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    THE OMAHA MJiNUA b: OCTOBER I'l, i9l6.
Council Bluff?
Social Notes
Mrs. Robert Moth emtrtained the
members of the music and drama de
partment of the Council Bluffs Wom
an's club at her home Monday after
noon. The club will continue this sea
son the study of American .composers,
and will add the study of the Ameri
can drama. "The Histoid and De
velopment of, the American Drama"
was the subject of a paper bv Mrs. E.
C. Connor. Mrs. Clarence Cunning
ham had a paper on "The Drama
League and Its Work.". Mrs. Robert
Moth gave a sketch of the life of
William Mason. Miss Lillian Fintel
sang "In the Garden," Miss Florence
Rippert played "Hunting Butterflies"
and Miss Ruth Turner played Koel
ling's "Hungarian Rhapsodic" A fea
ture was several readings by Miss
Leota Hatswell of the high school
faculty. The department has been in
vited to send a delegate to the annual
convention of Federated- Musical
Clubs to be held at Davenport, No
vember 27 and 28. A number of mem
bers are also planning to attend the
Ninth district convention to be held
a.t Missouri Valley next week.
Miss Lillie Englunds ' arranged a
progranr for a pupils' recital Tuesday
evening at her home, 809 Avenue D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henderson
and family of Des Moines spent Sun
day and Monday visiting Council
Bluffs relatives and friends. They re
turned to Des Moines Tuesday.
Mrs. Carl Sulhoff entertained the
members of "South First street chap
ter of St. Paul's guild Monday after
noon. "
The newly decorated ball Zoom at
the Grand was, used for the first time
since its rennovation Monday evening,
when Dr. L. L. Henninger, Dr. W. E.
Wolcott and Mr. George Wright en
tertained the "Juveniles" at adinner
dance. The ball room is completely
transformed into a thing of beauty.
Dinner was served from small tables
placed in the ball room, white snap
dragons being used as decorations.
Covers were 'laid for fifty guests.
Olsen's orchestra furnished music.
Miss Pearl Laverty, who will be
bridesmaid at the marriage of Miss
Adele Davis of Omaha and Mr. Rob
ert Daniels of this city, which will'
take place October. 23, entertained at
dinner at the Fontenelle Monday eve
ning in honor of the bridal party. Sun
day evening Dr. and Mrs. William
Davis; parents of the bride-to-be, will
entertain at a supper party, which will
follow a rehearsal for the wedding.
The ceremony is to be performed by
Rev. S. W. H. Hornibrook of St. Mar
tin's church.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Ge
buhr gave them a surprise Saturday
evening, the occasion being the eighth
anniversary of their marriage. Mr.
.and Mrs. Gehtmr were presented with
a beautiful cut glass flower basket.
Mrs. Charles R. Hannan, jr., enter
tained forty-six guests at supper Sun
Jay evening in honor of her husband's
The meeting of the Madrigal club
has been postponed this week from
Monday evening until Saturday, when
the members will meet at the home of
Miss Marie Helwig."
Miss Marie Lemen left Sunday eve
ning for Jifnction City, Kan., where
she will be a guest of Miss Virginia
iA ehildren's ajty-wa ghren Sattir-
, day afternoon by Mrs. W. B. Cessna
in honor of the birthday of her small
: daughter, Virginia: Mrs. Cessna was
assisted by Miss Maud Clark and Miss
Katherine Searle. The favors were
pink sunbonnets for the-girls and caps
for the boys. The birthday cake was
adorned with pink roses and seven
candles. Twenty-six little guests were
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Norsraard and
-son, Donald, left Monday for Irwin,
la., where they will spend the next
month or six weeks. Mr. Norgaard
goes to Irwin to superintend the build
ing of a consolidated school building
by the C. C. Norgaard company.
Mrs. M. T. Sullivan, 817 Avenue B,
has as her guests this week Mrs. A.
Lieberman and daughter, Helen,' of
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Mayne left Sat
urday morning for Burlington, where
they will visit their daughter, Mrs.
Will Jiongnecker. Mr. Mayne will
visit relatives in Ohio while Mrs.
Mayne visits in Burlington.
Mrs. B. S. Terwilliger entertained
members of the- Ideal -club at her
home Tuesday .afternoon. A. discus
sion of current events was led by the
hostess, following which the club con
tinued the study of Russia. Mrs.
James Hunter told of the government
of Russia, its industries and com
merce. - "Russia as a World Power"
'was the topic of Mrs. Katherine De
Vol, -'Mrs. W. H. Dudley gave a
sketch of Peter the Great. The club
will meet with Mrs. Terwilliger again
next Tuesday.
Mrs. H. A. Qninn was hostess of
the Atlas club onTuesday afternoon
at her home. Mrs. Quinn led the dis
cussion of current events, after which
the club began the study of Turkey
in Asia. Mrs. F. T. True gave a de
scription of Asia. Minor. Mrs. J. M.
Barstow told of the customs of the
people. The club will meet October
31 at the home of Mrs. R. !H. Bloomer.
Members of the Book and Thimble
club invited their husbands to a weiner
i roast at Mynster Springs Tuesday
night. Weiners were roasted over a
camp fire and supplemented by an ex
cellent picnic supper. The party num
bered about twentv.
VThe history and literaWe depart-.
mem oi tne council iilutts Woman s
club met Tuesday afternoon at 'the
home of Mrs. J. W. Bell. Miss Cecilia
Mulqueen was the leader and the time
was spent in the study of English
literature. Mrs. C. W. Hood's topic
was "Literature An Outlet." Mrs.
F. W. Millet, "John Galsworthy The
New Spirit of the Drama." Mrs. J.
C. Deetkin, "Justice A Drama," and
Mrs. H. W. Clark, "The Country
Wednesday morning at the Boat
Announcement !
Ida C. Stoekwell announces the even-,
ins m her new . . v
if at No. 7 Baldruta Block. All popular
lleoraeta will be shown Including lha fam-
No. 7 Baldrige Block, j
Cor. 20th and Farnam St.
(- ; II
club the women golfers played an
eighteen-hole round in which a tie for
low score was made by Mrs. Harry
Nessner and Miss Besley. . Next
Wednesday Mrs. B. O. Bruingttm will
donate a prize for the low score on
putts for eighteen holes. Play will be
gin at 10:30 and a chafing dish lunch
eon will be served in the club house
at noon. '
Miss Katherine Swift of Harlan ar
rived Friday to spend the week-end
with Miss Jane Schoentgen.
Mrs. Seth Evans Hodge of Seattle,
Wash., is the guest of her mother,
Mrs. John Beno.
Mrs. H. W. Anthony returned last
Thursday from Kansas City, Mo.,
where she sDent a week with Mr. An
thony, who went there recently to take
the management ot tne Larr juanuiac
turing company.
Alfred Hanchett is here from New
York for a few days' visit with his
parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Hanchett.-
The Book Lovers met Wednesday
afternoon it the home of Mrs. (F. W.
Dean and ufmtinued the study of Vic
tor Hugo. Mrs. A. P. Hanchett read
a paper "discussing Hugo's dramas
from a philosophical and social point
of view. Mrs. H. W. Tilton and Mrs.
Hanchett read the drama, "Hernani,"
which proved of great interest. Mrs.
Eldin a paper on "An
cient and Modern Notre Dame," giv
ing in conection a bird's-eye view of
Paris in 1482. The club will meet with
Mrs. Dean again next Wednesday.
Social Affairs
of the South Side
' Mrs. Rolland McPJiail has returned
from a stay of several weeks in Chi-
Mrs. Howard Holmes of Mitchell,
S. D., has returned to her home with
her small daughter' after spending
some time with her parents, Mn and
Mrs. J. D. McBridfe street
'Mesdames S. R. Snodgrass, L. E.
Knight ' and Albert Porter were
the ladies of the United, Pres
byterian churcH who attended the dis
trict meeting at-Murray, Neb., ihurs
day and Friday.
Mesdames Ryno and Kelley were
the delegates to the state convention
of the Degree of Honor at Lincoln
from lodges Nos. 193 and 2. Past
chiefs who also attended from South
Omaha were Mesdames Ralston,
Kader, Hancock, Avery, Jones, Ryno,
Green, Routte, Hall and Royer. Dr.
Ada Wiley. 'Ralston was re-elected for
the tenth consecutive year as grand
medical examiner.
The Keno club gave its opening
danie Friday evening at the Eagle
hall. Twenty-five couples were pres
ent. '
Miss Theresa -Herman and Kather
ine Heafey entertained the Regina
club Tuesday evening.
Adah chapter of the Eastern Star
had a very enjoyable meeting Satur
day evening.
Mrs. James Northrup will entertain
the Tbursday Whist club this week
at her, home., Twenty-fourth and D
TJhe Jolly Dozen club entertained
,-t a luncheon at the Dutch Mill, fol
lowed by a theater party at the Boyd,
Thursday. Those present were:
Mesdamea , Mesdames '
Bowker, Klrkpatrlck,
Hathaway, Pulllam,
Cllne, Pulllam, Jr.,
Burke. " Pmlth,
Dawaon. Routte,
Hervalka, Lang,'
Roeasing. Ureen.
UeLanney, ,
Mrs. Edgar Royer entertained the
past chiefs at her home, 4429 South
Seventeenth street, at a luncheon
Tuesday. Places were set for nine
Mrs. Irvine..Howe entertained the
Friday Kensington club at her home,
4539 South Nineteenth street.
Mr. and Mrs: Frank Ames enter
tained a large party of friends at their
home, Saturday evening.
Thursday evening the congregation
of Grace Methodist church tendered
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Russian Dancers Get Much Notice;
Tuesday Morning Musical Attraction
The Pavley-Oukrainsky ballet of
Russian dancers, which will be pre
sented at the Brandeis theater the
evening of November 2 by the Tues
day Morning Musical club, is being
accorded the most enthusiastic recep
tion wherever it appears and critics
have none but the highest praise for
the beauty and grace of the dancing
of Pavley and Oukrainsky and their
assistants. With the dancers conies
Miss Margaret Jarman, contralto; and
a symphony orchestra under the di
rection t)f Charles Elander of the Chi
cago Symphony orchestra.
Andreas Pavley, born in India of
Dutch and Russian parents, studied
with many of the greatest ballet-masters
of Europe, where he instantly
won recognition as a rarely gifted ex
ponent of poetic and classic dancing.
His first tour of the Unted States
was with Mme. Pavlova and he was
engaged to dance with her during her
last German tour, the famous Bac
chanale. Oukrainsky conies with
equally flattering press notices and a
long list of successes dating from the
time of his debut in Paris as St. Joint"
in "Salome" by Floreut Schniitt.
Tickets for- the Russian ballet per
formance here are now being mailed
to members of the Tuesday Morning
Musical club, which may be ex
changed for reserved seats October 27
and 28. The regular seat sale to the
public will open October 30.
a reception to their new pastor, Rev.
C. C. Wilson, and wife.
A large s delegation attended the
state convention of the Kebekas at
Lincoln the last week.
Mrs. James Hall is confined to her
home with a severe attack oi throat
trouble. ,
A Hallowe'en social will be given
Friday evening at the church hall,
Thirty-eighth and Q streets, by (Tie
Wst Side Interdenominational
Mrs. A. L. Hunter, assisted by Mes
dames Brown and Lee, served a noon
dinner to the ladies of the Ajrace
Methodist church, at the home of
Mrs. Hunter, on the Fort Crook
The King's Daughters of the Pres
byterian church were entertained by
Mesdames Zerbe, O'Neil and Camp
bell., The next meeting will be Fri
day, November 27, when Mesdames
Kurbis, Baker and Nieman wilt he
the hostesses. x
The Ladies' Aid of the West Side
Interdenominational church will hold
an- all day meeting Thursday, when.
Mesdames Walter Chance and Deasey
will entertain.
Miss Lillian Steinberg will enter
tain Thursday evening at a miscel
laneous shower in' honour of Mrs.
Charles Atkins, formerly Miss Ann
Mauer, a recent bride.
The wedding of Miss Fay Stearns
and Lloyd Whitehouse took place
Thursday evening at the home of the
bride parents, Rev. Mr. Shallcross
performing the ceremony The at
tendants were Silvia Schnell and
Clarence Stearns. After November 1
they will be at home to their friends
at Thirty-sixth and M streets.
On Monday afternoon was solem
nized the marriage of Mr. James Goff
oi rnis city ana miss uoroiny tiuu ui
Springfield, III., of the same name,
but no relation. TTley were married
by Judge Britt. The wedding was
followed, by a dinner at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Baily on South
Seventeenth street. Mr. and Mr
Goff will be at home at Thirty-fifth
and A streets after November 1.
.The marriage of Mr. Rssel Jack
son and Miss Cora Barclay occurred
Tuesday afternoon at the home of the
bride's parents, 2112 F street, Rev.
Mr. Wheeler performing the cere
monv. Miss Laura Petersen, accom
paned by Mrs. Dean Ringer, sang a
solo preceding the ceremony. Mr.
Jackson is a well known young busi
ness man of the South Side, and Mrs.
Jackson was a kindergarten instruc
tor in the public schools. Mr. and
Mrs. Jackson will be at home in their
name home at Twenty-first and F
streets after November: 1.
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Superior Photographs
18th at Farnam.
Social Circles
Mr R S Roaslev of Council Bluffs
entertained the Benson China club
last Tuesday.
Mice Rullnrlf entertains the euild at
her home on Monday evening.
Mrs. L. G. Musk entertained on
Wednesday for her Sunday school
class. x
Mrs. James McClung returned from
an extended trip to Philadelphia last
Mrs. J. J. Buckley was hostess for
the Aufweiderschen club at her home
on Tuesday.
Miss Marffiierite Lilienstoloe enter-
ained at a musical last week for eight
een ot her music pupils. (
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bowerman en
tertained last Tuesday evening at
their home for about hirty guests,
at a Hallow'cen party.
Mrs. Ed Janke will entertain for
the Loyal Daughters' club next Tues
day evening at heT home.
Mrs. John Killian entertained at
dinner last Wednesday for Mrs.
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t f
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Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
131 1-13 jFarnam St ' Omaha, Nebraska.
. Exclusive Steinway Representatives for
Nebraska and Western Iowa
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i Front Lace Corsets
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George Butler and children, an Mrs.
J. Roberts of Omaha.
Mesdames Fred Wood, Evelyn Lar
sen and C. G. Auderson, were named
for committee members at the con-
.-A.,f;., .if Wrvncii'e lr,iorn Mission
ary societies in South Side last week.
TIib VrtH,n,t, nf tli VnrlH hrlrf a
special booster meeting last Tuesday
evening with a smoker following rfie
session., Mr Am!r,-in of tile Rantist
church attended the annual state con
vention in Fremont last week.
ties Maria lar'.-t snent the week
end at the home of Miss Edna Kil-
lain while on her way from her home
in California to the mission field in
Mia.: PmIs Uirlrhimr is a ' truest at
the home of her sister, Mrs. F. S.
Tlie women of the Presbyterian
church held an old, fashioned quilt
exhibit and lunch at the church last
Mrs. w. K. rramer win ue nosti-ss
(nr thf Kncltsh Lutheran Foreicll
Missionary society next Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Mersnon arc vis
iting at the J. W. Welch home betore
going to Florida for the winter.
Mrs. R. Wicklund entertained at
Innrli Vrlt,feHav ill hi-inflV of MisS
Esther Newman of Omaha, a Novem
ber bride.
Tl, nf the Methodist
church will serve a chicken dinner at
the church Thursday evening.
Mrs. C u. liioomquisi OI Wlliana
will h hnatraa for the Dorcas so
ciety next Wednesday evening.
The Presbyterian Brotherhood will
give its annual banquet at the church
next Ihursday evening, wnen ueorge
G. Wallace of Omaha will speak.
Miss Mora Iitzell entertained tor
eight young peqple on Tuesday eve
ning. Mrs. E. L.-Hire of Iowa Falls, Ia.,
and Mrs. J. C. Hire of Esbon, Kan.
were recent guests at-tiie r. m. uauey
home. - ' v
Mra Tnlin T auritzen entertained on
Thursday for Miss Dorothy Hamar-
lund ot West fomt, wen.
Mrs. J. W. Welch entertained on
Friday for Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Mc
Glasson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Woods and
Mr. and Mrs. Luikhart, and on Sun
day for Mr. and Mrs. T. Kelley, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Hogan, Ml", and Mrs. E.
P. Ellis and Dr. and Mrs. Wilcox.
Mrs. H. F. KnudJen and Mrs. Har
ry Knudsen entertained at a card par
ty Wednesday afternoon. A Hallow
'cen dinner was served.
Master Edward Sorenson enter
tained a number of little folks Tues
day in honor of his fifth birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lessard en
tertained at lunch on Sunday for.
Misses Daisy Davis, Vera Turner
and Ethel Burt.. Messrs. Jason Davis,
Tom Cassiday and Vernon Lessard.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bjork are
spending a few weeks visiting at the
homes of their children, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Bjork and family of Ong and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Swenson of
Shickley, Neb. v
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Williams enter
tained Thursday at dinner in honor of
Mrs. Charles Fletcher of Los Ange-
Do not let it be merely a
question of initial cost when
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Pianos. ' ;
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the Steinway has lifted it
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phere for all time. f
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les. Covers wew laid for Mrs. Reiter,
Mrs. Max Seidel, Mrs. T. E. Cochran,
Mrs. Maurice Cochran and Mrs. C. M.
Mrs. J.'T. Pirkard was ostess for
the Baptist Missionary circle at her
home last Thursday. "
Society Notes
Miss Virginia Ellett and her sister,
Mrs. J. L. Hutchinson, are in Roches
ter, Minn. t
Rev. H. B. Foster attended the
Presbyterian synod at Hastings the
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. 13. Hartson and
daughters of Vonkers. N. Y., were
guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. D.
L. Johnston.
Mrs. Wheeler of Coin, Ia., was the
guest lost week of her cousin, Mrs.
R. E. Parrott.
Mi s ' A. L. Blair and mother, Mrs.
Wilson, leave soon to spend the win
ter in the south. Their home at Forty
ninth and California streets will be
occupied during their absence by E.
O. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Niswonger and
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tate have re
turned foom a motor trip to Dayton,
O., and return.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
J3undee Presbyterian church met Fri
day with Mrs. A. C-1. Crossman.
The Tuesday Dundee Bridge
Liincheoti club met Tuesday at. the
home of Mrs. Donald C. Ballard.
' Herbert Green, V-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Green, sustained
a brok.-n leu while playing on the
school grounds Wednesday.
1 he Follyanna cluh met 1 hursday
evening with Mrs. Charles Leslie.
Mr. G. G. Guinter and family have
moved their place of residence to
5007 Cass street.
Alice Brady Featured Today x .
In La Buhemc at the Monroe
Alice Brady is featured today in
,fI.a Vie de Boheme" at Hhe Monroe
theater. Tomorrow' the Monroe
changes hands, G, W. Quigley of
Sioux Falls, S. 13., having purchased
the theater from G.'OTge O. M'onroe,
who has operated it for several years.
Mr. Quigley will continue the same
progressive management that the
theater has always had. The pro
gram for t n ia. week contains, on Mon
day "Under Suspicion"; Tufsdayj
"The Girl of the Green Eyes"; Wed
nesday, "The Christian"; Thursday,
"The Unattainable." Friday the
drama will be the second run' in
Omaha of "Prohibition." Saturday,
Hel Rosson in "The Light." 1
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