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CALL FOR $86,000
Banking Board Sends Notices
to State Banks to Add to
Guaranty Fund.
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
Lincoln. Neb., Nov. 16. (Special.)
A special assessment has been made
by the State Banking board against
580 of the 840 state banks of the
state for the purpose of bringing up
the reserve fund to its proper amount,
The amount will bring up the ac
cumulative reserve of each bank to
1 per cent of the bank's average de
posits lor tne last six raonun uu
will add a total of $86,000 to the state
guaranty fund raising the full amount
to $1,200,000.
The bank UDon which the assess
ment will fall the hardest is the State
bank of Omaha, where the assess
ment will be about $20,000. Three
state banks in- Lincoln will be re
quired to add about $3,000 each.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Rpatrii-f Neh.. Nov. 16. (Special.)
Charles and Dean Essex, 10 and 12
vears of age, respectively, sons or l.
B. Essex, a farmer living eight miles
east of Beatrice, was struck by an
rasthniind Burlington oassenecr train
No. 97 yesterday afternoon at 1:30
o'clock a quarter of a mile east of
Rockford, but escaped injury. They
were riding in a wagon, which caught
on the. cowcatcher in such a way as
to free the horses. The vehicle was
carried down the track forty rods and
when the train stopped the two boys
jumped out of the wagon unhurt.
The sum of $131.98, which was the
net proceeds of the home talent opera
given here November 1 and 2, was
sent to Company C on the border
yesterday to be ,used in buying the
, members ot tne company a inanits
ffivinff dinner.
Mrs. Dorothy McKinnon, an old
resident of Lincoln, died suddenly
vesterday morning at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Edward Smack of this
city, where she had been visiting.
Edward Jeffries, an old resident of
Gage county who taught school here
for years, has been elected county
judge at Central City, neo.
During the last week three forged
checks for $10 each have been passed
at local stores. Vesterday Chief of
Police Hayden took in custody a wo
man, the wife of a farm hand work
ing near Beatrice, who confessed to
forging the checks, i ne nusnana
made good the amounts secured on
the bogus paper, and the woman was
Leland Richardson and Charles
Lewis, two boys of this city, yester
day confessed to Chief Hayden that
they robbed Walter Brothers' drug
store about a month ago of $55 which
they secured from the cash' drawer.
Entrance was through a basement
window. The boys stated that a resi
dent of this city who has disappeared,
hired them to do the job and gave
them $1 each. Part of the money has
been recovered.
Silica Mine Opened
Near North' Platte
North Platte, Neb., Nov. 16. (Spe
cial.) The first mining claim in this
district has just been filed - in the
United States land office here. George
W. Kishman has changed his home
stead right to a small tract of land
north of Farnam to a mine claim and
is working a silica bed.
Kishman is reported to have dis
covered the silica bed on his home
stead more than a year ago. ' Since
that time he has developed the mine
until now several cars of the sub
stance are shipped to surrounding
states and into Canada each week.
The mine is of special interest to
persons in this section in that it brings
to light one more resource of western
Nebraska of which little or nothing is
known to the average resident.
Postpone Wedding
Because of Thirteenth
Stella, Neb., Nov. 16. (Special.)
Miss. Minnie Pugh arid Floyd Hig
gins were married at Nebraska City
Tuesday, November 14. Plans were
made for the wedding to be on Mon
day, but when the contracting par
tics learned that day fell on the 13th
they decided to postpone their nup
tials for a day so as to avoid any bad
luck that would follow the 13th date.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Newton W. Pugh of Stella. The
groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Higgins, retired farmers, liv
ing in Auburn. The young people
will make their home on a farm near
Commercial Club Meeting.
Albion, Neb., Nov. 16. (Special.)
The largest attended monthly meet
ing of the Albion Commercial club
was held last evening. There were
over 200 present and the music was
furnished by the orchestra of the high
school. The address of the evening
was given by E. R. Gurney of Fre
mont and abounded with wit and the
ethics of good citizenship as well as
commercial ideas.
Farm House Burned Near McCook.
McCook, Neb., Nov. 16. (Special.)
The farm home of Fred Thompson,
two miles east of Box Elder, this
county, was destroyed by fire Thurs
day morning. The blare is supposed
lo have originated at a defective flue.
Within a few minutes after the awak
ening of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cliston,
who arc employed on the place, the
roof fell in, hence but little was saved
of the contents of the house.
Stomach Trouble and Constipation.
Those who are afflicted with stom
ach trouble and constipation should
read the following: "I have never
found anything so good for stomach
trouble and constipation as Chamber
lain'i Tablets. -I have used them off
and on now for the past two years.
They not only regulate the action of
the bowels, but stimulate the liver
and keep one's body in a healthy con
dition," wriles-Mrs. Benjamin Hooper,
Auburn, N. Y. Advertisement. 1
Throw Compliments Galore
Around Banquet Board
at Lincoln.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 16 (Special.) The
ratification banquet pulled off by the
democrats last night at the TJneoln
hotel was a thing of beauty and to all
appearances a jay forever from a
democratic standpoint and the way
they congratulated themselves over
receiving the greatest surprise of
their lives was wonderfully wonder
ful. " ; -
Among other things pulled off
"Dick" Metcalfe, in one of his warm
atmosphere speeches, proposed the
name of Gilbert M. Hitchcock for
president in 1920, notwithstanding
that C. M.. Skiles in a previous speech
had said while the room rang with
loud acclaim that William J. Bryan
was the greatest democrat . in the
So with Mr. Brvan generally be
lieved to be grooming himself for a
fourth battle for the presidency un
der a prohibitory banner, "Met" will
endeavor to put Senator Hitchcock
across under a banner winch may
not be so prohibitive. Thus will
democratic harmony again be in evi
dence between the two wings ol the
Skiles Talks Plainly.
In his speech C. M. Skiles refused
to give any of the democratic state
candidates credit for being elected
because of their efficiency or tor
the "wonderful record of saving to
the state" so well advertised during
the canioaien. but said that ther
were elected because of the popular
ity of President Wilson, which car
ried them through on the land slide.
About the bieKest man present was
Arthur Mullen. "Boss" Mullen ap
peared on the scene soon after the
banqueters became seated andn mod
estly took a seat hi the rear of the
room among the common people, but
his entrance was greeted by a round
of cheering that even equalled that
given the name of William Jennings
Bryan by Mr. Skiles when he called
him the greatest democrat ever.
Neville Stays Away.
Governor-elect Neville was not
present. It was rumored that he
feared to meet the vast herd of office
seekers which he thought might pur
sue him if he came within reach.
Governor Morehead said he was go
ing out ot politics, but some man
yelled Kah tor the (hie) next sena-
tor. when the governor arose lo
speak. Governor Morehead said that
the people should ermember that the
state four years ago was bankrupt
when the democrats first took hold of
the government, being in debt $250.-
00. He failed to call attention to the
fact that in its bankrupt state it still
had over $9,000,000 loaned out, draw
ing a good rate of interest, and that
most any democrat present would be
glad to be bankrupt with a debt of
staring him in the tace if he
had $9,000,000 drawing 4. arid 5 per
cent interest as an onset.
Butte Widow Found
Dead in Her Home
Butte. Neb.. Nov. 16. (Soecial
Telegram.) Mrs. J. B.- Kroughan,' a
widow, was found dtad at her home
in Butte Wednesday evening- at. 5
o'clock. She lived alone and had
only recently . returned from Tripp
county, South Dakota, where she
had been all summer, so her failure
to appear anywhere caused no com
ment. Mrs. P. Boyd, a relative,
came to town and upon going to the
house found her dead beside the
kitchen stove. From all appear
ances she had been dead several days.
She had on her coat and hood and
had evidently prepared to attend to
her chickens and chores. She was
last seen alive Friday afternoon.
when Rev. and Mrs. Sprague called
on her. , Coroner Hawkins did not
deem, an inquest necessary. Her
husband, J. B. Kroughan, and her
father died of heart disease four
years ago.
rand Island Man
Carved by Mexican
Grand Island, Neb., Nov. 16. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Thomas . Murphy,
laborer, and a Mexican who gives his
name as Caesar, became involved in
an altercation at the Union Pacific
depot late last night. Murphy struck
the first blow, according to witnesses,
whereupon the Mexican ripped out a
knife and cut two frightful gashes on
the head and face of Murphy. Both
cuts were long and deep and Mur
phy, who is in a local hospital, will
probably be disfigured for life. After
a severe chase some railroad men
captured the Mexican and turned him
over to Union Pacific Officer John-
sun. acsar uas uccn worKing in inc
beet fields.
Requisition to Bring '
Alleged Embezzler Back
Beatrice. Neb.. Nov. 16. (Soecial
Teleeram.) Sheriff Acton has se
cured a requisition from Governor
Morehead for the return to Beatrice
of Adolph Fischer, alias A. M. Fern,
alias A. M. Armstrong, alias A. M.
Fernbach. who is under arrest in Mc
Lennan county, Texas. He is charged
with embezzling $98.50 from the Prai
rie Home Life Insurance company of
Omaha, which it is alleged he col
lected as premium from Robert Strat
ford of this city and converted to his
own use. The alleged embezzle
ment occurred April 7, 1915.
Lindsay Cattle Die
Of Cornstalk Disease
Lindsay. Neb.. Nov. 16. Special.)
Some cattle here have died of corn
stalk disease recently. While no de
tailed reports are in, Will Uogan lost
three, shipping out the rest of his
cattle for fear that thry might get
the. same trouble. John Pteifer re
cently lost thirteen. Last night M. J.
Ramaekers noticed ' one had the
trouble, in his herd of eighty-five head.
Rosa C. Brown, manager ot the Carev
Cleaning company. Injured In an auto acci
dent, la Unprovlaf rapidly. 1
By Way of
Omaha Uni Girls
The High Cost
The home economics girls of the
University of Omaha are literally in
distress because of the continually in
creasing cost of foods. The problem
of arranging scientific diets with a
reasonable amount of money has be
come such a hard task that they can
no longer do it alone. So they have
enlisted the aid of the chemistry and
mathematics departments. .
The young chemists of the school
are analyzing a number pf staple
foods in order to make a detailed re
port to the girls on values. Among
the foods tried are beans, potatoes,
flour, rice, corn and other cereals. As
a result of these experiments the girls
may issue a kind of proclamation in
which they endorse rice and corn as
daily foods in order to keep the cost
of living down, even though the cost
of foods soar. The new diets will be
tried in the school and in the homes
of the experimenters.
Indians Are Given
Deeds to Farms
Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 16. Elabo
rate ceremonies attended the delivery
of fifty Sisseton . Sioux Indians of
deeds to their lands by the govern
ment. The government was repre
sented by Major James McLaughlin,
the veteran Indian Inspector. The de
livery of the deeds gave the fifty In
dians the full citizenship rights. The
shooting of. the last arrow ceremony
was used in delivering the deeds to
the Indians. . .
, The Sisseton Indians have been di
vided into three classes for citizenship
purposes by Agent Mossman, in
charge of the agency. The fifty In
dians just made citizens stood first
in these classes, they being pro
nounced the most competent to han
dle their lands and business affairs
without the. assistance of the Indian
agrnt-pr the government.
; The members of Class No., 2, who
Hid not rirveloD the necessary Quali
fications, have been given another trial
and will try to make good so they
can receive their deeds and their full
rights as citizens next year.' It is es
timated that about 200 Indians have
a place, in this class and may have the
qualifications necessary to entitle
them to be made citizens next year.
The members of Class No. 3 are re
garded as being permanently incom
petent, and it is doubtful if they wM
ever advance' enough to entitle them
to citizenship rights. The issuance of
the deeds to the fifty Indians will
mean that fifty additional tracts of
land heretofore not listed as taxable
now will be added to the taxable prop
erty of Roberts county, file addition
of other tracts of Indian land as the
Indians become citizens eventually
will reduce the tax rate in Roberts
If you know lonamne wh trdubled
with bemd noises, or Catarrhal Deafness, cut
oat this fortnola. and hand It to them, and
you wilt have been the mean of laving some
poor auliercr pemap irom ww aemiDna.
Recent experienc-t have proved eonehuivel?
that Catarrhal Deafnew, head noiees, etc..
wt th direct cause of conitftuttonal din-
case, and that salves, sprays, inhaJera, etc..
merely temporise with the complaint end
seldom. If ever, effect a permanent cure. Thia
being so, mucn time ana money nas Deen
aunt af late b a noted SDeclallat In or-
pectinr a pure, gentle, yet effective tonic
that would quickly dispel all traces of the
catarrhal poison from the system. The af
fective prescription which was eventually
formulated, and which has aroused the be
lief that deafness will soon be extinct, is
given below in understandable form, so that
anyone can treat themselves In their own
home at little expense.
Secure from your druggist i ea. rarmtnt
(Double Strength), about 76c worth. Take
this home and add to It pint of hot water
and 4 ots. of granulated sugar; stir until dia
eolred. Take one tablespooniul four time a
The first dose should begin to relieve the
distressing head noises, headache, dullness,
cloudy thinking, etc., while the hearing
rapidly returns as the system Is Invigorated
by the tonic action, of the treatment. Loss
of smell and mucus dropping In the back
of the throat, are other symptoms that
show the presence of catarrhal poison, and
which are often entirely overcome by this
efficacious treatment. Nearly ninety per cent
of all ear troubles are directly caused by
catarrh; therefore, there must be many peo
ple whose hearing can be restored by thia
simple nome iresimenc
kivery person who Is troubled with head
noises, catarrhal deafness, er eatarrh In any
form, should give Uus prascrlsUoa a trial.
Advertlsmeent -
"Rassle" With
of Living Problem
The girls have also asked the analy
tical geometry class to help in this
time of need. No one probably ever
dreamed that such a subject would ever
be so closely connected wtih the high
cost' of living, but it ia a fact that
fully a dozen plotters are making
drawings for the school cooks. They
are watching the markets and making
charts showing the cost of certain
foods between definite dates. The
foods taken are the same as the ones
taken by the chemists. The plotters
say that the law governing the graphs,
the law of supply and demand, is not
as consistent as the geometric laws,
as its properties change from day to
day, or even from hour to hour.
This work will . continue until
Thanksgiving. Turkeys are among the
list, but only as a novelty, because
they will be too dear for the average
man this year. The whole school is
anxiously awaiting the report of the
food investigators. -
Secretary of State . '
Gives Out All Jobs
(From a Burt Crrespoffdent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 16. (Special.)
Setters for -political' jobs might just
as well steer clar of the office of Sec
retary of State Fool, for as soon as
he was assured of his election, which
appeared to be very close, not more
than 1,000,000 majority, he cabled the
office force into his private sanctorum
one by one and broke the sad tidings
to them that if they wished they
could hold onto ' their jobs for an
other two years, perhaps longer.
. Max Kattleman, representative! of
the. Omaha end of democracy, would
only accept for two years. He wants
to return to Omaha at the end of
tha ttime and run for. congress, on
the prohibition ticket with Mr. Bryan
and on the . woman suffrage ticket
with Mayor Dahlman. '
A Big Special Purchase
of Bedspreads
On Special Sals at the
16th and Jacluon Stt.
Saturday, November 18
Long before the hit advance in the
price of cotton materials, we placed
a big order for many hundred of
splendid high-grade bedspreads,
sheets, and pillow cases. The entire
shipment has arrived and will be put
on Special Sale for One Day Only
Saturday, raovombor ISth at a price
that will mean a big aaving to you.
Included in this bir curchue are
many dozens of wwar.w.ll sheets and
wear-well pillow cases; also hundreds
of beautiful bedspreads. Many of
these are in the satin finish others
re in the crochet weave and come
in both the plain - hemmed and
scalloped cut corners. Take advantage
oi trie spienaid values that will be of
fered in this big sale and supply your
present as well as your future needs,
and if you have no account with us
now, you are invited to open one
and, as always, YOU MAKE YOUR
To Quickly Remove
Ugly Hair From Face
(Beauty Notes.)
Beauty-destroying hairs are soon
banished from the skin with the aid
of a delatone paste, made by mixing
some water with a little plain pow
dered delatone. This is spread upon
the hairy surface for 2 or 3 minutes,
then rubbed off and the skin wished
to remove the remaining delatone.
This simple treatment banishes every
trace of hair and leaves the skin with
out a blemish. Caution should be
used to be certain that it la delatone
you buy. Advertisement. -
Henryk SieoMewioz, Author of
"Quo Vadis," Expires in
. Hotel in Switzerland.
New York, Nov. 16. Henryk Sien
kiewicz, the Polish novelist, best
known in this country as the author
of "Quo Vadis," is dead at Vevey,
Switzerland, according to a cable dis
patch received here today by the Po
lish victims' relief committee. Sien
kiewici had devoted much of his time
to Polish relief work and had been
in frequent communication since the
European war began with the -committee
here' and with the National
American Red Cross.
The announcement of his death
came (roni.a man namrd Rabinnowiti,
who is a member of the Polish com
mittee at Lausanne, Switzerland. The
message said the novelist died sud-,
denly in a Vevry hotel yesterday.
When Helen Jilodjeska, Polish ac
tress, settled on a ranch near Los An
geles, Cal., about 1876, hoping there
to found a colony for, oppressed Poles,
Sienkiewici emigrated to this coun
try .and joined her. Her project did
not succeed and Sienkiewici returned
to his own country to' engage in lit
erary work. His "Quo Vadis" has
been translated into almost every
European language.
Ttiomas Watching
Official Returns
(From a Staff Corrtapoodrnt.)
Lincoln, Nov. 16. (Special.) Dr.
A. O. Thomas, state superintendent,
knocked off from his strenuous job
of watching election returns as shown
by official counts coming into the
office of the secretary of state and
went to Red Cloud today, whert he
will address the Farmers' Institute of
Webster county this evening..
The official count as shown by
seventy-seven counties reporting up
to noon today showed Thomas, 90,
456. Clemmons, 90.104. This count
does not include Douglas or Lan
caster and still leaves the situation
in doubt, with Clay, Dixon, Frontier,
Gage, Greeley, ' Kearney, Morrill,
Nuckolls, Saline, Sarpy, Scott'sbluff,
Sherman, Sioux and . Wheeler, still
out, in addition.
Telia Haw Te Open Clogged N
, trOs and End Head-Colds.
You feel' fine in a few moments.
Your cold in head or catarrh will be
gone. Your clogged nostrils will open.
The air passages of your head will
clear and you can breathe freely. No
more dullness, headache; no hawking,
snuffling, mucous discharges or dry
ness; no struggling for breath at
Tell your druggist you want a
small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm.
Apply a little of this fragrant, anti
septic cream in your nostrils, let it
penetrate through every air passage
of the head; soothe and heal the
swollen, inflamed mucous membrane,
and relief comes instantly.
It is just what every cold and
catarrh sufferer needs. Don't stay
stuffed-up . and miserable. Adv.
Try Musterole. See How Quickly
, It Rellem
You just rub Musterole in briskly,
tnd usually the pain is gone a delicious,
loothing comfort comes to take it place.
Musterole is a clean, white ointment,
made with oil of mustard. Use it instead
3f mustard plaster. WU1 not blister.
' Many doctors and nurses use Muster
le and recommend it to their patients.
They will gladly tell you what relief it
ives from sore throat, bronchitis, croup,
itjff neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains and
iches of the back or joints, sprains, sore
muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet,
colds of the chest (it often prevents
pneumonia). Always dependable.
25c and 50c jars; hospital sue $2.3X
A Simple Way To .
Remove Dandruff
There is one sure way that has
never failed to remove dandruff at
once, and that is to dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of plain,
common liquid arvon from any drug
store (this is all you will need), apply
it at night when retiring; use enough
to moisten the scalp and rub it in
gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not ali, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of it. no matter
how much dandruff you may have.
You will find all itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop instantly,
and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous,
glossy, silky and soft, and look and
feel a hundred times better. Adv.
How to Keep the Face
Young and Attractive
The wey te ward off old ace la net te
fear It, not te allow one's tfelt to be op.
Creased by the dread of advancing years,
se only lerltlmete preventives and avoid
trying experiments with preparations that
have not stood the lest of time. An entirely
safe and very effective way to keep the com
plexion younjE-lonktna' and beautiful e te
apply ordinary tnercollsed wax at bed
time, luring It like void cream, washing It
off In the morning. This gradually abeorts
the withered. Taded ciillele. whlrh Is re
plaeed by the more youthful, pltik-tlnted
anderskln. One ounre of this twax. lo be
bed at any drug atore. Is enough to com
pletely rejuvenate a worn-out complexion,
Crow's feet and other wrlnklea, the first
signs of advancing age, may be removed by
a simple, harmless preparation made by
dissolving an ounre nf powdered ssxollte
In a half pint wttrh hasel. . It la used as
a lac. BatB.AdvrtiaemeQt
Witness Says the
Railroads Have No
Money to Expend
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 16. An in
crease in freight rates, the proceeds
to be used solely for improvements
of a character to be designated by
the Interstate Commerce commission,
was advocated by Frank H. Alfred,
general manager of the Pere Mar
quette, the only witness this morning
at the Interstate Commerce commis
sion hearing, in connection with the
freight car shortage, as a means of
preventing a recurrence at a later date
of present conditions. (
The railroads, he said, are not pre
pared to make improvements, or even
to undertake demands for the replace
ments which would be needed because
of a lack of fuel, with which to carry
on the work.
Increased pay to employes, he de
clared, had absorbed any gain in rev
enue resulting from recent increases
in rates. The rising cost of materials
used in the replacement of equipment,
he' said, would more than absorb any
extra earnings coming from increased
Persistence Is the Cardinal Virtue
in Advertising.
Itopradeal Ui Mala.
Kaerernanto, Cal.. Nov. IS. Dr. Clifton M.
Parrls, graduate or John Ilopklna and Stan
ford universities, waa found dead today soot
through the heart. 11. bad been despondent
for some Mm. it wu aald.
Found Health
in Cardui.
Mrs. Anna Hileman. of HenrvetU. Oklahoma, says that iha suffered
for eight years with headache, backache, nervousness and other complaints
caused from womanly trouble! and that aha had been to many place seek-
log health but was not benefited until she took Cardui. At one time she
was confined to her bed for three months. She further says: "Could sea
ifter I had taken the second bottle It was doing ma good. . . Today I am a
well woman and 1 know that Cardui. . . has cured me, and I would advise
ivery suffering woman to take It" All druggists sell Cardui (pronounced
rard you-eya) The Woman's Tonic, Try It If you need a medicinal tonle
f this kind. Get a ho"o today. 8-31 '
pisiiijiiiiiiiii jjjj
Is the Most Popular Screen Per
former in the World
J It is very easy" to see why Miss Plckford is the highest
salaried artist in the world of any description whatever.'.-
' , J
f She "makes good" with the ladies.
fit Watch any picture in which this little lady appears .
U and you will hear more laughs from the feminine por
tion of the audience than the masculine, because she has
little idiocyncraciea all her own that are dear to the
ladies' hearts. And this is not "mush" either, ! .
Another thing: She's always modest. Never can you
noint to any picture where you saw this charming
player have to depend upon nudity or vulgarity to put a
scene over, handling each and every scene with a charm
that wins you from the start. .' :.- .
Cf Take the bathroom scene in LESS THAN THE DUST
this is so modestly done that you feel like writing
Miss Pickford a letter and congratulating her upon her
nrt.istrv in handling this in so delicate a manner, and so
on throughout all her features you never see anything.
in them that makes you ashamed oi motion pictures.
fj Anyway, we're not sorry we booked this first super-
feature, it's making good with a vengeance and estab
lishing Miss Pickford as one of the Strand's standbys.
C Don't forget, this picture holds forth today and tomor
row, so if you have not seen it don't pass it up.
The N. Y. Winter Cardea Show
Nine Huge Stage Pictures
All Star Cast, Including
Win. Morris, Conroy.Le Main
Courts I Collins
Sisters I A Hart
iCmm tffn 1 1 dh ai.ta.. is-ss-stki.
WUi&U Even's.. lJ-ti-M-ISe.
BEN WELCH-Himself-r,!
T.m.rrww (Saturday) and W.k
.."puss-puss" SE5B.
Ladles' Dim. M.ltaM Evsry Wok Day.
Dally MaUnw. ;':l3-iiht. Thti WhIl
Wryk Blanmi nun an MWintw. .govern rrer
Hhsyae; Rebert Iters 4 Uenrif Helpertn; The Itlals.
lure e. .li UsrUa A Ksberlali Orpneua Xuvil
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Webster 202
"Look Pa, How
'Gets-lt' Works!"
Lift. Your Com Rifht Off
Nmr FiU.
"Ever In your 111 ace corn cemt eat
like that? Look mt the true akin undtrnssth,
imooth m the palm of your band!.",.
Wtll Nov, Look at That! Off Com Yfcat
Poohy Cora a Slick M a Whistle.
The earth lo blessed wi;h the one, atmp'e,
painless, never-failing remody that make
ml I Hons of rom -pes tared people happy; and '
that's "GETS-IT". Apply It In seconds..
It dries. Some people jab and dif at then
corn with knives and raaora wrap Iheir
toea In packages with bandage or itieky
tape, make them red and raw with lalvev.
Nolhlna like thia with "GETS-IT. Yonr
torn looaens you lift It off. There's nothing;
to preua on the corn, or hurt. Angela eou'dn't .
auk (or more. Try it tonight on any corn,
eallui or wart.
"GETS -IT' la aold and recommended W
drujrKiita everywhere, tft a bottle, or aent
on receipt of price by , Lawrence A Co,
Chlrago, 111.
- Sold In Omaha and recommended aa tbft
world'a beat corn remedy by Sherman 4 Me
Connell Drug Co.
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Attraction . .. ,
"The Heart of Dixie."
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