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    Trig BEE: OMAHA,-- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1916.
" Austrians and Germans Driven
1 from Heights on Both Sides
2 of Road to Slaventin.; :
. ,
; TioHma m eoumahia
!' Petrograd, Not. IS. (Vii London.)
It ftnMiaa troops on the river. Wara-
2uvk, inthe region of the height! to
.lihe east of Llpnicadolna, in Oalicia,
Ijkesterday assumed the offensive and
.forced the Austro-German troops
Urom the positions which they had
''occupied on both sides of the road
Reading to the village of Slaventin,
JJaccording to the Russian official
(Utatement issued today. . y.
1" In the Tirmiiiulv. Alt and liul val-
f leys, on the Transylvanian front, the
Vn... I L. I -I.
1. Roumanians nave uccu iuiwu vm.
by the Austrians and Germans, who
Iihave brought up reinforcements, the
'war office reports.
I i Invasion U Proceeding.
I. Berlin, Nov. 1$. (Via Wireless to
JSayville.) The invasion of Roumania
'is being carried on successfully by
' lithe Austrian and Germans, the war
lloffice announcedEngagements along
"the road . leading into Wallachia
: U southwestern Roumania) yesterday
germinated successfully for the Teu
tonic forces, who took more than J, 800
Jlprisoneri. Withdrawal of Bulgarian
troops on the Macedonian front to
avoid a flank attack, is announced by
I' army headquarters. The statement
Jj.follows: i
ft; "Bulgarians troops withstood un
!!shaken violent French attacks on the
fjilain before Monastir. In the Cerna
'bend the enemy, captured some
Ueights. In order to avoid pressure
;upon the flanks of our position in the
Lvalley, our line of defense was placed
further back. -, s- t ' -
t--.V.., Teutons Art in Plight. ;
t Bucharest, Nov. 15. (Via London.)
b From the border of western Molda
via to the Slanie and Oituz valleys
',in Transylvania, the Austro-German
Korces are being pursued across the
Urontier by the Roumanian troops, ac
cording to announcement by the Rou
vtnanian war office today. In the Jiul
Eivalleys the Roumanians have been
forced back to their second line
"trenches as -the 'result of continued
inriolcnt Teutonic attacks, the state
ment adds, and the Roumanians also
"have been obliged to yield some
j'groutid in the Alt valley.
!' Occupation by the Roumanians of
'the town of Boasic, in Dobrudja, is
Announced today by the war office.
Hostile airmen, the official state
,1'ment reports, dropped bombs over
"the palace in Bucharest. The queen
t nd the princesses, however, were not
; I'm the structure, having left after the
) 'death of Prince Mircea. , i
ii IMUnrf (Mi Vac Oac.
"tlonal conference committee of rail
ways, announced in a statement here
..tonight. ;,'-'!' '"'- - -i
Ii: Suits designed to test the validity
J'. of the law and to restrain the govern-
1 ment from putting it into effect were
ilfiled in this city today by the New
jl.York Central and Erie railroads. ,
lj' Simliar suits are to be brought
li within the next few days by each rail
j road in the 'country in each of the
federal districts it traverses, according
;;to Elisha Lee, chairman of the con
ference committee. Mr. Lee issued a
,. statement at the end of the commit
tee's three days' secret session, ex
plaining the 'railroads' program in
,! their fight against the law.
;;; , tatemtnt By Let.
The statement follows:
$ "Two questions are involved in the
"appeal by the railroads to the courts
K.ior light on the Adamson law:
n, "1. Is the law constitutional? ' '
If it is constitutional, what does
i mean i , 1 , ..
"- Optons have been expressed
'by eminent authorities that the i law
ll'is unconstitutional and there are con
flicting opinions as to how the law, ii
' constitutional, should be applied.
'i "Therefore, the railroads must, as a
; matter of duty, ask the courts if the is within the power of ocngress,
2 It is a duty they owe, not alone to the
" owners of these properties, but also
n.'tht public that provides the revenues
j: for the payment of.'
!' Will Make Meaning Clear:
5 "If the law is declared constitu
tional, it is expected that the courts
.! will make clear ita meaning, and the
'Tailroads, it is unnecessary to say, will
, ..faithfully follow the instructions of
!!the courts. . - . , . :
"111 the bringing of suits through
out the country the railroads have no
;jtlesire to delay action or to resort to
..technicalities. The railroads are anx
ious to have a speedy decision o'n the
"points at issue. These separate suits
Car; necessary to protect the individual
roads. A single suit would protect the
..'individuit road only in the particular
jurisdiction in' which the test case
'was brought and would leave all roads
subject to prosecution in other juris
"dictions.: --!
"The" railroads have chosen .what
"seems '10 be the shortest and most
practical method of reaching an early
'.i decision, and, in the meantime, avoid-
ing a multiplicity of prosecutions and
ii "The railroads earnestly desire to
I take the' right road and it ia for this
' reason that they have asked the courts
I. tor ugpt to show them the road.
I! ' : Two Roads Sue. ' i.t
II Dubuque, la., Nov. IS. The Chi
i'cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Chi.
" csgo Great Western railroads filed
ii in United States court here todsv an
action to prevent enforcement of the
Adamson law hi Iowa.
;. ' Ask for Order.
. Minneapolis, Nov. IS. The North-
i, em f acme Kailway company, the
j Great Northern, Railway company and
i. the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad
" filed suits in the federal district court
.' here today, asking for an order ore
I,, venting the Adamson eight-hour law
J trom being put into effect.
; , Alton Files Suit. "
;. Chicago, Nov. 15. Suit attacking
' The Ualalae That Deee Not Affect Staatf.
ii W jnn- ui sits iviisv esuu iKxaUVt) cueci.
LnJvMIv Bronia Qaln.n dm be Ukio by
Anyone wHrtdut csuatag nnvotwntMM nor
rlnitlrif In th tiexl. Thar 1 only on
"firuino Quinin," . W. OROVB'8 iga-
' Uir la on feus. 31c. Ad vr !
the Adamson. law was filed here today
by the Chicago at. Alton.
New York Central Files Suit.
New York, - Nov. IS. The New
York Central railroad today filed
suit in the federal district court to
test the constitutionality of the
Adamson eight-hour law. The suit
is directed against the three federal
district attorneys of New York state
and the chairman of each of the four
brotherhoods in the state.
The road's principal contention is,
according to Albert H. Harris, gen
eral counsel, that the Adamson law
is in no sense a regulation of com
merce, but a temporary and arbitrary
increase in wages ftt brotherhood
men." ,
Announcement that the New York,
New Haven & Hartford railroad
would also file suits to test the con
stitutionality of the Adamson law,
was made here today 1y Howard El
liott, the road's president.' The suits
will be filed in New York, Massa
chusetts, Rhode Island and Con
necticut, he said. '
According to a report published
here today, the attorney general of
the United States will shortly select
one of the railway suits and push it
through to a decision, which, should
it be unfavorable for the government.
would then be at once taken to the
United States supreme court.
Pennsylvania Filet Bill. '
Philadelphia, Pa., ov. lS.-The
Pennsylvania Railroad comoanv . to
day filed in the federal district court
here a bill in equity asking for an
injunction against the three United
States district attorneys in Pennsyl
vania forbidding them from bringing
prosecutions against the railroad com-
fiany under the Adamson eight-hour
sw. The court is asked to declare
that the eight-hour law is unconstitu
tional and void. . .
Body of Pioneer.
- Woman Unearthed
By Platte Biver
North Platte. Neb.. Nov. IS. (Soe-
cial.) The body of one more of the
unknown pioneers who went to a
nameless death along the old trail,
has been found , near Cottonwood
Springs, almost on the site of old
Fort McPherson, and has been, given
a quiet burial In Maxwell cemetery.
it was the riatte river that un
earthed the casket of the unknown
woman, whose bones were found by
County Commissioner F. W. Her
minghausen while driving over the,
bridge near Cottonwood Springs.
The- commissioner caught sight of a
few rough boards protruding from the
river bank, and a closer investiga
tion showed the white bones of a
skeleton gleaming from the clav.
The river had undermined the bank
and sliding earth had carried with it
the skeleton and the rough pine box
that had served as a coffin. Under
the direction of the commissioner the
body was given burial. , ,4 :
l wo years ago when workmen
were digging to , complete the ap
proach to the Cottonwood Springs
bridge, the skeletons of a man, a wo
man and a boy were unearthed. The
body found by the commissioner is
the fourth to be discovered. Whether
the party became victims of some In
Himn attack and their tnutilited
kbodies buried by -some pissing em
igrant train, or whether the quartet
uccumucu lu .Mpnv, iupcaM ;wnuc
traveling the overland . route, will
never be known. The bodies, were
buried, unearthed ' and reinterred.
That is all thai can ever be khdwn of
them, and they have passed into his
tory as a portion of the nameless
martyrs to the progress of the west.
Not to Take Part in Campaign
For New Railroad Members
The Yourig Men's Christian asso
ciation will not take , part in the na
tional campaign for new railroad
members. This has been decided upon
by Membership secretary Yeoman
because the local organization recent
ly completed a campaign tor new
, vve will uu ii wc tail iu iicijj inc
national movement along," said Sec
IHl. - It J- .11 .... U l .1- -
retary Yeoman, "but we cannot take
an active part in the national cam
lontt County Organising. -'
Pierre. S. D.. Nov. IS. (Soecial Tel
egram.) A delegation from the new
county ot Jones, just carved trom a
part of Lyman county, was in this
city today taking the preliminary steps
toward aecuring a call ot an election
for the organization of that county
and the selection ot a county aeat. I he
election will be held some time in
rtoMat BmUm Put. ' t
Fremont Net... Now It, (Special.) Th
Promont Candy Kltchtn Bowlltir mm.
waits aaa utina in atiawHt touraamtnt
at at. Louli. haa boon achodulod to bowl
Friday and Saturday. Novombor. St and II.
SIX man will tlMH tne mp.
Sows MaSaa. .'
f,oaan Woman ot Logan and Ita vicinity
met here yeaterday afternoon and orfanleed
an Improvement elub. Mra, Harvey Jonnaon
waa elected preaiaant. Mra. w. u. sterna ana
Ada lledaea. vice Dreeldenta: Mra. W. H.
Wood and Mra. C. H. Wrlaht, aeoratarlea,
ana aire. v. , jtenaeay.- ireaaurar.
CNo doubt an individual Exec
utor or Trustee will leam how
to act prudently, economically
and effectively if he" handles
many estates. But he usually
handles only one.
CThis experienced Company
has been doing this kind of
business for many years. It
needs no primary instruction.
Bush at French Position On
Sonune Front Beaten Back,
. Sayi Paris War Office;
Paris. Nov. IS. An important Ger
man counter offensive began at 6
o'clock against French positions south
of the Somme between Ablaincourt
and Chaulnes woods after three days
of intense bombardment. The Ger
mans, attacked desperately, the war
office announces, using burning liquid.
The official announcement saya the
Germans were repulsed everywhere
excepting east of - Pressiore, where
they reached a group of ruined
The statement follows:
"North of the river Somme we
have made progress to the north of
the wood of St, Pierre-Vaast The
activity of the artillery was fairly
spirited last night in the region of
"South of the Somme the bombard
ment, which has been going on for
two days in the region of Ablaincourt
and Pressiore took on last night great
intensity and was followed this
morning by a German counter offen
sive in which large forces took part,
directed upon the position taken by
us November 7. From the Ablain
court sugar works as far as the wood
of Chaulnes, the attacks were deliv
ered with ferocity, beginning at 6
o'clock in the morning. In spite of
the extent of this attack and the use
of large quantities of flaming liquids,
together witn tear-proaucing aneiis,
the enemy was subjected to a san
guinary check. .
South ot the sugar works opposite
Ablaincourt and Pressoire, as well ss
in the wood ftouth of Pressoire
French Sfrtillery and French machine
guns broke the waves of the enemy's
assaUlta. The Germans suffered heavy
losses. Only some detachments of
the enemy were able to reach group
of houses east of Pressoire. A ten
tative attack by the enemy delivered
on fressoire at i o clock yesterday
afternoon was driven back with' hand
grenades.1 This entire region is still
under bombardment but the shell fire
hat been efficiently countered by the
French. ' i . ',
"East of Rheims a surprise attack
by German forces upon one of our
minor positions in front of Fresnes
resulted in failure."
Beatrice Company Buys
Stella Lighting Plant
Beatrice, Neb., Nov. IS. (Special.)
The Nebraska Gas and Electric
Light company of this city has closed
a deal for the purchase of the electric
plants at Stella and Shubert, The
olant is located at Stella with trans
mission line to Shubert. These plants
have been out ot commission since
last spring, and it is the intention of
the company -to have them in oper
ation within tht next few weeks. .
Minnie E. Bennett was yesterday
granted a divorce from Edson Ben
nett, the plaintiff to "pay costs of the
suit. The parties, to the suit reside
at Virginia, .this county, and have two
children. ' . i
, Stuart Dobbs, former Beatrice boy
and son of Mr: and Mrs. H. J. Dobbs
of this city, haa been elected district
attorney at Ogden, Utah. It is a
four-year . office and pays $2,000 a
year. Mr. Dobbs is a graduate of the
Beatrice High school arid of the Uni
versity of Nebraska. ' i
Mrs. B. W. Cox of Wymore died
Monday evening, aged 70 years. She
was formerly a resident of Hanover,
Kan., and leaves her husband and four
children. '
Arch T. Overstreet, an old resident
of Beatrice, died suddenly yesterday
of paralysis at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Harry Haney, aged
74 years. He was1 a native ot Ken
tucky and spent the greater part of
his life at Carlinville, III. He leaves
no family except Mrs. Haney.
Lincoln County Elects
Reynolds Ito Legislature
'' 1 (From a Staff Correspondent ,
Lincoln, Nov. 15. (Special.) Later
returns coming to the state house
show that the republicans will have
one more member of the lower house
than first figured on, Scott Reynolds
of North Platte, a stoick raiser, having
been elected over Butler Buchanan,
democrat, by the lucky or unlucky
number 13, whichever way it is applied
in this case. '
Mr. Reynolds was a member of the
last house and leaves the democrats
with but sixty-one votes, while the re
publicans will have thirtv'nine, a ma
jority for the former of twenty-two.
On joint ballot the two houses will
stand: Democrats, eighty-four; repub
licans,' forty-nine. ; '
( wh'sawum snsirv")
Other Captains in Campaign
for Boose of Hope to Name ,
. - Theirs Soon. i
At a meeting of the House of Hope
campaign committee at Hotel Fonte
nelle yesterday , afternoon, ' T. F.
Stroud entered the big league class
by announcing that the team of which
he is captain already is assured . of
$1,000. An out-of-town member of
the campaign committee was unable
to attend yesterday's conference. He
wired Mr. Stroud, asking what amount
would be expected from himvjf he did
not attend the committee meetings.
"One thousand dollars," wired Mr.
Stroud. "One thousand it shall be,"
replied the out-of-town man.
The name of this donor will be
made known when the House of Hope
fund raising campaign shall have
been opened on Wednesday, Novem
ber 22. : '
Selects Hia Team.
Mr. Stroud is the first team captain
to report the personnel of his team.
The names are: Dr. Paul Ellis, Mrs.
Kulakofsky, t. s, tucker, mayor of
Florence; J. H. L. Williams, Kilpat
rock Bros, of Beatrice, W. H. San
ford and I. H. Elwood. .The cam
paign will be conducted by thirty
teams ot eight members each, lhe
following team captains were ' an
nounced, at yesterday's meeting:
Brandeis Stores. . by William H.
Thomas; Hayden Bros., by j. K.
Moore;-Mrs. J..L. J-irexei, Virginia
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Martin, F. Stack, John A. Cavers, Ed
T. Swobe, Robert S. Trimble and N.
H. Nelson, at the Grain exchange;
W. -A. Roller, C. H. Gatton, F. M.
Peterson, I. W. Miner, for theElks;
Dr. J. P. Lord, Gould Dieti, W. B.
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Herd and Walter Andressen, for con
tractors; M. S. Atkisson, E. L. Pot
ter, A. C. Scott, Rev. C W. Savidge,
Mark Savidge. Other team captains
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nesday, November 22, to secure $50,
000, of which $12,000 is to be applied
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remainder to be exDended for a series
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grounds ot the main ouiiaing at Flor
ence. The fund raising campaign will
extend for six days and a largt baro
meter at Sixteenth and aFrnam streets
will indicate the progress of the work.
Campaign headquarters have been
established on the mezzanine-floor of
Hotel Fontenelle, where the campaign
committee will meet again at 12:15
Friday noon for luncheon and a busi
ness conference. I
Rumor" German Subseas
In Atlantic Ocean
Providence. R. I, Nov. ll The
Merchants' and Miners steamer How
ard reported on its arrival here today
that when off Block Island before
"daylight it had been warned against
s : 1 - 1.:.:-!.
vjermam suDmarincs oy a oruiau
cruiser describing itself as "A. B. M.
C" It was, at first reported- a sub
marine had been discovered waiting
off the coast of southern New Eng
land, but when the Howard docked,
ah inspection of the wireless message
itreceived showed it to be a general
warning addressed to all shipping
against German undersea ' vessels,
which it was said might be met "any
where in the Atlantic ocean."
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'' . ,
Says He Would Like to Do So,
But Duties at Washington
'. ,; Too Pressing'.4
Washington, Nov. IS. President
Wilson expressed hu gratitude to the
people of the west for their support
in the election in messages sent to
night in reply to requests that he
visit that section before congress
opens. He said he would be unable
to make the trip at present because
of critical duties, but promised to go
west later if possible.
The president sent the following
telegram to William H. King, suc
cessful candidate for the United
States senate from Utah:
.' "The invitation to visit the west
tugs hard at my heart, because I feel
deeply grateful to all the west for the
splendid and generous upport you
have given me, but I would not be
worthy of -their generous confidence
if I were to leave my desk at a time
when duties of the most critical and
pressing sort crowd upon me. i am
promising myself the pleasure of such
a trip if ever I can get free from the
toils of exacting duty and in the
meantime wish to express my deep
gratitude, appreciation and regret." ;
He sent this message to F. G. Bon
fils and H. H. Tammen, of Denver:
. "You may be sure that I would
come if I could, but I 'would not de
serve ! the confidence of the people of
Colorado and the rest of the great
west if I were to turn away at this
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j'uncture from the public duties which
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me with their generous confidence
before I give myself any margin of
holiday and pleasure. I wish most
heartily that I were free to come, but
I really am not, and can only thank
you from the bottom of my heart."
The president has also written let
ters to Gavin McNab, democratic na
tional committeeman .of California,
and several other democratic leaders
in that state expressing his apprecia
tion of California's support, i '
Russia Declares New,
Polish Kingdom Null
London, Nov. 15. The diplomatic
rfnresc ntativns of Russia, wires Reu-
ter's Petrograd correspondent, . have
been instructed to hand to the gov
ernments to which they are accred
ited the following protest against the
Austro-German proclamation bring
ing into being the Pdlish kingdom;
"In defiance of the laws of nations,
the German and Austro-Hungarian ,
mllltanr ), AitiO WlfHW Hid
at Lublin have proclaimed the Rus- ,
sian provinces of Poland henoeforth
to form a separate state.-
, "The imperial Russian government
protests against this act as a fresh
violation of an international conven
...,Arn n Ku AtiKtria-Hiihtfarv
and Germany and declares tt null ana
void. It reaffirms that the provinces
of the kingdom of Poland have not
ceased to form an inMgral part of the
Russian empire ana mat ineir liniaui
tants will be bound by the oath of
fidelitv whlth thev took to jhe, em
peror, myvaugust master." .
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