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March 4, Falling on Sunday,
Defers Inauguration to
Day Following.
Washington. Nov. 13. (Special.)
the fact that March 4, inauguration
av. falls in 1917 on Sunday it causing
bore or less academic discussion. The
tatter has been sonsidered informally
y many official and by members of
he cabinet, senators, and congress-
nen who stand close . to President
Wilson. No one has reached a definite
(inclusion as to the precise legal
solution., , r ;
The outKOing president usually
wlds office until noon of the day of
he inauguration s of his successor,
i'rohably law or Mate paper signed
y him on March 4 before noon would
e held by the courts or by congress
o be legal and of full force and effect.
Likewise, any similar action by the
ew president in the afternoon of that
Hay would be of full legal force. Sec
Letarv Lansine. on whom would fall
khe responsibility of acting as presv
llnt ait interim, accordion to the view
b! some authorities, has acknowledged
hat he has reached no conclusions re
tarding the technicality and knows of
none readied oy oiners. nc iu
quite sure that no situation will arise
nor will any necessity be likely which
nil impose on mm tne nnti aumumj
f a chief magistrate, - i
Precedents Exist
Attorney General Gresory is an
other members; of the cabinet whose
Mention has Ween drawn to tne per
.tvinff miffttinn of who would be
nriHnt in the Sunday interval. His
(riew is that no precedent exists under
which to formulate a legal opinion as
lo the necessity for any intermediate
folding of the office.
Little light ii afforded by examma
lion of the law provided by congress
to meet the contingency of the failure
for any cause whatever of a president
o perform the duties of his office.
,This law has drawn by the late Sen
ator Hoar of Massachusetts and went
into effect in 1886. tt provides that in
case of "the removal, death, resigna
ion, or Inability of both the president
wd vice president- of the United
itates, the secretary of state shall act
is president until the disability of the
president or vice president il removed
or a president elected."
I In case there should be no secre
tary of state, or he should be unable
to act, then the secretary of the treas
ury should act, and so on in turn, if
each member of the cabinet according
to priority of the office should be un
able to act, the one next lower should
be president pro tem. This law, how
ever, was not enacted to meet what
will happen March 4, 1917, which is
not regarded a a legal official or
.legislative day. "
This is not, either, the first time
March 4 has rolled around on Sunday.
'the first inauguration of t Andrew
Txckson fell on the day of rest. So
lid Rutherford B, Hayes inaugara
ion. In those cases the oath of of-
ice was taken on March i, the Satur-
iay before the actual beginning of the
lerm of office, and the new president
noved into the White House on Mon
iay, the 5th, which, of course, avoided
ill criticism from good people who did
not believe in moving into a new
louie on Sunday.
In thort. the legal view of induction
into office seems to depend on the
qualification of the principal rather
than the time or place of Inaugura
tion, Andrew Tohnson took the oath
of office as president at the Kirkwood
house within an hour alter the deatn
of President Lincoln, and later n
peated it before the United States
senate. Congress has fixed the time
when a term of office begins, and if
the president-elect has taken the oath
of office in the proper and legal man
ner any time before hit term begins
he is regarded aa qualified to enter on
his duties whether they begin on sun
day or any other day.
i If! Mr. -Hughes were elected presi
dent and should take the oath of office
on Saturday, March 3, 1917. he would
ipsa facto be president of the United
Mates according to law and prece
dents at the stroke of high noon
I March 4, even if he should happen to
' be listening to the benediction from
! ur. ureene in lalvary church, or him
self singing the doxology.
Insurgent Greeks
Evacuate Katerina
Litokhorcm. .Greece. Nov, 13. The
insurgents have completed the evacu
ation ot Katerina.v leaving the, town
in the hands ot a tew rrench guards.
The government troops have recom
menced their withdrawal southward
to take up quarters at Pelaponnesus,
nn the isthmus of Corinth in compli
ance with the agreement between the
entente and the royalists.
Brazilians Urge Formation
of New League for Neutrality
Society of International Law
Makei Proposals to ,the
National Parliament.'
New York Thinks It Is Cleared
of Gunmen, Dopera and
The old days of the police force.
when its reputation rested on the
chance phrase of a politician and
pi aft was rampant seem to have
been ended for the time being, al
least. Vt course, there still is some
graft, but it is ao longer possible for
an inspector to reign in the tenderloin
for a year or two and then retire to
live at ease. Nowadays the police are
too Duty to graft. ,
For instance, take the - crusade
against the illegal sale and distribu
tion of drugs. By pounding at this
evil systematically, the police have
1. l. ! ... l 7 : ii ....
ifKii auic iv turu uiKicnauy me num
ber of agents, thus reducing the il
legal traffic.
In very much the same way the
gangster has been all but wiped out.
When .the detective bureau and the
special squads set to work on this
first thorough houMcleanina- nf thr
slum district, they made up a list of
s,uw known names of "gunmen to
worn on. By a process ot elimination
comparing of several aliases belong--
ing to ;! same man, fhey reduced
this to concrete list of 1,352. Of
this number. 751 were arrested dur
ing .191 S and 576" during 1916, which
brave only twenty-five of the nriir.
mat-army -f gangsters at liberty.
Washington, Nov. 13. Full details
of the recent proposal to the Brazilian
parliament by the Brazilian Society
of International Law for the formation
of a league of neutrality to resist trade
restrictions and other encroachments
by belligerents were made public to
day through the official Gazette of
the Brazilian parliament. The pro
posed league would consist of all
present neutrals and would ; spring
automatically into effect whenever
another war broke out.
The society urges the government
to take immediate steps to secure the
co-operation of all neutrals for the
declaration of a uniform series of neu
tral rights and for their enforcement.
The rights suggested are the im
munity of enemy goods under a neu
tral nag, complete noerty oi traae Be
tween neutral nations regardless ot
ultimate destination, freedom from
any extra territorial actions such as
blacklisting, and the forbidding of any
alien to inform a foreign government
Germans Boused ,: at Report
Patrol Vessel Tried to Sink
Berlin, Nov. 13. A deep impression
hit been made on the German public
by the recent eport from the admir
alty that British patrol ship, flying
the Arr.cican flag, after destroying
the German submarine U-41 deliber
ately ran down a row boat tontaining
the two survivor's of the submarine's
crew in an endeavor to remove the
only witnesses.
Indignation is growing in Ger
many, says the Overseas News
Agency, "and the excitement it stimu
lated by i the fact that German sub
marines returning from Strips report
that they have been attacked treacher
ously by hostile merchantmen!,".
Immigration Decree in
Argentina is Postponed
(Corraaponnenoe f Th Associated Praia.)
Buenot Aires. Argentina. Oct. 31.
On the representations of the British,
Italian, Dutch and Spanish ministers
to the Argentine, the- decree restrict
ing in .migration to this country,
which was to take effect this month.
hat been postponed for four' months,
which means until the new adminis
tration has had time to consider, and
possibly rescind it,' The decree, which
was recently , reported In these dis
patches, was of a very drastic nature.
aimed particularly against a possiDie
influx of undesirables after the war.
of matters which might lead to belli
gerent restrictions.
Violations of these regulations
would be met under the plan, tirst oy
the withdrawal of the neutral league
of the privilege of friendly treatment
for the offending nation, including the
trade rights. In case a consular or
diplomatic official should be con
cerned, his credentials would Be
handed him at once. If it is proved
unavailing, hostilities might follow.
The report, while directed at all
belligerents, is more concerned with
British trade violations. The efforts
of the United States are recognized,
but are declared ineffective. The allied
blockade is particularly criticised. A
case is cited in which a Brazilian ves
sel from the United States to Bnzil
is alleged to have been seized, tafcen
into Martinique! and forced to sur
render some of its merchandise bound
to Brazil. i -
The Brazilian report created great
interest in official circles. South
American nations have been hard hit
by British trade restrictions and some
time ago an official announcement
was made in Chile that the Chilean
ambassadori to the United Statea,
Brazil and Argentine had been re
quested to seek joint action on the
British blacklist. The State depart
ment, however, says that as yet
neither the Chilean nor the Brazilian
proposal has been definitely submitted.
How Are Your Bugs?
U. P, Wants to Know
tj '- . - Vl
Hereafter if you get a job with the
Union Pacific, , besides meeting the
regulation requirements, you will have'
to present a certificate from a reput
able physician, showing that you are
free from disease germs.
In the past the Union Pacific has re
quired health certificates from those
desiring to enter the train service, but
now and effective it once, the rule is
applied to those seeking employment
in all other departments. The order
applies to clerical as well as other po
sitions. The order emanates from the
office of the president and it is said
has come to stay.
Greeks in United States
..-To Be Asked to Contribute
Athens, Nov. 13. The provisional
f;overnment has decided to float a
can, which will be placed among
Greeks residing in the United States
and other foreign countries.
Makor Cheroulis and Colonel Kon
toratos of Queen Sophie's own regi
ment have deserted the royal forces
to join the Ventzelosists at Salon iki,
Mr.i Louis Kueitie lifts bsrn engaged as
choir 1 director of the McCabe Methodist
ohfimh. i -
Mis Sara Trevlllo has forte to Madison.
Neb., to sing at the darflcatton of th new
pip organ Inatsllsd tn ins Catholtn churrh
Karl 8, Pearsal., nsphsw o( Chart M.
PsarsalU court reporters la visiting in
Omaha this weak. Th visitor coitmii from
Kau Clair, Wt and with his mothor la
m hla way to the Pat We cosst. Ha bt
stopping at the homa of Charles M. Pear-
Otty Cammlsslonsr Parka la eonflnecj to
hta room with an attack of rheumatism, i
City Commtaatonar Wlthnoll haa gone on
hun tint trip.
Crew Who Executed Carranza
; Guard Come Closer to
American Forces. ;
Chihuahua City, Mexico, Nov. 13.
Villa bandits, who looted the Mexi
can Central train at Laguna station
and executed twenty-nine Carranza
guards, October 30, are now march
ing toward San Buenaventura (El
Valle) near the American expedi
tionary forces' outpost, it was an
nounced at military headquarters here
here today. , '
The bandits are believed to be
those in command of Silvestre Que
vedo, who looted the GallegO station
last week. A cavalry column from
the Carranza garrison at Sauz, is put
suing the bandits and driving them
toward the American lines.
General Trevino formally denied to
day the report that he had intended
to evcuate the state capital. He said
he would remian and defend it to the
lagt. Trevino attended the formal
dedication of Avendia Independencia,
the new boulevard here, which was
dedicated by his brother, General
Francisco Trevino, today.-
Mexico City, Nov. 22.-i-It is re
ported here that the foreign office has
replied to a recent note from the
State department at Washington, in
which inquiry was made concerning
protection for foreigners if it were
deemed advisable ' to evacuate Chi
huahua. The reply is reported to have
said that strong reinforcements had
been sent to the north and that the
situation at Chihuahua was such that
there was no possibility ot there be
ing an evacuation.
Washington's Famous Saying Traced
Back to tne rourtn i,en
tury, A. D.
Of remote antiquity is the familiar
saying, "In time of peace prepare for
war," which may be traced back from
George Washington's ."To be pre
pared for war is one of the most ef
fectual means of preserving peace,"
through Burton's citation in the "An
Otomy of Melancholy" of the inscrip
tion m the Ventian armory, "Happy
it that city which in time of peace
thinks of war," and Shakespeare's
("Henry V," ii, 4
It is most meet, we arm us 'gainst
the foe; ,
For peace- itself should not so dull a
Though war nor no known quarrel
were in question,
But that defenses, musters, prepara
tions, Should be maintained, assembled and
collected - - - i 1
As were a war in expectation, :
to the "In pace ut sapiens aptarit
idonea bello" (Like as a wise man in
time of peace prepares for war) of
Horace and tne Uui oesiderat pacem,
praeparet bellum (Let him who de
sires peace prepare for warl of Ve-
getius. The last named little known
writer of the fourth Century, A. D.,
seems to have, next to Q. Horatius
Flaccus, the best claim to the pater
nity of the admonition. Philadelphia
Ledger. .
Postoff ice Clerks C
Want More Money
Boston, Nov. 12. The National
Federation of Postoffice Clerks, at a
meeting here today adopted'a resolu
tion calling upon the incoming cori-
?;rcss to increase their maximum pay
rom $1,500 to $2,500 a year. '
Decorations on Exhibition Car Cost
the Makers a Fancy Sum. ,
A well-known automobile firm re
cently finished one of its six-cylinder
chassis, of regulation size and of the
most recent design, in pure gold at a
cost of $25,000. All told, 350 ounces
of the precious metal were used in
covering some 3,000 parts. Certain
of the smaller parts-such as nuts,
were made entirely of gold. The ex
terior of the engine was finished in
the same material. ? Gold stripes dec
orated the wheels, which were fin
ished in white enamel.
The chassis' was made in the fac
tories of the owners and the finish
ing was done by a firm of locksmith
and metal workers. The smooth gold
finish enables one to observe the
working bt the various parts- to ad
vantage. This unusual piece of auto
mobile construction was made for ad
vertising purposes and eventually will
be exhibited in the principal cities ot
America, after which it will be dis
played in several automobile centers
abroad. Popular Mechanics.
- ' To Cut Children's Cotd.
Kep hlld dry, clotht eomforublfl, avoid
flxpoiure, fflv Dr. - Bell's Pin-Tar-Honey.
Itfclm. phlefm, reduce Inflammation. IBe.
All drutflata. Advortlaoment. .
I v2 i
lived the active open-air life of '
the savage, and ate the savage's
food, you would have the savage's
freedom from health worries.
Gvilization, particularly for city
. people, means- office work, not
enough exercise, too concentrated
food and consequently more or
less frequent trouble with consti
pation. : . ' .
Nuiol relieves constipation effect-;
tvely and without disturbing the
intestinal nerve centers. Laxative
and aperient remedies tend to
destroy the delicate nerve-muscle
co-ordination of the lower bowel
hence are dangerously habit
Nujol is not a laxative. It acts in
effect as an internal lubricant,
preventing the contents of the
intestines from beepming hard
and in this way encouraging and
facilitating normal movements.
All druggists carry Nujol which Is manu
factured only by the Standard Oil Com. '
pany (New Jersey).- Avoid substitutes
Writa today (or booklet "The, Rational
Trmtmtat el Constipation." . -
Ntw Jersey
Small American Tugboat Makes
Successful Crossing in Storm
London, Nov. 13. The New Haven
correspondent of the Central News
telegraphs the following remarkable
story of the sea:
"One of the most extraordinary
voyages ever made across the At
lantic has just betn completed by the
Vigilant, a small American tug, be
longing to New York and bound from
St. Johns, N. F., for Cardiff. Two
days out from St. Johns, which it left
a week ago last Sunday, the Vigilant
experienced terrific weather and on
the fifth day sent out S. O. S. calls,
the captain fearing it would founder.
The Holland-American liner Ryndam
picked up the signals, and proceeded
to its assistance.
, "The captain and .twelve of the
tug's crew were taken off by the
Kyndam which was bound tor Rotter
dam, but three men refused to leave.
They were the second mate, Robert
Ferguson, a Scot, the third engineer,
Thomas Walsh, an Irishman, and an
American fireman named John Smith.
"Taking control of the ship, these
three men overcame tremendous dif
ficulties and actually succeeded in
bringing it within sight of the Irish
coast, where they were picked up by
a British patrol vessel. Ferguson was
locked in the wheel house and the
other two in the engine room. The
terrible weather prevented them mov
ing and they remained at their posts
for fifty hours, without food, 'water or
sleep. Several parts of the ship were
smashed in the gale, including the
shaft of the dynamo in the engine
room. This caused the tug to be in
total darkness by night, and added to
the terror of the situation."
Dr. Braun is Located ,
? at Courtenay, Florida
The missing Dr. Braun, whom Le
Marquis Henegan of Villa Villa, N.
J., tried to locate through Postmaster
C. E. Fanning, has been found. He is
living at Courteney, Fla., conducting
a school of health there. George H.
Braun, 1621 Dorcas street, is a son
of Dr. Braun. He saw the item in
The Bee that Le Marquis Heriegar.
was searching for his father and in
formed the postmaster o( his where
abouts. J Dr. Braun lived at Eigh
teenth and Lothrop streets in Omaha
for several years. - Another "son,
Walter, and a daughter still reside
For Catarrhal Deafness
and Head Noises
Here fn America, there U much suffering ,
from catarrh and head noisea. American peo
ple would do well to consider the method em
ployed by the English to eombat thia inald
oua disease. Everyone knows how damp the
English climate is and how dampness affects
those suffering from catarrh. In England
they treat catarrhal deafness and head noises
as a constitutional disease and use an inter- ;
nsl remedy for It that Is really very effi
cacious. '
Sufferers who could scarcely hear a watch
tick tell how they- had their hearing re- "
stored by this English treatment to sneh an
extent that the tick of a watch was plainly
audible seven and eight inches away from
either ear, .. - . '
Therefore, if you know so meone who Is
troubled with catarrh, catarrhal deafness or v
head noises, cut out this formula and hand -it
to them and you will have been the means
of saving some pood sufferer perhaps from .
total deafness. The prescription can bo 1
easily prepared at home for about 75c and -ii
made as follows :
From your druggist obtain 1 os. of Tar
mint (Double Strength), about 76c worth.
Take this home, and ada to it hi pint of
ho twater and i uoncea of granulated sugar;
stir until dissolved. Take a tablespoonful
four times a day.
Parmint is used in this way not only to
reduce by tonic action the inflammation
and swelling in the Eustachian Tubes, and .
thus to equalise the air pressure on the
drum, but to correct any excess of secretions
m the middle ear, and the results it gives
are uiuajly. remsrkeVJy quick and effective.
EverjT person who has catarrh in any form
should give this recipe a trial and free them-
selves' from this destructive disease. Adv. .
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it 25cat all druggists..
Search Deep For
Cause of Rhumatism
Authorities Say, Treat It Through The Blood. You Can't
. , Rub It Out! '
i Whether your trouble is Sciatica,
Lumbago or the dreaded Articular
Rheumatism, the answer is the same.
You must treat it through the blood.
That is the only way to rid the sys
tem of uric acid, purify the blood and
revitalize the nerves. If the blood is
freed from .impurities, Rheumatism
must go. This in short is, the exact
knowledge! gained by the research
laboratories of the Swift Specific Co,
There tests have been made for fifty
yean. They know what Rheumatism
is. They know that S. S. S., the re
markable blood tonic,, which they
originated, will relieve you of Rheu
matism. Take S. S. S. today. The
complete recovery jof thousands . of
sufferer by the use of S. S. S. is
positive proof that you can be re
lieved. S. S. S. is a blood tonic a
purifier that restores the blood, re
vitaliees it, cleanses it, makes it pure '
as it was before it became poisoned
with impurities. S. S. S. gives it
strength to drive out these impurities
the uric acid and organic poison
and with it the Rheumatism. Get S.
S. S. at your druggist's. If yro need
special advice, write Swift Specific
Company; Atlanta, Ga. ,
- 000000
As toothsome
as the name
Delicious, long
lasting. The
third of the
Wrigley trio of
refreshing con
fections. Good for teeth,
breath, appetite
and digestion.
Three of a kind
Keep them in mind.
IN .
Don't forget
after every meal