Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 21, 1916, Page 12, Image 12

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Some Kinds Cattle Steady and
Soma Lower Sheep Steady
and Lambs Higher.
Official Monday 17.714
Official Tueeday 12,711
liatlmate Wednawlay.. 7.401
Sept 30, 1111.
Cattle. Hof". Sheep
(.004 26.004
e ooo 12,000
, Thre. dare thle wk. 17.010 16.711 IM.MI
8.m. d.y. iMt w,.k..SM44 17.763 I0.II1
Ham. daya I was. a-!" J
Ui day. I wka. " "! J "!
sane day. 4 wk.. o.JJ.Jlt ll.ll 7J.J1I
Sam. dan laat year. . .16.104 7.114 174.001
ttecelpte and dl.po.ltlon ef lire .lock at
the Luton nook yard. In Omane lor twenty
lour hour, endlm at 1 o'clock ye.terday:
C, St- J"
Mlsnourf Pacific i...
Vnlon Pacific
C. N. W., ea.t....
C. S. W., we.t...
C 81. P.. M. O...
'., B. Q.. eaet. , . .
C. B. Q. wnl...
v., H. I. 4 P.. eaat. .
T.llnol. Central
L'lvlcato 9. W......
Total receipt.
.. 67 40 71 ' 1
.6 1 I
. 17 31 34 1
!ii7 J ii 'i
..III 10 134 4
Morrl. Co
ewift Co
Cudehy Parking Co....
Armour k Co
J. W. Mnrphy
Lincoln Fecklnc Co....
So. Omaha Packing Co
J. M. Packing Co
Cudahy. Sioux City
W. B. Vaneant Co
Benton. Vaneant Jl L...
Hennlger Oliver
r. B. Lewi.
J. B. Boot Co ,
J. H. Bulla ,
L, r. Hue.
Hoeen.tock Bros. ......
r. O. Kellogg
Werthetmer Degen...
H. r. Hemllton
fulltvan Broa,
Rothschild Xrebe...,
(o. Kan. Calf Co....
Meyore i .
. Baker
Banner Bret.
John Harrey
TMnnta rmnol.
Jenaen A Utmrrea.....
Other buyers
Cattle. Hoge, Sheep.
1.163 .
good to choice. (10.60tT10.10: lamba fair
to good, !10.264?10.4S; lambe. feeder., 11.760
10.46; yearllnra. good to choice, 17. 7641-60;
yearllnce. fair to good. 17.007.76; yearllnge.
feedere, 11.60491-00; wethers fair to choice,
ll.60tr-7.60; ewes, good to choice, !7.00J'7.2fi;
ewee, fair to good, 16.2600.10; ewe., platn
to cull.. l4.00tY4.T4; ewe., feeding. 36.60
7.00; ewee. breeder, all age., 17.0001.60.
Representative eale.:
43 Wyoming breeding ewes.... 113
22 Wyoming feeding ewee 12
280 Wyoming reeding ewe..
110 Wyoming ewee
260 Wyoming feeding lamb..
104 Wyoming feeding lamba.
17 Wyoming lamb.
202'Wyomlng lambe
37 Idaho buck lamb........
441 Idaho feeder lamba
221 Idaho lamb.
12S Idaho ewe.
. 61
. 67
. 74
. 13
. 77
7 00
( 16
7 10
10 36
10 36
10 36
10 36
1 00
10 00
1 10
Diminution of Public Interest
-Brings Abont Unsettlement
in Day's Market.
4 ,.
311 ,
II ..... .....
161 .
717 ..... .....
101 '
, 41 .....
a ..... .....
II .....
114 ..... I....
11 ..... .
100 .....
Nw York, Rpt. 20. Plmlnutton of public
Intermit coupled wtth prtat.rr.t beariih en
croachment brought about urtiU1emnt In
today ' atork market, Operation! ran be
yoad a mil Hon ahar for the twelfth
lion, lartnly at the expenae of quoted values.
Receaalona were not tavera exeoept In
aomtj highly apeeulatlva luauea. The lead
In eoppera were conatently atronfc, Ana
oornta rlalnv -S points to the new record
of 4r; whtta Uuh, all allowing for ita
recent dividends, aggregating 2 points also
made a new maximum at 87 e.
Preaeura waa directed against the rails
soon after the strong opening, later ex
tending to United States (Heel, which fluctu
ated between and HOI, closing at
1107, a net loss of point, nans par
tially recovered In the extensive short cov
ering of final dealings and other Import
ant stocks finished well above minimum.
Shipping shares wer backward through
out, Marines showing gross declines of X
t Dolnls. with 3U nolnta for Atlantic
Gulf and West Indies. Mexicans, some of
the en ut omenta, minor industrials, and mu
nitions denoted liquidation, the feature' of
the latter class being Drlggs-Seabury. which
made an abrupt break ot 11 point to
The day's news nan inns srrecc upon
market conditions. Recent sessions Indicated
Increasing confidents of short Interest.
Humors that financial Institutions wars exer
cising closer scrutiny of collateral offered
for loana ware helpful to the movement.
Total sales amounted to l,1&Mv shares.
Bonds remained firm on larger and mors
general offerings. Total sales par value
si.i7a.ons. i
united states vontu were uncnangea on
call. ... i
Bales. High. LOW. Close.
Am. Beat Sugar.. MOD 94 MS4
Very Little Market for Mixed
Corn Helps to Keep Price
Down Wheat is Dp.
Omaha, September 30, 19W.
Wheat was strong today, advancing itflc
over yesterday. There was a fairly good
demand for No. t and No. I hard winter
Corn sold unchanged to lHc higher, the
hits com selling at lU02c over the yel
low and 8e over mixed. The mixed corn was
poor demand and most of the No. 2 mixed
told at 71c, with few buyers.
oata were also selling UOo higher,
with a fairly good demand.
Rye and barley remained unchanged.
Clearances were: Wheal and flour equal
(13,000 bushels, corn. 43.000 bushels; oats.
000 bushels. .
Liverpool close: Wheat nnehaifaed to
4 off; cotn unchanged to 2d off.
Primary wheat receipts were
bushels and shipments 938,000 bushels.
against receipts of 2,31.7, 001 bushels and
shipments or 2,238,000 bushels laat year.
rrimary corn receipts ware 936,000 busn-
Is and shipments 249.000 bushels, against
receipts of 866,000 bushels and shipments of
iz(. voo bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1.362.000 bush
els and shipments 1,140,900 bushels, against
receipts of 1,126,000 bushels and shipments
of 1,406,000 bushels last year.
Wheat. Corn Oats.
Omaha .....
annas City
Louis . .
Winnipeg ,.
These sales
American Can....,
Car Fdry..
- Cattle Receipts were very
1,014 19,170
liberal this
utniti Ml mm feeing raoortsd In. This
makes the total run for the three days
thia wMk IT 910 head, the largest of any
flmltar period this season and almost 1,000
Head larger man lor sam uim
ieelrable flashy and weighty beef eattla at
arloa that were generally stsady. wtth less
4lrab1e kinds slow and weak. A load
Of very good yearling cornfeda gold at
Cows and heifers 414 net "how much
changa, ths market on that class of stuff
Wing generally steady with yssterday'i low
ef market
... A fsw good to choirs weighty feeders
commanded about steady prices, but ths
lighter rattle, aven thoaa of good quality,
wars both slow and lwer.
Quotations on cattle: Good to eholo
beeves. II 0.00 9 10.16; fair ta good beeves,
jl.09fjl9.Mi common to fair beeves, M-7&0
9. 00 1 good to choloo grass beeves, 97.799
9 iS: ta aood grass beeves. I7.2997.79;
good 9o c ho toe heifers, 19.799)7.31; good to
choice cows. 99 9097.90: fair to good oows,
i.l894,IO; common to fair cows, I4.80(f
.19:. good to e holes readers. IT.1SOS 16;
fair Wo good feeders, 9.8(f7.18; common
to fair fasdeqs, 98,909)9.99; food to choice
stockera, a7.Cb-9T.TA; stock heifers, IK.199
T.90: stock cows. tM099.8Q: sto k calves,
6.6999,89) veal ealvee. 3I.M9H.00; bast
bui is, stag 9B.vsyi.i aoiogna sutis,
, RopraoanUtjv aalsot
No. i ! Ar, ' Pr. No, At.
8.. 1489 11 09
. i. ....... TT0 89 19 94T IS 80
....'.... 864 00 99 ISt I tl
t. 360 I 78 1 160 I 10
I........ 310 30 00
' Anrui 8utherland--WV0.
4lStears..t 27 7 JO I steers. .1071 I 40
W. T. Johnson Wyo,
14 steers... 999 9 10 10 steers... I tl f 49
Stunbla A Ensia Co. Nab.
4lstars.. 999 1 36 31 steers.. 144 T II
Prank Smith Wyo,
8staars.,1014 T 80 17 cows. . .1047 I Tl
H. Karar Nebraska.
31 steers.. 6M 144 ' 11 steers.. 114 Tl
- Robert Hanson Nebraska.
14sUara-.ini III 31 steers. .1060 T 19
W. W. A J. U Drtsklll Wyo.
31 stasia. .1143 T.TO llstsnnil 174
C. S. Ta'nnor Wyo.
' SI 61 f 00 9 cows... 1191 Tl
Hugh Palmar Wyo.
II COWS,.. 1101 I II 18 steers.. 0 T 40
J. C Blrdsell South Pakot,
ll-ataars.. 149 9 16
-. W. s Carpsnter Wyo.
kl.atsaige.13U I 91 . 24 steers, .1101 I II
Little Horao Creak Cattle Co. Wyo,
41 tar.. 1016 T 00 91 steers. .1911 T 10
t J. A. Stevenson Wyo.
3lsters..l063 TOO 16 steers, . 141 T 10
.A. Undsrwood Nebraska.
IT feedira.1184 T 40 9 feeders.1000 I Tl
C. S. Orahaxn Nebraska.
i 4 targ..lllT 99 , Otaara., 114 I II
H 133 133
42H 42U
91 944
10444 104
16,308 $0 87 16
2.400 I9-I 81 II
100 $b BB'j tt
4,000 68 ' 644
3 "M "M
y ii i6i
1 lttT lli
Amer, Loeemotlv, 1.101 11 71U III
m r a R 16. ,00 1014. IMS. 1071
Am. Suiar Reft ... loo 1114 111 1104.
Amer. TeL Tel.. aov 13BH l
Am. Zlno. u 0. 1.4O0 43
Anaconda Copper. .116,700 14
Atchison 1.600 101
Italdwln Lfteo..,..
Bait. Ohio
Brooklyn RaD. Tr.
Butte A Bup. Cop.
Canadian P.Hflo..
Central Leather...
Ches. A Ohio
Chi., Mil. St. P..
ChU Northwest.
Chi., R. I. 4k Pec..
Chlno copper
Colo. Fuel Iran... 11,100
Corn FrdcU Refc
Crucible Steel
Dletlller'a Src
Bru 17,101
,.n...t KisAfrln... 1.100
at. Northern p(d.. 1,100 110(4 lll'A 1114,
- do ora ctr. 4,000 is " "
Illtnol. Central.... 100 10:44 10144 102
Interborougn u u. i.ewo n,.
Inspiration Copper. 11,000 13 60 11
intwi. w. 'in itfi VV.ioo lioii njji uijt
K. C. Boulhern... 100 II 164 1644
KennMOtt Copper. 11,400 I3V. II 63
IauIs. Naah.... ...... .... .... II
e. petroleum... i;.;; 11. 3 "3
Mo.. K. A T., PM
Missouri Pacific...
ntana Power...
National Lead....
Nevada copper. . . .
New Tork Central
N. T.i N. H. A K..
NorroiK west.
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall
Ray Con. Copper..
Rep. Iron A Steel,
Bhattuck Ar. Cop.
Southern fact no
muinarn rarnin.i. i.iuu iui
Southern Railway. 4,600 36 34
StudebakSf Co.... 1,600 131 119
?ennesaoa Copper.. 17, TOO 26
exaa Company... 1,004 119
i Hog -Hog racelpta wars vary fair, being
the largest so far tnls weak. Estlmatsa
plaed tba run at eighty -six oars or 0,000
Wad, This makaa the total for the first
half af the week 11,716 head, which la 1,000
abort of laat weak, but 11,900 heavier than
' two weeka ago, and mora than twice as
larre aa for im same period last year.
t Order buyers wars aatlrely out of the
market thia morning, and. with packers
Vho have been looking for chance to
' gat arioso down In complete control of the
market, a sasrp crop in prices waa a tore
gone ooaoiuaioa.
One packer whoso order called for choice
no its. nicksa up tno est nogs hero at
decline of around 10c. paying a top of 111
-. Moat of the offerings were as usual of only
A fair to common sort, and on these kinds
. the trade waa never lass than a 10980c
lower affair and got steadily worse, the
late trade being vary dreggy, and at least
I ika lower than yasterdav'a avsrua. some
. hogs being still la 'the pens at a rather
late hour at that, common grades or an
weights were In mighty alack demand, and
t whlle sellers managed to get rid of some of
t their- poorest hogs early, a good many of
them went until the close without ever at
tractlng even a bid. With shippers out of
the game, packers had more hogs at their
disposal tnan tney reauy wanted anyway,
and -the demand tor this plain stuff waa
naturally very alack, especially towards the
lata-ana or tno msraet.
r A falling off In the fresh meat demand
: Is about the only eiplanatlon of thta sudden
' lack of shipping ordure, and the extreme
bcarlshnasa of packers. The big outlet for
"trash meat, which has consumed the hogs
about aa faat aa they were marketed all
summer, la what baa held prioea at the
record levels that have bean In force the
lat several months.
- Today'a general market averaged close
to 20c below,r yesterday, the bulk sailing
"at 1i0.30910.'l0, with a .soatterlng of the
oesi'Kinaa on up.
RspraasMaUva sales:
tl.. 2)2
81. . 346
. 69.. 384
91.. 306
S60 10 31
300 10 It
... 10 41
10 10 II 1
... 10 80
No. Av.
41.. 134
93. .381,
71,. 344
47.. 86
41.. Ill
Sh, Pr.
... 10 80
130 10 40
40 10 10
40 10 94
49 19 II
Sheep Pat lambs continued on the un-
frrede this morning. Packers started early
and a good ahara of the lamba moved bv
ths middle of the forenoon while everything
Vwas cleaned up wall before midday. On
; paper prices were ldgllc hlghsr than yea-
-tarday, and while part of this upturn waa
.tredsrs called the general market around'
-.a dime higher. Bulk of the lamba sold at
;, the same prices that were
. ,1a fores on last week's close. One band proved a nign buy at 19.4Q yester
day waa unable to beat the Dries todmv.
; -.ill the top reached 110.11, a nickel above
ust rridays best price.
.Feeding lamba were strong. Prices ware
as much aa 10c higher than yesterday on
- paper, but mora good lamba were here,
and considering quality there was little real
advance. The top reached 119.46, whtle
' 119.86914.40 . bought, ssvsral , desirable'
- euncnaa,
':, . juotatleng an sheep and lambs: Lambs.
6,700 9i 66
96 U
900 179
1,300 68
4,400 44
800 127
4.100 19H
1144 11
1.100 176U 17144 174 reported todaj :
Wheat No. 1 hard winter, I cars, 11.614;
cars, 11.6044: No. I hard winter, 1 car.
1.61: I car.. 11.604: 1 car. 11.60: 2 care.
II. I; No. I hard winter, ! can, 11 60;
ear, 11.1IU: l can. 11.41: 1 4-6 can,
1.44; 4 can, 11 47; 1 car. 11.44: No. I hard
wlnt.r, 1 car, 11.41; 1 car, 11.41: 1 car.,
11.41; I cara, 11.41; 1 car, I1.44U; 1 oar.
fsmutty), 11.44: 1 car, 11.44; aampM, hard
inter, 1 car, 11.41; 1-6 car. 11.16; No. 1
.print, 1 car, 11.63; No. 1 aprlnf, 1 oar.
1.62: No. : durum. 1-6 ear. 11.61: No. 1
durum, I can, 11.61; No. I mlied, S can.
1.61 H; 1 car, 11-47.
uarl.y no. a. 1 cara. lie: No. 1. 1 car.
13c; 1 car, llo.
corn No. l white: I car. lie: 1 car. II Via
No. I white: I ears, lie No. I yellow: 1
cara, lOo, No. I yellow: S can, 71V.0. No.
yeiiow: car. 7,0. No. 1 mixed: 1 car.
71Uo: 4 care, 71c. No. I mlied: 1 car. 74c.
Sample mixed: -.1-4 car, 71c,
oats No, 1 white: 1 car. 44440. stand
ard: I cara, 44 Vic; 1 car, 44Uc. No. I white:
10 1-1 oan, 44o. Sample whit.: t cara, 41a;
can, 4ao.
Omaha Ca.h Prleea Wheat: No. I
hard, 11.414,01.61; No. I hard, 11.4401. 60;
No. 4 hard, 11.4301.41; No. I sprtn,, 11.410
1 66: No. I aprlnf, II 4Set.41:No. I durum.
1.4.1P1..I. corn: No. I white, liuaizc:
No. 1 white, 1044 OUc; No. 4 white, 100
lotto; No. I white, 7IViO10c; No. I white,
i,07itte; no. 1 yellow, 7144 010c: No. 1
yellow, 7IH071V.C; No. 4 yellow, 71V40
71c; No. I yellow, 77 071c; No. I yellow,
77Vi0 77o; No. i mixed, 7107IV.0; No.
mixed. 71 44 4, 70c: No. 4 m xed. TlUi
7144c: No. t mixed. 7I0774.C; No. mixed,
76 077c. Oats: No. 1 white. 44V40444ic:
standard, 44 "it 44 Vic; No. 1 whlta, 1344 4)
tic, no. , wntte, av434.e. Barley: wall.
l.c,i.oo: no. 1 reed. 70 012c. Rye:
No. 1, ll.nttl.ll; No. I, 11.1101.11.
emalm Futures.
Heavy taklnie by the exnortera yester.
day oau,ed th. aharp advance In wheat
toward fho cloa. of the ae..lon. This aam.
factor tav, th, marlt.4 a aironaer tone to.
day. Th. atrentth of th, liorthwut Tnar
Mia today was attributed partly to buy.
Int by forltn.n. Corn and
particular feature. Theae
held within a narrow rante.
i1 .
S.XOO 1144 17.1
444 4
till 11
70 70U
11 11 i
1.400 101 107 10?
1,600 It 10 V 10
1,200 1104, 110 13.
nil lis 11146 112
1.000 II 14 37 11
1.001 17 44 17 17 Vi
1.100 161. 14
11,101 lllVi 110
11.100 41744 16
1,6 00 1 044 10
1,400 101 I,
10 H
i'i SI
Union facltlo .... IM00 147 14 146
d. ltd ., 101 S3 11 II
U. S. Ind. Alcohol. 10,100 131 127V4 111
V 1 Steel 163,100 10 107 107
do pfd ....... ..v 1.100 131 120U 110
Utah CoVper 13.401 17 44 II Vi 17
Wabs.h pM "B" . . 1,100 14? I7 17
144 14
44 114
Western Union.... 1,600
Weatlnlhoue, Kiea is.uuu
144 l.
iti ia4
4 44
Total aalee (or th. day. 1.160,000 aharos.
Wm. Vark Mowsy Market.
New Tork, Sept. 10. Mercantile Paper
, ....
Bterttnt aixonant-.w-wr wni
14 7144 1 cablea. 14.7144.
Silver war, .o; uu,,..., .i.u.
Rend. t4ov.rnmen4 steady; railroad firm.
tin. f,.ne Firm; 10 daya. 1410146 per
e,ntt 10 daya, I.VItj in Bene mauin.,
r-.ii Uoney FHrmt tilth, I Per cent; low.
t per cent; rnllnt rat., I4 pr cent; laat
loan, a per ceni; niueuia .., .is k
.....ta at 1 m. eent.
U S ret la. ret. Mo Pec eon 4... 10744
Mont Power I... II Vi
N T c.nt n ,. 41,
N.w Torx t--uy
444, (llll). ...Ill
ov I. Ill
North Paelfto 4s 11
North PacKlo 3. II
Onton 8 L. r 4s 1244
Paclflo T A T I. 10144
p.nn eon 4V... ..104
do ten 4 Vis. .10144
Readlnt ten 4...
do. coupon.
rj a l..; ret. ...1004
00, coupon .
TJ 4., re, 1J;
aO, couiiun. ...... .
m Rmeltera 1.1134
T a, T ov 444. 1101
Antlo-Fnch Is 16'
Atohleon ten ee "
Kelt Ohio 4. Ill
Beth Steel r Llo"
p.ririo i.t 111
Ch.l O . tV4a 10
C. R I P ret 4. 71 i South Pao r 4s. II
a a iui l.444Snuth Ry la. ..101
. n 11 Mn 1. 7, U Union Paelflo 4a II 41
Oen Kleotrlo 6.100 -u nuooer
Ol North 1st 414.11 V o Bteei ...... ie
III Central r .a.. "H"'" ynwB
1,-r. e,if,u t,
dominion 01
Canada 1131
n a n 11 u Ill's L 1 2 r r 41 Tl
it If J 1. 101 Vi South Pao 0 I..I14H
M 4V....10IH
K C South
llo K T lat 4.
I, Neeh un 4. 14 14
LndM Stock Markei.
tnrtan. Sent. 10. Mon.y waa In batter
demand and, dlacouni reiee w.r. iuiar w
d.v The treasury tethered 111,000,000 by
varoua ahorl term teeuea ia.c w..a. ...
tock markei continued dull. Inveetment
bu.lneaa wa. checked by th, approschlir,
French loan, the uneettled railway dleput.
nd tha faol that money win be required
for commercial unuertaainta . aunnt (no
fall. Rubber ahara. and foreltn rail, at
traded attention, but roretfa jwnns ana
the war loan drooped and American se
curities w.ra n.ilectad.
Silver liar, l244d per ounoa.
aionev 4V4 ner cent.
Discount Ratea Short bllla and . three
mouths, 6HOSS per cent.
Clly 4enenl Markei.
Kansas aty. Sepk 10. Wheat No.
hard. I1.I0O1.I0: No, I, ll.44 01.ll; No.
red. II. 6601.10; No. 1, II 4101 61; Peoem.
ber, 11.41111 May, 1.471401.47Vi.
Corn No. 1 mixed, IIHOSIHOI No.
Iiuailvlo: No. I white. HViOllo; No.
llVtOS414c; No. I, yellow, llVkOilo; No.
. liauun: December. 71a: May. 76440.
Oala No. 1 while, 47Vko; No. I mixed,
41 0 47 Vic
Butter Creamery, 11440; flrat llo; ttc-
onds. Iivto; packlnf, 14 He
n.n rirata. llo.
Poultry Hena, 114,01 rooalera, llo; broil
rs, 10HO- .
' Oil and Best.
Savannah. Oa., Sept 10. Turpentine
Plrm; 434io; aalea, 174 bbla.; racelpta, 2.3
bbl.,; ahtpraanta, 111 bbla. I .took, 11,117
bb ..
Rosin Firm: aalea, 1,111 bbla.: racelpta.
1.141 bbl..; .hlpm.nta, 1,171 bbl..: .lock,
14.061 bbla uot: A. B. C D. 16.16
16.10; P. 11.10; a, 11.11; H, I. K, M, 11.16
N, 11.16: WQ, II.4IO1.I0; WW, 14.10.
- Huaar Markei.
New Tork. Sept. SO. Sutar Raw, firm:
centrlfutal, 1.77c; 4.l7o; refined,
firm at 10 point, hither; out lo.r. 7.16c
crushed, 7.60c; mould A, 7c; cubes, 7c
XXXX powdered, 1.16c; powdered, . .60c
floe tnnlilated, 1.60c; diamond A, 1.60c
eonfectlonen' A, 1.40c; No. 1, l.llo. Sutar
futures were firm and hither early follow-
lot th, atrantth In both raw and refined.
Rank Cieertnt.
Omaha, Sept. 30. Hank cleartnts tor
Omaha today were 16.116,011.11 and tor the
oorreepondlnt day laat year l,!ll,ni.l4.
I7.00OI 00; No. 1, 16. 10O7.I0; No. 1, 15.00
01.00; No. I. 3.00OI01.
Straw Choice wheat, 16-OOf .hole, oat
or rye. II. 00 0-60.
Alfalfa Choice alfalfa. I11.60O14.I1:
No. 1, il3.10OH.60. Standard, 111. 00O
11.64; No, I, II.60OH00; No. 1. 11.010
Duller No. 1 creamery. Is cartons or
tube, 14c: No. 9. 330.
Poultry Lire: Broilers, 111 to I lbs., Sic;
brotlera, over S Iba.. 17c: hena, over 4 lb...
llo; hena under 4 lb... 14c; roosten and
etate wanted, lotto: teeese. full feathered,
fat, 12c; youns and old ducke, full feath
ered, fat. 13o; turkeya. any else over 1 Iba..
34c; turkeya. leas than I Iba.. half price;
capone, I Iba. and over, 24c; poultry, poor
and thin, not wanted: tulneaa. each, 11c
tulneea, young, each 86c; squaba, bomen.
per doa,: 14 oa. each, 14.10: 12 oa. each.
13.10; I oa. each, 11.60; under I ox. each.
61c. Plteona. per doa,. 11.00.
Cbeeae quotation, by Urlau A Co.
Cheeee Tin-foiled, Swum, 4le; domaatte
Swtae. ISc; block Swlae. 31c; twin cbeeae,
21c:l trlnleta. 21c: daisies. 31c: yoort Am
erica, 23c; Blue Label brick. 27e: Umberter,
23c; New York white, 23c; Roqufort, 160.
Oyatera standarda, 14O40O; seieoia, nt
46c. counts, 134y6u.
F1SH Ha lout, nritnt steamer aioca.
IVvc: aalmon. red. 14c: aalmon. fall, 12c;
catflab. lart. or .mall. 17c: "baas,
order lae. Z2c: wblteftab. northern stock.
llo: pike. No. 1 fancy, 17c; bullheada
fancy. 16c: berrlnt. 7c; eunrlsh. medium.
trout, Nn. 1. lean alaea to euit-.l.c;
pickerel, headleua and dreMed. 12c: carp
1. dressed, vc; flounder., no; orsppies.
medium, lo; headleaa obrtmj). per tel..
11.36: peeled ahrtmp. per gal.. 11.76; kip
pered aalmon. 10-lb. baakeu per lb., 17c;
emoked whlteflab. cbuba, 10-lb. baaket, per
lb., 16e.
Wholeaaia Drlca or baer cut. effective
deptember 11 ar, a. follow.: No. 1 rlba.
c: No. 2. 17o: No. 1. 12Vic; No. 1 lolna.
33c: No. I. 1146.0; No. 1, 14c; No. 1 chucks.
ic: No. l. ll Vic. no. i. lotto: no. 4
rounds. 171&0. No. 1. 16Vic: No. 1. 13o; No.
piatea. ,140; No. 2. ,c; No. I. sc.
Fruit and vetetabl, prices furnlabed by
Ulllnsky Fruit Co.:
Frulta orantea, vala, ise. 100a. S24B
14.26 box; vala. 121a, 16.00 box; vala, 150a.
6.21 box: 171a. 311a. 16.60 box: 200a I1M.
310., 16.71 box. Lemona Fancy 100., 210.
1.00 box; choice luoe. ItOa. 11.60 box: 170.
Is. 60 per cant leu ffrapefrult Mar
ket price. Apple, Belleflowen. 11.76 box.
wasblntton Jonathana; .xtra fancy, iz.oo
box; Colorado Jonathan., extra fancy, 13.26
box; barrela, 13.60 bbl. Qrapee Home.
trown. 23o baaket; malagaa. 11.16 crate:
Tokaya, 12.00 crat,. Peara Colorado.
Wa.hlntton. fancy I tr., 12.16 crate:
cholc. I tr., fanoy I tr., 12:40 crat.; choice
tr., ,3.1. orate; tieiren, ousnei., 11.10 pu.
Kelfera. eratea, 11.60 orate. Plum. Italian
11.16 crat,. Peachea market price. Ban
ana. ,2.0, to 11.10 bunch Cantaloupes
stai,. da, ia.,0 crate; ponya, 12.10 crat.:
flat,, 11.00 crat,. Watermelons I Vic lb.
Vegetable, Lettuce, heed, 11.00 dol.:
leaf, 40o doxen. Cauliflower, 13.10 orate.
Wax, green beana, peas, 11.00 baaket. Pep
pen, 60e baakat. Panley, 30e doi. Turnlpa,
beet,, carrots 40c baaket. Pickling ontona.
1.00 naak.t. cucumber, 11,00 baaket, 4ab-
bate. z6 lb. Onlona. Spantah, 12.00 crate.
Peachea Boxes, 160 to 11.00 box: buabele.
1.71 to 12.60 bu.
Honey 13.7a caae.
Mlaoeltaueoua crackerlaok. ' oornooDa and, can,. 13.60; half case., 11.76; p.a-
out., opeoial NO. 1. lb .Vbc; jumbo pea
nula. lo. DODCorn. caaa. 12.60: honey, new
oaee. 1.71.
CMtra Markei.
New Tork. Sept, SI. Cotton Futurea
opened steady; October, 11.10c; December,
11.110; January, 11.110; March,; May,
Futurea elosed ateady, October, ll.IKo:
Pecember. 11.00c: January. 11.01c: March.
1.220: May. ' soot aulet: mlddllnt
upland., 11. 00c: no ..1...
Liverpool, tfept. ... uotton spot, fair
d.mand; prleea .teady; tood mlddllnt,
7Sd: mlddllnt. ...Odulow mlddllnt. ,.44d:
aalea, ' 1,000 balea. Including 1.700 balea
eata bad no
cereal, both
Art. I Open. I Hlth, I Low.! Clo... 7 Ta..
Wbt. I f I T '
Sept 1 41 1 47 14614 1 41 14644
toc. 1 47 Vi 1 4144 14714 I 4744 14741
May i I7 1 41 14714 ' 1 47 H 147
Corn. f
Sept 10 10 7IH 7IV4 714
Deo. 1144 lilt 1444 11 II
May 7114 714. 71 71S 7IV4
Sept 44 41 44 14
Dec 4144 41 4444 4H 44
Mar' 47 41 1714 4IVj II
Chicago closing prleea. furnished 'I'h, Bee
it.n m Bryan, aioca ana
South Sixteenth atraati
1 Vt
1 10
i 1044'
sept 1 11
Deo, l4HOV4l
Mar 7,110
... i.
Oct. 1 31 ,0
Dee, I II 70
Lard ,
Oct I 14 60
Deo, I II IS
Nib. 1
Oct. 11 II
Jan. I II 10
HJth. I .Low,
t 10
1 11
1 11
Hl 11
74 " MVil!
Itl ,
II tl
14 To
14 01
14 SO
15 71
! 10
IS 6
14 10
11 101
II 111
II 10
1 iU
II u
14 19
21 II
14 12
111 17
14 10
11 66
Whjeat PrioM Rise Beoaaas of Clumwtar ef
Mews frasa Europe,
Chicago, Dent. 30. Reooris that the
armies or noumame ware in a perilous pO'
sttlon tended to lift the nrtoe of wheat to
day, out word of a Roumanian victory near
ins .viaca aaa, aciea later as an oirssL
The market closed atsadr. 11.49 for Da-
oember and 1.64 for May, and with the
market aa a whole Ho off to Me up aa
oomparsd wtth yesterday's ' finish. Corn
closed unchanted to 9)o lower, oata at
an aavanca 01 o ua provisions uq
chanted to 16o hlaher.
Bulls in wheat seemed to be dtsnoasd
for a while to put considerable stress en
admissions from London that Bou mania
had been caucht at a - dlsadvantafe by
Bulgarian attaoka tlr ths southsast. These
admissions were oouplsd here with Russian
Kdvlrtasi that t haut it mmm wia atn
mm um,rumn9nmm 'wouia - oe openea It time
to aiiow anr am omenta tnie MMn. r.
sides gossip waa currant that foretrn ov
srnmsnu were HKeiy to give prefersnoa
now to wheat froira the United St ties in
order to forestall a possible embargo
mis country taier on. However, vessel ratea
from Argentina showed a decline and It
waa dented that Holland had purchased any
of . the cargoes recently ordered ahlpped
from Argentina to New Tork .Subsequently
announcements that the Roumanlana had
defeated the Bulgarians and Teutons In
Dobrudja turned sentiment mora and
more to the aide of the Mara, virtually
wipuiB vm mil me eariy game. .
Disappointment over the
emaunesa ok export business counted late
in ins aay aa a nanoicap on the wheat
bulls. Tha total waa only 400.060 huhi
In ths laat haft hour especially there was
much unloading on the part of sarly buyers
uj iw oi i am isj-b nouses on change.
Fine weather eased down th mm ,...
ket - The lata weakness of wheat also
wrnm mn inouement to sellers, not withstand
mg that rroat waa predloted for the
northwest tonlaht. Oata hg.rdnr1 in
pa thy with an advance at Winnipeg. There
waa a good cash Inquiry here, but shipping
" aTja.Mivi.ejl4 1 "UOArUJiy D( CSrB.
AlthflUBh navivlalnnal m t ilHi
owing to depression in tha hog market, an
upward awing took place later. Influenced
a aemanq ior tara. Home of the pur
ohaalng waw aaerlbed to the paokera.
r.nntii ivn. a varl. ai K1 a
1.12; No. 3 red, 4l.461.61; No. I hard.
' nmra, i aQiA9. Corn:
No. I yellow, s;M4C; No. 4 yellow, il
woou, i.t,, w witi i a.- Bin n.n. (iota na 1
white, 4&H9)44Hoi atandard, 466464c.
11.16. Heeds Timothy,; clover.
ii.vvvii,o, i-ruvieions: fOTKi I6.0T
xu, oii.ioj now, fll.tVQM.lB,
Butter Higher; creamery, IIOJIHo.
KgfS ReColDIS. 9.236 CUM- llnK.n.t
Potatoes Unsettled; receipts, 40 cars;
""'; unioe. 91.5001.30,
Poultry-Alive unchanged.
MUuMapolls Orala Market.
Minneapolis, Sept. 10. Wheat December
u.oeea ti.osa. vasn: no. l hard, 91. 67:
No. l northern, ll.91 01.64t to arrive,
6I.6H4tfl.4m; No, I northern, 11.610
l.ll; No. I wheat. ll.4lfc01.6TU..
riour Fancy patents (lOo higher; quoted
Corn No. I yellow, II Sir. '
Oats No. I white. 43 044c.
riaxaeed 12.01 .UU.
Barley 3c4Hl. 09.
Rye 91. 189)1-19.
Bran 131.00033.00.
OaaaJsa Ray Market.
pralrte Ray Tholes upland,
( i.vv, 1-4,0, i, vv.owv iw.utj ; ro. B, ?.0DSJ
9.40; No. 3, tb.00fpT.O9, Cholcs midland
7.10; No. , 46.e0fJ4.00. Choice lowland.
119.10 tf
Cattle Unsettled, Hogs Weak. Sheep Strong.
Chlcaro. Blt. 30. Cattle Receipts, 22.000
head; market unsettled; native beef cattle,
16.60011.30: western steers, I8.0QU
stoeksrs and feeders, 4. 00OT. 66; cows and
heifers. . 6009.20; calves, B.7. 13.00.
Hoss Recelots. 25.000 head; market weaK
10016c under yehterday's average; bulk of
sales, 110.36011.30: light. $10.104yH30:
mixed, 19. 96? 11.40; heavy, 19.9011.30;
rough. S9.9O01O.U; pigs, 7.009.Si.
Hheep and L.ambs Kceipis, a,avv neaa;
market strong; wethere, IS.TStfS.SO; ewes.
3.80v7-l0; lambs, 16.70 1 1.00.
Coffee Maxket.
New Tork. Sept. 20. A moderate early
advance was followed by renewed weak-
nens tn the market for coffee futures here
today, with March contracts selling ' off
from 1.47c to 9 0c and May from 9.60c to
8.70c. The market opened at an advance
of 1 to 4 points wtth active months Baling
about I to 6 points net higher during the
earlier trading tu a result of covering and
scattered buying.
There was no aggressive demand, 'how
ever, and new low ground was reached Later
under trade selling and liquidation, in
spired by reports of an easier tone In the
cost and freight situation and continued
good weather In Braill. The close was 9
to 14 points net lower. Sales, 48,000 bags;
September, 8.94c; October, 8.94e; Novem
ber, 8.67c; December, 1.73c; January, 8.76c;
February, 8.77c; March, 8.79c; April, 8.8.1c;
May, 8.88c; Juno 8.92c; July, 8.97c; Au
gust, 9.01c. Spot coffee, easier; Rio 7b, e;
Santos 4s, llc. Cost and freight offem
were reported a shade easier with quota
tions ranging from 10.76c to 10.86c for
Santoa 4s. The official rabies reported an
unchanged market at Rio, while .Santos
spots were unchanged and futures' 26 rels
higher. Rto exchange on- London d
nt. Loots Live Stock Market
St. Louis, Sept. 20 Cattle. Receipts,
9,600 head: market steady; native beef
steers, 97.50011.00; yearling steeri? and heif
ers, 18.60(910.60; cows $5, 6O1JS.O0; Blockers
and feeders, $5.308.00; prime southern
steers, 18.0009.00; cows and heifers, 44.60
8.00; prime yearling ateers and heifers, 7.&0
9.00; native calves, 16.00011.76.
Hogs Receipts, 9.200 head; market lower;
lights, 1O.7O01I'.8O; pigs. 18,00 10.25;
mixed and butchers, 110.6611.80: good
heavy, 111.36011.30; bulk of sales, 110.65
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 4,600 head;
lambs, 97.00010.86; slaughter ewes, 6.00
7.26; bleating ewea, 9.0010.00; yearlings,
S. 0099.00.
Omaha is to Have
Signs on All the
Street Corners
Hurrah! ,
The public improvements depart
ment in the city hall is sending ,to
property owners along Farnam street,
Eighth to Twenty-fourth streets, no
tices to place street name signs on the
corners of their buildings, in accord
ance with an ordinance passed years
ago. ;
The 'council has adopted a style of
sign which shall be used. These signs
may be obtained through Mr. Jar
dine's office at a cost-of 96 cents per
corner, or owners may have their
signs made according to the style ap
proved by the city officials. ,
Notices will be served on all corner
property owners within the estab
lished fire limits to place these signs
within a reasonable time.
The city will provide signs for gas
lamp posts outside of -the fire limits.
Complete Chans, at Bill ToJey.
A Sereaminf Farce Comedy,
Vaudeville Son, Queen
A Slight InlerruBtlon.
A Veraatile Variety Ollerm,.
Beet and Laleet Pbotoplaya.
"OMAHA'S FUN CENTER." S Ilia m a. e,a at K"". iM-w
&auWy!Tt5& HKANUtIS tfzrjjSi
ffit "A New York Girl" JIMS; ; g Sb-
Mile Babette, Harry Bentley, Clare Bvane. D I'u ft NA
Prince. Tall Bot.It.rd, 4Valter Pearson, 8)1- RAMON A
via Brody, Irvln, Sands, Jjn, Person and , j.,,,., F,m(u, Kmmn
, BU Beauty Chorue ol Honeet-To-Uoodneee SYMPH0NY ORCHESTRA 28.
N'W (iri0p.rtrm.n Friday Nle.l Choir .1 Ml.. Ion Sin-. I
Indira' Dime Matinee Week Uaya. MaMHKejBMaaaaXaaJaaVaVJaaaT
g.t, MsL Wx: "HIP, Hip Haorsr O.tla" j
ISSi I BRANDEIS nfTxt's'unday
wf fJipLJIM Tha Sensation of Seneatlons.
Startlhiff Vivid Faeta
Regarding the Underworld
Based on tha Illinois Senate
Vice Investigating Committss.
Picturs Every Man and Wo man
Should Sa.
Kansas City LI.e Stock Market.
Kansas City. Sept. 20. Cattle Receipts,
IB, 000 head; market lower; prime fed steers,
$9.7610.90; dressed beef steera, 7.60ft9,&0;
western steers, f.60ti.50; cows, $4.507.60;
heifers, $".005)10.00; Blockers and feeders,
5.608.75; bulls, S5.0G.tQ; calves,
Hogs Receipts, 10,(00 head; market low
er; bulk of sales. $10.40 11, 6; heavy, J10.50
10.16; packers and butchers, tlO.45li.06;
light, 91O.40ll.OO; pigs, 3 Ce lft.00.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 16,000 head;
market higher; Iambi, 110.003 10.66; year
lings, 7.606.60; wethers, f 7.0t3T.T6; ewes.
Liverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, Sept. 20. Wheat Spot quiet;
No. 2 hard winter, 13s lOd; No. 1 Manitoba,
14s 4d; No. 2. 14s 24d; No. 2 nominal.
Corn 8pot steady; Americas mixed, new,
20a 4d. ,
Dry Gooda Market.
New York, Sept. 20. Cotton goods were
firm and active today and yarns moved to
higher levels Jobbers did a very active
trade for home and export markets.
Webster 202
Jinn Pkon D. 9069.
ISth and Harney.
"FORGIVEN" - -.-
From Frederick Briton's Great Drama,
la aix acts.
i, .ft BtSI Uf V.Ui)VILI.E
Dally MatlsM, 2:1ft. Cvsry Night 1:15. Thla WaiK.
viint nuunboie, n,
Cantwell Rets Walker. Im
rarltl Ohlntss Trie, lleckwell
Wood. Mile. Vers Bablns Co.. Orphemn Trsnl
Weeklv- Prices: Hstlnees, beat suU (eicevt Sstur
dar uid Sunday). 25c. Nights. 10c. 23c, Mo, 75c.
L CO.. Is
Monaaya, Wedneed.ya, Thur.d.r.,
20 Arlington Block,
151iy Dodge St
Telephone Doug laa 3064.
10 cants "ARIZONA" 25 cents
Florence Bailer Palmer
Just returned from New York' City
Reopena Studio September 11th.
107 Faraam St, Phone D. 8634.
High School Claas.becins Saturday, September 80, 8 p. m. Flnt Children', Claaa
Saturday, October 7, 2:10 p. m. Application, .hould be mad, early. Now open. Adult
Beainnera Monday, 8 p. m. and Adult Advanced Tuesday, 8 p. m. No more i pupile re
ceived in Monday and Tuesday daasea alter October 10th. Arrantemente may be
made for private lesson, day or evsnins. . , B1 t .
Phon, Harney 5143. s 28th and Farnam StratrU.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
A Superb Special Showing
of the
Authentic New Style Ideas in
Beautiful Afternoon and Evening Gowns
In Direct copies of
U the productions of
II the most famous
11 designers- ,
II ' ! U
1UT Ainirrr(C
7 Jin a j nstrss.
See the Special
Display in Our
New 16th.Street
i is Y Vrf.
n .
" represents the culmination of
months of thoughtful planning
and most painstaking selection of
the choicest offerings.
A display which affords our
, customers opportunity to select
from broad assortments of ele
srantand distinctive models orig
inating from the world's master
designers at surprisingly moder
ate pricings.
Evening Gowns at $65, $75,
$85, $100, $125 and $175
Dainty Dancing Frocks Lovely Afternoon Gowns
' $25, $35, $b5 up to $75 $85$i5, $55;up to $125
' Direct copies of the most captivating new models from Premet,
. . w , . -wa, 1 y-1 1 1 i TJ-, 11 T
Faquin, (Jheruit, bernara, uanot, unscon, jenny.
So varied and beautiful are the styles that mere
words would signally fail to convey even a faint idea
of their charm. You must see i;hem to appreciate
their exceptional desirability.
Consider this as a special and personal
invitation to attend this display Thursday.
Your honest praise or criticism alike
will be keenly appreciated.
f-V-Bh. la mm