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Predict Heavy Vote on South
Side on the Three Big .
Voting in Early Houri Marked
with the Beit of Spirit
Women Workere Out.
Busy Men Take Time to Study the
10 cents
Law of Land During Evening Hours
Indication! it the polling station!
thii morning were for the heaviest
tote ever cast on the South Side in
any election 'in the history of the
Magic City. Ai early at 8: JO o'clock
big majority of the stationi were
filled with men, the crowds waiting
their opportunity being in some cases
as high as thirty to forty. Such a
crowd at this early hour mark a
From the talk at the polls the big
gest vote witkrest on three measure
the wet and dry amendment, the
presidential election and the candi
dacy ot local men. ai every siauon
Murphy and Reed talk prevailed with
insistence. The candidate for county
attorney and for municipal court
judge had voluntary worker in all
parts of the city, and from the senti
ment eminating from Brown Park,
West L street and the downtown
poll the majority for these two will
be overwhelming,
lohn L. Kennedy apparently closed
a winning fight the last week of the
campaign, Hitchcock's vain efforts
to cook up artificial sentiment in his
direction Sunday among the German
democrat seems to have proved a
failure, for hi apite of the host of
worker the senator had on the
street and at the polling station thi
morning determined men were open
in voicing' their (cntiment a hostile.
There are approximately 5,000
vote to be cast on the boutn bide
and local oolitical donstert are pre'
dieting a full house. the' three great
, questions of interest, both local, state
and national, are thought to have se
cured the presence of every qualified
voter. - Packinghouse workmen will
be released at some time during the
day to vote. :
Something like $25,000 Hughe
money floated into the Exchange yes
terday eariv morn. Farmers and
stockmen who had been Itching, for
weeks found the impulse too Strong.
In fact, so furious was the betting
that the few democrats who had held
(way with closely held five and ten
made their escape.
One anxious farmer floated tbout
the ancient hall with a fat-looking
roll of bill. Someone dared to ask
how much there was in the roll and
the crowd that had gathered to hear
the detail nearly fainted whn he
responded, without a flicker of the
"Ten thousand dollar. Who want
it." Everyone but republican turned
to other dutie. ; .- ,, -
v GUien Very Low. '-'2
Mike Gillen i reported to be very
low at St. Joseph's hospital after a
lingering illness of three days. Doc
tors reported last evening that he
showed ign of being overtaken by
pneumonia, which will increase the
seriousness of the case. At t o'clock
this morning he was still consciout,
but very low. . .
ftMth Bowline.
Int. Id. Id. Tot.
Orient "... .. US lit It
IMoti U . I 1H
Hark. ...tSl- III HI 4
Hancock 1"' S 171
Mrlflon It 111 111 Ml
, Touts ...IIS III lit lit!
lit. Id, 14. Tot.
, lit ll Ml III
n..i. it hi in
Hannoa HI HI HI
Loonor Ml HI ' HI
McDonald ............ Ill III III
; ToUl HI 111 l
, : lol. Id. Id. Till.
Tannar ............... Ml ! Ill III
H.I! Ill III 111
L(ler Ill III III
B.k.r ,. ill III III
Konnodr Hi ! Ml
Handle .
........... 191 IM till ftfltl
It II it 14
ut ui mm
iMtcher ltl HI H '
Patrbr HI 147 111 I0T
Chadd ........... ...... Ill 15 IM M
rtMWHl .............. Ill HA 111.131
ritrld ............ Ill IH III w US
Touif ............ Jit hi t.u
MatU CHy Com!,
Tho J. P. S. . will mtat with Mra.
P. C. Collier. Forty-aavanth und J atrMta,
Thuradar at II o'elook, liUncbaoa will k
orvod. y
Tho woman of th Chiiitlftn church will
tnaat all day Wadtiaaday with lira. J,
William, llll Bout Twaatytourth ftiroot,
to tla comfort,
If jro have not already dttd mm
plan for yatamatle aavinc, why not batylii
today. Tha house h Id aiptni took luued
by tha oaring, dtpartmant of tilt Uv luck
.Notional bank. South Omaha, U your far
tha Mkln and nay halp yn Itart tha
MVtng habit.
Mlao AHe Brady appears In tha frrftrty
Mad .flvfrool pfetaro, "Bought and FaU
For," at tha Bmo tonight Oa moo It
A iwunrotoua ptotara. Uaual rloaa.
Thanh and aovrootatloti or harabo .
1and.d lor th klndnea and hettfulnata of
Ighboro and fiiand through tha rickMb
and daath of thalr feolovod wif and mothor,
lira. Britkooa, and alaa for th Mailt I Cut
floral triiut ay the c and U sf I.. , O.
o. r. and r. o. e.
Wanted An offfe hoy; must b at Unt
II yean of a; good oftpoH unity. Apply
m Vrunanr wane, twutn Btufj.
Dataetlr Hiko OHIan la roportod to bo
m practically the am ma rendltlafi to yea
terday, although h I mark Imorovrd. Un.
! further romplleatioaa t la phyklclan
amy no win hvo.
Suportor ledgo, Ma. tM, Dogroo of Honor,
will tiva uack ball Wdntai1ay vninm
Kovambar I. at th Annttrnt Ordtr of United
workmen .tempi. maa will trt Wtt,
Mra. rrank Bear, 'till Vinton lrt, will
entertain th kenfctagtaa e( -South tide
Grave, No. II, WotKlmea Circle, Wbtlneadtr
afternoon at her hem. .
The Ladlea Aid Seelety of t tak'
Lutheran Kvancoltcal churrh will tntat at
the home of Mra. J. H, Wtne, tin Cask
aireei, mursoa. Hoeaaneer , at I a'efceak.
Hirst Memorial Men :
Will. Keep Open House
' The Men' Brotherhood of the
Hint Memorial church will keep open
nouie tnis evening wniie they re
eetye the flection returns. An mvl
lie to receive the returns as the guests
oi uc protnernooa. . ,
Salter Makes Reouest
About Rubbish Fires
Chief Salter has asked member o
the police department not to rln
arn.ra1 alarm, in ram nf . ..lkl.
fir, htlt in anfinff nnlv . .ll In .It.
one district house. The m adrlce
I pertinent tor the lay cituen.
Tk. OwalMt ria Kiliw.
; snou' UniineBt toe. rivht to la. Mt
f aiai Mntly I H ti jam 4. mi a...
W takt & All InsiWi-Adr.rtfctniit
Omaha is wet, meaning that Omaha
voted under auspices of , Pluvius.
The "wets" aver the weather condi
tion were a good omen for them.
Greater Omaha jumped into the big
election at the stroke of 8 in the morn
ing and gave evidence of the wisdom
of "do your voting early." Indica
tions are there will be approximately
40,000 voir. In the count,
The early voting was marked by the
best of Spirit, without any disorder
to mar the day. The police were not
called upon to extend the strong arm
of the law over any unrestrained citi
zen. ...
Each voting orechct wal the scene
of a group of workers for the wets
and drvs. for the school board (late
and for individual candidates. The
wets got into the game early and. as
a leader said, "We intend to give them
both barrels nsht up to o clock
this evening." On th other hand, the
drvs were on the iob.
employers are allowing their men
plenty ot time to exercise tneir elec
tive franchise.
Commissioner's Office Busy.
The election commissioner's office
was busy ironing out many situations,
A citizen called at the office and in
sisted that he has lived in Omaha
more than twenty years and regis
tered the last time on October 2Jo(
this year and yet the clerks at his
voHng place could not find his name
on the books. He was vexed, He
sought an attorney, who got the mat
ter adjusted.
Another man declared he bad been
challenged although he had lived at
th same address near Seventeenth
and Jackson streets for five years and
wa dill a bona fide resident at the
lame address which he gave when
he registered, -
Few Women Vote.
The women did not congest any of
the voting place during the morn
ing hour. In the Sixth of the Twelfth
only eight women called before noon.
Two women voted before noon in th
first of the Sixth and the same In
the Second of the Sixth.
The Third ward voted "just too
love v for. anv use." according to
prominent women who were work
ing In behalf of one of tne school
board tlates. Among tnesc women
were Mr. Draper Smith, Mrs, F. J,
Bin, Mr. J. F. Hyde and Mr. H. C.
Mr Sumriev. who returned lalt
Week from West Virginia, where the
campaigned 'for suffrage, said she
noted a marked Improvement In vot.
ing condition in the Third ward.
Whv. vini d voU believe It. two vear
ago when i worked in thi ward for
uffrage I observed a man showing
another man how to vot. This time
I have not seen anything ot that na
ture," (aid Mr. Sutnhey. - ;
Quiet In th Third. v .
The Third ward lust voted and did
dot make much noise about it. They
voted for Charles E. Hatthcs and
against the prohibition amendment. A
strong Hughes vote it expected from
this ward, lit the Third precinct of
the Third ward nearly half of the
vote wa out before the noon hour.
The regisirstlon In this precinct was
J5U. At this voting place two timia
women distributing school board
ticket were placed t their ease by
the men, who furnished umbrellas and
told them the animal had all been
pMt ill chain. In the Second precinct
of the Third 100 Vote of possible
J60 were registered at 11:30 a. m.
All th departments ot the federal
building allowed their men time to
vote. In the United States district
court Judge Woodrotigh allowed the
juror to go home lalt Friday to Vote.
Court will open Wednesday.
-,. Start wlthjttuh.
The Second of the N'lnth started
off with a rush, th first hour yield,
ing nearly sixty votes. Nine stall)
were used.
Of the north side ore neta the
Sixth of the twelfth wen the morn
ing attendance prise with a total of
16ft votlnv. while this Seventh of the
Twelfth shewed 132 of a reglttratlon
bf 300 having voted before th dinner
bell wa rung. . .
The orScincts of th4 Sixth Snrl
Twelfth werda toted from one-fourth
to one-third of the total vote befbre
the noon hour.
- Few Women Vote Hen.
The Vote ' oi the women ori th
school board ticket lit the southwest
ern part of the City wet very light.
By noon the thirteen precinct In thi
Section showed from one to dosen
women votes aniece.
uuitt Brevities an tnrouun tnn
end of the city. "
Wtt automobile with their white
canvas painted in red. With the words
"Vote wet," could be een by threes
and four in front ol every polling
olce. The drVI had fewv if ant: auto
mobiles Working, carrying voter to
the poll. In front of the Third pre'
cinci of the Seventh ward a hand
some snmint tax cab drove ut at 11
o'clock and unloaded a lot of wet
voters, Across the front, just by
way of clearing Itself In the eye ol
the law It bore t large llgrt reading
not nirea.' ...
Not at Well Organised.
Dry worker tt various polling
places were lamenting the fact that
they were pot as well organised as
the wets. They were freely discuss
ing the fact that the wet have work
er at the polls with lilts of all the
wet Voters in the oreclneh their rei.
dences and business addresses, their
politic! and that the wet worker
were keeping the list ud to (rate ever
minute by checking off every' Man
who had ' Voted and lending ear
for thosa wno had not.
"We'll be doing that thi after
noon," Hid a dry , worker at 1507
Park avenue at 1 o'clock when he
had had a few hour to Observe the
working of this system used by the
enetny. .
At 2367 South Twenty-ninth street,
First precinct of the Second ward,
but one woman nd voted at 11
o clock. . - .
Wants to Hate.
: "I want to b (worn in here to
co m th booth with thi fellow.1
shouted a muddy-faced man carrying
Somewhere Scott McWilliam
heard that most presidents of the
United States had studied law. Scott
is the elevator man at the postoffice
Minding and. of course.. is a rising
young man. In fact he spends a big
part of the day rising and when his
work for the day is over he hastens
home, where he opens up his beloved
volume of Blackstone and studies
Nor is Scott McWilliam the only
federal emnlove who has asDirations
of following in the footsteps of Abe
There is Tim Nickerson. who holds
the exalted position of chief deputy
in the marshal's office. Jim has it on
Abe for he can mumble his legal
terms by the aid of an electric light
bulb instead of a wood fire,
John Michaelson is only a man
carrier. A s humble pedestrian in
Uncle Sam s service, vet he snends
most of his spare time in mastering
the ins and outs of a legal career.
K. a. Kane, stenoKrauher in the
postal railway service, is another with
a cane. I want to see that this is
done right, This fellow can't mark
hi own ballot."
You can t be (worn in for that
purpose, answered Hugh Robertson,
judge of election.
Well, but this fellow is a brother
of mine," persisted he of the cane a
ne pusnen torward his blind brother.
You II get a square deal, all rieht."
replied Robertson; whereupon he sent
on democrat ana one republican into
the booth with the blind man and
left the brother with the cane on the
In the Seventh of the Ninth eiuhtv.
eight votes had been 'cast at 11:30.
twenty-two of which were democrats
and aixty-tix of which were repub
lican, according to a check' made
oy lome of the interested checkers.
New Contracts for
Players in Majors
Chicago, Nov. 7. New contract
will be presented to American and
National league base ball players
when the season for signing comes.
according to B. B. Johnson, president
oi tne American league. Johnson
alto aaid these new contracts will
not b the handiwork of David L.
l-ulti, president of the Players' fra
ternity, attorneys for the major
leagues being the only one engaged
in the drafting of the contract.
president Johnson denied today
that the clause in regard to forfei
ture of pay by injured . players was
incorporated in the present contracts,
although he said that those now in
force were not satisfactory to the two
Posed as Dead Man So
, Is Not Allowed to Vote
In the First precinct of the Eiarhth
ward the board refused to allow a
man to vote when he gave the name
of man who was dead. The man
who Intended to vote gave his aire a
20, while the dead man was 58 year
of age at time of death. 1 he board
would not reveal tha name of the
man who tried to vote, but will re
port the circumstance to he election
Miss Frances Nash to
; Play In Concert Here
Mis France Nash will play in
Omaha December 4 when she appears
on the concert aeries under the man
agement of Miss Evelyn McCaffrey
at the Metroplitan Club house. This
building ha been entirely remodeled
and redecorated and Miss McCaffrey
has Arranged for a series of six con
cert, the first of which will be given
novemner it, when Mr. Uscar bea
gle, the well known baritone, will
sing.' ?.';.
Many Queries Indicate
Future Prosperity Here
Irt the morninsr mail there came to
the immigration department of the
Burlington eighty-nine letters inquir
ing about land price In western Ne
braska and Wyoming. As a rule the
letter are from farmer of Illinois,
Indiana and Ohio. This is taken to
mean that in the near future there is
going to be a rush for the cheao lands
in this state and farther west
MM lay tor Kftfft,
Uhntfoal. Oil... Nnv. T.-Th. itt. of Mm. wa. oraer(l by th. court of appeal.
toasr W nay .... to jonn barton A c.
of London and N.w Tork, ok colnpen.ntlon
tor tha Mlturo ot I1M.IIS worth of
vn on arrival in this voumry from
Uhlna, twbr I, ills,
NATURE never starts any
thing she can't finish. Tt
bacco ain't any
VELVET I naturally
aged for two roars. . 1N4
artificial taatbod.
Mondar Evtittnt. November lSth. I p. m. ISipUt ahoU Join thi flrtt Ittioa.
Ttnni moat naaoiublo. Advatitiod CUai Tumm. S . m. High chtVol Ubi Sat-
m. AiiMBblir ory WtKlneadar venlair. Exetlltat mimic. Private
imwii any tune, narnejr !. lata an
barriiter aspirations. When his day's
work is over he clicks his typewriter
at home far into the night and files
oodles of notes.
Then there is Lloyd Meyers, a clerk
in the railway postal service. Patrick
Henry had only an unsympathetic
British court to talk to, but Lloyd
has all the sympathy in the world
from hi friends,
Whether it is a desire to follow
in the footsteps of some of our presi
dents or not, the fact remains that
these men arc improving their minds
by studying law,
The class meets Friday evenings in
the law office of Hugh A. Meyers.
There are others beside those men
tioned above, There is Bob Smith,
clerk of the district court; Oeorge
Mcrchaum. Sydney Smith. Neal har
rcl, Mr. Lcvert, Frank Runquist
and the Rev. M. O. McLaughlin. The
Rev. Mr. McLaughlin is at present
president of York college, but in or
der not to net behind his barrister-in.
dined friends, he is doing his work
by mail.
Two Rich Families
Bid for Homeless,
Happy Little Boy
Two cood home await Alvin
Bushnelt, the 12-year-old lad whom
Judge Leslie believes would make a
good son for most anyone.
Following the statement of Judge
Leslie that he would seek a home
for the boy in Omaha before sending
him to Lincoln to have the state pro
vide a legal place tor nun, to live,
Omahxns began to Inquire about
young Bushnell.
Thev found that he was an unusual
ly attractive boy well mannered, well
educated for a boy of hia years, and
of good moral character. They also
ascertained that his mother was dead
and that his father, in a distant part
of the . country, had relinquished all
right to him. -Two
families well able to take care
of Alvin are at the disposal of the
boy. The persons making the In
quiries -promised to adopt Alvin in
the spring, providing he turns out to
be a good boy. Judge Leslie will
decide upon which family is to take
the lad.
Wallace Banner Is
Made Head of South
High Athletic Body
At a meting of the athletic asso
ciation of the South High school,
Wallace Banner, fullback on the foot
ball team, wa elected president for
the ensuing term. Helen Reed,
daughter of William Reed, member
of the Board of Education, was
elected vice president, Harold Helm,
secretary and Dudley Ingram, treas
urer. Profs. Cook and Boswell of the
faculty, acted as sponsor.
The matter of boosting the Coun
cil Bluffi and University Place foot
ball games, which will be played on
the local Luxus floor within the next
three weeks was taken up. NThe asso
ciation is in debt to the extent of a
half hundred dollars or more and
stringent methods will have 'to be
made to clear up the deficit. The
team will journey to Dennison, la.,
for a game on Thanksgiving. The
association now has a membership of
about 200.
Street Car Hits Auto and
George Cleveland is Hurt
George Cleveland, Seventeenth and
Grace, and James Hovestein, Six
teenth and Grant, had their auto ride
abruptly ended by a Street car at
Fourteenth and - Capitol avenue.
Cleveland was hurled front the ma
chine and suffered many body bruises
and facial lacerations. Hovestein was
hot hurt. . -
Torchlight Probe of
- Balkylfoto Proves Painful
By the light of a flaming torch F.
A. Slock, Reo hotel, crawled under
hi balky automobile at Twenty-second
and Cuming, streets. He came
from under the machine with his right
hand afire. Dr. Charles Shook says
the burns are serious.
HU Constant Tkraaht.
Th.y mot by chano. la Iho mttlna room
ot a railway .tatlon, ,
"My frlond," bs.n tha man with to baf
full of tra.ti,, "havo you ov.r
reflected on th. .hortn... of Ufa, tho un
certainty of all thlnii. bolow, and th.
tact that death U Inevitable'"
"Havo 1?" ropll.d tho man. eh.arfully,
"Wall, I annum .aKy oo. I'm a llfo In
atlranoo avotltl" New Tork Ttmoa.
r antaaa atreeu. ,
f -
Few of the Fairer Sex Vote
During Morning Honrs Be
cause of Other Duties.
Women' voting wa light for
tchoot board candidate during morn
ing hour. Unsettled weather and
household duties were given as rea
sons by women who worked at the
polls. Heavy voting was predicted
for the afternoon.
. Many women came to the wrong
precinct polling place and for fear
they wouldn't vote women workers
escorted them to the right place to
vote. "I've walked miles this morning
just doing that one thing," said Mrs.
C. H. Marley, captain of Eighth ward
Mrs. C. B. Coon, stationed at 2220
Farnam atreet, a pool hall and barber
shop, reported women would not eti
ter this polling place alone. Voting
was done in the rear of the pool hall.
Men and high school boys as work
ers were stationed at certain voting
places unpleasant for women work
ers. Mrs. Draper Smith, Mrs. H. C.
Sumney, Mrs. F.J. Birss and Mrs.
J. F. Hyde worked at Third ward
polling places.
Mrs. Z. T. Lindsey, chairman of the
woman's committee to boost the citi
zens' ticket of school board candi
dates, directed the women worker.
Mesdames Halleck Rose, J. H. Du
mont, E. M. Fairfield, F. H. Cole, Ed
gar Scott, Jdhn Robbins, F. W. Car
michael, C. W. Hayes, Brace Fonda,
James Richardson, C. V. Warfield,
Herbert Roger and Ezra Millard are
a few well-known women active .in
bringing out the women' vote.
In the residence districts women
owning automobiles used them in
bringing women to vote.
Misconduct, Desertion
And Cruelty Are Charges
Charges of misconduct are made by
Claude H. Rohrbough, who has filed
suit for divorce against Lula Ethel
- Robert H. Brewer is named de
fendant in a suit filed by Lois L.
Brewer. Cruelty is alleged.
Helen F. Robertson has filed suit
against William Robertson, alleging
Mahton F. Ely has filed suit against
Lura S. Ely. seeking a divorce on the
grounds of desertion.
Prepare Thl$ for a Bad
CoughIt's Fine
Ckoayly Ba.tlr Mate) bit
' Dow ska Work dmlekly.
Tha Attest MM., amin that vnnnev
east buy eoetlng only about tme-nf th aa
muen aa reaay-maae preparations, can
easily be maae up at home. The way it
takes hold and conquer digressing
cough, throat and chest cold will
really make you enthusiastic about it.
Any druggist can supply you with
iV, ouneea of Plnex 160 cents worth).
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill the
bottle with plain granulated sugar
syrup. Shake thoroughly and it is
ready for use. The total colt is about
M cents ana give you a lull pint a
family supply of a most effectual,
pleasant tasting remedy. It keep per-
It truly astonishing how quietly it
acta, penetrating through every air
passage of the throat and lungs loosens
and raises the phlegm, soothes and heals
the inflamed or swollen throat mem
branes, and gradually but surely the
annoying throat tickle and dreaded
court will disappear entirely. Nothing
ttetter lor nronenltis, spasmodic, croup,
whooping cough or bronchial asthma.
Plnex la a snecial and hlchlv concen
trated compound of genuine Korway
pins extract, combined with guaiacol
aad ia knows the world over for its
prompt healing effect on the throat
Avoid disappointment bv asking your
druggist for ''2 ounces bf Plnex" with
full directions and don't accept any
thing else. A guarantee of absolute sat
isfaction or money promptly refunded
goes with this preparation) The Pinex
Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind,
Such an easy way
to heal my skin!
" I never worry If I have a little
rash or other eruption break out
I just put on a bit of .
Ointment. That take out the Itch
ing and burning instantly, and soon
clean the trouble away, I learned of
Resinol Ointment through our doc
tor prescribing It for my brother.
Tom had been almost frantic with
eczema for months but that ointment
healed hit ikin like magic"
ttonlaol Odtment and RmImI Soap an to 4
by.tloniRl.ta, t'oralrteumnlaof ob,wiito
H BtM. K Rnlool, Biltiinora, at.
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, blUoUsneM
and many ailment ot the dlgethnt
organ are often the source of serious
fllnesa. At the first sign of disordered
condition take the reliable family
remedy that h always dependable
tanwl Sola of Aw MoAcla h tho Wont,
gala oifcoio, hmm, tOo, Mo.
, O t crisp, slightly sweetened V
I biscuit that adds a pleasing and 1
I fitting touch to the after- I
V noon or evening refreshment
Equally agreeable with ices or
warm drinks.
k. COMPANY . jg :
B Guided fry -s
imectanfc mother is
welfare of the future child. In exer.
doing caution be
ence of hundred
"Mother's Friend"
vere raftering and
X taummi
a I o.,a-
tj Iturttism
LJr r. -.TmiJi
recovery. It ia easily applied and it influence over
tha effected ligament 1 soothing and beneficial. Get
it at any druggist Bead for th free book on Mother
hood. Address
"The Bradlleld Segnlator Co.,
209 Lamar Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
Commerce Range Demon
stration Every Day This
Week at the Central
Have Us Figure
Three room furnished complete;
pailor, dining room and kitchen
ette and bed room,
only ,
Our Low Rent, on account of our Location, Out of the
High Rent District, Low Operating Expense, due to care
ful organization of our working forces, and our Enormous
Purchasing Power enable us to save you many dollars on
every purchase. We are interested in your purchases
after you have them in your home that they fulfill our
guarantee of future satisfaction. Our store is filled with
seasonable merchandise that will please you in the high
quality and enormous selection of style and any article
you purchase you can, as usual, make your own terms.
Our new policy,
Regular Prices,
will pleas you.'
All-Year All-Steel
Through Train
In. Chicago 11.55 pm Daily
Via Cincinnati
and L. & N. R. R.
Through Knoxvill
and Atlanta
to Jacksonville
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Scenic Route
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Use Them
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We are lerving free biscuits and
coffee. Come and nee the Com.
mere Range in active operation
and let oa explain In detail how
thi range, built of pure grey cast
pig iron and cold rolled steel with
mill board asbestos interlining,
makes leas fuel expense and
greater baking and cooking re
sults. These ranges sell for $19.50,
$24.60, $29.30, $32.50, $35.00,
$39.50, $48.00, $53.00. Placed in
- your home on thirty days' . free
' trial. -- . "
Our mammoth stove department
. contains just tho kind of range,
cook stove or heater you desire,
and, as. usual, you maka your own
torma. '.
Your Furniture Bill
Four rooms famished complete ;
parlor, dining room, bed room
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