Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1916, Page 3, Image 3

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Last Day
Third Floor,
1000 Picture Frames $1.00
Fitted With Glass and Back
EVERYONE has a picture or two at home that they in
tend to frame can't do it at a better time than NOW,
for we are offering frames at $1.00 that are much, yes
very much below their real worth.
Other Frames, fitted with glass and back,
at tOC
New two-tone and Etruscan gold, verde, antique
and Italian finishes.
Third Floor, Picture Department.
I. 'it inn . nil- in .
Saturday Night
Turkey Dinner
5 to 9 P. M.
Green Sea Turtle Soup
Queen Olivei Celery Hearts Radishes
Roast Young Turkey, Celery Dressing
Sweet Potatoes Cranberry Sauce
Baked Winter Squash
Hot Corn Bread Farker House Rolls
Florentine Salad
Ice Cream and Cake, or Mince or Apple Pie
A La Mode
Coffee Tea Milk
Green Room. '
Specials from
Assorted Cream Dipped Coco
nut Bells, rolled in pecan nuts.
Pound 29
Old Fashioned Black Walnut
Taffy, pound ..29
Puritan Jelly Mints, known by
all. Assorted flavors. Pound
for 19
Assorted Cream P a a nut
Squares, vanilla, strawberry and
chocolate. 'Pound -15
Crispy Palmetto
Flakes, made fresh
wait. Pound
' Cocoanut
while you
Our Delicious Maple Confec
tions, fresh every Saturday. Spe
cial, pound 20
Our Own Chocolate Pompeian'
Bitter Sweets and Swiss Style
Milk Chocolates. Special, the
Pound ,.290
Pompeian Room.
Women's Winter Wearables at Wonderfully Low Prices
Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Petticoats
A SEASON OF SURPRISING VALUES, we might well term this with the prices of ma
terials steadily advancing, we are enabled to offer complete stocks of all wearables at
prices that mean real savings.
Suits. $14.75, $18.50 and $24.50
Scores of styles to choose from, in Velours, Gabar
dines, Poplins, Broadcloths and Serges.
Coats, $12.50. $15.00 and $19.00
Right-up-to-the-minute for style, in Duvetynes,
Wool Velours, Plushes, Etc.
Girls' Separate Skirts, $1.98, $2.98, $3.98, $5.00
Neat tailored models in pleated and gored effects, with girdles and large pock
ets. Plain and fancy fabrics. All colors.
Girls' Coats, $6.98
Big Special lot of Girl's Coats, in heavy, practical warm fabrics; all good girlish
models. Large collars, cuffs and pockets and belts! All colors.
Skirts worth to $7.50 and $8, at $5
Made of Serges, Velours, Gabardines and Poplins.
Excellent lines that fit to the style of the moment.
Silk Petticoats, Broad Variety, $2.98
Made of Messalines, Taffeta, Jerseys, etc., with
elastic fitted tops.
Girls' Coats, $10.00
Nobby new models for girls, in warm winter coats. Broadcloths, Cheviots.
Plushes, Chinchillas, etc. Pretty trimmed and combination effects. Belts large loU
lars, etc. Navy, brown, green, red and black. 8
Girls' Dresses, $3.50
Sweaters All Styles and Prices
This is really one of the indispensable3 of
every well regulated wardrobe. Very good
Sweaters of Worsteds for ladies, in m nn
red, rose, copen, gray and white, at,5)l0
Very sightly sweater, made in two-toned
effects, rose, and white, green and white, yel
low and white; with circular belter no
and collar, at p).70
, All-Wool, Heavy Knit, Ladies' Sweaters, large
sailor collar and belt, in red, green
and copen. exceptional value, at. ,
fleax a r ATM
Special lot of smart dressy little frocks for girls, in good Wool Sergei, Checks
and Novelties. Dainty trimmings. Good color, aii .
- &vof v w jrcaia,
Children's Caps and Toques
In every conceivable style and coloring, rang-
25c to $1.50
ing in price
Children's Sweater Sets, consisting of Sweat
er, Leggings and Cap; all wool and good
colors ; prices range
$2.50 to $3.98
Infants' and Children's Sweaters, In all the
popular shades, made plain or Norfolk ef
fect, priced
Second Floor.
$1.50 to $5.00
and Toilet Necessities
Sanitol Mouth Wash, 25c size!.. Me
Graves' Tooth Powder, 25c size. .14c
Pebeco Tooth Paste, tube ..... .28c
Kolynos Tooth Paste, 25c sue.. 16c
Cream Meridor, 25c size jar . ..16c
Pond's Cold Cream, 50c size jar 28c
La Blache Face Powder, 60c size 29c
D jer-Kiss Perfume, the ounce . . . 89c
Rubber Sheeting, 36-in. wide, yd. 29c
Household Rubber Gloves, pair . . 29c
2-Quart Hot Water Bottle, worth
$1.60, at , ....69e
2-Quart Red Rubber Fountain
Syringe, worth $1.25, at. .: .'.. 48
Tia For Sore Feet, 25c package. .14c
Lydia Pinkham'a Compound, the
bottle , , ... . , 59a
Sloan's Liniment, 50c size bottle . 24c
Orangeine Headache Powders, '
60c size .....24c
Juvenile Soap, 10c cake ........ 6a
Palmollve Soap, the cake.'...'.,. 4c
Peroxide Toilet Soap, the cake;.. Be
A Big Assortment of Automobile
Sponge, and Chamois. Skins, just
received. , .....
The Genuine Hughes Ideal
Brushes, the new brush that -can
be washed ..11.49
Main Floor,
Cut Flowers
BIG, beautiful blooms, consisting of
a large quantity of Chrysanthemums,
Roses, Carnations . and Violets, at
very special prices, ! '
Plant t))em now and you will hava
a flower garden in the Spring. ' Cut
Flower Shop Entrance to Pompeian
Room. '
9 -Inch French Satin Ribbon, high luster.
Emerald, Alice Blue, Prune, Rose and Navy,
Regular $1.00 value, special,-. '
yrd 29C .
One Lot of 7-Inch Moire, Satin Faille ana Taf
feta Ribbon, good colorings. Special, the yard,
at 19c
6 -Inch Jacquard Satin Warp Prints, dainty
for fancy work. Yard 39c
In a Wonderful Sale
SU-Inch Fancr Wars Prints, dark and liohl
grounds, beautiful floral designs. . Special, the
yl ....;..;....y...39c
6 -Inch Roman Stripes, heavy quality. Regu
lar price, 96c; yard
5 M -Inch Fancy Stripe Ribbons, dark colors,
pretty for kensington bags. Fancy Warp Prints
in great variety. Yard 25c
4 Ji -Inch Byadera Stripes, good assortment of
cuiura. opeciai, me yara 25C
From our regular stock of Bow Knot Wash tfibbon, we are offering for this sale-
No. 1, 38c value
No. 2, 65c Value
39tf Bolt.
Also 200 pieces of Bag Lengths, from
5 to 9 inches wide. Combinations of
plain and fancy designs. Each, piece,
at 29tf to 98tf
Main Floor.
No. li2, 50c Value
Bolt, 294.
No. 3, 85c Value
Bolt, 49t.
Women's Washable Kid Gloves
Perrins & Adler's Makes
At Last Year's Prices
sight that makes this store supreme: Perrins
Adler's Gloves; made in this country,
selling here at last year's prices despite the
fact that the market prices have risen in a
prohibitive way. Full and complete stocks.
Thousands of women have put their un
qualified seal of approval for practical wear,
good looks, style, fit, etc., upon these Wash
able Kid Gloves we offer them now at '
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.25
French Kid and Lamb
GLOVES, Perrins' make, still
selling here at extremely mod
est prices. Overseam as well
as pique, in black, white and
colors. Our stocks are most
complete. Gloves, plain or
with beautifully embroidered
$1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.25
and $2.50.
Special for Saturday Chil
dren's Fleece Lined Kid
Gloves, Gauntlets or Mittens,
warm, durable and very good
looking 59c
Chamoisette and Leather
ette Gloves, made in Ger
many, but purchased by us 2
years ago (and that is the rea
son why we can offer them
at these prices).
59c, 65c, 85c, $1.00 and
$1.25 a pair.
All guaranteed washable and '
in white and colors.
Danforth's Famous Broad
Cut Gloves for Children, un-
lined, silk lined or fleece
lined. All sizes to fit the little ,
tots from 1 year to children
of 14. Made of soft skins to
fit the little, stubby hands
Perfect'y $1.25, $1.39
Georgette Crepe, Crepe de
Chine and Pussy Willow Silk
Blouses. Lace or embroidery
trimmed models. White and
Just Arrived
Smart Blouses of
Striped and Plaid
Silks, semi - tailored
$3.98, $5
Net, Crepe de Chine and
Georgette Crepe Blouses.
White and flesh. All sizes.
New models $2.98
Dainty Lingerie Blouses $1.00, $1.45 and $1.95
Blouse Shop, Second Floor.
Women's Combination
White Top 8-inch Shoes
Style No. 1 Dawn Gray Kid
Vamps straight foxed light weight
soles; wood-covered Louis heels of
same. White tops and lace style.
Style No. 2 Tobacco Brown Kid
Overgaiter, foxed, medium weight
soles; leather Louis heels. Lace style
and white tops.
Style No. 3 Chocolate-Colored
Kid, straight foxed vamp, medium
weight soles; leather Louis heels,
White tops, lace style.
Stl Nr.. 4 Rnrnt. Tvni-u ViA fnypH ivnnA-nnvaA
Louis heels of same. Light weight
soles; white tops and lace style.
All sizes, 2 ',4 to 8.
All widths, AA to D:
These shoes are made over all the
very latest lasts and are very popular.
Girls' and Children's
Sport Shoes
Good comfortable shoes that will
wear. Priced according to size.
Sizes 6 to 8 S2.25
Sizes 8V4 to 11... $2.75
Sizes 11 H to 2 83.50
Main Floor.
Last Minute
three things that fea-
ture the Hats we are offer
ing at this wonderfully
low price for Saturday.
Right up to the minute for
style fresh, new Hats,
trimmed up especially by
our own workrooms for
this sale.
Some in gold and silver
lace, some Lyons' Velvet,
Hatters' Plush, etc. ; plen
ty of blacks.
Great News This!
Gage Brothers.
Values up to $10, at $3.75
500 Hand Blocked Lyons'
Velvet Untrimmed Hats
from Gage Brothers of
Chicago. Each Hat bears
the label. Several styles
to choose from. Practi
cally all the Hats have
French edges and were
made to sell for $5.00.
Our Price for Saturday
Second Floor, Millinery Dept.
Great Sale Knit Underwear
Remarkable Values for Saturday
Women's Munsing Union
Suits, silk and wool and part
wool. Dutch neck, elbow
sleeves; high neck, long
sleeves; ankle lengths. Sizes
4, 5 and 6. Suit. $1.98
Women's Union Suits, fine,
medium and fleeced cottons.
All styles and sizes. Regular
$1.00 values 85
Women's Silk Top Union
Suits, lisle bodies. Pink and
white. Worth to 11.26, spe
cial, suit 85
Women's Union Suits, med
ium and fleeced cottons.. All
styles and sizes. Knee and an
kle lengths. 76c values, the
suit 50
Women's Part Wool, Union
Suits, all styles and sizes.
Ankle lengths $1.00
Munsing Union Suits for
Boys and Girls, white and nat-
rural color. ' Part wool." Spe
cial, suit $1.00
- Union Suits for Misses',
Children and Boys. Medium
and heavy fleeced cottons. All :
ages to 16 years. Regularly
69c; special, suit 50
"M" Knit and Munsing
Union Suits, for girls and
boys. Fleecy-lined cottons.
Ages 2 to , 12 years. Suit,
t 50
ChHdren's Fleeced Cotton
Vests, Ankle Pants to Match.
26c values, garment. , . tl7
Main Floor.
"M" Knii Waists for Girls
and Boys. Patent-taped but
tons. Ages 2 to ,12 years.
16c quality, each. .... .10
A Special Lot of Imported
Swiss Collars, new models,
daintily embroidered and
lace trimmed, 75 and 98
Broadcloth and Satin Col
lars, for dresses and suits.
Up from 50
A Very Special Offer at
Reduced Prices, in Plauen
Lace, Georgette and Swiss.
Regular 60c and 76c values,
special 35
Stylish Black Satin Stocks,
with collars 35
Boudoir Caps, the most
charming assortment ever
shown. Lace, crepe de chine
and satin, prettily trimmed.
Up from 50
A Cap and Scarf is a neces
sary accessory for the auto,
school wear and skating. We
have an excellent assortment
of Wool Scarfs and Caps, in
good colorings, at, $1.50
to $3.25
Main Floor.
Hosiery In A Great Saturday Sale
Silk Hoisery for Women, all high novelties, em
broidered effects, fancy stripes; plain and colors.
Some silk to the top, many with lisle garter welt.
Reinforced soles, heels and toes. a av
Fashioned. Special, pair pl.UU
Woman's Silk Hoisery, plain and fancy. Black,
white and colors. Extra quality. High spliced n
heels and toes; garter tops. Worth $1.00, at. . .79c
Women's Fiber Silk Hose, black, white and colors ;
seamless. Double soles, heels and toes and wide j r '
tops. Also Silk Lisle. Regular and outsizes. . . . .oOC
Children's Hose, fine and medium ribbed. Double
heels and toes; elastic. oc
Good weight. Pair a5C
Infants' Silk and Wool Hose, white only. Silk
neeis ana toes. Keguiar hoc quality,
special, pair
Women's Fiber Boot Hosiery , seamless,
white and colors. Spliced heels and toes.
35c quality, pair
Boys' Suits
With Two-Pair Knick
er Pants
Here's good news we
have just received a
large shipment of snap
py new styles. Hundreds
of smart new patterns,
in stylish pinch back
and Dleated backHtvl!
real "boy-proof" fabrics. Wor
steds, Tweeds and Cassimeres.
Regular $7.50 to $10.00 values,
at .....$5.75
Fiva Tables Full of Other Wonderful
Values in Two-Pair-Pant Suits, at-
$4.25, $5.00, $6.50, $7.50,
$10 and $12.50
Mackinawi Are Very
We are offering a special
lot for Saturday, all in those
STYLES, half lined for extra
Different colors in plaids
and plain colors. Ages 7 to 17
All $6.60 and some $7.60
v'ues $5.00
Here's a Blouse Waist Sale
Choice of either Eton Col
lar style or regular collar.
Different color stripe effects.
, All sizes. 66c quality, at 39
Knee Pants Sale
About 300 Odd Suit Pants
included ; also a lot of Cordu
roys. Every pair worth $1.25,
many worth $1.60 and even
$2.00. Special, Saturday, at,
PS'"" $1.00 ;
Third Floor. '
Long Trouser 'Suits
Pinch back styles or "plain
coat models. Priced as low
as .....87.00 to 817.50
A Vary Special Offering of
Long Pant Suits, short lots,
about 2 or 3 in a lot $12.50
to $15.00 values.... 89.75
Smart Juvenile Overcoats,
$2.95 to $10.00
Fur Collar Coats, Chinchii.
la Coats, in all the new colors
of gray, blue and , brown.
Reefer styles or Long Coats.
The largest assortment we
have ever shown. Ages lft
to 13 years. ...
Big Boys' Overcoats,
- $5.00 to $17.50
Smart pinch back styles in
the newest patterns and fab
rics. Ages 13 to . 18 years. .
Interesting Corset News
Warner's Corsets in silk ligured broche. Well boned. Low top
with long skirt. Wide elastic gore in back of corset; six
garters attached. Special ,s 'XX , . .$3.00
Front and Back Laced Corsets, in coutil and fancy broche. Some
arc slightly Boiled, others irifodd sizes. A splendid wsortmen't,
P"ced at .$2.00
Brassieres, lace trimmed; front closing. Priced for quick selling 75c
Second Floor.