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Ten Test Questions by Which
Ton May Quiz Yourself to
Find if You Do.
By A. R. GROH.
Let's make a test of our powers of
observation, folks,
. Here, are some questions regarding
buildings and things in Omaha that
you have passed hundreds of times.
They are all in the downtown dis
trict, bounded by Twentieth, Four
teenth, Harney streets and Capitol
See how many of the questions'you
can answer without looking at the
correct answers given at the end of
the article,
All ready? Then, here we go:
1. Are the pillars on the front of
the court house round or square?
What shape are they on the other
three sides of the building?
2. What fhotel has porches opening
tVom itM Rrnnfl ttiirH otirt fmtrth
Roman Numerals.
3. What office building has the
date of its construction in Roman
numerals over its main entrance?
t, How many public clock faces
are now at Sixteenth and Famam
5. What hotel has window boxes
lull of flowers all around its main
6. Are there any balconies on the
court house?
7. What office building has HfHc
green stones decorating the walls at
its top two stories? t
8. What fcuilding contains the
names of many famous men on its
tront wall?
9. What store has big globe lights
all arjiund its third floor?
10. What- store has a big ' brass
boot with a spur hanging above its
main entrance? ' .
These may not be "facts worth
knowing." Even if you can't answer
a single one of the questions, it
doesn't prove that you're not a well
informed person.
Power of Observation.
But it will prove that you're not
above the average on powers of ob-
ci V4uuu; iviusi ui us go along wup
our eves on tne erouna. Ana. unless
we re in some otner citv seeing the
slums, we aon i see manv stents.
Iow, just see how many of the ten
questions you can answer. Then take
the list of answers below and give
yourself a mark of 10 on each ques
tion you answered correctly. Air
Here Are the Answers.
1. Pillars on the front of court
house are round. On the other three
sides square.
2. Paxton hotel.
i. Omaha National Bank building.
4. Four clock faces at Sixteenth
and Farnam.
5. Fontenelle hotel.
6. Yes, on second and fifth floors.
7. Union Pacini headquarters
building has the little green decora-
8. City library building has the fa
mous men's names.
9. Brandeis stores.
1 10. Nebraska Clothing company
store, Fifteenth and Farnam streets.
Well, how do you - Average?-If
vou made a mark of over SO, you did
splendidly. ,1 couldn't have done that
well before I went out on the streets
and prepared these questions and the
answers to trap you.
Harrison Confesses
- Robbery of Train
Martinsburg, W. 'Va., Sept. 13.
Charles Jefferson Harrison of San An
tonio made a full confession of the
train robbery with which he was
charged ,in the United States court
here today before Judge Dayton. Sen
tence of twelve years' imprisonment
in the penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga.,
was imposed.
The crime was the robbery of a
Baltimore & Ohio train near Central
Station, W..Va., on October 8, 1915.
More than $100,000 in unsigned bank
notes was taken from the express car.
Funeral of Mrs. Sheeler
Will Be Held Thursday
The funeral of Mrs. Charles Sheeler,
Angelus apartments, who died Sunday
afternoon, will be held Thursday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock from Dodder's
undertaking parlors. Rev. T. J. Mac
kay will conduct the , services, after
which burial will be in Forest Lawn
cemetery. The pallbearers will be:
o. W. Martin. Charlee Hendrlckson,
Oeorxe P. Ftnnerty, Joseph Longfelder,
Paul Jones, W. Garrett.
Mrs. Sheeler was , a resident of
Omaha for sixteen years. She is sur
vived by her and two daugh
ters. i j
Date is Chanaed for Sale
Of Uncalled For Mail
The date of the semi-annual auction
sale of uncalled for mail at the post
office has been set forward from Sep
tember 25 to September 18. Colonel
Fanning, postmaster, made the an
nouncement when it was decided that
next Monday would be a more satis
factory time for the holding of the
sale. The 600 or so pieces of mail
will be auctioned off from the Capitol
avenue entrance to the federal build
ing. ,
Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Johnston have
returned from a summer vacation trip.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Singer of Oma
ha are guests of the Elms hotel, Ex
celsior Springs, Mo.
Registering at the Hotel McAlpin
in New Yorft City from Omaha dur
ing the last week have been Mr. E. E.
Zimmerman and Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Lyon. -
Miss Dorothy Dahlman and Miss
Florence' Rahm will re-enter Monti
cello as seniors September 28.
Mrs. Mary Andersen of Atlantic,
la., has been spending' the week with
Mrs. Mary Heath Bailey and other
friends in this city.
, , War I poa Pain.
Sloan's Liniment proparea jrou tor every
emergency. Keep It hands' It'a the a-reat-eat
pain killer erer discovered At all flruj-a-iate.
2te. Advertisement.
Finds in Omaha Safety She
Sought from Raiding Zeppelins
Omaha, U. S. A., looks pretty good
to Nellie Shepherd of London, Eng
land, who is just now visiting with
her sister, Mrs. Hector D. Black, at
2502 South Twentieth avenue. Miss
Shepherd has lived in London during
several Zeppelin raids and says the
experience is rather trying, even
when one is not directly involved.
The unpleasant prospect of being
just underneath several hundred
pounds of high explosives, dropped
from several thousand feet up in the
air, isn't the most supporting, and
so she feels quite a bit of relief from
being in Omaha, which is quite some
distance further from salt water than
she ever was before. Miss Shepherd
is a vaudeville' actress and expects to
make her home in this country, now
that she is here. Her ride from New
York to Omaha was quite a surprise
to her, for she ' had no idea of the
vastness of the country, nor the ex
tent of its development. Her moth
er and sister preceded her to the
United States.
Divorces Granted
Five Women and One
Man, Others Ask It
Douglas county judges are busy
grinding out divorce decrees, clearing
the dockets of marital tribulations in
expectation of a grist of legal battles
with the opening of the fall term of
court next Monday. Six decrees were
passed out to troubled husbands and
Katherlna Grand jean has been divorced
from Axol li.mll on the ground of nornmp
port and hau beon given the custody of the
daughter, N'athalla Meilna, ayed fi. 1 She la
also awarded $4,380 for the aupport of the
child, to be paid In monthly SliO Inatalmenta,
Nonsupport brought a decree to Hatel
May Terrell from J. Leonard. Her maiden
name, Hazel May Sqholl was restored,
Emma Dwello was - eeDaratad from
George on grounds of nonaupport and her
maiuon nume, JSmma, Carr, returned to her.
Insertion was charged by Mattte J.
Becker In her petition tor divorce from
Peter J. They were married In Can county
In 1893. The wife In given the custody of
tho l-year-old on, Morris) P, Becker.
Bert Clair has been granted a dlvorca
from Catherine because fcla wife deserted
him two years ago.
Anna 8. Ballard has been divorced from
Wllaon L. by Judge Day on ground of non
aupport. , .
Marlon McQee haa filed petition asking
divorce from Hugh on grounds of extreme
cruelty. She alleges that her husband haa
torn her clothing from her person at times.
They were married In Cleveland Id 1906.
Mary Selmar asks that she be separated
from Adam on grounds of nonsupport and
runner requests that she be given the cus
tody of the daughter, Violet.
Mary Stanku, a resident of Omaha for
twenty-four years, asks that she be di
vorced from Joseph, on grounds of nonsup
port and that her maiden name, Mary No-
van, d restored.
False Thone Clue
Leads to Wanted Man
The jjolice got an emergency
'phone call telling that a man was
under the Sixteenth street- viaduct
"with his arm shot off." After wad.
ing through a sea of mud beneath
the viaduct, officers brought forth W.
Gatlande, Mexican, who had a slight
scratch on hi cheek. Gatlande is
held pending an investigation into a
recent Mexican killing.
Retailers' Concert Course
Tickets Ready This Morning
The committee in charge for the
Associated Retailers' grand opera and
concert course announced that the
tickets for the five rlumbers of the
course will be ready this morn
ing at 9 o'clock Vt the box office of
the Auditorium. ,
Subscribers who have remitted their
subscription may exchange the card
given them in return, at the box of
fice of the Auditorium and receive
their scat tickets f-r the ( entire
Subscriptions are now being re
ceived for the season's course by Miss
McN'amara, care Brandeis Stores, and
A. L. Green, care Burgess-Nash com
pany. '
Thursday Night Brings
Last Chance to Win Prize
If you don't write your "what and
why" answer and get it into the
mails by Thursday night, you have
no chance to get one of the big cash
prizes for suggesting the most urac-
ticable factory for Omaha. This is
the contest of the Commercial club s
industrial committee. The contest
closes September 14 and the answers
must be in the mail by tne evening
of that-day in order to be considered.
Open Season on Water Fowl
Opens September 16, Not 15
Contrary 'to a belief that has be
come more or less prevalent around
Umaha, the open season on water
fowl in Nebraska will not start on
September 15, but or. September 16.
Federal authorities wish to make this
plain, so that shooters in their eager
ness will not start their hunting cam
paigns a day ahead of time.
The New Wonder-Worker
Hert, at last, la the preparation yon long
have waited for a tonio-laxativa which
really assists Nature, instead of antagonis
ing her I One which gives more than tem
porary relief and which does, not encour
age the laxative habit.
LAX-OLA acts so easily, gently, there f
never the least pain or discomfort. No
nausea no upsetting of stomach no In
jury to the intestinal lining. Instead of
weakening, it strengthens drives awaj de
pression, makes you feel like a new being
from head to toes I
LAX-OLA ts Without Question the most
natural, most effective and safest remedy
for costiveness, and associate troubles yet
produced by medical science. It is so re
markably meritorious, so "different." that
no man or woman who tries It wmiM vr
think of using; any other laxative after that
LAX-OLA is the Ideal laxative for old and
Joung, for invalids as well as the robust,
eedn't hesitate to give it to the children;
they all like It Lax-ola eomes In small,
delicious, chocolate-flavored tablet that you
chew up just like candy. -
Get a 2Se box of Lax-ola from Tour ernm-
glst get your money back tf not pleased
and delighted with it ,
Don't take anything elite there's nnthintr
"just as good " Advertisement-
Select. Architect
For Athletic Club
Thursday Morning
The- architect to build the Omaha
Athletic Club building between Sev
enteenth and Eighteenth on Douglas
street, is probably to be selected
Thursday morning.
A meeting of the directors of the
club is to be held Thursday morning
at U o'clock at the office of President
W. A. Fraser in the "Woodmen of tbe
World building. Mr. Fraser says an
Omaha architect will be chosen.
There is also an agitation to raise
the membership fee immediately to
$200 instead of the present $100. Mr.
Fraser says this boost in the cost of
membership will probably come about
October 1.
Barefooted Boy Wants
Work to Help Mother
Paul Stadiek, 16 years of age and
barefooted, appeared at the Welfare
board office in quest of work.
"My father is sick and ' cannot
work. My mother 'has a baby at
home and she cannot go out to work.
I want to go to work to help myx
mother, pleaded the boy. Me In
sisted -he was 16, but he looked
The family lives at Thirty-sixth
arid H streets, South Side, with rela
tives and the youngster said his
mother and father were in danger of
being evicted by relatives because
they have no money.
The superintendent of the Welfare
board will make an investigation of
the case.
Farmers Plant More
Winter Wheat Than Ever
General Manager Walters of the
Northwestern is in from an inspection
tour of the company's Nebraska lines
and asserts that he has never seen
the whole state as prosperous as now
and crops generally as good.
According to Mr. Waiters, farmers,
due in a measure to the high prices
paid for grain, are putting in a larger
acreage of winter wheat than ever be
fore. The ground is in perfect con
dition for plowing and seeding.
Practically all over the state, as
serts Mr. Walters, corn has passed
beyond the period where there would
be any damage from frost. The corn,
generally, is good and the yield will
be above the average.
Mother Asks Damages,
Alleging Son is Beaten
Charging that her son, Charles
Marsh, was attacked and beaten by
Hugh O'Neil, jr., and Elmer Long,
while Hugh O'Neil, sr. looked on,
Mrs. Rose Marsh has filed suit ask
ing $1,000 damages from the two boys
and the elder O Neil. The mother al
leges that the son was kicked in the
face and seriously bruised and battered.
Has tbe Luscious Flavor
off Ripe Fruit A
Wonderful Chew
The natural juices of choice to
bacco leaf have an appetizing,
wholesome relish and the only
way you can get their full benefit
is to chew good plug tobacco.
The choicest Burley leaf pressed
into golden-brown plugs of Old
Kentucky makes a chew that has
never been equalled for mellow
quality and pleasing taste.'
The pressing of Old Kentucky
is done so slowly that not a par
tide of the juice escapes, so that
every chew of Old Kentucky is
full of the wonderful fruity flavor
and wholesome quality that nature
put into the leaf. '
' You simply can't get so much
delicious appetizing flavor out of
any other chew.
Try a ioc plug of Old Kentucky
and you'll get more solid tobacco
enjoyment out of it than you ever
had before. Ask your dealer for
Old Kentucky. Advertisement.
Mrs. Julia Wheaton of Valley
Refuses to Take Any Sort
of Nourishment.
After refusing food for weeks,
kept alive by injections of soups and
undergoing the experience of having
bits of food forced into her mouth by
county physicians, Mrs. Julia Whea
ton, a grandmother aged 76 years,
passed away at the county hospital
at 10 o'clock Tuesday night "Self
imposed starvation" is the cause of
death given by attending physicians.
Mrs. Wheaton was taken to the
county hospital on September 1 after
citizens of Vallev had interested
themselves in her condition and care.
For months she lived in a shack at
Valley. Her demented condition
caused neighbors to appeal 'to coun
ty officials, but when she was placed
in the hospital she sternly refused to
take nourishment.
"We have devoted all our energies
toward saving the life of Mrs. Whea
ton since she has been in our care,"
said Superintendent Wood of the
county hospital. "Two physicians
have been giving her their undivided
attention and have been constantly
forced to inject liquid foods into her
stomach. She has fought all' efforts
to save her life and has apparently
bctn suffering under the delusion
that the physicians intended to harm
"In her rambling statements she
told of a son, but refused to give us
his address. She has a sister, Mrs.
Nellie Bryant, living at Elk City, and
a daughter somewhere in the middle
west. We were unable to get the ad
dress. Despite Her emaciated condi
tion when she was brought to the
hospital, Mrs. Wheaton fought stren
uously when attempts were made to
feed her."
Married at Fourteen, Girl
Now Wants Separation
Married at 14 to protect herself
from being taken to the state school
for girls at Geneva, Alice Martin
Long, a pupil at the Bancroft school,
was freed from the marital bonds ana
given the name of her girlhood when
judge Leslie annulled the marriage
and returned the youngster to juve
nile authorities to start life anew.
The 16-year-old Mrs. Long, testi
fying, before Judge Leslie, asserted
that she ran away from the Creche
at Council Bluffs two years ago and
that. while worried over the fear that
she would be arrested by juvenile of
ficers and sent to the state school for
girls, she was married to Russell
Long, aged 24, on November 27, 1914.
She was taken in charge by probation
officers the day of the marriage and
has since been a ward at the River
view home. Her mother resides at
St. Joseph, Mo., while her father is
employed on the South Side.
Police Catch' Burglar
Suspect When Woman 'Phones
When Mrs. M. Scavis, 505 South
Twenty-sixth street, 'phoned head
quarters that someone was trying to
break in her home, the police re
sponded, and, outside a window of
the residence, that had been tampered
with found a bundle of wearing ap
parel. A hasty search of the neigh
borhood revealed Emit Huntzicker
fleeing with' a like bundle. He was
arrested and is being held for investi
gation. Goes to Pen for Writing
Checks with No Funds in Bank
Rich Rohrberg, charged with issu
ing checks without sufficient funds to
meet them, pleaded guilty when
brought, before Judge Sears in crimi
nal court and was sentenced to the
state penitentiary for one to two
years. The specific charge was the
passing of a check for $50 on Nick
Savatovio. I
Was Mexican Girl Murdered for
Her Friendship to Omaha Police?
Body of Woman Found in
Building in Council Bluffs
Identified as the "An
gel Senorita."
Did Gertrude Garcia, or Davis, the
"Angel Senorita," lay down her life
because she was unswervingly loyal to
the Omaha policemen? It is the belief
of some detectives that the Mexican
girl, whose nude body was found in a
Bluffs' hut, horribly mutilated, paid
with her life the debt of gratitude she
owed to the police for having saved
her from brutal treatment at the
hands of countrymen. The corpse
was so butchered that it was not un
til early Tuesday night that intimates
recognized it was the body of Se
nora Gertie, half caste Spanish girl
of wondrous eyes and hair( who so
often acted as guardian angel for
police detectives assigned to difficult
cases in the Mexican colony.
Ever since last Sunday Council
Bluffs police were at loss as to the
identity of the supposed ncgress who
was found murdered there in at most
vicious manner. Yesterday Chief of
Detectives Maloney identified the
New Canon Bans
the Remarriage of
Divorced Persons
Chicago, Sept. 13. Marriage be
tween parties divorced for any cause,
either of whom has a husband or wife
living, will not be permitted here
after in the, Protestant Episcopal
church if a r.ew canon, recommended
by the commission on marriage and
divorce, is adopted by the general
convention of the church at St. Louis,
October 11, according to an an
nouncement today.
VThe proposed legislation does not
affect cases where the marriage rela
tion is annulled by the courts for
causes arising before the marriage.
The difficult question as to whether
divorced persons who have re-married
by the civil authority or by a
clergyman of some other church,
shall be admitted to holy communion,
is to' be referred by the parish priest
to tbe bishop of the diocese and is
decision is to be final."
Miss Nevins, Suffragist
Worker,. Kills Herself
-New York, Sept 13. Miss Grace
Nevins, a prominent suffragist, was
found dead in her apartment here to
day. The police reported the case as
one of suicide, attributed probably to
ill health. Miss Nevins came here
from La Crosse, Wis., about fifteen
years ago,
ttetmnot el men tat mum eoSer from
neadecaee every oat, othar Ihouiende data
beadachee averr week oi eeer? montD, art till
otrnra ban headache eccMlonellj, but ool at
recularlnterrale. The beet Doctor leoltennneble
So find tb oanea of many of these beadscbee,
and In moot other caeee, knowlni the eauie, he
aoee not know what will reroovels, to as to tiro
a permanent cure. All he ean do le to preecrlbe
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relit!, but tie headache return, as nsaal, and
treatment it at aln neoeteerj. II you luHer (mm
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body of the woman as that of "Se
nora Gertie," and as he did tears came
to his eyes, for Gertie was not a
stool-pigeon she was a friend of the
detective bureau.
A year ago Chief of Detectives Ma
loney himself saved Gertrude, a half
breed Mexican girl from the fists of
a lover. She was always grateful and
though her life down in the bottoms
of the Third ward was tumultuous,
she often found time to come volunta
rily to headquarters and visit. When
an interpreter was needed in Mexican
trouble, it was always Gertrude who
obliged. .
She knew every Mexican and his
why and wherefore, and though she
told nothing of their coming and go
ings, still she refused to let her friends
be annoyed when a particularly urgent
business required any certain Mexi
can, v
It was last August a Mexican
known as ."Mike" was found stabbed
to death and another one called "J.
Aerney," virtually cut to ribbons with
a stcllctto near Twelfth and Chicago.
At the time it looked like an impene
trable mystery.
Gertrude was called in again. She
told the authorities all she knew.
Sunday they found her murdered.
Police Hold Man
To Explain Wife's
Mysterious Death
E. T. Hoffman, Lincoln, stopping
at the State hotel awakened yesterday
morning to find his wife, Elsie, aged
30, dead at his side. Hoffman told
the police that his wife had been sick
for a week, but apparently was much
improved Tuesday. Upon retiring' they
ate a light lunch and she appeared to
be in good spirits. Both hail origi
nally from Esbon, Kan., where Mrs.
Hoffman's parents and her 11-year-old
daughter reside. The Hoffmans
have been married four years and
have lived at the State hotel for more
than a month. The police, who were
summoned to the Jiotcl, concluded
that the case would bear further in
vestigation and 'brought Hoffman to
headquarters, where he is being held.
' Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success. v
Good Health Makes
a Happy Home ;
B. .la
Good health makes housework easy.
Bad health takes all happiness out
of it.
Hosts of good women and good
mothers drag along in daily misery,
back aching, worried, "blue," tired
and worn, because they don't know
what ails them or what to do for It.
TheBe same troubles coma with
weak kidneys, and, if the kidney ac
tion is distressingly disordered, there
should be no doubt that the kidneys
need help.
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, An Omaha Case '
Mm. Chat. Mooberry, 4018 N. Twenty
fifth SU tare: "After an attack ot La
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and it made me mieerable. My back hurt
ma ao that any exertion or turn or twiet
of my body pained me. All work waa hard
and at night 1 couldn't vet my proper rent.
The kidney eecretione bothered me a whole
lot. I tried different medivinee, but found
only temporary relief. Finally, I ueed thre
boxea of Doan a Kidney Pilla and they made
a eure that hae been permanent."
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What Factories Will Beit Succeed
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WILLYS-OVERLAND, Inc., Omaha Branch
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Douglas 3292
20th and Harney Stmts 1
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