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BrieJ City News
Half Ksrat Whit. Plimndi t: Edholro.
H. Boot Prtal It Now Bcon Pr
Uvhtlng Fixture Rurceu-Orandn Co
Phone Bedford's New Coal Yard
J 017 N. J3d. for Paradise coal, best
for furnaces. Doug. 115.
Democratic Women to Meet The
Women's Democratic league will meet
Saturday afternoon at i:30 at Parlor
B, Paxton hotel.
Mast Not Abuse Family Otto Lln
dle, 1620 North Twentieth street, ar
rested on a charge of abusing his fam
ily, was arraigned In police court, and
was allowed to depart with a thirty
day suspended sentence.
Bnys More Bonds The Water
board authorized the investment of
137,000 more of surplus funds In
bonds, making the present total in
vestment of water district funds in
bonds and warrants i,vso,uvv.
Bush Order for Police Fifteen min
utes after the police had received a
wire asking them to locate Joe B.
Bymun of Muskogee, Wis., and tell
him to come home because his mother
Is seriously ill, he was enroute to
purchase a ticket He was found at
WOrK lu oitu a uiio a, . wu. bo..b..
and Farnam streets.
Garden Club Reorganises The
Oarden club of the Central High
, school has reorganized for this year
and will hold a series ol experiments,
visits, to nearby farms, and hikes.
, Ruth Swenson was elected .president
' of the society; Ruby Swenson, vice
president; Alice Dean, secretary, ana
Delia Euion, treasurer.
Mrs. Young Seeks Divorce Charles
Roy Youi.g, clerk in the city engin
eer's office, has been made the de
fendant in a suit for divorce filed by
his wife, Edith, charging Infidelity
and cruelty. Mrs. Young asks the
custody of the two children, the
household goods and sufficient ali
mony to care for the youngsters.
Omaha Men at Wyoming Fair The
Wyoming state fair is on this week at
Douglas, Wyo., and according to re
ports coming to the Northwestern and
Burlington offices the attendance is
the largest in years A number of
the South Omaha live stock men and
a number of the Omaha railroad men
are at the Wyoming fair.
TTvtm Tfoln At. RtAt.lftn In anticioa-
tlon of large crowds coming in on the
trains during the balance of this and
all of next week, extra porters and
red cap men have been put on duty
"at both the Union and Burlington
stations. Men whose duties are to di
rect strangers to points of interest up
town have been hired and are on duty
at both places.
Takes Case From Jury Olaf O. 01
sen loot his suit against the street
railway company when District Judge
Estelle issued instructions to the Jury
directing that a verdict be returned
for the defendant. Olsen sued for 10,
150 damages because he alleged he
walked behind an eastbound car at
in iront oi a wesioouna car. no
maintained negligence caused his in
juries. "Under the law he is not en
titled to recover damages," read the
instructions. "
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderland.
Special Trains Two
Nights Next Week
In anticipation of an immense
crowd in Omaha the day of the visit
Df President Wilson next Thursday,
the Omaha road will run a special
train out from the Webster street de
pot at' about 11 o'clock at night, go
ing as far as Sioux City and making
stops at all intermediate stations.
While the schedule has not been
prepared, on its main line to a point
as far east as Corroll, la., the North
western will probably run a special
Thursday night This train will prob
ably leave at about 11 o'clock.
The Union Pacific, Burlington and
Missouri Pacific are figuring on run
ning specials out Thursday night, but
have not yet arranged the schedules.
If the trains are run they will likely
go out on the same schedules as those
of next Wednesday night, following
the passing of the electrical parade.
If You Have Moved You
Must See Mr. Moorhead
Mr. Voter, have yon moved within
the last ten days?
Have you moved since you regis
tered for the November election?
If vou have changed your place of
residence, Election Commissioner
Aloorneaa requests tnat you can on
him at the court house.
"Hundreds of votes will be chal
lenged at election time unless the tax
payers and voters register from their
new homes. In case they are quali
fied voters and have not lived in the
precinct the required length of time,
affidavits will be required before the
vote is cast," said Mr. Moorhead. "It
is but self-protection to the voter that
he regiser again if he moves from
one precinct to another. Strokes of
the pen at this time save trouble and
expense at the election."
Newlyweds Will Make
Their Future Home in Borneo
Borneo holds attractions for a pair
of newly-weds who appeared at the
court house to secure the little blue
marriage license that starts them on
their way to marital bliss. Gerald
Dalton, an attache of the British gov
ernment, recently a resident of Sioux
Falls, S. D., will take his bride, nee
Margaret B. Dalton, to the isle soon
after their marriage. They will make
and are permitted to marry under the
Nebraska law. The ceremony will be
performed by Dean Tancock of Trin
ity cathedral. Mrs. Johnson, superin
tendent of Brownell Hall, accom
panied them in their quest for the
JUMP Hundreds of these sturdy animals have supplanted
horses as mounts for the British and Indian troops in the
Egyptian campaign. They are trained along the same lines
as are cavalry mounts, the work in this respect being left
entirely to the Indian troopers, recognized as the foremost
riders of the world.
X b JI
Makes Draft of tjie
Cost of Free Bridge
Preliminary drafts and estimates of
the cost of the proposed free bridge
across the Missouri prepared by
County Engineer Lou Adams were
sent to County Surveyor Howard of
Pottawattamie county Saturday
morning. Mr. Howard will compate
these estimates with those prepared
by the Iowa state engineer ana will
take them before the board of army
engineers of the Missouri division
at Kansas City on Thursday. He
will return to confer on estimates
prepared by State Engineer Johnson
of Nebraska at the luncheon of lead
ers at the Commercial club Monday,
when a definite plan of action will be
mapped out
Bishop Stuntz is to
Talk on "Bible Study"
Bishop Homer Stuntz of the Metho
dist Episcopal church will give an
address Friday evening at 8 o'clock
in the auditorium of the Young
Men's Christian association building.
His topic will be "Bible Study."
It will be the opening rally of all
those interested in the neighborhood
Bible classes in Greater Omaha.
"The World's Best Table Watern
3cncord Club Plans Big
Rally for Fall Meeting
Plans for a big rally to be held the
evening of October 12 were made at
the weekly meeting and luncheon of
i he Omaha Concord club at the Hotel
i ontenelle at noon. The program
committee announced that it would
spring several surprises in the enter
tainment at the first night meeting
1 his fall.
On account of it being Ak-Sar-Ben
week there will be no noonday meet
ing next Thursday.
Hollis M. Johnson, president of the
Concordians, acted as chairman of
this week's meeting.
Liver Trouble.
"I am bothered with liver trouble
about twice a year," writes Joe Ding
man, Webster City, la. "I have pains
in my side and back and an awful
soreness in my stomach. I heard of
usmuciMiii a Aauicia ..iiu liicu UICIII.
of them I was feeling fine and had no
signs of pain." Obtainable everywhere.
1SI3-I515 HowardSt wlc
It Pays to Get Our Every Day
Low Prices Before Your Buy
The needed
piece fof your
dining room is
now on our
New patterns in
the finest woods,
Saving Prices
Leather Seat
Golden Oak Dinar,
near Illustra
tion S2.7S
Th.r. are many
other blf values
In this section.
Buff at
oak ...
fumad oak. .S12.TS
fumed oak. .S14.TS
g-olden oak .913.78
(olden oak.Sie.JS
(olden oak. Ilka
ration. 60-Inch
select quartared
A pretty Golden Oak Dining Room Suite, com
prising Buffet, 42-inch Table and six Chairs,
solid oak wood seats.
Thi Tab!, 41 -m. top, o!dn oak, HMn.
pcdMt&i. a fry iwuiMm(
fumed oak, 42-ln. top Table... .It 95
Fumed oak, 42-ln top Table S7.35
Golden oak, 42-ln. top Table $7.75
Quartered oak. 4S-ln ton Table. $14.25
Dining Room
In Mahogany, Black Wal
nut and Jacobean Oak, in
all the popular classic de
signs. Ask to see this
Watchful Waiting Profits the
Homesteader Who Dupes
Greenblatt and Mudd.
An eighty-mile drive through the
sand hills with loaded guns and no
game is the record of B. R. Green
blatt, jeweler of Omaha, and J. T.
Mudd, a jeweler of Bassett, Neb.
Strange words, seldom heard in po
lite society, were uttered by these two
gentlemen. Greenblatt was in Bas
sett calling on Mr. Mudd. Mudd
wanted to take him hunting, so he
oiled up the car. About that time a
homesteader, standing on the street
corner watching to catch a ride out to
his homestead, promised to show
these fellows lots of game if they
would drive out to the ranch.
When they had driven fifteen miles
the homesteader broke the news
gently that he lived twenty-three
miles farther on, or a total of thirty
eight miles from Bassett.
"We're in for it and have to go
through with it," said Greenblatt.
So they chugged on and on over
the hills. The homesteader promised
to get dinner for the party, but when
they arrived he was out of coffee, out
of bread and out of other necessities.
He did give them a few gallons of
gasoline, however, and they started
When dark overtook them their
gasoline gave out. They pushed the
car into the lane of a ranch house and
asked the farmer for gasoline. He
had no car, but hitched up and drove
three mites to borrow gasoline of a
The hungry hunters took charge of
the kitchen while the farmer was in
search of gasoline. They started a
fire in the stove. They found a dish
pan full of eggs, and well, the dish
pan was not full when they left.
They chugged back into Bassett
at 11 o'clock that night, and the near
est they came to hunting on the trip
was when they saw two prairie chick
"They were so wild one could
scarcely get near enough to see
them with a field glass," said Mr.
New Company to
Advertise Movies
Articles of incorporation of the Na
tional Motion Picture Ticket company
have been filed with the county clerk
by R. P. Wessels, Dean T. Patty and
Harry A. Kyler. The company will
print tickets in Omaha to increase the
business of theaters through adver
tising schemes. The concern is capi
talized at $20,000.
The name of the Fanners' State
Bank of Florence has been changed
to the State Bank of Florence, ac
cording to amended articles of incor
poration filed by Vice President T. J.
Shanahan and Cashier F. A. Roach.
Thieves Slug Victim
After They Rob Him
James Smith of Sioux City, stop
ping at the Millard hotel, was held up
and robbed of $25 at Seventeenth and
California by two negroes. The
highwaymen, after securing his mon
ey, beat him over the head with their
revolvers. He was brought to head
quarters by S. Fitipatrick, 314 South
Fourteenth street.
The all-weather food
In summer, Uneeda Biscuit are eaten by the millions of pack
ages, because they are the idea! hot-weather food. But they
are just a ideal a cold-weather food. In winter, good
health demands warmth-creating food elements. Uneeda
Biscuit possess these elements in a higher degree than any
other flour food. Eat them for their nourishment. Eat them
for their flavor. Eat them for their goodness.
Phone Tyler 1000
Am Tom wUl nenn the m Ma
toi mo thoorh cmwr
Uvulae Tour Want-A4 to TU an
Office il h
Burgess-Nash Company
'everybody's store"
Thursday, September 28, 1916,
Phone Douglas 137.
Women's Coats, Suits and Dresses
i i 1 1
T'S seldom been our opportunity, so early in the season, to offer such splendid values in
' women's ready-to-wear as this offered for Friday in the Down-Stairs Store. Take, for
instance, these
Women's Tailored Suits at $15.95
The very newest styles for fall and winter in a wide variety of models,
made of such splendid materials as diagonals, poplins and serges, in the most
favored of the season's shades; all sizes for women and misses.
Women's Coats at $10.00 to $18.75
You'll be surprised when you see the splendid line of coats this section
has to offer. Wide variety of styles in such materials as mixtures and fancy
weaves, in the newest shades, including green, blue and brown, with plenty of
black; all sizes for women and misses.
. ? Women's Pretty Serge Dresses. $9.95
Cfc Dresses made of a srjlendid duality of serire in the new plaited models
witlTlarge collar effect. Blue, green and brown, also black. We consider ft.
the value very unusual at $9.95.
Children's Coats Friday $6.50 and $7.50
Two splendid groups in chinchillas and velours heavily interlined. Some
have lur collars. Sizes for 6 to 14 years. .
Bur(M-Na,h Cfc ItowB-Stalr. Stm.
' )
"Seeing America First"
Scenic Reproduction of
THIS is not a moving picture,
but a miniature repro
duction of the famous Niagara,
so realistic that when you view
it you almost believe you are
standing in Victoria Park on
the Canadian, side looking to
ward the Horseshoe Falls.
By clever lighting and mech
anism the waters tumble over
the falls and the mist seems to
rise skyward but come and
see it and bring the children.
It is a great educational fea
ture. Lectures Every Half
Hour, 10:30 to 4:30 P. M.
Borfeaa-Nuh Co Fourth Floor.
These $5.00 Trimmed Hats
Down-Stairs Store Friday, $2.69
fTVHERE are just half a hundred
J- of the season's smart new cre
ations in the newest colorings and
most artistic shapes that are in
cluded in this sale.
Wide brim sailors, chic turbans, colo
nial pokes and other smart models..
The collection is unusually at
tractive, the result of a special pur
chase. Every one a good value at
Friday Morning, 9 to 11.
Daring these two hours we will offer a
limited number of the very newest
trimmed hats in pleasing shapes and
colors. Good 3.98 values J J g(J
Burgess-Nub Co. Dawn-Sutra Store.
Five Cents
First Payment
brings to your home,
through the new era pur
chase plan, a
Sewing. Machine
Latest Sit-Straight Model
Commencing with the first pay
ment of 6c, which secures deliv
ery at once of the BEST SEW
ING MACHINE made, then a pay
ment is made each week as fol
lows: 10c the second week, 16c
the third week; increasing the
payment 5c more each week until
all payments are made in full;
then the machine is yours for
BurfM.-Nuh Co. Dewa.fltfrs 3 tor.
Here's a Rousing Enamelware Sale for Friday
Subject to Slight Imperfections, at a Little
More Than One-Third Usual Retail Price
THE imperfections are due to the enameling; none chipped, and other
wise fitrietlv rterfert.
tf t-
Enamelware I Enamelware
Value to 59c
Big 25c Value
Blue and white enameled
stew pans in assorted sizes;
soup ladles.
gray enamel
ed saucepans,
etc. Very spe
cial Friday at
White enameled or
blue and white enam
eled climax saucepans
in assorted sizes; con
vex saucepans, mixing
bowls, oblong baking
pans, etc., for 25c.
Values to 98c
White and blue enam
eled oval dishpans,
white and blue enameled-
preserving kettles,
9 and 12-quart sizes;
gray enameled tea ket
tles, rice boilers, etc.,
flurf mi-Nub Co. Down -Stair Stor.