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    THE BEE: OMAHA. ' FRIDAY, " SEPTEMBER, 15, 1916.
Society Notes : Personal Gossip : Woman's Work .' Household Topics
New form of Entertainment at
Happy Hollow Seems to Be
Meeting Popular favor.
By MELLIFICIA, September 14.
Happy Hollow club teems to have
instituted the moif popular form of
entertainment this season when it
iifgan its married folks' dinner
lances. Tonight the second one this
war will be given, and it promises to
,e even .more popular than the first.
Mr. and Mrs. Don T. Lee will have
twelve guests, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
Hay ward and Dr. and Mrs. G. D.
Shipherd will each have ten guests;
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Edwards will
have a party of six, Mr. and Mrs.
Norris Brown, Mr. and Mrs. H. G.
Brown and Mr. and Mrs.' Porter will
each have five guests; Mr. and Mrs.
M. R. .Shafer will, have a foursome.
and others who will have Small oar-
tics at the club wjjl be Messrs. and
jaesaames .. retert, w. t.
Rhodes, Walter Dale, G F.'Weller,
G. R. Wright, L. V. Nicholas, Cuth
hert Vincent J. F. Prentiss, J. M.
Gilchrist and Dr. . and Mrs. G. T.
Quisrley. . , -r
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Linderholm will
.have as their guests:
Meeere. and alaadamea
IH. K. Shafer, O.K. Smith.
ti. H. Conrad,
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Howe will have
in their party: ,
!:-. and Maadsmee
R I. Howa. Edward JL KnaoD.
JE. T. Ractor, . ,
With Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Carrtgan
will be: ,t ' .
Meaira. and Maadamat
C. B. Moffltt, w. C. Tamoklna
Maatara , v'. MaiUra
Ljohn Moffttt, Kucana Carrlran.
l Mewlamce Meedamta-
IL. B. Skinner I. A. McCell.
at Krla. Pa.,
One of the largest partiesof the
evening will be given by Prand Mrs.
iti. u. Lemere. lheir guests wm oe:
( Meaira. and Meedamee
Oeorfe Sttinnar, - ' A. H. Fattara,
H. C. Bvarla, Sidney Smith,
aeorsa Lalar, - Uairr Plerpont.
w. n. wood.
Dra. and Meadamet
C. W. Pollard.
. L. Bridges, '
S. a. Hollntar.
At Happy HoUow Club. , ,
Mrs. E. R. Perfect tiad twelve
-ruests at luncheon at the club today.
ittxt Thursday she will ntertam
another luncheon party of fourteen.
Table decorations were asters. v
Mrs. E. P". Sweeney entertained at
nrhmn at the dub todav for the
.Uissptr Parrotte of Rushville, 111,
ind Mrs. Herman Weber of Quincy,
liL, who, motored to . Omaha two
weeks ago and will leave on their
trin tomorrow. Thev are the guests
of Mrs. James H. Parrotte. Covert
were laid for these guests, in addt
lion to the guests of honor:
i M.avi.rt, Mredamea'
V. C. ttokae, aut Uabatnh.
Ullaaketk Ooodrloh. - , .. . ,
I Mrs. William G. Fuller entertained
at luncheon at the club today.' Her
able decorations were baskets of ti
ers. Those, present were
?. C Twamlaf. ,
:iarenee Rubandalfc
l. R. nod.,
villlam P. Whamr.
L A. HISSlna,
tarry O. Steele,
V a. WHIInma,- '
jlle A. HlCfWn,
ieorie R. Wrtsht,
3. P. Howe,
E. a freemen, i
1 Hies Bart ha aillnfwood. "
F.dward Havden had
' . ... -. 1 k... .f U 1i,K trtHav
Joeeph Poloar,
P. I. Klltok,
Charlal O. Talmadfe,
O. II. Dnrkea, ,
Lee L. Hamlin,
eimaott Jonee,
' Ror A. Ralph, . V
Lynn D. Upham,
D. K. Illlnswood,
S. N. Hewoa.
arrived to be with Mrs. Love for sev
eral months, and for Mrs. Henry Pen
nock of Seattle, Wash, formerly of
Omaha1, who came Wednesday to visit
her sister, Mrs. I. S. Leavitt of Dun
dee. Mrs. Pennock was one of the or
ganizers of the Fine Arts society and
Mrs. C. H. Johannes and Mrs. A. W.
Jefferis will entertain a number of
her old friends of - that society at
luncheon at the Fdntenelle Saturday
in her honor.
Mrs. Philip Potter wilL give a
luncheon for Mrs. Pennock at her
home Friday. Sunday she will be the
fuest of Mrs. Charles Offutt and on
fonday Mrs. F. E. Cole will enter
tain at luncheon at the Fontenellr
in her honor.
Davis-Wait Wedding.
The marriage of Miss Alice E
Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph S. Davis, to Mr, Augustus Wait
took place Tuesday evening at 5
o'clock. Rev. T. J. Mackay officiating.
The bride wore her traveling suit of
dark blue broadcloth and a black hat.
Her corsage bouquet wat of Ward
roses. Mr. and Mrs. Wait left Tues
day evening for Chicago. They will
be at home alter October 1 at ferrys
ville. 111. , ,
For Mist Torrance,. T
In honor of Miss Kathenne Tor
rance ot Lot Angeles, who is trie
gueatof Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Met, Mrs. Ross B. Towle gave a
luncheon at the Country club today.
Mr, and Mrs. Charles t. Metz will
entertain at dinner at the Country
club Saturday evening for Miss Tor
rance. ' . . -:S ! '!
Delta Tau Delta Luncheon.
The Delta Tau Delta fraternity had
luncheon at the Fontenelle today for
the young men who are going back
to school. This was also the, first
of a series of fortnightly luncheons
which the fraternity expects to give.
On the Calendar. ' '
McKinlev Ladies auxiliary of the
B'nai B'rith meets thit eveninar at 8
o'clock in Miss Cooper's studio, the
t I- L..:u: i ; v , :,
i.yric ouuuing. uuiin nonccxy win
oe tne speaker.
Parish Aid Meeting.
Uean and Mrs. lancock will enter
tain the Parish Aid society of Trinity
cathedral at the Field club from 2, to
S r riday atternoon.
; , ij
Dogs as Trackers of Evildoers
Pleasures Patt
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes entertained at
their home last eveninar at a dinner
dance. Covers were laid for four
Mvaara. and Maadamaa
Fred Lavlna, R. H. Baoord.
J. W. Jaekaon. , N. H. T. Juray,
0. P. Bradford, R. H. Forbaa.
Mr. Arthur wattarard.
Mils Halan Waatatard.
Byera-Richter Wedding. .
The marriage of Miss Anna Byert
to Mr. John Richter will take place
at St. John's church thit afternoon at
4 o'clock. Thev will be attended bv
Miss Margaret Hansen and Mr. Louis
Kichter ot Burke, a. D. A receotion
and wedding supper will follow the
caremony at the home of the bride.
groom's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
1 nomas Mickell. Mr. and Mrs. Rich
ter will be at home after October 1
at, 2646 Caldwell street.
Personal Mention. 1
Miss Mildred Rhodes arrived from
Chicago -yesterday. ,
- Mrs. Ida M. Hanchett will return
Tuesday from a summer spent at
Bailey island on the Maine coast.
Mrs. C. C. Belden. 'who met .with
a painful accident last week when
an artery in her ankle wat severed,
is recovering rapidly,
Mr. and Mrs. lulius E. Rau and
for Mrt. C Louis Meyer, who hasfamily have returned from a aix
weeks trio to the racihe coast, stoo
ping at all the point! of interest.
Zfm-:$ fSx 44q
Worry Thought Into Work Thought
Military Dogs of the Dutch Army Which Assist in Guarding the Frontier.
The value of dogs is becoming more
and more appreciated by those who
employ them tn police work. Not only
do many cities here and abroad use
dogs to assist in running down crim
inals, but in Holland they are among
tne most zealous guaruians oi mat
war-surrounded land.
One instance of a dog that seemed
to have a special instinct for tracking
crime is on record in Vienna.
The police of the city possessed a
collie which tracked the murderers of
a boy and girl whose whereabouts
were unknown, and on another oc
casion discovered theb ody of a wo
man missing for a week. Left in her
room for three days, he was released,
and then went direct to a river, plung
ed in, and brought her body ashore.
It was a dog, too, that brought some
Spanish slayers to justice. Hit mas
ter was killed in a quarrel and his
body buried, but the dog succeeded
in escaping from the criminals. It
went to his master's house, and by
barking before the eldest son, run
ning to the door, succeeded in rousing
his curiosity.
The son followed the dog to the
newly dug grave, where it began
scratching; and the body being dis
covered, the police were informed.
After this had been done the dog con
tinued barking as before, and was not
satisfied until if was again followed.
Then, leading the way to a cafe, it
sprang at a man who later confessed.
Sometimes dogs have been the un
witting causes of bringing a criminal
to justice. Some time ago extensive
poaching occurred on a state reserva
tion, but the wardens were unable to
catch the delinquents. After an un
successful day, a warden, accompanied
by his dog, passed along a station
where a small crowd was waiting for
the train. '
A coffin was lying on the platform
and the dog immediately approached
it and pointed. His master consid
ered this rather unusual, and his sus-
Weddings Without Love
Kt tiw Field Club.
Mrt. A. L. Meyer entertained fifty
priests at luncheon at the club today
M,,h (rnm a summer soent
n Salt Lake City and on one of the
Luman ranches. Bowls of marigold I
were usod on the table.
Dr. and Mrt. E. C. Henry will en
tertain twenty-four guestt at the club
Saturday evening for Mr. and Mrt.
L. W. Blessig of Minneapolis, who
are visiting Mr. and Mrt. P. W, Mike
sell. E. Darling will have a party of
'twelve the tame evening and Henry
Steel will have eight guests.
Omaha Woman's Club Luncheon,
t The largest affair of today wat the
Omaha Woman's club luncheon given
tt Happy Hollow to encourage good
fellowship prior to the opening, of
ihe club season. The 150 guests were
seated at One large U-shaped table
bearing quantities of clematis and
asters. ,
I Following the luncheon, vocal num
bers were given by Miss Dorothy
Brown, daughter of Mrs. Thomas
Brown, a .club member, and Mrs.
.Wagner Thomas, assistant leader of
,h m.iatr ffortarrment. .
Each of the department leaders
gave a short talk, which included an
outline of the work contemplated for
next year wtih a little boost for her
own particular section. Mrs. Edward
Monroe Syfert, the president, intro
duced the speakers, who- were Mrt.
K, J. Burnett, home economics; A. Li
Femaid, literature; O. W; Malstrom,
oratory: C. J. Roberts,, art; F.v A,
Howard, current topics, in the ab
sence of Mrs. M. I. Creigh; J. A.
tfaarmann, music; Mrs. S. A. Collins,
uliilosophy and ethics; Mrs. C W.
Hayes, political and social science,
and Mrs. E. E. Stanfield, parliamen-
arr law. ;, -t , K.;
White Shrine Whitt Clb. !
I The members of the White Shrine
A hut club gave a luncheon followed
v an afternoon of whist at the Cr-
I er Lake club Tuesday. ' The guests
.i ere seated at small tables decorated
,n vellow. the club colore The prizes
?ere won by Mrt. L. P. 'Heeney,
tfrs. E. E. Porter. Mrt.' U n. T.
liiepen and Mrs. D. D. Moore. Cov
ert were laid for the following mem
hers and their guests: -" -. 1 '
edama Maadamaa-
.1. J, Rllter, C B. , llolefly,
u A. amlth. A. J. Plaraaa.
lam Dreahar, Jr.; . Carrla D. Scatt,'
0. V. Bone. Floyd Kallir. . '
Arthur Kuhs, . B. Portaf OT ,
a. P. Marti. St. Joaaprl. Mo i
Mary Waarna, C. II. T. Rlapan,
Mary Otta, ' 1 P. Haanay. ,
liworaa Croaby. C. F. Barrow. '
i. R. Ledyard. Jack Bowline.
B. Mi Arthur, , A. St. Lontwal,
1. V. thrum, JT. F. Raran,
A. C. Conant. Daa t. Uoora.
Waa Rata ItcMord4 4 . , ,
Luncheon at Omaha Club.
Mrs. A. I. Love entertained at
uncheon at the Omaha club today for
ir sister. Mrs. Kov I ones ot Apple.
in. Wis, who with her mother bat
Women from the Far East
Will Speak Here Sunday
Mist Daisy Wood of Calcutta, In
dia, who is visiting her sitter, Mrs.
W. A. Jenkins, and Miss Mary. Grif
fith of Japan, who is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. F. W. Stallard, will speak
at the morning service at Pearl Me
morial church Sunday. The service
is in charge of the church missionary
society, of which Mrs. I. S. Leavitt
it district president. -
A young girl asked -my advice the
other day about whether the should
marry a certain man who had asked
her to be his wife.
- "Do you love him?". I inquired. ,
"No, she replied, "but he is a
good man. .He is comfortably rich,
and my mother wants me to marry
him." ...
"Vtll, then, let mother marry him,"
said I.' "Don't you do it, for if you
marry a man you don't love you will
be miserable ever after, no matter if
he is a saint and a' millionaire com
bined." A woman's affections are the me
dium through which she looks 6n
life. If she does not love him her
husband cannot please her, though
he were a model of all the virtues.
If, on the other hand, she loves the
man who shares it with her, the can
be perfectly content in a two by
four flat. She can prefer doing her
own cooking to going to balls, and
be blind as a bat at weaknesses at
which all the world jeers.
For this reason no woman should
ever marry unless she it wildly, franr
tically, madly in love. A man may
marry a woman for whom he has
only a mild and lukewarm regard and
get along in reasonable comfort, be
cause after marriage love is only a
side issue with him. anyway.
Besides, the masculine code teaches
a man not to welch, and when he
makes a bad bargain to stick to it.
so the indifferent husband is not in
frequently a fairly comfortable one
to live with.
But women are notoriously poor
losers, arid, no matter how deliber
ately they make' it, when tbey find
ourjlja.t the marriage of convenience,
Stuffed Cabbage
A variation from the plain vege
table dish may be found in the fol
lowing recipe on stuffed cabbage,
which it appetizing and easily pre
pare Take a larg head of cabbage, cut
Out a plug-shaped piece from the cen
ter and dig out the interior of the
cabbage, sprinkle the inside with salt,
pepper and melted butter and
till with the meat filling prepared as
below). Replace the plug and tie with
a cord and steam the cabbage in a
atewpan with a rack in the bottom.
Meat Filling Take two or three
peeled onions, chop them up in little
dice shapes and put them into a stew
pan with two ounces of butter. Fry
them together for about fifteen min
utes, then season with a little salt and
pepper, add a teaspoonful of finely
chopped sage, two ouncea of white
breadcrumbs, half a pint of brown
gravy or stock and one pound of
round- steak as finely minced as pos
sible. Let these boil together for
about fifteen minutes and use as di
rected above. Serve with brown
Tomorrow Beetroot and Bean
Salad. , (
or the marriage of ambition, or the
marriage for money is a failure, they
have no shame in squealing, as our
sporting friends Say, and thus it hap
pens that the unloving wife it invari
ably a complaining and disagreeable
one. ' .
Now, no woman can live with a
husband she does not love and be'
happy, and not one woman in a thou
sand hat the- strength of character
to do her duty at a wife unless she
is happy or treat a man right not
because she wants to, but because she
ought to.
Of course, the girl who marries a
man for whom the hat only a pale
pink friendship deludes herself by
thinking that her liking will warm up
into hectic love after marriage and
that she will make him a good wife
whether the is fond of him or not.
Neither of these miracles takes
place. The man who failed to fas
cinate her when she saw him with his
company clothes and company man
ners on is not going to enthuse her
when she has a steady dose ot him
in everyday' attire and negligee con
duct. .Nor, unless she it a wonder of her
sex, can she always remember to be
considerate, and kind, and forbearing,
and patient, and agreeable to one who
gets on her nerves, and towards
whom her only sentiment it one of
obligation1 and duty.
The plain unvarnished truth it that
it takes a lot of love to enable any
body to endure matrimony, which
may be a holv estate, but is certainly
one full of trials and tribulations that
tax both the flesh and the spirit
to the utmost. There is no human
being with whom we are brought into
close contact but --who necessarily
makes large drafts upon our temper,
our taste and our patience.
So the girl who is thinking of mar
eying should not ask herself if a
uitor can give her this or that, or if
e possesses certain graces and
"harms, but only if she loves him well
nough to do without things for his
ake, and to forgive him his cranki
ness and love him still. ..
There are times when tvery hus
band is cross and unreasonable, and
stingy, and mean; when he rows
about little things, and criticises his
wife's people; when he refuses to go
out with her and is otherwise pesky,
and the only way this is bearable
is for the wife to be to much in love
that she blames his cantankerousness
on his business and begs him not to
work' so hard. -
It is far more important for a
woman to be in love with a husband
than it is for him to be in love with
her, because love's spectacles are
rose-colored, and while a woman
looks through them she' sees in a
man just what she wants to see.
' And as .long as a wife it satisfied
with a husband he is satisfied with
For Woman, Lexington, Mo. 1
An AnratttaS Jonlar Coltaff. Xanana City', natr
it Woman', Coll-I", LITERAEYTSCIKNTtriC.
it- B. ai
i faeolty. Low tnjtlou with
minrfraaadrantaava. Cauloa and Vtaw Book ami
rKfcK, Addrtaa, cm. Willi
picions were aroused when the man
accompanying the coffin, showed signs
of confusion. . His replies to the ques
tions concerning the identity of the
body, and particulars of the death,
were so unsatisfactory that the coffin
was opened and found to be packed
with patridges. -
- One day the Paris, police were over
joyed at laying their hands on a noted
coiner, for whom they had been hunt
ing, but they were unabje to find his
address. Fortunately, he had a dog
with himi when arrested. This was
tives followed the animal to its home,
where a large collection of spurious
coin and a complete counterfeiting
plant were found.
A woman was murdered at Lyons,
and on top of a cupboard crouched
a cat, its eyes staring in terror, which
no persuasion could move. Suspicions
were directed to certain persons, who
were confronted with the cat, which
arched its back, spitting and growl
ing. Both turned pale, and one attempt
ed to strike the animal,' which fled
with a yell of terror,. Circumstantial
evidence was also strong, and a con
fession followed conviction, though,
without the cat they might have cone
Wree. v , . ,
: An ape once identified the murder
er 'of its master in the same manner.
It was the only witness of the crime.
Clues were few, and no' one was
strongly suspected; but one day a
certain man passed the animal, which
threw itself against its cage and show
ed the most intense rage so long as
he was in sight. .
Suspicions were aroused, the clue
was followed UD. and a Strom? chain
of circumstantial evidence adduced,
the ape being produced, in court at
the trial, giving . evidence . by its
actions. . -v.
Three monkers showed the most
extraordinary intelligence in India
when their master was murdered, be
cause he refused to give up a goat he
had with him. One seized the goat
skin the goat' being killed and
skinned to provide a meal and took
it away ; unnoticed, a second re
mained near the grave in which the
body had been hastily buried, while
the third went into the village and
attracted the attention of the head
man. ,
Its - signs' were unmistakable, ao
he followed it to the jungle, where
two of them began tearing up the
earth.; The body being found, all
three monkeys then proceeded to
the hut of the man who had done
the deed and attacked him tooth
and1 nail. ' , .
Do "yf u think straight through a
subject or do you think under, above
or around it? i
Thought is more precious than
money. Are you careful of it as you
are of your purse?
That machine whose wheels we
grinding against each other, at the
same time rasping your nerves in the
streets, is wasting its force. More, it
is destroying itself. ' . -
When you worry that is what your
mind does. Turn your worry thought
into work thought. ' v
Too many persons think as a grass
hopper jumps, and arrive where he
arrives, in winter. v Too many others
think as the water spreads oyer a
swamp, without a channel, without
distinction, without purpose.
- We should think as a' pathfinder
cuts his way through a jungle. As an
arrow flies to its target'. We should
make our thinking bear fruit in ac
tion or in principle.
You like this person. You enjoy her
society. Yon are stimulated, strength
ened by an hour with her. Why? Be
cause she thinks right. You dislike
that person. You avoid her. You are
weakened and rendered despondent
bv a conversation with her. Why?
Because she thinks wrong. The chief
difference between people is nbt in
the color of their eyes, not in the slant
of their features, not in the vigor or
weakness of their frames, but in the
way they think. '
Few 'have the habit of thinking
their way through a question..- They
begin determinedly, even noisily, but
they wander of Unto bypaths and re
turn to the main track in the heavens,
because they would, oftener than not,
stray out of their orbits,, into tan
gents, and disturb the poise of the
neighboring planets.
A woman sits down to hem a towel
and she generally hems until the has
finished. If the dropped the towel
six or eight times to look out of the
window, to run upstairs, to look in the
mirror, or to read the morning news
paper observers would say she was
scatter-Drainea ana wouia De rtgnt.
But like such towel hemming is the
too-common habit of thinking.
The world would be a far more hab
itable and comfortable place if we
would all cultivate the habit of con
secutive thinking. If our thoughts
were all as consecutive as mounting
a pair of stairs.
We should discipline our power of
thought We should bridle and sad
dle it and guide it in the course we
wish to follow.
We hear that 4his man has turned
right about face and begun a new
manner of life. - We hear that that
W Clean Lac Curtains.
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V are VI ''"m
MHiwtuiiui aw rpwm
woman has won new and startling .
success. We are apt to impute thit
change of fortune to some change of,
circumstances and environment. It is
far more likely to have been the result
of an hour of hard, close, determined
thinking, and of arriving somewhere.
The great epochs of our livet come
from within, not without First
thought, then resolution, then action,
then change.
Learn to think right. To think rteht
honestly. Don't let your thoughtt lie
toyou. They will try it. To think
right is to think directly, straight as a' "
crow flies or an arrow sings its way
through the air. I ,
Fashion Hints
Square -cut decollete Is much In evidence '
in some of the moat recently Imported even
ing gowns. This ts a. generally becoming
line which should be hailed with delight
by many women.
Pash and youthfolneaa beat express the
charming features of tome cleverly de
signed neckwear, high stocks " with trim
overUp sections at the chin and full Jabots
that give a much desired vwaggerness to
smart tailored suits.
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Now! ;
NOW is the time to have them
cleaned, dyed; altered or re
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should do the best work In town.
We do and will prove It to
you the very first time yon give
us a chance.
' Let one of our autot come for
your work.
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This typewriter ii not an unknown mactiine
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At the end of 10 days, if you decide not to keep it, tend ,
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made by the most
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ifl chooat, within am airt. If I aecjof
W pnrentM It, I Stk to pay for tt fa 10
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I Lincoln Medical College j
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The Magic Box b one In which jroa lay away a ft-caat rioe, sprinkled with a little '
naitio powder, and In lU month you open the box and find there a bright, new
hill-dollar. This provided you don't 'peak" at any time daring the tlx month.
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Then, on opening the bagprou And that,"preetol" the value haa changed to doable, and the eggs
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It's Just the tame thing. The easiest and soreat moneymaker In the world.
--rWaun at SO rnta awriarr, ptpmid, imn?k fmr 406 atava
GEO, H. LEE CO. - 427 L Building OMAHA. NEBRASKA
Registration September 13
Unbeatable Exterminator LJ
Unbeatable Exterminator
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