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Commoner Concludes Campagin
Trip With Meeting in
Capital City.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nev 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Closing the campaign for the
dry cause and in behalf of a part of
the democratic ticket, William' J.
Bryan finished a strenuous day of
speaking in different portions of Lan
caster county this evening, when a
crowd which filled the city auditorium
gave the Commoner a wild reception
when he appeared on the platform.
Colonel Frank Eager before the ar
rival of Mr. Bryan spoke in favor of
the proposed $800,000 bond issue for
eight paved roads running out of Lin
coln to the county line in all directions.
Total Value of Corn
Crop of State Over
Hundred Million
(From a .Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 6. (Special.) The
total value of the corn crop of Ne
braska this year, occording to the re
port of Secretary Mellor of the State
Board of Agriculture, is $114,042,969,
estimating the price at 60 cents a
There was approximately 250,000
less acres this year than in 1915 and
38,000,000 less bushels, the yield this
year being given as 190,070,449. The
yield this was was an average of 28.2
bushels per acre as against 32.6 last
Still Too Early to Send
For New Year's Plates
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 6. (Special.) Ap
plications for automobile numbers
will not be received by the secretary
of state for 19J7 until he has set some
day in the future, when it will be in
order to make application.
Work of sending out the 1916
licenses and plates ts still occupying
the time of the office force. The
mail this morning contained requests
for about 150 more. Until the de
mand for this year's plates has sub
sided the secretary of state will have
no time to attend to the next year's
Oil Inspection Fees
Larger Than Before
(From ft Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 6. (Special.) Oil
inspection, fees for the month of
October were larger than in any
previous month in the history of the
department, the receipts being $12,
986.15. The department got busy in the
matter of drugs and patent medicines
which have not the proper standing
and 3,231 packages of drugs and pat
ent medicines were ordered off sale.
Gage Republicans
Hold Great Rally
Beatrice, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) The republicans of Gage
county closed the campaign here to
night with a monster parade through
the streets of the city. Hundreds of
automobiles were in line, including
flambeau clubs, the Hughes club and
other republican organizations in the
city. Ten bands furnished the music,
and every precinct in Gage county
was represented in the parade.
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There Was Nothing So Good for
Congestion and Colds
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Sloan Finishes
Campaign With
Rally at Aurora
Aurora, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special.)
Congressman Charles H. Sloan fin
ished his campaign Saturday night
with a great rally at the opera house
in Aurora. The building was crowded
with men and women and his ad
dress of nearly two hours' duration
was listened to with great interest
and much enthusiasm.
Mr. Sloan delivered five addresses
in Hamilton county Saturday. At
Phillips, Gilther, Stockham and
Hampton, large crowds of voters lis
tened to the congressman.
Mr. Sloan declared that it was con
gress and not the president that has
kept us out of war with European
"Congress restained the hand of
the president in his dealings with Eu
rope," he said, "and we have at all
times been at peace with the nations
across the water. Congress gave free
hand to the president at Vera Cruz
and we have ever since been at war
with Mexico. The president's own
judge advocate general has just re
cently decided that we are now at
war with Mexico. The democrats
cannot get by the American people
with the slogan, 'He has kept us out
of war.' The American people have
analyzed that slogan and they know
it is not the truth."
Northwest Nebraska
Teachers Talk Shop
Rushville, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special.)
The annual meeting of the North
west Nebraska Teachers' association
was held here, commencing Friday
morning and conluding Saturday.
Prof. Bradford of the State Agricul
tural college, gave his ilustrated lec-
o ,,'Xog am io Xjoig auj,,, wnj
large audience Friday night in the
Gurley Opera House. The Saturday
session was brought to a most appro
priate and successful close by an
elegantly arranged banquet to the
teachers, given by the Mothers' club.
A short program of music was fol
lowed by an address from State
Superintendent A. O. Thomas, who
spoke of the present and future great
ness of county and state, outlining
the program of educational re-organization'
which in time is to give every
boy and girl in the county the advan
tages of a High school education.
Lincoln Democrats
Give Up on Hitchcock
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 6 (Special.)
Democrats in Lincoln have given up
hopes of electing Hitchcock and
Neville and now have turned their at
tention to the head of the ticket. ,
"Bryan's visit to the state has
caused defeat of both Hitchcock and
Neville," said a prominent democrat
New Hotel for Superior.
Superior, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) A project is on foot to
give Superior a new $50,000 hotel.
At a meeting of the Commercial club
Saturday night, L. L. Driggs of New
York City, made an offer .of $20,000
towards a new hotel if Superior par
ties will raise the balance. .$10,000
was subscribed in the1 meeting and
a committee named to raise the bal
ance. J. H. Agee is chairman of the
committee, which expects to have the
soliciting for stock finished in a few
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Kennedy, in Pulpit
At Lincoln, Speaks
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 5. (Sepecial
Telegram.) At the St. Paul's Metho
dist church tonight the theme was
"Nebraska's Going Dry." John L.
Kennedy of Omaha, republican candi
date for United States senator, oc
cupied the pulpit at the invitation of
Rev. T. W. Jeffrey, the local pastor,
and spoke at considerable length on
the change of conditions accompany
ing the advance of the world in en
lightment and the reaction which this
change bears to the present great
moral question of whether the state
shall favor the dry amendment to
the constitution at the polls next
Johnson Republicans
Hold Great Rally
Tecumseh, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) The republicans closed
the campaign in Johnson county to
day by a speaking tour to the several
towns. Elmer J. Burkett of Lincoln
was the speaker, and he was intro
duced by Judge S. P. Davidson of Te
cumseh. Rouoing meetings were held
at Elk Creek, Cook, Sterling and Crab
Orchard, and Graff and Vest were
also visited. The day closed with a
big night meeting at the court house
in Tecumseh, the music being by the
Tecumseh military band.
Mr. Burkett was at his best and de
livered some powerful addresses to
day, particularly the closing attempt.
Senator Norris Makes
Address at Lexington
Lexington, Nov. 5. (Special.)
United States Senator George W.
Norris, addressed the largest politi
cal gathering of any political speaker
this season in Aublc's hall Friday
night. The closest attention was paid
to him by the hearers,, while he
showed the fallacies of free trade as
put out by the democrats. He also
answered the questions as to what he
would have done on the war matter,
and escpccially so on the Mexican
trouble, to the satisfaction of the
people that heard him. He likened
the democrats in congress to a foot
ball team, that when the signal was
given by President Wilson, they
moved as he said. The people that
heard him were more than satisfied
with the address.
Mr. Bryan Refers
To Defeat as Delegate
Crete, Ncb Nov. 6. (Special.)
W. J. Bryan addresed an audience of
nearly a thousand voters at the Sokol
theater Sunday evening, tinder the
auspices of the Crete Dry Federation.
i toward the close of his lecture, when
he pleaded for the democrats to free
i the party from the influence of the
liquor element, and come out for pro-"
hibition, for sooner or lated both par
tics would have to do so. He stated
that an evidence of the hatred of wet
democrats for him was shown when
their tool in this state refused to tell
the people that Wilson wished him
to be elected to the democratic con
vention, and he was defeated.
. Persistence Is the Cardinal Virtue
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