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To Boost Highway From Sock
Island Depot to Railroad
Avenue Oar Line.
CHILDREN AT GOTHAM HORSE SHOW Children rider, have completely captivated
the society patron, of the annual equine exhibit of the National Horse Show at Madison
Square Garden. New York. Here are four who rnrU ih
right: Misses Norma Crandall. Martha Hadae and Cnrrin Pnk m;.. .- u.j.. :.
shown mounted on "Catherine Mabonia."
A highway from the Rock Island
depot at Twenty-third and Madison
streets to the street car line along
Railroad avenue that is fit (or any
kifd of traffic will the first hoost move
of Civic association members in their
campaign for improvements. Mem
btrs o' the club, twenty strong, rep.
resenting the heaviest taxpayers on
the South Side, met last evening at
third and J streets, with Temporary
v.. an man j. u. uun presiaing.
For vearS the dirt rnat maintain.!
between the Rock Island passenger
smiion ana ine pavea street along
which the Benson car line runs has
oeen a setback to railroad traffic here,
it was stated. The demand includes a
clause for the pavement of the road.
Other highways to railroad stations
will also come under the move of the
association, i ne proposition of build-
ina a new A-nnt a Tkir,.. I
L streets on the Burlington lines was
iso aiscussea.
President Hager of the South Oms
na Business Men s association was
present to announce that the associa.
tion would co-operate. Election of
onicers will take place the next meet
nig, mc sccuna rnaay in December.
Tbrec Qeneratiena Praaenr.
Thr.. ..,..; ( ....I. .l:
b" bmimi ui Bwt.K eiuppcri
were represented on the local stock
...... luuiHisy wnen c. a. .nm
Chester, his son, W. L.. and his Brand
son, Lynn, were on the market A
car eacn ot tat cattle were purchased
ujr ecn 01 me iwo eider uiincheaters
while Lynn. 5 years old. sold a nrt
steer thst was given him is a calf
wnen It wis months old
Stephan Frits Dead.
Stephan, 13-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis fritz, and grandson of
Mrs. Mary Cusak, died this morning
at the residence of his parents, 2705
i .ircci. ine innerai will Be held
Tuesday moraine from the rraMrnra
to. St. Bridget's church. Interment
win dc maae in at. Mary s cemetery
- mm nofee.
HlllMale Bantlef. Vnrtw.ihtnl -
Saixtay echool at 10. Bible Taunt Paesla
- ' oTOim mmmam at I
tTH1"' Bl1"'. Twenty-flflli and H,
Jr Ho"r' p""r rlr moraine;
All Salnta', Twentv-elatli ana nM
T. I. Hacker, Rector: Robert a nonkhari
rarata Holy eontmunlon. 7:10. Sunday
-..,, .... Kurnini prayer ana sermon, It.
vihi rt. .i i '. . . . . .
at 11 . jr. a" Atuer. Deiltor. will to Intl.. I t9' i-OOM KflBT 16
Mother's Campaign Elects Her
Soldier Son to a County Office
mil nit. l f -in inu . .
f t s u '"- 3uiiyr mory
ivnuvi ai r:., UHTII
titan nnuaavor at C30.
8t. Ltikt'i t.tithra, Twntjr-flfth an
?L:,; Mo,,n,nl woMhip at 11, lubidet,
Lnm""ctful rvnt." Luther luiw
r..i "'nr sviuciioBi mail.
lutlBii. irt Mm l.ythraii Church. Uiw BrthA
rl nan it. Istaiflaip
Rv. R I . Who. i.. n. ... ...... . .. . I
-.. ... - .-'',w.i, f luiwoanaiv arnnni
u.V wkTA "u" i1'"""; 'I", play in Jmportnt parfc- ip politics.
ctnln ot memtmra and baptlam ot call- ,ne Wort of Mrs. J. J. Halligan
f:"W.T."'wh.- '!"',". '"' of this citjr, Is largely credited th
i"--'iv. Tw.nty.rnm and b. '!e?.t.'on ker' son, Captain P, R.
. ' Jli, C..ndii.0hV1o:.Du,.-,S - S?i !?" Company. E, Fifth Nebraska
mnnlon Brvir. fnr th. new w
far. Kvanlne nrt-iM, th mkii
B,a lor-r- ' A warm wl
fWilUIfl Limn rm .4 D.-.k..-. .. .
l -third ana H, Bv. Albert N. PorttV. Paa-
lAFwPpaDfinlpia1 a . II . . . .
arhool at :4i. junlara at I. Int.rm.Hi.,..
a, I1-1A V..... n .... "
Be,.' clou, Monday at 1:11. Pre,., U.J
!" ' C" ". -rrldaP,
Hallo City Oaaala.
Mra w a.Mi... . .. . .
Th 1air1laa s Ik. rt.a a
ttOnal hitnh trill aw.! ...
T. J. 1-tial .IS i- L a.
Tinuo at nioaiatsr Sprtnga, m., for a
fl.r 2!l .Mod' -ha tHa from
MIM Thar! m" P"V
tJTLJLl!!!bi?nJlll5 w,,t ra meat,' at
J sawnia la in UothantiiiM
Ihraa ilm..
Political Interests of Her
Boy While He is On
the Border,
North Platte. Neb.. Nov. 18 AU
I though; woman has not been given
la vote in Nebraska. 'she m vot
c. c. wii. Malligan. Company. E. Fifth Nebraska
f.,?. lnfantfy. o the position of county
bjwFi iu ?"orney of , Lincoln county, defeat-,
mg Georse N. Gibbi. the nr..,M
county attorney. .: , ,
Lapuin Halligan was named as the
republican .candidate for county at
l'nty at - the. spring , primaries.
.Shortly after, he was active in raisino-
the North Platte' eomnanv nt th
Fifth N.hraaW raim ..J
. .-n.Kiviii wuu wis
chosen captain of the company.
wnen captain rialligan left North
Platte for th. Mir. u.
gave up his chances of personal con
tact with the voters of the county
and actively pushing his campaign.
Champion Cups Awarded
At New York Horse Show
New York, Nov. 18. Chamnion
cups were awarded in aeveral rlaaa..
at the Horse show today, winners of
previous contests competing. The cup
for ponies under saddle was won by
Katherine K. Tod. Charles R. Hamil
ton took the champion's cup for pairs
tor aocked saddle
TIih A U , I
Sarah I. Martin. 27in rUi J "?re !! H
A kmii., ..j i "vi. uu 1.1 lci won ine oiue rtDDon tor
I- hands in height
nee. nr. SubMiu h..
ii.r " 9tmlm letiaiature from
Truck Hits Woman:
one Walks to Home s' p00'"- The cup
i 7 horses was won by
Mrs. Sarah
fltret. ant7. k..:. j ,
, v.. , u,a Illu iaccra
tions wnen hit hv a tn.u -. -r .
Dr W L. Sheri.nT3 u"!; , --re of the day was in the
ut. vv. u Shearer attended her andlrlaa. for thnrnnhhr. u. ;JJ
sne returned home rhnni It 'i":i
1 1 t . ... . .
But he left behind hi a representa
tive who was tireless in his interests,
and whose good work undoubtedly
added largely - to his majority over
his opponent. '
For several ' weeks the soldier
candidate's mother, worked through
out the .county for her son. Mrs.
Halhgan accompanied Miss Aileen
Gantt,- county superintendent of
schools, on many of her visits to
various parts of the county, and
wherever) the mother met a voter
she explained how her son was de
tained on the border in the! service
of bis country and hence was unable
to meet th. mim k. ,is..ll l:i.
to ao, Mrs. Halligan campaigned in
rv cimeei. waiiar.. I iirir.n. anrf mn,,..
other towns in the south of the
county and even attended one public
sale, whore ahe mingled with the
voters, presenting the cause of Cap
tain Halligan. '.
The countv save the soldier a ma.
jority of 200 votes over his strong
opponent. Captain Halligan's strong
est political friends declare that his
success was largely due to the cam
paign conducted by his mother.
the women of the state the hallnf
say that we have no place in poli
tics, Mrs. Halligan declares. "Of
course, 1 am glad that my son was
elected to office, but I am even more
'.c.acu io DC roia mat my work on
im h.hnlf m.w ha.,. 1.-.4
to do with the victory. It ahows that
women do know something about
campaigning and politics, if I really
was of assistance to him, and refutes
this argument against suffrage.
"Sdra Ivnm.n L T
-v..... nwuuclCU IIUW 1
could go out and meet the voters of
the county in the way 1 did, but I
did not find it difficult. Every man
with whom I talked nd I met sev-
i... "un"rcq OI mem was as pleas
ant ana as ar.nti.maniv toward m.
as could be. They understood that
r.a.u ...tug. ii v-UUlU IlUt UC 11CFC
to work for himself, and understand
why I was in the field. They were,
every one 01 inem, so pleasant that
it was a pleasure to meet them and
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who baliavcd their eaaaa hopaleia ara
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Commerce Hiah Holds
Picnic at Auditorium
The semor class of the High School
of Commerce played host at a picnic
to tne other members of the school
and faculty yesterday afternoon and
evening at the auditorium. It was a
. real old fashioned picinic with all
the thrills of a summer outing.Gamei
of all kinds and dancing were the
..ui icaiurcs un me program.
In th. h.a. K.ll t-
members of tbe faculty and students,
mc icaiucrs nau utii aittieulty in
. winning by the score of 8 to 5. The
girls team captained by Irene
lauchen of the Reds, lost to Miss
i-n nan neisen s Blue nine, 4 to 5. In
I he rlaaa r.l.w L - t i
---7 mc ii cannien
and sophomores won from the junior
anu acuior classes.
The following had charge of the
. ? ,,,r: ,E!mtr LP'ky. Sherman
.'Dur wo"' Wyt Larson,
Ellen Stilling, Mina Lodge. Milton
Herbncke, Leonard Milberg, Ralph
TS" ?'ien w'sn. Cuma Watson
auu ram niwier,
Attack of ADoendicitis Fatal
To Mrs. female R. Robinson
Mrs. Tress McCoid Robinson, wife
ot temple R. Robinson of Waterloo,
icbw died baturday morning, follow
ing en operation for appendiciu. She
.inn ueen suuaemy stricken.
four feet hmh tn the l h.
Murling cup. It was won by Charles
D. Lamer'a Dnwn F.aal rAA ku r..
Billy Miske Outfights
"Bob" Moha of Milwaukee
New Yorlo, Nov. 18. Billy Miske,
1 St. Paul light heavyweight, out
fought "Bob" Moha" of MilwanW. in
a ten round boxing contest in Brook
lyn tonight. Moha s ability to take and th. fr.f,n ni:nu...
' 7 , 7 V" .iivi.cs,
enabled him to stay in the ring ten
rounds. Miske
and Moha 168.
ThitllBBnra imnti rrwn nAm .f ...
men have kidney and bladder trouble
anu never suspect 11.
Wnm.n'a rnmnl.inl. nlt.r m ......
be nothing else but kidney trouble, or
the result of kidney or bladder disease.
it tne moneys are not in a healthy
condition, th.v mav rana. ih. nth..
organs to become diseased.
rou may sutler a great ideal with
pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness and may be
despondent and irritable.
uon i neiay starting treatment. Dr.
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store, restores health to the
w n , store, restores neaitn to the k dneyi
Mrs. Rnhlnann whn . tu J. i. I .1 . j , , . 3
... i r ui i r- 1 7 . uun- anu 15 juai mc remeuy neeaea 10 over
tfr Ot O. VV. McCoid Of LOaian. la mm. aorh rnnallln..
w li yeara 01 age, ana had been
wedded four vnn h. UA nA k:i
dren. She attended the University of
". anu waa meinoer ot the
Kaopa Alpha Theta Sorority. Her
lunrrai win Be held on Monday after
noon from the home of J. C. Robin-
G.t a n, nna-AnUr kA.l.
immediately from any drug store. ,
However, if you wish to test this
great preparation send ten cents to
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton. N. Y..
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Without Good Blood
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vl fcuc uiuuu anu iis reiauon 10 neaitn. 10
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r mm s
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. Vwerro tvnrrrwariorariilrt hvm M I
Humbled Mothers Threaten to Spank
Gang Members Unless They Behave
"Your parents arc more to blame
than you boys, declared Judge Leslie
of the iuvenile court wh.n .ioht..n
South Side lads, ranging in ages from
9 to 14 years, appeared before him to
answer chames of breaking inm
freight cars in the railroad yards and
stealing quantities of soap, butter and
The mothers of the maioritv nf th.
boys, and some of their fathers, w.r.
with them in court. Some of the
mothers admitted that their sons
cam. hnm. with . L....
----- . ...... ul uuuer
and soap, but denied that they knew
imc siuii nau Decu stolen. It was
brought out in the testimony that the
lads rnmnrie. a Cn.,.1. c:i. .t.
ful "gang" that makes the railroad
yards its headquarters.
Judge Leslie sentenced all of the
boys to the state industrial school at
Kearney, but afterward reconsidered
and said he would give them "one
more chance." The inW nrAT.A
the Riverview home and allowed the
mothers of the others to take their
sons in charge. Two lads who did
not appear in juvenile court this
week are to have a hearing next Sat
urday. Several of the mothers confided to
the judge that some regular, old
fashioned "thrashings" were sched
uled for later in the day, and it was
a tearful, "intimidated gang" that
treked out of the court house at-noon.
Bakers Will Take a
Poll on Food Embarao
Columbus. O., Nov. 18. Members
of the executive committee of the Na
tional Association of Master Bakers
decided at a meeting here today to
take a poll of public sentiment on
the question of an American food em
bargo Jay Burns, former president
of the association, left for Chicago late
today to arrange with the secretary
to secure petitions through all local
organizations of the association, ask
insr the irovernment tn .etahlitih
Health Inspector Will Try to
Show People How to Live
on Forty Cents a Day.
Chicago, Nov. 18. John Dill Rob
ertson, health commissioner, who has
started a high cost of living investiga
tion with a view to showing Chicago
ans how to live on 40 cents a day, is
planning a uici svju.u m gjiuvc 111s
contention that 40 cents a day is suffi
cient for good and wholesome food.
It is expected the plan will be adopted ,
at a meeting of officials tomorrow.
Dr. Robertson proposes selecting
twelve persons from his -department,
who shall be fed for two weeks on a
diet recommended by him. Weight
and general conditions of the subjects
are to be taken before the dipttnir be- .
gins and after it is ended. Six men
and six women will comprise the
"diet squad," a room at the health de- ; ,.,;n k a t 1 j
a mnlr urilt k. nmt'tAmA k.. A
"ie tnree ringleaders of the gang to I embargo. 1 ment P""""" oy ine ocpan-
5? InuQpfinrotn Am- pnm!.. n:... 1 it t 1 O
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