Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 22, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 10, Image 10

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Owners Only in Stringent Test
at St. Louis Show En
. durance. '
For the fifth consecutive year a
Franklin car won the annual reliabil-
ity run of the Stl Louis Automobile
club, which took place September 23,
24 lnd(25. Under a rigid examination
at the- conclusion of the test, the
1 Franklin scored 993 points, seven less
than a perfect score and eight points
ahead of its closest competitor. No
penalty was imposed against the air
cooled car, on account of motor dif
ficulties. , - "
The run was made from St. Louis to
" Keokuk and return, by way of Wentz-
v ville, Louisiana, Hannibal and La
Grange, a distance of 400 miles. Four
teen cars participated.
Auto Trad Barred. .
Stringent rules subjected these cars
to a real test. All entries were lim
ited to. car owners, no persons con
nected wtih the automobile trade be
ing eligible to compete. ; Each driver
started with 1,000 points credited to his
car. Penalties were levied for me
chanical troubles, incfuding everything
from a loose terminal to a wrecked
machine. .
For every half minute ahead jor be
hind the scheduled arrival af the ten
checking stations the driver was pen
alized One point.1 At the end of the
: run a committee of seven members of
the club conducted a technical ex
amination of each car and tested
brakes, clutch, starter, transmission
I and motor.
Dr. Adolph H. Conrad owner of
the winning car, also won with a
Franklin last year. Only nine out of
twenty-nine starters finished in 191 5,
and four of these were Franklins, the
air-cooled car taking second place as
well as first..
Two year ago eighteen out of
twenty-three starters finished, Frank-Jin-
cars7takingthe first five places at
the conclusion of the run and the win
ning Franklin making a score of 996
- Fred Stone Presented
. With Vacuum Cup Tire
"Very good, Eddie," remarked Fred
A. Stone, premier comedian of Chin
Chin, i when he received from the
Pennsylvania Rubber company a tire
.bearing hii name. The presentation
was made after Mr, Stone had gone
through the company's factory and
had seen the crude rubber evolve Into
the auto accessory. i ,
The tire was one of the company's
famouf "vacuum cup" tires. '
Packard Qualifies
As Deep Sea Diver
When Bridge Drops
When a North Carolina mountain
Stream is taken with a sudden insane
fit of temper, motorists, pedestrians
all people, movable property, live
stock, everything will do well to give
the erstwhile gentle brook a wide,
wide berth.
Commodore Ernest Ljc Jahnefee of
new Orleans, who has his summer
residence at Ashville, N. C, abides
by the above rule, but he got caught
in a storm recently, on a trip from
Ashville, to ioxoway. He was oh
liged to- cross a small bridge. The
stream, with a vicious cunning, hai
so weakened the foundations that the
bridge was fairly a trap for M
Jamicke and his Packard Twin Six
touring car. v.
When the automobile was fairly on
the bridge, the structure gave way.
the car turned over and disappeared
leaving only part ot on, rear wheel
and a tender showing above the tur
bulent water. Mr. Jahncke was ob
liged to swim desperately to get
"This accident occurred at 2 o'clock
"and with the help of farm hands and
a good pair of oxen, we were able to
get the machine out of the creek, as
the water had receded in a tew hours
to enable us to work. When we right
ed it, much to the 'surprise of myself
and the onlookers, I tried the car and
the machine actually started I How
ever, when the car turned over, 't
batteries were emptied and we knew
we would need distilled water to re'
pleniah them. This seemed a knotty
problem, until we thouKht ot two bot
ties of pop which had stayed in the
machine. We poured the contents of
these two bottles into the battery.
"At 9 o'clock that night we were
back home, having made the trip of
sixty miles with our own power. The
only damage done to the Twin Six
by its fall and submersion consisted
of a torn top and two slightly bent
fenders." .
You Cannot Heat Your I
angina t a point where Pan
hard Oil will net lubricate it.
PanKfrd Oil li th on If oil that
will not earbontt in the cylinder...
Panhard Oil U th only oil that
rttalni It. 'rbrtcftting qualUioa mi
all tomporaturat.
Lot ua diaeuia thti oil qnottlon
with you and r command tho
grad boat tultod to your ear.
. OMAHA "; : '
- t - Automobile Supplies.
. 2051 Firun. ,
lfff ' Be Sure
. ' - - iii ,
Guesswork may be fatal.
Your battery tnav atobear to
.be strong and vigorous but ,
" why not be sure?
Test it at least twice a month
with a hydrometer. If you
haven't 1 such an instrument
you should have. It's handy
for filling a battery with dis
tilled water the only drink,
it needs. v
' The first step towards good start
ing and lighting is a fully charged
. tattery. Let us help you learn how -to
keep yours alive.
We sell hydrometers but we
don't charge or valuable service.
Ask about our new f ree Service pla a.
Nebraska Storage Battery Co.
2203 Farnam St Phone D.
..... Fret intpectlon ot any battery
y at any tint.
Wilari Stmf BfUltritt art for taU by
tar dealtri, raraft nd all Wtluri Stmci
ilotunu and Facltry BmuMu, ,
Mitchell Derails
Heavy Trolley Car
"That light weight can be accom
panied by sturdy construction was
proven recently beyond a doubt," says
John W. Bate, engineer and efficiency
expert of the Mitchell company.
"My attention was recently called to
a peculiar accident that proves to me
the worth of the present use of lighter
but tougher steels in automobile con
struction. "In Juniata, Cal., D. E.
Parker, president of the First Na
tional bank of that city, collided with
and knocked a large suburban
trolley car completely off the track.
"The automobile was only slightly
damaged, but the trolley car whs de
railed and ran almost into the en
trance doors of ex-Sheriff Hugh's
store, doing about $100 damage.
"Mr. Parker was driving his Mitchell
aiding at the rate of about ten miles
an 'hour, and with him were his daugh
ter, his. two grandchildren and some
friends. The Mitchell struck the trol
ley just ahead of the front trucks, i
causing it to leave the tracks and
crash through a six-inch iron post in
font of Hugh's store and only brought
up at the entrance to the store.
..The occupants of the Mitchell
miraculously escaped injury, with the
exception of Miss Alice Jones, who
suffered a slight injury to her nose,
caused by being thrown against the
front seat. The Mitchell proceeded
under its own power - to a garage,
where the hood, fenders and lamps,
the only damages t the car, were re
paired. v
, -Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Allen "37" Climbs Mount -
n : 1. 1 : xi . .a T . .l I
naimer wunoui nuuuie
An Allen model "37" touring car,
the property of R. S. Flack of Port
land, Ore., recently completed a
ihousand-mile trip through the mourn
lains of Washington, including Mt.
.Rainier national park. ' I
The trip, which was doubtless one ;
of the most strenuous that could be
taken by a car of moderate price, ii
marked by several distinctive records, !
Nokonly was this Allen "37" the first
above the snow line, reaching an
elevation of 5,400 feet, but with all
cf the trials of such a journey, the
owner experienced no trouble what
ever with the car itself, and the full
1,000 miles was covered at a cost of
enly $8.50 for fuel and grease. ' 1
According to Mr. Flack, mile after
mile of the trip was made along
rocky, rugged mountain trails where
1 here would have been no possible
chance of passing another car.
t Delco jx'"j5? 1
I L Phont Douglas 3697. I
1 i iiMiwirHffl - ffs,Jlf
2024 Farnam St, Omaha, Nab.
You will never get full value out of
your cr until you oil the springs
There is more friction bearing surface in a set of auto springs than in
all the rest of the car. Springs are exposed and quickly rust, the result is
squeaking and jerking. Stiff, dry, inactive springs mean hard riding,
broken spring leaves and the necessity of shock absorbers. Well lubricated
springs take the bumps out of the road, save tires and frame, and make
riding a comfort and pleasure'. The action of springs is intended to be
smooth. To accomplish this, they must be oiled. :
device fits
over the
springs and
oils them uni
formly, and
will outlast the
life of your
car. Ton can
not afford to
is without this
I W. oiler.
oil mom aim
Drive your car to 2026 Farnam and we will
equip it for you on approval if you wish.
The G. L W.
Spring Oiler, Co.
of Omaha
Phone Doug. 3217. ' Offices BS2 Brandela Bldg.
Demonstrated and On 8al at 202 Farnam 8t '
Garage and Accessory Dealers
This is a well advertised, fast-moving com
modity. Over 100,000 G. L. W. Spring Oilers
sold in the first six months.' Why not carry a
small stock and cash in on the demand we are
creating? , '
rmm closorb
Remember the Price
1 ii 1
1 .
i-'":'.'."v,,'V,V! tVf'
Mil l ! Adva
i;-ti-mm . a 1 " -W
: 3.
riTHE price of the famous Chandler Six will be advanced
December 1st. 1916, andTthe present Chandler Model in
v JL every essential way will be continued for the forthcom
ing season. We have always listed the Chandler car at the
lowest possible price consistent with manufacturing costs h
volved in producing Nthis high grad6 automobile.
We had hoped earlier this season in spite of advancing cofets
"of material to be able to continue tjie present $1295 price. But,
conditions in the industry have now come to a point, where
this is imoossible. - i
Our production costs today are fifteen and one
quarter percent (15X) higher than one year ago.
Our profit margin per car has always been small. And the '
price must, therefore, be advanced to make compensation for
increased production charges. -.. . ,
i You may purchase your Chandler rar now with the assur
ance of a marked saving in purchase price, and with the equally
important assurance that your Chandler car,s purchased now,
will be up-fo-date next spring v
, Distinctly superior Chandler features include Ae "Marvelous Motor"
" which with minor refinements from time to time has distinguished the
! Chandler car for, four years past and which will be continued in the
- forthcoming series for next season; genuine Bosch high tension mag- N
neto, the highest priced and most efficient form of ignition; Gray &
Davis separate,, unit electric starting and lighting system; silent chain
X' drive for motor shafts; solid cast aluminum motor base, extending from
frame to frame: spiral bevel gear rear axle; and the most beautiful of
, ' all modern body designs. x ' :s
Until the Close of Business Novemb 30th
Seren-Passenger Touring Car
Four-Passenger Roadster
Four-Passenger Convertible Coupe
Seven-Passenger Convertible Sedan
$1895 "
Seven-Passenger Limousin ....... $2595
Omahar,o,f r ,Company Card-Adams Motor Company
CUS BOLTON, President. " 1 i ,
DUtributors for Eastern Nebraska and Wut.rav lowk.
rav. lo
ir a I
(2520 FARNAM ST., OMAHA, NEBRASKA; Distributors for N.bruka, Iowa and South Dakota. y