Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 10, 1916, Page 3, Image 3

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The Economy
of Omaha
The Economy
of Omaha
Two Great Sale Days
Wonderful Bargains
In Everything You Heed
Warm, Durable Blankets
and Comforters
Cotton Blanket!, size 64x76
inches. Double blankets in gray
and tan, with fancy washable
borders. Heavy nap. Regular
price, $1.35, sale price, the
Pr 98$
Woolnap Blankets, extra heavy
cotton b 1 an k e t s , beautiful
weight, wool finish; permanent
nap. White, tan and gray, with
fancy washable borders, mohair
binding. .Regular $2.50 values,
sale price per pair . . $1.98
fextra Fine Quality Wool Blank
eta, fine weight and finish ; neat,
fancy plaids and checks, also
plain shades. Full size. Regu
lar $5.00 values, saie price,
pair $4.39
Crib Blanket, double cribl,
made by the well known Beacon
Manufacturing Co. None better.
Plain white with fancy borders.
Regular 75c values, special, the
pair 49$
Heavy Cotton Comfortert, cov
ered with good grade fancy
printed silkoline, mostly light
shades. $1.50 values, $1-29
Beat Grade Sateen Covered
Comfortert, filled with best
grade pure, sanitary cotton,
either plain or fancy centers and
9-inch fancy borders. Scroll
stitched. $3.50 values, special,
each $2.45
- 27-inch Dren Gingham, made in
America. Fast woven dyes, neat,
fancy checks. Regular 10c value,
special, yard . 7V2$
Women's Ready-to-lVear at Unusual Prices
Buy a New Coat, Suit, Dress, Blouse or any other wearables here Fri
day, at extremely low prices. Newest creations, complete stocks.
Hundreds of Coats at Lowest Prices
All the latest styles, made of the wanted materials, such as All-Wool Velours, Wool
Plush, Pile Fabrics, Fancy Mixtures, Plaids, Etc., many with large collars. All the
newest colors, in all sizes, as well as extra sizes for stout women. Special lots at each
price "
$5.85, $8.95, $9.95, $12.48, $13.85, $14.85
Women's and Misses Suits Two Very Special Lots
Hundreds to choose from, many different styles. Made of All-Wool Serge, Pop
lin, Gabardine, Fancy Cloths, Etc. Newest colors, materials and styles.
$10.00 to $13.50 values.. $5.85 $15.00 to $20.00 values. $10.95
Included in the $10.95 lot are several styles for stout women. Fine suits, sizes, 39 to 53.
Women's, Misses', Juniors' Dresses,
tour Lxtraordinary Lots
Dozens of new, right up-to-the-minute styles to
choose from, in all the newest colors and materials.
All sizes.
$4.0.0 to $6,00 values, silk arid wool .
$6.50 to $9.50 values, silk, satin and
Wool .,.
$10.00 to $12.50 values, silk, satin
and Wool .
$15.00 to $20.00 values, silk, satin
and Wool J...
Beautiful Blouses
We are now showing a wonderful lot of
Crepe de Chine, Georgette,
Chiffon and Lace and Fancy Net Blouses
Copies of high priced models. All sizes and colors. Two very
special lots. Values to $5.00, $1 AC J $o ne
sale price , ,pl.S70 and tp.O
We are Omaha agents for the celebrated Biltmore Blouses.
As usual we are showing a great assortment, in a variety of stylos. Siies
range from 36 to 50. New, desirable, white wash materials. Special. $ ,00
Domestics, Dress Prints
Flannels, Etc.
Tha G n u i n a AmoiUaaf
Bleachad Outim Flannel. Full
bolts to select from. Regular, 10c
value, special, yard 8'2$
27-Inch Draes Gingham, made in
America. Fast woven dyes, neat
fancy checks. Regular 10c value,
special, yard. . . t IViti
Mill Ramnanla of Bleached Mul- .
lin, good bleached Muilin, good
grade, 6c value. Special, at
yl 31
Fait Black Sateen, highly mer
cerized; hand loom weave; book
fold. 19c value, yard . . 15$
The Genuine Wlnoior Fall Suit-'
inn, neat designs. Regular 10c
values, yard 7V&$
The Genuine "Duckling" Fleece
Flannel, in all the wanted ki
mono and wrapper styles. Fri
day, the yard, at . v . 10'2$
36-inch Plain and Fancy Curtain
Scrim and Etamine, neat, fancy
borders, 12Hc value, yd. 7V2C '
27-inch Fancy Outing Flannel,
.extra weight, warm, fleecy nap.
9c value, yard 6Vi$
Mill Short! and Lengthi to 20
Yardt, of Light' and Dark Dreaa
and Shirting Printt. Regular
6Hc value, yard :4eVl6 '
Good Grade Apron Gingham,
indigo dye. All size checks and
broken effects. Special, Friday,
yard 5V& "
Trimmed Hats -$1.95 and $3.00
Two Groups of
Great Values
. " .
This Basement . '
Millinery Store
is becoming
more and more popular every day values
like these are not even approached 'anywhere
in Omaha. , These Hats are well shaped, with
fur, gold and silver and flower trimmings.
Also Velvet-Draped Turbans in wide'variety.
Fur Bands for Trimmings, 79c
Gofd and Silver Bands, with fur edging.
Very popular for Winter Hats. x
Women's Fine
Dress Shoes
Vici Kid, Dull Bronze and Patent
Colt Leather. CuJban heels and
medium short vamps; 7 and 9
inch tops. Sizes 21Jj to:8; widths
from B to E. Lace and button
styles. Special, the pair, $3.48
and $3.95
Friday and Saturday Specials
500 Pair Women's Dress
Shoes, in vici kid, dull and
patent colt. Sizes 2 to 7.
Sale price, pair. . .$2.48
Children's Shoes, sizes 3 to
8. Hand turned soles, pat
ent tip. Black and tan.
Very special, pair. . .98$
400 Pairs Women's Fine
Dress Shos, in tan, patent
colt and kid. Not a pair
worth" less than $4.00.
Small sizes, from 1 to 5,
Pair .......98$
600 Pair Misses' School
Shoes, in tan, box calf and
kid. Button and lace. Sizes
82 to 2, pair.... $1.98
Notion Bargains
50c Notion Boxes, spe
cial .. . 10$
12-Yard Bolts Bias Tape,
.Finishing Braids, Tapes
and Edgings, bolt, 3V$
Crochet Cotton, Friday,
ball ........ .2V4$
Large Pieces of Elastic,
special, 3 for 5$
Good Shell Hair Pins, box
for 316
Machine Thread, 200-yard
spools 214$
Stocking Feet, pair. .5$
Wash Edging, 10c grade,
yard 312$
Velvet Grip and Buster
Brown Supporters . . . 12$
Large 10c Bottle of Ma
chine Oil, each 5$
Safety Pins, 3 cards for 5$
3-Yard f Bolts of Tape,
each 1$
Ocean Pearl Buttons, the
card . . . . ; 3$
Knitting Cotton, white and
colors 3$
Good Wooden Suit Hang
ers, each 2$
Bath Rugs, Rag Rugs, Etc.
27x54 Chenille Bath Rugs,
$2.50 values $1.35
36x72 Chenille Bath Rugs,
$3.50 values for. .$1.98
Blaok and White Rag
Rugs', $1.50 values, 79$
Carpet Sweepers, $2.50
values, sale price, $1.79
1,000 Wilton Rug Rem
nants, worth $2.50, 69$
8-3x10-6 Axminster Rugs.
Slightly mismatched. $25
value for $15.98
Also Odd Sized Rugs at
Bargain Prices.
See The . x
Yellowstone Park
Scenic Reproduction
On View Here on the Third
Floor AH Week.
With wonderful : fi-' ,
delity, the marvelous
region of the Yellow
1 stone National Park
has been reproduced ,"
in miniature from the
spouting geysers to
the glorious colors
of the canyon and the
play of sunrise, storm
and sunset. A giant
searchlight sweeping
the scene from the
top of Old Faithful
Inn, and the arrival
and departure of the
Stage Coaches add a
life-like air to the ex
ceedingly interesting
Children and grown
ups are cordiallyin
vited. Lectures will be given
each day this week
from 10:30 to 4:30.
Third Floor.
Women's Fine Gauze Lisle
Hosiery, black only. Sizes
9 and 9lj. Worth to 35c.
Special, pair 17
Women's Cotton and
Fleece : Lined Hosiery,
black only, with hem and
ribbed tops. Some outsizes.
Worth to 25c. Special, Fri
day, pair 15
Children's Black Cotton
Hosiery, fine, medium and
heavy ribbed. Worth 15c a
pair. Friday, 9 pairs for
$1.00; each pair. .12'a$
Infants'- Part Wool White
Hose, regularly worth 15c,
Friday, pair 9
Men's Cotton Socks, black
and colors. Split feet and
soles. All sizes. Friday, the
pair 15
Women's Medium Weight
Munsing Union Suits, high
neck, long sleeves; Dutch
neck, elbow sleeves; low
neck, sleevjeless; ankle
lengths. Friday, $1.00
and .$1.25
Women's Pink Lisle Union
Suits, with band top and
shell knee, 50$ and 59$
Women's White Lisle
Vests, with hand crochet
ed tops. Sizes 4, 5 and 6.
Regularly worth 35c, sale
price 25$
Children's Knit Under
waists, ages 2 to 13 years.
Values to 15c, at 9$
Women's Medium Weight
Fleece Lined Union Suits.
High neck, long sleeves;
Dutch neck", elbow sleeves;
low neck, sleeveless.
Ankle lengths. All sizes,
for 49$
A Corking Good Sale of
Boys' Suits
About 400 Boys' Suits in all. Every suit .
worth a lot more. All at once price
Friday and Saturday, per suit, $2,95
. One-pair and two-pair-pant suits, in a
large range of desirable patterns. The
newest styles. . Grays, browns, blues
' and greens, neat mixture effects. Ages
6 to 16 years. Your choice for $2.95
Sale of Boys' Overcoats, $3.00 to $4.00
Values, $2.50
Odd lots from last season's selling.
Every coat a real value. Ages 2o to
12 years. 1 ;
Boys' Flannel Blouses, 50c
Dark and light gray, khaki, navy
and blue. Splendid wearing flannels,
good and warm. Ages 5 to 16 years.
Big Lot of Odd Knickerbockers, 65c
Many are suit knickers and fully
lined. A bargain. Ages 6 to 16
years, 65c. S
Remnants of All-Wool Dress Goods
Remnants and Mill Ends of All-Wool Dress Goods,
in all the most wanted weaves and colors, for this
Fall and Winter. Lengths from 1 to 1 'a yards.
Worth up to $1.25 per piece. Many matched. Each
Piece ; 49C "
Remnants and Mill Ends of Wool Dress Goods,
Suitings and Coatings, in lengths from 2 to 5 yards.
Almost every wanted weave and color. Values in
this lot to $4.00. Special, Friday, each piece
95$. $1.95. $2.19. $2.45
Square and Oval Frames. $1.19
Gold Burnished, Excellent Values
A CHEAT STOCK of 16x20 and 14x20 Gold Burnished Frames,'
suitable) for framing cnlurged photographs.
Etchings at Exceptional Prices
Good Subjects in Excellent Variety 79c
Framed Pictures at $1.00
Color prints, hand colored, sepia prints and photogravures
suitable for any room in the house.
Men's Furnishings
One Lot of Men's Fleece
and Derby Ribbed Shirts
and Drawers, in ecru, gray
and random color. About
30 dozen. Mostly all sizes.
Regular 50c values, sale
price, garment 35
15 Dozen Men's Sample
Sweater Coats, wool mixed
and all wool. Plain and
ruff -neck collars
$1.00. $1.50. $1.98
One Big Bargain. Square
of Men's Fleece Lined and
' Derby Ribbed Union Suits,
medium and heavy weight.
Regular $1.00 values, the
' suit 75$
Men's Sample Flannel
Shirts, in tan, gray, brown
and blue $1.00
; and $1.25
Warm Winter Wear for Men and Young ien
Good Styles--Lowest Prices Perfect Satisfaction
THESE DAYS, when Men's Clothing of every description is demanding highsr and
higher-prices, it is a remarkable demonstration of the supremacy of this store, that an
announcement of this kind can emanate from this Basement.
Men's and Young Men's Sample Suits, 975
Five Hundred Sample'Suits, selling here at a
saving of $3.00 to $5.00 on each suit. English and
conservative models, full and half lined coats, in
Scotch mixtures, fancy worsteds, cassimeres and
tweeds; sizes for men and young men.
Men's and Young Men's Overcoats $9.75
250 Overcoats, in fancy mixtures and plain col
ors, at a saving of $3.00 to $5.00 on each coat.
Omaha Headquarters for Sheep-Lined Coats,
$4.50 Up.
Men's and Young Men's Mackinaw Coats, $5.00
In all the newest shades and colorings; values,
to $7.50.
1100 Pairs of Men's Trousers,
Worsteds and cassimeres, all colors; in threi
big lots, at a saving of from $1.00 to $2.00 on each
Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3
$1.98 $2.98 $3.98
Onion Made Overalls, 69c and 75c
Omaha distributers for Carhart Overalls.
Khaki Pants, $1.50 and upward.
fieced Coon bkin Coats, $25.00.
Siberian Dog Coats, at $15.00.
Turkish Towel
Ends, 3c , '
. 50c Damask, 35c
About 50 Pieces of Fine
Quality Mercerized Dam
ask, all very pretty pat
terns, Friday, yard. .35
25c Padding, 19c
This is the Double Fleece
Kind, to protect your ta
ble. 54 inches wide. Yard,
at 19
Mill Seconds of 8c and
10c Towels, 5c
$2.50 Spreads, $1.75
The crochet kind. Extra
size and heavy quality.
Very pretty patterns. Your
choice of scalloped cut
corners or plain hemmed.
While 200 last, each
for .-.......$1.75
t . - . . . 1 ... .