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Briej City News
TawMriKtn Mr Sportlna teaaW
Bm Boat PrM It N Bmmhi Pvm.
Usstlns mi Bura-iranSii Ca.
- Balf Karat White ntamoad. MS Kdtialm.
"Prftty Baty" Song hit of the
Passing Show of 1U6. Victor record
No. 18102. Orchard Wllhelm Co.
"Today's Movie Pnwram.- claasl
Jed section today. II appears In The
. Bee exclusively..'. Kind out what the
' various moving picture theaters offer.
H. F. Cady Lumber Co., W. O. W.
building, has a fine ,me ntar Lake
street or sa at a price of J2.8O0,
which Is not ..uch over In!: what it
Cost Investigate Immediately.
' The Gordon Van company .un
claimed storage sale, Eleventh and
Douglas streets, Friday, September
16, 10 a. m., instead of Saturday, Sep
tember 16, as. formerly announced.
One AutoUt Fined H. Clayton, 818
North Seventeenth street, was fined 11
and costs In police court for viola
tions of the traffic regulations. He
was the only Individual arraigned on
such a charge. .
Money In the Treasury The Fonte
. nelle Park Independence Day Cele
. bration association wound up Its af
fairs for this year, with a small bal
ance In the treasury. The association
extends thanks to all who assisted In
making this year's celebration a suc
cess. The total expense was I2,it00.
Two Divorces Granted Lillian N.
Ha7ley has been granted a divorce
decree from Burton R., and has also
been awarded 1500 alimony and the
nuusenoia gooaa. narnson v. wen
dell has secured a divorce from Hazel
on grounds alleging extreme cruelty.
The wife failed to appear before
Judge Leslie.
Want Street Repaired When the
county commissioners meet Friday
morning the paving and Improvement
of Center street west from the city
limits for a stretch of a mile will be
brought to their attention. Petitions
have been filed by property owners
declaring tne road in a aepiorame
condition beyond the brick pavement
laid by the city to Fifty-fourth street
Movements are under way to remedy
these road tribulations before snow
Sam Hutchinson In Hospital Suc
ceeding Sam Hutchinson until such
time as he may fully recover from
a long Illness, Charles J. Collins of
Cincinnati has been appointed travel
ing agent for the department of tours
of the Northwestern and Union Pa
cific. Mr. Hutchinson is still. In
hospital In CMcago, where he has
been during the last four months. Ai
though he Is slightly Improved, his
condition Is still critical, but hopes
for his ultimate recovery are enter
talned. i
. Fine yireplaM (food. Bund.rlaDd.
Organize to Help
Friends in Europe,
Headquarters Here
Delegates from Lithuanian societies
of Greater Cmaha met in b An'
thony's hall, Thirty-fourth and , S
streets, South Side, and started a
movement which will result in a state
'organization for assisting Lithuanian
victims ot the European war.
Announcement was made at the
meeting that President Wilson has
indorsed the project. Officers at the
meeting were: Father George Jonai
tis, chairman; Joseph Uvick, secre.
tary; George Biliunas, assistant sec.
retary; Mrs. K. Wvick, treasurer.!
There are 1,000 Lithuanians tn
Omaha and many more scattered
throughout the state. The plan is to
establish the state headquarters in
Omaha. "-
Friday May Prove
An Unlucky Day
For Some Autoists
. Friday is said to be an unlucky
Friday of this week may prove un
lucky for ome motorists who may be
apprehended for speed violations.
On this day the new city ordinance,
providing for a thirty-day sentence,
will go into effect.
On and after Friday the police
judge will have authority td sentence
violators of the traffic regulations
thirty days in the city jail and they
may DC pu;o work at tint.
Most Wonderful Trunk in
A The World is On Exhibition
The. world's most wonderful trunk
is on display in the show windows
of Freling & Steinle this week. It
is the Hartmann wardrobe trunk that
took the grand prize at the Panama
Pacific exposition in 1915. The trunk
is covered with red and white leather,
tacked with gold tacks, and the
mountings on the outside and inside
are gold plated.' Inside the trunk
has all the equipment and patented
leatures that are known to trunk
building and is lined with gold flow
ered silk . The trunk is not for sale,
but is shipped from city to city for
exhibition purposes by the company
making 'it.
Two Sue for Damages for
Injuries in Accidents
John Olson has filed suit for $3,015
damages against the Willow Springs
brewery and Axel W. Jorgenstn, al
leging that while riding a bicycle at
Thirty.third and Leavenworth streets
he was struck by amotor truck owned
by the company. Concussion of the
brain and other injuries are alleged.
Michael L. Endres has sued the
street railway company asking $200
for damages to his automobile when
the machine was struck by a street
car on a slippery street on Spaulding
between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth,
Never in the History of the City
Have the Monthly Obliga
tions Been Met So Well.
A Sure Way To
End Dandruff
There is one sure way that has
never failed to remove dandruff at
once, and that is to dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of plain,
common liquid arvon from any drug
store (this is all you will need), apply
it at night when retiring; use enough
to moisten the scalp and rub it in
jently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone,, and three or
Four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely, destroy every
single sign and trace of it, no matter
how much dandruff you may have.
You will find all itching and digging
of the scalp will stop instantly, and
your hair will be fluffy, lustrous,
flossy, silky and sofc, and look and
icl a hundred times) better. Adv.
Bills are being more promptly met
in Omaha today than they have ever
been in the life of the city.
This is shown by the records of the
office of the Associated Retailers of
Omaha. More people are living up to
the agreement entered into with the
retailer, which is usually to pay the
bill on or before the tenth day of the
month following the month in which
the purchase was made,
Few people realize the enormous
credit business the large stores are
doing, and what it means to have ac
counts drag for a period of months.
There are large department stores
here that have as much as $150,000 to
$200,000 in accounts standing on the
books all the time.
For the last few years the retailers
here, through the Associated Retailers
of Omaha, have been carrying on a
kind of campaign of education seek
ing to instill into the minds of their
customers the importance of meeting
accounts promptly when due.
The promptness with which bills
are met at present in Omaha is be
lieved by the retailers to be partly due
to this campaign, although the retail
ers are not slow to admit that it is
oartlv due to the generally prosper
ms condition of Nebraska at present
Value of Promptmess.
Secretary I. W. Metcalfe of the As.
sociated Retailers of Omaha, after
making a survey of the card index in
his office giving the credit standings
of the customers of the various stores
as they are reported to his office, said
"More people today realize the
vahie of individual credit rating than
ever before in the history of our or
ganization. More of the customers are
now living up to their agreements
with the retailer to pay by the tenth
of the month following the purchase.
The credit buyer formerly didn t real'
ize that by holding back money due
the retailer on accounts he was mak
ing the retailer pay interest on large
sums of money he is forced to borrow
to do business, and that thus the cus
tomer is directly increasing the store's
cost of doing business. . They now
seem to realize more fully their obli'
Ration for the accommodation they
are getting. The retailers are really
the biggest bankers in the commun
ity. They are bankers charging no in
terest They loan out money, not as
money, but in the torm ot mercnan
dise," -
Brisk Wheat Business .
Biosts Omaha Receipts
Omaha Thursday sold 300,000 bushels
of wheat, 100,000 bushels of it going
to the seaboard for export The bal
ance went to millers of the country
who are seeking high grade wheat to
blend with the' slightly inferior
trades. " '
Wheat receipts were heavy, there
having been 245 carloads ot the mar
ket. Prices were a cent up, the sales
being made at $1.49 to $1.5514 per
Corn was. unchanged to ' a cent
higher, selling at 79A to 81 $4 cents
per bushel. J. he receipts were torty
one carloads.
Oats were unchanged and sold at
AZVt to A3H cents per bushel, with
eighty-two carloads on sale.
Corns Loosen,
Lift Right Off
Nothinr But "GETS-IT" Will Do
k . Thii to Corns and Callutot. -
If you've ever had eoftis. you've tried lota
of thing to get rid of them salves that
tat your toe and leave the corn remaining,
cotton rlnro that make your corns bulae out
like pop-eyes, leuiora and kntvea that make
Y05 Cart fftfe Com MUer. Stop PeeTlnt 1
Arouadf Ue G ETS-1F Tomicht and
3m tfe Corm Vanish.
corns bleed and sore, harnesses and hand
ages that fill up your shoe, press on the
corn and make your foot feel like a paving;
block. What's the nseT Why n-t do wh
millions are doing, take 8 seconds off and
apply "Gfi'i'S-IT." ' It dries, yuu put your
stocking on right away, and wear your regu
lar shoes. Your corn loosens from the toe,
It lifts right off- It's painless. It's the common-sense
way, the simplest, easiest, most
effective way in the world. It's the national
corn-cure. Never falls.
"GETS-IT" Is sold and 'recommended by
druggists everywhere, 26c a bottle, or sent
on receipt of price, by E. Lawrence ft Co.,
Chicago, ill.
Sold in Omaha and recommended as the
world's best corn remedy by Sherman ft
McConnell Drug Co. Stores.
To Help Nature Shed
a Bad Complexion
Boantv devotees are enthusieatfe nvt th
beautifying Qualities ef mereollsed w.
Nothing discovered within recent years ac
complishes so much, so quickly, without
barm, at such small expensei The principal
reason for Its wonderful merit la that it
works in harmony with physiological laws.
Instead of hiding complexion defects, It re,
movea them. It actually takes off the aged,
faded, sallow, freckled or blotehy surface
skin, gently, gradually, eausing no Incon
venience. It Is Nature's way of renewing
complexions. When the natural process is
retarded because of deficient circulation or
nerve tone, mcreollced wax comes to the
rescue and hastens the akin shedding. The
new complexion which appears is a natural
one, youthful, healthy, exquisitely beautiful.
If you've never tried mercolised- wax. get an
ounce of It at thi drug store, use at night
like cold cream, waning it off In the morn
ing. Another natural beautifying treatment
for wrinkled akin is to bathe the face In a
lotion made by dissolving an ounce of pow
dered saxolite m a half-pint witch hotel.
This Is remarkably and instantaneously ef.
feetive. AdvertUemeia,
Charles D. Traphagen, president of
the State Journal company, Lincoln.
Neb., has been elected to the office
of president of the United T,ypqthetae
and Franklin Clubs of America, at
their annual meeting held at Atlantic
City, N. J. Mr. Traphagen is 54
years of age, began his career with
the State Journal company as a boy
and with an exception ot a short time
that he was identified with one of the
large houses of Chicago his associa
tion with the State Journal company
has been continuous. He passed
through all the experiences of the
business side of printing, office boy,
clerk salesman, manager; his fund of
knowledge concerning every detail of
the business is inexhaustible and his
council and advice are frequently
asked for by those engaged in the
1 . r
Four Years of Marriage .
Is Enough for Austrian Girl
Married at Marmosia, Austria-Hungary
on June 15, 1912, Agnes Ardclian
has tired of the marital bonds and
has filed a petition asking divorce
iron" George, alleging extreme cru
elty and nonsupport. She also asks
that her maiden name, Agnes Bogner,
be restored. The petition alleges that
the husband and wife immigrated to.
America in 1914, and that since com
ing to Omaha he has threatened and
abused her.
Thieves Make Hauls at "
Several Places Over Night
Timothy Riley, 1712 Capitol avenue,
was robbed ot his watch and $21 by
two negroes at Thirteenth and Cass
W. R. Hall, 4011 Izard street, re
ports the theft of $59 from hit estab
lishment Thieves gained entrance to the D.
J. O'Brien Candy company and stole
from- the lockers $8 from Adolph
Brown, $3 from Alvin Shukert and $1
from Herman Smith.
Son of Chicago Business Man
Sura He Can Care for Him
' self Anywhere.
The rear of an engine brought into
Omaha at midnight last evening a
young but experienced tourist in the
person of Merritt Williams, 13, son of
Thomas F. Williams, 4J43 North
Lowell avenue, Chicago, official of the
Vista Auto Lamp company. Juvenile
authorities found Merrit, all togged
out in the latest style, contentedly
eating a chicken pot pie (family style),
in the railroad station restaurant
The wanderer's .lory starts with the
tale of a boys' bicycle repair shop in
which Merritt was one of many man
agers. Chicago police suspected the
shop owners of stealing bicycle parts
to replenish their stock and Merritt
decided to leave his business in Chi
cago at once. Without money, the
boy set forth on his travels.
"I picked up Leonard Huck (he's
17), and we booked a trim out of
Chicago. Bdt some I. W. W.'s kicked
us off after we rode about thirty miles.
Leonard got off easy, but when I
tried to drop from the car, a Worker
stepped on my fingers and I had to
hold on until another hit him on the
Works on Fruit Truck.
The two boys finally "made" Mil
waukee, where they earned several
dollars on a fruit truck. By boxcar
they went to St. Francis, Wis., and by
blind baggage to New Butler and
Adams. Merritt got work in a res
taurant, saved hit money and bought
clothes. The tourists "hit" Minne
apolis and St. Paul, Worthington and
North Platte, doing odd jobs all
along the line1.
At North Platte, Merritt's chuin
got sick of the vagabond life and
went home. But Merritt kept right
on going. He earned $25 in that city
and bought another new outfit, the
one he was wearing when the police
here saw him. The young Ulysses
sees to it that he (rets the best of
everything ( Riverview home,
"My ma won't worry much about
me," the lad assured the authorities.
"She knows I can take care of myself."
in the season offered to give a dinner
if the hustling committee brought in
a certain number of members by
given date, i The committee made
good. The membership ir now
Hustling Committee to ,
Have Banquet Tonight
A complimentsry banquet to Ak-Sar-Ben's
hustling committee is to be
given by Randall K. Brown this
evening at Seymour Lake club. The
sixty or more member lof the com
mittee are to meet at the Ak-Sar-Ben
office at 6
t at 6 (kdock and drive to Sey-
lake iirautos. Mr. Brown early
f I I
IP gtlmm
When your hair falls out, there Is Tack
nature's nourishment, which cornea from
the blood. The Modern Vacuum Cap drew
tne mood to tne natr mote ana give n re
newed LIFK. Thle hi forced fltrcutetlon,
which distend! th email blood veassl re
moving all the effoassd and alumeh blood
from around the hair roota and suppltee
frrah new blood. The hair taken on new
life, Makes your hair have a healthy glow.
Stop it from falling out and renew the
life In the dormant hair follicle so that
they again grow a neauny neaa os nair.
we a out rape out on
In your own home. We let yon be the
Judge. If you are not satisfied with the
mowing matte on rvinrn me p, ana
there are no charge. W run all the liek
that you will be glad to purchase the Cai
at th nd of tha 1ty day, or WK LOflH
Ttir ! no nubllrlty. or unnleaeant ne
torlety aa all shipment are made by Parcel!
Post without advertising. Write today for
our booklet and particular, sent eled to;
plain envelope. -
MoUrm VaeuMm Cm C..
671 Barclay Bloc, Dmrt Ct.
uroiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiHiri,l,m,n t
Offttj HIS, r. li 4KHr,.lmW
The Beaufort: Yes, these Kuppenteimer styles are attractive, vigor
ous, correct, cliaracterrul Note the long roll to the lapel and the smart Colonial waistcoat
Just what young men want and are wearing. The' values are right Your Kuppenheimer
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Sptcialty of Fractional Sisss and Of Foreword Model, originated by Ihu Horn CHICAGO Ct our Book,Stylm for Mat, from your dtaUr or nd your nam low h
The "Kuppenheimer" styles and models
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