Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 08, 1916, EARLY MALL EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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Republican Candidate for Con
gress in Fifth District Dies
of Heart Trouble.
Grand Island, Neb., Nov. 7. Hon.
Silas R. Barton, a member of
the Sixty-third congress, representing
the Fifth Nebraska district, and the
republican candidate for election to
the same office at this time, in com
petition with Congressman Ashton C.
Shallenberger, died suddenly at 11:30
this morning of heart trouble.
Mr. Barton closed his campaign in
his home city last night with an open
air meeting. Intimate friends had
known that the severities of the cam-
aign had previously affected his
ealth. and during the last five weeks
he had, upon several occasions, peen
compelled to remain in his home for
recuperation. The exposure of last
night, he having stood with bared
head while addressing the home folks,
is believed to have brought the fatal
Widow .Waa Miss Metcalfe.
He leaves a widow, the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Metcalfe, ol
Omaha, and one son, Silas R. Bar
ton, jr.
Silas Reynolds Barton was born at
New Lindon, la., May 21, 1872, moved
with his parents to Hamilton county,
Nebraska, in 1873, where they took up
a homestead. He graduated from the
Aurora High school and attended the
Peru State normal. He engaged in
farming and teaching school until
1898, when he was appointed deputy
county treasurer of Hamilton county,
from which position he resigned in
1901 to assume the duties of grand
recorder of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen of Nebraska. He
was president for two terms of the
Grand Recorders' association of the
United States, was a member of the
supreme lodge finance committee to
audit the accounts of the order, was
a member of the committee of fifteen
to revise the rates of the order at a
meeting held at Montreal, Canada,
and resigned as grand recorder of the
Ancient Order of -United Workmen
upon his election to the office of audi
tor of the state of Nebraska, serving
in this capacity from 1909 to 1913.
Prominent in Order.
During Mr. Barton's two terms as
auditor and insurance commissioner
he was a member of the national ex
ecutive committee of insurance com
missioners; was nominated by the di
rect primary as a candidate for con
gress in April, 1912, over four com
petitors, receiving 6,109 votes of a
total of 11,389; was elected to the Sixty-third
congress, receiving 18,816
votes to 17,522 for R. B. Sutherland,
The news of Mr. Barton's death
spread quickly throughout the district.
In many cases republican managers
ent word, as far as oossible. that the
voting should continue unaffected by
ine suaaen eternise.
In many cases democratic poll
workers called attention to the death
by information to the voters. Inquiries
also came in as to the result should
Mr. Barton be elected. In his home
city republican voters generally and
even independent and democratic vot
ers cast their votes for their departed
fellow citizen as a measure of respect
. What Effect May Be.
Congressman Barton's death may
leave a vacancy to be filled by ap
pointment oy ine governor in case
the dead congressman receives a ma-
jority of the votes cast, according to
the opinion of prominent Omaha at
torneys. Under the state statutes the
appointee of the governor would hold
over until the next general election,
unless removed by the house of repre
sentatives, which oasses on the tier.
tion credentials of its members. The
Nebraska constitution does not pro
vide for a special election to fill such
Local republican leaders suggested
Congressman Barton's death miorht
be used as cause to disqualify Shal
lenberger in the house of representa
tives, should a republican house be
elected. One attorney said: "A re
publican house would undoubtedly re
move onauenDerger and direct the
governor to appoint a republican to
represent me t ittn district.
Possible Vacancy.
Other attorneys and republican lead
ers, holding that a dead man could
not be elected to office, declared that
in the event of either Barton or Shal
lenberger receiving a majority of the
votes cast, the logical course for the
house of representatives to nursue
would be to declare a vacancy and di
rect tne governor tp till the vacancy
by appointment.
The federal constitution has no pro
vision for such vacancies and they are
covered by statutes of the states, at
torneys said. Attorneys were unani
mous that under the Nebraska law
no litigation over the office could
grow out of Congressman Barton's
death because the case is covered ex
plicitly in the statutes.
It was suggested by some Omaha
attorneys that the death of Congress
man Barton would possibly influence
the lower house in disqualifying Shal
lenberger, should he be elected, and
directing the governor to appoint a
third candidate without there be one.
No other party candidates, however,
were nominated for congress in the
Fifth district.
Mr. Barton was married a few years
ago to Miss Ellen Metcalfe, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Met
calfe. Word was received this morn
ing by Mr. Metcalfe that Mr. Barton
was quite sick with pneumonia and
he and Mrs Metcalfe took a tram for
Grand Island about an hour before
the news of his death was received.
Fire Destroys Barn.
York, Neb., Nov. 7. (Special Tele
gram.) Fire destroyed a barn be
longing to Ed Stone, who lives two
and one-half miles southwest of the
An Aid to Digestion.
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Capitol Deserted by Men Who
Go to Put Ballots in at
Own Towns.
Captain Says He Knows Noth
ing of Sale of Vessel to
War Offices Give Out Conflict
ing Reports on Operations
in Western France.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 7. (Special.) The
state house was practically deserted
today, state officers and employes
going dome to vote. Secretary of
State Charles Pool was the ony state
officer holding his legal residence out
side the city who did not leave the
state house, casting his vote by mail.
Mr. Fool s home is in Hyannis.
Governor Morehead went to Falls
City, Auditor Smith to Seward, Treas
urer Hall to Franklin, State Superin
tendent Thomas to Kearney, Attorney
(jeneral Keed to Madison, food Com
missioner Harman to Holdrege and
some of the deputies to their home
Silver Bars Worth
Fifty Thousand
Taken by Bandits
El Paso. Tex.. Nov. 7. Sixty-seven
bars of silver, belonging to an Ameri
can mining company at rarral, Lhi
huahua, are reported to nave been
taken from Edgar Koch, an agent of
the company, by Villa bandits at
Santa Rosalia on October 27. The
silver was said to have been valued
at $50,000, and was being brought
from Parral to the border. Koch is
said to be the German consular agent
in Parral. ,
Officers of the mining company
here say they have had no confirma
tion of the reported robbery. Noth
ing further has been heard from the
Americans who were in Parral when
Villa bandits are said to have taken
the town.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice. Neb.. Nov. 7. (Special.)
The city schools will close at noon
Wednesday tor the remainder ot tne
week in order to give the teachers
an opportunity to attend the state
teachers' meeting to be held at Omaha
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of
this week.
At 'the annual meeting of the Ne
braska Christian Endeavor union at
Omaha, Rev. N. P. Patterson of this
city was elected vice president and
Miss Clara Kimmerling, also of this
city, was re-elected treasurer. ,
Many of the farmers in Gage county
have finished gathering their corn
crop, which in most instances has
yielded heavier than at first expected.
Alpha Graf, a farmer living north
east of the city, reports a yield of
fifty-two bushels to the acre and many
fields are yielding all the way from
thirty-five to fifty bushels to the acre.
The grain is of good quality.
Bellevue College Voters Cast
Ballots for the First Time
Youthful Voters of Bellevue college
had the thrill that comes once in a
life-time when autos came up the hill
to call for those fortunate enough to
be of age.
Of course, the young ladies could
not vote, but their influence had been
felt, and classes and such immaterial
things were temporarily put aside and
campaign speeches held the minds of
the students. Every issue before the
public had been discussed and settled
to the satisfaction of the feminine
politicians, and many a mere man had
been set straight as to the proper
thing tor the good ot the nation.
Chicago Republicans
Start Celebration
Chicago, Nov. 7. Newspaper
searchlights and pyrotechnic signals
here awarding the election to Hughes.
started a demonstration of republic
ans blowing horns, shouting and wav
ing nags in the streets at 8:30 o clock.
Hartington Man Loses Leg.
Hartineton. Neb.. Nov. 7. (Spe
cial.) Ole Mingshol of this city, a
prominent contractor and builder, had
to have his right leg amputated in
consequnece of a fall at the new hos
pital. The, bone was so badly frac
tured that amputation was deemed
necessary. Mr. Mingshol was at one
time member ot the city council.
Cardiff, Wales, Nov. 7. (Via Lon
don.) Captain Mainland of the
steamship Lanao, sunk by a German
submarine off Cape Vincent, said to
day that he knew nothing of the re
ported sale of the Lanao to a Norwe
gian. He was acting on the assump
tion that the Lanao was still of Phil
ippine registry and entitled to fly the
American flag.
Captain Mainland said it had been
a moot question for a long time
whether vessels under Philippine reg
istry were entitled to tly the Ameri
can flag, adding.
Many owners ot sucn vessels nave
been fined by the United States gov
ernment for flying the American flag,
but a recent decision gave them the
right to do so."
The captain saved the ship's papers,
which he brought to Cardiff, showing
that the Lanao was registered at
Manila and thus entitled to fly Amer
ican colors.
State Department View.
Washington, Nov. 7. In the ab
sence today of Secretary Lansing and
other high officials of the State de
partment the course of the United
States in dealing with the case of the
steamer Lanao, sunk by a submarine
October 28 off the Portuguese coast,
was undetermined. The department
was without official advices from con
sular or diplomatic officers on details
of the sinking. On the strength of
press dispatches officials here were
inclined to believe that there is but
little ground for an American protest,
since the ship carried contraband and
was warned and its crew transferred
without accident.
The question of her registry ap
parently is the onlv troublesome fac
tor. Despite the declaration of its
American captain that it was under
American registry and flew the Amer
ican flag when sunk, the official view
at the Department of Commerce,
which handles changes of registry,
was that the Lanao had been sold by
the Findlay, Millar Steamship com
pany of Manila to Hans Hannevrg of
Chnstiania, Norway, and that while
actual transfer to her new owners had
not been made, the sale had gone far
enough legally to take her from the
protection ot the American tlag.
American Woman
Killed by Bandits
Tucson, Ariz., Nov. 7. Arthur Wil
liams, agent for an automobile supply
house in Chihuahua, reached here yes
terday in a battered automobile after
a chase by Villa bandit sharpshooters
in another car, in the course of which
a woman, whose name is unknown
here, and Williams' little daughter
were killed. Williams' wife was killed
in Chihuahua before the chase began.
Solid South Still
Solid for Wilson
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 7. Scattering re
turns from Alabama. Florida, Georgia,
Louisiana, Arkansas. Mississipp, North
and South Carolina, Tennessee, Tex
as and Virginia, indicate a normal
vote was cast in those states, with
the usual majority for the democratic
candidates, including President Wil
Meile Boy Will Not Lose His
Eyesight as Result of Accident
Herbert Meile. 14-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Meile. who had
his left eyeball pierced by a piece of
stubble Saturday morning while play
ing toot Dan at forty-second ave
nue and Wakley street, is reported
to be rapidly recovering from his in
jury. It is thought that he will not
lose the sight of the organ.
A traveling ulesman tald to ai: "I
am going ait on my firit vtilt to
headquarteni; make me the right tort
of a ault." He told ui afterward that
no one ha met waa batter dreiaed
than he.
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Italian and Austrian Warships
Go Down During Duel on
Night of October 16.
Berlin, Nov 7. (By Wireless to
Sayville.) On the Somnie front yes
terday the British made an attack
near Faucourt L 'Abbayc, but were
immediately beaten back, the war
office announced today.
British Make Gains.
London, Nov. 7. Gains by British
troops in the neighborhood of Butte
de Warlencourt, on the Somnie front,
during operations last night, were
announced today by the war office.
French Front Quiet.
Paris, Nov. 7. (Via London.)
Last night was barren of important
happenings along the French front,
the war office announced today, there
having been only intermittent can
nonading on portions of the Somme
front and on the right bank of the
Meuse in the Verdun sector.
German airmen dropped incendiary
bombs on Nancy yesterday, but did
no damage, according to the official
statement. There were no casualties.
Today s statement recapitulates the
prisoners taken by Franco-British
troops in the course of the fighting
on the Somnie front since July 1, giv
ing their number up to November 1
at 71,532 men and 1,449 officers, while
the number of guns captured is given
as 173 field guns, 130 heavy guns, 215
trench mortars and 981 machine guns.
Russian Bridgehead Taken.
Berlin, Nov. 7. (By Wireless to
Sayville.) The capture of a Russian
bridgehead on the-Stokhod is re
ported by the war office. On the
northern part of the front, between
Dvinsk and Lake Naroci, Russian ar
tillery is displaying marked activity.
Roumanians Continue. Advance.
Bucharest, Nov. 7. (Via London.)
The Roumanian forces in Dobrudja,
which recently assumed the offensive
against Field Marshal von Macken
sen's army, are continuing their suc
cesses, the war office announced to
day. Progress for the Roumanians
along the entire Dobrudja front is
Father of Editor
Davis of Ord Dies
Ord, Neb., Nov. 7. (Special Tele
gram.) Mansill Davis, pioneer home
steader in the Loup Valley, died of
apoplexy at his farm home near
North Loup, while doing the chores
Monday evening. He was the. father
of Horace M. Davis, postmaster and
editor of the Ord Journal. Funeral
Wednesday afternoon. ,
Rome, Monday Nov. 6. (Via
Taris, Nov. 7.) An Austrian submar
ine and an Italian destroyer were
sunk in a duel on the night of Octo
ber 16, according to an official rtate
ment issued by the admiralty today.
The submarine had attacked a trans
port, which escaped.
The text of the statement follows:
"An Austrian submersible at
tempted on the night of October 16-
17 to torpedo one of our transports
conveying troops, but was discovered
and attacked by a convoying de
stroyer. The submersible and the de
strover sank, while the transport
readied its destination safely. The
majority of the crew of the destroyer
were saved and two orhcers and seven
men of the crew of the submarine
were made prisoner."
On the night of November 1 our
destroyers after crossing boldly and
successfully a mine aonc and sur
mounting bv their daring solid obsta
cles defending the Fasana-Hola canal.
managed to enter the customary an
chorage of part of the Austrian fleet.
Two torpedoes were fired against one
large ship and were observed to catch
in the vessel's torpedo net.
for two hours our destroyers re-
connoitered within a few hundred
yards of the forts and strong citadel
of Pola and only withdrew when they
had accomplished difficult and most
delicate missions. Numerous power-
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fill searchlights beat the sky and sea
and batteries opened random and
futile fire.
"On the night of November 3 sev
eral of our destroyers sank a large
Austrian steamer anchored at Du
raizo under the shelter of defenses
and a mine jone. Kncmy destroyers
came out and were attacked by our
ships, which forced their retreat. Our
destroyers then returned safely to
their base. On November 5 three
enemy destroyers appeared at dawn
I before Santa l'idiolniare and began
tr, bombard that part ot the coast,
atllioi:gh no military works are there.
One of our armored trains rushed up.
engaged and drove off the enemy.
Two destroyers were hit, one was
seen with a heavy list being assisted
bv others. The enemy tire was in
effective, one railroad man being
slightly wounded and small damage
done to privaie property."
Three Deaths at Lindsay.
Lindsay. Neb., Nov. 7. (Special.)
The body of Mrs. C. ft. niccher
was taken to Newman Grove Sunday
and buried there. Mrs. Blccher died
Wednesday. She was one of the old
settlers in this neighborhood, being 58
at the time of death. She and her
husband came here lo a farm south
west of town while yet young, where
they lived until about five years ago,
when they sold the farm and came to
town. She leaves a husband and three
sons Clarence, John and Guy, and
one daughter, Mrs. Tom Reece, who
all live here.
The body of Miss Benadina Wiese,
age 16. was buried at the Catholic
cemeterv. She was the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wiese, five miles
south of town. She had a fall about
a month ago, hurting her knee, which
got well apparently, nut started an
infection a tew days ago, which re
sulted in death.
Mads Hendricksen died yesterday
after a short illness at his farm home
eleven miles southwest of here. He
was 78 years old, coming here from
Denmark, He leaves a widow and a
son. C. Hendricksen of Paxton, Neb., 49
and a daughter, Mrs. Lawrence; John- J
son. Funeral will be Wednesday at j
the West Danish church. Mr. Hen
dricksen had just completed a large
new house.
All Run Down and Worn 5
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