Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 23, 1916, Page 3, Image 3

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Prisoner Waits Ninety
Days for Thirty Days More
Thirty days in the county jail was
the punishment meted out to William
Meyers when the prisoner pleaded
guilty to stealing $50 worth of lead
pipe from San Pavlica July 26. Mey
ers has already served
while awaiting trial.
sixty days j yan Gets $1,990.08
that in a dispute over the ownership
of property in the bottoms, Whelan
struck him with a board, broke three
ribs and bruised him to such an ex
tent that he was in a hospital for
twenty-five days. Property at Sev
enth and Seward is involved. The al
leged attack occurred September 2,
Traffic Violators Are
Handed Fines by Judge
II. Holmes and A. Young were
each fined $5 and costs by the police
magistrate for violations of the traffic
regulations. William Bauman, S. (j.
Saddcrs and James Darcll were fined
$2.50 and costs each, while Charles
McNeese was discharged.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package)
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Fred Martin, charged with break
ing into the home of D. M. Phillips
and stealing clothing and jewelry,
pleaded guilty and was paroled to M.
Andreescu under suspended sentence.
Martin has been awaiting trial for
By Jury's Award
Jacob Korar was awarded a verdict
for $1,990.08 by a jury in Judge Red
ick's court, following a fiery trial
marked by bitterness oil the part of
attnrni'VS and litttrant K'nrar !
Omaha Business Men Inoorpor
ate to Boost Traffic on the
Missouri Eiver.
sixty days.
I James Whelan for $25,000, alleging
To promote navigation of the Mis'
souri river and to enable merchants
in river towm to compete with rival
dealers, the Missouri River Naviga
tion company, formed by fourteen
prominent Omaha business men, has
filed articles of incorporation. The
company is capitalized at $5,000 with
shares at $1 each. The incorporators
are Herbert M. Rogers, James S.
White, John W. Gamble, H. M. Chris-
. tie, A. L. Williams, E. S. Swobe, F,
J. Hughes, Irving F. Baxter, Watson
Townsend, U I. Adams, J. W. Met-
calf, William U Hoitzman, fczra MU
lard and Victor White.
According to the incorporation
papers filed with County Clerk Dewey
the company is authorized to operate
wharves, docks and warehouse
purchase real estate, navigate the
river with freisht boats and barges,
and to increase competition between
business men of the river towns.
Better transportation facilities, in
creased valuation of property through
placing it available for water front
purposes, and the developmrnt of
business between towns on the Mis
souri, are set forth s purposes for
which the company has been organ
Articles of incorporation of the
Runyan Cushion Wheel company
have been filed with County Clerk
Dewey, the company being capitalized
for $100,000. The incorporators are
ri. U. Wullt, u. K. sowand, fc.
Conrad and Fred G. Burlingin.
The Bohemian Music company has
been organized with a capital stock
of $25,000. The incorporators are
Frank W. Hodek, Charles M. Nepo
dal and manes suppe.
Wortham Comes to
Prepare for Shows
On King's Highway
C A. Wortham, owner of the
Wortham shows, which will furnish
the amusement attractions for the
king's highway at the Ak-Sar-Ben
festivities next week, has arrived in
Omaha to make final arrangements
tor the coming of his big show train
which will arrive at Cass street cross
ing of the Northwestern Sunday even
ing and be immediately unloaded. All
the shows will be ready tor operation
Tuesday afternoon, and will exhibit
every afternoon and evening until the
end ot the reign of rung Ak.
One of the feature attractions on
the Highway this year will be ;
realistic portrayal of the battle of Ver
dun. The European war furnishes a
basis for this mechanical show and it
has served as one of the midway sen
sations at the various fairs in the mid
dle west whefe the company has exhibited.
The war motive is further carried
out among the shows with "Over and
under the sea, where a sea tight be
tween a submarine, merchantman and
U. 9. i. lexas is presented.
The fun section of the highway will
feature the Monkey speedway,
where diminutive Simians drive tiny
automobiles around a race track.
Omahan Pinched
For Impersonating
Secret Service Man
C. M. Bennett, 1427 North Twenty
second street, is in the custody of
. government authorities on a charge
of impersonating a United States se
cret service officer.
Following Bennett's arrest by
Hugh Mills, secret service agent in
Omaha, on complaint of J. W.Wil
liams of Davenport, la., an elderly
man, the latter told his story to the
government authorities.
The Omaha man is charged with
having attempted to "settle" with
Williams for $5 after the latter had
shown him an alleged obscene picture
and had been convinced that Bennett
was a secret service operative.
Bennett will be given a hearing be
fore United States Commissioner Mc
Laughlin Monday morning.
All Saints' Church to
. Organize Boy Scout Band
All Saints' church. Twentv-sixth
and Dewey avenue, is the first
church to actively co-operate with the
Rotary club in furthering the Boy
Scout movement in Omaha. Rev. T.
J. Mackay, the pastor, announces that
a company of Boy Scouts will be or
ganized Monday evening at 7 o'clock
in the Wattles Memorial Parish
Competent advisers will be on
hand, and the pastor invites boys
more than 12 years old to be pres
ent. The division organized among
the junior parishioners of All Saints'
parish will later have the benefit of
supervision by a national scout mas
ter, whom the Rotary club will bring
from New York.
Hirst Methodist Church
Has Change of Pastors
Rev. Joseph Stopford, who has been
at Creighton, Neb., will be the new
pastor of the Hirst Memorial Metho
dist church of Omaha, instead of Rev.
George li. Trites.
A change in the assignment of the
ministers has just been made by
Bishop Stunz of this district. Air.
Stopford was originally assigned to
Wahoo, but in the change of plans
ae comes to Omaha, while Mr. Trites
eoes to Broken Bow. Rev. Thomas
Bithel, who has been pastor of the
" rlirst church, will go to Wahoo.
Mr. Stopford will preach from his
lew pulpit Sunday.
Unique Shoe Store Has
Opened on Douglas Street
The Star Shoe company has opened
3nev of Omaha's most unique shoe
itorcs at 1415 Douglas street. This
,iew concern is owned by the Leon
3ros., who have been in the hat bus
iness in Omaha for the -last several
years. Popular-priced shoes for men
will be sold exclusively by this store.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
Newest Ribbons
Gold and Silver Ribbons for hat and dress trim
ming. All widths. Heavy metallic and gauze effects;
also combinations of gold and colors.
Special attention given to all kinds of Hat Band
Ribbons. Bows made Free of Charge. Main Floor.
Until 9 p. m.
Until 9 p. m.
Silk Hosiery Special Showing
Women's High Colored Novelty Hosiery Plain and
fancy Richelieu ribbed, plaids, stripes, clocks and many
other designs in fancy hosiery. All fashioned, high
spliced heels and toes. Silk to the top. Pair . .$1.60
Suits. Coats, Dresses am
The Most Approved at Very Lowest Prices
Scores and scores of
original designs and
many exclusive feat
ures not shown else
where. Following the
styles of the highest
priced garments, but
offering them to you
at very moderate fig
ures. This will be a
Saturday of splendid
For the woman who
desires to spend from
$19 to $35, this an
nouncement is won
derfully interesting.
There are no better
garments made than
those we are show
ing at these prices.
This is a correct il
lustration of what lit
tle money will do in
this Apparel Store.
Splendid Suits in Latest Styles
WomenTs and Misses' Tailored Suits, in the smartest styles
of the season. Materials are Gabardines, Poplins and Serges;
in navy, brown, black, plum, green, etc'. Right up-to-the-minute
in every way. Short, medium and long jackets and
full cut skirts are shown
Coats for Every Occasion
New Long Coats of fine soft fabrics, such as Duvetynes,
Bolivias, Velours, Tweeds, Mixtures, Cheviots, etc. Full
flaring bottoms with large cape and Quaker collars
15 and '25
Smart Serge Street and Silk Dresses
Nothing is so effective and popular for fall wear The
colors are navy, black, brown and green. The new em
broideries of yams and beads making very effective
19 and '25
New Blouses
For Fall and Winter Wear
. Georgette Crepe is the
most fashionable material,
and it is getting scarce. We
bought our blouses early in
the season, and are now of
fering complete stocks at
the old prices.
Some are hand embroidered,
others trimmed with Filet, Oriental
and Venice Laces. Hundreds of
styles to choose from
$3.98 t0 $6.50
$3.98 to $6.50
Extra Quality Crepe
Blouse. Semi-tailored
Novelty Georgette Crepe
Striped or figured effects ! f
at $5.98 to ....iplU
Striped Silk tc Plaid Silk Blou.e.,
also plain color blouses, all the new
shades $2.98 to $6.50
Dainty Lingerie Blouses Lace or
box embroidery trimmed
$1, $1.45, $1.95
Blouse Shop Second Floor.
Ladies' Neckwear
Nothing adds more to the
newness of your old gown,
as well as adding character
to the new gown, than
Painty Neckwear. We are
showing complete stocks of
Georgette Crepe, Broad
cloth and Satin Collars and
A Beautiful Line of Georgette
Crepe Neckwear, Large Swim Col
lar, and the New Net Collar, at
ranging., wvu t
Satin Coat and Drew Collars are
very new. Broadcloth Collar, in
small and large effects.
A Large Variety of Collar, and
Collar and Cuff Set. in the large
effects and Swiss embroid- Q Q
ered, lace rtimmed aC
A small lot of Oatrich Boai, in
white, black and black )tt
and,white, at DC
Main Floor.
50c ,$1.75
Large Black Velvet Sailor, very
wide from side to side. Two rows
of white picot edging on brim;
band of velvet with splashy bow
at side, also edged with white pi
cot. For smart tailored wear; spe
cial, at $10.00
Four-cornered hat of navy blue
velvet with rose silk facinfir.
wreath of rococo roses and tinsel
berries and foliaee finished with
rose ribbon bow. A very dressy
model, at 810.00
You Have Never Had "
The Opportunity to Buy
Such Superb Hats
'5 and 10
They Have Never Been Equalled
For Less Than $10 and $20
We have made Them Up Specially
for This Sale, and They Will Be
Shown for the First Time Here on
We describe just eight models, but there are '
dozens and dozens just as desirable.
Go to any of the exclusive Hat Shops,
even in the largest cities and try to match
these Hats for less than $10 and $20 then
come here and buy them for $5 and $10.
Large Dressy Hat of black velvet
with phalange of hatters' plush;
bow across front edged with fur,
lor S1O.00
Brown Velvet Hat with wide satin
?halange, gold bird ornament on
lared front brim, semi-dress mod
el, for 85.00
New off-the-face shape in black
velvet with gold colored ribbon,
side crown, band and bow, gold
and bead ornament at front,
t0 85.00
Gray Panne Velvet Tarn with nnr
row brim, green and silver ribbon
with tasseled ornament in front,
for $5.00
Ked Velvet Top with black velvet
facing, black coney fur around
crown and silver bird outlined
with fur, for 85.00
Large Sailor Shape.
400 Bright Finished Felts in col
ors such as green, rose, brown,
navy, black; all banded ready t
wear, with tailored bows of gros
grain ribbons. Also a few velour
felts with hatters' tips in light
green and blues. Values to $3.50,
for 81.71
life 'i U,T CfcNQl
Boys' Two-Pant Suits, d0 Qf
Two Special Lots Saturday J)0JD
Every woman knows what it means to get two pairs of pants when
she buys a suit for a healthy out-door boy. It means DOUBLE WEAR.
We are offering plain gray tweed and fancy stripe effects in every size
iium o to 1 1 years, ivcai sman-iooKing in tne new pinch-back style coats,
Extraordinary Showing, of
1 wo-Pair-Pant Suits
$4.25 to $10.00
Two-Pair-Pant Blue Serge Suits
Corduroy Suits and a great variety
of Mixtures. All in the latest mod
els. Every boy is sure to find just
the suit for him. ,
Overcoats for Boys
The best assortment we have ever
had this early in the season. Juve
nile Coat, in ages 2 to 8 years. Chin
chillas in grays, blues and browns.
Fancy mixtures in all the smart new
patterns. Large assort- t 1 fi
ment of styles, $2.50 to.
Third Floor,
Overcoat, for Boy. 9 to 12 Years of
Age New, smart styles in a big se
lection of different pattern effects,
as well as plain colors. Chinchillas,
in all colors. Real nifty coats in the
pinch-back models,
$3.95 to
Boy.' Sweater. Galore Every col
or of the season to be had in our
wonderful assortment tan, cardi
nal, light gray, dark gray, blue, ma
roon and all the smart stripe ef
fects. Shawl collars or button-to-neck
styles. Ages 3 to (r An
16 yrs. Prices, $1.25
Women's Washable -Kid Gloves
Vz to xh Less Than Regular Prices
Perrin, Adler and Bacmo Makes
THESE ARE THE GLOVES that are right on top of
the highest wave of popularity today but pursuing
the policy that has always been followed here rieht
at the time when they are the most popular, we offer
them at the lowest prices.
The colors are Pearl White, Oyster, Mastic, Ivory, Light
and Dark Gray, Tan and Black. They come either plain
or with beautifully stitched contrast backs, most attrac
tively embroidered.
Every pair of gloves in this sale is absolutely guaranteed
washable, and is accompanied by our written guarantee.
Either outseam or pique sewn.
$1.00, $1.50, $1.75 Per Pair
, Main Floor.
and Toilet Articles ;
Abonita Face Powder, 60 size,
for 28
MeloroM Face Powder, 60c size,
for 29
Madam l.e'b.ll'. FacePowder, 60c
size box 29
La Blache Face Powder, 60c size,
for v. 33
Creme de Meridor, 25 size. .18
Hind's Honey and Almond Cream,
60c size 29
Stillman'. Freckle Cream, 60 size,
for .....29
Kolynot Tooth Pa.te, 2 Be size tube
for 16
Pebeeo Tooth Paite, special, 29
Dorin's Rouge, Saturday. . . .25
Marguerite Sjrlva Rouge, 60c size,
per box ..29
Woodbury's Facial Cream, 25c
size tube for 12
Crave.' Tooth Powder, can . . 14
Palmer's Almond Meal, 25c size,
for 144
William.' Shaving Cream, 26c size
tube, for 16
Gillette Blade., $1 pkg 754
California Syrup of Figs, 60c size,
for 29
Lap.etic Pill., 100 In bottle, 28
Beecham's Pill., 26c size box
for ...1 16
Hinkle'e Cascara Pills, 100 in bot
tle, for 94
Danderine Hair Tonic, f 1.00 size
bottle, for 694
Li.terine, $1 size bottle. .. .69
Hay.' Hair Health, $1 size. .69
Lavori., 60c size 29
Pinkham'. Vegetable Compound,
$1 size, for........ 69
Caetoria, 86c size... 19
Sloan'. Liniment, 60c siaa. .29
Pluto Water, 36c size. . . .29'
Sal Hepatica, 60c size 29
Phenolax Wafers, 30 in bottle
for 26
Wreth's Sodium Phosphate the
bott'e 39
Palmolive Soap, cake 54
Kirk'. Jap Ro.e Soap, cake... 54
Williams' Shaving Soap, 2 cakes,
fnr m -l
Phy.iciane' and Surgeon.' Soap
the cake 6
Craddock'a Blue Soap, special, the
cakp. at. er j.
M.ntholatum, 60c size for .'.29
ronu . ramming I. ream, 50c size,
for on
Horlick'a Malt.J Mill. l,ul
8,ze. for 82.68
Hughes' Ideal Hair
f 1.49 values, for SO
$2.98 values, for S14
J3.98 values, for Slltll
Main Floor. . .