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Council Bluffs
Social Notes
Last Sunday Nmorning Rev. D. I.
Hower officiated at the marriage of
Miss Leeta Roach and Mr. Henry
Verpooten. The ceremony occurred
at the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. Nettie Brown. After a short
wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Verpooten
will be at home to their friends at
626 Mynstcr street.
Monday .Mrs. A. A. Dorn and Mrs,
L. G. Merrill of Neola spent the day
with Mrs. R. S Palmer, and were spe
cial guests at the; meeting of the mu
sic and drama department of the
Council Bluffs Woman's club, held at
Mrs. Palmer's that afternoon.
Mrs. H. A. Bellinger left Tuesday
for Indianapolis, Ind., as Iowa dele
gate to the national convention of the
Women's Christian Temperance union,
November 16 to 23.
Mrs. R. S. Palmer entertained the
music and drama department of the
f'ftitnril Rlnff Wnman's rlnh 4nndav
afternoon. Miss Winifred LeaK
acted as leader. The program opened
with a piano solo, a McDowell num
ber, by Miss Florence Senior. For an
encore she gave an arrangement of
Stephan Foster's "Old Black Joe," and
later in the program she gave a read
ing. "The First Call." Mrs. A. B.
Sinherd briefly reviewed the play.
"The Servant in the House," reading!
several selections from it. A double
number, two songs by William Haw
ley. "A June Marigras" and "The Song
that My Heart's Singing," was charm
ingly rendered by Mrs. John Vitam
vas. Miss Fern Baker told something
of the life of Brackett, the writer of
church music, and played several of
his hymns. Mrs. George E. Walker
gave a sketch of the life of George B.
Nevin, the composer, and Miss Edith
Wright gave his popular song, "The
Rosary," as a vfolin solo. A piano
solo by Mrs. Edith Wright completed
the program.
Mrs. G. S. Ackerman of Portland,
Ore., was the guest of honor at a 1
o'clock luncheon given by Mrs. Fred
Sheeley Tuesday. Other guests were
Mrs. Frank Drummy of Omaha, Mrs.
Chester Wilson of Fremont, Neb.;
Mrs. C. T. Haynes of Kokomo, Ind.;
Mrs. Fred Witherspoon and Mrs. A.
T. Hitchcock.
Tuesday afternoon the Atlas club
held a postponed meeting at the home
of Mrs. F. T. True. The study of
Turkey in Asia was continued. An ex
cellent paper on "Armenia Yester
day. Today and Tomorrow" was given
by Mrs. J. T. Hamilton. Mrs. R. H.
Bloomer told of Mount Ararat and
read selections of Armenian verse.
The next regular meeting of the dub
will be held November 28.
The Ideal club met Tuesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. B. S. Ter
williger. The program opened with a
discussion of current events, led by
Mrs. Will Pyper and Mrs. W. A.
Southard. The study of Poland, in
connection with the study of the Slav
peonies, occupied the afternoon. Mrs.
Freeman Reed told df the national
characteristics of the Polish people.
Mrs. George Davis gave a very enter
taining and instructive sketch of
Tadeusz Kosciuszkb, the real Thad
deus of Warsaw. "The Rise of Polish
Nationality and Its Decline" was dis
cussed by Mrs. M. B. Moon. The
study of Poland will be continued at
the meeting next Tuesday at Mrs.
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. A. W. Ty
ler entertained the members of the
Tuesday History club at a 1 o'clock
luncheon. Mrs. Fainter Knox, Mrs.
C. G. Saunders and Mrs. J, C Pryor
were the assistant hostesses. Covers
were laid for sixteen at one long table,
decorated with chrysanthemums. The
afternoon's entertainment consisted
of an informal program, the most at
tractive feature being several songs
sung by Mrs. D. J. Adams of Omaha.
November 28 the club will hold its
regular meeting with Mrs. J. J. Spin
dler. The annual election of officers was
the most important event at the meet
ing of the Garden club at the home of
Mrs. F. H. Hill Tuesday afternoon.
The result: President, Mrs. F. W.
Dean: vice president, Mrs. John G.
Woodward; secretary, Mrs. Henry
Cutler; treasurer, Mrs. Angeline
Brinsmaid. Instead of the usual pa
pers, the meeting was turned into an
experience meeting, each member tell
ing of her mistakes and failures in
floriculture during the last year.thus
making even mistakes profitable to
the other members. The club will hold
one more meeting before disbanding
for the season. November 29 Miss
Rice will be the hostess.
The Book Lovers met Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. C. D. Parmelce
and the study of Victor Hugo was
continued. Mrs. R. H. Nichols told
of Hugo's years of exile and of his
later triumphal return to Paris. The
literary works of the period, the atti
tude of France toward Hugo at that
time and the place he occupied In his
generation were ably discussed by
Mrs. A. M. Jackson. Mrs. Parmelce
gave a most interesting talk on music
and the Russian ballet. The usual
meeting will be held with Mrs. Parme
lee next Wednesday.
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. C.
Straub gave a tea for the members of
the Oakland Avenue Chapter of St.
Paul's guild and their friends. The aft
ernoon was very pleasantly spent and
refreshments were served late in the
afternoon. On Monday afternoon the
regular meeting of the chapter will be
held at the home of Mrs. William
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. Miller Vf Hyde avenue enter
tained a few friends at cards. Three
tables were filled for the game of
high five and prizes for high scores
were won by Mr. and Mrs. A. Schnell
bacher. Mr. C, Lammert won the
"cut for all," and Mrs. G. W. Baker
and Mr. C. Dentler the consolation
prizes. A two-course supper was
served after the game.
The regular meeting of the Uni
versity club was held Wednesday aft
ernoon at the home of Mrs. F. P.
Thorton of Omaha. The subject of
the afternoon s study was Mexico.
Mrs. F. H. Garrett discussed "The
Ancients," and Mrs. J. M. Mathews
the "Life of the Mexican People."
Mrs. R. S. Beaslev will be the hostess
at the next meeting, which will be
held November 29.
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Walter
Lutz entertained at bridge. The jhzc
for high score was won by Mrs. Caro
line Theinhardt and the consolation
prize was awarded to Mrs. I., B.
Kohrer. Luncheon was served by the
hostess l?te in the afternoon.
The Tuesday Study club held a very
interesting meeting Tuesday at the
home of Mrs.-Hi. W. Miller. The
annual election of officers was held,
with the following result: President,
Mrs. George B. Miller; vice president,
Mrs. Nellie McClung, who will
speak at the Blackstone hotel on
Wednesday, November 29, at 4 o'clock
under the auspices of the Equal Fran
chise society, opens the 1918 suffrage
campaign in Nebraska. Mrs. McClung
is known as the foremost suffragist in
Canada. To her goes a large share of
the credit for the enfranchisement of
the women of the three provinces,
Mnaitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan,
all of which have granted equal suf
frage during the last year. Mrs. Mc
Clung organized the Political Equality
league of Manitoba, which became the
Political Educational league after the
franchise was won. With the two
fold object of education and legisla
tion in view, the Political 'Educational
league is now deep in a campaign for
better laws for women and children
in West Canada, giving special atten
tion to the present unsatisfactory laws
concerning inheritance, dower and
guardianship. Besides being a suffra
gist, Mrs. McClung is a writer of
some note and has a husband and five
Mrs. O. J. Mitchell: secretary, Mrs.
Knutc Holmes'. "The Top and the
Bottom of the United States" was the
subject of an excellent paper given
by Mrs. H. H. Larson. A two-course
luncheon was served. The next meet
ing will be with Mrs. Chris Peterson.
Mrs. S. A. Beason, 212 Turley aver
nue, entertained the D. G. A. D. club
Thursday afternoon. The time was
spent playing "500," Mrs. Beason win
ning the prize for high score and Mrs.
Henrietta Siberts the "cut for all."
Mrs. C. L. Laonson entertained the
members of the Helping Hand Ken
sington club Tuesday afternoon. They
spent several hours sewing for the
needy families of the city. Next Tues
day they will meet at the home of
Mrs. M. Arthur.
Social Circles
Messrs. Gordon Ruth and Fred Ger
ber of Columbus, Neb., are spending
the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. Ruth. . , . -
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Welch enter
tained at dinner last Sunday in honor
of Messrs. and Mesdames J. E. Wood,
E. W. Norris, N. H. Tyson, E. A.
McGlasson and J. T. Pickard.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Wilcox enter
tained at dinner Wednesday in honor
of Miss Helen Hawes of David City.
Covers were laid for twelve guests.
Mrs. William Burford, will be host
ess for the Methodist Ladies' Aid so
ciety next Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Jean Limebaugh of Omaha, a
former resident here, was married last
Wednesday to Mr. Andrew B. Foster
of Omaha. The wedding took place
at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Ray Hildreth, here. Mr. and Mrs.
Foster will live in Omaha. '
The young men of the Methodist
church have an organization with the
following officers: President, John
Calvert; vice president, Earl Babcock;
secretary, Harold Berry; treasurer,
Herbert Snow.
Miss Maud Van Horn entertained
about twenty-five young people at her
home Friday evening in honor of her
sixteenth birthday anniversary.
The members of the Degree ' of
Honor lodge gave an entertainment,
with lunch following, last Wednesday
evening. The program consisted of
musical selections, a farce, "Hiring a
Servant," and a drill given by the
team, who were rigged out in fancy
Miss Evelyn Kelland went to Her
man, Neb., last week to assist Mrs. J.
Burger of Omaha in a recital at that
Mr. Thomas . Leach of Oakdale.
Neb., visited at the E. J. Crews home
Thursday while on his way to spend
the winter in Missouri.
H. J. Kelland came down from
Sioux City, where he is in newspaper
work, to spend a few days of last
week with Mrs. Kelland and daughter.
The King's Heralds and Junior Mis
sionary circle held an afternoon party
at the Methodist parsonage Wednes
day. About fifty children and Mrs.
Medlin of Walnut Hill were present.
The little folks will give "Tom
Thumb's Wedding" at the church next
Friday evening.
Mrs. Charles Babrich of Sioux
City will be the guest of her sister,
Mrs. L. A. Simons, until the first of
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fore. Advertisement
She Always Seconds the Motion at
Sessions of Omaha Woman' s Club
"1 second the motion, Madam Pres
ident!" The woman who is credited with
having uttered the above formula
more times than any other one mem
ber in the Omaha Woman's club is
Mrs. Thomas Brown, treasurer of the
sociaV science, department. "Our
official seconder," the other Members
call her. "Whenever a motion is
made, we listen for Mrs. Brown's
second," said one of them. It is be
cause Mrs. Brown is deeply interest
ed in all iRc proceedings at the
Woman's club and has her opinion
formed almost immediately as to the
best course of action to pursue.
Mrs. Brown boasts membership in
fourteen different women's organiza
tions and finds time to attend meet
ings of them all, besides looking after
her own property interests. She is
an active suffragist and church
woman and a sturdy campaigner,
either for suffrage, temperance or
school board members.
Mrs. Brown headed the Woman's
club committee for the Syrian Flower
day benefit which netted over $1,200.
the month, when the two will leave
for a trip to California.
Messrs. J. W. Welsh and William
Baehr are members of the committees
of the annual chicken show, to be
held this month.
Mrs. J. T. Pickard entertained at
dinner last Tuesday evening, when
covers were laid for Rev. Mr. and
Mrs., Anderson and daughters, and
Miss Jessie Moulthrop.
Mrs. Duke Pence entertained Mr.
and Mrs. William Johnson of Omaha
at dinner last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Coit moved
from their summer home near the
Country club last Thursday, and will
spend the winter at the Fontenelle.
The Guild served a dinner at the
Presbyterian church last Monday
evening for its members. About
twenty were present.
Mrs. J. J. Fuchs was hostess for
the Aufweiderschen club at her home
on last Tuesday.
The women of . the Emmanuel
church celebrated the second anniver
sary last week by giving an entertain
ment at the church, about 100 guests
being present. .
Mrs. S. D. Jones will be hostess
for the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid so
ciety on next Wednesday.
Mrs. A. M. Safford of Genesco, 111.,
and C. E. Barron of Lincoln were
guests during tie past week at the
C. Stiger home.
Mrs.v Hattie West, formerly Miss
Hattie Esmay of Valley, was a visitor
last week at the E. C. Fuller home.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
E. Rouse on last Saturday.
Mr9. Ray Lawson left on Ihurs
1 f l v s
JTrs Thomas Browr,
day to take treatments at the Mayo!
institution at Kocnesicr.
The annual bazar given by the Eng
lish Lutheran women will start next
Wednesday and will last all day.
Miss Margaret Fedde has returned
to Lincoln after a few days' visit
at the home of her parents.
Mrs. W. A. Wilcox was hostess last
week for the Blue Stocking club.
West Ambler
Social Activities
P. J. Sturgeon came in from Alli
ance Thursday with a carload of
cattle for the market and spent the
week end with his sister Mrs,. J.
Long, and family in West Side.
Mrs. Alex Niehart and two chil
dren of Nebraska City spent the
week with her sister, Mrs, Arthur
King, and family.
S. C. Campbell, formerly of East
Amhlcr who has hern a' miettt here
' this week from Milford, Neb., has
sold his farm there and, with his fam
ily, will spend the winter in penvcr.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Armstrong
announce the arrival of a son at their
home on South Fifty-fourth street
The Royal Neighbors will give a
party anil luncheon to their husbands
at their hall on Wednesday evening,
November 22.
M. Jonathan of South Omaha has
taken the Morton homestead on Forty-sixth
and Center streets for the
Fred Baldwin and Miss Jlarie Gor
man, popular young people of West
Side, were married Saturday after
noon and will be at home after this
week at Fifty-sixth and Mason
Mr. and Mrs. 1. K. Gorman have
had as their week end guests A. R.
Connor, a brother of Mrs. Gorman
from Wesley, la , ad John Kenney
of Holdrege, Xcb.
Mrs. George Kidd of Eckcrman
fell on the ice Sunday evening and
broke her right arm.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Booker of South
Fifty-first street entertained at dinner
Tuesday for Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ly
man of North' Omaha.
The Ladies' Aid society will meet
at the church Thursday for their all
day meeting and complete their plans
for their Christmas bazar to be held
December 7.
Messrs. H. Stewart and J. Gilmore
and their wives motored to Sioux
City and spent the week end with
Mrs. William Vickers. assisted by
Mrs. J. Black and Mrs. F. Cockayne,
entertained the West Side Christian
Temperance union at their jollifica
tion rally Thursday afternoon.
Park Edgar and wife have hail as
their guests this week his cousins,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Freet of Hen
don, Conn., and his mother, Mrs. H.
Edgar of Scottsbluff, Neb.
Word has come this week of the
marriage of Miss Rebecca Boyer. re
cently of West Side, and W. M. Stew
art, a ranchman of Ozone, Idaho.
The bride is a sister of Messrs. Joe
and John Boyer of West Side.
L. T. Brown of Scottsbluff. Neb.,
who has been the guest of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Park Edgar, in West Side
the last week, left Tuesday for Ha
vana. Cuba, to spend the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Potts of
Cedar Rapids, la., have been the
week end guests of his sister, Mrs.
Glen Gerkin, and family.
Mrs. S. F. Jonas has gone to Lin
coln to spend the week with his
parents. '
Miss Ada Gantz is caring for Mrs.
Joseph Segar, who has recently re
turned from the hospital.
Mrs. S. W. Weston entertained the
Towel club on Saturday. Covers
were laid for Mesdames G. Hayes. N.
F. Thompson, R. J. Sutton, L. T. Bul
lock, A. Wiig, A. Hatfield, S. E. Kern,
E. Doll, a. Policy and M. reternon.
Mrs. Weston was also hostess at a
theater party to the above named
members on Monday night.
Miss Kmma K. Miller of West
Point, Neb., who attended the Teach
ers' association here as county super
intendent of Cuming county, was the
week end guest of her sister, Mrs.
Howard Miller.
M. llyslop of Klmwood, Neb., was
the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur King on West Pierce street.
Social Affairs
of the South Side
Miss Patience Kelly of Newton, la.,
is a guest of South Side friends. Miss
Kellv is a daughter of Harry Kelly
and granddaughter of Captain Kelly,
well known pioneer citizen.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Madden and
innily have gone to attend the golden
wedding anniversary of Mr. Mad
den's parents, ,
Miss Hattie Pierce is slightly im
proved at her home following her
recent illness.
The Order of the Eastern Star held
its regular meeting Saturday evening.
The Keno club met at the Loyal
hotel Friday night for their annual
Mr. and Mrs.-Otto Gramlich have
returned from their wedding trip and
are with relatives for a short time.
The Adah Kensington club of the
Eastern Star met at the home of Mrs.
j. M. Henry Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Edward Kohansky was the as
sistant hostess.
The musical department of the
South Omaha Woman's club was en
tertained Saturday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. V'alter Hill.
The Eagles and their families at
tended the Council Bluffs Eagles' car
nival in a special car Saturday even
ing. The ladies of St. Agtica church held
a card party in McCrann'a hall Tues
day evening. 1
The ladies of the First Christian
church ,met Wednesday at the home
of Mrs. W. B. Routte to tie comfort
ers which they have for sale.
The ladies' of the West Side Inter
denominational church will meet on
Thursday at the church.
The United Presbyterian church
held a successful bazar and chrysan
themum show at the church Thursday
and Friday.
The Home Missionary society of
the First Methodist Episcopal church
met at the home of Mrs. A. F. Stryker
Thursday afternoon.
The Ladies' auxiliary of St. Mar
tin's church are planning a bazar to
be held the first week in December.
The men of the First Methodist
Episcopal church held a get-together
dinner at the church Friday evening.
After dinner speeches were made by
.MarKarot Fltimcrald,
Viola WltllHiim,
llaxcl Uarrett.
Messrs. Stryker, Kiddoo, Wilson and
The original R. L. B. club enter
tained at an Orpheum party, followed
by supper at the Henshaw Saturday,
In honor of Miss Patience Kelly, a
former member of the club. Those
present were:
M IftMfft
Helen Tyner,
Marie KnlRr,
Rathnr Mill.'h
Patience Kelly.
On Friday even the same club was
entertained at the home of Miss Viola
Williams at a dinner party in honor
of Miss Kelly.
On Friday the Birthday club was
entertained at the home of Mrs. Bow
ker at a 10 o'clock luncheon. All mem
bers of the club were present.
Mrs. Walter Dawson entertained at
her home Friday afternoon. Three
tables were placed tor cards.
Mrs. W. A. Pruden, South Side,
entertained the Willis Avenue club
Tuesday. Mrs. C. E. Tabor, Willis
Avenues, assisted. The table decora-,
tions were large shower bouquets of
yellow chrysanthemums, white pop
pies and American Beauties. A dainty
luncheon was served. Those present
H. Dunin.
J. Lyrkholm,
M. Nol.on.
F. Fralry,
M Iwtea
Ruth Urcy,
William Unalcker.
F. Downer.
l R- Tabor. '
Maud Forney,
Social Gossip
lr. and Mrs. R. T. Propst .and
children returned from an auto trip to
Mitchell, S. D.
James Polin of Plattsinouth spent
a few days here the last week.
J. Brown of Omaha was here a few
days before leaving for California.
Bohemian Sokols'
Public Exhibition
The Bohemian Gymnastic society
Tel Jed Sokol Tyrs, together with
the ladies' department, will give a
public exhibition on Sunday, Novem
ber 19, at the Sokol hall, Thirteenth
and Martha streets, at 2:30 p. m.
The small girls will exhibit dancing
step! in a circle, the boys calisthenics
and gymnastic plays, larger girls will
grve exhibits of calisthenics and gym
nastic dances, the ladies' society cal
isthenics, some with rings and some
without. The boys' sokols will show
some interesting and new groups with
the large iron ring, also on different
apparatus and plain and other calis
thenics. Most of the exhibitions will be ac
companied by music and a social
dance will be given in the evening.
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