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International Newa Servtee.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
m coo ones. -
II IM II M . I 1 v. rMrs., ... I I II . ... 1 I V.IUIT'1 I 1
j TOUKNOV 1 HAD TO-- uw' f MAVt, TO ( I VHT DIDN'T vvn.o
tII U HEKTMiv J""" 1 II HE. BITE NF ..
v , v, , , "U H 1 PPEO WITH Ht rOk J
Manager of Luxus Is Chosen to
Boss Sandlot Crew Which
Plays Rourkes Sunday.
Standing of Teams
Won Last. Pet
hi .0
;. r.7 .
s-i r.9 .SB8
si c:' .r.8
8 sj (
o .4.17 :
an 0 .4 f
SS so .271
W. L. Prl. t
si .eon
Johnny Dennison
Luxus, pennant winners in the Greater
Omaha league, has been chosen to
lead the All-Star amateur base ball
team which will clash with the pennant-winning
Rourkes at Rourke park
next Sunday as a part of the big ama
teur field day program,
Dennison has proved himself to be
a crafty manager in amateur circles.
He has had some professional experi
ence and it is believed he is the man
who can best direct a nine against
the professionals.
Dennison will also play tirst base
On the team.
Guy Holland of the Luxus, south
paw, and Jim Moylan of the Ramblers,
right hander, have been selected to do
the hurling. Holland ,is unquestion
ably the class of the sandlot portsid
ers and Moylan is as good a right
hander as any in town. Both twirlers
will probably be used part of the
game. .
Ernie Rushenberg of the Luxus and
Yost of the Armours will do the re
ceiving. This makes the amateur bat
tery a pretty nifty one no matter who
Coady at Second.
Coady of the Omaha Gas Co. nine
will pastime at second. Chuggs Ryan
of the Armours will play short. Coady
and Ryan should make a keystone
combination that will be a revelation
to Omaha fans. Corcoran of the Ar
mours will hold down the hot corner
at third.
Jimmy Mirasky-of the Bourgeois
will play left field, Jim Melady of the
Luxus will play1 center and Carl Stan
gel of the Omaha Gas Co. will toil in
, right. Some outer garden this.
In addition to the All-Star-Rourke
fray, the Armours, champions of Class
A, will meet the Murphy-Did-Itj of
Class B, for the city amateur cham
pionship, and a field meet,, consisting
of fungo hitting, circling the bases,
bunt and run to first, long distance
throwing and accurate throwing, will
be held. It should he a cala oc-
Brooklyn 14
Philadelphia 144
Boston 141
New York 143
Pittsburgh 141
Chicago HI
8t. Louis ISO
Cincinnati 151
W. 1 Pet.
Boston ...7 0 .522; Louisville
Chicago .. 64 .5.17iIndlanalioll9lS .001
Detroit ...16 6 .5S:Mlnnearoli.7 7 .640
New Tork.7 71 .517!Ft. Paul 77 .Sl
a, Tl 7fl . 7? C1T'ir...HItif 19 51 fi
manager Of the i Cleveland , .7S 74 .S07Toleilo 76 M.47S
Phlla 33 US .82j Milwaukee .5! 107 .327
Yesterdar'a Rftsnlts.
Cincinnati, 2; Philadelphia, 3.
Chicago. 1 ; Brooklyn, 4. .
St. Louis, 1; New York, .
Pittsburgh, 0-1; Boston. 1-2.
No games scheduled.
Indianapolis, 9: Louisville, 2.
Toledo, 10; Columbus, S.
St. Paul, 10; Kansas City, 4
Games Today.
National League Chicago at Brooklyn,
t. Louis at New York.
'American League Washington at Phila
delphia, New York at Boston.
Defeat of Cincinnati Enables
MoTan's Men to Keep Pace
With Robins.
The Ottnu won, 4 to 1, Thoy hit Watson and
Williams hard, driving out fifteen him for
a total of twenty-two birn,
The Cardinal hit Bailee fairly hard, but
could not acorn aftr they had iinn on
beeee. and It required a double end two
In flea to ecore. their only run In tho fifth
Inning, (.core:
Reecher.K 4 1 1
Hohen.xe 4 A s
Smith, cf 4 1 S
H'naby.ab 4 0 0
Millar. lb
Snyder, e
will ma, p
Monk Trummer Is
Looking for Bout
, M (ink Trummer, who as old
Omahan box fight fans will remem
ber, is a pretty handy lad with the
gloves, is essaying a come-back.
Monk made his debut to the prize
ring a dozen years ago. After a few
years of combats he dropped out of
the game. But a few. months ago he
took the name of Frankie Manson
and started on the warpath. He had
a number of bouts. He knocked pat
Henry Jennings of Crofton, Neb. in
ten rounds. He put Dick Ritchie of
Cedar Rapids. Ia to sleep in one
round. He dropped Dick Smith of
Whiting, la., in three rounds and sent
Clarence Miller of Cleghorn, la.,
down for the count in four rounds.
He fought two draws with Patrick
Brown of Fremont.
Now Monk is after bigger game
He wants to meet Montana Jack
Sullivan. He fought Montana Jack
several years ago and went seven
rounds when the referee stopped the
battle. Now he believes he can stop
Sullivan, and would like to clash with
him before the Eagles or the Non-
Billy Lvick, the South Side pug, is
another chap Trummer wants to bat
tle. .
Luxus Cancel Game
With Shenandoah
Hie Luxus have cancelled ttyeir
game with Shenandoah la., at Shenan
doah next Sunday because a number
of trie Brewers will be unable to get
away and because Johnny Dennison,
Bunny Holland, Ernie Rushenberg
and Jim Melady will play with the
All-Star amateur nine which will
tackle the Rourkes at Rourke park
Sunday as a part of the big amateur
field meet. Dennison was offered five
engagements for his Luxus nine for
Sunday and he was compelled to turn
them all down.
Cured Her Children of Colds.
"During the past winter I had oc
casion to give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to my two children, who
were at the time suffering from severe
colds. It proved to be the very med
icine they needed," writes Mrs. My
ron J. Pickard, Memphis, N. Y. Ob
tainable everywhere. Advertisement.
Te Cam Children's Colds.
Keep child dry. clothe comfortable, avoid
njipuKtirc. give i'r. liens rine-I ar-noney.
Raises phlegm, rvilucis Inflammation only
All .l'tn!!lv Ar1vrM".mcm
All Ocean-to-Ocean
Records Broken by
Hudson Super Six
San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 26. (Spe
cial Telegram.) In the first round
trip ocean-to-ocean run to be made by
any automobile against time, the Hud
son super six, which reached here Sun
day morning, in both, the going and
return trips broke the best previous
one way records.
The round trip from San Francisco
to New York was made in ten days
twenty-one hours and three minutes.
Last spring the best one-way record
from coast to coast was seven days
eight hours. The super six was a seven-passenger
touring car and carried
at all times three and sometimes four
'Previous one-way records were es
tablished with roadster and stripped
models. On the returning trip the car
was one and one-half hours ahead of
its going schedule, up to within 250
miles of the finish. On account of
heavy rains in crossing the Sierra Ne
vada mountains fifteen hours more
time was required to cover that leg
than was taken in the going trip.
Th,e average speed going and com
ing, including all stops and slowing
down to speed requirements of more
than 350 cities, tpwns and villages
passed each way, was close to 700
miles a day. Three drivers Ralph
Mulford, A. H. Patterson and Charles
Vincent by making train jumps pi
loted the car in its round trip across
the continent.
Philadelphia, Sept. 26. A ninth-inning
rally gave Philadelphia the vic
tory over Cincinnati today, 3 to 2, and
enabled the home team to keep pace
! ith Brooklyn in the fight for the pen
Knetzer had the better of a battle
with Demaree for eight innings and
the visitors led by one run until one
man was out in the ninth. Then Cra
vath stretched an ordinary single into
a double. Cooper ran for him. Chase
knocked down Luderus' single. The
ball rolled to Groh, who threw to
Wingo to catch Cooper at the plate.
Umpire Klem motioned that Cooper
w as out, but in sliding to the plate the
runner knocked the ball out of Win
go's glove and the catcher's left hand
was Udly spiked. Umpire Klem then
allowed Cooper's ' run. Luderus
reached third on the play. Dugey ran
for Luderus and scored the winning
run when Niehoff beat out a bunt,
Chase's throw to HuUn. who succeed
ed Wineo. being a trifle late. Score:
(Iron. 21) 4
Roush.f 2 3
Urlffllh.rf 4
McK'le,31 3 4
Wlngo.c 4
Huhn.e 0
Knetsor.p 3
1 11
I 0
1 S
0 1
It 4
S 0
s 0
0 0
0 1
1 e
i o
Woman Runs Down
Wolf With Auto
OPankertcf 4 1
3 OBanc'ft.M t I
0' ftfltoek.Sb 4 0 1
0 .OWhltted.lf 4 0 1
0 0L!ravath.rf 4 10
3 01,udr'n,lb 8 I IS
2 INlthnfr.Sh 8 11
A iKHllfur.c X I 4
n ,em'rfl,p 10 0
j o'-oopfir 0 0 0
Duy 0 0 0
3i s'ssn 2 :-rT77rT
rotaia. . ni
One out when winnlnr run acorftd.
Ran fr Cravath In ninth.
Kan for Luderua in ninth.
Cincinnati ...00 0 1 000 1 0 t
Philadelphia ..1 000ft000 3 I
Two-bnne hlta: Griffith (3), Oroh, Cfa
vatK Tlmw run: Paakert. Double play:
Groh to (.'hflae. Baaea on balla: Off KneUer,
2 hurried runs: Off Knetwr, 1; off De
maren, 2. Hit by pitched ball: By Demaree,
Rounh. Struck out: By Knetaer, I; by De
maree 4. Wild pitchea: Knetaer, Demarea.
Umpire' Klem and Emalta.
Five In Brow for Brave.
T.rtBn. Rout. 28. Boston made It five
Htnlfht from Pittaburgh today, wlnnlnv the
flrnt game, a to w, ana inn wwm,
in th tint mp. and Allen, in the
won't!. Pitched sllt-eded ball for the
Ur.vM. Pittsburgh Betttnr only four hlte In
each ame. Allen made his first appearance
on the mound In more than a month, having
been 111 with tonnllitl. no wamea iwo mn
In the first inning, nut aur ima ae bbi
.inven anil held the Vint tore
Ronton scored the winning run In the
eiRhth on a single by Maranvllle, a atolen
bane, an error and a double by Wilhoit.
lSgen was put out of the first game for
dlHPUilng a decision, ny Umpire Quigley.
Score, first, game:
1 11
4 1 0
4 14
1 1 0
0 0
0 0 0
2 I t
0 0 2
2 1 4
18 0
1 14 0
OBurnn.lf 6
OKenog.Zb 4
0Rnb'ton,rf 4
2 lZlin'an.ab 4
0 IP' 4
0 AKauff.rf 4
1 1
B OMcOartv.Q 4
1 OKoeher.e 0 ft 0 ft 0
0 0!iallee,p 2 2 0 0 0
0 0
Totals. .94 b 3T IH 2
Totals.. 45 B 24 14 I
Batted for Watson in seventh.
nt. lvwts o ft o o l o o t oi
New York ....1 0 0 2 02 00
Two-base hits: Burns. Robertson, Smith.
Besrher, Kauff. Three-base hlte: Kauri,
Fletcher. Uouble plays: Herog to Fletcher
to Holke, Robertson to McCarthy, Bntsel to
Bohen to Miller. Bases on balls: Off Wat
eon, 1 Hits and earned runs: Off Watson. J3
hits, I runs tn sis innings; on wuimmii,
hlta, 0 run tn two innings; off Btillep, i run.
Umpires: O'Day and Harrison.
Omaha Horse Wins Middle One
of Arch City Stake Half Sec
ond Less Than Two.
Columbus, ().. Sept. .'0. Within
half a second of two minutes, Ben
Karl, this afternoon at the Columbia
Grand circuit races won the middle
heat of the Arch City stake and gave
this event a new record for a single
heat, the best previous time for a
mile in it having been J:02'4, by
Frank Rogash, jr., in 1(U and Peter
Stevens in 1W4. Ben Karl captured
the event in straight heats
Diumeter set the pare in each heat,
but was tillable to come home with
ihe rush that lien Karl displayed after
squaring away in the stretch. Twice
Jay Kll Mack linisKed close to the
winning Omaha horse.
Sir Anthony stepped beside Diu
meter in the sensational second heat,
the tirst quarter with this pair lapped
being in ( j seconds. The half was
reached in a minute flat. In half
minute more Diumeter was at the
three-quarters post. Just before
reaching it, Sir Anthony (garter went
to a break. All thew ay round lien
Karl was a good third witli Jay Kll
Mack right behind him. As Diu
meter turned home, lien Karl moved
up and Driver Childs gave his atten
tion to stalling off Jay' Ell Mack,
rather than tiring Diumeter.
Zomrect, favorite for the 2:!8 trot,
hail to score for the first heat in tenth
j position and finished fifth to Kidge-
marK, inc second cnoicr. in inc sec
ond mile, Zomrect took the lead and
was lapped Ridgemark. To the hall
omrect stepped in 1.014, Ridgemark
breaking before getting there. All
tnrougn' 111c nisi quai ici t-wmw
came under restraint, but he took a
record of 2:06H. He won the next
two ncais cbsiiv.
Harold Crceek had no stiff opposi
tion in the sweepstake for three-year
old trotters. Little Frank D, making
his second Grand circuit start after
a career on half-mile tracks, was
about an equal favorite with Young
Todd of the Cox stables for the 2:U
pace. He won in straight heats, get
ting a record of 2:04 in the second
one that had a first half of 101.
Krug Closes for
Louisville Series m
Omaha Next Week
Marty Krug, manager of the
Rourkes, yesterday announced that
the deal for the post-season series
between the Omaha club, champions
of the Western league, and the Louis
ville club, which has cinched the pen
nant in the American association, has
been closed.
Seven games will be played be
tween the Rourkes and the Colonels.
The dates are October 4, S, 6, 7 and
8. On October 7 and 8, Saturday
and Sunday, double-headers will tie
played, thus making the series seven
games. All the games will be played
in Omaha.
The series will be entirely in
charge of the players, the owners
of the club agreeing to step aside
and Fa Rourke donating his hall
Mrs, Clark Captures
The Dixon Golf Cup
Mrs. Louis Dark won the Dixon
trophy at the Omaha Country club
Monday. Mrs. J. T. Stewart, 2d, was
runnerup. The play for the Dixon
trophy was 36 holes, the final 18 of
which were played Monday, the other
18 having been played earlier in the
Sioux Falls, S. D., Sept. 26.
cial.) Mrs. George Childers, wife of
a Clark county farmer, performed the
unusual feat of running down and
killing a wolf. She was driving the
car along a country highway at a
good rate of speed when a wolf ap
peared in the road just ahead of her.
bhe put on more speed, and, alter an
exciting chase, overtook the wolf and
ran it down. She stopped the car as
soon as she could and when she re
turned to the point where the car had
struck the wolf, she found the animal
had staggered into a nearby cornfield
and died. During the chase the wolf
made no attempt to leave the high
way, notwithstanding that the car
steadily gained upon it.
lllBhfo.21, 4 1 1
rar..y,';f 4 12
HViran.lf 4 0 0
f .T.W'g 2 oil
Klna.rt 3 0 0
np- : .I.Hiit'h.KH 3 0 0
EvanH.P 2 11
MV.Wg'r 1. 0 0
3 ir'nlllnn.if 4 1 2
0 OMiir'v' 4 2 i 4
0 OWUholt.rf 4 0 t 0 0
0 OKon I 111 I 1
0 USmlth.3b 8 1240
0 IMags.lf 3 1 0 0 0
6 0KKan.2h 2 J 2 2 1
0 01'ltzp'k,2b 2 0 0 0 6
6 OOowdy.o 2 1 S 2 0
0 ONehf.p 2 0 0 11
Totals.. 80 4 24 12 2 ToUls. . 31 I IT II 1
Bat.teil for Rvans In ninth.
Pittsburgh 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Boston 0 I 0 0 1 0 0 1- S
Two-bafe hltn: Konfttrhy, Egan, Cary.
SIoImii base: tlowiiy: Bases on balls: Off
Kvanti, 2. Hits and named runs: Off Evans,
8 hits. 2 runs In sight Innings; off Nshf. 4
hits, 0 run In nlns Innings. Strurk out: By
Kvana, : by Nshf, 2. Tmplres: Uulglsr and
Byron. Snora, ssenna gams
An. II. O A I
Art Longworth Wins
Club Makers' Match
Bigbss.2b 4
Carsy.rf 2
H'uh'an.lf 3
J.W'g 4
KlBg.rr 4
1 .1 Si.i'h." 4
W.W'g'r.o 2
Jacobs.p 2
1 3
0 2
2 2
2 K'olllm.rf
2 OMur'v'e.s 4 2 S 2
owtlholt,rr 4 2 2 u
OKon' 4 0 10 1
O.Smlth.Jb 3 10 2
OMages.lf 8 0 10
0 2 8 0Kllsp'k.2b 2 0 3 2
0 4 0 lGowdy.o 8 18 1
0 0 1 OAllen.p 10 0 1
played over the Country club links
Monday. JLongworth shot a 77, which
was too fast for his opponents. Long
worth now leads in the club makers'
tournament by one match. Only one
more match is to be played. Scores
Monday were as follows:
Art Longworth, Country elub. 80-3S: '7.
, Bob Christie, Happy Hollow, 4f-l: 80.
SUnlsy Davies. Field club. 44-41; 16.
i raw bridge Wants Us,m Oetober S.
Cambridge. Neb., Sept. 24. (Hpoclal. I
The Cambridge High school foot ball team
would like lo have a game with some team,
preferably In the east part of the state, on
October 8. Most of the team will be In
Omaha, on Wilson day atfd the expenses
would not he heavy for such a game.
Chronic Dysentery.
"An old gentleman of this town
who was almost at the point of death
with chronic dysentery some time
ao and had given up all hope of re
covery was induced to try Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. One dose stopped the dis
charge, and after taking a few more
doses he was completely cured,"
writes J. L. Baer, West Manchester,
Pa. "Many residents of Baer's Sta
tion can testify to 1hr truth ot the
above and were aware of the old gen
tleman's Condition." Obtainable cv
ervwhfj'r. Adverflsptuint. '
Results of Prairie Park
Whist Club Weekly Play
Scorps at the Prairie Park Whist
club Monday night were as follows:
HI iti turf Martin plua &14
Dreyfoof and Jacknon plus 2
Barton and Rwynolrtn plu
Abbott and Cowdroy plun v.
Letters :
NMaon and Cook mtnuw !&
Kinr &nd Mtckay.. , . . minu 1
ShawcroiM and Bunk plus 7
Richardson .and Lonergan,. plUK 1 'A
Johnion and nrur... mlnua l"i
Morgan and Manning minu 1
Rowland and Van Buren mlnun U
Lowls and Gallup ml nun 4H i
Steelier Throws Danish
Wrestler at Atlantic
Atlantic, la., Sept. 26. (Special
Telegram.) Joe Stecher defeated
Harold Christiansen, the Danish
wrestler, here last night in straight
falls, the first in ten minutes and the
second in seven. A crowd, which
numbered close to a thousand, saw
the match.
Totals. .11 4 24 10 I Totals. .21 7 37 11 I
Pittsburgh 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Boston 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 '2
Two-base hit: U'llholt. Three-bsse hits:
Collins, Illnchman 2). Btolen bases: Maran-
I-..... n..l.l. a,..lh tn .1
Arthur Longworth, assistant to wner'. cowdv to Maranvllle. j. Hmith to
Willie Hoare at the Country club, I T Wagner. Bases on balls: Off Wallen. 1.
captured the club makers' match. 1 11'! ,nl"T,,:'incTM!.tn
in nln inning, ntrurk out: By Jacobs, 4; iy
Allen, 4. I'mplrsa: Byron and (Jul ley.
Robins Beat Cniw.
Brooklyn, Bapt. S. Brooklyn bat Chi
cago, 4 to 1, today, making It tore out of
five In the Tn, with one more to play
tomorrow. Preffer had the Cube at hit mercy
xcpl in the third, when Flank , ulngled.
Baler walked and Wllllama elngled Flark
home. McConnell wan wild and Ineffective, I
Beorn: 1
AB.H.O.A.K. AB.H.O.A.JS. ,
Pluck. rf & 1 0 ft I H Ml
Mnnn.lf t 4 10 0 OOaub' I 1 ft 0
Ha I or. lb ft 0 14 1 (iHlengal.rf 114 8 0
Wil' 2 1 S 0 lWheaUf 4 110 0
Wlleon.c -4110 (K'uti'w.Sb 41410
Yrke.2b 4 0 1 S OMowr y.ab 3 9-144
TVrh Mb ill 10110
Wort'n.MB S4I4 OMeyere.o 2 4 4 2 0
MrCon l.p 3 0 13 OPfttffer.p 119 14
Hmlth 10 4 4 0 w
Total!. .It 3? 4 0
Totale..J13 7 24 17
. II. K.
American AiiocUtlon.
At LoulevUle
IndlanaDolle 0X114100 1 -
LouluviUe 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 1 &
Butterieg; Aldridg and 8 hang; Mlddleton
and Wllllama, Wendell.
At Columtiua R. H. BV
TolVdo 0 1 0 1 0 If 0 3 010 14 3
Columbue A011i042 0 8 12 2
Batteries: A damn. Bfittlftnt and Welle,
Hwneney; Qecrge, luvts and Coleman.
At Kaneaa City It. IT. K.
t, Paul 4 S 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 10 17 K
Kaneaa CUy t 3000000 0 411 H
Ttatteritm : Orlner, Niohaue and Mayer:
liovllk and Berry, Lathrnp.
Minneapolis! at Milwaukee pnetponerl: rein
Hatted for McConnell In ninth.
Chlrago 4 4 1 4 4 4 0 01
Brooklyn,. f..l 9 4 I 1 9 4 4
Double play: Terkea to Wortman to 8aler.
Baece on ball: Off McConnell, 1; off Pff
fftr, 4. Earned runs: Off McConnell, 3; off
Pfffer, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By McCon
n'll, 2 (J. My ere, fftenget); by Pfeffer, 1
(Mannl. fitrurk out: By McConnell. I; by
Pfeffer. 8. Wild pitch: McConnell. Pa-teed
hell: Wlleon. Umplrea: Rlgler and Kaaon.
Ulanta Win Another One.
Vork, Hppt. 25. Tne New Tork Na-.Mr-nut
advanil ih'lr new record for ui'
fpfPlv vtrtorlK iinotrtwr notr-h tortay, wbn
th"1' I'b'aiid mi nsy victory from flt. Isoula
Hi 1
,d - nil-
Trumbull Couple
Married Fifty Years
Central City, Neb., Sept. Id. iSpe
cial.) Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Talhert of
Trumbull, Neb., celebrated their fit-,
tieth wedding anniversary at their
home Saturday. They were married,
at Shelbyville, Shelby county, lnd., in ,
1866, and came to Nebraska in 1879, j
settling in Clay county. They have
lived in thii atate ever since. There
were born to them seven children,
four sons and three daughters, of
which three are Mill living Miss Cora
Talhert of Tyrone, N. M.; Mrs. Frank
Smith of Haxtum, Colo., and E. F.
Talbert of Central City. There are
three grandchildren Cleo and La-
Verne of Hastings, Neb., children of
Ed Talbert, deceased, and William H. i
Ray Talbert, only son of E. F, Tal
hert of Central City. The Central City '
relatives were present at the aitniver-'
sary rrifptinn (jiven al Trumbull .
.Si '
12 n
pHANGIN' houes in raid-stream ain't
usually the best' way to get acrots.
Nature grows the tobacco let her finttb
YOU want 'Tife" in your
pipe tobacco. Only Nature
can put life into tobacco
and pur responsibility in
making VELVET is to keep
it in.
VELVET retains all the "life" that nature
grew into it and besides VELVET has
the age mellowed smooth
ness that only Nature can
bring out when allowed
to age tobacco as it should
be aged.
10c Tin
5c Metal-lined Beg
One Pound Glen Humidor