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Brief City News
Half Karmt WMU TMamond. 7ft Edholm.
Bt. Root Prill It New Bem Pros.
Llfhttng FIMwos Bures.-ars.n(lon Co.
Phone Bedford's Sew Coal 'ard
1017 N. 23d. tor Paradise coal, beat
for furnaces. Doug. 116.
Easterner Seeks Brother George
F. Hopping of Georgetown, Del., nan
asked the Omaha police to '. and lo
cate his brother, Albert, whom he has
not seen in thirty-eight years.
Judge Woodrough at St. Joseph-
Federal JUdge WOOOTOUgn nui
St Joseph, Mo., where he is sitting at
a term of the United States district
court there. He will return Saturday.
Doctor's Residence Bobbed Dr. S.
Simanek. 1605 South Tenth street, re
nnrtari tn the oollcB the theft of per
sonal effeots valued at (25 from his
riHnpe. P. P. Beacon, 2568 Jones
street, reported the loss of a diamond
ring valued at 300.
Rates on Kansas Brick A freight
rfttp hearing case, brought to the tn
nitration of Sunderland Bros, of
Omaha against the Union Pacific and
the Missouri Pacifi,', Is being heard
before Examiner Waters at the federal
building. The case Involves the ship
ment of brick from Kansas to Omaha.
' BoBauet for Jardlne A resolution
in the city council ordering a calcu
latine machine for Commisloner Jar
dlne's deDartment. brought forth the
suggestion that Mr. Jardlne has
Droved himself to be something of a
mental calculator and should save the
city the expense of this mechanical
Two Divorces Are Granted Di
vorce, 1500 and $50 attorney's fees
were awarded Hulda Lebs against Mi
chael D. Lebs in a decree just handed
down by Judge Leslie. Her maiden
name. Hulda Lund, was restored. Ex
treme cruelty was alleged. James E.
Knunn has been vranted a divorce and
the custody of the son, James M. The
wife. Maud D.. has been enjoined
from Interfering with the child or the
husband. Inf.delity was cnargea.
Low Colonist Rates to Pacific Coast
Via Chicago & Norm Western Line
Tickets on sale daily from September
J 4 to October 8, from Omaha to Port
land. Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria and
Vancouver, v Correspondingly low
rates to other points in the northwest
Variable scenic routes. Liberal rtop
over, ."or full particulars as to rates,
routes and literature, write or call on
John Mellen, General Agent, 1401
Farnam St. Tel. Douglas 3740, Omaha,
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderland.
Street Speaking
Is Barred During
Ak-Sar-Ben Week
Citv Commissioner Hummel stood
right up in council meeting when he
discovered a filibuster to declare Jef
ferson square a prescribed public
torum, where orators may dispense
their propaganda without let or
Mr. Hummel suggested that street
speakers should be required to hire a
.hall, the Auditorium for instance.
The outcome of the discussion was
that street speaking will be prohib
ited during the Ak-Sar-Ben season
and not allowed at Fifteenth and
Douglas streets on Saturday nights
under any circumstances.
Business men on Douglas street
protested against conditions which
prevailed last Saturday evening, when
three policemen diverted legitimate
street travel from Fifteenth and
Douglas streets.
Six-Cent Light Law
Passed by Council
The city council unanimously
. passed an ordinance fixing 6 ce-.its
per kilowatt hour as the maximum for
electric current in this city.
Commissioners Butler and Farks.
who dissented in the commutes of the
whole meeting Monday morning,
joined the majority upon passage of
the measure.
Mr. Butler endeavored to have the
50 cents minimum charge stricken out,
but the other commissioners believed
this charge was reasonable.
The terms of the ordinance provide
that the new rate shall become effec
tive January 1, 1917.
Other provisions of the ordinance
were announced Monday.
. Corporation Counsel Lambert's re
port on the findings of the Commer
cial club's special committee was re
ceived and placed on file, and the city
council's electric light committee, of
which Mr. Lambert has been chair
man, was dismissed from further serv
ice. The proposed street lighting con
tract will be brought up for discus
sion next Monday morning.
Farmers Go to Wyoming
To Locate Near Douglas
Officers of the Burlington immigra
tion department are taking a party of
twenty-five Iowa and Nebraska farm
ers to Douglas, Wyo., for the purptsc
of locating them on the lands north
and west of the town.
In the locality where the Nebras
kans and Iowans are going they are
permitted to take homestead of 320
acres each, living on the same six
months of each year for a period ot
three and one-half years, and at the
end of that time they may make final
proof, having twelve acres under cul
tivation. Much of the land in the vicinity of
Douglas is within what the govern
ment has designated as a mineral
zone. That the settlers may protect
their rights and keep off oil and min
eral prospectors, the government per
mits the occupants of the land to file
for minerals, as well as for home
stead purposes.
Mention of Mother
: Reaches Robber's Heart
A negro highwayman returned a
gold watch to Harry Dudley, 665
North Central boulevard, Monday
night after the robber had gained pos
session at, the point of a gun. It hap
pened at Thirty-second and Franklin
"My mother gave me that watch
and I have carried it with me for
twenty-five years," pleaded Dudley.
"You may have it then," said the
negro. The highwaymen relieved
Dudley of a certified check for $50
and a diamond stick pin.
Public Inspection of
Creighton Gymnasium
A public inspection of the new gym--nasium
of Creighton university will
be held Saturday afternoon from. 2
to 5:30 o'clock. All Omaha is in
vited to attend and inspect the new
gymnasium, which is one of the best
and most completely equipped in the
Most Mammoth Undertaking of
the Kind Ever Attempted
Opens Next Monday.
There have been hog shows and hog
shows held in the United States, but
never a hog show so truly national in
scope as the big National Swine show
heralded for Omaha October 2 to 7,
When the doors of the huge horse
barrls on the South Side are thrown
open next Monday, visitors to the
recognised greatest and most epoch
marking porcine stock exposition ever
attempted in North America will have
the opportunity of feasting their eyes
upon the sleekest, most beribboned
and purest-blooded porkers in all hog
dom. Every swine raising state in (he
union is sending its fanciest hogs to
the first annual National Swine
show; one of the noteworthy facts in
regard to the quality of the hogs en
tered here is that the mediocre and
just good animals will be conspicuous
by their absence; there will be noth
ing but the very best from their re
spective communities.
All Champions Here.
Practically every state in the great
corn belt will be presented by cham
pions champions that have earned
the title of champion in competition
with the cream of herds from the
country round. In this way Greek
will meet Greek in Omaha, and any
hog leaving Omaha decorated with
that significant bit of ribbon will be
a national figure in hog circles a
champion undisputed.
Considerably more than 1,000 pens
have been reserved for the assemblage
of pure-bloods. In fact, the enthusi
asm of the National Swine Growers'
association officials didn't near come
up to the demands of the show, for it
has been necessary to construct 300
more pens other than those in the
horse barns, tg take care of the en
tries. Wealth Represented.
The value of the hogs at the show
will run well into the hundreds of
thousands of dollars; some of them
it will be impossible to buy at any
price. The wealth of the breeders
who will visit the show from all parts
of the country is in the millions.
There will be many distinguished
visitors at the show, one of them to
be none other than Presdent Wilson.
The officials who have been named
to determine the National Swine
show destinies of the different breed
ers are as follows:
Poland. China Bay Davis of Maryvllle,
Mo., breed superintendent: Charles A.
Murker of Auburn. III. Judge; Thomas A.
Shattuek of Hastings, Neb., consulting
luroe-Jerseys Robert J. Evans of Chl
eago, breed superintendent; Prof. Herbert
W. Mumford of Urbana, 111.. Judge.
Berkshlres Frank S. Springer of Rpring
flftld, 111., breed superintendent; Wyman N.
Lovejoy of Ttoscoe, III., Judge.
Chepter-Whltea P. F. Moore of Roches
ter, Ind.. breed superintendent: William A.
Hoover of Onkaloosa, la.. Judge; I. T. Cun
ningham of Xenla. O.. consulting Judge.
Ilampshires E. C. Stone of Peoria, III.,
breed superintendent; A. L. Ooodenough of
Morrison III., Judge.
Spotted Poland-Chinas Fred Obenehaln
of Balnbrldge, Ind., .breed superintendent
Colonel Thomas Vlnnedge of Indiimapolls.
Demand for Seats
For the Retailers'
Concert Course Big
'1 never realized there could be
svoh a demand for seats as there has
been in the last week, or ten days,"
said L. C. Nash, one of the directors
ot the Associated Retailers concert
course. .
"It certainly upholds my claim that
the Omaha public enjoys and wants
(rood music and is willing to pay for
it. loo.
"The demand for seats is so great
that the committee in charge, con
sisting of George Rrandfls, Mr. Bel
den and myself, have decided that un
less all subscriptions have been re
milted for before October I, the seat
tickets will be placed on sale. This
we believe is only in fairness to the
music loving public, as well as the
Associated Retailers, who are promot
ing the course.
"We arc very anxious to make this
season one of unbounded success and
have secured as principals some of
the world s most lamous artists.
'It might be well to add that the
prices being asked for the entire sea
son, including the five numbers, arc
less than those asked lor the two
operas Carman and .11 Trovatore-
Tulsa, Okl. Just for the operas the.
prices there arc $2 to $7 per scat for
each performance, while those asked
tor the retailers here are but 4 to
$10 for the entire course. And we
must realize that Tulsa is a much
smaller place than Omaha.
Help Your Llsrr It Pays.
When your liver gets torpid and siomsch
acts queer take Dr. King's Xew T.lfe Pills.
Tou will feel better. Only 2Gc All drug
gists. Advertisement.
Must Have Got the Wires Crossed
( DEMOCRATIC) y?i-tM7r C 1 C lit
Jesse Talbert, Colored, Pursues
Woman Along Street and
Murders Her.
Keep Plans for Week of Won
derful Windows Secret Un
til Night of Opening.
Window display men are very se
cretive creatures these days. For the
window trimmers plan to startle all
of Omaha Wednesday night when the
'Week of Wonderful Windows"
Not a word of what their windows
will contain, what the decorative
scheme will be or anything about
their precious windows can be ex
tracted from a single window trim
mer. All day Wednesday the windows of
the big downtown retail stores will
be curtained while the store artists
summon all their skill, their knowl
wonderfully decorated windows Oma
ha ever saw. At 7 o'clock the shades
will be drawn aside and the dazzling
array unfolded to the public gaze.
Intense Rivalry Prevails.
Intense rivalry prevails among the
disnlav men of the different stores
to see "which one can prepare the most
attractive, beautiful and original
showing. As a result every man is
putting forth his very best effort and
from an artistic standpoint the Oma
ha windows to be opened to the view
of the public Wednesday night will
be the equal of any ever shown in
the United States.
Thousands of dollars will be spent
by the retailers on this event.
The postoffice band will parade the
downtown streets starting at 7
o'clock, the hour when the shades
will be drawn, and the siren whistle
will blow to announce the opening.
Wants Big Damages
For Being Placed
On Wrong Train
.Suffering with pneumonia, anxious
to leave El Paso, Tex., and return to
her home in Omaha, Helen L. Cattin
and her mother, Maude A. Cattin,
were placed on board a train going in
the opposite direction, toward Cali
fornia, and suffered Injuries from
which they will never recover, ac
cording to a petition just filed in dis
trict court here.
Helen, a girl of 14, asks the El Paso
& Southwestern railway, the Burling
ton, the Pullman company and Re
ceiver Dickinson of the Rock Island
to pay $25,000 damages.
Miss Cattin was carried from the
hotel to the station in an ambulance
on a stretcher, she alleges, and after
being placed on the California train
was refused permission to leave at
Columbus. N. M.. bv trainmen, be-
causc-of the fear of another Mexican
uoiisine. Thev were unloaded in the
cold at Hachita, N. M., 175 miles from
hi Paso, and there suttered serious
exposure, they assert.
Key to the Situation The Bee
Want Ads.
Jesse Talbert, negro painter and
papcrhanger, living at 806 North
Twenty-third street, chased his wife
half a block, and when he overtook
her at Twenty-third street and Cum
ing, murdered her In view of hun
dreds of passersby, at 7 o'clock last
night. He struck her over the head
with a base ball bat, crushing her
skull, and when she fell, he wung
again and again, breaking the bones
m her body at each blow.
He then escaped, but in a tew min
utes appeared at police headquarters,
where lie surrendered himself to
Captain M. F, Dempsey. (
ne sain nis sister-in-iaw, Airs, aiai
tie Cook, started the trouble by stab
bing him several times in the abdo
men. He was bleeding profusely
when examined by surgeons.
Mrs. Cook said Talbert came home
"with a grouch on" and commenced
to auarrcl. The Quarrel led to blows
and the killing followed.
City to Move Against
Slow Paving Contractors
The city council passed an ordi
nance which empowers the city en
gineer to take over public improve
ments in cases where the contractors
do not live up to the time agreement
as stipulated in contracts. The city
has experienced considerable difficulty
this year with dilatory contractor.
Chicken Thief Leaves Portion
Of Trousers With Watchdog
Thieves gained entrance to the hen
house of William Kulus, 1709 Martha
street, and made way with six fine
chickens. Upon, investigation Kulus
found his watchdog chewinu a por
tion of a man's blue serge trousers.
RAIN or shine, winter m aj,'
or summer, each J"5f
Uneeda Biscuit is crisp, . JL l
flakv, full of nutriment, VtSv
f resh and tempting as the ,tfN3V
minute it left the oven. A Vl -
5 From each opened box f
C of Uneeda Biscuit there ' If Via, I
comes that wonderfully ..r fK
appetizing odor of fresh- B Ml
baked biscuit. t jH
ectino the Stork?
W mother-to-be should b In the midst
ot pleasant and comfortablee surroundings,
,a . Mutant user of "Mother'a Friend" th
true friend ot tipecUnt mother. The future
baby's health and that ot lta mother la at atmoat 1
Importance and nothing can ui in piace or
"Mothef I Friend" In preparing for inch an erent. uex it
at your druggist ' Write for free book on Motherhood.
210 Lamar mat.,
Atlanta, Oa.
increBM trngth of ?
jMffi dlicat nervoua, run
Dfloplc 200 pet
cent in Un dy in
man? fnitances. 3100
forfeit if tt fails as per
full explanation in large
article aoon to appear ni
thii naoer.
Ask your doctor or j
drueeiBt aout it,
' it in 1
It'a Unnecessary Q-Ban Dark-
ens It Evenly No Dye.
Guaranta4 quality low oHc
terma fit with every diamond UUr 1 is
BROS. aV CO. sell You have elfht men the
to pay while wearing and enjoy if your
diamond. Tarraa aa low ao 1 per Month.
lour CrtAit it G4,Ootn Your Aceunt Ttdty
Step into Loftia Bros. & Co. now and get
your diamond. Courteoua aales perioiu
await your pleanure to show you our im-
mti atom 01 wonnenui uiamunua,
wat-hen. Jewelry, ete. You will not be
;aiy irm.
No matter how gray your hair, prematurely
gray, faded, hleached. streaked with gray,
all you need to do ta to i hum poo your hair
and scalp once a day with Q-Ban, It&lr Color
Restorer. This is a very pieauant experience,
and after a few applications you will he de
lighted to see all your gray hair gradually
turn to an even beautiful dark shade. QBan
sets on roots, making hair and scalp healthy,
restoring the color glands so all your grsy
hair Is naturally darkened and entire head
of hair becomes soft, fluffy, long, thick and
of such an even beautiful, soft, dark shade
no one could tell you had ued Q-Ban. Also
stops dandruff and falling hair, leaving your
hair fascinating and abundant, without even
a trace of gray showing. Sold on money
back guarantee. 0c for a big bottle at
Sherman A McConoell Drug 8teres, Omaha,
Neb. Out-of-town folks supplied by nail
urged to buy.
I IS 1 :, II
aSS L A i s' Dia.
maud R I n ft. MIc
I solid gold 'Terrte
i tion" mount- CCA
ln wv
! Month.
242-L Vsllisrs,
tine solid (old,
English finish. 1
brilliant Dia
mond. fin. rssl
rnrls. Baroque
Prl Drop: U
Inch solid (old
No. 4-Hen's Di
mond Ring. 6 pron(
tooth mounting. !4k
solid (old,
t a Wok
SI.iv mwin ; $1.68 a WmIi
W.tVh... Solid Gold and "Gold Filled
Wonderful values 12 and up. Kaay terms
Open Dally to I p. in. Saturdays Till 0iSO
Call or write for illustrated catalog No.
908. Phone Douglaa 1444 and our sales
man will call with any article you desire.
When She Ms for
Frat Lace Corsets
Sac Asb for
A Resfen Front lice Model
They are as exception
al for style, for nt, for
comfort and for weir
as the famous Redfern
back-lK styles.
Not every woman can
wear a front-lace cor
set But every woman
can find a Redfern cor
set exactly suited to her
figure, because she has
her choice Redfern
tack-lace or fienl-lact.
Froat Lac
Back Lao
At High Clan Stores
$3 and up
l fis Presses) TftW
tni aHi Sort To Clm)
SStore Hour: 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturdays Till 9 P. M."
Burgess-Nash Company.
"cvehyb coy's stork
Tu.sday, 28, 1918. STORE NEWS FOR WEDNESDAY.
Phn DougTa. 1ST.
Visitors to Ak-Sar-Ben Fall Festival!
Week of Won
derful Windows
Begins Sept. 27
A S the eyes of the human
are the windows of the
soul, so are the Burgess
Nash display windows the
eyes of their great mer
chandising organiza tion.
They promise and suggest
greater things within.
During the "Week of
Wonderful Windows"
Burgess-Nash have made
a special effort to pro
duce something unusual
in the way of window
displays, and it will be
well worth a trip down
town to view the result
of careful and artistic
window arrangement.
Curtains will be drawn from
all windows sharply at 7 p. m.
Wednesday, September 27.
Burgess-Nash Bids You Welcome
BURGESS-NASH extends to you every privilege of the store and invites you to make it
your downtown headquarters.
Our atocks have the greatest variety ever shown in this vicinity in assortments,
quality, quantity and prices. The following accommodations and service await you at
our establishment: ,
The Cricket Room is an excellent place to secure
a wholesome, well cooked dinner or light luncheon
as well as all sorts of ice creams and soft drinks
We cash checks, bank drafts, money and express orders, check your parcels and packages free of
charge. The ladies will find our Rest and Waiting Room provided with every convenience and comfort.
We earnestly and sincerely request you to use the above accommodations which are provided for
your convenience. f'
Variety! Distinction!
Keynotes of Our Suits
I J hETHER for street, for '
' nftornnnn fnr troti.eur
wear or the manifold re
quirements of the business
woman, these models are
marked by a smartness that
is characteristic of Burgess
Nash specially selected
Many Color Innovations
An All-lnclusiv. Siio Rang
Values of Unusual Merit
$35, $50 $75
and Up
In anticipation of the
great demand which will be
accorded our assortments,
we've prepared extensively;
and now awaiting you are
suits of all the new luxurious
Glovecloths Broadcloths Bolivias
Chamoia Cloth Duvet de Laine Veiours
Warmweight Serges Diagonals, other staple weaves
Of timely interest for business women
in these groups at
$25.00 and $35.00
Models that give renewed evidence of careful purchasing in
novelty belted broadcloths, checked and plain wool velours, fur trim
med gabardines, tailored serges and warm woolly diagonals in navy,
brown, green, manogany, cnecKS ana diuck.
V. J
"Seeing America
Firsts- Fourth Floor
A WONDERFUL scenic repro
duction of Niagara Falls
complete to the minutest detail.
The setting of the Falls is taken
from the Canadian side, looking
toward the Horseshoe, showing the
American Falls on the left.
Lectures every half hour
from 10:30 a. m. to 4:30.
Five Cents First
Payment Secures
a Standard Rotary
Sewing Machine
FIVE cents, first payment se
cures immediate delivery
then according to our liberal club
offer you pay five cents more man
the previous week's payment until
the balance is paid.
There are no interest
charges if payments are
met instead, the club pays
cash dividends in advance
to those who will help
themselves to the dividend.
Full particulars in the
Sewing Machine Section,
Down-Stairs Store.
Standard Rotary Sewing Ma
chine is fitted with the new chain
stitch attachment, which prac
tically makes it two machines in
one. Substantial savings on every
machine in stock.
Burtess-Nssh Co. .Sscond Floor.
Mattresses and Bedding
at Remarkably Low Prices
tT'S a sale of timely interest to every hotel, rooming
1 house and institution in Omaha and vicinity.
$16.50 Never-Stretch
$12.50 Dixie Belle
Mattresses, $8.50
A splendid saving can be
realized in any wanted size
all layer felt filling, art
denim covering, extra well
made, at $8.50.
$15.00 West Farnam
Mattress at $11.00
Twin bed three-quarter
and double bed size mat
tresses four row Imperial
stitched edge best grade
art tick covering, all new
layer felt filling. Weighs
50 pounds, at $11.00.
Mattresses at $12.50
Twin bed three-quarter
and double bed size all
new cotton felt filling
covered with best grade art
twilled ticking with ordi
nary use will last a lifetime
and keep the original shape
a guaranteed mattress at
Burgsss-Nsh Co. DowB'Suirs Stors.
issss-siiKsBurgess-Nash Co. Everybody's Stor
$5.00 Ideal Combination
Mattress, $3.98
The best combination
mattress to be had equal
in workmanship to the
high-grade felt mattresses
can be had in three sizes.
Bur.s.-Nuh Co. -Down-Suirs Storr.
16th and Harney