, ft.looo.oo.
sheep and I..mbe Receipts, 4,600 head;
Iharkat, higher; lambs. 111. 00011.10: year,
llnse, ll.76OI0.00i wethers, t7.iOOt.IO;
ewes, H,TH7.7, 1 ' f
Steal Cttr Un Stoak Mark.t. ..
WdUX Cttr. la., Nov. II. Cattla R.
clpta, t.600 head: market 10O lower: dm(
at,., lt.O0OI.60: butch.ra, 16.(001.16:
vannara, 4,16Ot.0o; atockera and feedera,
ts. 00O7.00: bull., ataia, etc., 6.1SOI-6i
feeding cow, and belfera, $4.76t.46,
lln,. Receipt., 11,000 head; market
ateady: light, IJI.71tM.10: mlaed, II.10O'
16: heavy, II.S6OI.I0: bulk of aaloa, 11.40
Sheep and Laraba Receipt,, 1,600 head;
market 16c to 36c lower: awea, 16.7601. 96:
lamba, lt.60O"70. . ,f
: Un mack la Sight.
Recclpta of live .lock from th, ftv, prin
cipal weetern marketa:
Cattle, Hog. Sheep.
Omaha 7,000 19,000 MOO
K.neaa City 1.600 16.000 1,100
Chicago 17,000 10,000 14.006
8IOUI City 1,600 11,000 1.600
8L Louis, ,
a.iuv J0,u - l.euo
, .11,109 19S,ft 19,409
Body of Katie Reider
Goes to the Parents
For Burial in Lincoln
Tlie body of Katie Reider. who
. died Oct. 29 in the State hospital in
Kearney, where tuberculosis is treat
ed, and which was sentsto the Ne
braska Medical hospital here, has
been turned over to the parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Phillip Keider of Lincoln
and sent there for burial.
Miss Reider was a mute and for
some years was an inmate of the State
School for the Deaf in Omaha. A
year ago she developed tuberculosis
and was sent to the Kearney hospital.
There she died and after being em
balmed the body was sent back to
Omaha, the place from which she was
received for treatment It went to the
medical hospital here and was held
awaiting word from the parents as to
the disposition to be made. Monday
they came to Omaha and viewed the
body of their daughter. At state ex
pense it was prepared for burial,
placed in a casket and sent to Lincoln,
where burial occurred Wednesday.
Some controversy has arisen at Lin
coln by the allegation of the parents
that they were refused right of burial
"by Superintendent R. S. B. Robinson
of the Harney hospital, but authorities
here say the body was received in the
regular manner provided by law.
Technical Condition Again
Govern Trading in Actual
New York. Nov', 22. Trading in today's
active market was again governed to an
unusual extent by technical conditions.
There were further Indications of an ex
tended bull account, especially In metals
and specialties of recent prominence and
Stocks of th mora speculative character
wore freely offered almost from outset.
but registered lowest prices In the final
hour, when the entire list became
settled. One of the primary causes was
an unexpected rise in call money to 4H
and svan ft per cent, the latter rate betas'
prooucea py a lew oeiaieq borrowers.
Authoritative denial of any Imoendtna
aeai or consoitastion or.-lne metal com
panies was the chief factor In that odartr.
Copper fell I to almost ft points from the
highest quotations of the percedlng session,
and twice that much from best prices of
last week. Paper Issues lost ss much, also
soma of the equipments and Independent
Steel and Iron Issues. Bethlehem Steel fell
Ing 10 points and recovering 10 points, with
a loss of t points for the preferred.
untied mate Stee ne 1 stead v dur nt
th forenoon, the action of the corporation
In the matter of Increased wage schedule
being accepted aa a favorable develooment
Steel made Its best price In th later deal
ings, but lost ground as selling pressure In
creased, closing at ft net loss of almost X
points. j
Motor snare and accessories, dominated
th market for a time at gains of S to 7
points, Chandler Motor leading the advance
1th Btudebaker and Maxwell. Most. If
not all of these gslns were forfeited, how
ever, as wer some substantial advances
In the leather group. Ohio Ons retalnsd over
half Its ft-polnt gain, but this proved to be
an Isolated instance.
Ralls were strong, during the mld-ses.
sfon, presumably In consequence of the de.
clelon rendered by one of the federal courts
declaring the Adamson law unconstitutional.
but gains in this division also were of
brief duration. Total sales amounted to
1,120,000 shores.
Bonds were heavy with recessions of i
to 4 points In Copper and Industrial Issues.
Total sales, par value, 14.626,000. United
State bonds were unchanged on call.
Number of lead n a stocks and aiMtalinna.
on the market were:
Sa es. Hlrh. Tw rinu
Am. neve ougar,,, ij,.iuo 106
106 106 U
03 e,t
73 73
American (Jn .... f.ioo t
Am. Car it Pndry. 11,100 76
Am: Locomotive ,. 1,2 no ttk tlW tl
Am. S. A R 61,409 133 .117 Ul
Am. Sugar Refng.. 3,800 129 11714 117
Am. Tel. Tel.,, 11,709 131 138 12
Am. &. k I B. . . 62 4 tJQSi
Anaconda Copper,, 71,300 102 U 18
104 104V
Baldwin Locomot..
I. tun
Baltimore at Ohio.
1,100 SOU R3U Hih
Brook, Rap. Tr..,.
Butte A Hud. Con.
Too M lay; 34
l.xoo 7i in ea
3.000 26U 24 34
Calif. Petroleum. ,
Canad an Paclflo
400 172 171 171H
Central Leather .. 21,301 lift
112 113
utiesapeak at unto a.zoo 67
Chi., Mil. A St. P. 1,809 t,1
Chi, 4V N. W 400 127
So It
lot it
i;ni h. i. r... s.soo
a 5 3
Chino coooer .... 14.400
Colo, F, 1 11,300
Corn Products Rf, 8t,600
Crucible Steel .... 28,609
uiritiiieri' Beour,,,
Krl 8.600 ST S7
General E lee trio . 2.300 163 17IU
Great Northern pfd 100 118 118
Gt. North. Ore ctfs 11.100 46 44
Illinois uamrai
Int. Con. Corp, 2,000
Inspiration- Cop.,, 10,900
Inter. Harvester
Int M. M, pfd ctfs 16,300 119 lit
K. C. Southern. .. 200 3 suit
Xennecott Copper . 71,300 10 67
Louisville Nash ,
Mexican Petroleum 12, 80o 111 107
Miami Conner
4714 41
X., K. f, pfd.
Hlnourl Paclflo 100 . 104,
Montana Powor ,. 1,000 10 .
National bead ... 1,100 09
Nevada Capper .. 12,000 10H
New York Central 1,400 lot
n. t., n. h. H. i,,oo
Norfolk A Viii
Northern Paolfio... 88 111
Paclflo Mall . .... 400
Pacific T. aVT.... 300 36K
P.nnaylvanla 1,100 67
Ray Con. Copper . 14,000 lit,
Reading ..,,.;,.. 1,700 100
Rep. I. A 8 30.700 10 U
8hattuck Art. Cop. 3,300 34
southern raclfla ..
Southern Ry, ....
atudebaker Co..,.
Tennesaee Copper..
Texa. Company ..
Union Paclflo ....
Union Paclflo .pfd
1,000 100 u
4,800 17 u
1.600 137). 114 M
... 394L
1,10, 111 193 ,31
16,600 14, 117 147M
30 U 1
V. B. ateel
186.(00 1271. US 116
U. R. (teel pld.
Utah Copper . . .
Wabaah pfd "B
3,200 183 12141 12111
36.100 124Vi 12144 112
,00 30 " 19U SOU
Wntarn Union ... 1.200 10441
We.tlnghouM Uleo. 8,000 04 S4 84
..... ... .via
Total aiee lor tna day, 1,120,000 altarea.
. Kaaaaa Cllf General Markrt.
Kama, Cltr, N. 53. No. 3 hard,
1.8601.101 No, I red, tl.8201.S7; Decem
ber, ii.iav. Mar, Ii.i60i.atvi.
Corn No. 3 mixed, 86)4 (tltc: Ho. I white,
871ifto-. No. 1 yellow, S6y,t)tle; Decem
ber, IHOHlio: May. Mtle.
Oata No. 3 While, Htitftlo; No. 3 mint).
ttOI7o. .
fiuttef. Creamery, 40o; (Inu, 8te; eeo
and., 870! packing, 31o.
- M-tirata, tSVic
Poultry, ltc; rooatera, 12o; broil,
am, llo, '
it. iMla Omlal MmrtM.
St. Louie, Nov. 81 Wheat No. t ted,
1.8801,88; No, hard, nominal Deoember,
1.88411 May, 11.174.
Corn No. 3, 17c; No. 1 white, 1.,1; De
oember, 86c; May, 87)40,
Oata No. t, 6S0; No. I white, nominal.
Utarpoal tlrala M.rk.t.
Uverpool, Nov. 81. Wheat Spot, No. I
hardwlnter, lta; No, 1 Manitoba, old, II.
Hd: No. 1 old, Its tVid; No. I new, 16. I'd.
Corn-8pot American mixed, new, 18a 3d.
Coltaa Mark...
New York. , Nov. 23. Cotton Future,
opened steady; December, 80.66c; January,
to.lte; .March. .20.80c; May, 11.17o; July,
11.180. -
In tho wonderful Oklahoma Oil Fields, where
more fortunes have bean made in a short
time than in any other oil field. The Beat
Bur l thU rich district today is
(in kwol -ah)
officially traded 111 and Hated on N. Y. curb,
which is earnlnf mora than 0, paying
13 dividends and which hasl wells, 7
pumping plants, 80 miles of pipe line and
-.000 acres of rich oil lands which, have
hardly been scratched. BIO NKWS of a
greatly Increased dividend is duo soon. BUY
NOW and set this bis new dividend aa a
Christmas present. Write for our booklet,
and ask for Circular B. 12,
W. will jl.dly lend It In. n nquxt.
W. Buy and Sail All SKuritlm
120-226- 3. La Sail Stnet, Chlcaga.
aa Angalaa
Sales Manager
i Wanted
For our Kansas
territory. Must'
invest f 1,00000.
Satisfactory fee
curity $150.00
monthly guaran
G.L.W.SDrins I
I Oiier Company j
894 Brandeia Bldg.
10U, 10U
16 98
101 10714
68 6
.... my.
111 in
36 36
36 4 36
Cash Wheat Market is Steady
in Face of Only Moderate
Demand. -
Omaha, Nov. 32, ltlt.
The cash wheat situation was fairly act
ive today, and although tho demand was
only moderate, the market held op pretty
steady and most of the salea were made at
unchanged prices. The demand for the
poorer Brad's of wheat was rather slow.
but the better grades sold qulto readily, the
no. a narrt winter eel l In at U.H to 11.84.
and the No. hard ranging In price from
11.80 to f I fit. with the bulk going at II. 2.
The milling demand today waa not over
active, and, white there were only a few
samples of durum wheat on thoxablei, only
a smau pari or me samples were som,
uarn was in food demand at prices rul
ing from steady to o lower, but with
heavy reeelpta and the sellers Inclined to
nolo out or better prices the market was
compsratlvely quiet. The white variety of
corn sold at a small premium over the yel
low and the yellow sold about c above
the mixed grade. The bulk of the sam
ples that were sold were of tho No. 1
grado and brought generally from tl to t2
The oats market waa little easier and
sold from c to o lower, with the bulk
of the No. S white selling at t&o and
the standard selling around 66 c.
nye receipts were unimportant, and.' with
a fairly good demand, this market remained
Hariey was strong at a 1c to ! advance
and there was a good cash Inquiry for
this cereal at the prevailing prices.
clearances were, wheat and f our eoual
to MS, 0U0 bushels; oats, 390,000 bushels.
Liverpool close: wheat, unchanged, corn.
Primary wheat recelots were 1.H12.00A
bushels, and shipments 1, Hi, 000 bushels
against receipts of 2,884,000 bushels, and
shipments of 1,670,000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 1.168.000 bush.
els, and shipments I6J.00O bushels against
receipts of 7S8.0G0 bushels, and ahlDments
of 8U.000 bushels last year.
rnmary oats recelots were 1.3,1.000 bush.
els, and shipments 923,000 bushels against
receipts of 1.14. 000 bushels, and shipments
of 1,914,000 bushels last-year.
Wheat. Com,
Chicago , . , .
., 63
Omaha . , . ,
Kansas City
Ht, Louis . . ,
Winnipeg .,
These sales were reported today:
Wheat No. hurrf int.r S fatf ti ai.
I, oars, $1.33 3 cars, 11.83. No, I hard
winter: 1 car, 31.83; 2 cars, 31-82; 1 car,
1.81. 1 car, 31.10; 4 cars, 31.30. No.
4 hard winter: 1 car. II, 79: 4 can. 31.78: 1
car, 11.70. Sample hard winter: 1 op.
31.73; 1 ear, 3176; 1 car, 31.72; 1 oar,
31.70. No, 8 mixed; 1 car. 31.83; 1 oar,
91.11 1 car. 31.80: 1 car. Nn. i
mlaed: 1 car, 31.76: 1 car. 31.74. No. 3
mixed durum: 1 car. Nn. S whit
spring: 40 sacks, 31.74.
nye no. 3: l car, 31.48,
Barley No. 1: 1 car. No. 4: 1
oar. 11.10. No. 1 feed: 1 car. 11. 10.
Corn No. 8 White: 1 ins lilln- t
tJc. No. 3 Whltei I cars, 9 lie; 3 cars, tlc.
No, 4 white: 1 car, tic: 21 cars, to "Ac No.
yellow: 13 cars, llc; ( cars. 91 c. No.
yellow: 3, cars. tOUc. No. i veiinw: 1
too. No. 3 mixed: 1 car, tle. No.. 3
mixed: 1 car, tlc: 8 cars. tic. No. a
mixed: X car, 30c, No. 3 mixed; 1 ear (old).
tOc. . -,
Osts Standard 1" ear. mun. Vn a
white: l car, &6e; 14 cars, 6&e. No. 4
hits: 1 car. 66c: 1 car. IB tie. 8.mnl
white: 3 cars, 66c; 1 cars, 34o. No. 4
mixed: X car, 65c,
Omaha Cash Prices Whnet Nn h
ll.8301.34; No. 3 hard, 1.791, 83; No.
hard, 31.7001. 7t: No. 3 snrlnv. li.89U.n
1.88: No. 8 snrlnar. 81.77U ni hk Na
durum, fl.83i,86; No. 3 durum, tl.BlO
.86. Corn; No. 3 white. t!sB2U: No. i
white, tlfjt8c; No. 4 white, 9O0tlc; No.
6 white, 90 so c; No. white, tttttOc; No.
3 yellow, tl91o; No. 3 yellow, tl0
tlc; No. 4 yellow, tO0tOa; No. yel
low, 89 80c; No. 4 yellow, 88y8tc;
No. I mixed, lytlc; No. 3 mixed. 91
91 V; No. 4 mixed, 8O90o; No. ft mixed,
lOB9c; No, mixed, 3888c. Oats:
No. 8 white. 66j6&c; standard, K66
66e; No. 3 white, 66to66o; No. white,
66tt6la. Barley: Malting, 81.0861.18; No.
1 feed, tSctt, Rye; No. 8, 81.46t91.4:
No. 8, $1,4401.46. I
Omaha Hay Market.
Omaha. Neb.. Nov. 30.Pralria hav-
Cholcs upland, I10.60O11.00; No. l, 310.00
e 10.60; No, 3, 3t.eotjt9.60; No. I, 34.000
8.00. Cholot midland, llo.OOOlO.50; No. 1,
19.60010,00; No. 3, J8.00ttt.00; No. 3. 33.0t
08.00. Choice lowland) $8.J09.QO; No, 1,
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Cabbage, lb...3Mci cwt...$3.00
Nebraska Potatoes, pk., 44c, 49c
Ser bushel..... 11.75 and $1.93
lost stores have several other
varieties, too. '
Red or. Yellow Onions, pk . . . . 48c
Spanish Onions, large, 3 lbs.. 16c
Hubbard Squash, per lb ..... 1 ,
per cwt I1.3S
APPLES The Best That Grow.
Choice Washington Jonathans
per box .41.70
Fancy Washington Jonathans, per
box, at ......$1.85
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FLOUR Economy, 4 8 -lb. sack, $3J0
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Noodles. lOe pk. ,7e
Rolled Oats, best bulk, t lbs 8fto
Rice, beat Jnp. 10c grade, 3 lba..,15e
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Monday Evening, Dec. 4th
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60OS.M; No. 8. IS.00O7.00; No. 8. $4.03
Straw: Cbotcs whesL 83.00OS.S0: choice
oat or rye, 36.ooeo.60.
Alfalfa: Choice. 13.00018.60: No.
1. 8M.00016.00; atandard, $13,000
14.00; No. 1. I12.00O13.00; No. 8. 31 0.0
11.00. .
Omaha Fotoroo Market.
Local ran ge of options:
Art. Open. High. Low.) Cloosr Tea
WhX I I ! T"
Dec. 1 810H 1 81 180 1 80 180
May 1 34 1 8 183 1 84 134,
July 1 34 1 64 163 1 33 . 163
Dec. 19 0 tt 19 90 t
May 32 92 tl 93 93
July - 91 2 91 03 92
Dec. 64 66 64 66 64
May 30 40 8t 69 64
Chicago closing prlcee, furnished Tho Use
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brokers.
m South eixttenth street. Omaha:
Art. Open. I High. I Low.l Close. Tes"
I Wht. I I .
! Dec. 1 $4 1 84 181 1 83 181
May 1 90 1 td 187 1 88 188
July 1 30 1 80 167, 3 68 168
Corn. I
Dec. I3t3 fl 33 . t4 93
May 96 t7 16 11 6
July t0 17 t6 97 95
Dec. 67Q 67 67 670 67
May 20 32 31 62 82,
Jan. 27 80 27 80 27 36 27 70 27 30
May 27 60 27 70 27 60 27 6t 27 47
Jan. 16 36 13 60 18 25 13 36 13 30
May 18 36 10 42 IS 23 19 30 18 30
Jan. 14 70 14 77 14 6S 14 66 14 36
May 14 tO 14 ft 14 72 14 77 14 76;
Wheat Rises ea Rumor of Hoary Export
until ii xaeauay,
Chicago, Nor. 22. Authoritative an
nouncement that legislation for an embargo
on foodstuffs would have substantial back
ing In congress did a good deal today to
nullify the greater part of a sharp new
advance In the price of wheat. After ris
ing In some cases as much as 4c a bushel,
the market turned weak and closed unset
tled at net gains of lc, with Decem
ber 11.13 1.8) and May $1.88. Corn
finished, lo to 11C up, and oats up
HO to tttPttC. jfrovislons c osed irreulr.
varying from five off to a rise of 10c.
Highest prices of the day were reached
In the- wheat pit soon after the opening or
business and before word had been re
ceived from Washington that Chairman
Fltxgerald of the house committee on ap
propriations waa taking energetlo measures
pusn tne enactment of an em barm
Rumors that export transactions In wheat
yesterday had aggregated 8,000,000 bushels
formed the chief basis of the ,up-turn In
values. In addition, Argentine crop ad
vices were the most bullish yet at hand.
doubt being expressed whether there would
oe an exportable surplus whatever Jhls sea
son In Argentina. After Chairman Pits
gerald'a position was known, however.
backward awl n as In orlces became mara
and more pronounced, and It waa not until
the last half hour of' tho session that any
Important rally took place. Denials that
export salea of wheat in the United States
had bsen unusually big assisted to a ma
terial extent in forcing the reaction from
the swift early advanoe In prices. Accord
ing to current estimates today's evnort
business was moderate 600,000 bushels.
Disappointing returns from huskers tend
ed to uphold corn, and so too did bullish
crop conditions In Argentina. For the most
part though the market .was governed by
the fluctuations of wheat. Oats merely re
flected the changes In other grain. Trading
waa light
Provisions averaged blither with hors and
grain. Demand, however, was not urgent.
Corn No. 3 yellow. t7O07c: No. A
yellow. tfl06c; No. 4 white, 93 Ho,
UatSNO. White. &70&8Uc: ttldtirrl.
Rye No. t, II. 50 1.61,
Barley tOc 041. 38.-
Timothy $3.2606.36.
uiover f ii.oooit.oo.
Provisions Pork. 328.60: trd. titan? -ihB
Butter Higher Creamery, 3341c. .
Eggs Unchanged ; receipts 2,844 cases.
Potatoes Unchanged; receipts, 36 cars.
Poultry Alive, firm: fowls. 14c: sorlnsa
lflc. -
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
St. Louis. Nov. 38.--Cattl-e-Recelnti. S inn
head: market ateady; natlvt beef steers,
3T.&OOU.60; yearling steers and heifers,
I8.60OU.60; cows and heifers, $6.60O?.76;
stockers and feeders, 86.30 07.70; prime
southern beef steers, $8.60 9. 00; beef cows
and heifers, $4.2607.60; prime yearling
steers and heifers, I7.60OI.00; native ealves,
Hogs Receipts, 16,600 head ; market
higher; lights, $9.30010.00; pigs, $7,000 00:
mixed and butchers, $3.30010.10; good
heavy, I.I610.1&; bulk of sales, $S.60O
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 2,800 head;
Armour's Tomato Soup, 9c 8 for.,.3Sc
Armour's Catsup, 86o bottle.,, ,.,.18kj
Armour's Butterlne. A fin, substi
tute for high-priced butter.
Tip, best grade, lb ,.22e
Tip, tinted, pr lb 23c
Cash Habit, high grade, par lb...lSc
Magnolia, i-lh. roll for 30c
Better Quality Meats.
Rib Boll, p lb 12c, lie
Pot Roast, par lb.
13c, 15c
.14c, lSc
lSe, 20,
,18c, 21c
Shoulder Steak, nw lb. ,
Round Steak, per lb... .......
Pork Chops, per lb
Bacon Beilies, by th, strip...,
Baeon Back., by th, strip....
Bacon Back Strip, by the strip
(Bacon 2c lb, more if sliced. I
Shinola or S-tn-1 Sho. Polish 7c
26e Shinola Horn, Set. ISc
Kroe.n. gsllon.. .....7c
Headlight Matches, per box 3c
Hippo Washing Powder ,.4c
Sal Soda, i lbs for 5c
Queen of the Tub, a whit, soap, 8
large bars for, ,23c
Sunbrita Cleanser, I can. for. ...10c
market strong: Iambs. $7.30H.tO;
$3.7607.80; yearlings, $8.0010.3t.
Metal Market.
New York. Nor. 22. Metals Lead. $7.13
07.26; spelter, strong; spot. East St. Louis
delivery, 1212c. Copper, firm; elec
trolytic, first quarter, $32.60033.60; second
quarter, $31.00033.00. Iron, steady and un
changed. Tin, strong; spot, 346. 60 0 48.00.
At London: Spot copper, C144; futures.
ivs; electrolytic, tisi; spot tin, 191
futures, 1133; lead, IJ0, 10s; spelter, it7, ts.
Bank Clearings.
Omaha. Nov. 22. Bsnk clearings
wm.n ioaay were ea.zas.z& and for the
corresponding day last year 33,t4M7t.36.
Admission, 10c. Blue
bird. Paramount and
Mutual Produetiona.
-Open everr day from 11 to 11.
Today only.
A Sunerb Production, Featuring- On,
of Mutual'. Most Beautiful star..
EDITH I WAGONER of Plana, Preeoata Her Pupil, '
In Recital ' '
A ,t,d fc. Mlae Saloma Abbott, Contralto,
pupil of Maball. Crawford Welpton" d
Mie. Berth; Clark, Accompani.t, at
scnmoJIer Mueller Auditorium, 1311-1313
r-arnua at, Omaha. Friday Evening, Nov.m
bor 24, at 1,15. N. .dmU.U. chariad.
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