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    The Omaha Sunday Bee
Debutante Distinguished for Her Beauty
Calendar of Club Doings
Omaha Woman's club, business meeting, Met
ropolitan liall. 2:30 p. in., followed by open
program of education and health commitees,
3:15 p. m.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Benson chapter, Mrs. .
A. Wilcox, hostess. ,
Association of Collegiate Alumnae, drama sec
tion, Mrs. Stephen Davies, hostess, 4. p. m.
Neighborhood Bible classes, leaders' meeting,
Y. M. C. A.. 2:30 p. m.
Chautauqua circle. Tennyson chapter, Mrs. h.
Benedict, hostess, 2:30 p. m.
Drama league lecture, public library, 4 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club, oratory department.
Metropolitan hall, 10 a. m.; parliamentary
practice class, 2:30 p. in.
South Omaha Woman's club, business meeting,
library hall, 2:30 p. m.; followed by literature
department program.
Business Women's council, luncheon and prayer
meeting, court house, 11 to 2 p. m.
Monmouth Park Mothers' club, school audi
torium. 2:30 p. m.
Daughters of American Revolution. Omaha
chapter, Mrs. F. J. Hoel, hostess, 2:30 p. m.
T.. E. O. Sisterhood, chapter B. P., Mrs. U. G.
Brown, hostess.
Grant and Custer Women's Relief corps, Me
morial hall, 2 p. m.
Equal Franchise society, the Fontenelle, 10:15
a. m.
Omaha Woman's club, literature department,
Metropolitan hall, 10 a. m.
Clio club, Mrs. O. A. Scott, hostess, 2:30 p. m.
"OU People's Home day," Woman's club, Rail
way mail service, at Home, 2:30 p. m.
Visiting Nurse association, board meeting, city
hall, 10:30 a. m.
Miller Park Mothers' circle, school auditorium,
3:30 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club members sew for
Franco-Belgian relief, 1:30 to 5 p. m.
Thursday 1
Omaha Story Tellers' league, Miss Ruth
Thompson, hostess, 4:15 p. m.
Omaha, Woman's' club, home economics de
partment, Metropolitan hall, 10 a. m.
Omaha Woman's club, Mothers' and Daughters'
day, Metropolitan hall, 2:30 p. m.
W. C. T. U., West Side, Mrs. William Vickery,
Society of American Widows, Crounse block,
7:45 p. m.
Mrs. E. M. Syfert, president of Woman's club,
"at home" to club members, 2:30 to 6 p. m.
Saturday ';-'"
South Omaha Woman's club? music depart
ment, Mrs. Walter Hill, hostess.
Society of Fine Arts, lecture by Prof. Stockton
Anson, Hotel Fontenelle, 2:30 p. m.; exhi
bition opens at 7 p. m. :
TEEMING with interest is-this week's activ
ities of the Omaha Woman's club, particu
larly with regard to Monday's program.
During the business hour, Miss Esther
Johnson, juvenile court officer,' who is a
member of the civics committee, will bring
pertinent juvenile court affairs to the attention of
the club women. Following this, the open program
hour, which is put forward to 3:1 J o'clock, is in
charge of the education and health committees,
headed by Mrs. W. S. Knight and Mrs. K. R. J. '
Edholm, respectively.
Miss Mary Gray Peck's talk on "Better Motion
Picture Films" v the education committee's contri
bution to the meeting. Miss Peck, who formerly
headed the drama section, General Federation of
Women's Clubs, is now a member of the special
committee of the big women's organization on better
iilms and has been 'touring the country in the inter
ests of better films in all motion picture houses.
Special "movies" for children is the most important
work of Miss Peck's colleagues and in this interest,
Miss Peck has addressed mothers' clubs, women's
clubs and state teachers' associations wherever these
organizations congregate.
The public health department of the general fed
eration has added to child hygiene, tuberculosis and
social hygiene a fourth division called diseases of
adult life. Under this head comes the study of
cancer. At the recent convention of the Nebraska
federation the following resolution was passed and
the interest" thus started among Nebraska club
women :
' Whereas, cancer is now recognized as a con
trollable disease, and that the great mortality frbm
same can be materially checked by intelligent observ
ance of the laws of health:
"And, whereas, the American Society for the
Control of Cancer looks to the woman's clubs to
disseminate information on this subject as an eco
nomic as well as a humane measure:
"Therefore, be it resolved: That this federation
be placed on record as endorsing tTie aims and the
educational work of this society by pledging its
moral support and whatever material help lies in
the power of this organization to give."
In direct line with this is Dr. Faimer Findley's
talk to the women on the work of the American
Society tor the Control of Cancer. This will be the
health committee's contribution to tne program.
Saturday is a red-letter day for members of the
Society of Fine Arts. Prof. Stockton Axson, a
brother of Ellen Louise Wilson, first wife of the
president, will speak before the society on "Rudyard
Kipling, the Military Idea." The talk will be given
at the Hotel Fontenelle at 230 o'clock instead of the
regular neting hour at 4. Prof. Axson not only
had close'personal relations with the president for
thirty-four years, but he served under him when
Mr. Wilson was president of Princeton university.
He was assistant professor of English at Princeton
from 1899 to 1904 and professor from 1904 to 1913,
when he joined the faculty of Rice Institute, Hous
ton. Tex., as professor of English.
Prof. Axson has written intimate sketches on
the life and family circle of the president.
That evening at 7 o'clock, this year s first exhibit
of the Fine Arts society will open, continuing ten
days. Twenty bronzes of Cutzon and Solon Bor
i;lnm. world-renowned sculptors, who call Omaha
their home, and twenty-five oil paintings by Childe
liassam, Fredcri-k Frieseke, Charles H. Davis.
Kniilc Carleson and Paul Dougherty will be shown this, the ninth exhibition of the society. Mrs.
Ward Burgess, chairman of the cx'iijitiou commit
tee, has been personally very influential and active
i:? providing this opportunity for enjoying the five
man exhibit. The showing of bronzes, too, is an in
novation lo Mrs. Burgess' credit.
Twenty-five cents is the admiss-on fee to the
exhibit, which will be open week-days from 10 in
the morning until 10 at night. Sutiilays. when the
pictures and bronzes will be shown from 2 o'clock
until 10, the admission fee will be only 10 cents.
(Additional Club News on Pafre
Miss Regina Connell Already Knownfor Her
Distinctive Charms of Person and Character
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Social Calendar
' Bridge-Luncheon club, Mi's. J. M. Metcalf,
Luncheon for Miss Isabel Vinsonhaler and Mr.
John Caldwell, given by Mr. and Mrs. Elias
Cornell Vail.
Bridal dinner at the Blackstone for the Cald-
well-Vinsonhaler wedding party, given by
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M. Vinsonhaler.
Monday Bridge club, Mrs. W. A. Redick,
Caldwell-Vinsonhaler wedding at All Saints'
Parties at Auditorium to hear Julia Claussen.
Bridge for Miss Marian Mathers of Greenville,
Pa guest of Miss Mildred Todd.
Dundee Bridge Luncheon club, Mrs. Fred Cox,
Prairie Park Needlecrafr Mrs. James Atwood,
Sermo club, Mrs. George Gearhardt, hostess.
Garfield Circle club, Mrs. Flora Snyder, hostess.
Dancing party at Hotel Fontenelle, given by
Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Connell to introduce
their daughter, Miss Regina.
Dinner parties preceding the debut dance of
, Miss Regina Connell.
Cinosam club dancing party at Scottish Rite
Trinity Parish Aid, Mrs. W. A, Fraser, hostess,
at 10:30.
1915 Debutante Bridge, Miss Stella Thummel,
Luncheon for Miss Regina Connell, given by
Mrs. R. J. Connell.
Luncheon for Miss Marian Mathers of Green
ville, Pa. Miss Mildred Todd, hostess.
Afternoon bridge given by women of St. Peter's:
' parish.
Friday Bridge club, Miss Mary Burkley,
hostess. ,
Saturday ' 1 .
Omaha Society of Fine Art, reception and priv
ate view of art exhibition, Hotel Fontenelle,
4 to 7 p. m.
ANOTHER eventful week is before Omaha
society, the affairs of interest being the
big dancing party, which introduces the
second debutante of the .season, and the
. fast of the large society weddings carded
for the remaining days of the year. The
bride has been showered with attentions night and
day; each member of the wedding party has enter
tained for her, except those whose affairs are
planned for the one remaining day. The debutante
will be the occasion for a series of charmi'tig parties,
which will occupy the week intervening before
Thanksgiving holidays, with their jollifications for
returning school folks, and the usual Turkey day fes
tivities. , , t
The last week has been trying to everyone. No
one seemed , exempt from the excitement produced
by a presidential election. Society was either inter
ested in its political menfolk or was kept in sus
pense about some very interesting tittle transac
tions carried on outside its regular Tine. One coulJ
hardly find a society woman in town who did not
have something at stake a friend's success, an inno
cent bet or some principle on trial.
Tuesday evening of this week will occur the
marriage of Miss Isabel Vinsonhaler, daughter of
fudge and Mrs. Duncan MacArthur Vinsonhaler, to
Mr. John Hugus Caldwell, son of MrA Victor Cald
well, and a scion of one of Omaha's oldest and most
distinguished families. The ceremony wilt be per
formed by Rev. Thomas J. Mackay at All Saints,'
Episcopal church. A reception at the home of the '
bride's parents will follow. Miss Vinsonhaler will
be the first of the three fall brides from the Country
club set, who will live in Omaha. At home cards
announce their residence as 4508 Dodge street, after
January 1.
Miss Regina Connell, one of Omaha's loveliest
daughters, makes her bow to society Thursday even
ing at a dancing party her parents, Dr. and Mrs.'
Ralph Wardlaw Connell, are giving at the Hotel
Fontenelle. Her exquisite coloring and grace- apd
poise of carriage give Miss Connell great distinc
tion, while her amiability and personal characteris
tics make her a prime favorite with the older genera
tion, as well as her own set. Miss Connell attended
the public schools and Sacred Heart convent in
Omaha, then went east to DanalHall at Wellestey,
Mass., and then to Miss Guild's and Miss Evans
school in Boston. While at Dana Hall Miss Connell
won honors for two successive years on distinction
of appearance above all other girls in the school. .
Already the social calendar is dotted with given-in-honor
affairs for this charming debutante, who is
a linguist of ability as well. She speaks French and
German Ad is an earnest musical student. With
Miss Mary Munchhoff she will continue this winter
the cultivation of a beautiful voice begun during her
eastern studies. Miss Connell's versatility is given
the final test by her mastery of the knowledge of
household arts, as well as her devotion to outdoor
sports. I
Miss Margaret Dows of Cedar Rapids, a school
mate at Boston, comes Tuesday for the debut dance.
Miss Van Kleeck. a Dana Hall school friend, is
now the guest of Miss Council, having come for
the Caldwcll-Vinsonhaler wedding, at which both
young women serve as attendants. ,
The serious work of the Franco-Belgian, society
goes merrily on. Each day has its own circles- to
work at the "shop." Monday morning Mrs. Ezra
Millard If ads the lirst Dundee circle, in the after
noon Mrs. Palmer findlcy is in charge of the work
of a Bemis park division. Tuesday the day is
divided between Mrs. William Heinz and her work
ers and Mrs.; A." J. Troup and those who assist her.
Miss Kalherine Thmmucl has organized a corps of
young women workers for Wednesday morning,
and that afternoon is given over to the Omaha
Woman's club under the leadership of Mrs. Edgar
Allen. Thursday the day is occupied by the work
of the two Franco-Belgian society circles, the morn
ing session in charge of Mrs. J. J. McMullen and
the original circle, under Mrs. John A. McShane,
meets in tRe afternoon, '
Friday, three circles will work, two at the room
in the Baird building and the third, the second circle
of the Trinity Parish Aid society, at the Gardner
hall, under the direction of Mrs. Charles Voss. The
first circle of the same society will work in the
morning with Mrs. James A. Tancock. The second
Dundee circle works in the afternoon, Mrs. W. L. :
Selby in charge. Saturday afternoon the Baptist
circle, with Mrs. Edward Johnson as the, leader, will
be busy. I
Following Prof. Axson's lecture on Saturday
there will be a reception for members of the Omaha
Society of Fine Arts and Friends of Art, and a priv
ate view of the paintings and bronzes in the exhi- '
liition, which is thrown open to the public later in
ihe evening. The hours for the private view are 4
to 7 o'clock.
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