Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 08, 1916, EARLY MALL EDITION, Page 7, Image 7

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St. Mary's Church
Looks for New Site
and members of the congregation of
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational
church Monday night elected George
H. Payne, C. F. Harrison, Frank H.
Garvin, John W. Robbins and A. Ray
mond a committee to select a new
church site.
The St. Mary's Avenue Congrega
tional church committee on purchase
is authorized to consider offers in
writing from either owners or agents
of property. It was decided that the
site for the new church must be
within the district bounded on the
north by Dodge street, on the east
by Thirty-sixth, on the west by For
tieth street and on the south by Ta
citic street.
the country to the different post
masters offering them $5 for every
recruit they secured through their
personal efforts is already showing
its effect. From Mrs. K. F.. South
wick, postmistress of Bonny Kagle,
Me., comes word that she has taken
advantage of I'ucle Sam's offer and
has induced two of her sons to join
the navy. The local navy recruiting
office is receiving a large number of
its recruits through the postmasters
of the state since the new ruling went
into effect.
Brownell Hall Students .
Choose Hughes President
If Brownell hall students were the
electoral college, Charles Evans
Hughes would be the next president
of the United States
Nasbys Get Bonus for
Recruiting for the Navy
The recent literature sent out by the
naval recruiting offices throughout
Having sold their church property
it Twenty-seventh street and St.
Mary' avenue, officers of the church
Kv.rybody rl. Ba Want Aril.
Tuesday, November 7, 1916-
-Phone Douglas 137
Wednesday Morning Burgess-Nash Inaugurate Their First
The BIG ELECTION Is Over--But Another Is Here!
NO matter what our politics, we have to admit that a little more than half of the people of these United
States are very well satisfied with the way thing" went FOR THEY VOTED THAT WAV.
Now let's all get together; so that all of us may be MORE PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY than we have
ever been before. .,
We made up our minds long ago that the wayifor the ownera of this buslnesa to be Prosperous and Happy
everybody who dealt with us HAPPY AND SATISFIED over the goods bought and the prieea paid.
We're mighty proud of our friends and customers In this community; but we are determined to be
and we have been working for weeks to prepare for a new demonstration to our. public of the superlative char
acter of the Merchandise and Service provided by this Store. ;
There will be a wonderfully attractive
Some timely, staple, or otherwise HIGHLY DESIRABLE piece of merchandise, ON THAT DAY ONLY,
will be SOLD FOR A SONG to every customer who has on that da' bought other goods to the amount of 15
Hera's Your Sugar Plum
One Pair of "PEQUOT"
Known by vry houakeD(r from th At
luitlo to th Pacific your own loctlon from
different liiei, until lomi sliti aro all swld
out at
Regular Prieea
Each 980 te 110
According to 8li
Not more than S ahctts (on. pair) will bo
old to any ono euatomcr.
The "SUGAR PLUM" That We Have Provided
Is not a "bait" there la no hidden hook. Ours Is an open and frank object not to break your belief In the
regular price of Pequot 8heets, If we could; but to use an article of unquestioned worth at Hi regular price
to lmpresa you with the INTRINSIC VALUE OF THE "SUGAR PLUM" THAT WB PROVIDE as a speoial
"perquisite" for every customer who comes and makes a substantial purchase In our store during OUR
Bealdea this, we ao fully GUARANTEE every article of merchandise that we aell that
refunding the money most cordially for any customer not entirely happy but the Sheets must also he
returned in such caaee, naturally.
We Invite you to accept our HOSPITALITY, first to renew your acquaintance with our store to In
spect our merchandise and, if you find it attractive and desirable, to make your needed purchase Juet as
you would anyhow, because they are RIGHT and BEST and then secure YOUR "SUGAR PLUM I"
Be Sure to Shop on a Transfer
The store Is specially prepared for the honor of your visit.
Watch for the "SUGAR PLUM" News every day.
Nebraska Teachers!
BURGESS-IS ASH COMFAJNY joins witfi trie
good citizens of Omaha in extending to you
a hearty welcome to our fair city. We are unsel
fishly interested in your comfort, convenience and
pleasure while here", and in the spirit of true hos
pitality we desire to add something to the pleas
ure of your visit here add to the pleasant mem
ories of "it that will be carried with you to your homes.
Our store is an ideal place for your downtown headquar
ters. We give you claim checks for hand baggage, parcels
and surplus wraps. Our balcony rest room aiioras a
splendid place to simply rest, write letters and meet friends. At our accom
modation and information booth we answer inquiries and make ourselves use
ful in all ways that we find possible.
Untrimmed Hats at $1.00
AN extraordinary offering, including large black
sailors, small nifty tricorns and small turbans;
all silk Lyons velvet; wonderful values Wednesday
at $1.00.
BurgeM-Xaah Oo. fleonrt Floor.
Embroidered Brassieres, $1
LARGE assortment of brassieres of allover em
broidery trimmed with cluny or allover lace;
splendid fitting and unusual value Wednesday at $1.
BargoH-Nnek Co. Second floor.
Big Corset Values at $2.00
MADE of coutil with low bust, free hips and rub
ber inserts for easy sitting position; finished
with six hose supporters ; special Wednesday at $2.00.
Bnrgeu-Nnk Co. Second floor.
Men's Soft or Stiff Hats, $1.45
YOU can afford to joay that election bet with one
of these hats; either stiff or soft styles, in a
great variety and wide selection of shades; Wednes
day, special at $1,45. ,
BnrgoM-Nook Co. Foortk floor.
Embroidered Pillow Cases, $3
PURE linen pillow cases, "Gold Medal" brand;
hand embroidered and spokestitched. Regular
size, Wednesday at pair $3.00.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Mela ftoor.
Satin Damask Table Cloths
at $2.75
A SMALL lot of fine satin damask table cloths;
pure Irish linen; bordered all around; 2 yards
square special for Wednesday at $2.75.
( ' Co. Main Floor. .
Madeira Luncheon Sets, $5.00
THIRTEEN-PIECE Madeira luncheon sets; hand
embroidered, consisting of one centerpiece, six
plate doilies and six tumbler doilies to match; will
make a most appreciable gift: at $5.00.
BorgeM-N'aah Co. Main Floor.
Net Lace Flouncings at $1.00
CHANTILLY and net lace flouncings, 18 to 27
inches-wide; black or white lace flouncings;
colored lace flouncings; also beaded bands and all
overs; special at yard $1.00. .
Bnrgeee-Naek Co. Mils Floor.
Undermuslins to $1.98 at 98c
FINE nainsook or batiste gowns, envelope chemise,
combinations, corset covers and drawers; finished
with lace insertion and edge; organdie medallions;
were to $1.98, for 880.
BargOM-Naak Co fleoood Floor.
Gold Bracelet Watches, $4.95
SMALL size watches, detachable expansion brace
let; watch has seven-jewel movement; case and
bracelet guaranteed for five years. Yery special
Wednesday at $4.95. Co. Main Floor.
Women's Lace Shoes, $6.00
HAVANA brown and battle ship gray kid lace
shoes, leather Louis heels, 8 inches high, an ex
cellent wearing shoe at $6.00.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Second Floor,
Women's Glace Kid Boot, $4
WOMEN'S mat kid button boot or glace kid lace
boots, leather Louis heels, well made and per
fect fitting, special Wednesday at $4.00.
Bargioe-Naek Cfe Aeoond Floor.
f co 11 uv o I I I I I a ioi 1 1 I i ifc-r a uw-m a I 11 I i ii a mrrMS . ms
, The Cricket Room
' is a splendid place to meet friends
where you may be served with a
good, wholesome dinner, luncheon
or refreshments at a modest cost.
Barree-Nook Co. Mala Floor.
Crepe de Chine Blouses 4
Wednesday at $1.95
AN attractive selection of new lace, net and crepe de
chine blouses; hemstitched, tucked, piooted and
frilled in latest fashion; some are trimmed With creamy
laces; some are combined with soft, lustrous satin; flesh,
white, black and navy. Very special at $1.95.
Bola.oo Nook Co. Second Floor.
French Ivory Picture Frames, 50c
A SELECTION of French ivory picture frames is
offered or Wednesday; variety of styles with
velvet backs, and very special at 60o. '
Bargeee-Nook Co. Mala Floor.
Women's Hand Bags at $1.00
THE lot is so varied in style and leathers that
it is almost impossible to describe them indi
vidually. Metal and leather covered frames ; some
have inside frame purses; all have mirrors and tome
have extra coin purses; at $1.00.
Bargees Nook Co. Mais Floor.
Fancy Silks Wednesday, $1.39
BEAUTIFUL striped, plaid and checked silks in
the very, smartest colorings, both light or dark.
Bought from a manufacturer jn mill lengths from 10
to 20 yards in a piece. Full one yard wide; strictly
perfect and made to retail from $1.15 to $2.00;
yard, $U9l
Bergeea-Xaeh Co. Main Floor.
Princess Messaline Silks, $1.19
A BEAUTIFUL soft finished and dressy silk in
a wide range of new shades, either light or
dark; 36 inches wide; yard, $1,19.
, Bargeee-Nook Co, Mala Floor.
Costume Velvets Wednesday, 98c
RICH costume velvets; guaranteed fast pile and
colors, including the following shades of nut
brown, navy blue, nigger brown, also black ; 22 inches
wide, at the yard 98o.
Barg Nook Co. Mala Floor.
Piano Benches Wednesday, $2 If;
SMALL size piano benches in mahogany, walnut
and dark finish; only a limited quantity, but
very special for Wednesday at $2.00.
Bargero-Neak Co. Foartk Floor,
Stamped Turkish Towels, 50c
TURKISH towels, ready for embroidering or cro
cheting; blue, pink or yellow border, with wash
cloth to match j special for Wednesday, set 50o.
Bargee.-Neek Co Third Floor.
Grass Baskets, 50c to $3.00
A COMPLETE selection of sweet grass baskets
has been secured. - A variety of shapes and
sizes, including women's work basket folders; price
range, 50c to $3.00. ,
Bargeae-Nook Co. Third Floor.
Luncheon Napkins at $4.00
SCALLOPED luneheon napkins with hand embroid
ered corner. Pure linen, fine quality, assorted
designs; Wednesday special at dozen, $4.00.
Bargeie-jreek Co. Moio Floor,
Colored Silk Nets at 50c
BLACK or colored silk nets, black or white lace
flouncing from 12 to 18 inches wide and fancy
allover lace. Wednesday at yard, 50c.
Bnrgeie-Nnek Co. Main Floor.
Women's Cashmerette Gloves, 29c
WOMEN S two-clasp cashmerette gloves
in black and colors, well made and
very specially priced Wednesday at 29e.
Bargeee-Naek Co. Main Floor.
80c Worth of Palmolivt, 44c
Women's New Coats at $25
MANY new styles arrived in time for Wednesday's selling; coats
with and without fur trimming; lined and interlined; all the new
soft materials are represented in the season's very newest shades, full
weeping models; very special Wednesday at $25.00.
BargoM-Haok Oo. B.oond Floor.
THREE cakes of Palmolive soap, a jar
of Palmolive vanishing cream or a box
f Palmolive powder, an 80c combination
for 44o.
IHrfenm-JfmA O. Mala Floor.
Men's Plaited Shirts, $1.00
THREE styles of plait in a variety of colorings;
mHa nnt otv1 with (tiff nffa attached: were
' $1,50; for Wednesday to elear away at $1.00.
Bargeee-Nook Om Mela Floor.
'Men's Union Suits at $1.98
tttORSTED yarn of medium heavy weight, made
W with closed crotch; perfect fitting; all sizes';
were originally $3.00 per suit; Wednesday, $1.98. O-Mehl Floor. ' -- -
Men's Flannel Shirts, $1.45
FAWN-COLOR flannel shirts, flat collar, coat style
with pocket; well trimmed and made; half
wool and half cotton ; Wednesday at $1,45.
Bargeoe-Neek Oo. DowM-Btalr. Store,
Men's "Hickory" Hose, 12c
MEN'S hickory half hose, gray, tan and black;
first quality;, double heel, toe and sole; very
special Wednesday at pair, 120.
BargoJ. ICaofc Co. Down-Stair. Store.
Solid Oak Morris Chairs, $ 1 8.50
ONE of the famous Royal push button chairs ;
constructed of solid oak in the popular fumed
finish; upholstered in best quality imitation leather,
at $18.50.
BarfCM-NMh Oo Third Floor,
Women's Writing Desks, $12.50
SELECTED solid oak writing desk with fumed or
waxed finish; substantially constructed; very
special Wednesday at $12.50. .
Vojaoee-Nnok Co. Tktrd Floor.
Matt Green Jardinieres, 89c
A SPECIALLY purchased lot in plain and fancy
shapes; 9-inch size, matt green finish; usually
sell for $1.39; Wednesday at 89o.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Dawo-rHeira store.
Perfection Oil Heaters, $3.50
PERFECTION oil heaters, smokeless and odorless;
4-quart font; just the thing for these cool morn
ings; Wednesday, special at $3.50.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Down-SteJro Store.
Aluminum Tea Kettles, $1.95
PURE aluminum tea kettles; No. 8 size; strictly
perfect; usually sell for $3.75; for Wednesday,
very special at $1.95.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Dowo-Staiio Store.
42-Piece Breakfast Sets, $2.95
A COMPLETE service for six people; gold deco
rations and fancy shapes; we consider them
extremely special Wednesday at set, $2.95.
BorgoM-Noah Co Down-Stair. Store.
7-Piece Water Sets for $1.19
TANKARD shape jug and 6 thin blown glasses in
an assortment of pretty cut patterns from which
to make selection; special at set, $1.19.
BurgcM-Keok Co. Down-Stairo Store.
French Cambric Stationery, 29c
FINE quality French cambric stationery,
boxed, 60 sheets of paper and 50 en
velopes. An unusual value Wednesday
at 29o.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Mato Floor.
Women's Outing Kimonos, $1.00
WOMEN'S good, warm outing flannel
kimonos, in light and dark colorings,
assorted patterns, very specially priced
Wednesday at $1.00.
Bargeee-Nook Co, eooond Floor.
Woolen Blankets at $4.75
ST. MARY'S woolen blankets in a wide seleetion
of colorings and patterns; for Wednesday we
offer them to you at this price, before the market
advance, $4.75. : Week Co. Down-Stein Store.
Beacon Bath Blankets, $2.98
LARQE selection of Beacon bath robe blankets
'in a big assortment of newest designs; speoially
priced for Wednesday at $2.98 each.
f . '' Borgoas Nook Co. Down-Stalin Store, ,,
Automobile Robes, $4.98 Each
GENUINE Oregon City Woolen "Mills auto robei
in the newest Navajo designs and colorings;
Wednesday, special at $4.98 each. ; f
EHvgeee-Neak Co. Dewn-Btaira Store. 1
Black Fox Scarfs at $25.00
THE black fox is the most favored of furs for
winter.. Wednesday, black fox scarfs, well made
and very specially priced at $25.00. '
BaraHra Hook Co. Sienna Floor.
Women's Silk Hose, Pair, $1.15
WOMEN'S silk hose, the "Bumasco' brand, silk
with lisle tops and soles, in black and white,
Wednesday, pair, $1.15.
', Borgm Hook Co Main Floor.
Children's Mercerized Hose 29c
CHILDREN'S mercerized lisle ribbed hose in black
and white colors, double soles, heels and toes,
the pir, 29o. - ,
Bnrg.01 Monk Co. Meln Floor.
Women's Union Suits $1.00
FLEECE lined white onion suits, sleeveless, low
neck; half sleeves, ankle length: high neck and
long sleeves. Choice Wednesday at $1.00.
Bargeee-Nook Co. Mala Floor.
Children's Union Suits 50c
FLEECE lined union suits for children 2 to 14
years of age, well made and very specially prieed
Wednesday at 50o. , '
Bargees-Nook Co Main FUor,
Women's Coats to $19.50, for $12.50
WOMEN'S winter eoats, made of baby lamb,
carcule and pluBh, several splendid styles,
were to $19.50, Wednesday at $12.50.
BnrgoaaMnak CoDewa Stairs Store.
Misses Serge Dresses at $16.50
FRENCH serge dresses with Georgette crepe sleeves,
trimmed with smocking and sash t'o tie in baok,
were -to $25.00, misses' sizes 16 to 18, Wednesday
at $16.50. . . '
Bnrgieo Knofc Co. Down Stair, store.
Women's Party Dresses $15.00
GEORGETTE crepe party dresses, trimmed with
silver lace, pleating and ribbon sashes, white,
yellow, pink, blue and Nile, special at $15.00.
- Bargeee-Nook Co Down Htnlre Store.
Child's Coats, to $12.50, for $8.50
THE materials are miitures, checks, plaids, etc.,
some have plush collars, sizes, for ages 6 to 14
years, were to $12.50, Wednesday, $8.60,
Bargeee-Nook Co. Down Stab store. - -
Burgess-Mash Company
BuRGEsr Nash Company
"everybody's store"