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Cattle Receipts Very Large for
a Thursday, bat Prices Are
, ' Steady Sheep Steady.
Omaha. Not. If. lilt.
Cattle. Hog. Bhee.
Receipts srsrs:
Official Monday
.(It ,.177 11,717
Official Tuesday .I1T
Official Wednesday .. I.7ti
Katlniate Tharsdsy .. t.lOt
Four day this week. tf. lit
Same daya laat week. 11.164
8ama dai 1 wka aao 40.111
Hime dava 1 wka. aao 10.031
Rama daya 4 wka at 13.111 IMil 110,101
Ham daya laat year ..11,711 11,131 11.471
Receipts and dtspesltlen of llva stock at
the Union Stock yards. Omaha, for twenty
four hoar ending at 1 p. m. yeaterday; ..
r. M A St. P.. 1 11 ,1 ..
Wabash 1 1 1 .
Missouri Parldc. 17 111
Union Pacific ..,.131 It t V ..
c. A N. W., fast.. It , 7 . I
C. As N. W west.. 11 17 11 ''-' 1
C, St. P.. M. A O.. 10 . 7 " 1 " 1
C. B. A Q., aaat.. '.. - 1 :
C.B. A Q. weat..lll 41 10 I
C R. I. A P., aaat 1 t J
e. R. I A P.. w..t .. ,1 , J
Illlnola Central ..IS t
Chi. Great , Weit. . 11 J
' Total receipts. . '. .ill 111 7t 1
Cattle. Hogs, Sheep.
llorrla A Co.. ..1.131 1.131 1.131
Swift A Co 1.101 1,101 : I.lll
Codahy Packing Co.. 1,131 I.lll l.lll
Armour Co 1,104 1,111 2,618
Schwarti A Co Ill
J. W. Murphy '.; 1,101
Uncoln Packing Co.. 11
S. O. Packing Co. . .. 13
W. B. Vanaant Co.. It .....
Benton, Vanaant A L. lot .....
P. B. Lewis HI
Hunttlnger lot ' .
J. a Root A Co.,.. 114 .....
J. H. Bulla ......... 101
L. F. Hues 134 :
Rasenstock Bros. .. It ......
K. a Kellogg , - 117
Wertheimer A 7egen 101 .....
H. P. Hamilton .... 41 .....
Sullivan Bros. 42
Rothschild A Kress.., 131
Mo. A Kan. Calf Ox 111
Christie tl
Huffman -.. . . . . 1
Ueyers . . II ..... ,
Olassherg I ,
, Dakar, Jones A S..., It'
Banned Bros, It .....
John Harvey Ill .....
Kline 21i .....;.
Jensen A Lungran lit'
O'Dey .....I 1
Other buyers .......1,141 :-
' ToUls 1,141 .12,111 11,112
Cattle Receipts wars largs for . Thura
Say, 122 ears being reported 'In. Receipts
for the week to data foot no 11.110 head.
an enormous gain over election week, but
with thst exception tha smalleat of any
recent week. As compared with a year
ago, however, there Is a, gain, of almost
t,000 head. - .
- Tha market on all' desirable kinds of
rattle, feeders as well as killers, was steady.
there being a good demand on tha part
or buyers. Inferior kinds wsra( not much
sought after and they closed alow
possibly a little weaker. V
(Quotations on eattlet Good to ehelae
eemfeds, lo.otf11.10; fair to good com
feds, tt.lt910.0t; common t fair eornreds,; fancy heavy greasers, It.IOl); good to choice erase beevat, IT 7ta
1.10; fur to good gross beeves. II 1107.71:
common to (sir, li.1lol.7t; good to choice
neirers. IS lUBW.IIi good to oholoe oowa,
tt.M7.tti fair to good cows, i.7tt.ft;
common to fair eowa, I4.11d)l.att good to
Choice feeders. 17.101.00; fair to good
feeders. common to fair feed
ers, tt.t0tt.7l good to choice stackers. stock heifers. Il.007.ll; stock
cows,; stock oalvea,;
veM calves, ll.Hflt.tvl heel bulla, 11.100)
At.x Pr. No, , "- At. Pr.
.1001 tl 41 11,,...., tit tl tl
.1111 II it
. lit- t It I....... 170 1 M
. Ill I II II....... 431 I
. 101 I 11 1 lit I II
. lit II 1, ...... Ill 1 N
. lit II 10
41 item. . Ttl I Tl t halfer. 1(4 1 N
14 steers.. Ill l it I steers., Ill
(I steers. .1411 I II II steers. .1111
II cows.. .1171 1 It I
HagsHog receipts, landed In about Mil
same notches as on tha two previous days,
the estimate of lit ears, or It.ltt head, not
being quite ae large as yesterday's official
supply. Tha four days' ran shows eon.
tinned gains over prevlevs weeks, nappllos
having bean 41,411 head, which Is 11.000
larger than a, week ago, 11,100 heavier than
two weeks ago and fully three tiros aa
largs aa for the corresponding day last
Early packer offers bora today wars aa
much aa looito lower, and with Chicago
predicting a fresh break of tie, or mora,
early shippers who had large, orders were
able to fill a good many of them on the
opening at Agures that war aa much aa
ttJMOe lower than yeaterday. Packers also
got some of their first hogs at a ttyiac
dctltne, but the combination of tha strong
shipper request and healthy peeking outlet
overcame the Influence of bear reports from
ether polnta Both packara and shippers
steadily raised their offers, and It was not
long before almost steady pricea war ob
tainable for nearly everything, while desir
able grades looked fully steady, and Ift coma
isses stronger at the best time.
Even after the decline had all been" made
up the trade continued to Improve and the
close as the brat time of the day, being
in no case less than fully steady with yes.
terdsy, and in maby Instance quite a little
hither. Traders who were on both the
eerly and late marketa asld ths late trade
was aa much as lie bsttsr than early, and
called some of their last hogs Is) lc above
At any rate (he average market was
fully steady, despite the tact that a good
many houa. sold lower early. Lights that
were fat were bought almost is freely as
the heavies.' and in soms cases showed
mure Improvement than anything elee,
though, of course, the common and thin
Hants were, as uanal, hard to move st any
time. Bulk of the aalee landed at tt.lot)
1.10, with several lets as high ss 11.10, ths
No. Av.
it. .lei
101. Ill
11. .lit
14. .131
11.. HI
II.. Ill ,
It., let
Sh. Pr.
... II tt
... I If
It I It
! t 40
111 I It
... I 1 ,'
No. Av.
II. .141
I. .171
41. HI
II. .Ill
71. .2(4
tt.. 211
Sh. Pr.
... tt W
41 t II
;.. t it
40 I 41
200 I II
10 II
tt ,'
It "
t t
'I. .lit ... I It' IOt.,114 ... 1 It
sheep-iThe fat lamb market waa a very
uneven affair. Early aalea looked gener
ally steady to strong, and In spots a little
hlcher, but there waa an uncertain under
tone to the trade all through, and some
business wss done at flgurea that were ac
tually a little lower. Only about half of
the estimated supply had been yarded up
, to 11 o'clock and thla waa another factor
that made for uncertainty. Among the
sales mads up to mldforenooa were four
loads of choice led lambs that most traders
ronaldered In a class by themselves at which beats all former figures for
this time of year by a wide margin, and Is
within 1(0 of ths record for the yards.
Other fed westerns reached 111.1,01111
with the bulk scattered on down. Clipped
lemba that were mates of yesterday's lit 11
had to go at 114.14. There waa 00 weak
ness apparent In twos, a moderate supply
Sndlng a ready outlet at figures that ware
easily steady to strong, and war quoted
hisher by some tradera. A new top of II II
was establlched on a two-load bunch, and
If,?,, "- yaatarday-a high market
- When the later arrivals baser to came
lip to the barn, packers look bold of them
Is good shape at pricos fully as good aa
early. Nothing good enough to. equal (he
morning top 'Tied ahowed up at sjooa. but
some reached and waa paid
for several bunches. Tha general market
was stronger, with some sales aa much as
1 00 higher, though in a few apou aalaa
figured (ewer.
Feeders continue to strengthen up. a
couple of band selling today at 111.41 the
high mark or the week. Receipt, are
hardly large enough to make comparisons
from day to day. but a big Improvement In
pricea can be seen when they are lined up
with quotations of a week ago. Thla also
applies to feeding owe. 1
isolations on Sheep and Xarobs Lamha.
tood to choice. II lilt) 11.04: Urn be. fair
to good. tll.00o)ll.t0: lambs, feeders. 1131; yearlings, good to choice, lift,
l.e: yearlings, fair to good, tl.lttrlll
jearllnga. feeders, t7.00OI.10; wethers!
fedia, 17.00. 1.10: ewes, good to choice
I7.7 ai,; ewes, fair to good, tl I097 (0
ewes, plats to culls. li.Kot.;t; swes. feed-
Ing, tl.10et.2l; ewes, breeders, all ages,
No. . '
111 Wyoming lamb ...
11 tl
zos cull lambs It
113 Wyoming feeding owes..... IS
301 Nebrsska feeding almbs... at
317 Wyoming feeding lambs.... II
10 fed Ismbs It
lit Wa-omlng Ismbs tl
11 10
( 1
it 11
1 IS
11 11
Cattle Stow, Hogs Steady 1 U Lewer, Sheep
'. t .. ' Wank.
Chicago. No. K. Cattle Receipts, 11.000
neea; market, alow: native beef cettie. 11.10
cria.ea; western ateera. stock
ere and feeders, I4.7IO7.I0; cows and beif-
srs. il.ieos s: calves. ll.iOS12.10.
Hogs Receipts. 41.000 heed: market
stesoy at lc under yesterday's sversge
bulk of ssles, lt.oefca.70; light, MO1.0
mlsed,; heavy, It.losytio
rougn. ss.200t.10: pigs.
Sheep end Lambs Receipts. 11.000 head
market, weak: uunhera, I7.I0OI.00; owes.
ewes, iambs,
aasas pity Uvs Stock Market.
Kensss City. Mo.. Nov. It. Cattle-
cslpta, 7.400 head; market, lower; prime fed
steers, tl0.2ioll.10; dressed beef steers.
ai.evaf is.uv: western steers, tl.i0O10.00
cows, t4.10Ot.00: helfera. IG.00A1t.06
stockers and feeders, IS.i0O7.7i; bulls, 11.10
We.". CSlvea, SB.V0Oil.00.
Hogs Receipts, 13.000 hesd: market,
strong; bulk of ssles, lt.30OI.7i: heavy.
II. IIOI.ll; packers and butchers, 11.100
uei...; pigs, if.xeoB-0v.
Sheep and Lsmbs Receipts. 1.100 head
mereoi, stesoy; lamps, l 1.00 0 1 2.00: veer
lings, ll.71Olt.00; , wethers. I7.i001.7i;
' H. larats Uvs stock Market
St. Louis, Nov. 11. Cattle Receipts, I.StO
head; market lower: native beef steers, 17.10
OHIO; yearling steers snd heifers, si. SO
vii.av; cows. B.50O7.7i: Blockers and
feeders. tl.30O7.i0; prims southern steers,
II.00OI. 00: prims yesrllna etsera and hair.
srs, 7.t0OM0; native calves, 11.00 0)1.00.
Hots Receipts, 17,100 head: market,
usnt, ee.veiev.os; pige. se.(0Ot.7i
mised and , butchers, tt.toot.10; good
eer, ee.'; duik or sales, tt.2iOt.7t.
viieei, am Lamps Receipts. 1,000 hesd
rnereet, stssay; iambs, 97. (0012.10; ewss,
,.'"V',i yearlings. BB.0VOS.2S,
Wool City Uvs Stock Market.
SIOUX City. la. NOV. It Pa, tie
oelpls, 1,100 hesd; market, steady; beef
niesret fe.aeeys.BO; DUtcners,
canners, I4.OOOI.31; stockers and feeders.; csives, ta.ouot'lv; bulls, stags.
C, li.00Ot.00. .
Hogs Recelota. t.000 t..,
Until light, 18.i0OI.3i: mleerf la eajaa aa!
' ' ,..,.V'H.
Sheep and Lambs Racelnte t aaa k..e.':. uri 1I.21O7.40; lamb:
l7.40OU.2i. j 1 .
St Jeeepk Llvs Stock Market
St, Joseph, Me.. Nov. it.attle-Ra.
osipts, 2.400 head; market alow: steers.
,,.i vuwe ana neiiers. ae.aDaain an
Hots Rscelpts. 11.000 head; market 104
Ho lower; top, !l.7t: bulk of sales, tt iks.
oneep ana ismn-HSCSlOtS. l.SOS heart.
market steady; iambs, IIl.i0O12.00; ewss.
Uv Stock la Sight.
RseelptS Of LiVO StORk St the flvs nrinelnei
ne,.H nmu yestoraay:
) Cettie. n,H
Omaha 1,(00 11,100
Chicago 11,000 41,000
Ksnsss City 7.ano 11 aaa '
Sloui City ........ 1.100 l.oot
St. Louis 4.100 17.100
...31,001 101,101 42,100
... " V Cog as Market
New Yerk. Not. 14 Tnrree The e...a.i
for futures wss fairly active today, but
part of ths tradlna was In the H,
eencaini irom near ta lata months, and
thsra waa comparatively little change in
prices. Ths opening wss unchsnged to 3
points lower under offerings which seemed
to corns chiefly from trsds sources and
scattering liquidation, probably Inspired by
the talk of numerous offsrs from Brasli lata
yeaterday. Houses with European connec
tions were buyers, however, while there wes
also a moderate demand from Wall strset
and cotton trade houses oa which prices
rallied from 1.40c to I (4c for May. This
advenes waa not fully maintained with the
mere., cioaiug I point lower to I points
Wghw, Sales io.llo bags! Novsmber, l.tic;
' e.eeo; January, s.ltc; February.
i'ee .' . ."7. " APni, t.ltc; May,
.tie June t.4tn! Julv. a ate. a... . a
Ssptsmber, Moo; October, l.tic. Spot' coffee!
to ii an J"' BtM "'' w,n
. . . -"' werv no oaiciat quota
tions from Brasli and no fresh offsrs wsre
reported In the . cost and freight market
srs from Santos. 1
RaoOlbta On boinf neelri. t... ..s
Wtrt light and market la In . .-a
gtsaty condition.' Prices on all grades of
XL. . Km' hlbrrdmand la good.
fTalrls. hayi Wholes upland,, I10.I0O11.00;
."V".'u. ee.auayio.oo; No. 1 upland.
Il.tOOl.tO; No. I upland, lt.t0O7.60: Na
1 midland, II.OOOIIOO; No 1 midland, 11.00; No. I lowland. II. 00O7.00; No. I
tit" v4.IOOl.tO Ne, I lowland, tl.000
.i''!?1 C"01". '11 No. 1. tll.ooe
It.lO; Standard. 111.10014.11; No 1, 111 SO; No. I, tt.toolO II
mraw; ust, tt.tlO7.0t; whsat, I1.10O
I. It.
' - Cot test Market.
Nsw Tork. Nov. 14 'nii..,...
opened steady; December. 30.21c; January
jJ JJJi ". !; May, 20, Ho; July!
Ths cotton market today closed Irregular
at nt gains of II to 11 points on ths old
5PerT to 4 points on the new crop
cotton futures closed stssdy. December.
,...Kci,,j'u",ya'?..,,,,c4,,)!. M'reh- "
lo'oo: NTi..:."""" """"" """'"
Liverpool, Nov. II. Cotton Spot strong
good middling, It.Old; middling ll.lldMow
middling, U.7M: salas, 1,000 balls
Oil Sjl
Ssvsnnsh. Oa. Hn ,a ....
Pirin; 47o; sales. 111 bbla'; rscelpts, 114
bis.: shlpmenta. I bbla; stock. 11.170 bbla.
1 ee li. V. ''" ""l fece pis,
I.S7I bbls. I Shlnmenle. ki.i- . -.. X?
7l,ltl bbls. Quote:,, B. C, t, 11.30: E F
'"':'i"'ik Dry Uaodt Marks!.
New Tork. Nov. II Coitoo ...j.
firm and there was more activity in sheet,
logs. Tarns wsre very Arm. Carpet. ,
rugs advanced. Raw silk closed higher.
Shoop Finds Man Who
PavOns False Teeth
Officer ShooD. who makrt the-
rounds of the Diwnthoon. occasion.
ally finds the routine day's work
DroKcn oy an ODservation of unusual
interest. .
His latest cxDerknce was to find a
set of false teeth, gold-filled. They
had been owned by a man who was
advanced $275 on this artificial tun
of his being.
lough luck when a man has to
pawn his teeth," remarked Mr. Shoop.
Community Center to Be -
Formed at Qeaf Institute
A community center organization
will be started in the
auditorium of the Deaf institute. Forty-fifth
street and Bedford avenue.' J.
iv d..i k.. k... :.-.! S
... eii., Wert, apyumivu aupcrvr-
tor of this center by the Board of
rumic Recreation.
The State Board of Control author
ized use of the auditorium for com
munity center activities. A program
will be offered this evening before the
butiness session it called.
Relief Corps Presents
Flag to G, A. Custer Post
U, S. Grant Woman's Relief cores
presented a flag to George A. Custer
corps at a iarge meeting in Memorial
half Tuesday. Mrs. Lillian Eddy made
the presentation and Mrs. C G. Ever
son responded. Both corps were in
vited to attend the forty-ninth wed
ding anniversary celebration of Mr.
and Mrs. Emery Johnson Saturday
eveutiig. Mrs. Cora Taliaferro a:-.d
Comrades Augustus Lock tier and M.
J. Fecnan 'ipokc
Demand for Lower Grades of
Wheat is Slow, but Price
. Advances a Cent.
Omaha, November II, lilt.
Th cat-fa acralfi Ituatlon wmm Terr aulet
itxujr and although th run waa fairly rood,
only a small part of the aamplea ware
aiapoaea or before noon. There seenied
pretty rood demand for the better
ffradea of wheat, but the demand for the
lower rraSe--waa very alow and moat of
in no. nard aoid at nd
the aample rrade around 1.7I. No, 2
hard wheat aold at about 1c advance, the
duik 01 toaaya aalea oeinv made at 91.40
t.i, wnne tne duik yeateraay aotd at
11. SI. No. hard wheat also aold hlfher,
Dut the aalea of thla grade were ' very
Hht, the aeneral run of lunolei a-oln
The corn market wai fairly active and
1th Increaaed recelota and a fairly a trod
canii inquiry, this cereaj ruled from
tower 10 jc niffner.
The demand for aata wee eanal1Fahlv
better and -while the trade In thla cereal
aunnr tne early trading houra waa alow,
tne aitua Hon tmiiroved aomawhat and
goodly portion of the aamplea were dtapoaed
ot at a mc advance. Tne atandara a-radi
of oata and the No. 8 white aold at about
tne aame price and the bulk of tha No.
white offerlnga brought hbc.
Tnere waa a pretty good inaulrv for
yellow corn and the better grade of thla
cereal aold at a good premium over the
other varieties. The bulk of tha yellow
corn aold at Ho and the whtta brought
irom w be to uc.
neceipta or rye ana Carrey were fairly
good, but the demand for these cereals was
ratner slow.
Rye aold about t4o higher and barter waa
quoia nominally unchanged.
Liverpool eioae: Wheat, unchanged: earn.
Id to lHd higher.
primary wheat receista were 1.14T.M6
buaheta, and shipment 1, 16 MO bushels
against recelpta of 2, : 0,000 buaheta, and
shipments of Ml, 000 last year.
rriroary corn receipts were 571.000 trash.
els, and shipments lt7,00v bushels against
receipts of 644.000 bushels, and shinmenui
oi ..f,vvw ousneis last year.
frimary oats receipts were 5B.00B buah-
ets, and shipments 111,000 bushels against
receipts ot B44,ooe bushele. and shl omenta
os t,ivi,vuo puaneis last year.
. Wheat. Corn.
( 117
Chicago . . ,
Ouluih ....
Omaha .
. 0
Kansas City
Ht. Louts ..
Winnipeg ...
These sales were reported today;
w neat No. 1 hard winter: ; 1 mn.
M.I7H. No. t hard winter: 1 oar, I1.S7W:
J cars, 11.87: 1 cars. Sl.MU. No. 1 hard
winter: i cars. H.86; i car. ll.ll: 1 cars.
1.11. 1. 4 hard winter: S cars $1.13;
car. 11.11 Xk. fiemnle hard wtnteri S nan.
11.80; oar, 11.71: 1 oar. 11.75. No. S
spring: 1 oar, $1.77. No. spring: 1 car,
?i. ft. no. durum mixed: 1 car. fl.94.
i mneo l car. Sl.l7 X eara. ll.ta.
no. mixed: i car.
Corn No. t white: 1 cars. !SU. No. t
white: t car (old), t&Hci S cars, the. No.
nue; i car, sac. no. 2 yellow: 1 eara.
WWc. No. S yellow;' I cars, tatts: S care.
tile. No. 4 yellow: 1 oar, UMc l car, S4o.
No. I yellow;. 1 car, 4c. No. S mixed: 1 car,
14c; 10 cars, $lc No. 4 mlied: 9 cars,
. oampie mtiea: l car, lac.
Oats Htandard: 1 car. S&tte. No. 1
white: 17 cars, ICfte, Sample whits: S eara.
RreNo. 1: 1 car; 11.444.
R rl,v Ma 1 l sass I U w.
i car, ti c. ' ,
Omaha Cash Price Wheat; No. t hrtl
ll.8flOl.i7i4: No. S hard. II 1101 N a
hard, 11.8101.85; No. S spring,;
No. s spring, Il.80ei.t0i No. S durum,
fi.sti, no, ourum, 1.17 ffi.ti. corn:
No. I white, t6H4H; No. I white, I4H0
lie; No. 4 white, I4lfic; No. I whlU, tt
avtc no. t white, static: No. i yellow.
tlftHo: No. I yellow, 16910; No. 4
yenow, Mffuno; no. yeuow, i04e.
No. t yellow, 9394c; No. S mixed, . "4 f)
8c; No. S mixed, SSet3Hc; No. 4 mixed,
II ftlc; No. 6 mixed, UOtlo; No. t
mixed tie2e. Oats: No. S white, MHO
S6Hc; sundard, Ha9t6He; No. I white.
MOUfce: No. 4 white. 64tt6t. Barley:
naiung. 91.0391. is: no. 1 leeo, IOC 0 11.01.
nye: no. n.MHOl.UH; No. I, 1.449
" Lofl Baage mt Optiaaa. '- v
The local future market waa very anlet to
day and the early In December and" May
wheat was mainly the result of tha unfa
vorable Argentine news and earerlna by
the shorts, ,
There waa very little axmrt buatneae a
Isrday and tt tt the opinion of many -of the
ireaera that foreigners are waiting for
break in wheat bat ore placing anr lam
order, but will eventually tax all the
wheat that can b shipped.
roreign .oaeiea on corn were very hoiiiah
and ths situation was helped considerably
by the faot that Argentina reports on eorn
are very unfavorable and only timely rains
in inai district will prevent a total tailor
In the com crops.
Tit a board reported t good axDort In
quiry for corn and oats, but there waa not
much of a demand for the oerealg la tha
local pit-
Art. Open. I High. Low. Cloaa. Tea.
Wht. I . j
Deo. 1 13 I 1 I4H IBS 1 ti 1BIH
May 1 II 1 II 1DH 1 17 117
July 1 14 1 IB 153 I 13 1S4
Dee. , !l IS tl 91 tl
May ti . ts tt is 12
July IS tl t tt tt
Deo. , , tl IB l$ .'-IS SI
May I 10 ID II It tt
"Chicago doling pricea. furnished Tha Be
by Logan dt Bryan, stock and grain broken,
U South BUieenth street. Omaha:
Art. I Open, j High. 1 Low Close. Tes'y'
wiu I ! ' T m
Deo. I 17 1 II 111 1 IB 117
May t II 1 14 110 1 11 113
July 1 1 1 41 111 1 IIH 111
Cora. .
Dee. 17911 t7 tl IB M
May 91 tt II 17 17
July tt tl 17 17 17
Deo. 18 ' II B7i 17 17
May - IS . IS 11 ci
Jan, 17 80 17 41 It 17 17 II 27 IX
May 17 II 17 St 17 SO ST IS 17 17
Jan. 1 41 II 47 II ! II 18 17
May 14 41 14 41 II 10 II S3 If J7
Ribs. -"
Jan. 14 II 14 II 14 41 14 41 14 47
May 14 l 14 II 14 17 14 17 14 10
luttarNo. I ft ream err,
tun. icj no, 1, site.
Cheea quotations by Vrlau A Ca,i
Choae Imported Hwlaa. I&e: itnmMti
Swlsa, 4lc; block Swiss. Sic;, twin cheese,
!7; triplets,, 17c; daisies, 17c; young
America, 17c: Blue Label brick, 17c: 11m
berger, lie: New Tork white, ITo; Roque
fort. 14c,
Oratersi "King Cole" CheaaDaake Hta.nA.
arda, gal. 91.41. "King Cole" Selects, gal.
11.71. "King Cole" Northern Standarda,
gal. 11.16. "King Cole" Select. gaL tl to.
King Cole'i Counts. I1.1L Btu Poim.
par 10t. 11.11. ,
celery: ualironila Mammath. mf jb.
too. "
Ftah: Catftah. ner tb. llet Trent. ik
lie; fall Salmon, per lb. llo; Red Salmon,
per lb, lie; Halibut, per lb. lTc; Herring,
per lb. Te; Black Baas, per lb. 17910a;
Bullheads, dressed, per .lb. lee; Carp,
dressed, per lb. tc; Tile .fish, per lb, Ite;
Red Snapper, per lb. lie; Black Cod, per
lb. Ite; Sun Ash. perVlb. To; Crvpplea, per
lb. tc; Ploundera. per lb. Ho; Smelta, per
lb, lie; Selkirk Whtta, per lb. He; Pike,
per lb. 14911c;Plckerel, per lb. la; Smoked
Whlteftsh. per lb. llo; Kippered Salmon,
per lb. He; Peeled Shrimp, per gal. 11.71;
Headieaa Shrimp, per gal. 11.11.
Wholesale price of beef eats: No. 1 1
Ribs. 180; No. I Ribs. 14o; No. Rlba,
llo; No. 1 Xolo. lie; No, Loins, 17o;
No. I Lelos, uo; No, 1 Chucks. 11 o;
No. S Chucks, te: No. I Chucka, lo;
No, 1 Round, lie; No, t Rounds, let
No. t Reunda, lie; N 1 Plata. Uo; No.
riaiea, iv; fo. riaiea, ic
Poultry Uve: Spring, all alaea, 14c; hens,
lbs, and up, 14e; hens, under 4 lbs.. 11 Ho:
roosters. He: ducks, full feathered, fat, lie;
geese, full feathered, fat, lie; twkaya, I
lb, and over. He; gutneaa, each, llo; pig
eons, per dos lac. Dressed: Turkey dry
picked, No, l, young tome and hena. Sic;
old torn, llo: turkeys. No. g, lie; doeka,
No. 1, lie; ducka, No, t, lcj gae, Na. 1,
14c. Other poultry at market price.
Fruit and vegetable nrioea liralahadl hv
QUInaky rrult Co.
Fruit Oranges: Ha. Itta. ISa box. 14.11:
Ilia, box, 4.k; lifts, box.; 171a, 181a,
box, IC.7B; ISOa, llfta, l0a. box .ftt.
Lemons: Fanoy. box. 17.04: choice, box.
4 Crapefrulti Florida 84a, 44a bag.
40; r-toi-kia 4fis. box. 14.00: Florida a.
80a. box. Iti.SS: AddIox: York Jinn Va,
ubt, 14. no: lvn DaviM boh. iJ.fio; wine
i. bbl .; Jonaan, 11. B; Jen-
is lUai and largor. box. 1.7I, Grapes:
Tokays:, oral fl.21; Emperors crate.
11.50: Bmperorr kera. 14.10c Malagas, sx
tra choice, keg, $4.90; MalagM, fancy, keg.
17.; Malagas, extra fancy, keg, 91.00.
Pears: jUariletta. crate, ll.Oo; Kelfsra, bu.,
II. .
Vegetables rota toes: Market price
Sweet potatoes: Virginias, bbl., I4.SB: hamp
era. 11.71. Honey: Baa, ea.. 18.71. Cranber
ries: bbl., 11.40; boxes. Vegetables
Onions, crate, 11.00; red or yellow, lb lo;
tomatoei, lug., 11.00; cukes dos. 11.71;
cabbage, lb., lc: rutabagoea lb.. Se;
celery, Michigan, do., 49c; Colorado, dox.,
9W1. .
Mlacellaneous- Peanuta. No. 1 raw, lb.
tic; roast., lb., la; Jumbo, raw, lb., c; Jum-
IS.7I: flga, case. 11.10; No. 1 English wal
bo, roasted, lb.. 10c; Drom. dates, ease.
nuis, uv, ite.
Karty Bblge I Wheat FaHowed by
action nod Hecead Lptura.
Chicago, Nov. II.- Apparently unfounded
assertions that President Wilson would make
recommendations to congress relative to an
embargo on foodstuffs did a aaod deal to
day to weaken the price of wheat Closing
quotations were heavy at lc to lc net a
dine with December at 11.11 to 11. IB
and Hay at 1.0 to Corn fin
Ished 9c off to 9c up; oats, un
changed, and provisions varying from tc
loss to a rise of 46c,
Denials aald-to be fsom the White House
that the president would favor an embargo
wheat came too late to act aa a cheek
today on the bears. Besides, the fact, that
British buyers seemed to be out of tne mar
ket and had done nothing In the laat few
days, counted seriously against the bulla,
and so also did rumors that much British
vessels tonnage had been switched to Aus
tralia and to India. In this connection
strros was laid on announcements that the
India government had sanctioned export'
Ing to England, Francs and Italy In Novem
ber, December and January, JJ,000;000
bushels of wheat. The result was that an
early bulge In prices waa much more than
offset, especially toward the last of the
session, when the embargo talk was rue.
Wllllna-fiMM thai hnlrlm svlflniri in lkft
profits was a notable factor throughout the
day In the wheat plt.even during the first
couple of hours, notwithstanding that prices
then were oa the upgrade. The eaviy
strength was due chiefly to advice that
hot wlnda were damaging the crop in South
era Argentina, and that yields there were
Corn finally weakened with wheat, ror
tha greater part of the. day, however, the
corn market was higher. Influenced by re
ports that the new corn crop In Argentina
waa ft complete failure. Oats held within
comparatively narrow range. ' seaboard
handlers figure that eats from the United
States can be laid down In London, 30 cents
a bushel cheaper than shipments from Ar
Signs of Belgian relief buying made pro
visions average higher. Declines In the hog
market were virtually ignored. .
Cash Pricea Wheat No. I and No. 1
red, nomlnah No. I hard, 41.80 1.17
No. 1 hard. ll.llOl.ll.
Corn No. Syellow, 11.01; No. 4 yellow.
11.0001,01; no. 4 whiter 11. 000101
uate no. 1 wane, rr vobkc; atanaara,
Rye no. 1, 11.s091.ei.
Timothy IS.26 9 6.SE. , . '
Provisions Pork. 121.01: lard. 117.10
ribs, fl4.06914.40. r
Butter Higher:ereemery. 14 01710. .
Eese HiaYhSW recelDts. 1.4.4 eases: firsts.
4ipc; orainary iirsia, v).j ai mam,
cases tnciuaed, 809 17c, t
Potatoes Unchanged: receipts. forty
three cars. ' K
Poultry Alive, unchsnged; - fowl. - lie
springe, 17c .
Quotations of the Day aa Various Ledlnt
New Tork, Nov. 14. Flour Easier
spring patents, 11.60 91,76; winter patents.
H.Bucft.oo; winter straignts, 18. 4091.96.
Wheat Spot, steady: No. 1 durum. 12.28
No. I hard, 91.16; No. 1 northern. Dututh,
83-ia; no. I northern, Manitoba, i.12, f.
o.. new xorK. -
Com Spot, cteadyy; No 8 yellow, 11.17,
1. r., new xoric.
Oata Spot, Arm; aUndard, 619 63c.
Hay Firm: No. 1. 41.0601. 10: No. S.
91.40; No. I, 10c; shipping, 10c. , '
Hop Steady; stau, common to choice,
1114, ,46960c; 1116, 1916c; Pacific coast.
1111, 18914c; 1116, 1912c.
Hides Firm; Bogota, 44946c; Central
America, tJOlc.
weather Ftrm; hemlock first. 62c: sec
onds, 60o. .
Provision Pork, Arm; mess, 131.009
as.w, lamuy, Bi.vvff3f.oo; anort clear.
121.10921.00. Beef, irregular; mess, 923.00
wai.ftv; lamny. iau.itvaf37.go. iard. steady
middle west 917.40917.60.
Tallow Firm; alty, lie; country, 119
lie; special, lle.
Butter Firm: receipts. 4.611 tuba: cream.
cry, ll940e; firsts, S79!c; seconds,
Erg strong: receipt. 1. 605 eases: freak
gathered extra fin, 4&947o; extra firsts, 42
aiu, tiraia, avapsjitsi aeconas, svvvbc.
Cheese Firms: reeelnts. 6.101: ata,ta freah
specials, vsc; state rresh, average
Poultry Llva; firms; chickens, l930o;
fowls. 14914c; turkey. 20 9 21c. Draased:
quiet; chickens, 11931c; fowls, 169i2c;
Tsh City fJesNal Market. .
Kansas City. NOV. II. Wheat Na, t nam.
91.1191-11; No. I red, 9t.l69t.ll; Decern
ber, 91.111 May, 91.1191.14.
Cora No. I mixed, 91.00; No. I white.
91. v; no, m yeuuw, iwsc; December.
t29tlo: May, I69t6c.
Oata No, 1 White. 67UC61e: Na. 1 mld.
Oata NO, I whit. I79lle: No. 1 mixed
Butter Creamery, 16e; firsts. 12 Ue: sec
onds, lie; packing, 21c ;
Kgga Flrata, 17c.
Poultry Hons, lie; roosters. ISo: broil i
era, lie.
Ml wwta poll Grata Market,
Minneapolis. Nov. 14. Wheat DeeemhAt-.
1.1891.84; May, 11.1891.84, Cash: No.
1 hard. 91.97 98.00;. No. 1 northern,
u.iiitvi.itn;, no. 1 northern, 11.119
Corn No. I yellow, 16914c. ( x
Oata No. I white, 66 96&c. .
Flaxseed 91.7792.11.
Flour Unchanged.
Barley -Rye
91.4491 47. .
8. Louis Oeseral Market.
St. tiOUlS. Nov. II. Wheat No. 2 red.
91.819110; No. I hard, 91.1091.11;
Deoember, 11.16 t May. 11.88.
Cora No. I. old. 11.02: No. I whit. Aid.
91.06; Decern bar, c; May, t7o.
Oats No. 1, 61961 c; No. I white noml
nL ... livwpeal Oral Market,
Ltvernool. Nov. II. Wheat Snot No. 1
hard winter, 16a lld; No. 1 northern Du
luth, 16a lld; No. 1 Manitoba. 14s Sd;
No. 2. 14s Id! No. S. 16s ld.
Corn -Spot American mixed, new, 13s 9a
'' ., : v Metal Market,
New Tork, Nov, II. The metal exchange
quotes lead, 97.0097.10; spelter, strong:
spot, East St. tsouls delivery. ll913e.
uopner Firm; electrolytic, first Quarter.
9SS.OO91S.OI: aecond quarter, 930.00913.00.
iron oteany ana uncnanged, .
Tin Strong; apot 944.76.
At laondon Spot copper, fill: futures.
130. 10: electrolytic. 164: spot Un. 181:
futures, llto. 16. lead, ISO, Its; spelter,
61, 16b. i -
Sugar Market. '
Nw Tftrk. Nov. 1 K. Awi-.Rw ataarlv
centrifugal, 1.40c; molasses, 6.63c, Reflned,
steady; fine granulated, 7.60e, Sugar fu
tures opened nrmer on c-oveiing and sup
port from trade Interests. At poo, pries
were I to I points higher.
in the wonderful Oklahoma Oil Fields,
where more fortunes have been made in a
short time than in any other oil field.
The BEST BUY ta this rich district to
day Is
which ia earning mora thaa S,, parta,
11 dividend, and which has tl wells.
1 vampin, plants, 10 sail.. f nip Mn
and I.M0 scree at rich oil lands which
osv Kardl, See scratched. BIO NEWS
af trt) tneraased dividend I dv
soon. BUY NOW and sat thy hi new
dividend as a Chriatasas present. Writ
lor ur aaoaiet.
We will iladr, sand tt rrwa aa rsejvaast.
XM 8. LaSall St. Suits tUS, CHICAGO.
Trading Harked 'by Unusual
- Extravagance S and
Activity. l
. - .'. v.
New lorU, Nsv. It. Tralnr in today's
msrkct wss characterised by a decree of
extravagance and activity rarely surpassed
In any of ths previous bull movsmen.ts of
the lest two ysare. Aside from recognised
bsalc conditions of a highly favorable
Character, there Were no rievelnnmenie tn
explsln the movement, which reoelved much
or its vnpuise irom a conndent purposs and
the usual professional sources.
There were scarcely anv eicentlnna te the
upswing, which comprehended an unusual
number and variety of Isauee. many of a
purely speculetlve character. A better In
quiry for rails slao served to benent thai
division, though advances in thst quarter
were relatlveljt nominal and not well main
tained. More than a score of stocks achieved new
maximums, foremost amone thee helne nif
States Steel, common, which rose 34 points
.o- ire, wun aa tor tne second prererrsd at
110. A largs part of this sain wss aur.
rendered late. Other high records Included
l.ackswsnna Kleel at 101, gloss Sheffeld
Steel at I3i4: Renubllc Iron et S7S1 ,
of the more prominent oODoers. such aa
Anaconda. Chlno snd InsDiration; Atlantic
Oulf and West Indies: Corn Products, pre
ferred; American Writing Paper, preferred:
Pressed Stsel Csr: Detroit United Rellwuv..
and Smelters Securities, preferred "B." In
thaas snd kindred Issues gross sdvsnces
ran irom rrsctlons -to threo and even live
points, wltl one to two for Paclns, Gran
gers and Trunk lines. Minor rails were Ir.
regulsr. but mainly higher, Chicago Alton
common and preferred lmnrovlne hv three
to almost seevn points. United State, steel
nnia us leadership ss the most active stock,
bUt again Closed St OnlV a net fractlnnel
gain. Central Lesthee reeeineri e I.
of its recent decline at an extreme gain of
-tb iviuLe. joiai sales, 2, 100,000 shares.
Bonds Were Strong. With hnuvencv In Phlnn
Copper 7. and Lackswanna Steel I's. Totsl
sslss, psr Value. tl.tlO.OOO. United Hi. la.
bonds were unchanged on call.
. . ' Sales. High Low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar ., 1,100 10314 102!. 101V
American Can ... 11.000 st UK lli
Am. Car A Pdrv. . 17 BAA Ttu eou .i iT
Am. Locomotive .. 18.300 I5 13 I3t4
Am. Smell, at Ref. 100,800 120 lim 118
Am. Sugar. Ref.. 7.100 111. Ill HI
Am. Tel. & Tel u3
Am. Z. L. 8. ... 11.800 tOH St SIU
Anaconda Copper., 70.700 102V, 1,1 u 1I1U
Atchiaon 5.00 10114 10,2 10414
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im t .
It b !s tt
14 14 14
7 U It.
14 22V, 22H
172 170 1714
liu. 64 V, 17
14 12 tl
!4Vt 11 12
70S II lt
i74 14 661,
21 20 23
tl 11 tOH
17 ii" ' 11
184 110 111
Rail SX nhln
Brooklyn B. T. ...
RAN r '
CaL Petroleum
Canadian Paclfi.
C'hes. at Ohio ....
P.. U. a, Ht Pent
C. R. I. A p. Ry. 11,10,
Chlno Copper .... 11,000
Colo. Fuel ft Iron. 21,100
Corn. Prod. Ref. . 72.100
urucioie steel
Distillers' Sec. .
rieneeel' KlV.!
ureal northern prd 1,000
Ul. Northern or. ctf , t.OO
Illinois Central ... 200
Interborougb C. C. l.too
Inenlretlnn rnn a, i ea
iiai, iii. na
41 44 44
101 104 101
11 17 17
70 lt 71
Intl. Harvester...'.' 200
til ill ill
121 111 111
11 21 25
tl 11 I 67
111 108 101
47J4 40 41
18 18 18
10 I 10
11 17 17
70 II 88
21 28 21
101 10f 107
11 17 II
142 121 121
111 110 110
It 21 21
v 21
17 66 66
34 14 34
101 107 101
17 84 !
J'. 33 23
0 11 11
27 26 28
127 126 126
23 23 23
230 221 221
141 147 148
86 83 81
141 137 188
124 123 123
121 121 121
120 111 111
2t 28 21
101. 101 101
6F,62 16
g.100,000 shares.
tna. si, si. pro. CtIS 17,700
Ksnsss City So. .1 1,40,
Kennecott Copper 117,100
Louisville A N
Mex. Petroleum 11 BAA
Miami Copper .... ll'toO
Mo. Kan. a: T. Dfd 700
Missouri Pacific ,. ' 1,400
Montana Power .. 500
National Lead ... 4,70,
Nevada Copper ... 11,000
Ney-York Central. 11.500
tl. i.i
norroik A WcaL
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall
Psciflc Tel aV Tel.
Ray. Con. Coppes '. It'.lOO
RA.HIn. el ana
Rep. Iron A Steel .It. 400
Shattuck Ariz. -Cop 17,100
Southern Pacific . 10.100
Southern Railway. 1,100
Htllriehelfee C , .AA
Tenn. Copper .... 1,400
Texas Co 2.000
Union Pacific .... 21.200
Union Pacific pfd. 300
V. 8. Ind. Alcohol 1.100
11. ft Rteel BO KAA
U. 8. 8teel pfd. ... '00
Utslh Copper 11,000
Wehnah nM "n" , UAH
Western Union ... 400
Weettnghouse Blec. 14,100
. Total sales for the day.
Londo Stock Markst. (
London, Nov. " It. American securities
were steady and featureless on the slock
exchange here today. " - 1
Silver Bar, 34d per ounce.
Money 4 percent. ,
Discount Rstes Short bills, !t6 per
cent; three months, 6 06 per cent.
New York Money Market. -
New Tork, 5 Nov. -16. Primes Mercantile
Paper 3 per cent.
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day bills,
11.71 ; commercial slxty-dsy bills on banks,
14.70; commercial slxty-dsy bills, 14.70;
demand, 14.76: cables, 14.71 7-11.
Silvers-Bar, 71o; Mexican, dollars, lie.
Bond Government, ateady: railroad,
Time Loans Easier: sixty days, 103
Bald. Loooraotlve. 11.10,
and Saturday
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Men's and Young Men's
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1 per cent.'-
Call Money Steady; highest, 2 per cent:
lowest. I per cent; ruling rate, 2 per cent:
laat loan, 1 per cent; rlostng bid. t per
cent: offered at 1 per cent.
U. & Ref Is. re, II K. C. Bo. r is. tl
ado. coupon ... II U A N. un. 4s. 16
V. 8. ts. reg..l00M., K. A T. 1st 4S 78
do. coupon... 100. Mo. Psc. 0 Is. 103
U. 8. 4s. ret... Ill Mont. Power 1. 11
' ado, coupon ..110'N. T. City 4s.ll0
Am. Smalt. 6S..UI N. Y N. H. A
Am. Tel. A Tel. H. cv 6s HI
or. 4s .' 118 Nor. Pacific 4. 14
Anglo-French ts 16 Nor. Paclflo la.. 16
Atchison gen 4s l4Or 8. L. r 4a. 13
Bait. A O. ts... !4P. T. A T. 6s. 101
Beth. 8teel r Is. 102 Penn. con. 4o.l06
Cent. Pac. 1st.. 10 Penn. gen. !s.102 .
Chea A Ohio cv Reading gen. 4a 15
4S 85 "Ot. Lh A B. r,
C. B. A 0. 1 4s lt ref 4s ..; tl
C., ' M. A St. P. So Psc. cv Is. .106
cv Is 10tSo. Pac. ref 4a. 12
C, R. I. A t. So. Railway 6.lo2
Ry. ref 4s 71 Union Pac. 4s.. 11
C. A 8. ref 4s 86 usflon Pac. cv 4s 14 ,
D. A R. O. e 4s 12 O. S. Rubber. .102 .
Erie gen 4s.. 74U. & Steel 6s... 107
Gen. Elec 6s...l06West. Union 4a 17
Ot. Nor. 1st 4s,100p. of Can 1111.100
111. Cent, r 4s. tl 'Bid.
I. M. M. 4s.l0l . ,
Local Blocks ai
Quotations furnished by Bums, Brlnker
A Co.. 441-62 Omaha National bank build
ing, Omaha, Neb.: .
Stocks' Bfd. Asked.
Cudshy Packing Co., 7 pet pfd.104- 105
California Packing Corp. pfd. .101 106
Deere A Co. pfd It t7
Fairmont Creamery Co. pfd... 101 107
oooch Mill. A Ele. Co. 7 pet pfd 11 100
Lincoln ret. a Tel. com. I pci. ss
Omaha-Council B. Ry. A B. pfd tt
Omaha-Council B. 8t. R. pfd.. 74
Omaha-Council B. St B. com. 41
Omaha E. L. A P. Co. pfd.... 12
Peters Mill. Co. I pet pfd 11 100
union siocg xos. Co. ts pxa...loi loz
Wilson A Co. pfd..... 101
Wichita U. 8. Ids. I pot. stock It
Argentine Gov't ta 1120 100 100
Armour A Co. 4S,MI11 tl tl .
Booth-St. Louis ts, 1131 11 100
Chicago Railways 1st 6s. 1127. It 17
Chicago Tel. 1st 6. 1123 101.21 101.25
Cudshy Pack. Co. 1st 6s, 1124.102 ..
Iowa P. Cement Co. Is, 1116-24. t, lit
Kansas City Ry. 1st is. It44.. 17 ; tl
Los Anglss Ry. C. 1st r. 6i, lilt It K '
March. H. A L. 1st A r. Is, 1112 tt.H
Omsha-Ceuncll B. 8. R. 6a, 1121 It ,7
Paclflo G. A Elect la, 1141.... 17 II
Packard M. C. Co. is. 1111... 11 11
Spok. H L A P Co 1st Is, lilt II 100
Swift A Co. 5s, 1144 101 101 "
City of Toronto 4 He, 1953 81 10 '
Utah P. A L. Co. 1st Is, 1144. 15 tl
Wilson A Co. ts, 1111. 102 103
Wichita Union stock Yards 6101
- Bank Cleajingsv
Omaha,Nov. It. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were 11,412,720.07, and for the
corresponding day lagt ye.r, 14,127,712.02.
at Lower
Here Friday
CanrsrstHart Scbsiiaar ilsa
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