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Coroner's Jury Censures Bur-
.' ington Railroad for Not
Providing Properly for
Passengers. "
Elwood, Neb., Oct. 24. (Special
Telegram.) County Coroner Dow of
Gosper county completed his invest!'
gation of the wreck on the Burling
ton -near Smithfield, which occurred
'on the morning of October 15, when
the third section of stock train No.
116 "ran into the rear end ot the sec
ond section, from which eleven per
nna have last their lives and four-
. teen others were injured. The jury,
after being out about torty-tive min
utes, returned the following verdict
"At an inauisition. holden at Smith-
field, in said county of Gosper on the'
Iftth anrt 2M riavs of October. A. D..
1916, before me, A Dow, coroner pt
- saiH rntintv unnn the bodies of Wil-
' liam Merrill. Adam Miller, Will KelW
ner, B. F. Crowely, J. J. u uonnor,
" William Zantow, John Slager and G.
. Hanna, lying dead, by the jurors
whose names are hereto subscribed,
the said Jurors, upon their oath, do
. say, we find . that the parties above
named came to their deaths on the
night of the 15th' day ot uctODer,
1QIA thrrmirh the failure of the con
ductor and flagman on the second
section of the train No. 156 to flag
the third section.
"Also that the Burlington Railroad
company is responsible in that it did
hot furnish the proper accommoda
tions for the passengers or' proper
equipment for. running their trains.
It being shown by the testimony that
two engines in use on the trains
above mentioned were running whu
' nut headlicrhts and the railroad com-
pany is further responsible in that
ft does not provide agents during the
night to keep the trainmen informed
as to their relative distance from
each other. ...
In testimony whereof the jurors
have hereunto set their hands the day
and jjear aforesaid.
Twenty-two in Caboose. N-
: At this adjourned meeting of said
investigation three witnesses were
examined, all of whom were passen
gers on the second section of No.
156, which was telescoped by the third
section. -
lohn A. Dillon, a passenger on said
second section, testified that he re
membered of the train stopping and
of several parties going out on the
platform and that, in his judgment,
the train had stopped from two to
five minutes before it was struck; that
" he was inside the caboose and was
taken out with the injured..When they
1 arrived at Curtis, about all of said
thirty-two went into the Burlington
depot and -demanded a coach, as the
caboose would not permit all of them
to sit down; that when they asked
- ' for the coach .they were- told- that
. they couldn't get them one, and for
them to get out, aa they, were taking
' up too much room. All went back
to the caboose.
Sisal Melton, testified that he was
one of the passengers on the second
section; that he went to the-back door
of the way-car to get. fresh air and
of his seeing the third section when
it was about twenty rods away, and of
jumping off. He said that the train
had been stonoed about five minutes
before it was struck, and that he knew
the man who tried to unfasten the
' , lantern on the back end of said ca
boose to flag the approaching train
Charles Dillon, another passenger
on the second section, testified that
when he got to the rear door of the
way-catAhat he saw the third sec
tion about a block away; thai he
turned and called to the boys inside
for them to jump, and then got off
himself. In his opinion it was nearly
ten minutes from the time they
stopped until tne third section ran
into them.
" Fox-Smith,
Gretna. Neb.. Oct. 24. (Special.)
A luncheon was given at the Lindell
hotel in Lincoln Saturday, announcing
the marriage of Miss Margaret Smith
of Lincoln to Mr. Janjps Fox of Gret
na, Saturday, October 15. Mrs. Fox
is a graduate of the University of
Nebraska, and. was formerly superin-
tendent of schools in Gretna, where
she is now engaged as mathematics
teacher in the high school. Mr. Fox
was postmaster in Gretna until last
year. They will make their home in
East Gretna, where a modern bunga
low is in the process of construction.
- Drayton Addresses Farmers.
Holdrege, Neb., Oct. 14. (Special.)
C. O. Drayfbn of Greenville, III.,
national president of the Farmers'
Equity association, addressed the Hol
drege local at the courthouse Satur
day afternoon. He spoke on the dif
ferent ways of handling local activi
ties and speeding up business.
Dysentery in Alabama.
"My little 4-year-old boy had a se
vere attack ot dysentery. We gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and believe it
saved his life," says Wm. H. Stribling,
Carbon Hill, Ala. Obtainable every
where. Advertisement.
Soldiers' Home Notes
Soldier' fclome Note.
. Grand Island, Neb., Oct. 14. (Special.)
Rev. Mr. Selzer, a pastor of the Seventh
Day Adventlst church In Hastings, who has
ben holding; a series of meetings In Grand
Island, occupied the pulpit at the Home on
Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Saltan, who have
been absent since last 'Aurll, have returned,
to spend the winter. They realised con
siderable from their summer's work and
are pleased with what they have accom
pllshed. '
Mrs. Angle haa returned from her recent
furlough, as well as Mr. Mesaersmlth, who
has been absent for some time. Mr. and
Mrs. Corwln have also returned from their
furlough. William Burroughs haa returned
from his visit ttTpwa. ..
Mrs. Pardo, who was recently transferred
from the dormitory to the West hospital.
Is reported to be dangerously 111.
There was more than the unual number
of visitors from hers In Grand Island on
Saturday afterqoon.
Norris Will Speak
On Hughes Day in
Southwest Counties
: . :
Alma, Neb., -Oct. 24. (Special.)
Ihe Young Men s Republican club
announces a day and night meeting
at Orleans Monday, November 6.
United states senator George W.
Norris and Charles E. Matson are the
speakers for that occasion. Other
attractions will be a big ox roast, with
trimmings, music by the Orleans band
and a big red fire demonstration and
narade before the night meeting.
This will be Hughes day in south
western Nebraska, and big posters an
nounce to the public that everybody
is invited. This will be Jhe only op
portunity the people of this part of
the state win nave to near senator
Concerted System
To Count the Votes
Hastings, Neb., Oct'. 24. (Special
Telegram.) A movement has been
launched to make Adams county the
first in the state to report complete
election returns on the amendments
and important offices. The plan is to
have each precinct board proceed to
count the ballots in the same order
instead of the vaYious boards follow
ing its own order. If this is done
Adams will be able to send out some
complete returns on the night .of dec
tion. . It is proposed that other coun
ties, will co-operate. The order sug
gested here is the amendments first,
then president, governor next, and
after wards, the county officers.
Freak Election Bet
Is Made at Columbia
Columbus, Neb., Oct 24. (Spe
cial.) This being the vogue for
freak bets. Columbus comes forth
with its first offense. Should Hughes
be victorious, Lou Williamson, man
ager of the Columbus Tire company,
a branch of the Omaha Rubber com
pany, must roll a peanut through
Frankfort square with a crowbar.
Should Wilson be elected, Martin
Stenger, clerk in the Columbus State
bank, and a nephew ot fcrnest sten
ger, general superintendent of the
Union- Pacific, must perform the same
feat. Be it said also that Stenger
comes from a family of recent con
verts to the Hughes cause, ot which
Flatte county boasts a host.
Sixty-Eight-Pound Fish
Caught Near Fremont
Fremont. Neb.. Oct. 24. (special.)
Two days after Joe Carlson and a
companion had caught a mud catfish
weighing sixty-two pounds in the
Platte river south of Fremont, Fred
Plambeck and Lou Raymond caught
one that weighed sixty-eight pounds.
Two other fish, weighing thirty and
torty pounas, respectively, were raxen
from the shallow water on the same
day by Plambeck and Raymond. The
fish are working their way back to
the Missouri river and the recent cold
weather seems to have chilled them
until they are easily caught when
found in shallow water.
Voters Don't Mind Mud.
But Swarm to Hear Barton
Campbell, Neb., Oct 24.(Special
Telegram.) siias K. Barton ad
dressed the largest audience of voters
ever assembled at an afternoon meet
ing in this city. While the weather
and roads were extremely bad it
seemed in no way to dampen the
enthusiasm or lessen the attendance.
Women Given Nominations.
' Hastongs, Neb., Oct. 24. (Special
Telegram.) Mrs. F. F. Carruthers
has been nominated by the republic
ans and Miss Mary Dungan by the
democrats for county superintendent,
vice Carrie Sullivan, who - has re
signed. ,
Sloan's Unlmtnt Kills Pain.
Ii the sreateit pain killer ever discovered I
simply Uld on the skin no nibbing re
quired It drives pain awar. Mo. All draft-late.
Advertleement '
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One Tonight Feel Fine Tomorrow
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OLA has stopped all that."
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red In places, especially between my" fingers,
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The longer I had this trouble, the larger
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Four Hundred Voters From All
Parties Listen to Speeches
for Over Two Hours.
Genoa, Neb., Oct. 24. (Special.)
After a day of plowing through 100
miles of muddy roads and delivering
sneeches along the line at Newman
Grove and St. Edward, John L. Ken
nedy, republican candidate for United
States senator, and William R War
ner, republican candidate for congress
from the Third district, arrived in Ge
noa last night at 8 o'clock and were
received at the town hall by an audi
ence of about 400 voters of all par
ties and for two hours and a half
they divided time in speaking-and
were hardly permitted to stop. When
they sought to close their speeches
thejf were greeted with cries of "Go
on, go on" and similar expressions
from their enthusiastic hearers.
Great Enthusiasm Manifested.
. Although the meeting was a regu
lar old-time republican rally and al-'j
though there was much republican
enthusiasm manifested, the speakers
out of regard for the large number of
loyal boosters among the democrats
and independent voters of the audi
ence spent most of their time in dis-
.....;., ...- r.,kl.m. wh
concern all mankind and are patriotic
rather than partisan. Both speakers
were assured by many democrats and
independent voters that they would
receive their active support. Some
announced that an effort had been
made by the democratic incumbents
to prevent them from leaving their
party column, but that they reserved
the right to do this considering the
large moral jssues that were involved
in this campaign, which are not parti
san and on which the democratic can
didates have not expressed them
selves. Speaking of the days when Mr.
Kennedy, was in congress Mr. War
ner related an incident which threw
Carey Cleaning Co.
Baking Powder
Passed the Board of Censors
1st The manufacturer with the
rigid tests of the laboratory and
.. factory. , . . '
2nd The wholesale grocer with
his high standing and desire to
handle only reliable goods.
3rd The retail grocerwho desires
to handle only those brands he
knows will please his customers.
4th The food officials with their '
rigid laws for the purity and
wholesomeness of food products.
5th And most important, you,
the housewife with your desire
for purity, efficiency and per
fect satisfaction.
5 Ounces for
(More than a pound and
a half for a quarter)
October 30 and 31, 1916
At State Fair Grounds, Douglas, Wyo.
We will sell to the highest bidder in carload lota
500 Whitef ace and Shorthorn Native Cows
from 3 to 6 years old, all pasture bred to calve in April
or first, half of May. N
400 Weaned Calves, 5 to 10 months old
75 same class of Cows with Calves by side
from two weeks to three months old.
10 fine Whitef ace Bulls two to four years old
and do not delay coming an account of weather, aa saM will
be conducted under roof. TERMSi H cash, balance tan months
at 8 par cent.
B. J. ERW1N, Auctioneer.
Brownfield & George
light on tne habit of Mr. Kennedy
as a doer rather than a promiser. He
stated that he once wrote to Mr. Ken
nedy and to the two senators from
Nebraska stating his wish and that
the senators promptly wrote back
courteous letters assuring him that
they would look into the matter and
that on the same mail he received a
letter from John L. Kennedy, who
was then congressman, saying in ef
fect, "I have done it." The crowd
cheered and applauded vigorously at
this. Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Warner
have many friends here.
Charles G. Nelson was in charge of
arrangements and B. J. Ainlay of Bel
grade introduced the speakers. Clyde
B. Oean sat upon the platform with
G. F. Rose, county attorney. At New
man Grove State Senator C. A. Ran
dall introduced the speakers and at
St. Edwards A. A. Smith presided.
Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Warner were
gratified with the reception tendered
them all along the line and they re
gretted that it was impossible for
them to reach Albion and Boone as
was scheduled, but the heavy roads
made it impossible.
Thomas Will Go to
Missouri This Week
(From a Stan Corraaponaant.)
Lincoln, Oct. 23. (Special.)- State
Superintendent Thomas will, go to
Cape Girardeau, Mo., the last of the
week.'where he has been invited 'to
speak Defore the Southeast Missouri
Teachers' association, on rural
schools, on Friday.
He will go to Edmond, Okla., De
cember 10, where he has-been invited
to address the Rural Life congress on
the sam : subject.
Train Hits Motor Car
Of Fremont Dealer
Fremont, Neb., Oct. 24. (Special.)
George W. Hall, a well-known Fre
mont automobile dealer, was probably
fatally injured when a Union Pacific
passenger train struck and demolished
the automobile in which he was rid
ing faom his home east of Fremont
to his garage here. Mr. Hall suffered
several fractured ribs, a" dislocated
shoulder, severe cuts on the head and
other injuries. It is believed he is
injured internally. x
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