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5 A
Institution for Treatment of
Children's Teeth Backed by
Prominent Omahans.
Allies Able to Liberate Terri
tory, But Cannot Avert
People's Slavery.
During the first week of the new
year the Omaha Free Dental Dispen
sary for Children will be added to the
city's public institutions. The man
agement of the Brandcis stores has
donated commodious quarters on the
seventh floor of the Brandeis building
for an indefinite period. These public
spirited men appreciate that one of
the problems of theday in the cities
is the care of children's teeth and they
realize that defective teeth corrected
in youth makes for better citizens, and
better citizens make a better com
munity, and a better community is
what these men want to help build.
The incorporators of the Omaha
Free Dental Dispensary for Children
will be: Dr. H. A. Nelson, Dr. V. F.
Whitcomb, Dr. W. A. Cox, Dr. Blaine
Truesdell, Dr. M. H. Dunham, Dr. P.
T. Barber, Dr. W. L. Shearer. Dr. J.
C Soukop, Judge W. A. Day, Everett
Buckingham, Louis A. Nash. Thomas
J. Quinlan, Rome Miller, Dr. F. J.
Despechcr and Dr. A. O. Hunt.
Societies Take Up Project.
This project had its inception at a
joint meeting of the Odontologies!
and Tri-City societies last April, when
a committee was appointed to start a
free dental dispensary in Omaha. The
committee succeeded in enlisting
eighty-four dentists, who have agreed
to give one-half day each a month to
the dispensary work. '
The) Board of Education will co
operate through its staff of examining
nurses, of which Charlotte Townsend
is the head. Miss Townsend has been
appointed chairman of the investigat
ing committee of the free dispensary
work. The school nurses will advice
parents of all defects observed in the
teeth of their children and the dis
pensary will be offered without charge
to those who wish to avail themselves
of this opportunity. No charge will be
made for dental servjee or materials.
Parochial and public schools will be
given the same consideration.
Under Municipal Patronage.
In some cities free dental dispen
saries are maintained under municipal
patronage, while in other cities pri
vate citizens have endowed such in
stitutions, as in the case of the East
man dispensary at Rochester. N. Y.
Dental examinations of children are
now being made in 240 cities of this
country and educators are outspoken
in stating that many instances of
backwardness have been traced to de
fective teeth. Marked improvement
has been noted in children who have
been relieved of defects in their teeth.
Many infectious diseases have been
traced to defective teeth, which in
fected tonsils and other parts of the
The men who are backing the Oma
ha Free Dental Dispensary for Chil
dren have for tl.cir ultimate aim the
establishment of a permanent insti
tution to be used as a free dental dis
pensary. In the meanwhile the space
donated by the Brandeis stores will
be used.
Need Is Known.
A free dental dispensary for chil
dren was started last January in the
fVeiirhton Dental colleec on tight
rmth street. For several months
school nurses accompanied groups of
children to this college, where den
tists volunteered their services. Much
good was done, but the work was nec
essarily limited. The experiences of
nurses and dentists at that time
showed conclusively the need of a free
dental dtsDensarv in Omaha.
The start has been made and the
institution will be opened during the
first week of the new year. Omaha
children will be given clean and sound
New Union Pacific
Bridge Open Soon
Work on the Union Pacific's new
bridge over the river here has prog
ressed so rapidly that it is asserted
that not later than December 15 the
tracks from the old bridge will be
cut over, after which the spans of the
new bridge will be used.
In getting the new bridge ready for
unobstructed use, the approaches will
have to be built and this is going to
take some time. Ihcy will be much
wider than those to the old structure
and will be of a permanent character.
However, by cutting over the tracks
onto the spans, the new bridge will be
used even while work on the ap
proaches is being carried on.
New Wyoming Town Has
Real Mushroom Growth
General Manager Walters of the
Northwestern has gone to Wyoming
to investigate the rich oil strike that
is reported to have been made at
Glenrock, on the company line a short
distance from Douglas.
Report comes to the Northwestern
headquarters that the oil strike at
Glenrock is causing a stampede from
the other oil fields of Wyoming and
that a town has sprung up in the
night, so to speak. Ten days ago
there were not to exceed a dozen
buildings and fifty to sixtv neonle
there. Now it is said that the town
has a population of 700 or 800 people
and that more than seventy-five build
ings are in course of construction. At
this town people are scattered over
the townsitc, living in tents and board
shacks hastily erected.
Wymann's Clever Fingers
Get Him Into Trouble
Carl Wymann of Dunlap, la.,
charged with passing worthless
checks to the value of $100 on local
saloonkeepers, was arraigned in po
lice court and secured a continuance
of hearing until Monday. A saloon
keeper near headquarters is holding
more than $50 worth of the bad paper.
Must Teach Chimneys
How to Smoke Lawfully
Six proprietors of downtown estab
lishments were arranged before Judge
Foster, charged with violating the
smoke ordinance of the city. They
agreed to comply with the regulations
of the smoke- inspector on assurance
that the city and county buildings
would do likewise.
Lord Cecil Says Deportation Will
Make Kingdom of Belgium a Desert
London, Nov. 18. In a statement
made to The Associated Press today,
Lord Robert Cecil, minister for war
trade, uttered a vigorous protest
against Germany's deportation of Bel
gians and declared that the people of
) ranee and hiigland, no less than the
people of Belgium, "hope that Ameri
can public opinion will show itself,
not only in a few days or weeks of
protests and criticisms, but in steady
pressure upon the invaders of Belgium
to conduct the war against the soldiers
of the allies in the trenches and not
against the helpless civilians whom
they have m their power.
Lord Kobcrt reviewed the measures
taken by the entente allies to provide
for the Belgians and characterized as
"a lie" what he termed -Germany's at
tempt to lustily its action by saying
that England was responsible for un
employment in Belgium.
Proposals Ignored.
Three times during the last year,"
Lord Robert continued, "we have pro
posed to the Germans a definite
scheme whereby the exports of licl-
North Part of Ditch
Ordered Constructed
The Board of County Supervisors
yesterday ordered the construction of
the north six and three-quarter miles
of the Mosquito creek drainage ditch,
extending from the county line to the
vicinity of Underwood. Bids were
called for to be opened uecemDer y
at 2 o'clock p. m. All bids must be
filed on or before noon of that day.
The work is to be begun within ninety
days of award of contract and to be
fully completed in one year.
The engineer's estimate of the cost
of the work is approximately $50,000.
It will straighten the tortuous chan
nel of Mosquito creek, prevent over
flows and make available for tilling
large areas of the richest farm- land
in the world. With the exception of
the Milwaukee railroad all of 'the
claims for damage have been pretty
well cleared up. the railroad has ap
nealcd to the district court and asks
about $21,000 more than was awarded
by the commissioners.
The completion of the ditch will
compel similar work on the remain
der of the channel to its outlet
into the Missouri river southeast of
the citv. This will add at least $100,-
000 more to the cost, making it the
most extensive and expensive drain
age ditch enterprise yet undertaken
in the county.
Fine Arts Society-
Has Borglum Bronze
One massive bronze, "The Gentle
Closing of Two Lives," by Solon
Borglum, stands in the lobby of the
Hotel Fojitenclle instead of in the
ball room, where it belongs with the
rest of its sister and brother bronzes
included in the Fine Arts society ex
hibit which opens tonight. Not be
cause the exhibition committee wants
it there, however, but because the
size and shape of a Borglum bronze
was not considered when (he Fonte-
nellc freight elevators were in the
It seemed as though the celebrated
sculpture would have to be left out
in the cold when it was discovered
that the freight elevator could not
accommodate its 800 pounds. Where
upon a gracious hotel management
consented to have one pf the revolv
ing front doors removed so the statue
could be brought into the hotel lobby.
There it will remain during the ten
days of the exhibit.
Harney Corner Site
Brings Much Money
Mrs. Harriet A. Jensen, widow of
the late Dr. H. P. Jensen, has sold
the property at the northwest corner
of Twenty-eighth and Harney streets
to the Thomas Realty company. The
price paid was $22,000 cash. Dr. Jen
son bought the property in 1890 for
a small exchange consideration. The
sale was made by C. A. Grimmel.
The property is 132 feet square.
Mother Asks Police to
Find Her Two. Lost Sons
' Mrs. F. M. Jones of Casper, Wyn..
has asked the Omaha police to try
and locate her two sons, Edward, 21,
and William, 17, who came to Omaha
during the last week. Mrs. Jones
has been in the city for several days.
gian manufacturers and even imports
of raw material might he made free
under the control of the Belgian re
lief commission and that the commis
sion might control all the funds aris
ing out of the trade. To none of
these proposals have we had a reply.
The Germans have consistently re
fused to do anything to assist the re
lief commission and Belgian industrv.
Instead, they have cxactet-0.000,000
francs a month from Belgium, requi
sitioned every kind of machinery and
raw material, seized the funds of the
National bank and restricted exports.
"They have drained Belgium dry
and stripped it bare, and we all know
this policy was deliberately calculated
to create a maximum amount of un
employment in order that when the
proper moment arrived their slave
raids might begin.
"Further, the Germans justify their
action on the ground that the unem
ployment they themselves created had
become so bad as to overstrain the
resources of the poor relief. This is
the most impudent thing even Ger
many has said since the war began.
You might think that the poor relief
referred to came from Germany or
from Belgium. As a matter of fact,
it conies from the allies through the
relief commission. This country alone
in the last eighteen months has ad
vanced some $50,000,000 for food and
poor relief. This money goes from
us freely and without conditions, ex
cept that it shall be under neutral
"It is kind of the Germans to be so
anxious not to overstrain our re
sources, but it is fair to ask what right
the Germans have to make the charity
of the world an excuse for enslaving
those who receive it. The Belgians
are going to Germany on no ordinary
work. They arc to be caught up and
crushed in the great new German ma
chine for mobilizing labor.
To Be Scattered Everywhere.
"They will be scattered to all the
towns in the remote corners of Ger
many, from Silesia to Westphalia, and,
once caught upon the machine, they
will never return to Belgium. It is
' this grinding up of a nation piecemeal
that is the most hprrible feature of the
"Lastly, it must be remembered that
the allies can and will liberate Bel
gian territory. Meanwhile, they can
and will bear the burden of keeping
the Belgians from starvation, but
they cannot protect the Belgians from
slavery; they cannot insure that when
Belgium is liberated it will be a na
tion and not a desert. It is only the
neutrals who can do this by the exer
cise of their public opinion."
Lord Robert concluded with an ex
pression of hope that the pressure of
American public opinion would bring
about this result.
"White Slave" Women with
Children Accost Clergyman
and Tell Weird Tale.
Members of the police department
and government secret service men
have been trying to locate two women
and three small children, the mothers
said to have been lured by two men
from San Francisco to Omaha and
Investigations thus far have failed
to yield material results.
A priest reported to Chief Dunn
that while standing at a down-town
comer talking with a friend two
women and three children accosted
him, one of the women crying as she
told of the plight of herself and com
panions. The story was that two
men induced the women to leave their
husbands. She said they were brought
to the Savoy hotel, where they were
deserted. The priest gave the woman
$2 and directed them to the City Mis
sion, where they did not go.
Steve is Stumped.
Steve Maloncv. chief sleuth of the
local gendarmes, looked through his
periscope, but failed to locate the wo
men or the men who kidnaped them
in 'Frisco.
Hugh Mills of the governnieift se
cret service bureau is on a still hunt.
The question being asked is, "Was
it a case of white slavery or were the
women professional beggars?"
The management of the Savoy
denies any knowledge of the women
and children.
Loses Fifty Cents,
Finds Five Dollars
George Savin of Benson discovered
at Eleventh and Douglas streets that
in some manner he nad lost a half
dollar. In his search for the missing
coin his eye struck something bright
in the gutter and he found a five-dollar
gold piece.
Loses Diamond to Man
With Whom He Shared Bed
A. J. Rucker of Villisca. Ia is be
wailing the fact that he shared his
bed with a stranger at the Millard
hotel Friday evening. His "hard
luck" companion was gone when he
awoke, as was a three-quarter carat
white diamond valued at $0. The
police have a good description of the
Brief City News
Flatlaara Wedding1 lnia Edholm.
Hare Boat rrfnt It Now Beacon Preaa.
Llgbtliiff Fliturea Burgese-Orandan Co.
Care;'. Carrier, 2th and Lake. Web. It:.
Automobile Storage, clean and dry,
3.S0 per month. Key Bros., Co.
muffs, la.
Korp Your Money And valuables In the
American Bate Utpoelt Vaults. !1 South
ITlh 81., Bee Bldg. rent 11.00 lor
monlha. Open from s a. in. to I. p. m.
Thoughts In Colors Bur F. Miller
will give a free public lecture on
"Thoughts In Colors," Illustrated with
stercoptieon slides of thought forms
as seen by clairvoyants at Theoaophl
cal hall, 701 Bee building. Sunday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderlanil.
There May Be.
Then again. -there may be come one w li'
la keeping a correal tally of ihe number o.
tlmee Iho three-cuehlon billiard title i-hang.-
The Pink Freshness
of Facial Beauty
Pimples, Blemishes, Red Spots and
Other Skin Eruptions Banished
By Stuart's Calcium Wafers.
They Are Wonder
Sand For Ftm Trial Package.
It takes but a few daja to clear the skin
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Yoi Bkin will become as clear and pure
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Free Trial Coupon
F. A. Stuart Co., 340 Stuart Btdf.,
Marshall. Mich. Send me at once, by re
turn mail, a free trial package of Stuart's
Calcium' Wafers.
Name. ...-.
City. . .
A Tonic for Strength
Winter often makes severe demands. Bad weather, ex
posures and heavy food derange the system, introduce a
congestion that speedily becomes catarrh and weaken bod
ily strength.
A good tonic, one that dispels congestion and overcomes
catarrh, will carry you through these attacks if taken in
time to be effective. '
PERUNA is such a tonic. Its use in colds, digestive
irregularities and weakened systems has met with wonder
ful success, while its regular administration has in thou
sands of instances
Conquered Catarrh
The forty-four years it has been used by the Amer
ican public has firmly established it in the confidence
of the people. Its merit has won. You can we I afford
to accept the verdict of time and many thousands, some
of them in your own circle.
Liquid or tablet whichever is more convenient for
your use.
Manalin is the ideal laxative and liver ionic ine
only one 10 oe wumjh
Peruna. Liquid or tablet the
latter delicious and conven
Columbus, Ohio
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
414-416-418 South 16th St.
CONVINCING proof and the experience of others
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One young couple said, "The folks at home told
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cfnmprs nf this store vears aero is be-
VV XIV IkSWCOlllV' VUUXUivu V v v "
i i il. 1 i- 4-U-. v-n nrn hon
ing repeated in ine ciiaracitx ui tuc inciiu..
dise offered to a younger generation.
We stand back, of what we sell you, for we
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Gate-Leg Drop-Leaf Mahogany Table
To use for tea tables, light dinners, card tables. They
are very decorative and we have them in both Colonial
and twist leg styles.
Priced $7.50 to $50
A tour through our furniture department will reveal
many Gift articlesSewing tables. Book blocks,-Tea
wagons, Smoking stands, Fern boxes, Nested tables,
Pedestals, Ladies' desks, Music cabinets, Cellarettes,
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New Arrivals
Pottery Bird
Italian Leathers
wonHerfut Dona
lello dctiin in hand
modeled leathers
from Holy
Gift ShopS
U. a. i. .i
t -
q F
Charles II Dining Room Suite in English
aaaaaa. M
Brown Mahogany
liDP-i r i r-m -
Buffet $84
Table 60
Serving table 26
Three pes. $170
The chairs to
match, with cane
seat and back,
each ....$10.00
The Buffet is 66 inches long, with a linen drawer extending the full
width of the piece ; the separate tray for silverware is nicely finished,
divided and lined ; the finish of the piece is antique mahogany high-lighted.
The Dining table is a pedestal base style, with 54-inch top and 8-foot
extension. ,
The Serving table is 40 inches wide,, with full width drawer.
Golden Oak and Fumed Dining Room Furniture as well as Mahogany and Ameri
can Walnut is shown on the 5th floor.
We invite 'comparison.
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Constant shipments have been coming throughout the season and, while
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Brussels Seamless Rugs, 9x12
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Body Brussels Rugs,
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Choice Wilton Rugs
In an abundance of patterns, sizes and colorings, including among oth
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Anglo-Persians. Priced for 9x12 size, at
$45, $56.50, $63.50, $75
Remnants of Printed Linoleums, q. yd. for 39c and 50c
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$6, $8.50, $11.50 and up
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T1 ,UM atnArA nil ItflalaN
most convenient things to have in the AZ:
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fir ha heroine low.
Special Price, $3.48
Leather Upholstered
Easy Chair
The iliustration suggests its beauty, but were
you to sit In it, you would fully appreciate its lux
ury. The leather is genuine Morocco with a loose
scat cushion. The upholstering is over deep springs
and where the wood frame is exposed it is mahogany
Comes either chairs or rockers.
Price, $48
6avcnporl in Morocco to match, fl26.
Many styles of easy thairs in leallier front
$30 up. -; ' ; '
B.f IS
It is wonderful
the many useful
Christmas gifts
that can be made
from these inex
pensive and ef
fective materials.
We suggest a
Laundry and Clotbas
Pillows, all shap.s and sis.
Work Bats Handk.rchi.f Boxes
Doili.a and Doili. Rolls Candle
and Lamp Shades.
From 15c to $1.50 Yard
Marquisette Curtains -
In ivory and ecru, hemstitched
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Ruffled and Hemstitched
Muslin Curtains
Dots and small figures
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Remnants of Silk Damasks and
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