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Bnej City News
Ilalf Karat White IHftmondo 75 Gdhnlm
Have Root Print It Nw Beacon Prnu
Lighting F1turM -FiurvrM-Oranden Co
City Mission for Young Vomon
The City mission, near the railroad
stations, (s always open to young wo
men comintfxaa strangers to Omaha
until they And employment.
Stretchout His License Charged
with operating five meMenger off, res
with one license. James Burdish.
Twelfth and Douglas streets, was ar
raigned In police court and fined $25
and costs.
Three AutoWts Fined Steve 15o
ffonski, H. H. JHaysen and George W.
Mndorfer, were each fined $2.50 and
routs when nrrntinu'd before Judge
Foster for speeding. Two other de
fendants were discharged.
Refused to Cook HU MtnU Be
cause she has refused to cook liin
meals and left his homo rfun.e months
ago, Herman F, ttrunk has brought
ault asking d'vorce from his wife,
Caroline M. They were married April
14, 1916.
Light Frost lt Night While the
weather Is clear and calm out in the
state, morning reports to the railroads
indicate that It Is considerable colder I
today than yesterday. In a good many
localities last night there was light'
frost, and In the extreme northwest, a
freeze. j
An Apple a Pay, Keeps the Doctor
4 way A carload of best Cal. Apples: j
Bellefleures, R. I. Greenings and 1
Spitz. We could have bought cheap-
r apples, but got the best. See them
now. Also a car of nice Kieffen
Pears and car potatoes in soon at 1
Found Two- rolls of money that i
was left on the show ease hi the Owl
Drug company, 16th and Harnev !
streets Monday afternoon, between
the hour of 12 and 12:30. If you will
call and Identify the same we will be
glad to return the same to you. Don't !
telephone. Owl Drug Co.
Fin Fireplace IimhIk Sunderland.
Mother and Fath er
Each Refer to Tots
As "My" Children
When the mother of a family of
three children refers to the youngsters
as "my children," is the claim valid?
When the father objects and refers
to the ime kiddies as "my children,"
is he justified in claiming absolute
This perplexing problem of legal
ownership of the little folks was
brought before District Judge Day
when Charles W. McMullen asked
that his suit for divorce from his
wife, Virginia E. McMullen be dis
missed without prejudice. The or
der of dismissal was issued just be
fore an answer and cross petition was
filed by attorneys for the accused
Allegations charging the wife with
the use of unladylike language, that
she has made life miserable for the
husband and the children and that she
has conducted herself in a manner not
motherly were answered by the wife
with the accusation agaist the chastitj
of the husband.
In a motion filed by attorneys for
Mrs. McMullen the husband and
father was asked to specify "how
many children, their names and ages,
are referred to in his divorce peti
tion as 'his children.' McMullen failed
to answer and instead brought dismis
sal of the action. They were married
at Council Bluffs, July 16, 1911.
Night Schools to
. Have Classes for
The New Citizen
"Ttiose who have lived in this
country long enough to have gained
only meager knowledge of English
and still have had good educations in
foreign schools, will find work adapt
ed to their needs. Each pupil may
attend two ' classes each evening,"
said Principal Adams of the evening
high school,, which will be opened in
Central High and High School of
Commerce buildings on October 16.
Sessions will be on Monday, Wed
nesday and Thursday evenings of
each week until March IS. Classes
will be held from 7 to 9:15 p. m. Any
resident of Omaha possessing an edu
cation equivalent to the eighth grade
may enter.
The courses of study are intended
for those who wish to take up work
;n commercial or general branches
On the evenings of September 22, 23
25 and 26 those wishing to enter tin
evening high school may register ai
the Central High school building. Ai
time of registration the pupil will in
dicate the subjects he wishes to
study. A class will be organized foi
any subject in the course of studj
when twenty, or more, indicate a pref
erence for such subject.
Certificates will be issued to thosi
who complete the course in a satis
factory manner.
Would Have Designation
. For the City Automobiles
D. S. Clark, South Side druggist
has an idea and he is willing to give
:t to the city commissioners without
money or without price. Here it is:
"I would suggest that you pain
'City of Omaha on all city automo
biles. It would help to advertise
The suggestion will be considered
by the city council.
Two Highwaymen Take
Wealth from Lone Visiter
Thieves got a rich haul Wednesday
night at Tenth and Dodge streets,
where they held up J. B. Orme of
Pacific Junction, la. He handed over
to the two highwaymen, one of whom
was a negro, his gold watch and
checks to the amount of $973.
'ledioal Society of ths Missour
Valley to Be in Session
Until Saturday.
Physicians and surgeons from all
parts of this section of the country
arc in attendance at the twenty-ninth
annual meeting of the Medical So
ciety of the Missouri Valley, which
convened at the Hotel Fontenelle
yesterday niori'ing.
The convention will come to a close
Saturday morning with clinics at the
various hospitals in Omaha. In tht
neighborhood of 300 visiting doctors
are here for the convention. All busi
ness sessions are being held in the
jail room of the Hotel Fontenelle.
Dr. C. VV. Hull, chairman of the
committee on arrangements, called
the morning session to order, which
was followed by the introduction of
.lie president, Dr. John I Lord, o
Reports of the organization's com
mittees and officers, election of ne
members and the reading of the min
utes of tiie last meeting, were fol
lowe 1 by the presentation of oaners.
At the morning session papers were
read by the following:
Dr. Evarts A. Graham of Mason
City, la., discussion led by Dr. j. M.
Bell of St. Joseph; Dr. J. H. Shuman
of Sioux City, discussion led by Dr.
J. M. Hell of St. Joseph; Dr. Fred
Moore of Des Moines, discussion led
by Dr. Newell Jones of Omaha; Dr.
P. G. Orr of b ausas City, discussion
led by Dr. W. N. Anderson of
Convention visitors, including wives
and members of the families who ac-'
companied many of the out-of-town I
doctors, were guests at a luncheon at
the Commercial club at noon.
Among the prominent out-of-town
doctors here for the convention are:'
Dr. Jackson of Kansas City, Dr. Dier-:
ring of Des Moines, Dr. Robert H.
Babcock of Chicago, Dr. Moore of
Des Moines, Dr. Vaughn of Chicago,
Dr. Herrick of Ottumwa, la., presi
dent of the Iowa State Med:cal so- i
ciety; Dr. C. W. Hopkins of Chicago,
chief surgeon of the Northwestern
railroad. Dr. F. M. Crain of Red-.
field, S. D., president of the State
medical society of South Dakota, is
expected to arrive Friday.
The present officers of the Medical '
Society of the Missouri valley are:
Dr. John P. Lord of Omaha, presi
dent; Dr Charles G. Geiger of St.
Joseph, first vice president; Dr. R. A.
Weston of Des Moines, second vice
president; Dr. 0. C. Gebhart of St.
Joseph, treasurer; Dr. Charles Wood
Fassett of Kansas City, secretary.
Woman Alleges Husband
Was Killed Accidentally
Is Jesse Joplin, serving a life sen
tence in the Illinois state penitentiary
for the alleged murder of D. Winton
Dunn, guilty of the crime with which
he is charged? j
When Judge Wakeley's court '
opened m district court Mrs. Manda
C. Dunn, widow of D. Winton Dunn,
appeared to press her suit against
the Physician's Casualty company,
asking payment of $5,000 on a policy
carried by her husband. ' She alleges
Stomach Troubles
The Great Woman' Medi
cine Often Just What
Is Needed.
Drives Her Auto Up C'.ty Hall Steps
Says Investigation of Death of
Mrs. Malmberg in Burning
House to Be Thorough.
as saying he is convinced in his own
mind that no Omaha fireman would
hesitate to rescue any victim it it
were possible to enter the building.
Mail Auction Nets Nearly
$803 to Your Uncle Sam
The semi annual auction sale ot un
called for mail at the Omaha post
office netted $783.47. More than 000
packages were sold to the highest
! ' Iders. The -lale, which lasted two
days, was held at the Capitol avenue
entrance to the federal building.
Miss Claire Rochester, appearing at
the Orpheum this week, drove her Ap
persou Roadaplane up the steps of
the city hall Wednesday afternoon
where she was greeted by Mayor
Dahlman, who read her credentials.
that the shooting that caused her
mate's death was accidental and holds
the casualty company liable.
According to the plea of the wid
ow, Joplin, convicted of murdering
her husband, is innocent. Dunn was
shot at Dequoin, III., during a fracas
in which Joplin was involved. At
torneys Gurley and Fitch are appear
ing tor the widow.
On the request of Superintendent
Vithnell of the fire department, the
ity council set next Monday after
oon at 2 o'clock for the hearing of
members of Engine Company No. 11.
with respect to the fir- a .W7 Evans
street, where Mrs. Hulda Malmberg
vas. found dead in the basement.
Mr. Withnell intended to hold the
learing Wednesday afternoon, but
.vhen some of the witnesses declined
to appear voluntarily, he invoked the
authority vested in the city council
:o summon witnesses in a legal man
ner. Evidence at the coroner's inquest
'ended to show that some of the
firemen were negligent in not rescu
ing Mrs. Malmberg from the base
ment after they were advised the
woman was down there.
Mr. Withnell says he wants all of
the farts to be brought out at this
hearing, although he has been quoted
Hearing Saturday on
Street Car Line Extension
Citv Commissioners Hummel,
Parks and Butler, appointed as a spe-
cia committee on street car exten
sinns. will hold a hearinir Saturday
morning at 10 o'clock in th city coun
cil chamber in connection witn peti
tions for an extension in the north
west part of the city. Property own-l
ers and street car company represent
atives will be given an opportunity
to express their views on mil matter.
All popt In Aincriet and upadally those
who r past middle are prone to eat too
much meat and In eonnequenee deposit Hme
alta In their arteMea, vitim and joints. They
often anffw from twine of rheumatUm or
lumbago, aomttlmta from tout, nwollen
handa or feet. Such neople are not always
bit to exerelie lufflciently In the outdoor
air or drink enough pure water In order to
wtat freely and excrete Impurltlti thru
the akin. Dr. Pierce haa conducted experi
ment and thoroughly tested a arte acid
solvent at hia Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, which he la convinced Is many
times more potent than lithia this he nam
ed "Anurle." It can he had at almost all drug
storea by limply asking for Dr. Pierce's
Anurle for kidneys or backache. It will
overcome such conditions aa rheumatism,
dropsical swellings, cold extremities, scald
ing and burning urine and sleeplessness due
to constant ned of getting out of bed at
Bl Our grandmothers have told our mother
nil nr mothers have in turn instructed
that in case of sickness, resort to Dr.
Pierce's dependable household prescript! one
i These medicines an put up for sale hy drug
I gists have never been recommended as "curc
I alls," but only as superior remedies for cer
tain common and easily-reeognized diseases.
Had iheae medicines been adopted to a!1
! and forms of chronic diseases thef-
would have been no necessity for onrnlsing
a competent staff of expert physicians ani
surgeons, to act in tna treatment ox dun
cult, obscure and complicated canes oi
chronic diseases, as Dr. Fierce maintains li
his Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute. O
hia home remedies the most widely known!
are his "Favorite Prescription' for womanly
trouhlea and run-down conditions pecultat
tit th womanly sex : his "Golden Medlcai
Discovery," the greatest of all herbal system
tonics and vita liters, for stomach, liver anc
blood disorders, as well as his "Pleasant
Pe let, the tinr. tonic laxatives, ffvarcom
ing constipation and cleansing the system of,
poisons and accumulations in the bowels.
Advertisement. ,
Feeling Blue?
We an to nsed to thinking of Lydla
E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound aa ,
a remedy exclusively for female ills that
we are apt to overlook the fact that it
tsoneot the best remedies for disorders
of the stomach.
Foi stomach trouble of women it !
especially adapted, aa it works in com
plete harmony with the female organ
ism, since it contains the extracts of th
best tonic roots and herbs. It tones up
the digestive system, and increases the
appetite and strength. Hera is what
one woman writes snowing what this
medicine does ;
Newfleid, N. Y.- "I ara so pleased
to say I can recommend Lydia E. Pink
ham s Vegetable Compound as an eco
nomical and beneficial remedy in most
ailments pertaining to women. At
lease 1 found it so by only taking two
bottles. I had indigestion in a bad
form and I am now feeling in the best
of health and owe it all to Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.'--Mrs
BurWilliamspR.D.No.29, New
fleid, NY
Many women suffer from that " all
pone feeling,' and "feel so faint,''
while doing their work. Ten chances
to one their digestive system is ail out
of order. A tahlesnoonfu! of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound after
each meal should completely remedy this
febLdition in a few days.
Ue Cocoanut Oil
For Washing Hair
Take a
and feel in the pink
of condition!
Ask your
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, be careful what you
wash it witi.
Most soaps and pn"ared "Mm-nis
contain too much alkali. This dri s
the scalp, makes the hair brittle, a id
is very harmful. Just plain muhrfbd
.ocoanut oil (which is pure and en
tirely greaseless) is mucn t;ti.i i an
the most expensive soap or anything
else you can use for s .ampooing, as .
this can't poss bly injure the hair. j
Simply moisten your hiir with
water and rub it in. One or two tea
spoonfuls will make an abundance of
rich, creamy lather, and cleanses the
hair and scalp thoroughly. The lat ler
rinses out easily, and removes every
particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and
excessive oil. The hair dries quickly
and evenly, and it leaves it fine and
silky, bright, fluffy and easy to man
age. You can get mulsified cocoanut oil
at most any drug store. It is very
cheap, and a few ounces is enough
to last everyone in the family for Advertisement.
I lli!ftlWHtlf.ltHtMtfHtiWHi,' I'M Wtwi!iflwfil-WjMlllltliJ47i;litl''t-t4
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