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Intonation Nwi Strvle
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
FOP AAPikir. .
I Oera..e-UA.- -.
DO Cii MFAki
rnui,i -a& wl
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Ames Tean May Put Nebraska
Boy at Left End to
Strengthen Line.
Amel. Ia.. Oct. 29 fSnf rial 1 A
Nebraska youth from Chadron may
get into the Ames-Nebraska game at
Lincoln next Saturday. His name is
Seidell. The coaches this Week brought
him over to the first string from the
varsity scrub line to take a try at
-Jeft and to see how he works for
Jones, the veteran left end, in the
phalanx. He hai shown up well and
he may be a relief man for the star
and crippled regular end.. f
The coming week will be a rough
one for the Cyclones. Nebraska will
get no game given fo them. The
team had an off day in the game with
Missouri, was not near the team that
squelched Kansas, and the coaches are
trusting to luck that two off days'
don't come in succession.
In the scrimmage yesterday Head
. Coach Mayser burnt up the backs
with criticism. Mayser threatened to
get i taxi line on the field to get the
men oacx to scrimmage and , he
roasted first one man and then an
" 1 other. One back tripped himself
. catching a forward pass, and Mayser
cut him with the keen sarcasm that
"the 'ball knocked the boy over."
over." I Changes are pending in the
: line, it seems sure. Who of the regu-
lars will pigeonholed for the Corn
husker game it a mystery.
The crippled back field men, who
are badly needed for the Husker argu
ment, are being handled lightly. May-
condition of many of his backs.
The seat sale for the Ames-Iowa
game opens November 6, the Monday
.- following the Nebraska game. ' A
thousand tickets already have been
old. Inquiries and checks have been
coming in to Director Clyde Williams,
thick and fast, for six months. The
, concrete and wooden, stands, seating
10,000, have been put in order for the
big state struggle.
Speaking Dates
of Republicans
Oliphant, Army Fullback
Thenar H. Aldrlch Oi-tober ig Alma.
Henrr J. Allan Tueaday, October 31, Lin.
t coin. S p. m.
W. B. Andrewe notolwr 10, Antelope
coonljr, Orchard, night meeting; SI, Knoa
county, Verdal, afternoon meeting; Nln.
krara mailt meeting; November I, Verdi
gre, p. m.; Wlnnetoon, 4 p. m.;- Crelgh
ton, avanlns- mee'tlng; November S, Cum
ing oounty, Waat Point: I, Hooper: 4, Cole
ridge; . Arapahoe, afternoon mooting; la
dlanola avanlnff meeting.
w B. Barclay Octobar 10, Maeon City.
T:I6 p. mi II, Barwln, 1:10 p. m; Anilay,
T:S0 p. m. I. Novambar 1 Cometoek. I: SO p.m.;
Sargent. :I0 p. m.; I,' Round Vallay, 1:10
p. m.; Waat Union, T:I0 p. m. S. Lillian
echool kouaa 1:10 p. m. Hrokan Bow, I:S0
p. m.j 4, Marna. 1:10 p. m.; Anaalmo, 7:10
p. m.
Anena Blgelow . Octobar SO, Grant, night
. meeting IB. A. Haetlnge In rherge); II, Im
perial, night meeting; Novambar 1. Waune
ta, aftarnoon meeting; Pallaada night meet
ing; I, Calbertaon, aftarnoon meeting; Tren
ton. nlaht meeting: I, Benkleman, night
meeting; 4, Arapahoa.
Norrte Brown Otcobar 10, Laura! ; No
vambar I Cantral City: I, Palmer; IMlab
ron; 4. Falrbury; 0. Kaaraay.
B. J, Burkatt October 10, Ulyaaei, Sur
nrlee, Shelby, Qreaham. night meeting; 11,
Fairmont. I a. nv: Kxeter. 10 a. m.; Mllll
aji. U a. m ; Ohlowa, 1:10 p. m.; Strang.
1:11 p. ra.l flchlckl.y. 4 p. nv; Oraftone
p-.'m.; Novambar If Thayer county, Deahler,
ir-a. m.j Byron, I p. m.i Cheater 4 p. m.;
Hubball, I p. nv; I, Jafferaon county: I
Gage county, Odell. S a. m.; Beatrice, 11:10
p. m. Pniey. 1:10 p. m.i Virginia, 4:10 p.
m. j Wymore. S p. m. 4, Pawnee county,
Lewteton. t:IO a. m.; Armour, 11 a-i m :
Burchard, 1:10 p. m.l Btelnauer, S p. m.'
Table Bock, 4:10 p. m. Pawnee City, I
p. m.
Robert W. Devoe Octobar 10, Blair, t p
m: II, Fremont, p. m,; November i,
Schuyler, I p. m ; J. Columbua, s p. m
A. If. HareOctober 10, rilnk; II, Bar
trend: Novambar 1. Eu.Ha. evening meet
ing; I, Moorerlald; . I, P.rnam. V,
Walter V. Hoagland October 10, Spen
cer: Octobar II, Uutte; November 1, New
port, evening meeting; 1, Aloaworth; I.
Gordon; 4, Chadroa. '
A. W. Jaffarla Octobar 10, Decaturi II
Logan; November 1, Waterloo; I, Wayne:
I, Pierce; 4,tanton. " '
S. R. McKalvie October 10 Otoe oountv
Navember I and I, Dodge county
Oaarge W. Norrla Octobar loy Cantral
City; II, St. Paul; Novambar 1. Broken
' Bow; IN Oothenburg; I, Ccad, Lailngtoa:
4, Grand Uland; 0. Orleana, Uoldrege.
C. Pelrue Peteraon Octobar 10 Dlion
county, Haokell: II, Knoa county. Canter
afternoon meeting; Bloomfleld, evening
meeting; Novambar 1. Crafton. afternoon
meeting; Wauaa, avanlng meeting; I and 4
Kearney county; I and 0, Phelpa county '
K. II. Pollard October 10, Dorchaatar-
II, Webater county, November 1, 1 and I
Clay county.
O. a Bplllman. Octobar 10 Cumro, evening
meeting; II, Oconto aftarnoon meeting:
Callaway, evening meeting; November 1
Etna, evening meeting; I, Tallin, evening
mooting; I, Arnold, evening meeting; 4
Cliff Table evening meeting.
Prank A.' Edgarton October II, Amherat'
November 1, Miller; November I, Elk Creek
O. N. Andaraon November I, Rlverdalei
4, Plaaaanton.
Dave H. Uereer November 4 Auburn.
O. K. Byron November I. Colfax county.
Henry T. Clarke Novambar 4, Geneva.
' Cr yaw Cold. "
Dr. King1 New IMaeovory will cure your
cold, It ia anttaeptle and apothlng, kllla the
cold germa. . All dnlggiale. Adv.
. toLIRHAH.T 2F THE, ARMa, o;iwjr,
Oliphant, the all-around athlete and army full back is counted on for much
by the sturdy pig-skin warriors when they meet the navy at the , Polo
grounds in new York.
Old School Method of Advan
cing the Ball Not Enough
to Take Big Game.
Conference Race Remains in
the Same Status After
Saturday's Games.)
None of the football games played
Saturday had any bearing on the
Missouri Valley conference race, but
wide interest attached to the meeting
of Missouri and Oklahoma, in which
Missouri continued its winning streak
and afforded ground for belief that
the team may be a real contended
against Nebraska for premier honors.
In the far southwest, Texas vir
tually was eliminated from considera
tion in the state race by losing to
Baylor. The Texas Aggies repeated
last year's victory over the Haskell
While Oklaho 'masdefcat was the
third straight for that team this year,
the Norman contingent found solace
in considering prospects for victory
over Kansas next week. Oklahoma de
feated both Kansas and Missouri last
year. The game at Norman Saturday
also seemed to forecast an heroic
struggle between Texas and Missouri
the coining Saturday, the first time
those two teams have met since 1906,
when Missouri triumphed 6 to 5.
Texas defeated Oklahoma this year,
21 to 7.
Kansas was credited with holding
the Kansas Aggies to a scoreless tie,
but statistics oi the game show that
the farmers outplayed the university
men in virtually every department.
In what were nothing more than
practice affairs, Nebraska defeated
Wesleyan 21 to 0. St. Louis found
Williama and Vashti an easy victory,
36 to 7. Oklahoma A. and M. defeated
the Warrensburg (Mo.) Normals 16
to 7. Washington had more difficulty
with the Missouri school of Mines,
winning 7 to 6. v
Retired Union Pacific ,
' Employe Dies in Hospital
Hugh Flanagan, 75, of 3912 Burt,
retired Union i'acific employe, died
in a local hospital yestt?rdi.y from
hardening of the arteries. .
Minnesota Scores 236 in Last
Four Games to Total of
14 by Opponents.
Chicago, Oct.- 29. Scoring 236 points
in its last four games, as compared
with a total of 14 points registered
by its opponents, the University ofj
Minnesota toot ball eleven appears to
be as firmly entrenched in the lead for
the "Big Nine" championship that
none of the three other contenders is
conceded muctuof a chance to dis
lodge it.
Minnesota made its first start in the
western conference, race yesterday,
buying Iowa under a 60 to 0 score,
and eliminating the Hawkeyes from
further consideration. The Gophers
from Illinois, next Saturday, should
gain another victory.
Wisconsin by its 30 to 7 triumph
over Chicago, killed the last chances
the Maroons had of even finishing
close up in the race. Although Wis
consin played a tricky game and is
conceded to be better than a year ago,
critics believe it will have to play in
much improved form to hold Minne
sota to a close score.
Northwestern Wins,
Northwestern ran over the heavy
Drake university, winning 40 to 6.
Cigrand, one of Northwestern's
backtielders, suffered two broken ribs
and will be unable to play again this
Illinois won its first game of the
conference season by downing Pur
due, 14 to 7, in a rather loosely played
contest, rurdue is considered hope
lessly out of the running.
Results of the international contests
the Michigan-Syracuse game, and
the clash between Indiana and Tufts
were big surprises to close follow
ers of western foot ball.
The fact that Indiana scored a
touchdown on Tufts the only touch
down registered against the eastern
eleven this season is hailed as a
triumph for Coach Steihm's players,
for the entered the game with the ex
pectation ot being trounced by an
ovci whelming score.
New York, Oct. 29. Foot ball play
was swept through the gridirori gamut
from superlative to mediocre and was
interspersed with thrills, marked the
week end games wherever eastern
elevens competed.
Almost without exception the com
peting elevns showed that another
two or three weeks will be required
to put the teams on edee for the
games which mark. the climax of the
season. Still another development or
tnc uuy a piay was ine demonstration
that no team, however big and power
ful, can hope to win from a rival of
reasonable strength with an attack
based entirely upon the old school
methods of advancing the ball. In
a broad view of Saturday's contests
it will be seen that almost without
exception the team which showed an
attack equally divided between line
plunging and skirting, coupled with
a perfected overhead offense, was the
One which emerged the victor.
Cornell went down before Harvard
by a surprisingly one-sided score.
With one of the bijgest and most
powerful teams that has entered the
Cambridge stadium in many seasons
and with the wagering 5 to 4 in their
favor, the Ithaca players failed com
pletely to live up to the expectations
of their supporters.
'iji Cornell Outclassed.
Outclassed as individuals and ma
chine play, Cornell was never in a
position where it seriously threatened
Harvard. The Cambridge first and
second string men worked with in
dividual dash .and team harmony,
which was completely lacking in the
Ithica eleven. Harvard's aggressive
ness and generalship appeared to take
all the snap and strategic out of the
visitors early in the game. The Cor
nell eleven was stow and uncertain in
runnitfg off its plays and the handling
of tht ball was little short of atroc
ious. The Crimson showed a Haugh
ton gridiron machine that promises
o be a worthy rival for both Prince
ton and Yale later in the season.
Next to the Harvard-Cornell game,
chief interest centered in the play of
Princeton and of Yale and while- both
teams came through to victory, the !
showing of the Tigers was not by
any means convincing as that of the
Ellis. Princeton managed to win
from Dartmouth by the margin of
four points, but it was due to the
prowess of an individual player, as
has frequently been the case in the
past. (
' ' Yale Shows Progress.
In defeating Washington and Ieff
eraon decisively, Yale made marked
progress, for the Pennsylvania com.
bination plays a game hard to hdd
in check. It is conceded to be one
of the most expert in the country in
the use of the forward pass. ' Yale
while holding the visitors to two
touchdowns in this aerial attack, piled
up more than, double that score with
an offense that embraced both the
running and overhead methods of ad
vancing the ball.
Mulligan Spreads
Terror into State
On Eve of Big Game
Bob Maxwell- says so, therefore
there can't be any doubt about it. If
Bob Maxwell, after twenty years of
foot ball, doesn't know a good player
when he sees one well, no one does.
"The best plunging halfback," is
what Bob said about George Mc
Laren of Pittsburgh when he saw him
in action recently. Bob said he
thought McLaren had developed
more speed than any other, and ad
ded that McLaren hits the line
harder than .most men. Altogether,
Bob considers the Pittsburgh half
back one of the sensations of the
Central High. 26: York. 0.
Grand Island, 34; Kearney, 7.
Nebraska City, 14; South High, 6.
A new terror has swept state high
school foot ball circles. At Beatrice
and Lincoln the spell is most felt For
Harold Mulligan has demonstrated
the infalliability of a hike formation
end run that is just as dominating and
destructive as the speeding Chamber
lain was to any of the teams Nebraska
met last year.
The Central coach has built up a
powerful offense around Morearty,
Smith and Maxwell and has developed
this play from an apparently ineffec
tive formation in three weeks' time.
The phenomenal way Captain More
arty and Halfback Smith made their
way through a scattered field Satur
day in the game with York means
that Omaha's bid for the state cham
pionship has doubled.
While Central startled the eastern
district, Grand Island doggedly
claimed its own on foreign ground.
Defeating Grant Parsons' Kearney
eleven by a score of 34 to 7 is no
mean job. Coach Harding still has a
fighting bunch and the game with
York next Saturday will produce an
other light on his team's standing in
the conference. In Jones, fighting
end, he has a man of all-state timber,
while Davies, fullback, and Odum,
tackle, are not to b forgotten. York, '
nn thf. ntner henit hee nliu.jl all n(
I its hard games and is readv to pile up
a few wins, beginning with Aurora
November 11. York meets North
Platte Thanksgiving day.
Nebraska City, undefeated this sea
son, handed the short end of a 14
to 7 score to Coach Patteon's South
High spunks at Nebraska City Fri
day. As usual, the Souths neglected
to work after they had garnered a
touchdown in the first few minutes of
play, and consequently were forced
to bit the dust. Smith, speedy colored
end on the Steven's combination, is
undoubtedly of all-star calibre. His
playing. last year was a sensation and
he isn't going far astray this year.
Cambridge and Harvard both won
overwhelming victories from Beaver
City and Clay Center. Beaver City
was the champs of the southwest dis
trict last year. Cambridge has a
strong eleven and will probably play
her schedule through without a de
feat. Alliance is also another team
that has not been defeated by a
Nebraska team. Gothenberg and
Lexington, two strong eleven's, have
sufefred defeat against Nebraska
productions and 'so are eliminated
from recognition. Both teams boost
men of all-star timber, however
Memberihlp la
Join the Swappere' Club,
free. Call at Bee office.
Evry Kind PrlfcM Vary Low
Over five hundred machines to
select from. Rent applied on
purchase. .
Central Typewriter
Exchange, Inc. -
1905 Famam St 7
Phoae Dcuglaa 4121.
Coursing Meet to
Be Held in Omaha
Last of the Week
Omaha's second annual coursing
meet will be held this week at the
Douglas county fair grounds. Events
will be staged Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday afternoons.
Omaha's first coursing meet was
held last year and proved popular.
If the event is a success this year
the national futurity stake will be held
in this city in 1917. The Omaha
Coursing club is conducting the event.
The following kennels will be represented:
Morian, Barta and Thornburg, Fair
bury; W. B. Flack, Grand Island; Gal
beth Brothers, Madden and Shanek,
Superior; Ostendorf and Hammer,
Bison, Okl.; Andred and Pease, Beat
rice; Scott and Aschner, Sutton;
Avery and Jones, San Francisco; Life
and Segatc, Beatrice; Kuse and Cook,
Cook, Neb.; W. S. Moonlight, Eureka,
Kan.; J. E. Wright, Grand Island;
C. S. Root, New Richland, Minn.; N.
S. Salisbury. Wichita, Kan.: Virgin
and Srak, Utica; Ragan and Wood
worth, Utica; Paben and Van Winkle,
Talmage; Dudley, Waddel and Ober
land, Clay Center, Kan.; Bryant and
Everson, Alma, Kan.; Holmes, Thies
sen and Barden, Wymore; J. S. Peo
ples, Wichita; Viox and Misegadia,
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