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Boone villo VoutS Says He Was
; Gagged, Bound and Bobbed
of Cash.
(Fffim a Surf Cerwpoadnt.
; Des Moines, It., Nov. 20. (Spe
cial.) Police today ire holding John
G. Taylor, 20 yean old, assistant
postmaster at Booneville.tfor federal
officers, while authorities investigate"
the boy's story that he was bound,
gagged and robbed of $300 as he was
locking up the postoffice several
' nights ago. I
Taylor was found with his hands
I -tied and a gag in his mouth about
1 8 o'clock in evening. He said that
I-as he was locking the door he was
' .seized from behind. The robbers, he
declares, took $300 from the post
office. According to the police, federal of
1 ficials believe the. holdup -story was
used to cover an alleged shortage in
the postoffice. , . ,
Cosson Denies Wilkerson Claim. ...
j Attorney General Cosson said to
'.day that any claim that he has writ
ten to Senator Frank F. Jones of
Villisca to the effect that he would
not investigate the Moore murder
ease any further was absolutely false.
He declared he had never in a letter
or in any other manner indicatedto
Jones or anyone else that he wenild
not fully investigate the case. In the
slander suit of W. F. Wilkerson, now
being tried at Red Oak, in which Sena
tor Jones is suing Detective Wilker
con tor slander, a witness by the nnic
f George Winters, a atocic buyer in
Villisca, stated on the witness stand
that at the famous meeting in the pas
ture which was addressed by Wilker
son,. the detective read from what
purported to be a letter the follow
ing: "Dear Senator: As far as I am
personally concerned this case will
not be investigated . any further.
George H. Cosson." The detective
claimed that this was what the at
torney general wrote to Senator
Jones. Attorney General Cosson said
today that Wilkerson was hired by
him for a time on the Moore case,
but because of his demanding an in
crease in pay and the manner he was
conducting the investigations, he hsd
W'ilkersou drop the work. Cosson
was later asked to investigate Wil
kerson by Senator Jones.,
'. Liquor Cases at Fort Madison,
Attorney General Cosson has re
ceived word from his assistant. Earl
M. Steer, who lias been prosecuting
liquor cases at Fort Madison, that the
grand jury there has returned indict
ments against sixteen defendants for
liquor nuisances and against two de
fendants for gambling nuisances.
"This includes all we had cases against
whose names we had, except one
woman whose husband is serving a
sentence from the federal court for
bootlegging," says the message. This
man was also indicted by the grand
jury. "It also includes the gambling
joint the state agents found and
another one whose reputation was
shown, 1 but did not ask for an in
dorsement. It includes every place
where liquor was bought by the state
agents." 1
Executives to Cut
: The Democratic Pie
. - .
v The executive committee of the
democratic, county central eommittee
will have charge of the distribution
of pie. . Announcement has been
nude that the bulk of the new ap
pointments will not be made until
next month, probably about Christ
mas time. The suggestion has been
made that the democrats have a
Christmas tree.
; Jerry M. Fiagerald, assessor-elect,
will retain Frank MahOney and W,
G. Counsman, these men, being fa
miliar with the work of the assessor's
office. .. , .
" As previously announced, M. L.
Endres, the new treasurer, will ap
point Otto J. Bauman as( chief deputy,
and in all probability will appoint G.
Fred Elsasser to a good position.
Mr, Elsasser former'y served as
county treasurer. . .
Boy's Body Floats
I Half Mile Under Ice
Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 20. (Spe
cial.) Ludwig Sveum, aged 16, son of
a fawner living near Baltic, was the
first victim of the season of skating
on .thin ice. He was drowned in the
Big Sioux river, while skating, near
his father's farm. He went skating
lone, and when he did not return
J iter some hours, a search was made
or him. A hole in the ice, where
-fce had broken through, waa found.
and after some difficulty the body
was recovered from the lodgment
under the ice at a point about half
I mile down the river from the point
wnere he broke through. 1
Onvrnor Boy la of Nava.4 Mid at Ren
linaunt! .
"Visitor to Reno pareahra fit ones that
rrna oeautirui eiiy la aomathliig trig-far Md
mora irnpomm mat, a dlforre colon.
i "Thy who attack Reno with atruao of
wtat Kind art? liko tha tramp,
"A vary dirty and dIMpldatad tramp waa
up o a rnargo or rnaalnc a bartend or all
rmind a barroom With a biff knifa,
" 'What tint did roa aay 1 ehaaed your
lb trampt Iron tha dock domaadod of at
" K(kM o'clock la tha morning,' tha bar-
fended replied.
' There, gent aald the 4ramp, aeratcV
In a; hla dlahaveled crop of whlakora. Thara,
that ahowra what a liar ho la, for at S
ciarit every morn in , winter and summer,
reauiau- u nocawors, I iaaa my Daw to,'
2 niipaa4 rawdao.
Financial Reveraa Betas; rejected by att
; would you call a rottrod horseman an
4 apart? , v
' Bm are rtry bright whan they'rs
Jilt op."
" It s alt very wall to be breesy, bat dea't
ar iuii m nm miT.
Ha nl be a wr who wow id dog an
fiber's footsteps.
- Air ractlea are froq aea ty built with
gld brtrxa."
r It la wall to have grit whoa you are out
lor ine auei.
- We've never see a crahwr fight, bat
we've aeon a ship spar.
"The- man who Is continually setting Into
m now woman i neoesaartiy aaaka a good
To t'ara a Cold la One Day.
lata. DmgKUia refund money if (t fnlla to
eura. E, W. OROVR'0 BtgoaUtre fa aa each
Woman Breaks All American Long
Distance Records in Aeroplane
New Yor, Nov. 20 The record
breaking aeroplane riigiii of Ruth
Law, begun yesterday in . Chicago,
terminated at Governor'a Island here
at 9:40 a, nv today after stops at lior-
nejl and .Binghamton, N; Y.v ine
final 152; miles from Binghamton to
this city was covered this morning in
two hours and twenty minutes and
the entire journey, 8j2 miles in an
air line, in actual fl lying time of nine
hours and one minute.
In making their official announce
ment that the American non-stop
cross-country record was won by
Miss Law. as well as the world record
in that classification for women and
the second best world record for men
and women. Aero club officers ex
pressed surprise at the difficulties
with which she had to contend in
making the flight. A special point
was made of the fact that she ire-,
auentiv nad to oid ner macnine tn
order to make the gasoline run down
intOk. the carburetor from the tanks,
which are placed too low to feed auto
matically when the supply ebbs past
a certain pbint.
"The airplane used to make this
record-breaking flight," their state
ment read, "was the small loop-the-loop
biplane with the propeller in the
rear, wnicn she had bunt especially
for herself.'; She . wanted this type,
where the seat is in front without
protection from the elements, she
said, because it affords a wider range
of vision while flying. The machine
was equipped with a 100-horse power
motor and gasoline tanks, holding
fifty-three gallons. These tanks, being
much lower than the motor, feed the
motor in the normal way until two
thirds of the gas has been consumed.
after which it was necessary for Miss
Law to t4p the machine from time
to. time to fill the carburetor."
The statement quoted Miss Law as
saying, that as she aproached New
York her gasoline supply was getting
scf low that "even the feeding by
dipping was getting less effective.
She said she was getting ready to
land in the city streets if necessary.
The distance by which Miss Law
bettered Carlstrom's American rec
ord was given by the club as 138
miles, the distance covered today
from Binghamton to New York at
152 miles, plus about twenty miles
added by ig zags and the time was
given as two hours, fourteen minutes
and thirty-five seconds. r
Twenty Bombs -Found
On Sugar
. Laden Steamship
New York, Nov. 20. Twenty un-
exploded bombs were found in the
sugar cargo of the American steam
ship Sarma upon its arrival at Cher
bourg, France, after s voyage starting
from New York on September 2,;
during which the vessel caught fire
from a cause unknown, according to
rourtn Mate wybrance ot the Sarma,
who arrived here today on the Ameri
can line steamship New York from
Liverpool. ,
Sugar made up the bulk of the car
goes of the Sarnia and the barge
Avondale, which it had id tow upon
leaving New York. The fire at aea
was extinguished without serious dam
age, Wybrance said, and the two ves
sels put in at Havre. It is not until
they reached Cherbourg that the sugar
was unloaded.
The Sarnia before the war was a
Hamburg-American steamship, and
since being transferred to American
registry was cleared from New York
by J. H. Winchester & Co, shipping
brokers, and was owned by the Hud
son Bay company. The Sugar wasv
consigned to the French government
by A. H. Lamborn & Co:. New York
sugar brokers.
Ashes of Hillstrom
! 'Sent Over World
Chicago, Nov. 20. One hundred
and fifty envelopea containing asfyet
of Joseph Hillstrom, or "Joe Hill," as
ne usually signed nimselt, were dis
tributed to as many delesates to the
-tenth annual convention of the Indus
trial Workers of the World today.
The ashes will be scattered by the
delegatea and by locals of the indus
trial Workers of the World, to which
450 other envelopes were mailed, ac-
turuinK ig mc wisncs 01 me aeceaent
who was executed in Utah for mur
der. Woman Claiming to Be One
Of Villa's Wives Is Dead
El Paso. Tex.. Nov. 20 Mra
Juana Torres de Villa, who claimed
to ne tne second wtte of Francisco
Villa, died recently in Guadalajara.
Mtx., according to a letter received
here. Mrs, Villa lived in Los An
geles. Lai., after Villa took the field
as a bandit, later coming here at the
time of the Carrizal affair in June.
She waa ordered deported, and left
tor Chihuahua City. Mrs. Luut Cor
ral Villa, who claima to be Villa's first
wife, is now understood to be in Ha
vana, Cuba. .
Bibliomania Follows in
; ' "Billy" Sunday's Trail
Omaha's demand for religious liter
ature has increased tenfold since the
"Billy" Sunday reviral. according to
hiss fcdilh ioDitt, librarian. The de
mand has been great on lit
erature relating to the "Book of
Genesis. Another great demand has
cropped out on literature pertaining
to ine opera. I ne library hag a large
circulating library of music but be
cause of the demand on it, patrons
have been limited to the use' ot cer
tain selections for three days only,
; ' The) rwffor rtah. .
It la doubtless trua that thara ar no
mermaid In tho aaa and no Neptune with
urown and flowing locks, but tha epocle of
tifa that do exlel there are la m&nv wavs
equally aa Interesting .as tha mythological
torn. xne me nine puner run, ror it
em pie. which has attracted the attention
of scientists from earliest times on account
of Its shrewd habit of defending Itself by
Inflation. The moment It scents danvet la
the form of a laraer fleh. searehtnar for a
dinner, It Instantly distends Itself with water
until H Becomes almost apherlcal la shape,
so that an ordinary fish could swallow It.
Ol rector H. C Townsend of I he Now Tork
aquarium placed a few food-ataed aeup
porales. In a tank which contalaad a dosoa
young puffere about two Inchea in length,
whlh the hungry scup attacked at ones.
Instantly tha baby puffers Inflated them
selves and became almost globular la form.
so that tha larger fish were unable to do
more thsa knock them about Ilka toy bal
Ioom too large to be ewaltowed. and oa which
they ooutd get no hold no matter how hard!
Law; who on Sunday flew from Chicago to Hornell, N. Y.,
590 miles in an air line, and thus established a new non-stop
long-distance flight record, reached New York City yesterday.
nr ii i ii
- M
Sar--Jh-" tMBe. I J
.. , s.
Under the Stimulus of the War
Japan is Increasing Its
Freight Commerce.
(CorrMpondenca of Tha AMoeialed Praa.)
, Sydney, Australia, Aug. 30. The
press nee of a series of Japanese
steamers in Sydney harbor to say
nothing of their calls at other com
wonwealth ports attests how the
foreign trade pi the Japanese empire
is expanding unacr mc stimulus ui
the war and how Australia is assist
ing in that expansion. Japan has
greatly increased its exports to Aus
tralia mainly in the shape ot raw
milk, cotton .Varns and other cotton
products; matches hats, buttons, pot
tery, toys and glassware; and in the
way of imports there has been a de
cided advance in raw wool, raw cot
ton, rubber, iron lead, zinc and paper
pulp. ,. . .. . , ' . .... ' , ' .
The Nip pon Yusen Kaisha line of
steamers has reinforced the fleet- ply
ing between Japanese and other Asia-,
tic ports and Australian' cities, and
lately it has decidtd to extend that
service to New Zealand. The Nip
pon Yusen Kaisha maintains a regu
lar mail service to Australia and in
addition it runs a direct cargo service,
to the commonwealth.
Trad Commission.
A trade commission to the Anti
podes consisting of S. Ukita, consul
general at Batavia; Z. Kamiya, gen
eral manager of the Osaka Mercantile
Steamship company, and the latter's
secretary, were recently in Sydney,1
having made a tour ot Victoria, bouth
Australia and West Australia. Mr.
Ukita, who is acting in a special ca
pacity for the Japanese government,
said that the party was not confining
its attention solely to the matter of
exports to the commonwealth. "We
..'i.., . .lis, lbl tApvn
trade from Australia to Japan is open
ing up." The -west of Australia, he
continued, "is not very welt known
to my countrymen, itiiefty for the'
reason that we have no direct steam
ship service to that part of the com
monwealth, but I am convinced, and
my colleagues agree with me, that
tnere are distinctly good prospects ot
trade between Japan and that part of
Australia. .
All the commissioners predicted
that Japanese purchases of Austral
ian wool, which are already large,
would increase amazingly in the fu
ture, and on this point Mr. Ukita
AS PROOF of your good taste take her a box
of Vassar Chocolates De Luxe. No finer
sweets are niade. Other Vassar Chocolates 65c
per pound and up. y x
ooseWTles Company
said: "At present we are manufac
turing large quantities of khaki for
the Russian army. At the moment
this trade is largely based on war
conditions, but when the conflict is
ended there will be a great outlet for
the same trade in China. We pur
chase from Australia tiow something
between BU.UUU and 1UU.UUU bales ot
wool per annum. It will soon grow
into between -150,000 and 200,000
He was also convinced that there
waa a big prospect of trade in refrig
erated oeet.
Christian Endeavor ,
Rally at Woodbine
" . i -
Woodbine, la., Nov. 20! (Special.)
One of the most spirited Christian
Endeavor rallies ever held in Harri
son county was held Sere yesterday,
when large delegations from Mis
souri Valley, Dunlap, Logan and Mo-
dale attended. Misses Lena and Bes
sie Howlette and Mable Lowe and
Guy Leavitt of Council Bluffs were
on the program with Miss Mary B.
McPherrin of Omaha, Iowa state field
secretary, who presided. As a result
of the rally, which included talks,
songs and yells throughout the'aft
ernoon, a banquet, a Christian En
deavor meeting and a lantern slide
lecture on the historv of Endeavor
the last two attended .by, over 500
people another rally was planned to
be held at Missouri Valley on Sunday,
January 8. Fifty Council Bluffs young
people will be invited to attend this
rally, as well as the societies from
Harrison county churches. ..
Dewey Now Wears New
Sparkler, Gift of Office
WlTen an employe of County Clerk
Frank Dewey asked him for the loan
of his ring for a ahort while in order
tnat ne mignt purchase one ot a simi
lar pattern, he was little aware that he
was to receive a half carat setting for
the band. It was presented to him
by the clerks of his office at his home
Saturday evening, 4532 North Thirty
ninth street. D. M. Haverly, former
county clerk, made, the presentation
speech. About sixty friends, including
the office force nd their wives, were
present '
Dmm Trnkat Lead.
Plttaburah. P-. Not. 16. Clrd Kl!y.
dmocrat, took Uw lead from ReproMntaUvo
W. H. Colonuin, NpubllctD, In th official
recount of the vote cast in the Thirtieth
eonrreeelonal dletrlot here today. -Qny H.
Campbell, democrat, made a net aaln of 146
over BepreaaqtaUvft A. J, Barchneld, re
publican. In the recount of the vote ta
Uw Thlrteecojid dleuiet.
Official Report Indicates De
strnction of Many Vessels of
Italy, England, France.
(rorrespondeim ot The AMOclated Preaa.)
Vienna, Nov. IS. While the world
Vienna, !ov. 1. While the world
has watched , with chiefest interest
naval developments in this war be
tween Germany and England. Austria
has been busily "plugging away" with
its navy in the Adriatic and the Medi
terranean, and has established for it
self an enviable record.
Recently there has been issued an
official list of the war vessels of the
Italians, the French and the English
that have been destroyed by the Aus
trians. which total no less than twen
ty -ei eh t and have or had a tonnage
of 85,572 tons. Something over S per
cent of the rrench total tonnage in
May,. 1914, has been destroyed by the
Austrians, and about 10 per cent of
the Italian tonnage.
Ihe activity oi the Austrian navv is
best shown in the following concise
table, arranged according to wine and
character of ship, tonnage and man
ner of destruction or serious injury:
Jeitn Bart, lint ahlp, 13,470 tons, destroyed
by submarine.
Leon. Oam bet tn. armored erulaer. 12.1.50
ton, doat rayed by tub marine,
Curte, submarine, . 400 tona. destroyed by
coaat artillery.
Dame, torpedo boat, 760 tons, - destroyed
by mine.
Joule, submarine, 400 tons, destroyed by'
Montre, submarine, 400 tona, destroyed by
Faurche, submarine, TtO Uma, destroyed by
Fourault, submarine, 400 tons, destroyed
by aeroplane,
Total of eight French Teasels, with a ton
nage of 39,120 tona, or 6.6 per cent of total
French tonnage In May, 1914.
AmnlM. armored cruiser. 10.080 tona. de
stroyed by ibmartn.
Gulseppe Garibaldi, armored erulaer, 7.360
tonn. diat roved by .ubmarlnef
Quarto type,' small cruiser, 8,400 tons, de
stroyed by submarine ' ' ,
Principe Umberto, auxiliary erulaer, t,962
tons, destroyed by submarine.
Gitta dl Palermo, auxiliary erulaer, 3,416
tons, destroyed by aubmarlne.
Turbine, torpedo boat 330 tons, destroyed
by artillery.
6 P, N,, torpedo boat ISO .tons, deatroyed
by submarine.
if u. a., torepao dosi, izu ions, aeairoyeo
by mine.
0 P. N., torpedo boat, 120 tons, destroyed
by mine.
Imnetuoso. toroedo boat. 08 0 tona. de
stroyed by aubmarlne.
intreptdo, torpedo boat, 980 tons, oc
troyed by mine.
Medusa, submarine. 260 tons, destroyed by
Nautilus, submarine, 136 ton, deatroyed
by mine. -
Neretdo,- submarine, S36 tona, deatroyed by
Nereldo type submarine, 235 tons, de
stroyed by mine,
Nereldo type submarine, 326 tons, de
stroyed by artillery.
Nereldo type aubmarlne, 226 tons, de
stroyed by artillery.
jaica. auomarine, zzs cons.
Glaclnto Pulllno, aubmarlne. 34S tona. cap
Total of nineteen Italian ahlp, with a ton
nage of 41,892 tons, or 10 per cent of the
total Italian tonn-((e In May, 1014.
Liverpool tyne erulaer. 4.880 tons, de
stroyed by aubmarlne, .
In addition to this list of warships,
a large number of merchant marine
vessels belonging to the three coun
tries named have been destroyed, and
all three of Italy's dirigible airships,
the LiUa di Jesi, the Litta di rerrara
and No. 3, nave been brought down
by the Austrians. :
Bryan Again Denies He
v Will Leave Nebraska
Chicago. Nov. 20. Thev drv Chi-!
cago campaign opened today when
W. J. Bryan addressed a meeting of!
the Chicago Dry Federation. Mr. I
Bryan was asked of a recurrence of
the report that he was to move his
home to Ashville, N. C. !
"I don t mind denymtr it again."
said Mr. Bryan. "Why should anv
one leave a nice dry state like Ne
braska? We exepect to spend our
winters in Florida and part of our
summers at Ashville. but our home
will remain at Lincoln. i
Roll Top Desk
a low a $27.50
The most complete line in Omaha
of Office Desks, Chain, Settees,
Typewriter Desks, Etc
Filing Out
Orchard &
Wilhelm Co.
Life insurance is an exception (1)
to the rule "Don't buy a thins: until
you need it;" and (2) in that its cost
has not increased along with practi
cally everything else. If one waits
untitle actually needs life insurance,
he cannot then get it. Insurance com
panies insure only sound lives.. Im
paired lives are denied alt the stand
ard policies. The percentage which
companies reject is greater than their
death rate percentage.
If- you have no life insurance, the
time to make your application is when
you are in good health. While the
cost of insurance has not advanced,
yet the premium does increase with
each year of added age. The younger
the age at which a policy is taken,
the smaller the premium.
of Lincoln Nebraska
N. Z. SNELL, President ;
Guaranteed Cost Life Insurance.
! A GOOD '
Trunk, Bag or Suitcase
8held Conn From
"CtMha'a Beat Bairvaf BvUdm." .
The Store for Blouses
By arrangement with
one of New York's
foremost designers we
are to receive each
week five blouses that
have proven to be the
best selling numbers
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Tuesday is the First
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very artistic combinations
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beaded and embroidered ef
fects. We invite your viewing of
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Mr. Robert Nicoll, '
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. . . a a . a ..a a . a a a i a. . a . .
B . Kdf Pep-"
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7 ffir iiz'ititir'.un, YvCm
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