Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 22, 1916, SOCIETY, Image 15

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The Omaha Sunday Bee Magazine Page
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J M1 j A Puritan Bonnet of Blue Velvet, Combined with Plush of th Same Shade. jft ' , I (Jl 11
r n ADY DUFF-GORDON, the farnoui "Lucile" of London, and foraaoat creator of .7J1 V I JlXA
I fahioaa in tho world, write each week the fashioa article (or ihia aewiptper, (He- if I s j
anting II lhal U Mwcil and bed in tljrlei or well-drewed women. I LjjJ If
Lady Duf -Cordon's Pari ettablidunenl brinn her into ctoM touch with dial ceatre oti"'- , l
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X f :T - f;r4i',i Uh Larfy Dff-Oordon ("Lucile") I I (Js
I r't';-VAV.rr ' J -7-ORTUNATE are you If your purse can compass the long fur Thii f i Vj,
J ' Vj ift i CL coat than, tobe the tvlg note of the approaching Winter. ge.l kin . C? " I JH
. r . - loh it-; fi r a
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jfc - V t''! i(v. JV, ; i li7. 2? .11 modish by reason of the contrasting fur with which they are adorned. t I 1 Jl
Trimmed I 1 )
V. for use In the fur trimming. The woman who is slender but not tall I ill
i tun
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. Wt. TWJ' r '
This Wrap Is One of the Styles That Will Rival for Favor the Loose Coat.'
The Girdle Is Loose and of the Same Material as the Coat Sealskin.
The Cape, Wide Cuffs and Band Are of Stone Marten.
If your purse is not elastic be smart and content in a coat on
the same full and generous lines made of cloth and. trimmed
with fur.
On this page you aee two types of long Mr coats that will wage
rival claims for favor. Both reach the hem of the gown they cover.
Both are very full Both have a band of fur about the hem of ,the That Have 4 i
coat. Both display the new and prevailing note of buttons made of Won Favor fe?
fur. Both have sleeves that are full and wide at the wrist Both are
modish by reason of the contrasting fur with which they are adorned.
One marked difference is in the matter of belts. One garment hangs
loose and free of any restriction at the waist. The other has a droop
ing girdle of the same fur as the garment; which is handsomer and
more becoming to the round figure than If it were of the contrasting
for use in the fur trimming. The woman who is slender but not tall
will be grateful for this thoughtful concession by the designer. Short
or plump women dislike being "cut off." In other words, they are
reluctant to lose a jot or tittle of their apparent height.
I chose quite the word I wish to use, for a woman's real and appar
ent height may greatly differ. The clever woman who Is too short
for grace or beauty often contrive to hide that defect. Often we hear
the exclamation, "I thought you were much taller than you are until
stood beside you." That is an unconscious tribute to a woman's art
in dress. Also, perhaps, an acknowledgment that she Is a mistress of
the art of walking and standing well.
The shoulder cape, a memory of our mother's and grandmother'
time, will be revived. One of the photographs on this page shows it
In all Its promise of midwinter warmth. Reaching to below the waist,
of curving outline and high collar, the example on this page is an
index of what we may expect to see when Wintry winds blow cold.
They seem to be copies in the large of the long, rounded collar that
met general favor last Summer. .
Hats will be' velvet, velvet, velvet! They will rely largely npon
their shape for smart effects, for they will not he elaborately trimmed.
A universally becoming shape will be of broad brim, wider at the sides
than in front and at the back. It will be worn sharply tilted at the
siJe and adorned by a single spray of straightened plumes. Black
velvet promises to be the favorite, but colored velvets will have greater
vogue than they have had for a decade.
The shirred crown will be conspicuous. It will be seen with either
broad-brimmed or narrow-brimmed hats. The close-ftttlnr Puritan
'ej bonnet shown on this page, and so becoming to a youthfully pretty
law, ua. a tun crown, wun a oana or piusn oi me same shade. A flat
pair of gold roses adds chic to the hat.
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