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Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
- Bobins Draw First Blood in the
. Second Frame, but Bean
town Boys Start to
. - " 5 , Pound Ball.
' (Continued Prom Poto On.)
, ; defensive ball, and Brooklyn never
threatened:- ''"
New Record of Figures.
.. ,v Thf attendance and receipts for
-'today's game established a new rec
ord in this department' of world's
iSeries history, supplanting the figures
- made 'in-the same park October .11,
a year ago, wnen ine amounts were
jt.few' hundred less. , Neither the to
tal attendance-or monev taken in at
v. the bdx qffice suprpassed the banner
r recoros made in mi and wu, but
the amount divided among the players
- "established a new standard for money
i vron by the ' contestants. V
; The attendance for the five games
his year amounted to 162,359, and -the
.' receipts' $3SS",S90.50: Of this sum the
' players received $162,927.45; each club
$82,062.02, and the national commis
sion, $$38,559.05. The Boston club as
, winners, .divided $93,756.47,. on a basis
.of - twenty-five , shares,, which the
playersar .understood to have agreed
.upon.a'thetnetho(l Si apportionment.
tf-sThu rwoaW lloW $3,910.26- a share.
The :atwentythree Broklyn players as
.yHosers,; djvrd' $65,170.95 into eqnal
? .-snares: -gt WfiMXi. eafn, .Owing to
the fact' fhaf there are more players
"to-'share iH the winners' money this
. year, the individual share is. not a
. record.. ..firr- f '"' y
. Shore In' Fine Form. y v"
The iVame - begin at 2 6'clocit.
PitcherTshore wis in fine form and
struck out1 Myersthe first Brooklyn
batsman, 'on , three pitched balls.
Myers did not Strike at any of them.
"Jake'Mjaiibert had a count of two
when he chopped a grounder in front
gl the plate and-was thrown out by
etcher. Cady,,.. Scott, in .'his hurry
to head off Stengel; -who grounded
to short, threw the ball over Hoblitzr
ell's head and .the runner was safe,
Scot's irst error of the! series, Wheat
ended' the inning by sending foul
t6' H6blitzell. ' V;
' The world's chamolons wierit out In
order in their first inning! Hooper,
first up, grounded out, Cutshaw to
Daubert, Janvrin went out,' Mowrey
w v.uuii uu uuiicm uica out 10
tyheC;;;..U-.. '.',. ....y .'.'.,-.
j Brooklyn" got 'an unearned run, )n
the second inning'.1 Cutshaw walked
arid went, to second on Mowrey's
sacrifice,-: Hoblitzell to. Shore. Olson
grounded out, Gardner to Hoblitzell,
Cutshaw going to third He scored
On a passed ball - by Cady. Myers
ended thftdftfling by grounding out,
Scott to HobHfzell.
"The day. was bitter cold wltbv
. piercing wind from the east The
spectator's who paid $83,873 to witness
. the trinWph of the American league
champions, .came prepared for the No-
' vembetike weather. Overcoats, furs,
art ne'vygfevr were much .in evir
dence, 't '.
I Aide from Shore's cleverness, cold
weather' hurling and a sensational
shortstop .catch by Wheaf off Shore
in. ttle fifth and its mate by Lewis in
f thfi ighthyWhett he robbed Merkle,
b'atfjng for Ffeffer of an apparently
sre jatitofcUb Wme. was devoid of
featlire. olvs. . . '- . - .
. . ..!..-- t . :
i '-"' ; ')RuslJ: on the Field. ', y, ,. '
i'lmmediately after Scott had cidched
the championship by gobbling Mow
rey's. abort fly for the .final count of
the game,, the spectators rushed upon
the field and fell in behind the Royal
: BooteT's and their band for parade.
On the. first circuit of the diamond
they' captured President J:. J. Lan
mn bf . the Boston ;lub, and then
crossed th'e field-'after President C.
H; Elrbets" of Brooklyn. Amid the
cheer--o 'the., fans, the: rival clubs'
executives joined arms and led the
march,- while thousands ire te stands
stayed to watch the celebration. ,
-The players, however, did not wait
to fake ' part in the improptu cer-
mdnies; '-Both-teams rushed for their
, dressing rooms and there were few
if any, congratulations. Manager
Robinson did not meet Manager Car
ngaiN in' bis dash across the field,
and there ,n no- public greeting or
hand clasp between the pair. Many
of ."the . fans,, howevev shook hands
with, the:, Boston players and with
Manager Carrigan, who said again
that, he had retired from professional
base, bait with today's game. - y
"f. ; Robinr First to Score. '
' A was- the' case, in yesterday's
.game,, Brooklyn was the first to score.
Its only and unearned tally came in
he second session, when Shore issued
his -only5 pass of th'e -day, Cutshaw
to first , Mowrey sacrificed him to
-second, from which point he moved
to third on Olson's infield out, and
Official Score of the Fifth a t X
World's Series Babe Ball Game
Brooklyn. AB.R.BH.PO.A.
Myers, cf.,4 0 0 0 0
D'bert, lb .4
Stengel, rf.4
Wheat, If.. 4
C'shaw, 2b. 3
M'rey, 3b.. 3
Olson, ss...3
Meyers, c.3
Pfeffer, p,.2
Merkle .1
Dell, p. . . .0
0 1
0 -o
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 10
1 0
0 2
E. Boston. ! AB.R.BH.PO.A.
0 Hooper, rf. 3 2 4 1 0
0 J'vrin, 2b . 4
0 5h'ten, cf. .3
O H'lit'll, lb.3
0 Uwis, lf..3
1 G'dner, 3b. 2
2 Scott, ss. . . 3
0 Cady, c. .. .3
0 Shore, p, . .3
0 1
0 ToUli. ..27 4' 7 27 14
0 14
2 1 .
Totals. ..31 1 3 24 13 3 ' ... ' N - '
"Batted for Pfeffer in the eighth' inning. - ' '''' y '
Brooklyn ............ ;..;.0 v U 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Boston 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 A
. Two base hit: Janvrin. Three-base hit i-Lewis. Sacrifice
hits: Mowrey, Lewis, Shorten.' Sacrifice fly: Gardner. Left on
bases: Brooklyn. 5: Boston. 4. ' First base on errors: Brooklyn.
2; Boston, 1. Bases on balls: Off Pfeffer, 2; off Shore, 1. Hits
and earned runSt Off Pfeffer, 6. hits 2 runs in 7 innings: off
Dell, 1 hit, no runs in 1 inning; off Shore, 3 hits, no runs in nine
innings. Struck out: By Pfeffer, 2; by Shore, 4. Wild pitches:
Pfeffer, 2. Passed ball; , Cady. Umpires: At plate,, Connolly)
on bases, O'Dayj left field, Quigley; right, field, Dineen. Time
of game: 1:43. yy.J' -;: '.' ." t . .';.-. :.
. ivl,n '' Qhnr. ' Mnrra,rit .'tl
plate with s passed t'. '
Boston evened the score in-its half
of the'setondi After Hoblitzell was
thrown out by Pfeffer, Lewis drove
the ball to the left ifield (ence'J for
three tosCT.'-Wheaf'inissWftreH a
bad bound. Gardner hoisted a sacri-'
It (I., U7t...f An. , ,!.
plate: was wide. Lewis'" scared .yalilyv
M'owrey incurred an error, by drop
ping Scott's foul a moment before'
Scott fouled out to Chief Meyers. '
The National league champions'
-were quickly disposed of in -the third.
Pfeffer struck out.; Myers grounded,
Gardner to Hoblitzell, and Daubert
poked an easy roller ot Shore, who
threw him out. .'-'. v '
Carrigan's -men went Into lead in'
their half Of the' third, never to be
headed.- -Cady singled to right field.
Daubert leaping into the air to -check
the speed, of the ball, phich probably
would have- gone for two basts. In
an attempted sacrifice Shore raised a
low foul that Chief Meyers, gathered,
in. Hooper walked, on four straight
balls. Then Olson fumbled Janvrin's
grounded and in his eagerness to
hurry ithe throw, . made a wild heave
to, right field, permitting Cady to
scpre from second, and .Hooper to:
take third. With Shoten 'at bat, 'Janv
rin -tried to steal, but was thrown
out, Myers to Olson. Shoten banged
a base hit to center field, scoring.
Hooper. : Shoten 'also 'also' tried to
steal second, but Was turned back on
Meyers' good throw to Olson. ' ,,
.,. Robins Easy 'Victims.'
" The Brooklyn! were easy victims in'
tne tourth. Stengel tlied to Shorten,
Wheat fanned and , Cutshow was
thrqwn out by Shpre.. For Boston,'
Hoblitzell got a base , on balls, and
was-- advanced to second on Lewis'
sacrifice, Daubert to .Cutshaw. .He
went, to third on Gardner's' out Cut
shaw to Daubert and was left when
Sc6tt grounded Out, , Olson to
Daubert. , ;. ,, .' ;". .v ;. y- I '
Brooklyn's first hit off Shore came
In the fifth inning, a scratchy single
by Meyers. Mowrey opened the in
ning by grounding out, Gardner to
Hoblitzell, and Olson sent a long' fly
to Shorten. Then; the Indian" catcher
gushed a single to short, which no
ody could field in time to head him
Oft at firsts Pfeffer was thhron out
by Gardner. Boston's last run came,
in the fifth inning. Cad shot a
grounder at Olson and was thrown
out. Sh6re lifted -a fly to Wheat,
which the.;latter caught, after, hard
run. Hooper hit the first ball pitched
to right for a singled -Janvrin also
hit the first ball to left -center and
got twO. bases. Hooper- scoring on
the drive. 'The high wirid' carried the
ball away from Myers, ...who barely
managed to touch .it A. wild' pitch
put Jan.vrin on third. Shorten struck
put- '' . .'..:'.-X-a: .;'V-- f. ,
Pitching High'. Class Ball : j
The sixth inning made it .apparent
that, barring a break, Boston mould
win the game and the-championship.
Shore was pitching high class ball.
In this inning, "Hy" Mvers flied out
to Shorten, Daubert grounded out,
Gardner to Hoblitzell and Stengel
sent up a fly to Seott ' i .
For Boston, Hoblitzell grounded
out to Daubert, unassisted, Lewis
singled down the left field, foul line
and was forced at second by Gardner,
Olson to Cutshaw. Gardner Went to
second on a wild pitch' (hat, got
through Meyers' hands. Scott; ended
the inning by being thrown out by
Mowrey. ' r
Brooklyn got two men on the bases
after two were out in the seventh
inning. Wheat flied to Hooper and
Cutshaw went out Shore to Hoblit
zell. Mowrey then got Brooklyn's
second single by shooting a drive to
left field. Olson's grounder was
fumbled by Scott, who threw far over
.Hoblitrell's 'head,' enabling Mowrey
to reach third and Olson second.
Meyers grounded out Scott to Hob
litzell. ', .
-. Boston's' time' at bat was brief.
Cady' fouled-to Mowrey, Shore struck
'chit -'and'' Hooper's, gounder" was
Scooped by Cutshaw and the runner
was- tetired.' j . '.. .'. . . . ''
'i ' : Send Merkle to Bat. -. -"
', Minager, Robinson sent. Merkle to
pat in, place of- Pfeffer in the eighth
inning, but the . best he could do was
to send a fly-to Lewis. Center Field-.
;e'r Myers popped but to Short and
iake.muDert went out, scott to Hob
tzell. . y .'.'; -.''.-
tDell. went to the pitching $ox. for
Brooklyn in .the eighth' inning and
Janvrin hit the first .ball pitched to
left field for a single. Boston's sec
ond baseman moved to. second on
Shorten's sacrifice, Mowrey to Dau
bert, but got no further as bath'pob
litzell and Lewis flied to Wlitat. .
Brooklyn's .hopes were ..raised
slightly in its last turn at bat when
Stengel singled to left field. But
Wheat struck out. StengeJ moved to
second on Cutshaw's out. lanvrin to
HoblrtielL Mowrey raised a pop fly-1
to aeon ana tne Boston s aaaed an
other world's championship to: their
already brilliant record.
Rooters Accompany ;
Omaha Uni Team
' ,.,..' :. . ' -. 4 S.
One hundred University of Omaha'
students and the members of the,
foot ball team, left for Lincoln over
the Burlington this morning, to play
the Cotner game at Bethany today.
The foot ball men-making the trip;
were: Lowe, Simmons, Penny, Sie
be'rt,' Orexel,' Cohan, Flnkenstein. De
Lamatre, Muir,' Korbmaker, Jenkins,
Saruuelson arid' Crawford. J
Until, last night, Coach' 'De 'La
matre lamented the absenc-of Corb
tpaker, who was injured inithe Tar
kio game last Friday, but he1 is happy
now as his heavy line man' has.. re
turned to.' the fold and . wilt play
today; .'kt ,.' . -J ,
South High Eleven
To Play Blair Friday
The South High team will leave for
Blair "today,, where' they " will -meet
the Blair eleven. Coach' Patton of
the South team is running his men
through stiff practice eyjry afternoon,,
going over the bid plays and practic
ing new ones. Joe Dwprak, fullback
on the South teant, '' who : had .his
shoulder injured in the Central High
game, will probably be in the game.
: " You Cannot ' Ha Your
Bglae to a point wharo Pan-h-'d
Oil will not hibrlcata it.
Pmbard Oil Ik th only oU that
will not earboniif I tht eyllndera.
Panbtrd OU it th fnir oil that
rUin. ite 'i-bricatinlri quJlti at
at tarapaTBturai.
- Lat tti ctiacusa thla aH ajvatttoii
with t mm raeommsjhd tka
fta4abaat aoHs to your oar.
; r';.f j, OMAHA ','.
juMnawM amppnaa.
British Vessel Reported Sunk
Off Nantucket Thousands
of Miles Away.
Boston, Oct 12. The British
steamer Kingston reported as among
those torpedoed by a - German sub
marine off Nantucket last Sunday, is
safe in port according to word re
ceived today by John M. Thomas of
this city, local manager of the Ley
land line, which owns the steamer.
Mr.. Thomas said his information
showed . that the Kingttonian was
thousands of miles from Nantucket
last Sunday.' . . . - I
'Motion Pictures Shown ' ' ;
Of Missionary Work
Des Moines, la., Oct. 11. Motion
pictures showing the work of mission
aries broad, were 'features of. the
night session of the annual interna
tional convention of the Church of
Christ in session here.
Saved Her Daughter's Life. 7
"Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy saved my daugh
ter's life when she had cholera morbus
at the age of 14 months. She vomited
every few minutes and we were un
able to keep any medicine down long
enough to benefit her until we gave
her this remedy. The doctor being at
our house, I' asked' him - what he
thought about her using it, and he
said as he was unable to do the child
any gopd, I had better use it. The
second dose she kept down and in a
short time the bowels were checked
and she improved rapidly after that,"
writes Mrs. Jennie , Moyer, Lima,
Ohio. Obtainable everywhere. Adv.
Sport Calendar Today
Wtn acahirt KM Cotton,
N.w York, tailor Klikt
gollut Otto Wallovo. flftona mod, at Ok-
lahnm. ('.It. Tomnu Rommi ocoli
Bnvl. ,wIt. n inula, oi Ho. fen A. Rom Lu
fora onlut M JpanB.tU, mi roandi, at
Hyraewo, Donor rwiww ntolnot WlUlo
SrhMfw. Ion roajMU. at FotkitlUo, Fa.
root Ron WUIIom ' ond Jtrmn a-olaot
WMtmloator ot rolton. Mo. Nokraoko W
l.;.n otoioit Crolffhton. ot Omoho. ilottlnn
slul-Vork ol fork. Nth. Torklo ozoJm
1' -Vormol ot Vtn, Mob. I olrmlir ol
Omoho tolnt Ootnrr ot Rcthoov, (b.
tlpprr lowo oaolhftt lowo Stolo Tomdaio. ot
Fnyvito, lo. Bouthweotorn oHa osmlmt
Fofrmonnt, ot Wlnflvld. Hon. Houthern unl
vr.ltr OKHln.1 Huword, ot ttrtMMboro. Alo.
Hlmpmin oaolMt loondor Ctork. ot Tolvdo.
lo. Hloo lnHtltuto oootoit Auvtln, ot Houii
ton, Ttx. Peno oaolmt Control, ot OdkoIooro,
lo. Ottowo anlOHt Konioa Normol, ot Km
Nru., Han. liiinout nowjn npuin m.
ro llllonla Normal, ot Charleatoo. III. Kon.
... U'Mleyon oralnal fort Hon Normal, ol
B.lirKO OBOinai nruinn,, n,
Uuhaqno osolnal ElUworin, ot
. III.
lowo folia, lo. Cariatoa onlnat Mi
ot North! laid, ' Minn. Arkomau ooUat a
arolnat Ar konwa Aailaa. at Rotaairtlla, Ark.
lilufkburn oiolait BhurilotC, at CorUnrUla,
lillnola. ,
Persistent Advertising Is the ' '
Road to Success. . . .
WalTro in TTia Sloon
in i rv. ti tit in kiiiiiiiii i
Falls to His Death
-';!.-- ,v ; .t . .-';..
. Dead wood, S .D., Oct. 12. Worn
over a case in which he was a wit
ness yesterday, caused Frank Kink ol
Oelricha, to walk in his sleep earl
this morning and plunge from a sec
ond story window in Tiis hotel. Hit
injuries are considered fatal.
iiee Axwortny xrets
; New World's Record
Lexington, Ky., Oct. 12. Lee Ax
worthy, . world's champion trotting
stallion, established s .new world'i
record for stallions to wagon here
today, when ' he trotted a mile in
2:02M in an effort to beat the record
of 2:5S.
' . Sootnot Vonr Cauih and Cokt, I,-.
' Dr. Ball's. Pln-Tor-l)onr oothj lb
row aiiots, oaaas ooogh, klllo oold sermi
lie. All racilata. Advartlaemant.
First Arrivals of Cadillac Enclosed Models
-ViJt I, U''.i'OH'.t .."'fa,,
Type 55 Cadillac Victoria, Price $2650.00.
We take pleasure in announcing the arrival of the new Type 55,
Eight-Cylinder' Cadillac Victoria and Brougham, the first of the Cadil
lac enclosed cars to reach Omaha. v ; : 1 1 f ": .
' - These7 cars are; the very latest products of the Cadillac Motor Car Company and
the very latest designs in enclosed models. We are offering them for your inspection
and we believe we are' offering two of the finest, most luxurious and 'comfortable
enclosed cars ever shown in Omaha. ;'. v" , -: .
. They are the very height of luxury and refinement in motor cars, the latest achieve
ments of the builders, who for years have set the Standard of the World in automo
bile development '
THE. TYPE 65 CADILLAC VICTORIA, Springfield type, gives a combination
of all around utility and luxury seldom found in cars of this style, It is an all-year .
car. By the simple turning of thumb screws the glass sides and doors are entirely
removed, converting the handsome Victoria into a classy summer roadster. It is a
four-passenger car a comfortable seat for two passengers, a detached seatfor the
driver and an auxiliary seat folding under the cowel at the right. The cars now on
, exhibition are upholstered in rich gray and tan tapestry and we are offering a variety ; ;
. ' of bedfords, brocades, mohairs and tapestries for your choice in the finish of the car. 1
. The car has many conveniences for the comfort of the passengers and no detail has
been overlooked in the desire to make it a car of exceptional refinements. It is the
- ' ideal car for the professional man. . yt;r.. ' -'.-,' ' . , '
THE TYPE 65 CADILLAC BRbyGH AM is a five-passenger, inside drive limous
ine, with divided front seat. Disappearing auxiliary seats make it possible' to con- -
h 0 vert this into a comfortable seven-passenger car. It is richly upholstered and fin- " '
ished throughout. -There are cut glass Pullman type electric lights, taffeta window'
curtains and many other refinements of appointments. The windows and doors are of
. '. , heavy plate glass, easily and quickly lowered. . - . . -
Both these cars are now on exhibition in our showroom
Imperial Limousine, seven-passenger, $3,875
, Laundelet, seven-passenger 8,875
' . Seven-passenger Convertible , 2,800
Coupe, four-passenger 2,900
Standard Limousine, seven-passenger, 8,700'
Touring Car, seven-pasenger . ....... $2,150
Touring Car, five-passenger........ 8,160'
Club Roadster (Cloverleaf), . .
four-passenger ............ .., 2,150
Runabout, two-passenger .......... 2,150
Cadillac Company of Omaha .
206O 64 Farnam Strest ; CEO.F.REIM.Preslc(ni Phona Douglas 4$
''ft '1.