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Evidences on All Sides That
Harmony Is Lacking Among
the Bourbons.
(Fiorn a Staff CormpowlonU
Lincoln, Sept. 26. (Special.) "We
are not doing any worrying over the
so-calied republican deflection of
votes to President Wilson," said Jess
Craig, manager of the speakers'
bureau of the republican state com
mittee today.
'It is giving the democratic press
a whole lot more concern than it is
Every report we have received has
Eiven the state committee satislac
tion. It seems strange for ordinarily
one expects to hear from spotted Io
calities where some candidate has
aroused opposition, but not so this
year. Above all we have found the
people of Nebraska most receptive
to the candidacy of Justice Hughes
and he is apparently winning tresh
admirers each day' with his clean
cut denunciation of democratic abuse.
Democrats Split.
"Something else is giving us a lot
of satisfaction too. It's the number
of democrats who are flocking to re
publican state headquarters, and in
dicating that at least two democratic
candidates cannot hope for the united
suppor, of their party. -Apparently it
is the purpose of the democratic
press o hide he facional roubles of
hat organizaion.
"It's becoming more apparent every
day that hundreds of Bryan demo
crats will support the republican
ticket, at least." .
Constantly increasing demands for
literature have compelled the republi
can state committee again to enlarge
tne neaciquarters. i. jonns, wno
is in charge of the publicity bureau,
has been given separate quarters and
has a big force working to keep pace
with the requests for campaign ma
terial. Nebraska is going to receive a lively
bombardment from republican ora
tors within the next few weeks. Jess
Craig has a number of speakers ar
ranged for and is now completing
their itineraries.
Rail Commission Comes
To Deadlock With Reed
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Sept. 26. (Special.) The
railway commsision has asked Attor
ney General Reed tot prosecute the
Farmers' Co-Operative Elevator com
pany of Riverdale for failure to abide
by the state warehouse law although
Mr. Reed has pronounced the law un
constitutional and unenforceable. Mr.
Reed has indicated that he will not
prosecute, since he does not believe
that it can be done successfully.
The commission complains against
the elevator company on the grounds
that it is not submitting its monthly
Mr. Reed holds the law unconsti
tutional, because, in his opinion, a
grain elevator is not a common car
rier. The State Railway commission
has authority only over common car
riers, according to the state constitu
tion. , x , ,
Neville Speaks on Street;
No Hearers in His Hall
Bridgeport, Neb., Sept. 26. (Spcy
cial Telegram.) Keith Neville spoke
to a mere handful of people on the
streets this afternoon in behalf of his
campaign. The address was scheduled
to be held in the Miller opera house,
but owing to the fact that no hearers
put in their appearance, the speech
was delivered by Neville from his car
on the street. On the whole, theocca
sion was a fiasco.
Leslie M. Shaw to Make
Address in Capital City
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Sept .' 26. (Special.)
Word was received by the republican
state committee here late today that
Leslie M. Shaw, former secretary of
the treasury, would speak in Eincoln
at the city auditorium on the night of
October 10. Republican managers
here plan to make the Shaw meeting
one of the big rallies of the campaign.
Had Bilious Attacks.
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Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice, Neb., Sept. 26. (Special.)
R. W. Hall and a Mexican em
ployed by the Burlington road as a
laborer engaged in a pistol duel in
the Burlington yards last evening
near a string of Mexican bunk cars
with the result that the Mexican was
shot in the leg and severely wounded.
Hall was arrested and lodged in jail.
He stated that the Mexican insulted
his sister, who was fishing not far
away, and when he met the Mexican
the latter fired two shots at him.
He then pulled his gun and shot the
fellow in the leg. Soon after the
shooting the young woman whom
Hall claims is his sister was also ar
rested. She had in her possession the
weapon with which Hall shot the
Clyde Raymond, the little son of
Samuel Berry of this city, died yes
terday of tuberculosis at the home
of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Duntz.
The body of the late Mrs. John
Dyck, a former resident of Beatrice,
who died at Omaha Sunday, was
brought here today for interment. The
deceased was 57 years of age and
leaves a large family.
The little daughter of George Cole
man sustained a broken thigh and se
vere bruises about the body in a run
away at Blue Springs yesterday.
The county fair opened here today
with a large attendance. Wednesday
will be democratic day and Thurs
day republican day. W. L. Stark,
candidate for congress, and Vic Wil
son, candidate for railway commis
sioner, will speak for the democrats.
John L. Kennedy, candidate for
United States senator, and Judge Sut
ton,' candidate for governor, will be
the speakers on republican day.
Oxford Votes Bonds
For Sewer System
Oxford. Neb.. Sent. 26. (Special.)
At a special election held yesterday
to vote on tne question oi issuing
bonds to build a city sewer system,
the bonds carried by a vote of 122
to 12.
Work on the new brick block to
take the place of the one demolished
by the tornado of August 9 is pro
gressing and the building will soon
be ready for the occupants, the Se
curity bank, JNeilsen-Macicprang nara-
ware and the Fair stores. I he build
ing is all modern, with a stone and
glazed brick finish.
the Burlington railroad nas pur
chased addition grounds near its
rmht-of-wav and will erect a larger
and more up-to-date round house to
take the place of the one removed
by the storm.
Omaha's Milk Supply '
Is Keeping to Standard
(From a Staff Correspondent.) ,
Lincoln. Sent. 26. (Special.)
Omaha's milk supply is much im
proved, an inspection by the state
food department indicated yesterday.
Fsve inspectors made the rounds yes
terday, covering practically the same
ground taken in a month ago, when
a large number of-prosecutions were
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Candidates Speak at Dubois,
Table Sock, Steinauer
' and Burchard.
Pawnee City, Neb., Sept. 26. (Spe
cial.) The republican senatorial and
congressional campaign in Pawnee
county opened yesterday. John I..
Kennedy of Omaha, republican candi
date for United States senator, and
Congressman C. F. Rcavis of Falls
City entered upon a speaking tour of
the county and the First congressional
district, commencing with a morning
meeting on the street at Dubois and
closing with a nieht meetinir in the
town hall at Burchard. Two afternoon
street meetings were held, one at
Table Rock and the other at Stein
euer. AHam Atrt11, rtf w.
republican candidate for state senator!
aiso spoxe at each meeting.,
The theme of the speeches delivered
throughout the rlau ,.., .... ...
-o " jk mineral lu
the farmers of southeastern Nebraska,
anu at an stops much applause was
Underwood Act Sectional.
Mr. Kennerlv atiH fr P...,..:
ed out that the legislation of the last
four years by a democratic congress
had been for the benefit of the south
rather than for the benefit of the
country in general. The Underwood
tariff measure, they said, gives pro
tection to the products of the farms
of the south, but leaves unprotected
the nrndurtft ef t tma f
7 ,oll"a UI 9UUII1-
eastern Nebraska. They showed that
me sumn is in me saddle and giving
the benefits nf . :cc .
f""" laiui hi
the sections of the country from which
President Wilson and Mr. Underwood
come. Dut giving to the rest of the
Ijmterl stata t,o . r
iivt uduc pulley OI
the democratic party. They asked that
protection be applied to all parts if
.. ia guuu tiling, ami not restrict its
benefits to any favored section.
The manv farmers in th t,A;anB
expressed by liberal applause their
disapproval of the democratic plan of
to the south by appropriation
",c "curasna rarmers nave to
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; purchase with their own funds and
Federal Drainage for South.
Congressman Keavis stated that
; congress had appropriated $9,000,000
! to give drainage benefits tT the farm
I ers of the south, and that the farmers
I of Richardson and Tawnce counties
and the other counties in Nebraska
had been compelled to get the same
results by heavy special assessments
and charges against their lands. Con
gress, he said, could not be particular
ly generous to any one section and at
the same time be just to all. He as
serted that he had always voted
against such discriminating legislation
and that his opponent had always vot
ed for such legislation.
Both speakers remarked upon the
prosperity of today, but asserted that
it is nothing to brag about, as it is
built upon the graves of the best
young men in Europe and made pos
sible by the woes of a world. After
the war, with the present Underwood
tariff, they urged that the United
States would be inviting the countries
of the world to make the United
States their dumping ground, and that
then prosperity would not reign su
preme, as the present high prices were
due to 'the fact that all Europeans arc
now consumers and not producers, I
that the United States is exporting I
chiefly and because there is litt e im-;
porting. Only one thing will save the
United States from industrial disaster
after the war, thev said, and that is
the protective tariff for which the re
publican party has always stood.
Mr. Kennedy drew tie farmers to
him by .the declaration that he had
farmed in two countries and had an
eleven days' steerage passage in be
tween. Many of his hearers today have
enjoyed a similar experience.
Pawnee Candidates with Party.
In today's campaign two automobile
loads of Pawnee county candidates
have accompanied the speakers. They
are; Harry V. Scott, candidate for
county clerk; John Albright, candidate
for county treasurer; Frank A. Bar
ton, candidate for county attorney; V.
T. Parkinson, candidate for state rep
resentative; J. C. McClung, candidate
for sheriff; D, W. Neal, Candidate for
county judge, all of Pawnee City, and
Rufus Church and H. A. Moore, editor
of the Dubois Press.
At Dubois Rev. H. R. McKclvie of
the United Brethren church presided
and introduced the speakers, while at
Table Rock Frank R. Taylor, editor of
the Argus, acted as chaixaian of the
street meeting. All along the line to
day the candidates have received a
warm reception,
King Ak and Ak-Sar-Ben Visitors
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Tabloids of Politics
Little Items About the
Progress of tho Campaign.
State Secretary Porter of the So
cialist party, has received word that
George R. Kirkpatrick, socialist can
didate for vice president, will he in
Omaha October 6, and will speak at
8 o'clock that evening in Washington
William A. Foster has filed his pe
tition signed by 353 qualified elector
asking that his name be placed on the'
official ballot as a candidate for the
Board oi Education. Mr. Foster has
represented the Fourth ward on the
Board for four years, being elected as
a republican. Under the new law the
members will be nonpartisan and will
be elected at large. Two hundred
names are required on the petition.
(CntlnuMl From Pur On.)
none the less surely, the British have
pushed their advance on the north of
the German salient. Their struggles
to reach and hold Ginchy and Guil'e
mont were expensive in time and mon,
hut finally the " ground north of
Combles and some distance to the
east Wjas occupied, putting the town
in a pocket of which the opening was
constantly being narrowed by the
drives of the entente armies.
Close Opening of Pocket.
Yesterday came the combined ef
fort of the French and British to
close the opening or at least render
it so narrow that what could be ex
tracted through it by Germans would
not be-worth while. Only two roads
remained over which the Germans
could withdraw their men and guns.
The single track railroad running
through the place had long since been
rendered useless.
Attacking from the north, General
Haig's forces pushed to and occu
pied Morval, cutting the northerly
road to Le Transloy.
Striking from the south the French
pushed their line to Fregicrftirt, sevcr
ng communication with Combles over
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the southerlv road that stretching
towrads Saifljf. The gap between
Morval and Frcgicourt, a mile and a
half in width and reaching back to
ward Combles, was swept from either
direction by I the combined fire of
Flinch and British guns.
It is not thought probable that any
considerable force of Germans re
mained in Combles. During the day
yesterday when it was becoming evi
dent the allied forces were achieving
their object of closing in east of the
town the Germans are reported to
have begun withdrawing guns from it,
To Lydia E. Pinkham Medi
cine Co.
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