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    ughes Sweeps the Country for President
The Omaha Daily
VOL. XLVL NO. 123.
0 Tralni. t HottU,
Nawi ftUntt, etc., ic
N-jw York Will Give Republican
Candidate Majority of
Hundred Thousand
Republican Nominee Sleeps
Till 6 O'clock While Wires
Tell of Result.
Our Next President
Michigan, Wisconsin and New
England States for
New York, Nov. 7. The state of
New York has been carried for
Hughes by a plurality of more than
100,000. The indications are that he
also has carried Illinois and Indiana
by a like plurality.
The returns from Ohio are insuf
ficient to determine the result in that
All of the New England states and
New Jersey, as well as Wisconsin And
Michigan, have been removed from
the list of doubtful states.
Unless there is a landslide for
President Wilson on the Pacific
slope the election of Hughes seems
certain. ,
Trend Early Seen.
Although President Wilson's sec
retary at the summer White House,
and Chairman Vance McCormick of
the democratic national committee,
made statements that the complete
returns would show the re-election of
President Wilson, the trend on the
face of the returns was toward
Hughes and early in the evening
some of the New York newspapers
which have supported President Wil
son conceded his defeat, although
they made no statement in figures.
" Early in the evening a great ma
jority for Hughes in New York was
evident and the state was conceded
by the democrats. Soon afterward
democratic supporters conceded the
loss ot all New England to the
( Hughes column, and the incoming
1 returns from the middle-west, al
though far from complete, showed
the Hughes figures growing fast,
.w An early estimate, pf the, Hughes
" electoral vote without Ohio placed it
at 277, eleven more than necessary
for a majority in the electoral col
lege. The Hughes majorities re
ported from Indiana and Illinois were
regarded by the republican leaders as
an indication of what might be ex
pected from the states farther west
when the figures began coming in.
The difference in time and the fact
that the polls in some of the western
states closed later than in the east,
made figures early in the evening
Nothing definite as to the com
plexion of the next congress was
available early in' the night. The
democratic majority in the house had
been decreased by one. It was con
ceded that the majority in the senate
had been decreased by two one by
the republican victory in Maine last
September and the other by the elec
tion of William Calder from New
York, who defeated William Mc
Combs. Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark., Nov. 7. Scatter
ing early returns indicate that Arkan
sas has gone democratic by about the
usual majority. First reports indicate
that Pulaski county, which includes
Little Rock and Argents, will roll up a
big majority against the proposed
amendment which would repeal state
wide prohibition.
San Francisco, Nov. 7. A plurality
of 200,000 for Governor Hiram W.
The Weather
For NeoTaaka; cloudy.
Temperatures at Omaha.
Compamti IM-al Record.
1916. iib. 1914. i13. -
Highest yentprclay
I,o went yesterday .. 47 49 35 31
mi-an temperature ... 50 61 45 48
Pi-oflpitation ........ .03 .04' .00 .04
Temperature and preciplttaion depart
ure from the normal at Omaha since
.March 1, and compared with the jaat two
years: Dej.
Normal temperature 41
KxreH (or the day 9
Total exceua since March 1 343
Norm til precipitation 05 Inch
Deficiency for the day , ... .02 Inch.
Total rainfall since March 1... .16.37 InchW
Deficiency since March 1 12.28 Inches
Deficiency cor. period, 1915 ... 1.37 Inches
Deficiency cor. period, 1914 ... 1.23 Inches
Reports from SUtlona t 7 P. H.
Station and state
of Weather
Cheyenne, snow . .
Davenport, clear ,
Denver, snow
Den Moines, cloudy
Podce City, clear .
Temp. High- Raln
7 p. m. est. fall.
Lander, ctoudy 32
North Piatt, sleet 36
Omaha, cloudy 48
Fueblo, snow 38
Rapid City, cloudy 38
Salt Lake City, part cloudy 36
Santa Fe, clear 38
Hhftrlclfin, part cloudy 32
Sioux City, rain . 43
Valentine, rain 14
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. WELSH, Meteorologist,
mi -l 5 a. m 62
VMWvSSa.'T m 50
Mp( 7 m 51
5!9lv 19 a- m 60
VUetfwilA A 11 a- m 60
VfSjMPvl V-V 12 m...., 60
mm iii
, V v-V- 7 p. m 48
r 1 I p. m 47
New York, Nov. 7. Charles E.
Hughes and his family received the
election returns here tonight at the
uptown hotel which has been the re
publican nominee's headquarters since
his nomination.
When the early returns began to
come in Mr. Hughes was asleep. He
slept until 6:30 o'clock. Meantime the
telegraph instruments in an adjoining
room had been clicking for two hours
and a sheaf of jsofgrams, showing the
trend in New ork, were awaiting Mr.
Hughes. The first paper handed to
him told of an announcement by a
New York newspaper that he had car
ried New York state by 150,000 plural
ity. Mr. Hughes smiled.
Johnson, republican candidate for
senator, was claimed at republican
state headquarters at the close of the
At the democratic headquarters no
statement was made on the senator
ship. Each party claimed the state
on the presidency.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 7. With
over one-fourth of the vote counted
at 7:30 o'clock, Hughes was leading
Wilson in Connecticut by 4,bj9
plurality. The republicans were
the lead in the state by slightly
larger pluralities at that hour.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 7. With
94 towns out of the 168 in Connect!
cut heard from the vote was: Hughes,
6,982; Wilson, 6Z,oyj.
Denver, Nov. 7. Six precincts out
of 193 in Denver give Hughes 522:
Wilson, 1,188. For governor: Carl
son (republican) 549; Uunter (demo
crat) 1,007.
Denver, Nov. 7. Ten precincts of
1,451 in Colorado give: For president,
Hughes, 818; Wilson, 1,443. For gov
ernor: Carlson (republican) 777;
ounter (democrat) 1,281.
Deming. N. M.. Nov. 7. An un.
official count of the ballots cast by
ine first JJeiaware regiment, cn-
hcanrped hert,"givet-itWilon '127;
nugnes, m. , .
Indianapolis, Ind, Nov. 7. Returns
for president from 131 precincts out
of 3,142 in the state give Hushes
29,102, Wilson 24,960. .
Indianapolis, Ind.. Nov. 7. Sixtv
precincts in (Marion county, including
Indianapolis, out of 163, for president
give Wilson, 12,217, Hughes 15,657.
for governor, sixtv orecincts vivr
Adair, democrat, 12,041; Goodrich, re
publican, 15,807.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 7. Returns
from 84 precincts out of 3,124 in the
state give: Wilson 16,925; Hughes,
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 7. Ten
precincts out of 3,142 in Indiana give
Wilson 2,007; Tughes, 2,083.
For, governor: Adair, democrat,
I, 972; doodrich, republican, 2,123.
For senator: Long-term, Kern,
democrat, 1,965; New, republican,
2,143. For short term: Taggart,
democrat, 2,026; Watson, republican,
Indianapolis, Nov. 7. Returns
from fifty precincts out of 3,142 in
the state give Wilson 10,449; Hughes,
II, 576. Returns on governor from
fifty precincts give Adair (democrat)
10,325; Goodrich (republican) 11,671.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 7. Returns
from 110 precincts in Marion county,
including Indianapolis with fifty-three
missing, give Wilson 23.731: Huehta
27,975. For governor 110 precincts give
Adair, democrat, Goodrich,
republican, 28,326.
For United States senator, long
term, 110 precincts give Kern, demo
crat, 23,302; New, republican, 28,303;
short term, Taggart, democrat, 24,033;
Watson republican, 27,573.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7. Four pre
cincts out. of 163 in Marion county:
Wilson, 1,692; Hughes, 664; Hanly, 66.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7. Returns for
president from 100 precincts out of
5,570 in Ohio give Wilson 9,033,
Hughes 8,472.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7. Fifty out of 546
precincts in Hamilton county, includ
ing the city of Cincinnati, give for
president: Hughes, 5,379; Wilson,
Chicago, Nov. 7. Returns from 918
out of 2,369 precincts in Illinois, in-
ten . . .
C ,V.g., C"y Prec,nct8
8,vc wnson nugnes iM.yyj.
Des Moines, Nov. 7. Fifteen pre
cincts in Des Moines city out of
forty-seven give: Wilson, 2,371;
Hughes, 2,174. For governor Mere
dith (dem.), 2,156; Harding (rep.),
Brownsville, Tex., Nov. 7. The
First, battalion of the Iowa field ar
tillery, voting here today, cast votes
as follows: Hughes, 88; Wilson, 114.
For governor: Hardingr. 138; Mere
dith, 91.
Atlantic, la., Nov. 7. (Special
Telegram.) Two precincts out of
twenty in Cass county give Wilson:
113, Hughes; 147; Meredith 79, Hard
ing, 178; Green, one precinct 49,
Pryor, one precinct, 45; indications,
Harding will carry county by 1,500.
Des Moines, Nov. 7. Returns from
sixty-one precincts out of 2,297
throughout Iowa, give Wilson 5,472,
Hughes 5,273.
For governor, sixty precincts give
Meredith, democrat, 4.896: Hardinir.
republican, 6,276.
Des Moines, la., Nov. 7. The first
precinct reported in Iowa at 7:02 p.
New York and
Make Hughes a Cinch
New York, Nov. 7. William R. Willcox, chairman of the republican na
tional codlfhittee announced at 8 o'clock that from returns received up to that
hour Charles E. Hughes was sure of election. Chairman Willcox made this
statement after receiving reports which he said indicated that both New York
state and Illinois had gone for Hughes: .
"It is a little early for remarks," Chairman Willcox said, "but from news re
ceived thus far it seems, as if Mr. Hughes was elected. It is a great victory and
gives us great satisfaction. It shows that the people can be trusted."
Chairman Willcox of the, republican national committee at 8:50 o'clock
gave out the following statement: ' 1
"The victory is greater than we had hoped for and it shows that the Ameri
can people can be trusted to settle the issues of the campaign. The present out
look seems to indicate a clean sweep. That means Mr. Hughes is elected and
that both houses of congress will be republican. The American people are to
be congratulated." '
m.: Wilson, 123; Hughes, 108. In the
race for the governorship: Harding
(republican) had 163; Meredith (dem
ocrat) 88.
Des Moines, Nov. 7. At 8:30 p.
m. return from 143 precincts in Iowa
out of 2,297 in the state, give Wilson,
17,304; Hughes, 19,450. For gover
nor: Meredith (dem.), in 150 pre
cincts had 13,325 and Harding (rep.),
had 19,418.
Brownsville, Tex., Nov. 7. First
29U. Governor: Harding (republican)
302; Meredith (democrat) 145.
Hughes Wlm Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 7. The City News
Bureau, tabulating Chicago-returns,
issued an estimate based on returns
from 100 city precincts out of 2,191,
that if the ratio was maintained
Hughes would carry the city by 5,000.
The City News Bureau, analyzing
returns from 50 out of 2,191 city pre
cincts, isued a bulletin to the effect
that maintenance of this ratio would
give the city to Governor Dunne,
Charles Evans Hughes
Willcox Says
democrat, by 12,000 over Lowden, re
publican. ,
Chicago, Nov. "7, The first twelve
precincts out of 2,191 in the city for
governor, give Lowden, republican,
1,123; Dunne.v democrat, 1,044.
Forty-seven out of 2,191 Chicago
city precincts: Hughes, 7,521; Wil
son, 6,875.
Twelve precincts out of 2,191 in
Chicago give Hughes, 1,922; Wilson,
Returns from eighteen precincts in
this city give Hughes, 2,924; Wilson,
2,764. Precinct lines have so greatly
changed in the last two years that
comparisons are valueless. Women
voted in practically the same ratio as
Twelve precincts out of 2,930, out
side of Cook county, give Hughes,
3,025; Wilson, 1,593.
Forty-seven out of 2,191 Chicago
city precincts: Hughes, 7,521; Wil
son, 6,875.
Chicago, Nov. 7. The first Chicago
returns came from the Seventeenth
precinct of th(. Fourteenth ward. It
gave Wilson 108 men and 45 women
and Hughes 72 men and 42 women, a
total of 153 for Wilson and 114 for
Hughes. Four years ago, women not
voting, this precinct gave Wilson 77,
Taft 54 and Roosevelt 138. .
Chicago, Nov. 7. One hundred
and twenty out of 2,293 precincts in
Illinois, outside Chicago, give: Wil
son, 14,753; Hughes, 24,889.
Returns from 237 out of 2,191 city
precincts give: Dunne (dem.) for
governor, 23,434; Lowden (rep.),
Chicago, Nov. 7. Hughes crept
into the lead in Chicago on returns
from 152 precincts out of 2,191, with
24,849 against 24.024 for Wilson.
The ratio established by returns
from 200 out of 2,191 city precincts
indicated a plaurality of 20,000 for
Hughes. '
Chicago, Nov. 7. Returns from 370
precincts out of 2,191 in Chicago
give: Hughes, men, 38,385; women,
23.495; total, 61,880. Wilson, men,
35,095; -women,. 22,035; total, 57,130.
In 101 out of 2,973 precincts in Il
When News Comes of Result,
Spirit of Optimism
Long Branch. N. J., Nov. 7.
When the New York newspapers be
gan conceding the election of Mr.
Hughes, there was a perceptible les
sening of optimism af the White
House executive offices, hut the view
was expressed that the chances of
Mr. Wilson still were good. Anxiety
to hear from western and middle
western states was shown. All the
important news was telephoned im
mediately to the president.
linois outside of Chicago, Frank O.
Lowden (republican) had 12,354, and
Edward F. Dunne (democrat) 6,696
for governor.
One hundred and forty-eight out
of 2.973 precincts in Illinois outside
of Cook county give Wilson 18,290;
Hughes, 31,756.
Chicago, Nov. 7. F. O. Lowden,
republican, for governor, after lag
ging behind Governor Dunne, demo
crat, on first returns, forged slightly
into the lead on returns trom ia pre
cincts out of 2,191 m Chicago. The
vote stood Lowden 31,963, Dunne
Chicago, Nov. 7. r lfty-cight out
of 2.973 precincts in Illinois outside of
Cook coiintv give Wilson, men, 4,516;
women, 3.493; a total of 8,009. Hughes
received: men, 7,223; women, 5,651;
a total of 12,874.
Rockford, III., Nov. 7. Twenty
three precinpts of this city: Hughes,
5,478; Wilson, 2,366,
Chicago, Nov. 7. One hundred and
fifty-two precincts out of 2,973 pre
cincts in Illinois, outside of Cook
countv. give Wilson 24.695. Hughes
Six hundred precincts out of 2,400
in Cook county give Wilson 94,540,
Hughes 97,731.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Five hundred out
of 2,194 Chicago precincts, give Wil
son, 77,765; Hughes, 80,967.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Fifty precincts
out of 2,191 in the city showed
Dunne (dem.), 5,063; Lowden (rep.),
Chicago, Nov. 7. Returns Indicate
that Lawrence county will give
Hughes a plurality of 400 over Wil
son for president and that Lowden
will lead Dunne by 200 for governor.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7.i In Louis
ville and Jefferson county 130 pre
cincts out ot 228: Hughes, 16,709;
Wilson, 16,611.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7. Returns
from 637 precincts out of 2,310 give
Wilson 81,212, Hughes 64,440,
' Maine. " .
Portland, Me,, Nov! 7. Returns
from 355 out of 635 precincts in
Maine: Hughes, 49,220; Wilson,
47,045. '
Baltimore, Nov. 7. Twenty-six pre
cincts out ot Jio in Baltimore city
give Wilson 4,036; Hughes. 3.826. For
United States senator: France (repub
lican) 3,754; Lewis (democrat) 3,099.
rutty precincts, Baltimore city: ror
prohibition, 3,646; against, 10,680. In
dicated majority against 20,000. The
vote in the four congressional dis
tricts of Baltimore city is close, with
democratic candidates slightly in lead.
Baltimore, Nov. 7. Although the
polls closed at 5 o'clock in Baltimore
city and at 6 in the counties, no re
turns had been received at 8 o'clock
tonight. The delay if attributed to
the heavy vote and the length of the
Baltimore, Nov. 7. Six precincts
out of 312 in Baltimore city give
Wilson 899; Hughes, 715. For United
States senator: Lewis (democrat)
702; France (repuMian) 684. Prohi
bition: For, 333; against, 1,102.
Boston, Nov. 7. One hundred and
ninety-five precincts, including a lit
tle less than one-half of Boston, out
of a total of 1,166 in the slate:
Hughes, 47,617; Wilson, 46,670.
Governor McCall, 48,280; Mans
field, 43,286. For United States sen
ator: Lodge (republican) 47,540; Fitz
gerald (democrat) 43,516.
Boston, Nov. 7. Four hundred and
four precincts (including all but twenty-three
in Boston), out of 1,166 in the
state gave Wilson 87,792, Hughes
- For governor, McCall, republican,
87,985; Mansfield, democrat, 82,369.
For United States senator, Fitzger
ald, democrat, 83,701; Lodge, repub
lican 95,209.
Boston, Nov. 7. Returns from 552
precincts (including all but a few in
Boston) out of 1,166 in the state:
Wilson, 100,790; Hughes, 99,794.
Boston, Nov. 7. One hundred and
seventy-seven precincts, including
ninety precincts in Boston and out
of a total of 1,166 in the state, gives
Hughes, 25,729; Wilson, 31,020.
Detroit, Nov. 7. Early returns
from both the upper and lower penin
sulas gave small but consistent plu
ralities to Hughes, and it seemed
quite certain he. would carry Michi
gan. Twenty-one precincts out of
2,260 gave Hughes 2,669 and Wilson
Detroit, Nov. 7. The first Michi
gan returns received were from Bay
county. Five precincts gave Hughes
14 ana wnson iy.
Detroit, Nov. 7. Returns from
nineteen precincts of Michigan for
president give Hughes 5,152, Wilson
Returns from seventy-eight pre
cincts give 11,319 for state-wide pro
hibition, against 7,232 against it. The
Long Ballot and Lata Hour of
Closing Polls Holds Back
Returns From the
Few Precincts Reported Deal
With Vote on the Prohibi
tory Amendment,
Nebraska is repeating the experi
ence of all recent years in the matter
of long ballot, slow count and late re
turns. All that is positively known at
the hour this edition goes to press is
that an election was held on Tuesday.
Reports received from various parts
of the state during the day indicated
a very heavy vote being cast, with
most of the public interest centered
on the prohibitory amendment. Four
precincts from Douglas county, re
ported -at 9 o clock gave the wets 730
and the drys 445.
Une precinct in Merrick county had
reported at that time on the vote on
United States senator, giving Hitch
cock 68 and Kennedy 52. The same '
precinct gave Neville 01 and button
69; wet 61 and dry 65.
The polls did not close until 8
o'lock, and the long ballot had the
usual effect on the returning boards.
The returns will be as fate as ever.
Rain, which commenced falling on
Monday night, spread over the east
ern part of the state during the day, .
and by 8:30 in the evening had de- '
veloped into a downpour that drove
people off the streets in Omaha, and
this will hold back the reporting of
the result, as it will interfere with
the cohmuniciations in the country.
amendment providing for home rule
was losing Dy similar ratio.
Albert F. Sleeper, republican, and
the whole republican state ticket were
increasing their leads.
. Missouri."
St. Louis, Nov.- 7-t-Returni from
twenty-oner precincts out of 3,459 in- -Missouri
give Wilson 2,341; Hughes,
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7. Die par
tial returns from twenty of the pre
cincts of Jackson county show Wilson
2,697 and Hughes 1,469.
Mew Hampshire.
Manchester, N. H., Nov. 7-Re-turns
from forty precincts out of 694
in the state: Hughef, 3,292; Wilson,
2 774 - .
' Manchester N: H Nov. 7. Re
turns from seventy-six orecincts out
of 294 in the state give Hughes 6,031;
Wilson, 4,972. Fifty-one precincts :
ffive for governor: Keyes (repub
iean)i 4,837; Hutchins (democrat) 3,
270. :
New York.
Buffalo For Hughes.
Buffalo, N, Y, Nov. 7. City of
Buffalo complete: Hughes, 40,652;
Wilson, 36,915. . .
For governor: Whitman, 40,620;
Seabury, 34,687. Caider, 40,540; Mc
Combs, 32,054, for United States
,I,n,.19J.2: Witman, 38,957; Glynn,
19,714; Davenport, progressive, 2,671.
Concede New York to Hughes.
New York, Nov. 7. The New
York American claims Hughes has i
carried New York state by from 150.
000 to 160,000, and that Whitman has
. 5Jn r-eled governor by from
165,000 to 175,000. '
The New York Times, which sup
ported Wilson, concedes New York
state to Hughes, estimating his ma
jority at from 125,000 to 175,000.
The New York Evening World an
nounces that Hughes has carried New
York state and that Whitman is
The New York Herld flashed the
election of Hughes at 7:30 o'clock.
Albany for Hughes.
Albany, N. Y Nov. 7. Albany city
complete: Hughes, 16,684; Wilson. '
11.038. In 1914 for governor: WhiN
man, 16,333; Glynn, 7,194; pavenport,
, ,N'w;.Yo.rk. Nov. 7. Returns from
1,268 districts out of 3,680 outside of
New York City: Hughes, 231,842;
Wilson, 176,013.
New York. Nov. 7.-Wi!liam R.
Willcox chairman of the republican
national committee, announced at 8
o'clock that from returns received up
to that hour Charles E. Hughes was
sureof election. Chairman Willcox '
(Continued on rasa Two, Column Tkrao.)
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