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Late Arrival of Stock Trains
Delays Buying, , Making a
Slow and Dull Trade.
Omaha. Oct. II. 111.
Receipt! were:
Official Mender
Estimate Tueaday.
cattle. Hose, oneep.
I, 0
Two dare thla week.30.t04 13,124 17.074
Ita ma lent week.. 18. 100 T.03I 00,151
.m. deve 1 wke. ho. 30.004 t.OOl 73,(70
Same deye 3 wke. ago. 30.4(4 13,3(1 00,000
Same days. 4 wke. eco. 10.01 3.004 7.!l
Oame daye laat rwr. .. 37,0(3 4,031 (0,000
Kereipta and dlepoiltlon of live etoek at
tne union eioca yaroe, utom, mr .won.?
fuur hours ending at t cclock yeeterday:
Cattle. Hon. Sheep. H'r'S.
c. . at. p.... io
t!ourf Pacific . . 85
Union Pacific ....313
f. A N. W., eaet.. 33
' C- N. W., weat. .103
N C, St. P.. M. O.. 1
. C., B. t Q., eaet.. fl
B. J . weet. 04
"l' R. I. 4 P., eaet
C . R. I. P.. weet 7
Illlnola Central .. 1
riil. lit. Weat..'...
1 ..
10 17
I 1
'42 11 1
10 ..
1 ..
31 10
1 ..
"J :1 il
130 ti 1
Total receipts . . 404
Cattle. Hem.
Morrle t Co....',..... 78.
1 Swift A Co.....'. 1.330
t'odahy Packing' Co. .1,304
, Armour at Co. . .
Schwartl A Co.......
I. W. Murphy
Macoln Parkins' Co..
llunlnger A Oliver...
Benton, Vaneent A 1.
Hill A Bon
P. B leeu
J. B Root A Co....
J. H. Bulla
Roaenetock Bros, ....
P. U Kelloie. ........
Werthelmer A Degen.
II. P. Hamilton
Sullivan Bros. ........
Rothechlld A
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co.
1(1 '
... 14
... 10
-r "t
... 141 ,
... 313
.. 80
... 14
HI, ulna
Meyers ...........
Gl. saber, ..X.. ..
Banner Bros, ... .
John Harvey . . .
lennle A Francis.
Jenaen A Lunaren.
Other buyer, .... ,
ToUla .....'..
J.fcZC 1,1 00 11,167
Cat tlo Receipts were liberal today, bat
th total for the two der amounts to only
J 8,60 had, a falling oft of almost 10,000
had an compared with wit whk i big run,
fltill, as compared with a year aio, thr
Is a lots of only 1,000 head. J-
Most stock trains were very, lata In arriv
ing at th yards and for that reason th
forenoon was well advanred before there
were enough cattle In Sight to really test
out market conditions. The feeling was
generally steady on desirable kinds of kill
ers and the same could be said of the best
stork cattle and feeders. Cattle of that d
scrlptluA were, however. In light supply.
Inferior kinds, especially stock ers and feed
ers, ware slow to tower partly on account
of the rain and disagreeable weather.
Quotations en cattle; Oood to choice
beeves, $.7610 .M; fair to good beeves.
fB.O0f,76; common to fair beeves, It-HO
1.10: fancy grassers, fs.50i,7s; good to
choice grass beeves. 7,764fl.; fslr to
choice grass beeves, ll.Bft07.7l; common to
fair grass beeves. ie.0Jtf6.i6; good to choice
hlfrs, I6.TS4V7.IS', good to choice cows,
$. (007.00; flr to good cows, II.MAt W;
iommn to fair cows. I4.Id0I.II; good to feeders, 17.6001. IB t fair to good
feeders, .7b07.sO; common to (air feeders,
8 0004,76; good to choice Blockers, 7.90
1.90; Hock heifers, fff.3s0T.2ei stock cows,
fi.a&0.6i); stork calves, t7.OO0a.eOt veal
calves, $S.OO01O.O; beef bulls, stags, etc.,
li. I 6.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Pr. No. Av. Pr.
17 steers., m 7S 11 steers., fftl 6 B
.U steers., Tf7 10 II feeders. 1 T14 II
4 calves., MS It
J J cows... It. II 10 steers.. S119 lit
III cows... 1IBT
19 II steers.. 1111 I II
11 steers.. 1021
, 29 Stars. .102.. f 00 40itstrs,.lUI 1 00
IS stsars. 40 40
Hogs Quite a good many trains wsrs
late and at I o'clock only about half the
estimated supply had, been yarded. Other
markets were reacting, and while local
shippers did not have very many orders,
their purchases on first rounds were as
much as Sc higher. The first hogs packers
bought were steady to strong, though their
early bids had shown an esslsr tone. The
market was not very lively, however. One
packer was laying out entirely, while others
were Inclined to wait until the balance of
the hogs, cents ra before Ailing ell their
As the morning advanced, trade became
stronger and more active, a good many sales
msde at the best time being a good nickel
higher then yesterday. Towards the close
movement slowed down again and bids weak
ened, there being only one packer left at
this time who really wanted hogs. Some
of the morning arrivals were still In the
pens at noon under bids that were quite a
little easier than the beat time, and bo me
sellers, though lower even than yesterday.
Thre were still two or three trains carrying
Of teen or more loads of hogs unaccounted
for at lunch time,
Forenoon trade averaged strong to te higher
than yesterday, and was a mighty uneven,
spotted affair. Bulk sold at ll.7S0t.IO, and
the top at 110.16.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Hh, Pr. No. Av. fih. Pr.
6J..H9 ... t (JO II. .US l0 t 70
110 t fl IS. .174 ... I 10
71. .101
61.. Ill
it.. It
10.. Ill 10 I to ,
' JI..I0I 10 10 01
120 t 16
110 10 IS
.. a I
During the early forenoon
there was practically nothing done. Bulk
of the offerings did not get up to the barn
until after mid forenoon, and what lambs
were yarded early Included almost no kill
ers, a unsaiaig ratn had been falling all
forenoon, and when arrivals did reach the
barn most of them were wet, which also
made tor slowness.
Quotations en sheep and lambs. Lambs,
good to cholco, t. 10010.10; lambs, fair to
good, IS.eS0t.IO; lambs, feeders, 11000
10.00; yearlings, good to rholce, I7.BO07.7I;
yearlings, fair to good, 17.0007.60; yearlings,
feedars, 7. 0001. 00; wethers, fair to choice,
I8.SO07.4O; ewes, good to rholce, IO.6O0I.IS;
ewes, fair to good, 6,760.6O; ewes, plain
to culls, l4.OO0S.aO; ewes, feeding. 14.600
1.76; ewes, breeders, all ages, 14, 16 01.00.
.. 61
., 67
.. II
.. 11
.. It
.. 64
.. II
I 60
t 66
I 40
I 16
4 10
t 10
10 10
7 70
1121 Wyoming feeding lambs.
246 Wyoming feeding lambs.
101 Wyoming feeding lambs.
41 Idaho ewes
Ill Wyoming ewes
201 Wyoming feeding ewes ...
tt Idaho lambs
361 Wyoming feeding lambs,,.
7)1 Wyoming lambs
44 Wo. yfgs. and wthrs....
City Lire tttock Har!teL
Kansas City, Oct. II. Cattle Receipt.
1 34.000 head- market higher ; prime fed
steers, ,S010.6; dressed beof steers, 7 21
(l 6. 15 ; westerns steere, 6, CO 0 1. 3 6 ; cow,.
14.5007.23; heirers, 6.()O0t.2S! slocksrs and
feeders. I6.760J.I6; bulls, I4.H04.JS; calves.
6t.tHt0 10.69.
Hogs- Receipts. 11,000 head; market
hliticr; bulk of sales, I.IO01O.26r heavy.
6lO.2O0tn.36; packers and butchera, 110.100
10.30; light. t.S&01tt.2S; pigs, 8.6O0t.76.
Sheep and I .em be Receipt. 16,000 head
market steady; Iambs, t.O01O.26: year
tings, 67...O0I.5Q; wethers, 7.OG0l.t0: ewes.
6fe.6O07.2s. . '
s : M. .Joseph Live MoeL. . V
ML Joseph, Mo., Oct. 14 Cattle Receipts,
1,300 head; market strong; steers, 16.600
10.60; cows and heifers, 4,2601CO: calves.
It 0001. . t , '
H off e Receipts, 1,000 head; msrket
higher,; top, 110.26; bulk of sales, l.10
Hheeo and Lambs Receipts. 1,000 head;
market slow; lambs, 110.00010.40; ewes.
64.760T.1. - . . . ,
At Louis Uvo Htoek Market. ,
St: Louts, Oct. 24.--,ttle Receipts,
1,400 heed; market steady; native beef
steers, T. 60011. 00; yearling steers and heif
ers, 16.60011.16; cuws. 66.6007.60; stockers
and feeders, 16.1007.60; prime southern
ovteers. 8. 0001.00; cows and heifers, 64.10
4PI.00; prims yearling steers and heifers,
l,600U.OO: native calv, 60.00010.60.
Hogs Receiptee. 13.000 head: market
blether. lights. IO.OO0 10.40; pig, 11.760
9-U; mixed and butchers, $9.10010.46; good
heary, 110.40010.46, bulk of salss, 1O.OO0
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 2,600 head;
market needy; lambe, T.00O10.(; eelugh
ter ewee, IS.0061.H; breeding ewee, 11.60
M; reerllnie, II.MOI.Ii; ewee. H.7iJ
t.H. . . ,.
Cattle Weak Hegs WeakSUiees) Firm.
Chicago, Oct. 14. Cattle Receipt, 14,000
head; market weak; native beef cattle, 14.70
011.60; western steers, 14,2001.60; stock era
and feeders1, 14.7607. 76; cows and heifers,
63.4001.60; calves, 17.00 011.10.
Hogs Receipts, 23,000 head; market weak
at 6c above yesterday's average ; bulk of
sales, 110.00011. 36; light, M.76010.40;
mixed, tB.RO01O.46; heavy, It. 100 10.46;
rough,; pigs, 17.6000.40.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 26,000 head;
market, firm; wethers, 67.0006.26; ewes,
13.7607.10; lambe, tfl.26 0 10.60.
Wou City live Btoch Market.
Sioux City, Ia, Oct. 14. Tattle Receipts,
1,000 head; market steady; beef steers,
10.0901.26; botchers', fS.2604.60; canners,
14.0004.76; feeding cows and heifers, 16.000
6. J l.
Hogs Receipts, - 8"; 100 head; market
steady to 6c higher; light. IMO0I.76
mixed, II.7S&I.I0; heavy, lt.IO0t.IO; bulk
of sales. If. 7601. 10.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 1,300 head
market steady; ewes, 14.60 06.60; lambs.
11.11. - '
Live Htoek la night.
Receipts of live stock at the five prln
clpal western markets yesterday:
Cattle, Hogs.
Sioux City...
St. Louts. . . .
Kansas City. ,
Omaha , . . . .
Totals ....
.. 1,400
.. 11. 600
.It, ttt 11,100 17,700
Butter No. 1 creamery, In cartons or
tubs, 36c; No, I, S4o.
Cheeee quotations by Urlau A Co.!
Cheese Imported Swiss, 16c; domestic
Swiss, lie; block Swiss, 10c; twin cheese,
Hr; triplets, 2lof dslsles, 22c; young
America. 23c: Blue Label brick, lie: 11m-
berger, 24c; New York whits, lie; Roque
fort, (-,
oysters "King Cole" Chesapeake Stand
ards, gallon. 11.46; large cans, lie; small
cans, 28c. "King Cole" Chesapeake
lects, gallon, 61,76; Isrgs cans, lie; small
cans, 36c "King Cols" Northern Stdanards,
gallon, 11.16; large cans, loj small cans,
36c. "King Cole" Northern Selects, gallon,
II. to; large cans, 43c; small cans, 18c.
"King Cole" Northern Counts, gallon, 2.16j
large cans, 4 So; small cans, 10. . .
Celery Mammoth, per dosen. Tic,
Fish Halibut, per lb.. 16 He. Ptke. fancy
areasea northern stock, per lb Ilujo. Bull
neeas, rsncy northern, per lb., lie. Pick
erel, fancy dressed, per lb., lie. Catfish,
Isrge and small, per lb.. 17c. Salmon, red.
per lb., 14c. Salmon, fall, per lb,, 12a White-
fish, northern stock;, per lb,, lie- Trout,
slses to suit, per lb., llq. Black Baas, or
der sits, 21c; odd slses, 17o. New frosen
Whlteflah, fine stock, lie. Headless Shrimp,
per gallon, 11.21. Peeled Shrimp, per gal
lon, 11,76. Kippered Salmon, 10-lb. baskets
per lb, 17c, Hihoked Whlteflsh (chubs) 10-
'. basnets, per lb.. i4Uo.
Frutts--Orsne-es: 16s. 100s. M4a. 14 it ner
i ' ib ii Hr mux; iov. 99.40 per 00
16.76 per box. Lemons: Fancy, 300s, S0s,
ef.uv per vox; cnoico, ss.BU per oox. un
fruit: 34s, 40s, 11.60 per box; 14s. 64.00
box; 64s, 80s, 10.26 per box: California. I
Per box. 18.60 ner half bos. Ann lee; York
Imps., Vss, 14.60 per bbl,; Genoa, Bechtels.
Kee lines. 11,71 per bbl.; Ben Davis, 3.60 per
i, Black Twigs. 14.00 per bbl.:
ishlnvton. sxtra fanny. S3. 00
per box; Orlmss Oolden, UOs, largeV, 12.00
per box; Crimes Oolden. 163s, smsller, 11.76
er Dox. urapev: concords, soc per basket;
'okays, 11.26 per orate; Emperors. 12.60 ner
oirK.e. per t'ears: oariieii. ure-
on, 13,00 per crate; Kifer, 11.16 per bu,
runes- Italian, 11.60 per crate.
Vesetables Potatoea. market nrlce. Sweet
potatoes, Virginias, $3v7s per bbl,, 1.60 per
hamper. Spanish onlona, 62.00 per crate;
red, yellow, 8 Mo per lb. Tomatoes, 1,7I.
Cucumbers. 1.76 per dol. Cabbage, lc
per lb. Celery. Michigan. 10c ner dos. : Colo
rado, I6n per dos. Crartberrles, 13.00 per
bbls.. 12,71 per box,
Miscellaneous Honey, 14a, t,7l per ea.
Nuts; No. 1 walnuts, llo per lb.; mixed nuts,
17c ner lb.: Jumbo necsna. 17c ner lb . Dalav
pecans, large, l4o per lb.; Bra si Is, large, Ite
per lb. Braslls, medium, llo per lb.; al
monds, hard shell, llfeo par lb. Draks al
monds, loo per lb. ,
Loeal Stocks and Bonds,
Quotations furnished by Burns, Brink sr A
Co., 44161; Omaha National Bank building
STOCKS Bid. eieked.
Consolidated Casualty Co.... 1.40
Cudahy Pkg, Co., T pot, pM.
KX.-U1V .....104
Douglas Hotel Co, stock. tO
Deere Co. pfd,. 14
Fairmont Cream Co., com
.ins -"iiit
Fairmont cream CO. pfd...,,.10i
Oooch M. A B. Co. T pet. pfd.. $$
Goodyear TAR. Co, pfd.... 107
Lincoln T. ft T. Co, com I pot II
Mt. States T. ft T. Co ...Ill
171 ..
: 61
: TI
101 -
14 '
Nat Refining Co. com...,.,,, HO
Om, ft C. B. Ry ft B, pfd....,, 10
Offl, ft C. B. St. Ry, pfd , 72
Om. A C. B. Bt. Ry, com,,., 41
Peters Mill Co. pfd tt
Union S. Yds. Co. pot. stock. .loo
wilt Co. Ex.. Dir..
Swift Co. rllhte ,
Anetlne Oov. (a. 1120,..,
Armour Co. 4 Ha. 1,31.
Booth, St. Louie (I, 1031
100 ,
101 h
100 '
Chi. Cy. Ry, Ce. lit la, 1017., 00
Cudahy PH. Co. lit la, 1010.. 101)4
C. M. St. P. Ry, Co. It,,
pot.. 1011 1001,
Harrlo, County, Texu Road
.. 11.3-11
la. Porlland c. Co. la 111I-14., (1
X. C. Ry let le. 1044. , 11
Kanaa, 0. K. Co. lat (, 1111 ,1
Om. C. B. St. Ry. la, 1(11.. t(U
Packard M. C. Co. le, lilt., ,1
Pao, a. Elee. le, 1141 II
C. of Par. rr. (e, Oct. II, nil 0?t,
Rock ML Fuel le, and honua., 11
Rueelan Ooe.'lHa, 1111 101 '
Ruulan Oov. 1V4, 1131, In
ternal loan (1,000 rouble,).. Ill
Swift eV Ce. la. 1144 4. .101
Wllaon a Co. la, 1041 10111
Wlnnlp.,, Canada la, nil.... II
, 17
New York Money Market, .
New York, (Jet. 14. Prima Mercantile
Paper I per cent.
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day bit Is.
14.71; commercial sixty-day bills, 14.70;
demand, 4.76( cables, 14.71 7-14. Francs:
Demand, II.I4( cables, 16.11. Marka:
Demand, 70o; cables, 70o. Kronen: De
mand, lie, cables. ltc. Qui Id are; Ds.
mand, 41c; cables, 41 I -14c Llres: De
mand, M.61; cables, 16.80, Rubles: De
mand, llo; cables, ltc.
Hilvsr Bar, 07c; Msxlcan dollars, 11 a.
Bonds Government, steady; railroad,
Time Loans Easy;. sixty days, 14)1 per
cent; ninety days and sin months, l4Jtl
per cent. .
.Call Money Kasy: highest, 1 per cent;
lawest, I per cent; ruling rate, 2 per cent;
last loan, 2 per cent; closing bid, I per
cent; offered at 1 per cent.
U. S. r. 2s, reg. ttIL M. M 4a..l0t
do coupon ,.. til., K. A T. 4s t0
TJ. S. Is, reg.. ..lfi0H, p. con. ts. . ..103
do coupon ,..100Mont. Power Is.. It
IT. S. 4s, reg.. ..110 N Y, C. deb. Cs.ll4
do coupon ,,.110N. T, City 4s.lio
Am. Smelt. ts...U!N. T., N. H. A M.
Am. Tel. A Tel. cv. 6s ....,..,112
cv. 4s 113Ne. Paelflc 4s... 83 2
Anglo-French la. 16 de 3a
Atch. gen. 4a.,,, 94 Ore, S. L. ref. 4s 13
B. A O. 4s...... 12 Pac, T. A T. 6s, .10
Beth. Bt. ref, 6s.l01Penn. con. 4a,.106
Central Pae. 1st. 10 do gen. 4s. .10274
C. AO. cv. 4s. Ifneadtng gen. 4.. 11
C, ft. A Q. .H. 4 ttBt. L. A San V.
C, il. A Bt. P. ref. 4 istz
cv. 6 106flo, pao. cv. Is. .106
a, R. 1. A P. Ry. do ref. 4s tl
ref. 4s 76 8b, Railway Is. ..102
a A S. ref. 4Hs 36Cn1on Pac. 4a... 9Z
D. A R. 0. e. 4a. 60 do cv. -....,,. m
Kris gen. 4 73 IT. 8. Rubber Os.102
Or i). Klsctrlo 6s.l04i;. 8 Steel 6s. .100
Ut. No. 1st 4s ttW. Union 4s.. 17
t C ref, 4s.
tlDom. of C, 1131.101
Lejidoa Btaek Market
London, Oct, 14. The American section
was ths bright spot of the Stock exchange
today, with a good bustnoss In low-priced
shares and United Slates Steel.
Sliver Bar, I2d per ounce, 1
Money per cent.
Discount Rates Short bills and three
months, l03 per cent
Bank Clearings.
Omaha, Oct 14. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were 14,640,701.77. and for the
corresponding" day laat year, 11,001.146.11.
Omaha Hay Marks. 1
Hay Receipts light market firm. Prairie
hay; Choice upland, llO.IOtOH.OI; No. 1
Upland. 43. 60 10 00; No. I upland, 17.60
I.OO; No. I upland, 11.004)7 00, Midland: No.
1. 61.10410.00; No. X, 67.UOCMOO, Lowland;
No. 1, I4.0041T.0O: No. S, I4.0OQ6.00; No. I,
13.0091. 00. Alfalfa: Choice, tll.Ov; No. 1,
111.004014.00; Standard, Ill.OuStiroO; Ne
2. M.DBOtHt No. 3, 10.0008.00. Straw
Oat 14 0091 W; wheat. I6.00l.60
Oil ai
Savannah. Oa., Oct. 14. Turpentln.
steady, 44 c; aalea, 164 bbls.; receipts, 666
bbls.; shipments, 6 bbl,; etork, 11,201 bbls.
Rosin firm: aalee, 1,01 bbls.; receipts,
1,17? bbl.; shipments, 10,362 bbls.; stock.
I, 161 bbls.: Quote: A, B. It. 06; C, D,
II. 10; K. 16.3d.. F, a, H, I, K, M, N, It.lls
WO. 11.46; WW, 16.10. .
Cash Wheat Market Dull. Ex
cept for Milling Demand
for Durum, '
Omaha, Oct 24, ltll.
Ths cash wheat market was not very ac
tive today and there f was only a fair de
mand for this cereal, at prices ruling from
unchanged to 1 cent lower. The milling
demand for durum wheat, however, was
very good and durum wheat was quoted
about I cents above yesterday's top prices.
Th best grade of durum wheat sold at
11.78 and the general run of No. 1 hard
wheat sold at 11.70 and 11.71 and the No.
3 hard ranged In prices from 11.67 to II. 01,
No. 4 hard and sample wheat were slow
sellers, there being no sales of off-grade
wheat and only a few sales of No. 4 hard,
which were made at 11.66,
There was hardly enough corn on the
tables to taks cars of a fairly good demand
and ths market sold from lc to 2c higher.
There wss no ysllow corn sold and the
few pars of good whits corn sold for 06c
and tic, an advance of vo over yester
day's market.
Oats receipts were rather tight knd the
demand for this cereal was not overactive.
The market was fairly stesdy, however.
and the general run of samples brought
40 14c, while the beet grades sold around
There wss an excellent demand for rye
of all grades and the market ruled from
steady to lc higher. i
The barley market was rather quiet on
account of light receipts and this market
remained unchanged.
Clearances were; Whest and flour equal
to 0.631,000 bu.; corn, 231,000 bu.; oats,
1.471.000 bu. '
Liverpool close: Wheat, Id to 2d highest
corn, a to la nigner.
Primary wheat receipts were 1,881,000 bu.
and shipments 1,017.000 bu., agslnst receipts
of 1,861,000 bu, and shipments of 1,601,000
t. last year.
Primary com receipts were 406,000 bu.
and shipments 124,000 bu., against receipts
of 464,000 bu. and. shipments of 262,000 bu.
last year. '
Primary oats' receipts wsre 1.44B.0O0 bu.
and shipments 110.000 bu., against receipts
of 1,164,000 bu. and shipments of 1,600,000
bu, last year.
Wheat, Corn.
Chicago , . .141
Minneapolis ...448
Duluth 212
Omaha 02
Kansss City US
St. Louis ,...107
Winnipeg ..,.,,,,.....1711
These salea were reported today:
i Wheat No. 1 hard winter: v cars.
11.71. No. I hard wlntef: I cars, 11.71;
3 cars, 11,704; 4 ears, si,7j; i cars,
No. I hard winter: 4 cars,; 1 ear,
11.68; 17 oars,; I cars, 11.07. No. 4
hard winter: 1 car, 11.01; I cars, 11.16;
car. 11.64: 1 ear, 11.14; 1 car. 11.61.
Sample hard winter: I car, 61.64; 1 car,
61.41; 1 car, 1.41. No, I durum: 1 ear,
11.76, No. I durum: 1 car, 11.74. No. I
durum mixed. 1 oar, 11.74. No. I mixed:
1 ear, 61.73; 1 car, 11.48; I cars, 1.47;
1 car, 11.61.
Rye No. 1: 1 car. 11.21. No. I: 1 car.
11.18; I cars, 11.17.
Barley-no. : l car, 91.00. , Ksjectsa: 3
cars, 17c.
Corn No, I white: 1 oar, tic; 1 oar, 06c;
1 car (new), lOo, No. 4 white: 1 ear (ship
per's weights), 4c. No. ft white: 1 car,
t4c; 1 car, tic. No. white: 1 car, lie.
No. I mixed: 1 car. t3c. No. J mixed: 1
car, 12 c. Sample, mixed: 1 car, tie.
Oata-tStandard: 1 car, 4tc. No. 1
white; I cars, 46 He. No. 4 whits: 1 oar,
41c. Sample, white: I ears, 48n,
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. I hard.
11.1691.71; No. I hard.; No. 4
tiiril II I1UA1 !! No S anrlnr SISSA
m,7i; No, I spring, l.t691.76; No, I
durum, 11.7691.71; No. I durum, 11.749
1.76. Corn: No. white, I606c; No. I
white, tfi9t6c: No. i white, tl9t4c; No.
I white, H9t4e; No, 0 whits, I89t0c; No.
I yellow, 16 9 07c; No. I yellow, I69t0o:
No, 4 yellow. -Ifil6e: No. I yellow, 04 9
06c; No. fi yellow, t39t4c; No. I mixed,
tlU9tlo; No. mixed, 61493o; No. 4
mixed, t39tlc; No. I mixed, 029t2c;
No. S mixed, tl9t2o. Oats: No. t white,
4!9&0c; standard, 4t94to; No. I
white, 4t94tot No. 4 whits, 4894lo.
Barley: Malting, 6c9ll.08; No. 1 feed, 77
961c. Ryet No. I, 1.279L16; No. I,
11,2791.28. . v. .
.v-5 OMaah Itotmrae,
' Omaha, October 34, ltll.
Ths Argontlmr -attamtlon and the foreign
demand for our wheat continue to be the
governing factors of the wheat market, but
there was a slight reaction during ths early
trading noura on account of pront taking.
The opening prices of wheat, however,
were fractionally higher, but heavy selling
during the early I part forced a break and
December reaches a low pol
and the May ll.lttt.
There was considerable Interest In both
corn and oats and there was an Increased
export demand for these cereals.
The oats crop In South America has been
sexlously dsmaged by the heat and ths erop
In that country la far' below normal.
Corn and oats opened steady, but while
they held within a rather narrow range,
were Inclined to bo governed by the action
of wheat
Just before the close of ths Session wheat
took a sensational spurt and within the
specs of an hour advanced about 4c over
ths low price of the day, December eleolng
at 31-73 H and May at 1.74. The rlss
In wheat waa followed very quickly b sud
den advances In oorn and oats, corn closing
around lo higher and, oats advancing c
on December and lo on May.
Local range of options:
Art Open. ) High7T"Low. Close. ITes7
Wht j J t f I
Deo. f 170 f 1 78 16(1 1 Tt lt
May 1 71 1 74 108 1 74 171
July I. I ltj 117 181 117137
Dee. I 14 I 16 11 81
May j 14 II 14 16 It
osta 1
Dec. 1 10 11 10 11 80
May I II I 66 64 66 II
j Chicago closing prices, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brokers,
ill South Sixteenth street, Omaha.
f'xrt. I Open. High. 'Low, Close. Tea.
vvhTi : rn
; Deo. 1 VI 1 Tt 171 1 71 174
' May 1 TI 1 71 ITS 1 71 174
July I ,1 41. 1 44 141 1 44 141
Dee. 1110 10 IT 10 18
! May lt to lt.109 lt
July I : II 10 ll to It
Uata 1
Dec. 6I9 04 11 . 64 13
May 679&7 17 66 67 16
Pork 1
Dec I IT 00 IT T6 121 15 2T TI II 16
Jan, I IT 1ft ( IT 41 2I It IT 00 21 00
lrd. 1 t
Dec. I II 40 j II 40 111 T6 II II II 47
Jan. I II 10 j 1ft 12 14 10 II II 14 72
mi l t I :
Oct. I 14 00 I 14 10 114 68 14 II 14 46
Jan. 14 37 II 40 14 01 14 10 II 12
Wheat Weaken en Reports of Break In
Drouth In Argentina, -
Chicago, Oct. 14. Huge export sales of
wheat caused prices to advance today to
an extent that made previous quotations
since the beginning of the Buronean war
look cheap. The market cloaed strong,
l9e net higher, with December at
1.7891-7t. and May at t.78 91.76.
Other leading Staples, too, all scored galna
corn !92c, oats. l91o and pro
visions T cents to 11.40. .
Bulges of wheat were preceded by a
weak alert nd by a series of nervous
fluctuations before the market In the last
hour of the session took up-grade In earnest.
Barly declines were largely the result of
reports of unsettled weather In Argentina,
pointing to a possible break up ut the
drouth, which has brought about serious
trop damage. Reports were current that the
Argentina damage had been exaggerated.
A big falling off U the Kuropean visible
supply as compared with a week ago, how
ever, gave an advantage to the bulla, and
was later emphasised by the fact that the
world supply total showed for the first time
In montha something at a decrease. Neverthe
less no unusual upward leap in prices took
place until word came that expert business
of the day would aggregate as much as
1,600,040 bushels.
Highest quotations of the season quickly
followed, not only for wheat but also for
the entire grain list In connection with
the Immense salea of wheat to Kurope, the
tact waa pointed out that primary re
ceipts In the United States today were less
than half as large as a year ago.
Corn borrowed most of Its strength from
wheat Country offerings of new corn were
latger, but it waa feared that rain would
delay the movement. Oats advanced in
sympathy with other grain and because of
big export salea. The amount of oats taken
today by Kurope was estimated at 1,000,000
Speculative buying led to excited upturns
In the provision market Thers were inti
mations of targe port orders being filled,
but the rumors were not eon firmed. Offer
ings proved unueually scarce.
Cash Prices Wheat: No. red, 1.T19
1.76; No. I red, l.691-70; No. t hard, 11.76
91.77; No. I hard. 11.7601.76, Corn
No. S yellow, tl.0191.03; No. 4 yellow,
nominal; No. 4 white, nominal. Oats: No.
I white, 61962c; standard, nominal. Rye:
No. I, 11,24. Barley: 71c 96 J. 20. Seeds
Timothy,. 13.2696.36; clover, 111.00916 00.
Provisions: Pork, 131-36; lard, 114.37; ribs.
814 00014.76.
Butter Steady : creamery. 30 9 34 He ;
firsts, 309lto; at mark, cases Included,
Potatoes Steady; receipts. T6 cars; Min
nesota and Dakota whltei.-fl, 40 91-60; Win
nesota and Dakota Ohloa, 61.4091.60; Wis
consin and Michigan whites. 11.3691.46.
Poultry Alive, steady; fowls and springs.
Quotations of tbo Day
om Leading Cora
New Tork. Oct. tt. Flour Strong; spring
patents, .309 66; wtnter patents, 18.669; winter straignts, ss.idus.iiv.
Wheat Spot strong; No. 1 durum.
12.07; No. I hard,; No. 1 north
ern, Duluth, new, 12.02; No. 1 northern.
Manitoba,, t. o. b. Now Tork.
Corn Spot strong; No. 2 yellow,
c. L t. New Tork; nominal.
Oats Spot firmer; standard, Btc.
Hay Firm; No. 1, 61.06; No. I,
11.00; No. I. 86910c: shipping. 10c.
18c 9
Hops Steady; state, common to choice.
ltll, 46963c; 1116, 6916c; Pacific coast.
1919, 14017c; 111 ft, IB 12C.
Hides Firm; Bogota, I4936e; Central
America, S4V3tc.N
Leather Firm; hemlock firsts, 46c; sec
onds, 43c.
Provisions Pork, strong; mess, 131.009
32.00; family, 132.00934.00; short clear.
627.60930.00. Beef, strong; mess, 623.00
ze.oo; tamiiy, 1a6.bo937.00. lard, strong:
middle west, 110.00916.70. Tallow, firm:
city, !e; country, 10910e; special, 10c.
Butter steady ; receipts. 10,874 tubs
creamery, 3093le; creamery extras, 369
36c; creamery firsts, 34936c; seconds.
Kggs Irregular; receipts, 12.121 oases
fresh gathered, extra flne, 10940c; extra
firsts, 86 9 38c; firsts, 34936c; seconds, 219
88c; nearby hennery whites, fin to fancy,
Cheese Firm; receipts, 1,660 boxes; state
fresh specials, 2131c; state, average
fanoy, 20 c.
Poultry Alive, firm : no prices settled.
Dressed, easy; chickens, 10920c; fowls, 170
24c; turkeys, 20982c.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
Minneapolis, Oct. 14. Wheat May,
91.17. Cash: No. 1 hard, 11.1491-17;
No, 1 northern; 1. 1091.13; No, I northern,
11.8491-12. .
Corn No, X yellow, 69t7e.
Oats No. I white, 6161c.
Flaxseed 12.6392.67.
Flour Fancy patents, 16c higher, 'quoted
at l.70; first clears, I0o higher, quoted at
68.20 wood; second clears, unchanged.
Barley lc9H0l.
Rye 11.2091-10.
Bran 126.00926.60.
Kansas City General Market.
Kansas City, Oct. 14. Wheat No. I hard.
11.7491.81; No. I red. 11.7391.77; Decem
ber, ll.7391.74; May, 81.74.
Com No. 1 mixed. 16917c: No. 3 white.
tic; No. 2 yellow, tic 11.00; December,
I7e; May, ltc.
oats no. white, 6114 962c: No. 3 mixed.
Butter Creamery. 33c; firsts. I0e:
seconds, 21c; packing, 17 o.
Eggs Firsts, tic.
Poultry Hons, lie; roosters, llc: broil
ers, 21c.
Liverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, Oct. 34. Wheat Spot strong:
No. I hard win t efr 16s 2d; No. 1 northern
Duluth, 16ch.,Sd; -No. 1 Manitoba, 16s Id;
d. 2, lfis 7d) No. I, 16s 4t
Corn SDOt firm: American mixed, new.
lis 6d.
St.1 Louis Grain Market.
St. Louis, Oct. 14. Wheat No, 1 red.
11.1191.16; No. I hard, 11.7191.11; De
cern boh 11.71; May, 11.76,
Corn No. I, 19c: No. 1 white. 1 6c: De
cember, 13c; May, 17c.
Oats No, 1, 6i962c; No, l white, 63 o.
' Coffee Market.
New Tork. Oot. 14. !ffee The market
for coffee futurea showed renewed firmness
and Increasing activity today, owing to the
broadening demand from brokers', with Wall
street ana cotton trade connections. The
opening was at an advance of 0 to 10 nolnta.
There appeared to be a little selling by trade
minreiie arouna ine in.uai iigurea, wnicn
soms attributed to hedging against recent
cost and freight purchases. 'The offerings
were well assigned, however, and the market
firmed up, with March advancing from 1.74c
10 s.bvo, ana wiin ine general selling list
It to 24 nolnta net hlaher. The close wee
slightly off from ths best, under realising,
but showed a net gain of from 14 to ft
points. Sales. 111.360 bass. Closlnr bids:
October, 1.70c; November, I.TOc; December,
1.70c: January. 1.74c: February. - S.78cr
March, 1.83c; -April, 1. 17c; May, 8. tic; June,
1. 16c : July, l.ttc; August, t.OSc; Septem
ber. 9.07c. SoOt coffee, firm: Rio 7a. Site:
Santos 4s, 11c, Firm offers reported In the
cojtx ana rreignc maraet zrom Santos were
about c to o higher, with 4s quoted at
10o to 10.46c, London credits. The official
cables showed an advance of 76 rets In Rio
spots, while Santos spots were 100 rels and
miures B to is rets nigner. -
' Otto Market.
N.w Tork, Oct. 14. Cotton Futures
opened barely .teedy; December, 11.44c;
January, 10.43c; March. 11.47c; May. II. Ho;
July, II. (Sc.
Spot cotton quiet; middling upland, ll.IOo.
Salea, ,000 balaa.
The cotton market closed at an advance
of II to 11 point, for the day.
London. Oct. 14. Cotton Spot In rood
demand, price, strong; food mlddllnr,
11.17c; middling, 11.13c; low mlddllns,
ll.llo; aales, 10,000 bales.
Metal Market.
New Tork, Oot. 31. Metals Lead, 17.00
7.10; Spelter, Arm; spot. Bast Bt. Louis
delivery, 10.00O10.II. Copper, Arm; eleo
trolytlo, first quarter, I37.1QOS1.00. Iron,
eteedy and unohanged. Tin, steady; spot,
At London; copper,, spot, 184; futures,
1130; electrolytic, 1144. Tin, spot, 1171 lis;
futures, 4111. Lead, 130 10a. Spelter, 114.
Sugar Market.
New Tork, Oot. 34.-8ugar Raw, steady;
centrifugal,; moleaaes, 1.14c Refined.
Arm; flne granulated, 7.I097.I0O. Futures
were firmer on ooverlng and renewed de
mand from trad, sources. ' At noon prloea
Won 19, points higher.
v , Duluth (HI Market.
' Duluth, Oct. IS. Llneeed Oil On track
and arrive, II.T1H: October, 11.70 asked:
November, 11.70; December, 13.01; .May,
Parents Fear Thirteen-Year-Old
Has Eloped
Early Sunday evening Christina
Trapani, aged 13 years, 2013 Pierce
street, retired. Early the following
morning her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Anton Trapani, heard a noise in her
room, ihey investigated later and
the room was empty. The notice and
juvenile authorities meanwhile have
searched for the child in vain. A man
by the name of Rosello who was em
ployed by the ga company has also
disappeared. He was fond of the girl
and tt is the supposition that they
have eloped. Christina was a pupil
at the Mason school.
Ordinance to Block
r. ' Building Stable Put Over
Upon request of attorney for Sun
derland Bros. Co., city council de
ferred for another week action on an
ordinance restricting Twenty-first
Street, between Pierce and Leaven
worth streets, to residence purposes.
Residents of that locality filed a pro
test against proposed erection of a
barn on Twenty-first street by the
Sunderland company and after hear
ing the protestants, council committee
of the whole recommended passage of
a restriction ordinance.
Noah Believed in "Safety
. First," Says Evangelist
"'Safety first' ' is a great" slogan.
That's what Noah believed and so he
built an ark as God told him to do.
So if men are to be saved today they
must do as God says," according to
Rev. J. A. Barnett, who is holding re
vival services at the North Side Chris
tian church. He preached last night
on "The Ark a Type of the Church.
Tonight he will talk about "Idle in
the Market Place." Baptismal serv
ices this evening. Twenty-three were
added to the church Sunday.
Approach of Presidential Eleo
tion Accepted as Eeason for
Irregularity of Market.
New Tork, Oct 24. Ths approach of the
presidential election and attention paid to
political considerations were accepted as
theunost plausible reasons for the irregular
ity of today's later dealings after a forenoon
of decided strength.
Prices declined 1 to 1 points from their
nest declines belna effected on com para
lively light offerings. The last half of the
seeslon was characterised by frequent Inter
vals of lassitude, trading from midday to
the close barely amounting to one-third of
tne total of 1.24O.0OO aharea.
Quotations were at lowest levels In the
last hour, but rallied substantially before
the end, when Leather and Paper shares, as
well as Petrol aims and obscure rails were
in urgent demand. .
Bethlehem Steel waa the outstanding fee
ture of the morning, rising 44 points to the
new record or zi. but closing at 6l. uen
eral Motors alio scored a new maximum at
137 and American Beet, Cuba Cane and
Cuban-American Sugars were lifted to rec
ord quotations, together with Central
Leather, Utah Copper and Consolidated Uas
and uiectrio of Baltimore.
Equipments and munition Issues were less
prominent than usual and transactions In
these groups were -made at moderate con
cessions, similar conditions applying to most
or tne motors. General Electric. Interna.
tlonal Nickel and shipping shares. Fertilisers
were again reeponstve to federal trade ad
vances, but the uneven trend of certain In
active specialties probably resulted from
specific market considerations.
Aside from Its wonted leadership as to
activity. United States Steel pursued a
comparatively normal and narrow course,
making a net decline of ltt. after a tem
porary advance of a fraction. Standard rails
reflected prevailing speculative sentiment
and non-dlvldend Issues of that division
were strong, except Wabash, which lost
some ground.
Continued Irregularity of the bond market
was traceable to further selling of interna
tionals, especially Anglo-French 4s. Total
sales of bonds, par value, was 14,274,000.
Bonds were unchanged on call.
Number Of Salea and nunttllnni nn mA.
Ing stocks were; , ,
Ra Imm XJlmU T.nw fir...
Am. Beet Sugar... 7,000 10J 101 102
American Can 4,700 63 62 62
Am. Car A Foundry 4 son aq u. ri km.
Am. Locomotive.... 6,000 83 81 81
Am. Hmelt. A Ref.. 14,700 I4 121 123
Am. Tel. A Tel.... 600 132 133 133
Am. Z.. Ll S ' snn itu is aau
Anaconda Copper.. 21,000 00 94 04
Atchison 10.300 108 107 107
Bald. Locomotive., 6,000 17 84 Vi 84 U
Baltimore A Ohio. . 16.000 JlftU xsu itu
Brook. Rapid Tran. 300 84 84 84
B. A S. Conner.
1,300 66 64 64
C.O0O 24 23 23
800 170 176 176
0,100 70 69 69
Cal. Petroleum
Canadian Pacific. . .
Chesapeake A Ohio
C M. A St. P....
Chicago Ar-N. W...
C, R. I. A P. Ry..
Chlno Copper
Colo. Fuel A Iron. ,
Corn Products Ref.
Crucible Steel. . . . .
26 27
68 68
64 64
Distillers' Securities
Oeneral Electric...
Great No. pfd
Great No. Ore ctfs.
Illinois Central
1,200 183'. 18214, 1831
3.0 00
43 ii 4314
08 108 '
17U 17V
1,700 100U 108
Inter. Con. Corp.
euu 17U
Inspiration Copper. 11,100 OOVfe 01 Al
Inter. Harveeter. . .. 800 118 117 110
Int. M M. pfd. ctfs. 31.100 110 114 116
K. C. Southern 1,300 27 26 26
Kennecott Copper.. 1,300 14 63 13
Louisville Naah.. 3.000 137 137 137
Mex. Petroleum.... 81.600 113 110& 112V
Miami Copper 3.300 30 30 30
M.. K. A T. Dfd 200 1EU 16U, i tt
Hliaourl Pacific. .. . 1,800 1 7, 7
National Lead 1.000 70 00 00
Nevada Copper.... 3,100 ' 23 22 22
New York Central.. 12.200 100 108 108
N. T, N. H. ft H.. 100 01 0 60V
Norfolk & Weatern 1.100 146 12 142
nonnem raciiic... 'i.auu ine lix liz
Pacific Mall . 200 26 26 26
Pacific Tel. T.l.-f .. ..... 31
Pennsylvania 1,100 18 67 68
Ray Con. Copper. . . 7.600 26 llli X
Reading 22.000 111 109 109
Rep. Iron Steel . . 24,900 10 77 78
Shattuck Arts. Cop. 2,000 38 38 28
Southern Pacific... 10,300 101 101 101
Southern Railway.. J.600 31 38 38
atuaea.K.r ...uu ... i.xt. l.s
Tenneaaee Conner. ..... 23
Texas Company..., 0,700 332 238 230
Union Pacific 18,800 153 161 163
Union Pacific pfd., 1.200 12 82 02
u. o. jna. Aiconoi.. j.euu la.u lse
U. S. Steel 131,100 120 118 118
U. S. Steel pfd...... . 000 121 131 121
Utah Copper 11,600 102 100 100
Wabash pfd. "B"., 1.400 31 30 30
Weet.rn Union 1,200 103 103 103
Weatlnghouae Elec. 8,300 04 13 63
loiai aaies lor ine day, i,zev,uvo snares.
W. J.Bryan to Speak
Five Days in State
From a Staff Correspondent.) .
Lincoln, Oct 24 (Special.) At
last it is known that W. J. Br van
will speak in Nebraska, but what he
will say and who he will speak for,
is as yet an unknown quantity. How
ever, it is known this far that he will
not speak under ariy democratic com
mittee nor under the direction of the
drv federation. .
However, he will speak for the pro-
niDition amendment and, as betore
announced, will speak for the 'dry
candidates for the legislature, irre
spective of their party affiliation.
Brother Charlie, if he knows, would
not indicate whether Mr. Bryan will
endorse the candidacy of Senator
Hitchcock and Keith Neville. "That
will be made known when William
reaches the state," said Mayor Bryan.
The dates of Mr. Bryan's trip are
as follows:
October so Pullerton, 1:30 a. m.; Cedar
Raplde, 11:30 a. m.; Albion, I p. m.
October II Peru, 1:10 a. m.; Broernvllle,
1:10 a. m.; Nemaha City. 10:15 a. m.; Ver
don, 11:10 a. m.; Humboldt, 1:30 p. m.;
Pawnee City, I p. m.; Silk Creek, 1 p. m.;
Tecumaeh, I p. m.
November 1 Geneva, 10:41 a. m.f Hebron,
1:80 p. m.; Blue Hill, 7 p. m. ,
November 3 Indlanola, 10 a. m.) McCook.
1 p. m.l Benkleman, S p. m.
November 3 Alliance, 11 a, mrTcrawford,
I p. m.i Chadron, 1 p. m. v ,
Clayton Organizes
Insurance Company
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Oct. 24. (Special.) C. S.
Clayton, who was deposed some time
ago by the State Insurance board as
insurance examiner, has risen above
the circumstances and, after organiz
ing an insurance company of his
own. has prevailed upon the board
which ditched him to accept his com
pany, and it is supposed that they
will "all live happily ever after."
The Central Health company is the
name of the new company. The of
ficers are: E. J. Faulkner, president;
C. S. Clayton, secretary;-directors,
C. E. Spangler, John W. Jones, jr.,
A. E. Faulkner, Dr. H. E, Flansburg
and A. P. Sprague. -
All Creameries to Provide
Buttermilk for New Flour
Probably the various . creamery
companies in Omaha will sell their
buttermilk to the Merrel-Soule com
pany when that company has com
pleted sits big plant in Omaha for the
manufacture of buttermilk flour. The
Fairmont Creamery company U build
ing this plant for the eastern1 concern
here. About March 1 the plant is ex
pected to be ready to begin produc
ing buttermilk flour.
Thief Ges Whisky and Two
Dollars in Cash Register
pT C Tebeins. S12 South Tenth
street, informs the authorities that
somebody stole his whisky and $2
from the cash register. Entrance was
gained by a rear window.
Reavis Refers'
To Record to Show
What He Did Say
(Prom a Staff Correanondent.)
Lincoln, Oct. 24. (Special.)
Shooting their old political blunder-
Duss in every direction, hoping that
some of the scattering shot will hit a
vital spot in the republican campaign,
the democrats this morninsr ODened up
on Congressman Frank Reavisin an
ettort to put him in bad with repub
licans by quoting him as savins; in a
speech at the Labor temple in Lincoln
yesterday that "I will support no boss
even if he does wear whiskers."
Answering the statement which ap
peared in a democratic paper here,
Air. Keavis says:
"I am incapable-'of referring to Gov
ernor Hughes in any way other than
in terms of the highest respect," said
Mr, Keavis. the laneuaee used bv
a democratic paper in its account of
the meeting is unjustified so far as it
pertains to Governor Hughes.
"What I did say was in substance
as follows: 'Congress under the con
stitution has the responsibility of en
acting" legislation; the president has
the constitutional duty oL executing
legislation after enactment; the courts
have the constitutional obligation of
construing legislation.'
I turtlier remarked that in the
exercise of my constitutional duty I
had been actuated by my judgment of
tne needs ot mv district, and that i
would not, in the future, do violence
to my. judgment nor prostitute my
constitutional duty at the command of
any one, even though he be president,
without regard to whether that presi
dent wore a beard or had a smooth
Hace. 1
I now state that 'any man who
seeks election on the promise to fol
low blindly the dictates ot another is
promising conduct that will result in
the destruction of a representative
form of government and the creation
ot a one-man power, . "
L have made the statement which
I made at the Labor temple on Sun
day from every platform in this dis
trict and those who have heard me
speak heretofore know exactly what
l said at the temple.
Eramirated Annies and Dried Walts.
Tork, Oct. 24. Evaporated Applet
Quiet but iteady; fancy, 7 8c; choice,
77Xc; prime, 696c.
Dried Fruit Prunei, vers firm: Califor
nia.,, 710Hc; Onfeona, 7011c. Apricot,
strong; Choice, 15c; extra choice,
15KlSc; fancy, .16916c. Peaches,
quiet; choice, 7c; extra choice, 7c; fancy,
8c, Rattinp, firm; loose muscatels, 7
9 He; choice to fancy seeded, t$12c; seed-
lOMtwlZc; liO&doft layers. Mo.
Webster 202
BRANDEIS tal?.aw
THEATER. Mat,., Today and Sat.
A Pageant-Drama, RspUt, With Psthos,
Mirth and Romantic Beauty.
Mats, ZBc to $1 Nifhte, 25e to SIJIO
Doug. 494
This Week: Matinee Dally, 8:15. Kvery
Ntght 8:15
Ellasbeth Briee and Charles King. Pat Be
ney and Marlon Bent, Harry Holman A Co.,
Jimmy Duffy and Mercedes Lorenzo, Prin
cess Kalama, Lou Holtz, Sylvia Loyal and
her plerrot. Orpheum Travel Weekly. Prices:
Matinees, Gallery. 10c. Best Seats (Eicept
Hat. and Bun), 2So. Nights, 10e-t6e-6Uc-?5.
That Funny Little
Hfllw With the
. Billy Arlington
rM l.itl. 1-aueh.
1HD 11.IJ. Musical
THE "WWWfn VrWWR Burle.,u.
Prank Debioa. Kl.uor Cochran, P.U Mall S, Doll,
Maehan. Hite Reflow, othera. Famous Beaut? Cho
m. of 24 Crooketta. In Grand B.Uet d. Luxe.
(Finsl Psrfermance Friday Nile.)
Ladies' Dime Matins. Every Week Day. '
nVI Nights, 28c, 3ac 10c, TSe
Dill V Mat. Today, If c, aac -
Jinn Good Show Always
nirr 15th and Harney
TODAY Paramount
"The Parson of Panamint"
Portraying th. Lira of a Fighting
' ' Wastern Parson.
Horn of
Paramount Pictureg
' In
Dorothy Dalton . .
' We aspire to continue to merit a reputa
tion for integrity, courtesy and absolute
fairness in all our dealings. Constructive
criticism of our policies or practices is wel
corned. -
Clerk Penrod of Gage
Dies After Operation
Beatrice, Neb., Oct. 24. (Special
Telegram.) J. C. Penrod, serving his
third term as county clerk and candi
date for re-election on the republican
ticket, died this, afternoon following
an operation for appendicitis at a fo
cal hospital. He was stricken a week
ago after making a campaign trip
over the county with the republican
candidates. He served as a member
of Company C of the old fighting
First Nebraska in the Philippine Is
lands and was later captain of the
company. He was a prominent mem
ber of the Masonic order ynd had
for years been active in politics in
Gage county. He was 44 years of..
age and leaves a widow and one
daughter. ,
Immigration Expert to
Talk to Welfare Board
' Commissioner Cammanetti of - the
bureau of immigration, Washington,
D. C, will meet the Board of Public
Welfare at a regular meeting, to be
held Thursday eveninar. Mavor Dalil-
man and city commissioners will also
attend. The commissioner hopes to
interest the board in his co-eperative
employment agency plan.
Dry Goods Market v
New Tork. Oot. 14. Tlcklns. war, todasr
advanced 1 cent a yard to a basis of 184.0
for 1 ounce Aca fooda. Print clothes ad
vanced aaaln to a new high record of 1
cents for Htt-lnch S.s$60's. All cotton
foods and yams were firm with an ad
vancing tendency. Men's wars was In more
active Inquiry with advanced prices on
spot goods. 811k, were rather quiet
'The greatait requti.t to food
health is good teeth. Keep your
teeth sound and free from cavi
ties. A visit to my office now will
save you time pain and money."
Heaviest Bridge
Work, per tooth,
Best Silver Fill-.
Wonder Plates'
Best 22k Gc
worth IIS to $2S,
$5, $8, $10
We please you or
We please you or ref and your money.
14th and Farnam 1324 Famam St.
Phone Douglas 2872. .
Support Cornish
Says Judge Reese
Judge Manoah B. Reese, formerly
Chief Justice of the Snpremo Court of
Nebraska, has written a letter to Ne
braskans who attended hi classes dur
fag th ten years that ho was Dean of
the Law School of the Stat Unirersfty.
Judge Reese says that Judg Albert -J.
Cornish of Lincoln Is thoroughly
qualified and reliable and that his lec
tion to the Supreme Court of Nebraska
will prove of benefit to the people of
the state. The letter foUows:
- 1 am particularly Interested in the
qualification! and character of men se
lected to act as members of our Su
preme Court, At the coning election
In November, as , yon well know,, the
people of this state will he called up-
on to select three Justice and one
' chief Justice, and the Integrity and
usefulness of the court will depend up
on the selection made,
"Yon were a student at the Unl-
versity Law School while I was con
nected, as Dean, with that Institution,
and X consider our acquaintance suf
ficiently close to justify me In calling
your attention to the .candidacy of
Judge Albert J. Cornish of the District
Bench of this county.
"I was personally acquainted with
Judge Cornish for a number of years
before he was selected as a District
Judge, and have known him intimately
for a long period of years.
: "Whin X was a member of the Su
' preme Court of this State, many op
portunities were afforded me to look
over the work done by Judge Cornish as
District Judge, and from my knowledge
of him gained through personal- ac
quaintance snd frequent examination
of his work on the Bench, I do not
hesitate to say to you, as my friend,
that he is thoroughly qualified and re
liable, and that his election will prove
: of benefit to the people of the state,
the litigants and to the attorneys who
will appear before that court.
"1 have not personal interest in the'
matter, but I wish ,to suggest to you
that. If possible, yon giv?" to Judge
Cornish your active support and as
sistance in the campaign. If you do
so, I know you will make no mistake.
"Most sincerely yours,
".1 -