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    THE BEE: v OMAHA, THU USD A It, NUv&AiH&k t, liim,
Asking Themselves if They
Ought to Feed Corn, Consid
ering High Prices Now.
"Shall I sell my corn or will it pay
better to keep the corn and buy cattle
, to consume it?" That is the question
that the farmers of the corn belt have
been asking themselves and their
friends at the big market centers all
the fall. A good many decided to buy
and feed cattle, and some, acting
' promptly on their decision, have the
cattle already in tne teea lots.
Others had made up their minds to
feed, but were waiting with the hope
that feeder cattle would be lower in
November." Some of this number had
given their commission firms orders
to buv feeder cattle for them as soon
as the price should come down a lit
tle. Others were still on the fence
. debating the question to feed or
not to feed."
. That was the situation when the
corn market began soaring upward
a week or ten days ago. As corn began
jumping feeders began falling off the
fence, and the higher it jumped the
faster they fell off. Seemingly they
. all fell off on the same side that is
with their minds made up not to feed
cattle, but to sell their corn tor cash
Orders Countermanded.
The result of this decision was felt
immediately at the big market, cen
ters. Feeders who had hied 'buying
orders with their commission firms
countermanded them. The number of
country buyers who had been in at
tendance daily at the1 big markets
" dropped down to onlya fraction of
what . it had been.
TJie country suddenly became panic-
stricken to sell corn and keep as far
away as possible from all feeding
operations., ine extent to wnicn mc
hieh corn scare has spread is evi
denced by the fact that quite a good
many half-fat or warmed-up cattle
are cominz back to market this week.
As such cattle do not make as good
beef as grass cattle that are still com
. ing forward in large numbers from
the range, it will be readily under
stood that'they are bound to sell to
ooor advantage. Large shipments ot
such cattle could hardly fail to break
the market wide open if persisted in
It is also a noticeable fact that
there is a big increase in the receipts
at market centers of light under
weight and unfinished hogs, all going
to show that the high price of corn
Has given the country a terrible
fright and that in its efforts to save
more corn to sell, it is losing sight
entirely of the live stock market and
its possibilities.
. ' Mav Go Too Far.
- While commission men and others
at the big market centers are very
backward about giving advice, espe
cially when not requested, there is a
general feeling that the idea of sell,
ine high nriced corn instead of feed
ing it may be carried entirely too far.
,,They realize that corn which is used
principally as a feed for stock cannot
remain high it everyone gives up teed
ing stock and takes the corn selling
side ot the deal.
I On the other hand, men with a
large amount of corn on hand may
take the stand that they will sell corn
while the selling is good, and if the
price drops down they will buy cat
tle and feed it out. That sounds logi
cal, but everyone familiar with the
cattle market knows that the big sup
plies of stocker and feeder cattle are
disposed of before the end of Novem
i a . l- - j . : :.. n u....
ucr, 9 mic icuuluuii in (.uuiiiij- vis
ing has already caused a sharp break
in feeder prices, it is to be expected
that a good many ranchmen with
such cattle 6n hand will decide to
hold them over another year rather
than ship them at a time when prices
are breaking. ,
For these reasons a good many
stockmen are wondering what the
outcome will be, and some are even
going so far as to predict that -the
country will find .it impractical for
everyone to sell corn and that about
the time feeders arrive at that con
clusion and want feeder cattle, there!
will be few on sale. There will come
a scramble to buy feeder stock just at
the tinre when the supply is short,
with the possibility of prices climb
ing way up to the top notch again.
Cattle May Go Higher-.
Some stockmen who have given the
matter a great aeai 01 tnougnt are
pointing out that there is a possibil
ity of more money being made in
feeding - cattle this year than was
made when both feeder cattle and
corn was very much lower than at
the present time. They argue that
prices on fat cattle due to the for
eign war, to the Argentina drouth
and to the big home consuming de
mand, win oe nigner next spring tnan
ever before. '
While granting that the feed will
cost a whole lot more, they are calling
attention to the fact that with beef
cattle even at prevailing prices there
is a good margin for nrofit. For ex
ample, a feeder who pays $7.00 per
hundred for a WO-pound steer and
sells him when finished at $10 to $11
has $3 or $4 per hundred margin over
and above the original cost on the 900
pounds. He also receives $1U to $11
for every hundred pounds of gain that
the animal makes while in the feed
lot, which will pay for a lot of high
priced feed and srfll leave a good
profit. Hogs are also bringing ex
tremely high prices, apd the profit to
be made on the hogs run after the
cattle must not be forgotten. .
A gopd many stockmen are predict
ing that good corn-feds will reach $12
before spring. If that were to prove
true the profit would be still larger.
Stockmen at the'yartU are advising
their friends in the country to think
the matter over carefully. All the
markets of the country have been re
ceiving large numbersbf cattle this
week, and prices on feeder stock are
sharply lower.
The time to buy is when pTices are
going down and everyone wants to
sell, not when they are going up and
everyone is trying to buy.
Lincoln Man Breaks Wrist
While Cranking His Auto
George Ansen of Lincoln sustained
a fractirred right wrist which he sus
tained while cranking his auto at Sev
enteenth and Douglas streets. After
receiving meorcai attention he waj
, 2020
, Douglas
Opening of Closed Car Exhibit This Morning j
Marked a New Epoch in Automobile Displays
SOME of the most beautiful Gars ever exhibited are on view here -now.
The store with its beautiful Corinthian Columns, reaching up
to great height, lend a fitting setting of dignity and elegance to the
display of the best that American makers are showing in CLOSED
Limousines, Cabriolets, Brpug
hams, Landaulets, Sedans, etc., the
height of luxury ' and 'convenience
for the Motor Traveled Way.
Show ttf the" Public What the
Winter 1916-17 Holds for Them in
Closed Automobiles.
The Omaha. Automobile Show
Association and the Brandeis
Stores lead the way for the Exhibi
tion of CLOSED CARS the first
mercantile establishment to show
them and the first city in the
United States to make a special
exhibit of closed cars alone.
This Exhibit Will Continue All This Week. Cars Will Be Shown Each Day Frdm 8:30 A. M. to 9 P. M.
Men's Fur and Fur
. lined Coats
Chauffeur Suits S Auto Ulsters
HERE'S A NOTE of comfort for
Autoists for the days to come
Fur Lined Coats, lined with Musk-.
rat, Southern Mink, etc., with
Beaver Auto Collars and Collars
of Persian Lamb and Hudson -
Seal $20.00 to $95.00
Fur Coats of Coonskin", Black
Galloway, Kangaroo, Russian
Dog, etc.... $18.00 to $95.00
. ( Chauffeur Suits, made of excel
' lentfabrics and materials $25
Auto Ulsters, big, warm and com
fortable for zero days. A big '
bargain, at1. 20.00 to, $25.00
New Home of
Hart, Schaffner & Marx.
, . Second Floor Men's Building.
Wear a Flower or Flowers
At the Closed Car Show
OUR ENLARGED and beautiful Flower
Shop offers the most beautiful
At- 15c each.
Pink, yellow and white great
big blooms, fresh cut-and hardy.
Entrance to Pompeian Room.
Women's Strap Wrist Gloves
Guaranteed Washable
For Motoring and Street Wear.
Gloves for Motoring and Street wear.
In Pearl White and Mastic. Famous
Adler make. Worth $2.00 in the present
Thursday, $1.50aPair-
(Main Floor.) A
Automobile Coats for Winter
of 1916-17
We Are Showing the Best Styles
This exhibit affords us the opportunity to
show you the variety of styles we carry
an opportunity also to invite you to see the
wonderful range for choice in this Second
Floor Apparel Department.
Beautiful, full-cut Coats, with the swag-
ger cut and the wide flaring bottoms; extra
size cape collars of different rich furs and
self fabrics. .
FURS Such as Hudson seal , skunk,
marten, natural oppossum, imitation mar
ten, kolinsky, beaver, etc.
FABRICS Such as Bolivia cloth, wool
velours, duvetynes, kittens' ear, cheviots,
All the smartest colors, such as burgundy,
chartreuse, navy, terra cotta, brown, bay
leaf green, etc.
Prices: -$25.00, $35.00, $49.00 $59.00 and up to $125.00
Second Floor.
Beautiful Combination
. , Boots for Fall
White Washable Kid Top
Black Kid Vamps.
WE CAN GET right to the heart
of this story in a jiffy. We took
these beautiful Shoes right from
our regular stock, and even
though they are the style of the
moment, you can buy them here
on' Thursday at much less than
they are actually worth. '
' Six styles in all
Plain and tipped vamps ; some
have plain white tops, others in-
- teriaced with black. All have
. Leather Louis heels; some black
soles, others with . white ivory
welt. '
Values From $7.00 to $9.00, "
Thursday Special $5.85
: ' Main Floor.."
Automobile Books and Guides
displaying an exceptionally in- :
teresting lot of Books, which are ' '
educational works which Auto- ,,
' mobile owners or prospective
owners should have.
Aute Ignition, Starting, Lighting, .
etc. ................. Hayward
Dyke's Encyclopedia.
Self-Propelled Vehicles, t ,
Brookes' Auto Hand Book.
The Automobile Blue Book .... ,
.....The Official Guide.
And scores tf others will be dis
played on a convenient table dur-
ing the exhibition of Closed Cars
in this store. '
Main Floor. -
Kitchen Cabinets
We are exclusive Omaha agents
for the Famous McClernan Steel
Kitchen Cabinets. Steel means
Strength, Beauty, Cleanliness
the three cardinal virtues. The
McClernan Sanitary Steel Kit
chen Cabinet is made up to a
standard, not down to a price.
"McClernan" White Steel Cabinets,
nicolene tops
"McClernan" White Steel Cabii
marbolite tops I
"Naponee Dutch Kitchenette",
oak cabinets. Prices, up from.
Satin Walnut Finish Cabinets,
up from.
We have the largest assortment of Kitchen Cabi
nets shown in Omaha, at Lowest Prices.
"PUNCH" Cedar Oil Floor Mops
Large size, triangular in shape, and
"gets" the dirt. Sale price a $1.00
Punch Mop and a 50c hottle QQ
of Punch Cedar Oil, for tOC
Those Fine Trimmed Hats
From Our Great Sale Last Saturday
WILL BE displayed and sold here on
Thursday. Many women who did not share
in this offering last Saturday, expressed re
gret that they, overlooked so good a sale,
so we determined to gather together the
, And Reprice Them Down to $3.75
For' Quick Disposal.
variety styles that will appeal immedi
ately, especially with a price even lower
than the remarkable figure placed upon
them os Saturday. COME EARLY. Some
gold and silver lace effects.
, White Hats and large, dressy Sailors or
black Lyons velvet, smartly trimmed with
fur, flowers, etc., $3.75.
Second Floor, Millinery Department.
Beautiful Blouses
At the Lowest Prices
The last time we made
an announcement simi
lar to this the Blouse
Shop was crowded for
two days. We would
suggest that you earn
estly consider your
future as well as im
mediate needs . when
you read this advertise
ment, because the val
ues we quote are so ex
traordinary that they
may not bear repetition
all this season.
v Worth up to $10.00
Made of Crerie de Chine. Georeette CrenA
Pussy Willow. Some hand sewed IMPORTED MODELS
in the lot.
Worth $5.00. $6.00 v :
Crepe de chine, Beautiful Georgette Crepe, Mar
quisette and Lingerie Blouses in this assortment.
$1.00, $1.45 and $1.95
Trimmed with Lace and Embroidery. v
Crepe de Chine and Striped Taffeta Blouses
s A very extraordinary showing of very beautiful
Blouses, in white, flesh and black. -"
At $1.98 Each ..,.
53 e
taken to the
home ot a
. friend.