Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 08, 1916, EARLY MALL EDITION, Page 12, Image 12

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Cattle Receipts Very Light and
All Good Kinds Higher
Sheep Active and Firm. .
Omaha, November 7, 1916
Wfl-l.'Tunnilav t.OHO 7.437 !.!!
Eatlmata Tueaday
1,700 MOO 12.600
Two daya thla week.11.760 13.737
8ama daya laat week. .37.577 1,!
Same daya I wka ao..27.U 12.752
Bame daya I wka ao..3,l0 -( 7.M9
Same daya 4 wka. eo..3,84 J.M1
. - .... p B0.57S 9.332
Reeelpta and disposition oi
live atock at the Union stork yarda. Omaha,
the Onion stoek yarda, Omaha. lor twenty
four houra ending at 3. p. m.. yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Shp. HT'a.
C. at. St. P J 1
Wahash 2 . . .
viMAurl Paclfte 13 1
Union Pacific '
C. N. W., eaat 1
C. N. W.. weat 11
C. St. P.. M. 4 0 3
C. B. Q.. eaat
C, B. Q . eaat I
C, B. at Q.. weat 60
C. R. I. P., eaat .... 4
C, R. I. P.. weat ... 3
llllnola Central 1
Total reeelpta lit
Caltle. Hon. Sheep
307 1.624 4imi
687 1.217 1,333
934 1.636 1,389
367 1,336 1,015
Morris Co.
Swift 4V Co
Cudahy Packing Co. ...
Armour 4- Co
Schwarta ft Co.
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing- Co. ...
8. Omaha Pack, Co. .,.
Hurnger ft Oliver
Benton, Vanaant ft Luah
F. B. Lowla
J. B. Root ft Co. .....
Rooenatoek Broe.
P. O. Kellogg
Warthelmer ft Degen
Sullivan Broe
Rothachlld ft Kreba ..
llo. ft Kan. Calf Co. ...
Olaaeberc ......
Banner Broe.
John Harvey
Peanta ft Francla
Jenaon ft Loungren ....
Other buyara
, 1
. II
..MM MM 14.064
rUlmcd that Bomt of the ws at $7.00
would figure riv?,"'" than yentrday. Thrne
decke of n-iuurut fM yearling topped the
rtfty' trud.?. hnrmlnK while othr ao)d
it hi Kit na js. r.0. On 1 1-' ban. of t ve
nalfn chni? h inly wt ijrlu yoarllnm mifrht to
bring $8.75 rnMly onuuith. Small bunch of
wether oqualed yesterday's top of I8.2&.
Feedra madr up a rattier large proton ion
of tha total n-c-lpt, than on moat reefnt
daya, but demand wall good, and aa moat of
the supply waa of a desirable aort nearly ev
erything aold early, at good firm figure,
bent here reaching 19. H. Keedlnf ewea wcr
about iteady, a good kind bringing 1 5. I0 W
lu.75. The breeding ewe aejtion la drawing
near the close, but dema nd la at 111 good,
while auppllen are very light and- buyara
are complaining of IrfabiU';- to fill ordera.
Quotation on aheap and lamba: umbi,
good to choice, f 10.76& 11.00; Iambi, fair
to good. 10.00I0.6t; lamba, fefdera, t.7&
tt9.HI: yiiarllnua. good to choice, in.vuw
S.7S: yearllntfH. fair to good. $7 004? I.0U ;
yearling, feeder. 7.008.0u; wether, fair
to choice. n.octjB. jo; ewe, gooa to cnoice,
96,8607.1.'; ewe, fair to good, .867.10;
ewea, plait' to culls, 4,005.7&; ewe, feed
ing, I4.P04JI6.76; ewea, breeder, all age,
16.00 8.60.
itoruaentatlv sale
No. ,
dD Wyoming yenrllnga IU
118 Wyoming feeder ewea 93
600 Wyoming feeder ewea 14
224 Idaho breeding ewe 97
128 breeding ewea........ 9i
29 Wyoming wether Ill
62 Wyoming ewe 96
229 Wyoming feeding ewea JH
202 Wyoming feeding ewea ftV
47 JtrVomlng feeding lamba.
203 "Vyuming feeding lamba 6t
173 Wyoming feeding lamba.... 45
131 fed yearling 13
174 fed lamba 78
16 fed lamba 71
116 native lambn HI
26 Co lorn do wethera 98
2M Wyoming ewea ..108
212 Colorado lamba 6&
622 Wyoming feeding taniha.,,.. 83
lb native lamb 78
$8 60
8 60
6 75
7 26
6 00
8 2ft
7 00
8 20
S 60
I 86
9 36
X 40
10 90
10 00
10 66
8 00
7 00
10 16
11 00
nri, box, 85.26: 150. box. 85.60; 178a. 2Sfta.
box, 15.76: 200a, 21G. 260a, box 90.00.
Lemon; Fancy, box, 97.00; choice, box,
$6.50. Crapefrult: Florida 30. 46 box,
$.60; Florida 45a, box, $8.00; Florida 64a.
mm, box, $U.26; Apple: York Imp. Va.,
bbl. $l.50; Hen !avia bbl., $3.60; wlna
sape. bbl., 94.00; Jonathan, box, 1.66; Jon
athana Iriia and larger, box. $1.76. Grape:
Tokay:, crate $2.25; Kmpefora' crate,
$2.50; Kmperofs' keg, $4.60; Malagas, ex
tra choice, keg, $6.00; Malaga, fancy, keg,
$7.00; Halagua extra fancy. keg. $8.00.
Peart: Uurtltta. crate, $3.00; Keif era, bu ,
Vegetables Potatoes: Market price.
Sweet potatoes: Virginia, bbl., $4.26; hamp
er, $1.76. Honey; Han, ca.. $3.76. Cranber
rlea: bbl., $8.60; boxes, $3.69 Veg.-tables:
Onion cfate, $2.00; red or yellow, lb., 3c;
tomatoes, lug., $2.00; cuke do., tl.75;
cabbage, lb., J He; rutabagoea lb., 2c;
celery, Michigan, doz., 40c f Colorado doe.,
Miscellaneous Peanuts, No. 1 raw, lb.
8n; roast., lb., 8c; Jumbo, raw, lb., Ac; Jum
$3.76; figs, case, $1.00; No. 1 English wal
bo, roaated, lb. 10c; Urom. dates, case,
nut, lb., ISfcc
Omahaf Hay Market.
Choire upland prajrle hay. $10.BO11.00;
No. 1 upland prairie nay, $9.60010.00; No.
2 upland prairie hay, $H.OO&9.00; No. 3 up
land hy, $j.00e7.o0. No. 1 midland prairie
hay, $9.50410.00; No. 2 midland pralrlu
hay, (7.0Os.6O. No. 1 jewland prairie hay,
$8. 007.00; No. 2 lowlantl prairie hay, $4.00
6.00; No. 8 lowland prairie hay, $3,000
4.00. Choice alfalfa, $18.00; No. 1 alfalfa.
$14.00$ 14.60; standard alfalfa, $12,000
18.00; No. 2 alfalfa, $9,00010.00; No. 8
alfalfa, $8.0009.00. Oat straw. $S.OO0tf.6O;
wheat straw, 8&.00&&.60.
Cattle. Hcmngt to Ten nt- Higher
Ifrtgn, Hheep and I-amh Higher.
Chicago, Nov, 7. Cattle (teceipta, 6,000
head; market strong to 10c higher; calves,
36060c higher; native beef, $7.00$ 11.76;
western steers, fi.80pl0.00: slockar and
feeders, $4,8008.00; cow and helfera, $3.76
09.85; calves. $8.6012.00.
Hogs Receipts, 24,000 head; closed 6c
higher than yesterday's average; bulk of
sale, $8.2009.86; light, lH.7609.80; mixed,
$9.2009.96; heavy, $9.2609.96; rough, $9.26
09.40; plga, $6.4008.00.
- flheep and Lambs Receipt, 1.000 head;
closed 10026c higher; wethers, $7.6008.76;
ewes, $4.10f7.66; lamba, $8.60011.16.
naMnt Af Mttia wars very light,
as was to be expected on an election day.
onlr 100 ears being reported In. For th
two t)ay receipt amount to only 11,780
. head, being less than half the usual run.
Packers all wanted a few killers, and for
that reason the marital was cuv, u .r
able kinds being; fully 10c higher than yes
itK nth Mr arades at least strong.
This would apply to cows and heifers, as
well as beef steers. Btoekers and feeders
were In very light supply and firm.
uuoiaiiona on wiw.
beeves, $10.t0O11.10i fair to good beeves.
ft main AA. AOMmnil I A fa.p tMeVeS. S6.60O
8.60; fanor heavy rawer, $8.7609.71; good
to choice grass beeves. $7.6008.15; fair to
good graaa beeves, $8.7607.60; common
to fair grass beeves, $8.08.76; good to
hlM helfera. 88.76(97.16; good to choice
eows. $6 UO 76; lair to good
a i. flAnmnn ta fair cows. 14. 00O6.60;
' good to Choice feeders, $7.3608.00; fair to
good feeders, $8.36 07.18, common to fair
feeders, is. .o?ro.; iw v".:"7,
atjoa An- itnck helfera. 86.2608.761
stock eows, $4.3608.00: stock calves, $8 00
Ml AO: vsal calves. I8.00OK.0O. M8 BUH.
tags.. Sto t.2606.l6.
& B. Howell Co. Wyoming.
v. A Pr No. AV. Pr.
8 steers.. 17 35 T steers. .litl 7 10
12 cows. . .1070 180 17 steers.. 994 8 80
Mrs. J. B. Kendrlck Wyoming.
tsrs..l35B 1 30 6steers.,1221 7 28
John Morttnson Idaho.
' 14 steers., 864 I 00 S3 steers. .1025 $ 75
D. Hanna Nebraska.
tata a HA tlrnwi... til I 00
Hunter C. wyominsj.
50 feeders. 991 66 $8 steers. . UT
W. L. DlcWnion--VVyomlng.
30 steers.. 1188 I 00
II. Kendrlck Wyoming.
0iteer..1148 1 60 I steers. ,1303 I 50
UUh Construction Co. Nevada.
1)0 steers. 1005 T 55 74ateers.. 971 70
Edward Merrlman Wyoming.
It feeders. 89$ T 00 18 feeders. 941 I $8
O 4 Bar Ranch Co. Wyoming.
58 feeders. 104 T 86 21 ateers. 101 T 15
O'Nsll Bros, Nevada.
Meows. ..1001 60 16tera. .1044 V 10
Rhode 8 (earns Wyoming.
It-feeders. 911 116 10 steers, .UU TIB
W. D. Rusher Wyoming.
$1 feeders. 785 1 36 , 4 steers. .1151 T 75
P. H. Bros. Colorado,
41 steers.. U41 1 76 8 feeders, 135 140
, 10 steers., 138 4 60 6 steers. .1398 100
9 calves.. 17T 16 31 feeders. 1016 I 10
' 15 steers. .1274 106 14 cows. . .10 4 40
15 steers. .1194 1 06 48 steers.. 1097 1 '46
'it tkAm '. lit 8 65 17 Steers.. 1102 4 86
Toowa... tit 1 75 8 cow.,. 1061 4 25
8 eows... 101 4 60
Hogs The market averaged about 5c
higher again thla morning, prices ranging
all the way from little better than steady
arly to as much as 6010c higher at the
best time. Shippers' orders were not overlv
nrML and as early Darker bids showed
little or no advance, order buyers were able
to put up their droves at figures that were
' ' steady to In no oase more than 6o higher.
The top showed no advance, landing at 19.76
gain ivurj. (
Outside of a few of the very first Rales
. which were possibly no more than steady to
strong, the packer market was largely 6i
higher, and at one time hogs of desirable
weights sold 60 100 higher. The extreme
Jtlraa ntlaTht Hot haVS bOOH OUltO OS high
as the best time, but It was fully as good
as th average on everything egoept possibly
. sumo or th lights, ugnt nogs see men ie or,
if nvthlne?. a llttll more plentiful than yea-
vterday and while a good many of them sold
' as much as 5o higher, they are not so badly
wanted as tho heavier and a a general
thing are not moving up as rapidly as the
weightier offerings.
go rar tnia wees; prices nave mww up
generally 10c, The top la no higher than
It vu at laat week's close, but there Is a
good sprinkling selling right up to the high
nridft- while on Saturday there was a 30a
t spread between top and the high end of the
hulk, id os l of tooay sates tanaea ai
No, Av, Bh. Pr No. Av.
48. .161 ... $ 25 89. .166
44. .291 120 t 44 59. .334
16. .392 ... t 4714 43,. 294
12.. 241 - 14 t 65 74. .835
69. .396 124 t 40 57. .271
45.. 431 ... 4 75
I 00 29.. 184
Kansas City Mrs Htork Market,
Kansas City, Nov. 1, Cattle Hocelpta,
8,000 head; market higher; prima fed steers,
89.76011.26; dressed beef steers, 87.60W9.50-;
western steers, $6.7609.36; cows. $4,600
7.60; heifers, $5.6009.60; stock era and feed
ers, $6.6008.00; bulls, $6.0004.40; calves,
Ho go Receipts, 7,000t head; market
higher; bulk of sales. $9.4009.70; heavy,
$9.6609.76; packers and butchers, $9,400
9.70; light, $9.2009.66; pig. $7.7609.00.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 3,200 head;
market steady; lamb, $10.60011.06; year
lings, $7.7608,76; wethers, $7.2608.26; awes,
St, Louis Live stock Market.
St, 'Louis, Nov. 7. Cattle Receipts, 4,200
hesd; market higher; native beef steers.
I7.UOH.60; yearling steers and heifers,
$8.60011.18; cows, $fi.604$7.76; atockera and
feeders, $6.3007.60; Texas quarantine steers,
$6.6008.00; prime southern steers, $8,000
9,00; cow and helfera, $4.6007,60; prime
yearlings steers and helfera, $7.6009.00; da
tive calves, $6.00010.76.
Hogs Receipts, 700 head; market higher:
lights. $9.2609.66; pigs, $7,1509.00; mixed
and butchers, $9.2509.96; good heavy, $9.96
0 10.00; bulk of sales. $9.2009.90.
lit Joseph Live Stock Market. .
St. Joseph, Mo Nov. 1. Cattle Re
ceipts, 1,200 head; market lO016o higher;
steers, $8.60010.60; eows and helfera, $4.26
010.00; calves, $6.00010.60.
Hogs Receipts, 1,100 head; market open
ing 10016c higher; top, $9.76; bulk of sales,
$9,3804.70, I
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 300 head;
market 10c higher; "iambs, $10.60011.26;
awes, $6.7507.60.
Butter No. 1 creamery. In cartona or
tubs. 37o; No. 3, lhc
Cheese quotations by Urlau ft Co. J '
Cheeae Imported Swiss, 40c; domestic
Swiss, 40c; block Swiss, 82a; twin cheese,
34c; triplets, 34c; daisies, 24c; young
America, 34c; Blue Label brick, 16o; lim
berger, 86c; New York white, 24c; Roque
fort, 66c
Oysters "King Cole" Chesapeake Stand
ards, gallon. 21.45; large cans, 33c; atnall
cans; 28o, "King Cole" Chesapeake Be-' :
teats, gallon, $1.75; large cane, lie; email
cans, 26c "King Cole" Northern Mdanards,
gallon, $1.66; large cans, 38c; small can,
S6a. "King ,Cole" Northern Selects, gallon,
$1.90; large cans, 48c; small cans. 38c.
"King Cole" Northern Counts, gallon, 11.15;
large cans, 4 Bo; small cans, SO,
Celery Mammoth, per dosen, 78c. '
Fish Halibut, per lb., 160, Pike, fancy
dressed northern stock, per lb., UHo. Bull.
heads, fancy northern, per lo ifro, Pick
erel, fancy dressed, per lb., 12c. Catfish,
arse and email, per lb.. 17c. Salmon, red.
per lb.. 14c. Salmon, fall, per lb., llo. White-
fish, northern stock, per lb., 16o. Trout,
slaea to suit, per lb., 18c. Block Bass, or
der site, 22c; odd slaea, 17o, New frosen
Whltoflsh. fine stock, 13c. Headless Shrimp,
oer gallon. $1.36, Pteled Shrimp, per sal-
Ion, $1.16. Kippered Salmon, 10-lb. baskets
per lb,, i7o. smoked wniterish (chubs) 10-
lb. baskets, per lb., 14 Ho.
Hens. 4 lbs, and up. 15U; under. IStte:
iprinKB, mo; roosters, u o; geee, iui
ucks, 12c; turkeys, n 0 18c; capons. 24c
Guineas, each 36c; Guineas,' each, 80c.
squabs, Homers, per dosen, $3.5004.00; pig
eons, par dosen, 76,
Fruit and vegetable prices furnished by
aiimsky fruit uo.
Fruit Oranges: 99s, 100s, SZP hog, 14.50;
Liverpool iraln Market.
Liverpool, Nov, 7. Wheat Spot, firm;
1 northern
No. 2,
No. .2 hard winter, lfis 6d; No,
Duluth, Us tf1: No. 1 Manitoba, n
16s 10d; No, 3, Us 9d.
Corn Spot, firm ; American
new, l?s.
Cotton Market.
Liverpool, Nov. 7. Cotton 8pot, In fair
demand ; prices higher; good middling.
11.4ic; middling, 11.22c; low middling,
11.18c; sales, 8.000 bales, Including 6,000
American. f
Actor Victim of Realism.
Playing the "bum" has become second
nature to H. II. Tingle, a film actor, at
one time well-to-do, according to a story
he told Police Judge Cheaebro. Tingle was
arrested on a charge of keeping late and
unusual hours, a form of vagrancy.
Tingle declared that since he played the
part of a vagrant in "Humanity," he haa
felt a strange desire to live the life a
desire so all-compelling that ha hae ac
tually lived It, frequently low dives and the
habitats of denizens of the underworld.
Judge Cheaebro aald Tingle's story Inter
ested him strangely, and, if true, would win
probation for the actor, Los Angeles Times.
Is the Cardinal Virtue In
American Girl Gets
Serbian War Medal
Correapondence of the Aeeoclated Preaa.)
Athens, Oct. 16. Miss Marcelle
Reed of La Grange, Ore., who for
two years has been caring for desti
tute Serbian orphans, has received
from King Peter of Serbia the order
of the Milosrche in recognition of
her work. For the last three, months,
during the absence of Madame Dora
Drouitch, the head ot tne n. r. rrom
ingham institute, assisted by Miss
Emily Simmons of New York, Miss
Reed finally broke down under the
long strain and has returned to the
United States for a rest.
Mrs. Charles H. Farnam of New
York has just inspected the Frotbing
ham institute on behalf of various
American Serbian relief organizations.
She has left Athens tor !aloniki,
where she will continue her work of
studying the needs of the Serbian
refugees and the civil population of
Serbia with a view to securing more
unity in the American relief work.
Minister of Public Instruction Da
vidovitch of Serbia expressed to The
Associated Press correspondent the
hope that more co-ordination could be
secured in the organization of Ameri
can Serbian relief work to spare waste
effort and duplication.
It is wonderful what the people
of the United States have done and
are doing to help distressed Serbia,"
he said. "No one can have any idea
how much it means to us. Without
the help of the Americans so many
Serbs would die that the Serbian peo
ple would be in danger of ceasing to
"Most of all we shall need medi
cines and clothing. But after these,
the simplest and cheapest of food
stuffs; wheat, cornmeal, rice, beans
and sugar are the essentials. Our
people are peasants. They neither
know the use nor have acquired the
taste for more elaborate things to
eat. Last year they received a large
quantity of green corn from the
United States, but they did not know
how to eat it or what to do with it,
and this, valuable shipment was
wasted Oh that account.
"In the matter of clothing the sim
plest and warmest garments are best.
In the early days of the war we re
ceived many boxes from America and
England in which kind- ladies had
pacekd low-necked, filmy balls gowns.
If you could have seen the Serbian
peasant women, who needed flannels,
clutching,, shining-eyed, these gauzy
creations of silk and chiffon, the like
of which they had never dreamed ex
isted I
"The best way of shipment is for a
central forwarding committee in New
York to accumulate the supplies un
til a shipload is gathered. then to hire
a vessel and send all the supplies
aboard it to Saloniki. There a dis
tributing' committee can be charged
with seeing that they are placed in
the way to do the most good."
Germany Does Not Forget
Its Poet-Dramatist
Correspondence of The Associated Press.
Coburg, Germany, Sept. 23. In
celebration of the one hundredeth
birthday of the famous German poet
.iilhnr ntctav Frpvtaff. his
drama, 'G'raf Woldemar," was pre
sented at the court theater, with his
son. Prof. Dr. Kreytag of Munich,
.. - I Prof l".-rV-
iii lie e ruit. u ...... . -j
tag's debui upon the stage. 1 lie per
formance was witnessed by the duke
and duchess of Coburg, as well as by
the leading actors of the theaters at
tassel, VViesftaaen ana aieuuinjc".
Feel Stnffy? Irritable t Dissatisfied?
Tour liver is the cause. Clean out your
system with Dr. King's New life Pills. You
will feel fine. 26c. All druggists. Adv.
Persistence Is the Cardinal Virtue lo
Sh. Pr.
... II
vro i 4i
no ii
... lit
40 I II
I 01
Sheen Tha killer trade raa aa unltke yes
terday'a aa It could be without ahowlng any
quotable advance. Monday It required qulia
a, etratch of the Imagination to call rat
lamba anywhere near generally ateady, but
thla morning buyere had changed their
tuna, and while yesterday a prlcea were ao.
tually higher than Chicago, the market to
day opened early at prlcea that were eteady
tn, tf anything, stronger. Several bunches
landed aa high aa 111.00. It being the eighth
eoneecutlve market day that that price haa
been top, while bulk or the offerings sold
upwards from 110.60,-wlth good weighty fed
lamba aa nigh aa uia eneen were
called generally ateady, though buyara
Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta
Lv. Chicago 10:25 p. m. Ar. Jadnvilla 7:25 a. m, (2nd day) x
iTake a sightseeing trip through the sunny south on
your way to Florida. See the battlefieldLfegion and the
Tennessee mountains. The Dixie Pvoute it shortest and
most scenic way via '
Cm & la
(Chieafo A Eaifera Illinois Railroad) .
To Florida
Improved equipment Observation
sleepers, ConifMrimeni cars and Diners,
s, Drawing-room
Dixie Limited
will be in ictvicc on and after January (th, (faving Chicago at 11:30
a. m. and arriving Jaduonvillc at 7:30 p. m. ne day.
LI in imp you plan your rianaa inp. um jam nou m jra-
J. r. GOV AN, Gtatrai Kgt
108 Wait Adaaa i
: Chicago, Ob
The Telephone Smile or
the Telephone Scowl
Did you ever say, after com
pleting a telephone conyersation,
"I'll bet that man is a regular
grouch, " or, "I'll never buy an
other thing at that store."
Why did you make such a re
mark? It was probably because
the party on the other end of the
telephone wire failed to use tele
phone courtesy. '
Here is the proper way to begin and end a telephone conyer-
The telephone bell rings, and the person answering says: "Mor
ton & Company, Mr. Baker speaking." The person calling then
says: "This is Mr. Wood of Curtis A Oompany." Mr. Baker re-,
plies: "Good morning, Mr. Wood," and the conversation has
started without a series of unnecessary questions. f
. The business is, transacted. Mr. Wood says, "Good-bye, Mr.
Baker," and he reoeives the reply, "Good-bye, Mr. Wood," and
the conversation ends without the feeling that ono or the other has
been cut off abruptly.
You do not ooewl at a friond jrou itwat tHf th
atroat; you amllo. Why havo a wwwl In yaur valaa
whon you talk ovtr tho tolophortof
gtfr .... -
UP TO $1.75
W prdlsttj thrfadvnc from oar in
lid informattio of rapid development in
thi company'! oil propertlee. We have
Important bow taformation that warrant
t to aJiRouneo
Ow client made moner on tho Laat ad
vsuMo Lot tell you why jom can
poet to make money on tltii now advance,
which wo look for. Send for private re
port and other information. ;
E. A. FECSCJ& CO. Brokers
Soil. , tag S. U SalU St Caicaga.
Mabtaining its supremacy in all
features that conduce to more efficient
service and greater conlfort for its patrons,
the "Milwaukee Road' has during the past
three years, spent several million dollars in re
habilitating its line between Omaha and Chicago.
The heaviest steel rails have been used in double-trackings
the line, curves have been straightened, grades
reduced, automatic block signals installed, distances
shortened and today the "Milwaukee " is the Premier
andthe shortest route between Omaha and Chicago.
Three trains daily leave Omaha and arrive Chicago
at hours to suit your
convenience. '
Tklttb anJlle&nl cat mmathnt art
' 111? Farnam Street Omaha
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the Family to
California this winter
lou'll be surprised howjittle it costs to
spend an entire winter on the Pacifier
Coast rents are reasonable and food
supplies cost even less than at home; furnished
bungalows rent for as low as $16.00 a month,
public markets supply green vegetables, sea
foods, poultry and eggs a pleasing change
from the usual winter menu. And you can be
outdoors every day, automobiling, surf bathing,
fishing, mountain climbing or just resting-can
you imagine a more profitable winter vacation?
Union Pacific System
will make your trip to California as pleasant as
your sojourn there less than three days on the
way, each full of interest and far too short.
Begin planning now for this California winter va-
cation by applying for literature and information
about fares, routes, etc. to
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! L. BEINDORFF, City PaMenjrer Ajrent j
" A 1S24 Farnam Stmt, Omaha, Nab.
Phone) DougUa 4000