Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 14, 1916, Page 12, Image 12

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Desirable Fat Cattle Steady,
Feeders Strong Fat Lambs
Are Fully Steady.
Omaha, Kowmber II. Itl.
it.i.ti rratrie. Hon. S1icp.
Kstltnata Monday...... T.:o T.Mt !.
Kama day last WMk... t.MO 1,437 11.120
Ram I wfctj. ao..ll.l ' .
Stmt day S wka, ao. . 1M04 4.724 19.674
Kama day 4 wki I.T4T SI.S
8me day laat year. ..10,376 MM U.liZ mA HUnMitinn flf llva atock at
lh ITnlnn fllnrk vard. Omaha, Nb., for
twenty-four hour ending at I o'clock p.
3i., N'ovamtMr 11, 1114:
Cattl. Hon. neep. n r .
r., M. t St. P. .. I 11 .
MlMourl Pacific .. 14 f
Union Part fie .111
i A N. W., eaat.. II 1
C. N. W.. weet.. M 451 I 4
C, St. P.. M. ft O. 17 4 14
r, n. ft Q. wt.. 14 16 , 7
C . R. I. ft P., at. II S ...
Jlltnot lntrml.... 14 I t
Chi. Ut. West....... 7 . i .. ..
Total wrlpti ..17 114V 10 . I
Cattle. Hoiri.
, 1.160
Morrli ft O.
Swift ft Co. ........
- Cudahy rat-kin Co.-
Armour ft C. . ... ..
Rchwarts -ft-Co. ....
J. W. Murphy
Mniroln Parkin r Co..,
Cudahy, from K. C.
W. H. Vanaaut Co, . .
II III ft Son
P. B. Iitwli ........
Hunt on ft Co. .......
.1.. R. Root ft C. ....
J. H Bulla ..........
).. P. Hull
Rooontoek Bros. . ...
, F. Q. Xl)OfC .... ..
Wortholmor ft Devon.
H. F. Hamilton ....
flu I It van Bros. .......
' rhritl ....... ....
i Hfjrulni
Hurfman ............
Roth , ....
Baker, Jonea ft Smith
Banner Bros.
John Harvey
nnla ft jrranct .
Kline ,
Janaen ft Langren....
Pat O'Day
Hunlnfar ft Oliver ...
Other buyer ,,,..,
.. (41
14 '
64 '
1 .
: 4 '
TnUl 199 MM 11.049
Cattle Receipt of cattle thla morning
wero light, being Bmaller than laet woek'a
moderate run, and only about half aa largo
a on moat repent Monday. Th unravor
able report from other oiling points made
the trade rather Blow, buyers being in
clined to await developments before filling
orders. There was. however, a very fair de
mand for good kilt ere, tow Muff s well as
tiffaf it-ear, ana stocK coming unaer imi
head commanded about steady prices, Some
pretty good heavy cattle sold up as high
aa 410.S5. leas desirable kinds were very
low, with the feeling weak.
Feeders were I light supply, and as there
was some little Inquiry the market was
generally a little stronger than last week'a
-close so far as the other grades were eon
corned. The market closed fairly active and fully
steady on killer In spite of the big break
reported at aouie other point,
Quotations on rattle: (Jood to choice
cernfrds, 910.90411. 9; fair to good corn
frd. II. 60) 10.00; cdkimon to fair oomfeds.
IS. 604J1.I0; fancy heavy graasera, l.604
10.04; good' to choice grass beeves, 97.764
1.69; fair to good grass beeves, 14.7601, 76:
common to fal; 96.76tf4.76; good to choice
hlt, 94.1047.15; good to choice raws.
..&91.Mt fair to good cows, 16.7604.69;
cvminon to fair cows, 94.166.60; good t
fholre feedera, 97,6401.00; fair to good
feeders, 96.164)7.60; common to fair feed
ers. 96-00466.76; good to choice stockers,
97.6068.00; stock heifer. 16.000716; stock
rows, 96.MO.; atock calves, 94.004)9.00;
veil oalvea, 99.44019.99 beef bulls, 16.690
9.69. i
Representative salts:
No; Av. Pr. No. A v. Pr.
1. ..... 709 6 69 I....... 964 6 69
I.. 918 9 16 9....... 719 T
30....... 163 7 76 11. t. ....111ft
4i . .....mi i 40 si.,.., ..nil
19 711 IS
George SchweersNeb.
19ten.l!70 19 16
. . F. P. Mills Neb.
I4stser..f909.. 1 19' 27 steert.,1939
24 cows.. 1411 111- JlcoWS,. T9
9 09
f 10
I 46
Hogs The market opened fairly atttve
and about 6c lower than last week' close.
Small declines weeb reported at other points,
and the few shipping orders that were here,
aa well as some of the more urgent packing
orders, were filled In good season at a
nicael reduction Sellers on their part cut
loose fairly readily wherever they could
get bid that were no more than lo down,
as part of the packer buyers were holding
back, while the few bids- they- did make
were at sharply lower figures.
After these early orders, which were
almost sntlrely for butcher weight or heavy
hogs, had been filled the marked slowed
down, and from that time on weakened
steadily and a good many sales were as
much as, 6019a lower, while on lights It
was largely a 19o or more lower affair. Light
hogs showed the most of last week'a up
turn and consequently were expected to
fall the hardest when the reaction, came.
Some stuff weighing up towards 169 pounds
and of desirable quality sold early along
with the weightier grades, but wherever it
wis possible buyer left out anything that
did not have some weight and quit a col
lection of light and underweights was still
In the pens after the heavies had all changed
hands. For 140 to 119-pound kinds It was
stow enough, and concessions of 10c or
mors had to be made, but It was en ahoats
weighing under 199 that tha worst of the
lump felL Buch of these as were sold went
at sharp reductions, while many sellers
found themselves unable to get offers that
wero anywhere near last week' price. -
Representative sales:
No. Av. Bh. Pr. No. Av. Sh. Pr.
102..164 44 99 61 - II. Ill 0 91
99.. 214 44 9 91 19., 161 119 I 79
19. .124 ..-4 74 12,, 7I 100 110
' - Pica -
UK. M ... 1 10 U. .197 I 00
Sheep The smallest Monday run of
sheep and lambs here sines the latter part
of July was in today, only about fifty-five
cars, or 11.106 head, being reported In. This
U 9,909 smaller than last week, 1,009 short
of two weeks ago, and only a little more
than half ae large as for the corresponding
Monday last year.
Chicago wired a supply of 49,999, and .on
early messages expected that under the
pressure of such a heavy run prices would
break sharply. Here the market waa about
tn 1 by same condition that It was at the
close of last week, supplies being hardly
uo to packing requirements, and lamb move,
ment started early at good steady prices.
Bulk of the good lambs sold upwards from
9H-49, with several loads as high as 911.99,
the new fall record esUbJUhed at the close
of last week,
Fat sheep were not very plentiful and,
like the lambs, bulk of them moved early,
Prices were strong and on paper looked a
little hts-har. Some of the beat ewes brought
"'". jaiiw price selling
high mark for the season, and, for that
matter, a record for this time of ysar.
1 rnngs anu wetners were sunost too
tesrue to mention. Ons bunch brought
Bulk of the supply was Of fed lamha
and, as a result, feeders were almost too
et arc lo make a market The few that
mere here found an early outlet, some
Umbo that were on the light order, but
wre a little burry, taking 94.76. A bunch
of fading year lints, the first that have
wwn nere in a goon wniie, landed at 98.09.
Quotations On sheep Md lambs t Lamba.
ftood lo choice. 111. 1111. H; Iambs fair to
a-ood, II0.7S0I1.I6; lambs, feeders.' 96.760
10.VA-. yearlings, good to choice, 99.6009.26;
y carl In vs. fair to good. 97.60I.6O; year
Units, fcedere. 67.4006.00; wethers, fair to
(hole'. t7.60tft.ab; ewes, good to rhnlre
. IT 07 4i swes, fair to good, 19.2607.19;
iiIhIii tu culls 94.90 6.16:ewea, feed
Int., 14. & 06,7; ewes, breeders, all ages,
' Mi.00t.60. . f
i',WvenUllv sales:
v Pr.
73 fed lambs ,
24 fed lambs ,
122 South Ueketa lambs.,
K mth Dakota lambs,,
?i& fed lambs..,.
lie fed ewes..V
ri4 fl lambs...:
: fed lamb.,
fi! fed lambs,..,.,.,.,.,
14 culls.
7i f.d lambs..;...,....,
1126 frd lambs............
21 fulls
Ill 26
II 96
19 16
a 6n
11 96
T 60
11 4b
11 40
11 60
9 60
11 40
11 10
.. IS
.. 70
Moot City Utm Stock Market.
Mioox City. Nov. f.CaUI Receipts.
7.U00, 190Ifrc lower; beef
teera. 9 lb! It; . butcher, tfc.rt.f4.7S;
cannera, 4.006.16; bulla, ata, etc., 96.40
491.16; feeding oowa and heUers. $,-
Hofo Recolpd, 1,009 head; market 6010c
tower; lit ht.MM6tM0; heavy, .(0.I0;
bulk of ealea, 9 6601.70. '
(Sheen and Lambe-Rerlpt, 6.004 head,:
markot, ateady; ewei, 94.00(47.36; lamb..
Cattle, Weak; Hogs, Weak Sheep,
Chics go, Nov. 1 3. Cat tie Receipts. 97.
400 head; market weak; antiv beef, 96.99 western steers. Is. 4049 10.20: stock
ers and feeders, 9. 7607. 90; cows ad heif
ers. fi.sofvt.SO; calves, II. 26 0 12.00.
Hogs Receipt. 64.000 head: market
weak at ec to 19c above Saturday's averase
duik os saiea, 91.40010.00; light, 61.804)
19.09; mlied, 99-40010.36; heavy, 19.600
iv.ze; rougn,; piss, 9f.7&08.46-
nneep ana umot Heceiots. s&.ooa heed
msrsec nrm; wethers, 97.7509.90; ewes,; lambs, 99-00011.96.
St. LosU Llvs Stack Market.
St. LOUU. NOV. IS. f!tll RMlnli
11,009 head; market lower native beef
steers. 97.60011,60; yearling steers and
neirera, l.& cows. t& do7 7i
stockers snd feeders, 96.3007.60; prime
southern steers. 96.0009.04; rows and heif
ers, 94.6007.60; prime yearling steers and
ii i a '"00'0i native calve, 94 900
h on Recefti ts. l J. l flfl it. m.pu.i
nianer; iisnts, iv.i&t)l.l; pigs. 96.64 0 9.90
mixea ann Butchers, 99.26019.16: good
neavy, 99.01019.19; bulk of sales, 99.69l
Sheen and Lambs Reeelme. s flnrt
market steadv: lamha it ilaaiii id-
Knnama (?l(v ua um, w..i,
Kansas City. Nov. it '.,ti. d.I.i..
11,009 head: market atrtv inn iAur..l
prime fed steers, 19.9Q011.69; dressed beef
eioem,; western steers, 94.600
is'aa.; CW"' heifers, 14 00
M.inwm csives. ss.enfB. in en.
nneep snd Lambs-.! & ma ,.a
7.?tna' ,d-p 36o higher; lambs.
".v.ii,n yearn nee. it ai
.. t,,vvw.bvi mwtm. ff.VVVr.TS.
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
m, Josenh. Mo.. Nov. lSi'-ttt-
vmm,, J(,uw net a; market, steady to 10c
higher; steers. 6l.60dbl0.ft0! en,.
, ei.evviB-ww; caives, .one 11,36,
nogs Receipts. 6.000 heed - m.u..
89.00400.00. '
Sheep snd IambsJ-Recelnle itns h..
Jmb. U.2fi0U.79t ewes!
ftutt,wKo. J erwattfi
tuba, ITd No. t. 3to. .
1 1. ertoiM .r
Chma. by tTrl.u A Co. I -
i.n... imporlpd Hwl... 16. i domgatlc
SwlM. ,1c; block 8rlaa, !; twin ch.i....
J7o trlpl.t., He; dalalaa. 7o; , oun(
nlu uwi ariRH, 170; llni'
barger. Itc; N.w Tork whit., JJo; Roqu.
fort, &o. .
Or.t.r: "King Cola" Ch.a.p.ak. Bt.nrt.
... "' Kln c Balacta. i.l.
J.7. "Kln Col.l North.rn Ht.ndarla,
.l. 11.11. "Hint Col." Salacta. 1 ,.1.
Kin. coir- Counla. 12.11. Blua Points
ueury: C.lKornla Mammoth, p.r do.,
. ': C.tllah, par lb. 11c; Trout, par lb.
" . niimo, D.r ID. 12.. R.n Halmnn
par in. jjo; Halibut, per lb, l7Hc; Harrln..
W ..L"' ."' .., par lb. 17O30o;
Rullhaada, dr.a,ad, par lb. Hci Cam.
draaaail, par lb. 1c; Tlla riah, par lb. 10c;
nnappar,-p.r i. jse; Bl.ok Cod, par
IZ' par id. ,c; uroppi.a, p.r
lb. log Flaundar., par lb. 11c; Rmelta, par
..o, nrtKira w nil., p.r ID, llOJ Flk..
e"lPlek.l, par lb. 1c; graokad
WhllclUh. par lb. Ho; Klpparad Salmon,
Par lb. 11c; Paalad Shrimp, par l.t. 41,11;
Uaadleaa Shrimp, p.r l. Il.ll. '
Wholaaala' price, ol beef ouu:' No. I J' .ci " Bll. "Hoi Na. I Rib.,
lie; No. 1 Loin., lie; No. I Lolna, Utto;
No. I I.oln., ll)g; No. 1'Chuoka, 1114o;
No, 1 Chueka, IHo; No. Chuck.. IK.
No. 1 Round., lie; Na, 1 Rounda. Hue;
No, I Round.. 11c; No 1 Pl.Ua. U0; No.
I Plata., lOKo; No. I Plain, l,i, ,'
PouUri-Llv.i Sprln,, .11 ,!., 1,0; hen.,
Iba. and up, 14c; hen,, under 4 lba lUc:
rooatara, lie: duoka. full f.a,h.. ...
jreeae, full f.aih.r.d, ft. lou turk.yfc I
Iba. and over, lie; luln..., each, 10c; pi..
na, par do.., lie. Draaaad: Tarkeya, dry
p citao, no. 1, youn, torn, and h.n. 11c;
old toma, lie; turkey., No. I, lie; duoka.
no. 1, lu; ducka, No. I, lOe; gee. N.. 1,
tie, Oth.r poultry at market price.
"."iUM. prtoaa furnlahad by
Qlllnaky Fruit Co.
Frull Orn.o.i It., low, 1 1. (,, ,,,(,.
i!"- X. "" "O". : '. Ilia.
J?0"; Pnoy. box, (7.00; .hole., box, Orapafrult: Florida lla, 41. bo.
I SO; FloMda 4a, boa, I4..0; riorlda tM
10.. bo.,; Applea; Tork Impa. Va...
bbl.. 14.10: Ban Uavl. bhl ' a, ka. .i..
aapa, bbl., 14.00: Jonathan., box, 11,11; Jon.
.than. 111. and hlr,or. boa, 11.71, Or.Du:
Tokaya:, orata. 12.11; Bmparor.' orata.
11.10; ra' ken, 14.10; Ualalat, u
tra cbolc., k.a. 11.00: U.I....
7.M, MaU.aa. ..(Fa fancy, k. l.oo!
V..atable. PetataM! ,u
8,"J.,S.'"'"! Vlrflnlaa, bl 14.11; hamp-
!!S.'l;Ir- ,.J".V! " ,8 "- Cranbar
rla.: bbl., I1.S0; box... VegvUblM:
Onion., orate, 11.00; nd or y.llow, lb,. lUc;
tomatou, lug.. 11.00: euka. doa,, U H '
oabbaga, lb., Io: rutabagooa lb., lu,o;
celery, Michigan, dc, 40o; Colorado doi.,
sllaeallaneouawP.anut.. Mn 1 ,k
S; ,0I Jnmoo, raw, lb.. e: Junv
H.ill ... eaaa; 11.00; No. 1 Bnillah ..I.
roaated, lb. lac: Hmm ri.tu HH
nuta. lb., 111,0, ,
CoffM Market. '.' - -
New Tork. Nbv. 11 1 .. . '
dwlln. of two or three polnta. th. cnir..
market .teadled durln. th. miai. .k.
day on a little Wall street buying which
" -.w.un,.u Dy a revival of
rumor. March advanrad .
l.o and May from 1.47o to Lite, or about
l to .even point, n.t higher. Th. buying
waa by no mean, active, however, and th.
market later aaaed off under aoattered trade
Belling and report, of .aaler freight, from
H...II ... .bu. . '
- v.".. wa. n uncnangea to
thra. point, higher, gel.., 11,100 bar a
November, l.lle; December, 1.140; January
1.21c; Krhruar, .4o; March, l.40e; April!
1.410; May, I. Ho; June, l.lle; July, 1.61c:
Auguat, i.iic; September, 1.70c; Ootober.
Spot ooHaa, Meady; Rio 7',, ,ajc- Santo.
4.. 104.O. Coat and .rlh nfr.H
.had. ...ler, ranging from IS-Ho to
.?' london credit.. The
official cable, reported bo change in the
primary market,. Santo, el.arad 131,000
baga for N.w Tork.
' Cette. Market.
N.w Tork, Nov. IS. Cotton ,,...
opened ateady;: December, 11,10c; January,
.,tw, way, 1,., ,c; July.
Spot cotton ateady: .' mlddlln. nni..
ll.llo. No aalea.
The OOttOB market todaV nlnmmA u
ateady and from II to 7S point, abov. the
., iiun. di taai weeK.
Puturea eloeed firm. n..n,H . ..V. 1
January. 11.47c; March, ll.llo: Mar. lo!oioM
July, lO.OIe. ,
Mvarpool, Nov. tl. Cotton Spot, firm;
good middling,; middling, 11.4le: low
middling,; B.I.., 10,000 bale.. Includ
ing 1,000 for .peculation and export. Re
ceipt., 10.000 balea. ,
Suamr M.rb...
ew Tork, Nov. II Sur
oantrttugal, I.Hc; molaai.a. l.lle. Riined.
ateady unchanied I. 11 polnt.Wgh.r; cut
loaf, Lite; cru.hed, 1.10c: mould A, Ic
cube., lo; XXXX. powdeiwl. 7.11c; pow
dered. 7.10c: fln. granulated, 7.10c; diamond
A. 7.10c; eonfectlonere' A. t ,An. m ,
1.11c, Puturea opened ateadv. hut
Meed off under renewed ..lllng by eommla
aloo houaM and at noon prloea were unchanged-
to I polnta lower. Later several
month, advanced on trade buying; .loaed
Irregular, I point, higher to I point, low.r,
Sal.e. 11.410 tone; December, l.lte: Janu
ary, 4.14c; March, 4.21c.
Metal Market. ' '
JUT I"' N- I Ml' Lead, 17.00
7.01. Bpelter: ftrma; .pot. k, jj,
del very, 11 11 c Copp,,; (lrm,.
trelytlc. flret quarter. to.ooe); .econd
quarter. .Isl.OOty 10.00. Iron:.Plm: No. 1
northern, Ill.OOly tl.M): No. I, 34.00e:4 10
No. 1 southern, 121. 101.24. 00; No. I, 121 00
4.11.10. Tin: Strong; .pot, 141.714,44 00.
At London: Spot copper, (111, lo.; futures
1121, 10.; electrolytic, U41; spot tin. 111.'
f": '.u,,.5 "'- lu- '! p.i;
t.r, ,00, .
. ' LoBdoa Stock Market,
Indon, Nov. 11 American
were generally lower, with .m
tendency on the Slock ..change her. today.
S.iver Bar, 34 s-llc per ounce. ,
: Money pive per cent. , -
,,Pi"J?,u"1 Ri"-Short and thra. months,
5Ss per cent.
Dry CMs Market.
New Tork, Nov. 13. Dry tloodaf'otton
goods and yarns wr firm toilay with a
rising tendency, Rw silk waa firmer, but
mills bought uarefuiiy in tmU lets.
All Cereals Advance on Strong
Cash Market Milling: De
mand Booms Durvm.
Omaha. November II. 1919.
Th cash wheat situation was exception
ally strong today and there waa a general
aavance in the price ot an cereals.
The strona- mill In a demand caused
sharp rise In durum wheat prices, a carf
no. j selling at il. 86 ana selling a new
hlsh prioe record for cash wheat. The
wheat market senerallr was a record
breaker, the price on hard winter wheat
Doing about lo to 2c higher tnan me aver
ae price of anv other da v.
The bulk of the No. 2 hard wheat sold
today at 11.69 and 91.89; the No. 9 hard
brought from 91.67 to 91-97. and th bulk
or the No, 4 hard sold at .. io,
while off arada wheat sold around.
The light receipts of corn and the strong
rash demand forced a sharp rise in this
market. The car shortase has seriously
affected the receipts of com at ail the Jea4
ins markets and buyers are Day ma emcep-
Mortally high prices for the better grade of
Host of th sellers on the local Boor were
Inclined to hold out for higher prices to
day, and the general run of samples sold
around 96c, although old corn of good qual
ity brought about 99c,
The onu market was not very active, but
the market waa strong and ruled from ic
to lr hither. The bulk of samples graded
No. 9 whits and sold at 6644c, while th
Na 1 while nats brouch' 66 "Ac.
The receipts of rye were fair, out in
trade In this market was very quiet.
Herlev waa afto a slow seller and prices
on both ry and barley were quoted .un
Clearances were: Wheat and flour equal
to 1,051.000 bushels; corn, 212,000 bushels;
oats. 260.009 bushels.
Liverpool close: Wheat, steady to un-
chanaed' corn, strona to lo kn.
Primary wheat receipts were j.SFfl.eoo
bushels, and shipments 1,173,009 bushels
as-alnrit receipts of 9,712.000 bushels, and
shipment of 1,401,000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were hm.vo ousneie,
and shipments 116,009 bushels against re
ceipts of 761,009 bushels, and shipment, of
a 4 a.orjo ousneis last year.
Primary oals receipts were 1,174,000 bush
els, and shipments 902,000 bushels against
receipts of 1,794,009 bushels, and shipments
or 1,134,900 pus nets last year. .
..9..,.....,.,,.. 69
Corn. Oats
: 90 121
hlcsgo t.
Minneapolis ...
,.. 666
Kansas City .,
These sales were reported today: '
WheatNo. I hard winter: 1 car. 91.90.
no. I hard winter: 9 car. 91. 19; S car.
l.MH: 4 cars, 11.86. No. 1 hard winter: 6
cars, 91.91; 4 cars, 91.814 9 cars, 11.17;
cars. ll. UU: 11-6 cars. 91.16: 1 car
(light). 11.86. No. 4 hard winter: 1 car,
91.66; 1 car, 11.66V.; 1 cars, 91.86; 1 car,
1.64 ; 1 cars, 11.11. Sample hard winter;
oar, 1.81;. I car. 91.80: 1 car (very
poor), 91.79, Sample spring: 1 car (light),
11.86. NO. 9 durum: 1 car. 91.96. No. S
durum: 1 car, 91-91. No. I durum mixed: 1
11.91: ,1 car. 11.92. No. 1 mixed: 1-6
car, 91.99; 1 ear, 1.; 1 oar, 91.67; 1 ear,
1.66. No. 4 mixed: 1 oar. 91.11: 1 ear.
91.99: Ik oar. 11.10. No. 4 durum: 44 car.
'..i. . . . -
nye - not a: s -cars. 91.41. no. 4.: l-b
car, 11.9.
Barley No. 1: 2-1 car, 91.14. No. 1 feed:
car, 91.07: I oars. 41.06. Rejected. 1 car.
10c; Sample, 3-6 car, 91.07.
uorn no. i white: l car (old) tic. No.
white: 1 car (old) 91 c; 1 cars, 18 Vic;
car. 99c. No. 9 yellow: 1 car. 96Uc: 7
cars, 9o.. No. 4 yellow: 1 oar, 66 4 r. No. I
mixed: 1 car old) 97c; 1 oar (iJart old)
994c; 4 cars, 99c. No. I mixed: 1-9 oar, 99o.
Oats Standard : 1 oar, 6IHo; No. I white:
cars, 664c: 1 l-l cars. 66Ue. No. 4
white; 4 car, 6114o. Be tuple whit: 1 oar,
Omaha Cieh Prices Wheat No 3 hard.
91.97Hct01.99; No. I hard, 91.8601.18; No.
hard, 91.81491.81; No. 3 spring, 1.924
6: NO 9 SDlinK. 91.72Af.Rl: Nrt I itiirum
91.9291.96; No. 1 durum, 91.904 l.tS. Corn:
No. I white, 94fJ96c; No. I white, 9a
94; No. 4 white, 96V.4J)94c; No. I white.
60961fcc: No. 9 white. Bifttfttr Nn S
yellow, 9606440; No. 9 yellow, 9644 099c;
No. 4 yellow. 960964c; No. 9 yellow, 944
096c; No. 9 yellow, 94094c; No. 2 mixed,
960164c: No. I mixed. 6U4e: Na. 4
mixed, 944&0964c; No. t mixed, 940944c;
No. 9 mixed, 99494cOat: No, 2 White,
660llHo( standard, 664066c; No. I white,
66 4 0 66c; No. 4 white, 660664c. Bar
ley: stalling. 91.9201.17; No. 1 feed, 80c 0
11.00. Rye: No. I, 91.4101.41; No. 9. 91.41
1.41. . i
Omaha Futuree Market.
Th Strong eXDOrt demand oeiieerl innlh..
sharp rise In th wheat market today, De
cember wheat opening about lc higher and
.VUy about 4 c abov Saturday's closing
prices. The wheat situation has narrowed
itself to a question of supply and demanrf
and with foreigner taking all the wheat ,
th4 we oan supply and not regarding the,!
i",uvi " mwmm iv m 411111 UvUOt among
uunn WIBt wnon win Teacn me 92
level,, Th tout enports of wheat last
week were about 10.000.009 bushel n .
good part of this amount waa taken from
the local market.
There waa a fairly rood evnnrt innttin
for both corn and oat and both of the
markets' closed strong. '
wneat received a sliaht - nit .tut..
the- close, but elosed staadv. while Mr-
declined about 40 from the high point of
the day. December oat closed 1 4c higher
on December and about 14c higher on th
May. ; ,. i , .
Local range of options:
I Open. High.
I 964 4
1 164
1 16 1
1 90
1 634
" 69
1 1
1 1
92 M 4 4
161 4
' 44 .
64 4
66 4
Chicago closing price, furnished Tha Rm
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain broker.
Art. 1 Open. High. J Low. Close. Sat.
wi.t. 1 1 r f f
Dec. 1 934 92 4 199 4 1 194 H9U
May 1 964 1 964 14 1 944 1994
July a 99 1914 161.4 1 904 1684
Dec. 944 914 964 99 96
May 97 0 97 99 97 994 964
Jul ,974 994 974 994 994
Oats: y .
Dec , 674 0 4 .684 674 184 17
May 61 4 0 Si 924 14 '', 124 404
Pork. , v"
Jan. It T9 27 77 27 14 37. 47 37 16
May IT II 27 71 27 17 17 46 !T 70
Lard. i
Jan. 19 49 19 19 II 16 14 lb II 96
May 19 47 II 47 16 20 14 39, 19 90
Rib. ' . " '
Jan.. 14 4T 14 T9 14 80 14 62 , 14 72
May 14 77 14 f7 14 46 14 47 14 T7
Bullish Foreign (live Whral Fresh
UDWS4M Swtna-a
Chicago. Nov, 13. Owlna- larselv to an
Increase of the United States visible supr
Ply total, wheat, after surpassing ths high-'
est prices attained In many years, closed
today unsettled at 91.99 4 to 91.894 for
December and 91.944 for May. with the
market as a whole varying from 4 decline
n advance of 9 cents, as com oared
1th Saturday's flnlnh. Corn gained 14
44 and oats 14 to 14. Provisions
showed a setback of 6 to 10 centti.
Active export accompanied by bullish ad
vices from Liverpool and Argentina, gave
decided strength to the wheat mantel; until
nances aisappearea tnai mere wouia be an
Immediate-curtailment of the domestic vis
ible supply figure. Liverpool had snt word
that arrivals In Great Brttlan were, much
under the requirements of th trade, and
that stock were falling off In volume
Drouth, frost, and locust were reported
as continuing to damage the Argentine crop,
and ths bears were further handicapped by
the ainallneae of receipts at primary do
mestic terminals, aapaclally In th northwest.
Th more mat price tier advance, bow
ever, buying power seemed to diminish,
and holders displayed creator anxiety to
secure proflts.
Unloadtn by owner of wheat during
th last part of the session was ace tiers ted
by reports that Argentina flour wsa being
offered at-11,69 a barrel cheaper than flour
manufactured In the JtTnlted States. Sug
gestions of possible "enlarged Imports of
heat from-Auslralla at San Francisco and
from Argentina at Galveston, counted also
against the bulls a trading cam to an end.
Corn rose to wttbm 40 or II a bushel for
and July delivery, a I moat the wal
htch extreme bulls have been predicting.
There were numerous sale above 91 In
spot trading, with Industrie buying freely.
Crop dimtft In Araentlna did a good deal
to lirt prices, and bo too did falling off
In the stork on hand in Chicago an4 other
leading rentem. Oats, like corn and wheat,
went te new high record price. As In th
case of the other cereal, the Argentine
crvo aiiuBLioD waa m decided ouiluh factor.
May reached to within a fraction of 91.00
a bushel, but Industrie remained free buy
ers. Ths close was nervous at 24c to 441
net advance. -
Liberal receipts of bom throughout the
west had a depressing effect on provisions.
Besides, exports for the week were much
smaller tnan a year aao.
Chlcaa-o Cash Pricoe-rWheat: No. 1 red,
91.89 01.894: No. I red, 91.9101.93; No.
2 hard, 91-93 01.96; No. 3 hard, 91-960
1.904. Corn: NO. 3 yellow. 91-0701. I4
No. 4 yellow, 91. 0001.02; No. 4 white. 91.00
ttl.43. Oats: No. I whit. 664 068 4c
standard. 67 068 4c. Rye: No. 2, 91-490
1.61. Barley: 9Oc091.27. Seeds: Timothy,
- OK a l ae. -I.uu 111 AA All AS Prnvlilnn.
Pork, '29.99; lard, 914.934. rib, 14.16d
Butter firm; creamery, 330364c.
Eggs Higher; receipts, 2,184 esses; firsts.
34026o; ordinary first. 22 0 32 4: at mark
cases Included, 2B034c
Potatoes steady: receipts. 75 cart: win
nesota and Dakota whites, 91-6001. 4t; Min
nesota and Dakota Ohlos, l.45(f l.t-.; Michl
gan and Wisconsin whites, I1.O01.0.
poultry All v. higher; lowis, . i4ttc
spring, 17c
Quotations f th Day ea Varioos Im idlng
New Tork, Nov. 12. Flour Firmer
spring patents, 99.4609.90; winter patents.
18.9009.16; winter atralght. 69.6606.70.
Wheat Spot, irregular; No. I durum,
92.29 4 ;No. 2 hard, 92.074! No. t northern,
Duluth, 92.144: No. I northern, Manitoba,
i7.iv, r. o. p., mow sora
Corn Spot, atrong; No. 2 yellow, 91.19,
fen-day shipment, o. 1. x., New Tork.
oats spot, firmer: standard, iiugMa
Hay Firm: No. 1. 11.0601.10: No. 2.
91.90; NO. 9, 90o: Shipping. 80c.
Hop Steady;- state common to choice,
lift, 46060c; 1916, 8016c; Pacific coast,
1914. 13019c: 1916. 9012c
Hides Firm: Bogota. 444046c: Central
America, 410414c.
leather Firm; hemlock firsts, 62c; gee
onds. 60c.
Provisions -Pork, unsettled: mess, 911.90
32.0O; family, 932.00024.00: short clear,
929.60090.60. Beef, unsettled; mess, 122.60
O3I.I0; family. 926.1.0027.00. Lard, weak;
middle west, 917.20017.30.
Taitow Firm: city. idc: country. lQtt
012c; special, 114c.
Hutter Firm: receipts, 7.042 tubs: cream
ery, 894039c; creamery, extras, 274039c;
nrsts, i.viikc; seconds, 2440164c.
Wags Firm: receipt. 7.747 case: fresh
gathered, extra fine, 43046c; extra firsts.
IB 43c; nrsts, 38040c: seconds. 36087c;
nearby hennry, whites, fine to fancy, 620
61c; nearby hennry, browns, 46062c,
Cheese Firm: receipts. 1.609 boxes: stats.
fresh, specials, 114c; same, average fancy,
Poultry Live, firmer; no prices settled.
Dressed, dull; chickens, 194031c; owls,
14423c; tin-key, 19030c.
Kama City toaersl Market.
Kansa City, Nov. 18. Wheat No. 3 hard,
1.9601.92: No. 2 red. 91.8601.92: Decem
ber. 11.97 01.87 4: May, 91.89.
corn No. 1 mixed, ttoi7c; no. 1 white.
99c; No. 3 yellow, 97 4c; December, 944c;
May. 94c...
oats o. 1 wnit. 6ic; no. mixea.
66 67o. .
Butter Creamery, 844e; firsts, 12c; sec
onds, 304c; packing. 28c. .
Eggs Firsts, 864c. -
Poultry Hen, 16c; roosters, 13c; broil
er, 20c, 1
Mtsaespolle Orata Market.
Minneapolis. Nov. 13. Wheat December,
91.0S4; May, 91.9144. Cash: No. 1 hard.
92.90 4 0 2.08; No. 1' northern, 91.94 4 0
.04; No. 2 northern. 11.91 1.27 4.
corn No. 3 yeiiow, iiwnn.
Oats No. I white, 6646664c.
Heed Flax, 92.8902.934.
Flour Fancy patents, 10c higher, quoted
t 910.46; other grades unchanged.
Barley 76c091.ll. :
Ry 91.4601.47. ( '
Bran 924.90027.99.
Ht. Louis Orals Market.
St. 'Louts, Nov. 19. Wheat No, 1 red.
1.9801.92; No. 9 hard, 11.90; Dtrccmber,
1.974: May, 11.914.
flnrn Mm. 1 tt SI eH 1 H9 nlrl 11 ilSt A.
Nlf ' I white, new, fl. 900 1.02; December,
7e: May, mc .1
Oats No, 2, 674068c; NO. 2 white,
' B. ....
IJrerpoel Grain Market.
Liverpool. Nov. 11. Wheat Hoot. No. 2
hard winter, 16. 74d; No. 1 northern, Du
luth, 16b, 9d; No. 1, Manitoba, 16a, 9d;
No. I, 18s. fid.
Corn Spot, American mixed, new 12s, Id,
Flour Winter patents, 47s.
Hops In London (Pacific coast). 4. 16s.
t i&, 16. , . . . V
. -v . . .
New Torli Moaey Market. - "
New Tork. Nov. II. Prime Mercantile
Paper 14 per cent.
sterling Kxcnange Htxty-day bill.
94.7141 commercial slity-dar bills, ''It. 70 V ;
commercial sixty-day bills on banks, 94.794;
demand, 94.764; cables, 94.744- .
Silver Bar, 714c; Mexican dollar. 8640.
Bond Oovernment, . strong; railroad.
irrmuin, '-t
Tim Loan Steady: sixty day. lltArl
per ceni; mnoiy aaya, iik per cent; six
montns, iwvht per cent.
Call Money Steady; highest, 24 percent;
lowest. 34 Per cent: ruling rate. 34 ner
cent; last loan, 14 per cent; closing bid, 14
per cent; offered at 14 per cent.
Oen. Elec. 6... 107 C. ft O. ev. 44.. 924
Qt. No. 1st 44. 99HC, B. ft Q. jt. 4s. .984
I. C. ref. 4.'...,.914C.,
I. M. M. 44s. , . ,734C, R. I. ft P. Ry. T
K. C. a ref. 6M...914 ref. 4s 71
L. ft N. un. 4S...964C ft 8. ref. 44164
M., K. ft T. 11 4s.74D. A R. Q. con. 4. 134
Mo. P. con. 6s.l034Erle gen. 4s 744
Mont. Power 6s. .99 do 3s. ........ ,44
N, T. C. deb. 6.11340. B. L. ref. 4s. .984
N. T. City 14 Pc T. A T. 6s. 101 4
(1966) ........1184'P- con.N44s...!064
N. Y., N. H. ft do gen. 44s... 1034
H. ov. 6 119 Reading gen. 4s.. 964
No. Pacific 4.. ..94 St.L.&S.F, ref. 4s, 81
U. S, ref. 2s. reg.99V&So. Pac. cv. 6. .1044
do coupon. '....99 4 do ref. s......ti
U. 8. 3s, reg,..1004So. Ry. 6s 10?
do coupon. ...1004U. P. 4s V..994
V. 8. 4s, reg.aa.110 do cv. 4s.....96
' do coupon 1104U. S. Rub. s...l024
Am. Smelt. 9S...111WU. 8. Steel 6s., ,1064
Am.T.AT.ov.44.1134W. U. 44 99 4
Anaio-rTencn as. ,t uom. 01 uan.
AtchiaOB reB. 4a..l4'
B. 4 O. ref. 1.. .101!,
Cent. fee. lit. ....01.
Oil and Itoilii. '
BavaBBah, Oa., ' Nov. 13. TurpentlB.,
firm, 41He; Bale., 417 bbla.: receipts, 411
bbl..; ehlpraenta, 116 Bbla.; stock., 11,110
Rosin Plrm; .ales, 1,141 bbls.; receipts,
1.411 bbls.; shipments. 1.110 bbls.! stocks,
74,071 bbls. Quotations: A, B, l 10; c.
D, B, 11.11; r, O. H.; I, 14.87!.; K.
16.40; M, l.4Hi; N, 11.10; WO, 11.76;
WW, 17.00. ,
.. i
Bvaparatad AddI.. an. Dried Fruit.
New Tork, Nov. II. Evaporated Applea
Dull; fancy, lc; prime. tJ7i.
Dried Prulta Prunu, firm; CallforBlaa,
7Hejl0H; Oregon.. 7011 Ho. Aprlcote,
atrong; choice, umlc; extra choice, 110
lHc; fancy, l!l017c. Peachea, firm;
choice. 7!,c; extra choice. 74.10;.. fanoy,
14914c. Ftaiatna, firm; choice to fancy,
seeded, 10eiot,o; aaedleaa. lieilHc; Lon
don .layers, tl.10. .
Bank Clearliigi.
Omaha. No. 11. Bank claarlnga for Oma
ha today were 14,111,111.31, and for th. cor
responding day last year. 1.III.44I.17.
Congressman Lobeck is
' 'v Convalescent from Cold
Charlei 0. Lobeck. re-elected to
congress from this district last week,
was downtown for the first time since
election day. He contracted a severe
cold while speaking in the open me
night before election and was tl reat
ened with pneumonia.
' ' - "tax-rend Him. .
There 1. . atammerlng phyalclan out in
one our auburba. A abort tl-.n. ago,
whll. iob a caaa iflvotvlag a rfcw arrival,
hla Infirmity led to a rather funBy mla
apprehenalon. The auaband aBd prospeetlv. fathw. who,
by th. way, had aet hla heart on a bob
awd heir,, was aervouely pacing th. library
when the .phyalclan .nt.r.d.
"W.ll, doctor." aald tha huaband, forc
ing a emtio, 'la It twine?"
"Tr-tr-tr " began the doctor.
"Trlplete! Oreat caeaar."
Qu-qu-qu stammered tha doctor. ,
"Ouadrupteta!" Holy smoke!"
N-b-bo," crtod the doctor. "Qh-qu-qulte
th. ..ntrary. r-tr-try to take It ph-phll-oaophlcally,
my fri.nd. If. Ju-Juet a girl."
Boaton Tranacrtpt.
Ttllntaa Fearle..
A W..t IkdV .mill. . I Knrn. T .
If you rhep It It keala at onoe Water.
Jw.iwo b"41.' nly aa. paraon waa
aboard Rhoea.
Tom, here:- he aava, but baa bo mouth,
doWBPeB14 " M,'h"' ' " H
. .W"1'. whl"-Viara only on. leaf
Lighted cndl..
There are two prtneeesea who llr. aa th.
two. aldee of a mountain; whan on. crl.a
both cry Th. eye. .,
Hi. worda are dlffloull to UBderat.Bd;
when you look IB hie face you undereland
what ha aaya t. lock. Boeton TranscrlpL ,
Undercurrent of Heaviness and
Uncertainty Prevails, Though
Many Shares Are Strong.
New Tork, Nov. 13. An undercurrent of
heaviness and uncertainty prevailed today
even though many stock were strong at
times and several new records 'were estab
lished. Trading waa broad but. fitful, with
Intervals of dullness during the Intermedi
ate and later stages. Price movements
war frequently so confuslna aa to indi
cate buying and selling of a conflicting
character. Sentiment anions the nrofea-
olonal element seemed to favor lower prices.
except m coppers. wnicn attain nnisned the
list with most of Its stability.
The motors, eauloments. and inririatrial.
of varied descriptions were lower by 2 to
points, ana central Leather made a fur
ther extreme decline of 94 point from it
recent meteoric rise. Shipping shares, At
lantic, Gulf and West Indies excepted, were
lower with Investment rails and l,nlt!
States Steel lost point on the usual ( heavy
offerings. . - i . J !
Re nub He Iron and the several Imum if
th Oulf States Steel comnanv were nrnml.
nent for their advance of 4 to 19 points, all
i rwura quoiauons. as awn were Utah and
flay Coppers. Atlantic, Oulf and West
tooies ana several of the paper group. .
These sains were larsrelv nr whnlttf Vt-.
reitfd in the more reactionary tendencies
niaiuieeiea in ins last half houe. when freeh
selling of Mercurial Specialties -was Induced
j laminar peace reports. - Unsettlement
marked the feverish close, most leaders
being then at or near 'minimum pr1i of
the session. . Total sales, with, steel anri
witni as-ain predominant, amounted to 1,
,'uv snares.
lecnnicai rather than agt,iBl Mnriin..
acted asalnst tha hull Bi1(mml) flinrla.
mentals being even more favorable that at
last week's close. One of the largest of the
i . 7 proaucing comianies increased lu
dividend disbursement bv 100 ner eant and
! i W" ni'h certt ht rails and other
.w ted and iron are m Pww of
a.,a,,.Tyi upitira revision.
Last Week'a annitnmia, mwni, n.ln l
loans failed of reflection In the money mar
itet, but was the occasion of much comment,
pected pevuy recuiication 1 ex-
Bond were IrrentUf. ih ,A.t..nt..
par value, 94 830,000. United States coupon
ran 1 011 per cent onicatl.
n-., a o""- nn. uow. uiose.
American Can..,.. 10,400 644 624 624
Am. Car A Fndry., ,2flo 71 694 494
Am. Locomotive... 9.400 96 924 924
Am. Smelt A ntm ,77 .7 .ZiT
Am. Sugar Refg..'. . 2,200 119 119 lis
Am. T. ft T
700 1334 133 1H3
9,600 7 4 66 4 69
13,200 1014 984 98
4,100 1064 1044 1044
14.. tOO U 934 234
3,800 97 4 8 8U
200 144 844 844
4.200 47 94 9
-700 224 22 22
800 173 17241, 1791,
Am. Z., L. ft S...,
Anaconda Conner
Baldwin Loco, . . . .
Baltimore a Ohio..
Brook. Rapid Trajia
B. 8. Copper. , , ,
Cal. Petroleum....
Canadian PaHflr. .
Central Leather., V
81,800 1124 1064 1064
hesa. ft Ohio...,
M. A St. p..
. A N. W
1"" " f 91
- 800 944 34
C R.. I. ft p. Rv. 1 S.sno
Ae lis
Chi no Copper 16,100
Colo. Fuel A Iron. 6,209
Corn Prod. Refg.. 14,409
ruffhle Steel
Distiller' Securities S.600
General Electric.
Ot. No. Pfd
Ot. No. Ore Ctfe.
Illinois Central...
.'. . . iBDUW
38 V4
4,1X1 lilt, 171
, s.sno
OS (4 105 U 1,1
in iv uon. corp...
11 tt 11 lit.
Int. Harv., N. J
At. ml. pfd. ctf
1. 11, oo hi nu ns
X: . ii ii u ii t
ir. ltZ 15 1 seu
TAB , 3K ... ii
C Houthern .
Kennecott Copper,
itouis. nasn.
Me. Petroleum.,. 11.10. 11)14, ll)l, 104
Mlml Copper .... ,,100 41 H 41 41 5
M.. K. h T. pfd. ..... II
Mluouri Parlfln
Montana Power. , . ,
Notional Lead..:..
i.eoo ir 17
Nevada Copper.
' 11,300 II 27
N. T. Central.....
N. T.. N. H. H.
Norfolk A Western
Northern Pacific..
Pacific Mail
Pennsylvania , . .
1.100 107 S 107
1.100 10 6V,
2,400 14174 141
1,100 illS 1 1 OV 111
100 21 25 26V4
Ray Con. Copper.. 11.100
Reading . 11.400 101 101(4 101
Rep. IroB ft Steel . , 71.100 4H 10U li
Shattuck Aria. Cop. 2.300 11 12 S2
Southern Pacific, . ,
Southern Railway..
Studebaker Co
t.00 10014 100 100 VI
1.200 21 27 27
1,700 124 1224 122U
t,!00 2414 82 28A
1.100 221 220U ...I
Tennessee Copper..
Texaa Company . . .
20,100 14 147ti 147U
Union Pacific ' pfd.
100 13 lit. .2 U.
V. 8. Ind. Alcohol.
1,300 14, 134 135U
U. g. Steel 261,400 12814 120
It 1201,
S 1214.
u. .imi pi
Utah Copper,
Sj- Steel pfd.... 1,200 12141 121 1214.
41,400 121
1.000 30
31 2,S
Western Union.,.. 1,000 101 4i 101
Weetinah. files 12.300 IE. e. a.
ToUf aabw for the day, 1.525,000 aharea
Drug-Craving Men ,
" . Steal Store's Dope
Louis Assman's drug store at 1106
North Sixteenth street was broken
into during the night by thieves, who
made away, with a considerable quan
tity of morphine, cocaine and heroin.
Concussion of Brain May
' Result from Bad Fall
-E. U.. Stillwell, 524 South Twen
tieth street, felt from an Omaha
Transfer truck and suffered severe
bruises, lacerations and probable con
cussion of the brain. He was at
tended by Dr. O. Myers and taken to
St Joseph hospital. .
I ... v ' ' .-' . J
Autoist Hits Street Car '
v And No One is Injured
An automobile driven by-Herbert
Lowe crashed into a Dodge street car
at Eighteenth and Dodge streets. The
running gear of the car was broken
and the -glass in the front vestibule
of the street car was smashed. No one
was injured. - , ; .
Baldrige Goes to Capital
. For Commercial Club
: H. H. Baldrige will leave on Tues
day for Washington, D. C, and New
York. In the national capital he will
attend a meeting of the National
Chamber of,Commerce as representa
tive of , the . Commercial club of
Persistence Is the. Cardinal Virtue
in Advertising. I. ' . ;
Roll Top Desks
' as low as $27.50
The most complete line in Omaha
of Office, Desks, Chain, Settees,
Typewriter Desks, Etc. : . t
' Filing Catet
Orchard &
Wilhelm Co.
ek. .1.
Omaha Girl Named
In Suit to Recoyer
Ring and Freedom
' ' -' T i ''
There's ' a spot" in the heart of
Clarence Forbes,' Arkansas farm
er, which is somewhat embittered
against city girls. Asserting that he
has been "stung" by ifiss- winifred
Rowe, 2711 North Eighteenth street,
an Omaha bookkeeper, he has filed
suit with the clerk of the district
COUrt asking: not nnlv the annulment
of his engagement to her, but also the
return ot a yis diamond ring. ,
orbes says he became engaged
Miss Rowe December 18, 1914,
when he gave her, as an earnest of
his - love, the 'diamond eticae-.ment
ring. Then he went back to hfs farm
and returned to his Omaha sweet
heart pi October, 1915. Instead of a
warm welcome, she ' gave Tiim, he
says, a cold reception. She refused
to invite him out to her home md
she did sundry . other things unbe-j
lunimg in. Dnac-ro-oe. Also she ab
solutely refused to release him from
his engagement pact and scorned his
request to return the diamond ring.
Again Forbes went back to the
cows and chickens. It was May1916,
when he returned again to Omaha.
He vows that she treated him with
the, same frigidity as on his recent
visit and that she again disdained
his offer to cancel their engagement
and to give back to him that $125
Forbes now asks the court to com
pel Miss Kowe to do what she has
refused repeatedly to do of her own
volition. 1 - . - - . ... v ...
Patterson's Winter Fuel
Was Much Firewater
Tom Patterson of Mason City, Ia
fortified himself for a cold, hard win
ter by stealing a case of whisky from
J. Klein's wholesale establishment at
1314 Douglas street.
When arrested nine and one-half
bottles were recovered. Patterson
was sentenced to teir- days in the
workhouse. -
McKinsey Turns Cop When
: . Man Prowls About Home
Domingo Garcia. Mexican, anore-
hended by M. McKinsey, 1722 South
1 hirteenth street, as he was prowling I
afjout the McKinsey residence, was
arraigned before the police magis
trate and sentenced to fifteen days irr
jail. . ' ; ... ; , -
Mary Pickford
In Her First Superfoature
"Less Than
the Dust"
' n i . Bight Parts. .
Matinee Prices Same as Night.
i , i 'annua loniini, mac. loaar. i
, It Uf II : Matine.., 15c-25e. I
in? ' AMVBVXKST. ; 1W IT ; NibU, 25c.75 Z-A
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Ol 1 1 World-. Create!! Magician. -
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I Sweetheart I 9. mjuji
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- " i
' The Greatest Time and A
Money Saver
. . "t.
We think of railroads, telephones, the tele- f
graph and the wireless, but how about, Want Ads? jj
They are in the same class. It used to be when M
a man wanted help he asked among his. friends or ft-
put a sign in his window where only a few people jj
passed. Today he puts in a Want Ad and Tomor- If
row he has a dozen to choose from. M
Perhaps he has furniture td sell a Want Ad M
brings many buyers. "v ' ' '
He has a. house to rent a Want Ad rents it. v jj
Or he may want to sel it a .Want Ad will bring m
the buyer to him. . -' v v ' '. H
They are a great convenience?' . J .
v: Let The Bee fill your wants. ." 1 '! ; M
" - A competent ad-taker will help you
your ad. : '.:':':. , ;
Phone Tyler 1000 Today,
Lower Rates Better Service
"M- !. -- r,i?i-o
Now Showing
U i
m. Continuous- 1 1
All Seat, 2S Cents. :
Th. motion picture eenaatlea an
Omaha 1. talking about.
' Aa expoie of BIRTH CONTROL
and MALPRACTICE. Dealing wltk
the premeditated deetructioa el th.
Innocent UNBORN. ., ,-; .,
.otherhood Triumphant
Thatr, Thura.a
Th N. Y. WinUK GarcUn Show
Nine Huge Stage Pictures V
All Star Cgt, Including
Wm. Horn's, Conroy, Le Mailt
Courtney I Collins I Margaret
SUterg I A Hart I Edwards i
Dally Matinee. 3:U Night. g:ll Thl, We..
ww'i", punua? OT.Mnee, AO.einDer 12.
Robert Dore A flpnnM . !z V.,,-
n n u v K B:
wSkly"1"' """" Fbb""i Orpheiun Tral
PHce.: Mitlnee. raUery, 10, belt aU texcept git.
urdar and SuncUf). 2Jc; alakta. 10c. 350. Ite iid 76o
iCflt Li Ilk DaUyMata., 1I-I5-S0..-.
4a7'4-evaf-'''5d EtcbW 15-28-M-76e. V
Vaaderllle'. Ureatest Entertainer
Two snaDDy satires. A whirl of xhllsrRt-
jbnT BE?
operatic beauty ch
Inv fun. Ben Welch and his faraou mono-
nra in is easun. Bg
(Final Performance Frlda? NltP.)
LadlM Dim Matin Every Wek Day.
Sat. Mat. ft Wk.i "PuM-Put" A Jean Bedinl
i Paramount aV Bludllrd.
. Always a Good Show.
, ' Adatiaaioa 10c
Todar and WadnMdar
Th. Internationally Fanaoue Dancer.
M.urice and Fesranc. Walton la h
A Great Big Dramatic Story.
KICC Paramount Pictures
I.IUtjC Firat Showing
-Blanche Sweet. -.'
Tne.odore Roberts".'
.':.'.".':: I .'-jn
Webster 202
i 1 1 '
" ' . ' V ' "BEHIND THE SCREEN" X i
I - i , , ;
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