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Promoting Genius of Madison
Square Garden Sans Afoul
of Political Juggernaut.
New York, Oct 21. They (a clique
of burrowing "sportsmen") are trying
'to oust James Jay Johnston as match
maker and manager of the Show cor
poration which conducts boxing bouts
in Madison Square Garden. James
Jay il used to be Joy is making a
determined stand, but the political as
pect has crept into the controversy,
and it will take a fighter possessing
Johnson's indomitable spirit to cope
successfully with the obnoxious elev
ment. "
Johnston presents some forceful ar
guments why he should be retained.
And he backs these arguments with
facts and CQld figures. What he may
lack in brawn Johnston more than
makrs un for in brain. His most con
vincing argument in favor of his re
tention is that the Garden has never
iost a penny on a boxing match since
he was installed as matchmaker.
This is more than can be said for
Johnston's four predecessofY These
gentleman all antedated Johnston as
stinrrvtsnr of Garden boxing shows
since the Frawley law went into ef
fect, but not one turned in an account
that showed a profit for the Oarden
general management.
, , Makes Good on Job. -It
was with a view of getting re
suits in the form of huge profits
that the Garden directors secured
Inhnston after his predecessors had
utterly failed. And Johnston made
good to auch an extent that he at
once became the foremost promoter
ot boxing matches in the country, su
perseding Jimmy CoffrotW in this re
And for his judicious management
and money making proclivities, they
are trvins: to give , James Jay the
"gate. Once the juggernaut politics
trails at the heels of one it is well to
get off the highway. 1 . , I ;
Anoended are some statistics which
seem to orove that Johnston is pe-
culiarly adapted to managing the box
ing exhibitions in the great metropo-
wBurinof the month of March, 1916,
Johnston had a hand in staging three
bouts, and the gate receipts aggregat
ed $194,038.50. -The Willard-Moran
fight, which Johnston was instru
mental in bringing -to the Garden
proved a sufficient magnet, to attract
$151,000 at the box office. It is quite
true that "Tex" Rickard clinched the
match and was the nominal promoter,
but it was Johnston who induced the
westerner to stage it in the Garden
and thus swelled the coffers of the
Garden directors to the extent of
some $15,000.. This is the largest sum
ever paid for one day's rental of the
Two Other Bouts. "
The two other bouts which were
conducted by Johnston last March
were the Leonard-Dundee and Welsh-
Leonard matches. The former drew
$14,531.50, when everyone predicted a
financial, failure for Johnston; while
the Leonard-Welsh affair showed re
ceipts of $28,507. The latter sum, it
must be remembered, was taken it
lust "six davs after the Moran-Wil
lard fight of March 25. Leonard and
Dundee fought on March 8.
Johnston furnished more proof of
his capabilities, lhe total net profit
.for twelve lights under his segime
ran up to $53,231. This was after all
expenses had been paid off; and under
this headomes the rental ot $1,000
for each tight. The $1,000 is deducted
before t fight starts, in order to as
sure the Garden folks of at least I
slight) return for opening1 the doors.
New Pulled Frost
The largest amount, of course, ac
crued from the Willard-Moran fight,
while the smallest sum, $2,400, was
drawn by Langford and MeVey, the
burly colored heavyweights, And
even with this meager sum of $2,400,
Johnston was able to pay off the
fighters and place more than $1,000 in
the hands of the Garden officials,
Johnston has been directing boxing
bouts in the Garden for eighteen
months, and in all that time has never
staged a bloomer, ao far as ex
trading a profit for the Garden is
concerned. Yet this is the man they
are seeking to eject, and in his place
: install a man whose practical knowl
edge of the boxing game is confined
to witnessing an occasional boxing
exhibition. Politics is to blame for
the existing chaos in Garden affairs,
and the sooner this disturbing ele
ment is removed from the premises
the sooner New York's boxing pub
lic will be enabled to see some real
fistic fireworks. For Johnston has a
number of attractive matches in contemplation.
If Johnston is removed by the pow
ers that be, he will immediately
"buck" the Garden contingent by
staging the matches he has in mind at
at a rival shop, which in sue is sec
ond only to Madison Square Garden.
And then we'll see if Johnston is
really the promoting genius he has
thus far seemed to have shown him.
self to be.
Rickard Would Stage Carpentier-Darcy Go
X :?fr - ; x 41 'k tk-. vv
We're not a base ball expert.
We seldom cop a bet,
We can't predict the winner,
Of the race next year as yet.
We can't foretell a goah-derned thing,
We're not a dopster aeer, -
In fact, we do not even know,
If there'll be a league next year.
Oh, Unquestionably.
We would assuice that the
Brooklyns are bowed deeply ,m
gloom over the loss of the world s
series: They only got $2,800 each .
for the loser's end.
Tufts will never beat-Harvard
again. They'll never get the
chance. ' . ; ' . ' C
Does' anybody know how the
Cards and Browns came out in
the St. Louis city series? - Well,
we don't care either
We have heard a lot of stories of the
little school of Tufts, :
And we've heard that all its students
.were but cits oi mental uuu,
But we'll bet for "all that's said, .
Ask the Tiger or the Red
That they'll say to put the accent on
h "Hlff."
Being a low-brow Red and Crim-J
son means the same to us aim
how it's a "Tuft" job trying to find
a word to rhyme with Crimson.
Pittsburgh and Dickinson.
Foot ball reports seem to indi
cate that a U-boat has torpedoed
Mr. Daniel's navy.-
Au" Revoir Woodie. .
Rube Marquard is going to
stump for Wilson, 'tis Said. Now,
what we want to know, is the
Rube for or against the pres.?
As the sixth game of the
world's 'series was not played,
Charley Ebbets had to return $50,
000 to the fans. Which is the
reason for the storm that swept
this way from the east the other
day. , v
Battling Levinsky is going to
fight Willard, according to news
from the east. What's the matter
with Kid Williams?
Jess Willard has been sued for
$25,000 which should fill Tom
Jones with ecstacy. ,
We're full these days of drear and
wearv woe. ,
For soon the festive bull will start to
For circus days are near an end,
Willard shoots around the bend,
For to fight a fight again,
For he and Tommv need the yen.
And that is why we're full of weary
Having earned the confidence
of the American public, Bill Car
rigan now, we lieur, is going to
go into politics.
Chicago is in the midst of a
dismission as to whether, the
, Cubs shall train next spring in
Tampa, Fla., or Pasadena, Cal.,
which we take it, is an issue of
such vital importance that the
prosperity of the National league
entirely hinges upon it. .
Tex Rickard,. who staged the
Moran-Willard bout, is ever on the
lookout for big things. Rickard never
does anything by halves, and when
he decides to put on a show he
goes after the best in the market.
As a teeler ot trie puoiic puise m me
sporting line Rickard is without a
peeni He let it , be known recently
that he was thinking of promoting an
other bout, the principals to be
Georges Carpentier,. the . French
heavyweight champion, and Les
Darcy, who holds tnree or ioirr-tiues
down in Australia, where they haven't
been able to find a man to beat him.
Undoubtedly a bout between these
two men would b the greatest draw
ing card that could be put up for the
entertainment of the pugilistic fans.
It would draw as large a crowd, if not
larger, than the Johnson-Willard af
fair did in Havana. Just where Rick
ard could put on the show is a ques
tion. Darcy is not keen atfout leav
ing Australia, and would have to go
through a lot of governmental red
tape to do so during the war. Car-
Cutshaw' Miscue Loses Game
for Brooklyn, but His Aver-
age Remains Unscathed.
pentier is at the French front, pilot
ing an aeroplane, but the French gov
ernment has signified its willingness
o grant the boxer a sufficient leave
cf absence if he wishes to engage in
a bout. . -
Carpentier is heavier thai Darcy,
but the Australian has cleaned up all
the light heavies in Australia and
would gadlv tackle the clever
Frenchman if given a chance. Darcy
undoubtedly will be seen against Mike
Gibbons, Jack1 Dillon or Carpentier
in the near future.
Omaha and Sioux
Clash at Soccer
Next Sunday the Clan Gordon
soccer team of Omaha will clash with
he St. George eleven of Sioux City
at Omaha.
Two soccer games are carded for
Miller park thia afternoon. The
Chechie will tangle with the Town
sends and the Caledonians will clash
with the Nonpareils. The standing of
tne teams in umana and District
boccer league is as follows:
P. W.' L. Dr. F.
Tflwwniti ..... S 11 ,,
: Calsdonlan S I 1 J 11 ...... S -'..
Chechia .., S .. 4 I I
Lure of the Blind Works ,
Its Grip on Ernie Holmes
The lure of the blind in the dawn
of the morn has clamped its grip
on Ernie Holmes, "Jusf about a
week about 200 miles west of here
on the Platte would be my dish right
now" sighed Ernie as he dreamed of
the mad flight of the ducks before
the pursuit of the northern winter.
Ernie is getting the old Parker ready
and intends to make the dream come
true within a few days .
New York, Oct. 21. When il a
fatal error not an error? '
The answer to this ouestion can be
found in looking back through the
file, tn the atorv that tells of the
second game of the recent series for
the base ball championship of the
In the third inning of that game,
George Cutshaw made an error that
enabled the Sox to tie the score and
eventually swish through to victory
in the, tourteentn session, xet vui
shaw wasn't charged with a foozle.
Quaint, isn't it?
Scott was on third base. Ruth hit
an easy bounder to Cutshaw as Scott
started for home. Cutshaw fought
the ball instead of letting it come to
him. And while he was foozling,
Scott crossed the plate, but Cutshaw
recovered the ball in time to throw
out the slow-running Ruth at first.
That play lost the game for the
Dodgers, If Cutshaw had fielded the
ball cleanly, he would have nipped
Scott by ten leet, because tne ban
came to him fast and Scott, didn't
have much of a lead when he started
for the plate. If Scott hadn't scored,
the game would have ended 1 to 0,
in nine innings, in favor of the Dod
gers, cutshaw made tne worst error
of the game, yet he waan t charged
with one because he got Ruth at first.
An error is a "lost opportunity."
Cutshaw lost an opportunity to catch
Scott, and so made an error, yet
he didn't because he caught Ruth.
Aren't scoring rules odd?
, Scorers are Arbitrary. s
Some of the decisions of the official
scorers in that series were weird and
bit more. Their rulings conflicted
almost always with those of veteran
sport writers, yet their announcement
had to be taken at their lace value,
because fhey were doing the official
work. , i, ,
The scorers put over a new one on
the old-time writers, when they
charged Olson with two errors on
one handling of the ball in the third
inning of the 'final game. Cady was
on second and Hooper on first. Jan-
vnn hit to Olson, who tint juggled
the ball, permitting Cady to reach
third-mwr-Hnoper second, and then
threw wild to second, permitting
Cady to acore, Hooper to move on
to third and Janvrin to second.
Usually auch a play is scored merely
as a single error. But tne official
folks pointed out that Olson first had
enabled Janvrin to reach first base
and both Hooper and Lady to ad
vance by fumbling, and later moved
the three runners around another
base each by his wild throw. Thus,
two errors.
Very good, 'Eddie. But those
scorers reversed themselves in the
seventh inninir of the same game,
Mowrey was on first by virtue of a
single. Then came Olson. He rap
ped a bounder to Scott, who fumbled
it long enough to permit Mowrey to
reach second and cinch first for Ol
son. After recovering the ball, how
ever. Scott decided he had a chance
to beat Olson with a throw. He
made the throw and the ball went
up against the grandstand, Mowrey
loimt to third and Olson to second.
There was a case similar to Olson's
in the third. Scott's fumbling gave
life to both Mowrey and Olson, while
his wild heave advanced both runners
an extra base. But the official scorers
ruled that Scott should have but one
error, while, on almost the same
play, they had assessed Olson two.
Give Hits on Errors.
In the firs game, Chief Meyers
whaled a bill into center held.
Walker lost it momentarily in the
sun. Then he saw it again, set him
self for the catch, and the ball trickled
right through his hands. I he scorers
f;ave Meyers a three-base hit on what
ooked like a fearful error to ninety
five per cent of the spectators.
One of the Sox smashed a ball to
left. Zach Wheat ran in for it,
judged the ball perfectly," got under
it and then let it go through his
initts. The ball plunked him on the
knee and bounded away, while the
runner raced to , second. He was
credited with a two-bagger, yet it
looked like a bad error for Wheat to
lose that ball.
Twice during the last game the
nitcher heaved a ball at the catcher
that was a trifle wide, yet seemingly
Wliiiiii m .......
catcher did reach for those balls and
was able to get both hands on them.
Both times they were fumbled by
him. The bulk of writers scored those
plays as passed balls, which they cer
tainly seemed to be, yet the official
scorers, after a heated conference
among themselves, announced "a wil(
pitch. , ' -
Rourke Players to .'
Stay in Omaha for
The Winter Months
Omaha seems to look good to mem.
bers of the Omaha base ball team, for
about half of the team intends to
snend the winter in Omaha this year.
There are a couple of reasons why
the athletes are remaining in Umaha,
one is that they like the town, ana
the other is that it costs money to
move nowadays.
Marty O'Toole has made plans to
stay here this winter and Monday
morning goes to work for Ernie
Holmes. Cy forsytne is working tor
Earl Higgins. Bobby Marshall, Cecil
Thompson, Otto Merz and Lou North
are still in Omaha and expect to
Marty Krug has gone back to his
home in Cleveland, but expects to
return to Omaha about January 1.
Harry Krause has pulled his freight
for San Francisco and the Golden
Gate, while Hay Miller has gone back
to breathe smoke in Pittsburgh. Joe
Burg will stay in Chicago, while Kew
pie Kilduflf is down in Kansas. Ernie
Krueger is getting ready to hike for
his coaching job in Arizona, and Shag
Thompson has. already made tracks
for his beloved Dixie land.
Happy Hollow Club Will Get the
1917 Nebraska Golf Cham
pionship Event.
Th 1Q17 Mehraska state chamoion.
ship golf tournament will be held at
the Happy Hollow slub.
Tfee board of directors of the state
association has not yet definitely de
cided upon the location of the 1917
tourney, but conditions have so
worked themselves out that fhe
Happy Hollow, club is practically
assured of the event. ' "
The Lincoln Country club was to
have been given an opportunity to
entertain the tourney. In fact, Lin
coin was offered the event last year
because of a desire to boost the golf
game out in the state. , out Lincoln
wasn t in a position to handle it, so
the Held club got it. -y
Must Improve Course.
The Lincoln Country club course is
not in condition tor a state tourna'
ment. according to some of the direc
tors of the association,' and Lincoln
will not be awarded the' event unless
the course is improved. The capital
city links were but recently construct
ed and it is only natural that they will
not be of the same class as the Omaha
links unless considerable money
spent on them. It is said two or three
of the directors of the Lincoln club
refuse to countenance further expen
ditures on tne goit course, even in
order to hold the big state tourna
ment, Ajjid this means that once more
the event will be given to Omaha. As
the Happy Hollow club is next
line, that club will be awarded
American League
Italian Takes Lead for Ameri
can Championship by Victory
Over Johnny Aitken.
Dario Resta. the famous Italian
pilot, once more leads the "automobile
drivers of the country in the race for
the championship of the United States
and the trophy of $13,500 cash that
goes with it. Resta resumed the lead
by his victory at Chicago aweek ago.
But the Peugeot driver holds tne
Aa, Kv the akin of his teeth, and
he's not going to cop the title and
kale without vanquishing some toagh
..n,ni!nn . Tohnnv Aitken. Eddie
Rickenbacher -ano Raipn ivo
are in hot pursuit, and it is possible
for any one of the three to beat Resta
out. .j. .
Resta, by his victory at Chicago,
now possesses a total of 3,200 points.
Johnny Aitken, the Indianapolis
driver, has 2,940 points. Omaha s fa
vorite son, Eddie Rickenbacher, has
,210 points, and Kaipn ue raima nas
,790. , Wilbur D'Alene is fifth with
,120. , :
Three More Events.
There are three more championship
events to be held, the Harkness tro
phy race at New York next Saturday
and the Vanderbilt cup and Grand
Prize classics at Santa Monica in No
vember. The New York race will give
600 points, probably, to the victor, and
the coast races euu or poiius cacu,
so it can be seen any one of the four
names has a chance to win the cher
ished title and mazuma.
Next season drivers will all through
the year carry the numbers on their
cars corresponding to the position
they earned in the championship flight
this year.
Four Win All Races.
Resta. De Palma Aitken and Rick
enbacher have won every nig race
held this vear. Resta won at Indian
apolis, three times at Chicago, and at
Omaha. Rickenbacher won at New
York and Tacoma. Aitken won at
rinrinnati. IndianaDofis and New
York. De falma won at ues Moines,
Minneapolis and Kansas City.
Resta has won every big race held
on the Chicago speedway. He has
been in eight events on the Maywood
oval and captured every one of them.
This is a record that bids well to stand
untouched for years to come.
Omaha Man Says Leonard
Is the Coming Champion
"The greatest lightweight I ever
saw. is the way Carl juartisi des
cribes Benny Leonard, the New York
lad, who put the fixings to tyer
Hammer at Kansas City last week.
The Omaha fan went to Kansas City
to efe the fniht and returned with
nothing, but praise for Leonard.
"He a the coming champ, tnat noy,
said Marfisi. "I've seen most of the
champs in my day, but none of them
ever had anything on Leonard. He's
fast and clever and shifty and he
carries the punch. Mark my words,
he's going to be the lightweight
champion before long."
Dennison Making Plans.
For the, Luxus Banquet
The annual banquet of the Luxus
base ball team will be forthcoming
in a few days, announces Johnny
nnninn. the irreoressible pilot of
the brewer aggregation. Dennison is
now making arrangements for the
soread and searching the "city for
eaharet talent Johnny has not de
cided upon the date yet, but expects
to m a short time. '
Th National leasuori aoooar to have
toon outclassed from dugout to flacpols In
this yearyi post-season series wltn tne Amer
ican leacue pastlmers. Of the fourteen
araee played for the world's title and In
the Chicago and 8t. Louis championship
series the representatives of the parent
4earue copped only two contests. Brooklyn
grabbed one or tno world s series with the
Red box and the cardinals. aucceet&d
downing the Browns once out of five starts.
In the Chicago series the American
leaguers hsd their National league rivals
gasping for breath. The White Sox started
right after the Cubs at ths tap of the gong
and thereafter they never even hesitated
tntll the Tinkers had been whipped to the
tune of four straight. Xt was the sixth con
secutive year that the White Sox defeated
the Cuba xor the Chicago eltr, champion
Tho Boston Bed Box duplicated their feat
of 491S by taking four out of Ave games
from ths National leaguers in trie big ssrles.
Totals In ths box scores of the nve world
serteg games show that ths Red Box made
11 runs, sf nits ana s errors, wane tne
Robins gathered. IS rune, 14 hits and 13
errors. The critics agres that ths Robins
wers outplayed, but the Inhabitants of Flat.
bush point to those -is s ana ate tare
was tho itnx that beat the Dodgem, Tho
World Series Won by Bod Sox.
Second Oams: B..H.:
Boston (A D...J t
Brooklyn (N L) 1 s
S 10
First Oams: R.H.B.
Boston fA D...S S 1
Brooklyn (N L).l 10 I
Third oams: k h e
Brooklyn (N L). 10
Boston (A 1,)...3 t 1,
Fifth Oams: B.H.I.
Boston (A D...4 7 I
Brooklyn (NL)1 I II
Chicago Ttltlo Won by White Sox.
Faurth Qams:
iiosion (A i.).
Brooklyn (N L).l
First Oame: B.H.S.
Chicago (A S 0
Chicago (N. L).I 10 I
Third Oame: R.H.E.
Chloago (A D..I S f
Chicago (N D..0 I i
Hi. tools Title
First Oame: B.H.B.
St. Louis (A M S 0 0
St. Louis in u i l
Third Oame: R.H.E.
St. Louis (N D.S 01
St. Louis (A L II Si
.Fifth Oame: K.H.o;.
St. Louis IA LVs 10 1
8L Louis (N L).l I 1
Second Oame: R.H.
Chicago (A L)..l I
Chicago (N L)..l I
Fourth Oame: B.H
Chicago (A D.,0 I
Chicago N D..S 10
won by BrownM.
second uama: H.H.
St. Ixiula (A LM
Bt. Louis (N D.l
Fourth Oame: R.H.
St Louis (A L 1
St. Louis (N D.I
Only Sixty-Three Clubs Take
Advantage of OfferHade by
Interstate Association.
Central of Omaha, Xincoln and
Beatrice in Sunning for Foot
Ball Championship.
Omaha Coursing
Meet to Be Held
First of Month
This week's games will probably
definitely map out the last lap in the
race for the Nebraska staje foot ball
championship. Although the scores
registered thus far mad by leiders
assert definite standings, there is still
time for an upset in the dope. While
one way the fight seems to have sim
mered to a stand between Beatrice,
Lincoln and Omaha, there still re
mains North Platte and Kearney to
be tested. Both, according to re
ports, have splendid teams, well bal
anced, and. although comparatively
light, are equal to most any sort of
battle. South High and York are out
of the race entirely, so far as their
chances of gaining the title are con
rrnd It w ill he a merrv battle be
tween these two teams, Grand Island
and Norfolk for standings in the
first division. ,
Grand Island, although possessing
a aaf srrannv team, has met with
hard luck in its two defeats with Lin
coln and Beatrice. In its game with
York, November 30, it still has an
opportunity to register for third or
fourth places.
The fight for the title is tied up in
three games, the Central-Beatrice
trame November 3: the Beatrice-Lin
rnln came. November 18, and the
North Platte-Lincoln came. JJovem-
w M In its. battle with North
Platte. NoVemoer 3. Kearney will
have its only try at the title. Alliance,
probably the only other possible con
tender for honors, plays North Platte,
November 17.
, Form Conference.
A "hior nin e" foot ball conference
will be formed by a union of coaches
during the state teachers' convention,
November 8, here. Superintendent of
T M. Shoralter of Norfolk,
who is a member of the Board of
Control of the State High School
Athletic association, will introduce
the matter at a session of the Board
of Control during the teachers con
vention. The plan is to make a con
ference to include the best nine foot
ball teams in the state. At the pres
ent. Central, South High, Beatrice,
T.inrnln. North Platte. Norfolk. York,
Grand Island and Kearney are the
Koven and Starkey,
Nebraska Shots, Get
Into Ninety Class
At its meeting last winter the In- .
terstate Association for the Encour
agement of Trapshooting decidedto
give trophies to the first 200 newly
organized gun clubs in mo-r-tne oniy
thing necessary on the part of the ot-
hcera ot tne new gun ciud ocmg ro
inform the secretary of the Interstate
association of the formation ot tne
club. '
More than 700 gun clubs have been
formed this year and of this number
only sixty-three have been wide.
awake enough to get in touch with
the Interstate association. Therefore
the Interstate association has only
given sixty-three trophies. The fact
that the interstate association wouia
give such trophies was given due
mention in all sporting publications,
yet it appears that very few of the
clubs know of the offer.
The idea of the Interstate associa
tion was to aid the new clubs in their
, t... .u . - . u..
iormauon ov giving inciu a nvyiij,
.l:i- .i u u-u ..1.!.. n s
monthly tournaments for during the
vear l he ntersrate ,associatlon IS
always willing to aid the gun clubs
and new organizations can still get in
on the offer if they communicate with
Secretary- Shaner. -The Interstate
association has the trophies and will,
willingly give them to the clubs that
should get them.
The clubs that took advantage of
the offer in September were: The '
Port St. Joe Gun club, Port St. Joe,
Fla.; Princess Anne Trapshooting
club, fnncess Anne, Ml; Leominster
Cn.n...'. ...nlina Tinminitif
Mass., and the Parkton Gun club,
Parkton, Md. .
Thus far Iowa leads in the organi
zation of new gun clubs with ten; In
diana and Kansas come next, with live
each; Illinois with four and California,
Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, Ne- .
hraska. New York and Ohio formed
three; Viriginia, West Virginia, Penn
slyvania, formed two, and South Da
kota, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, '
Montana, Missouri, Minnesota, Massa-
chusetts, Florida, District of Colum
bia, Colorado and Connecticut, one
r: ai:. n.-.u- l.. i -
iy nine uuaunco Hie i
Asked to Number the Men ,
Th sernnd annual Omaha coursing
will he held -at the Douglas
county fair grounds November 1, 2, 3
l A r u.'a f M,,ri!nff meet
ana uiiiena a, vwu,...B ---
held last year, proved a success and
it is planned to bring an even superior
collection of the fleet-footed pups to
Omaha this fall.
The event wnl be stageo unaer tne
direction of the Omaha Coursing club.
Ray Virgin of Utica, Neb., is presi
dent, A. A. Misegadis of Talmage, sec
retary, and Ed Sorenson of Benson,
According to Mr. Misegaats, it tne
November, meet proves a success, the
national stake will be brought to
Omaha a year from this fall. About
twenty-five kennels trom an pans oi
the country will enter the Omaha
event. ' ,
Gothenbera Believes It
Has Another Chamberlain
Gothenburg is producing atar of
unusual qualities this year, accosding
to reports. At halfback thd town folk
claim they have a man who has the
...m.rLi nf another Chamberlain.
His name is Brestel, he weighs 189
pounds and is one of the fastest half
backs the school has ever had. The
school is represented by a formidable
team and has games scheduled with
xi (Ml, Wood River. Lexington,
Broken Bow and Alliance, the latter
game to be played Thanksgiving,
lohnson, the former Wesleyan star.
coaches the team
Chirflflro. Oct. 2r. -A new anneal
has been directed to coaches of- foot
ball elevens in the "Big Nine," to
have players numbered so that spec
tators can more easily distinguish
them. A. A. Stagg, coach of the Uni
versity of Chicago squad, is practi
cally the onlv coach tn the western
conference to adopt the plan of num
bering players.
- Notes ofSandlot
Nebraska scattergun marksmen
haven't been doing much trap shoot-ino-
rthis vear in the registered tour
naments, at least, in tne trap snout
ing records compiled by Sporting
Lite tor tne nrst nine montns oi ":
vear only two Nebraska amateur
"shots are shown to have taken part
in registered shoots,' totalling 2,000
targets or over, lhey are.Al R-oyen
of Fremont and K. staricey oi uru.
Platte. Three Nebraska profession
als, George Carter of Lincoln, George
Maxwell of Hastings and Rush Razee
of Curtis, got their names into the
records, .lhe averages or tne Ne
braska shots are as follows:
' Ts.rsts. Broke. Pet.
Al Ko.n. rrenumt.: " "
R. Stsrksr, North Plstt..tU IMS .1I
Tarcets. Broks. Pet
Rush Re, Curtis.... ...il0 11 Mil
Qsorgs Hsiwsll. Hastings. "
Ueorgs uarler, incuin. . -- -----
Ducks Get Advance Tip on
x Approach of Rushenberg
Ernie Rushenberg, who regarded
by manv as the best amateur catcher
in the city, went on his vacation two
weeks ago. Ernie took all his hunting
paraphernalia with him and planned
to bring back a few ducks for the
boys. Ernie returned Friday without
any ducks. "Not a duck was in sight
in thf two weeks I was away," de
clared Ernie"now that I'm back I
suppose there's a million or two fly
inff The ducks evidently had an
J advance tip on Ernie's movements.
Anathar new team, to ba known a tha
Fontanel. Juniors, bu alipped under tha
Tnr rnmea with the German Shamrocks
oall DouclM 8800 and squawk for a B. War
Last Sunday tha Thirtieth Street Mer
chant whipped tha Fontanel le Juniors to
tha tuna of to 0.
Next Sundav out at Fontanel! park, tha
fontanel! Reserve! and tha Npurae OH
cumvn win uuiuuv. ,
Ben Stlefler la now holding tha managerial
relna for tha Nonpareil Reserves. For games
can mm at Tyier as.
Although a few fellows took tha count
during the Nonpareil-Athletics battle none
wr seriously Injured.
Tha Fontanel! Reserves cancelled a con
test which they had booked with the C.
B. Longeways for today. '
Zelrer. a Claas B pitcher of note, Is
playing excellent foot ball for tha Mazdas.
Ha Is tarriflo Una plunger.
. Tha Nonpareil Reserves are looking for
nma tnrlav. Pa.11 Harnav tSfiO or Tvler
S3S and match can be arranged.
The colors f black and blue waved over
the camp of the Thirty-third and California
Street Merchants after their last battle.
Bill Maher, who brake his shoulder while
working for tha Athletics three weeks ago,
was released from the hospital last week.
Hereafter Vera Landon will play at quar
terJor the Council Bluffs Midgets and Or
ville Crabtrea will be switched to a half.
The Mohawks would 11k to secure a
pair of good linemen. For further Infor
mation call Leonard Tlbka at Webstar 601.
Qua Klmmel Is noar- booking tho games
for the Ducky Holmes. Tou can write
him at 3431 Btnney, or telephone Webster
1480. .
Don't forget the time, place and date of
the battle between the All-Stars and the
Nonpareils. Next Sunday,' 4 p. m., Luxus
Edward Hubbard, formerly a Council
Bluffs High school star, will try out for ths
right and posish with tha Council Bluffs
Uldgets. '
Judging from the caliber of foot ball
played by the Ducky Holmes crew last
Sunday, the are eligible to play Claas A
toot ball.
On account of a heavy, muddy field the
gariTe between tha Council Bluffs Midgets
and tha Mo ha wits booked for last Sunday
was cancelled.
V 8 Grant Golden has again bobbed Into
tha llmelliht. He is going to organise a
fast squad In the north end. and go after
the Class A championship.
Gua Carlson, formerly of the Monmouth
Parks and last season connected with ths
Fontanel!". 1 doing great work at rright
haU for the Dundee Woolen Mills,
At fullback. Claude Schrum Is performing,
like a real veteran for tha Dundee Woolen'
Mills. He la a crack picking holes and sqIv
Ing tha weak spot of the opposition, r
Those Ducky Holmes warriors started out
like a house on fire last nunaay. ii ins
blase of pep Isn't extinguished they will
make thlnis hot tor all of their opponents.
Jude McCabe got a crack in th stomach
i..t Hunrlav that knocked ths wind and
nearly his foot ball aspirations out of hlmv
Jude bumped Mother Earth for the count.
ThA mhna semen t of the Athletics wants
it distinctly understood that their team is
Class B and should be recognised as such,
regardless of the fact that they played th
Ttinms. Unnrs smarter back for th Non
pareils, left on a business trip for Sterling,
Colo. He will return a week from today so
as to be on hand when tha Nonpareils meat
the All-Stars.
Hereafter Tom Cronln will nglnr affairs
for the Thirty-third and California Street
Merchants. He will replace Lambert Medln,
who rslgned as manager, but will Still play
with the team.
Pete Whitehead of Fontenelle Re
serves Is hobbling around on crutches be
cause of an injury to his hip. He will
probably be able to don tha spangles In a
couple of weeks.
Although reported that Curtis Peterson
was hurt playing foot ball, this aUtenant
was erroneous. He put ana of his fins an
the blink, but foot ball waa not respon
sible for the Injury. - a.
CauUin Davis of th Ducky Holmss
rrew threw his arm out of Joint during the
tussle wlth th. Fontenelle Rerves and as
n consequence will probably be on tha ahalf
for the balance of the season.
Mack Cosgrove. associated with tha Thir
tieth 8tret Merchants, saw stars, comets,
moons, etc.. last Sunday when a gentle
warrior heeled blm directly above his left
light. He Is still carrying a black aye.