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Good Things for the Table Offerings of the Market Household Hints
Jiome Economics department
UUeJ by Irma X
The Laws of Canning.
j The old question, "Do you have
r any luck in keeping your canned
" fruits?" is dying out gradually, as
women come to understand and mas
ter laws 6f canning. The housewife
who would understand the whys and
wherefores of the canning process
must go back to the science of bac
teriology for enlightenment. We
know now that the s porting of food,
: the process of decay, is caused by the
presence and action ot microscopic
plants called bacteria, yeasts and
4 mo
J lue
jw can
olds, inese tiny invisible torms ot
are present everywhere. We
kf cannot eliminate them; but we can
i kill them so that they cannot continue
I their work of destruction. The pro-
a- $ cess of killing bacterial life is steril
Jimjfr izing. It may be accomplished by
i ,m boiling the material to be s'crilized
11 j "f. for twenty to thirty minutes.
'r'. "" Hence the first law of canning. Boil
JjL, the fruit sufficiently to sterilize it.
jr In the case of acid fruits less than
W . . ..'II .. 1
the fruit acid acta as a preservative.
Also, boil all jars and lids for fifteen
minutes, which time is sufficient to
sterilize the smooth surfaces of jars.
Since rubber rings cannot stand long
continued boiling they must merely
be plunged into boiling water imme
diately before use. Spoons, forks,
etc., used for putting the fruit into
the jars should also be dipped in boil
ing water.
Sterilization alone, however, will
not insure the keeping of canned
foods. If air can enter the filled jars
it brings with it fresh bacteria, yeasts
and molds, which will cause spoiling.
Hence the second law of canning:
Seal all jars tightly. Fill the jars to
overflowing and seal immediately. In
the case of screw top jars the lids
must be screwed tighter after the
glass of the jars has cooled and con
tracted. There are many methods of carry
ing out these two laws of canning.
Vegetable canning can best be done
by the "cold ' pack" method, which
will be discussed 'later, ine oia
fashioned method of cooking fruit till
tender in a syrup and then tilling ster
ilized jars with the cooked fruit and
syrup produces a finely flavored
In all cases the fruit should
Economical Side of Bacon
The homeniaker, chct or caterer
who has not made , use or bacon as
a flavoring hats been missing great
There are hundreds of women who
seem to have the' idea it is not good
form to serve bacon .excepting fried
with eggs. It, is best when broiled,
even though served , in the good old
way with fried eggs. But once the
housewife tries the good old standby
in some of its various uses she will
find that there is no need for monot
ony in her menus.
Food Value.
Bacon Ib willy dlgeste-i and assimilated
and furalahes th body with tlMiw builder
and fat to tore.
.Bacon Omelet.
Broil or ,fdr baron -until erlpa. break It
up In fine dice and add to two well beaten
eggs AM two -tablespotmB of mllK and
bit of salt tfnd paprika. Have omelet pan
hat and brushed with purn laf lard or
A Culinary Jewel
A cook in a Baltimore family is in
,...m n! oirtK anti plaudits because
she has been faithful to stove and
sink in one situation for twenty-five
years. So long a period of domestic
service is almost incredible in these
days when, as a tnicago wu. ic
marked, the cook may leave between
the bacon and eggs. Nowadays when
an employment agency brings the lady
of the house and the maid-of-all-work
together it is the employer who
is catechized by the employe. The
mistress fervently hopes that she wjll
suit the grande dame below stairs
and lives in fear of giving the under
ling displeasure. Is the solution of
the servant question to be the pass
ing of the servant? A strike in the
kitchen means nothing less than the
fracture of the staff of life. The do
mestic economy with the domestic out
of it is paralyzed. The old saying.
1 "Too many cooks spoil the broth,"
1 has ceased to mean anything, because.
too many cooks would be an incred
ible superfluity. How much is the
mistress to concede? Is the cook to
have breakfast served to her in bed?
Is she to be allowed to give nightly
parties in the kitchen when she does
not carry away meat and vegetables
and elect to spend the evening else
where? Any disciplinary measure
may produce a flare-up and a resig-
The tired business man can easily
frown over his newspaper at his wife
and say "I wouldn't let her talk to
me that way. Why don't you dis
charge her?" That just shows how
little the good man knows of the
problem of getting anybody at all to
do the work and keeping the peace
even imperfectly. The disciplinarian
of the business office has his whip
hand in the fact that there is -a
waiting list for business chances. But
?ood cooks command their own price
and can pick and choose their elective
affinities in the way of diffident
young mistresses newly from the
:ooking school. If you think it is
asy to keep orfc cook for twenty
five years go home and try it over
on your own linoleum. You will find
:t all but impossible to please the
same servitor as long as that. You
iavc too many crotchets and whim
;ies, too flighty a temperament, too
. A for and Grt e,
$ 36 Redft Book fht
Gross -a-gg
Readers are cordially invited to
ask Misa Gross any questions
about household economy upon
which she may possibly give help
ful advice; they are also invited to
give suggestions from their expe
rience that may be helpful to
picked over and washed. Small fruits
should be taken from the stem, large
fruits should usually be pared, and
sometimes halved or quartered. The
easiest method of removing skins
from peaches and tomatoes is to
plunge the fruit into boiling water for
two minutes, then into cold, after
which treatment the skins slip off
Eight quart! ot peachee, on u,uart 0f su
gar and three quarts of watr.
Or. If more syrup Is desired, eight quarts
at peaches, two quarts of sugar and four
quarts of water.
Put sugar and water together and
stir over fire until sugar is dissolved.
When the syrup boils skim it. Pare
the peaches, cut in halves, remove
stones, unless you prefer to can the
fruit whole.
Put a layer of the prepared fruit
into the preserving kettle and cover
with some of the hot syrup. When
the fruit begins to boil skim carefully.
Boil gently ten to fifteen minutes,
then put in the sterilized jars and seal.
Put another layer of prepared fruit
in the syrup and proceed as above.
J Peart.
Treat exactly as peaches, except
that pears require a slightly longer
time for cooking, about twenty-five
minutes for halves. The cooked
fruit should be easily pierced with a
Eight quarts of plums, two quarts of su
gar and one pint of water.
Nearly all kinds of plums can be
cooked with the skins on. If if is
desired to remove the skins of any
variety, plunge them in boiling watet
for a few minutes. When the skins
are left on prick them thoroughly to
prevent bursting.
Proceed as with peaches. The time
of cooking is five to ten minutes boil
ing. It may be that more syrup is de
sired; if so, use three quarts of sugar
and one quart of water.
bacon drippings. Pour In the mixture,
cover, lower heat and let brown on one
side. Boll the omelet and turn onto a hot
platter. Garnish with grape Jelly.
Pea with Bacon.
Dice crlep pieces, of bacon and add to
canned peas which are to be served with a
white sauce. A few diced carrots are a
desirable addition to thla vegetable.
When serving canned peas with a white
sauce save the liquor off the peas for
soup. It contains the mlne-al salts which
supply material for bones and teeth.
Oysters and Baon.
Thla dish la called Angels on Horseback
in the south. Roll a piece of thin sliced
baron around an oyster, secure with a
toothpick. Broil until bacon Is crisp. Serve
on hot dish garnished with quartered
lemon and paaley. Canned tomato soup
just as It comes, is delicious served with
With Spnvhettl.
To give Just the right flavor to spa
ghetti and rice dishes crisp three or four
thin slices of bacon, dice them and add the
boiled rice or spaghetti to the. pan con
taining bacon and bacon drippings. Add de
sired seattonlng to dish and let simmer.
This Is delicious with a can of tomatoes, a
big an appetite. You would have to
dismiss yourself several times in that
period, and you would earn little but
ignominy in your own eyes. Phila
delphia Ledger.
Offlrer Shot and Killed.
El Paso, Tox.. Sept. 21. Sergeant 3
Belrne, Twenty-third United Stales Infan
try, was shot and killed In a saloon her,
today. Subsequently William Sands, a stati
ranker, was placed under arrest. Beirut
who was a provost guard, was said to havt
been attempting to arrest an Intoxicated
( j
i i Hi 1 ' i 'V ' , , nil' ., ,i . 1 ,,, ijL J-- LUV. Hi .'lL,'.ii.U. ,
IS &
"The Power
behind the DoudK
Ask your grocer- He Mows
Culinary Queries.
Mrs. W. S. T.: The difference be
tween jelly marmalade is that jelly
is made from strained fruit juice,
while marmalade is made from juice,
rind and pulp. Also, so far as I know,
marmalade has a lemon and orange
Orange Marmalade.
Five orangea, two lemons, surer and
Wash and slice fruit very thin. Do
not peel fruit. Weigh sliced fruit and
add three pints of water for every
pound of fruit. Let stand twenty
four hours. Put on stove, bring to a
boil and let boil forty-five minutes
hard, counting time from beginning i
of boiling. Let stand twenty-four ;
hours. U eigh and add pound lor
pound of sugar. Bring to a boil and
let boil forty-five minutes. Pour
into sterilzed glasses and seal with
Standard Recipes.
The recipe card catalogue by its
business-like exterior, suggests effi
ciency within. One of the first prin
ciples of the science of efficiency,
whether practised in a store, a fac
tory or a kitchen is standardization.
Our modern housewife will standard
ize her working conditions and also
her working information. Her cata
logue will not contain a useless repe
tition of recipes of the same type,
such as "white cake," "ice cream
cake" and "pond lily cake," when the
only differences among them are
slight variations in number of egg
whites used.
A "ood working plan is to try out
several recipes of one kind until a
thoroughly satisfactory one is found.
Then next to this tested type recipe
keep a card labelled "variations."
Thus, if one finds a particularly de
licious chocolate frosting which owes
its unusual flavor to the addition of
cinnamon, then add that suggestion
to the "Variations for Krostings"
card, but do not make a new "Choco
late Frosting" card.
A woman is much more indepen
dent of cook books and more mistress
of the art of cooking when she re
alizes that there are not 1,000,000 re
cipes in the world, but just a few
basic ones which she may maser
and then vary to suit the tastes of
her family as her own ingenuity dic
tates. few slices of onion and a half a doaen
shreds of sweet green pepper.
With Naiads.
Broil bacon c.lsp and either grate or
pound very fine. Put In a kitchen salt
shaker and sprinkle over various salada and
scalloped dishes.
A very convenient receptacle Is made hy
punching holes In the top of a baking
powder can.
The Economical Side.
Save every bit of bacon dripping by
Itself. It Is splendid as a shortening for
pantry or to grease the griddle with.
The fo-elgn housewife has found that
sandwiches of salt or smokod meat are very
appetising when the bread has been spread
with pure bacon drippings. Chlldroii relish
these sandwiches when they are made with
very thin slices of dry Salami sausage.
IS lbs. Pure Cane Granulated Sugar for $1.00
48-lb. tack Pennant Flour, for Saturday only, $1.79
48-lb. sack Sunkist Flour, for Saturday only, $1.89
10 bars Diamond C or Laundry Queen Soap. . . .25c
4 tall eans Argo Milk 2Se
5 cans Cleanser for 10c
lQe can Krnut or Hominy Sc
3 Be bars Glycerine or Tar Soap...lOe
We Make Our Own Peanut Butter Fresh Daily While You Walt.
Come in and Try It.
Pig Pork Loin Rout (any amount) per Ib 16 ',c
Hindquarters Fancy Mutton, per Ib 12 He
Prime Rib Roast, rolled, no bone or watte, per Ib 17 '4 e
Choice Cuts Fresh Ham or Pork Steak, per Ib 17c
Mutton Roast, lb 03.c I Pork Chops, best cuts, lb ZOe
Choice Cut Pot Roast, Ib 12"ic Mutton Stew, ( lbs., for ZSc
Pin Pork Shoulder Roast U'ic I No. 1 Sugar Cured Hams IJ'.c
Cuming Sta. The Peoples Market Douglas 1530
' rr n nil tmirrr
Tomato Soup
Brisket Creamed Potatoes
Chili Sauce
Corn Pudding (Vegetable)
Sliced Pineapple Drop Cakes
Spiced Baked Ham
French Fried Potatoes
Apples Cooked in Brown Sugar
Creamed Peas and Carrots
Hot Biscuits ' Coffee
Grape Gelatine Pudding
Cold Evaporated Cream Sauce
Beef Bouillon.
Vienna Sausage
Macaroni in Tomato Sauce
Baked Celery
Lettuce Salad
Canned Red Raspberries with
Whipped Cream
Fresh Cup Cakes
Boned Chicken with Kgg Sauce
Peas in Butter Boiled Rice
Tomato Salad on Lettuce
, French Dressing.
Grape Juice
Peach Cobbler Cream Sauce
Chicken Soup.
Tuna Souffle
Spliaghetti with Ameican Cheese
Combination Vegetable Salad,
Peas, Carrots, Celery, pieces
of Crisped Bacon with
French or Cooked
Salad Dressing
Apricot Short Cake
Breaded and Baked Tongue
Mashed Potatoes
Brown Sauce Baked Tomatoes
Pear and Pineapple Salad
Coffee Cheese Wafers
Toasted Rusks
Thin Slices of Dry Sausage
Candied Orange Peel
Grape Float
Saltines Spread with Veal I oaf
and Sprinkled with Bacon Dust
Preserved Figs
Tea Lemon
Butterfly Salad
Bread and Butter Sandwiches
Celery Filled with Cheese
Nut and Jam Sandwiches
Beef Bouillon Wafers
Minced Ham Balls
Bread and Butter Sandwiches
Pineapple, Cherry and Nut Salad
Cooked Dressing
Cheese Sticks
Grape Juice
Von will (let Instant Relief.
Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey aoothea your
dough, allays Inflammation, looaens the mu
cous and you breathe much better. 26c.
All druggists. Advertisement.
Spaghetti or Macaroni, pkg......7c
Fancy Evaporated Peaches, lb. . . -7'Ae
Best Grade Uncoiored Japan Tea. H
lb pkgs., for .ISc
Tested Recipes j
Apple Salad.
Select firm apples and remove the I
centers carefully, leaving a thin shell 1
to hold the salad. Dice the apple and ;
an equal amount of celery. Parboil
a small green pepper in boiled salt
water for six minutes, remove the
seeds and cut up in small pieces. Mix
with this chopped nuts and blend with
boiled salad dressing. Have the
apples ice cold when ready to serve.
Finnan Haddie.
Wash the fish well, then put flesh
side down in a baking pan, cover with
cold water and bring to a simmer.
Drain, rinse with cold water, return
to pan, cover with cold milk and bake
for half an hour. Five minutes be
fore taking up dot with butter, sprin
kle with pepper and leave in oven
until the butter melts.
Oat Meal Cookies.
Cream one and one-fourth cups
sugar and one cup of lard thoroughly
together, add two eggs, well beaten,
three cups of rolled oats, out cup
stoned and chopped dates, and one
teaspoon cinnamon, one teaspoon
powdered ginger, one teaspoon bak
ing powder dissolved in one-half cup
sour milk and two cups flour. Mix
quickly and drop from spoon on
greased bake tins. Bake in moderate
oven from ten ot twelve minutes. If
the spoon is dipped in milk before
dropping each cake it "wil' be much
easier. Do not substitute raisins for
Wife Asks Liberty, Alimony,
Lawyer's Fees and Suit Money
Married in the Parish of Orleans
at New Orleans, La., August 22, 110,
Gertrude Jackson complains that her
husband has forgotten the teachings
of the parish priests and has treated
her with extreme cruelty. She lias
filed suit for divorce, alleging that
Thomas M the husband, is capable
of giving her financial assistance.
Jackson is a bookkeeper for the
Harle-Haas Drug company of Coun
cil Bluffs. The wife asks alimony, at
torney's fees and suit money.
Chocolate Fudge
hot or cold, poured
over our Delicious Choco
late Ice Cream, garnished
with whipped cream and
fresh fruit, or a cherry,
gives you a new and attrac
tive service.
Year Druggist Cn
Supply You
The Fairmont Creamery Co., Omaha. Nebn
ours l
i-seefc rW the dealer who
nhowa this eiaa im his wlaaow
Grape Juice is the
other beverage has eo large a variety of uses. Armour's, because
of us purity, is the ideal drink for children, Invalids and old
people as well as for the strong and vigorous.
Order Armour's in
Cold Weather Prevails in
The Black Hills Country
It is more winterish out in the
western part of the state and up in
the Black Hills. According to the
morning report to the railroads, sev
Cat the Round Package
Used fog Vi Century.
1916 Milk-fed Spring Chickens, lb 193c
Choice Forequartera Lamb, per lb..... 9$a
This week we have 10,000 lbs. el live sprint chickens, which we will dress te
your oroer aaturaay. lorn early tnssa
Porterhouse Steak, per Ib ITVie
Steer Pot Koast. lb IOVic
Young Veal Koast. Ib 1IV,C
Young Veal Chops. Ib UV.C
Pig Pork Koast, lb MVic
Pig Pork Butts, Ib loVie
Pig Pork Loins, per lb..-. lBe
Pig Pork Chops, Ib 17e
Spare Rlbi, per Ib 10c
Opposite Woalwerth'a
We Have Received a Carload of Mixed Fruit, Which
We Are Going to Place on Sale Saturday. .
Extrt Fancy BurtleU Pears, boi...$2J8
uuhH box Kitfffr Pars, box. . . .$1,50
'awv Frteatun Paachti, wrapped. PT
rate, at Mc
ttm.a Uiue Plums, 4 banket orates, per
crate, at , . , .$1.40
per banket, at 38c
.'ukfty Grapei, 4-baiktt orates, per
crate, at , ,$1 80
per basket, at ,40c
Extra Lame Cooking Apples, peck... 25c
Kxtra Fancy J una than Bating Apples,
per peck, at 30c
Best Granulated 8unar, 18 lbs.... 81.00
aisxtra Large Sweet Potatoes, per larre
market basket, at 48c
Home Dressed Spring Chickens, lb..X2c
Home Dressed Spring Ducks, lb..., 23c
Choice Steer Rib Roast, Ib 14a
Choice Steer Rib Shoulder Roast, per
lb., at 12ViC
Young Veal Roast, per Ib 18c
Young Mutton Legs, Ib HVtc
Young Mutton Slew, 8 lbs, for,..,.?.Sc
Young Mutton Chops, Ib, , , , . .0c
Young Veal Chops, lb lflc
Choice Steer Sirluin Steak, lb ..Jc
We Always Have a Pull Lin
uur ueiicatessen uepartmeni la m ltp-iap anapo.
Auto Deliveries Twice Dal.y to All Parts ml the City. '
The Washington Market
Tha Meal Sanitary an. U.-lo-Dat. Market la Ike Wsst. Tyler 470 140T Daaiflee St.
C.nnecti All Deots. Oaaaka, Nek.
1916 Milk-fed Spring Chickens, lb. .19c
Pig Pork Loins, per lb , . . .ISttc
W. out the chickens baler. 6 last
I live sprint chkksni, which we will areas
Steer Pot Roast, Ib IOV,e
luuna veal noasi. ID 1I7,.
Youna- Veal Chops, lb lV,e
I'iB Pork Roast, lb 14'Ae
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roriernouse Biaaa, per id 17',.
LamD Less, lb 14.
Spars Ribs, lb lOYit
I'll Pork Chops, Ib 17V.C
Mall Orders Fired Prompt'y.
100 PurTTI
jr's Grape Juice carries MM
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Is nature's own beverage, undiluted,
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the Family Case oi six one-pint bottles.
KO&iT. IJU1.A.-, Mrr., tutu and Jones 3ta.,
Phane Deuelee tOHS. Omaha. Neb.
JV. WILKINSON, 28th Q, Tel. So. 1740
eral points in western Nebraska reg
istered 32 to 36 degrees above zero,
while in Deadwood, S. D thermom
eters indicated as low as 28 above.
In Nebraska the weather is calm,
but during most of the night a high,
wind was general.
- AlcForndCETX
Made from clean, rich milk with the ex.
tract ol select malted grain, malted in our
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!nfant$ mnd ehildrm f Arioo on it. Aft with
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Nds Me CtassW Jf mddititm af m.iik.
Mouruhca and auataina mors than tea, coffee, tte
Should be kept at home or when traveling. Aon
tritioua food -drink may be prepared in a moment
A glassful hot before retiring induces refrahing
ebep. Alio in lunch tablet form for bulimia m
Substitutes Cost YOU Sam Pries)
take a Package Homo
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No. 1 Rib Roast of Reef. Ib IStte
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Phono Doug. 21Q7
Sc mat 10 Store.
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reek, per peck 35c
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f Fresh Fish and Oysters.
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