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CoPTTlfht, 19K.
tntrntioual Newt gtirUfc
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
'NOW fOO 60
V - w H 1P I ; r-
- i I il in
, v
Hnskers Meet Kansas Aggies
and Jayhawkers Iowa
The foot hall teami of the Missouri
. Valley conference, excepting Drake,
which has nothing on schedule, will
have their mettle, tested today on
contests that should eliminate three
of them from the championship
chase. Alfof the, contests are be
tween conference teams. Nebraska
meeting the Kansas Aggies in Lin
coln, Kansas playing Iowa State
at Ames and Missouri contesting at
Columbia, with Washington, its an.
cient enemy, who for the first time
in many seasons, triumphed last year
over the Tigers by the score of U
to 0. - . :.. .
The Cornhuskers will be met by
what is proGably the strongest squad
the Kansas Aggies have turned out
since they joined the conference.
Each team undoubtedly will be
driven to the limit.
Kansas and Ames have no'f played
for many years and the game today
promises a hard fight. Neither of
the squads has shown well this
Missouri will go against Washing
ton as the favorites. Coach. Ed
munds is without the stars with
mhom he defeated the Missourians
a year ago, and Schalle and Brewer
of the Tigers should take the long
end of the tally.""' "
Oklahoma will play Henry Ken
dall at Norman, and Is expected to
defeat the Kendall squad by a heavy
score. Arkansas will play the Okla
homa miners at Fayetteville.
The. Haskell Indians will invade
the east tomorrow, playing Notre
Dame on the latter's home grounds.
Bill Carrigan Bids
Adieu to Champions
Of All the
Boston, Oct. 13r Today the Boston
Americans divided the winners' spoils
of the world's series, which they
closed with a victory over the Brook
lyn Nationals here yesterday. Full
shares of $3,826.25 rich were given
to twenty-two players, including sev
, eral who had figured but little in the
teams' success".
The remainder of the $97,756.47,
which the team won was given to
substitutes and club employes. Heine
Wagner and Jean Gregg received
three-quarters of a share each; Wyck
off and Pennock divided one share,
and Walsh, who came to the team
only in the last month of the season, .Lincoln, ill.
was il.uwed $l,UUU.dward Kilty, the
former secretary, and Charles Green,
the club trainer, were given $500 each
and other employes were remembered
with lesser sums.
The meeting of the players was
marked by the farewell of Manager
William Carrigan to the team which
he had piloted to world winners, in
two successive years. He said he was
"through with base ball for all time."
President Lanning, however, said he
was still hoping that Carrigan. would
return. George Foster, former crack
pitcher, who suffered from a lame
arm this season, also announced his
retirement. He will develop his farm
in Oklahoma, he said. Carrigan's
plans are uncertain.
Some of the Red Sox will remain
together for a few days to play an
exhibition game at New Haven,
Conn., next Sunday. tOhers started on
motor trips to hunting preserves in
Canada or to theif homes in distant
places. '
South Dakota Yeggs
To the Penitentiary
Sioux Falls, S. D., Oct. 13. (Spe
cial.) Thomas Perry, Harry Dean,
Thomas Dawson and W. B. Franklin,
fotar alleged yeggmen who were ar
rested at Garrctson some time ago
with a complete yeggmen's kit in their
yossession, appeared before Judge
ones of the circuit court in this city
and were given terms in the Sioux
Falls penitentiary.
- Three of the defendants were con
victed during the present term of cir
cuit court and the fourth entered a
plea of guilty. Perry and Dean were
given terms of two years each. Thom
as Dawson was given a term of one
rear and eleven months, while Frank
lin, who pleaded guilty, was given
term of one year and ten months. .
Beatrice) Hli-h IHm Xert.
Tor, Nte.. Ort. IS (Special THrir.rn
Beatrtf.'e High echool fool ball eleven
aefvetel iVork eleven this afternoon. SS to
v. Beatrice was M.een pound bar man
' heavier than - Turk, and all were In fine
coiidtllor York's elevotl wee , short our
Of lie host players, who were rrlppled up
' tew day aso In a praclloa fame. -
Foot Ball Games Today
Til rain! lhlich, at New Haven.
Harvard again nt North Car. at Cambridge,
Princeton axalnat Tufts at Princeton.
Putin, against B war th more, at Phi la.
Dartmouth against Man. Affflea, Hanover.
Brown again t Am he at, at Providence,
Cornell agalnet William, at Ithaca.
Army agalnet Holy Crow, at Wet Point
navy agatnet Pitt burgh at Annapolis,
Rutger agalnet Washington and Lee, at
New Brunswick.
B. I. atate against ' Maine, at Oorono.
n Wesleyan agalnet Bowdotn. at New Haven.
i:ommtia against Vermont, at New York.
W. Va. Weeleyan agalnat Penn State, at
Btato college.'
. Rochester agalnet Ctarkaon, at Rochester.
'union agalnet Worcester Poly, at Bchan
Trinity agaltfst Springfield, at Hartford.
Syracuse agalnat Franklin and Mat-ihall,
at Hyracuae.
Stevene Inst, agalnet Mlddlebvry, Hobeken.
tteneaeiaer oiy. against Bt. Lawrence,
New York Cnl. agalnat Haverford, N, T.
Muhlenburg agalnet Pen. MIL Cot. at
Allan town,
. Lebanon Vl, agalnet Vlllanova, Annvllle.
Lefiyette agalnat Urslnus, at Kaeton.
Johns Hopkins against Wain, at Balti
more. Hottart against Hamilton, at Geneva,
Oettyaburg agalnat Qeorge Wash, at Get
tysburg. '
Georgetown agalnet Eastern, at Wash.
Allegheny agalnet Geneva, at Beaver Palli.
Dickinson agalnet Albright, at Carlisle.
Delaware agalnet Weatern Maryland, at
Newark, Del.
Colby agatnet Ft. McKlnley, Wat rv I lie.
Carnegie Inst, agalnat drove City, Pitta.
Hucknell agalnat Susquehanna, trewlsburg.
Bates, against N. Ham, State, Lewie ton.
Cfilcago agalnat Indlaaa, at Chicago. '
Minnesota against N. Dak., at Minn.
Wisconsin agalnat 8. Dak., at Madison.
Ohio State against Oberlln, at Columbus.
Purdue against Wabash, at Lafayette.
N. Dak. Aggies agalnat St Thomas, Fargo.
Cincinnati against Georgetown Col., Cln.
Western Reserve against Akron, at Akron,
penlson against Wittenberg, at Spring Aeld.
Ohio Unl. agalnet Otterbeln, at Athens.
Ohio Wes, against Ohio North., Delawar.
Case agalnet Kenyon, at Cleveland, r
Miami agalnat Wooeter, at Wooster.
William and Vuhtl agalnat flt Ambrose,
at Aledo, 111.
W, Va. agalnat Va, Poly., at Charleston.
Wash, State agalnet Ore. Aggies, Pullman.
Wash, and Jefferson agalnat Marietta, at
Washington, Pa.
Utah Aggies against Goto, Agglss, at
Logan. Utah, t
Wyo. against Deivar Unl., at Cheyenna,
Ore. agalnat Multnomah A. C. at Eugene.
Notr Dam agalnat Haskell Indiana, at
Notre Dame.
Mich, against Mt. Union, at-Ann Arbor.
Iowa City agalnat Grlnnell, at Iowa City.
Illinois against Colgate, at Urbana.
Idaho agalnet Oonsaga, at Moscow,
California against Whit tier, at Hartley.
St. Louts against South. HI., at St Louis.
Rlpon against State Normal, at Oahkosh.
Muskingum against Marshall, at New Con.
Mornlngaldo against Buena Vista, B. C.
Mich. Aggies' agalnat Alma, Bast Lansing.
Lombard agalnat Illinois college at Gales
burg. Lawrence agalnat Marquette, at Appleton.
Lake Forest against Y. M, C. A., at
Lake Forest
Knot against Parsons, at Fairfield.
Kalamaaoo agalnet Adrian, at Kalamasoo.
Kansas agalnat lova Stale, at Ames.
James MUllkln agalnat III. Stale Normal
at Decatur,
Huron against Sioux Falls, at Huron.
Hillsdale against West. State Nor., Hllli
dale. Heldelbsrf against Hiram, at Hiram.
Hanover agalnat Rose Poly., at Hanover.
Dubuque German agalnat Wta, State Nor
mal at La Crosse.
Des Moines agalnat Highland Park, at
Dee Moines.
Dak. Wes. against Unl. of S, Pak., at
Cos against Monmouth,', Cedar Rapid
Butler against Karl ham, at lndlann,o)1a.
, Delolt against Northwestern Col., Be toll.
Baker against Washburn, at Tope k a.
Central col. against State Nor., Klrksvllle.
Bradley Poly, agalnat Lincoln collegs at
Drak agalnat Nebraska, at Lincoln.
Creighton Plays x '
. Methodists Today
Nebraska Weslevan invades the
Creighton camp this afternoon, con
fident of victory. Coach Kline has
shifted the lineup and strengthened
it from every viewpoint and . the
Methodist team has the "pep" that to
a considerable degree will overbalance
any lack pf knowledge of the finer
points of the game. The Westeyan
team this year is made up entirely of
new material and after the 0-to-0
game with Peru, gloom invaded the
school, but Coach Kline so materially
strengthened his lineup during the
following week that when the team
met South Dakota they rushed them
off their feet with at 21-to-0 scdre.
Blodgett, the Drake half, is being
played at full and the backfield work
is being built around him. Owing to
an injury in practice Blodgett will play
nis nrai gamp tor vvesieyan today.
Captain Hughes, whose regular posi
tion has been in the line, is playing
at half and Carmen has been replaced
by Culbertson at quarter One Oma
ha man will be in the line uo in. to
day's game for the Methodists, Harold
urove, wno piayea tackle on ,last
year's high school team, is playing
tackle on the Wesleyan varsity and
last week made two jf the three
touchdowns against South Dakota.
' lurrart On
Hnperlor, Neb.. Oct 1J. (Bperlel Tele
tram.! Harvard beat Bupertor today . to
0. on the Bupe-lor field. Superior waa
handicapped by hevtns It, alar halfback
and one of Ita enda out of..the game, on
account of Injurlea leat week. Superior had
the .boll within three lnrha of Harvard'a
axial In the second quarter, but . lojt u on
down. .
"; Foot Ball Results
Upstate High School Eleven
Wins, Twenty-Seven to
Omaha High, Il Council Btarfe, .
Norfolk lllak, SI ComMeree of Omaha, .
North rinlt.i Kith, ISi Cnrtb Afllee. IS.
Henlriee Hleh, 48 1 York Hlfh, a.
Hervtrd llltfh, 4l Hupeiinr High, f. ' "
HoWk Ooaaha Ulrb, ll lUair, .
Sport Calendar Today
Rotttaew-Optnlng of six day meeting of
KetiU worth Boeing association, Windsor,
A ste mobile -Orassd American fall antomo-
Mis rao at Chicago Hpeedway (Nonday)
BoxlajgKnoekont Brown against Harry
ureoe, su rsoaas, at niwoargn.
..C.IC Reeves
, .R.O.IR.O Andereon
.. Roaa
Norfolk, Neb., Oct 13. (Special
Telegram.) The Norfolk High school
defeated the Omaha Commercial High
school foot ball team here this after
noon, 27 to 0.N The first Norfolk
touchdown was made in three minutes
of play and while the Leavenworth
Street eleven was outclassed in many
plays, Captain Reeves, backed by M.
Rakusek, Dewey and Conhiser, was
able to hold the Norfolkans without
a score in the last two quarters. Simp
kins,' the Norfolk star left half, did the
plunging' for Norfolk, breaking
through the Commercial lines at will,
making several sensational end runs,
one for a thirty-yard gain.
The last three minutes of play was
sensational, the ball being on the
Commercial five-yard line. Holding
the line Reeves' aggregation punted
back to the thirty-yard line. Nor
folk's touchdowns were made in the
first two Quarters of the srame. '
Caotaiu Reeves declared that thrf!
. . . . . .
Umaha Central High which cornel
here next Friday would be about
evenly matched with Norfolk, the
Omaha backfield probably being
lightly-.heavier than, the Norfolk
squad. , The lineup:
Roranauah RTIBT
Hill, R.HUR.H.,
Willy L.O.L.G..
Zurbdlsen LT.'L.T..
Shlvoly L.K.I LB.. B. Rokuaek
Koeenthal q B iQ B, Conhlier
aimpklna LH.jL.H... Pewev
Uallantlna F.B.IF.B P.l.r.
ekev RH.IRH Rokuaek
Touchdowns! Slmpklne (S), Ballatlna.
Goal. i Rorapauih IS). Umpire: Olll, Madl-
on. Referee: Kline, Norfolk. Head llnea-
man: Daubert, Norfolk. Tim of quartern:
IS. It, IS, IS.
Ames Expects Big
Crowd at the Game
Ames, la., Oct. 13. (Special.) The
seats for the Kansas game tomorrow
are going fast. The new concrete
stands hold about 6.000 comfortably.
and the gymnasium office expects a
capacity crowd if the day is good for
cars to travel. The coaches have de
cided not to give out the lineup.
mere may be a change or two and
there may not be. Several candidates
who are second string men now have
excellent chances to get on the first
string. ,
The first string men got no scrim
mage today, that brutal ohase of the
practice being confined to the scrubs.
The top of the varsity squad finished
its hard work for the Kansas game
Wednesday, night and is resting now
for the Missouri valley test.
Ames has been learning more foot
ball since the Highland Park frame.
and it would be no surprise to see the
lycioncs attempt a last eame with an
intermingling of passing.
Chicago and Hoosier
' Tll?--' TT'11 All 1
iiievens vvm uiasn
Chtratrtv Oct 12 Pnt hall
Of th mtHrtls Wtr will trine MA ac
tion tomorrow for the real test of the
season, ine Colgate eleven of Ham-i
ilton, N. Y.,.wili oppose the Mini at;
Urbana, x
Chic aim anrl Indiana will fsn:.U
the only contest having a direct bear-1
mo on thi "tticr" l.Amn;A.i.:
This game probably will eliminate
we ivacr irum me western conierence
race. It is the only contest on tomor
row's schedule bringing "Big Nine"
teams together.
Minnesota will have NoVth ' Da
kota as its foe and is regarded a
certain winner. v
Wisconsin in Yrterf. ,n
over South Dakota State,, which lost
to Minnesota last week, 7 to 41. Notre
Lme win take on the tricky Haskell
Indians at Notre Dame.
Kelleker Harvard Champ.
V.....U. .u.q. wu , . n. t. if, koi-
icner or ispoKane, Waah., won the tennis
champlonehlp of Harvard university today
by defeatlna W, Rand ol Bya. n" y U
atralsht tela, ., ?-. s-S.
Belleyue Scrubs
' To Play Deaf Lads
The Bellevue college reserve meet
the Nebraska Deaf Institute foot ball
team this afternoon at the Douglas
county fair grounds. A .stiff contest
is looked for as both sides have been
making stern preparations.
Coach Benjamin of Bellevue has
been drilling his second-string men
hard all week. The suburban., scrubs
anticipate no easy time of it this after
noon, for they are bearing in mind the
close score of the game between the
Deaf Institute and Omaha university.
Only second team men will be taken
on the trip and varsity men will get a
rest until next week, when practice
will begin in earnest for the game
with Trinity. ., '
The probable lineup for Bellevue is
as follows: P. Picotte and- Parnrle.
ends; Cushing and Day, tackles;
Primroe and J. Kinnier, guards; Red
fern, center; Evans, quarter; Stewart
Allen and Dunlap, halves; Shainholtz.
fulL 'i
Conquerors of Harvard Go
Against Foot Ball Team
From Princeton.
" 1 " 1 1 1 t
New York, Oct. 13. Eastern foot
ball will come into its' own tomor
row with the playing of a number of
contests, which promise close strug
gles. Chief interest, will center in
the meeting of Princeton and Tufts,
although there are several inter-sectional,
games on the schedule.
The veteran Tufts combination
with the victory of last Saturday
over Harvard-to spur it on, will at
tempt to repeat at tnc expense of the
Princeton eleven, f he Tigers may be
expected to offer a desperate resist
ence against the rapid (ire open and
overhead play of Tufts and the con
test should uncover some remarkable
foot ball.
Harvard will entertain -the eleven
of the University of North Carolina
and the southern team is expected to
Kive the Crimson stiff opposition
throughout the play. Yale will havo-
Lemgh as an opponent.
The University of Pennsylvania
will have its old-time rival, Swarth
more at Franklin field, and the conr
test will give the Red and Blue sup
porters another opportunity to get a
line on-the advance made by the
Quakers under the coaching of Fot
well. The Navy will play the Univer
sity of Pittsbugh, which overwhelm
ingly defeated the Naval cadets last
Holy Cross, which held the Army
to a tie in 1915, again will be the
guests of the cadets at West PointT
Cornell will have Williams as oppo
nent; Dartmouth will tackle the
Massachusetts Aggies. Brown plays
Amherst and Rutgers will meet the
Washington and Lee combination,
which last season was a remarkable
scoring machine. In addition to these
contests there is a number of other
games, in which closely, matched
elevens will meet
Gibbons arid Dillon
Sign for a Fight
Chicago, Oct. lXArticles closing
a ten-round contest between Mike
Gibbons of St. Paul and Jack Dillon
of Indianapolis were signed here to
day. The contest is to be decided
in St. Paul on a date between Novem
ber 10 and IS.
The boxers agreed to weigh 161
pounds at 3 o'clock on the day of the
contest. Dillon is to receive a guar
antee of $7,500.
Wotttiq Team T.rtS!(sa
' T Vnnlrrnn TloTTOTt
xuuiauvu auvtvu .
In Fast Struggle
Wayne, Neb., Oct. 13. (Special
State Normal foof ball team was de
feated by the Yankton College eleven
heer this afternoon by score of
14 to 0. The 'game was featured by
fast playing on both sides, Wayne
men outweighing Yankton's by about
tvlv nnunda to the man. Yankton's
advantage Was in team work, good
formation tactics ana runs. -
Yankton scored the first in the
middle of the second quarter by
fake side line play, H. R. Best carry
ing the ball over the line. Green
kicked goal. Then they started out
strong for a second touchdown with
a long end run. The half ended with
the teams fighting on Wayne's ten
yard line. .
Yankton scored their second touch
down in the first quarter of the last
half by a fake forward pass, T. Bower
to G. May.
In the first quarter Wayne worked
down the field toward their goal.
maKinff snort sains dv naro line punt
ing and forward passes. Time was
called with the abll on Yankton'
twenty-yard line. Last year's coach,
. J. Lross ot Wtsner, retereea ana
V. L. Carberry of Sioux City um
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