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Ernie Krueirer, by Circuit
Clout, Wins Final From
Lincoln, 7 to 6.
v , Lincoln, Sept ' 3. (Special Tele
gram.) Oman made it a clean
sweep of the final . series of the
year here today by defeating the
Ducklings in a thrilling ten-innmg
battle, 7 to 6. :
' Ernie Krueger turned the trick for
the Rourkes when he hopped onto one
of Gregory's slants in the tenth and
pummelled it out of the lot for a
circuit drive. Until then Gregory
had pitched tight ball and held the
Rourkes scoreless after - they had
jumped on to Halla in the first three
innings and piled up a lead of six
The Ducklings came right back in
" the third inning and forced Gaskell
to retiremnet by battering; him for
three runs. . Lou North whiffed eight
men in the remainder of the game
and breezed along nicely until the
. seventh, when three successive hits
and a walk knottid the count 6 and 6.
The stage was set for Krueger in
the tenth as the first man up and he
drove one high over the right field
fence. Halla, who usually is a puz
ile to Omaha, was "duck soup" to
day. The Rourkes helped themselves
to two runs in the opening stanza,
. rang up another in the second 2nd
then chased the Lincoln hurler with
an avalanche of five hits and three
runs in the third.
Thompson' was a busy slugger for
the Rourkes with three hits out of
four times up, although the whole
clan did fairly well with, a total of
sixteen safe blows.
Hall Knocked Out y
In First, Wins the
Second for Topeka
" Topeka, Sept. 3.-After being bat
ted out of the box in the first of a
double-header with Wichita, - Hall
came back in the second and defeated
Wichita, 10 to 4. Wichita won the
opening, 9 to 2. Catcher Gray, for
Wichita,, was knocked unconscious
for" twenty minutes in the second
game by a ball thrown by, Catcher
Allen of Topeka.,.
, first game
Straight Ahead
Smith, if. ......
Bart, lb.
Thoiuasoa, ef. ..
MlUer, lb.
Krueger, e. .....
Foreythe, rf, ;..
KUduff, M, ....
Irelaa, tb.
Gaskeil. p. .....
North, p.
. Totals
B. H. O. A. B.
Carlisle. If. ...
nuii.ui.. ss. .
ThomMon, ef.
Lobar, rf. i..
Morse, Sb. . . . .
Hunter, lb. , ,
Lattlmore, lb,
Johneon, o, .V.
Halla. p.
Ore gory, p. . .
. AB. K.
. 1
n u
A. .
a 'a
f '
in ia u
-oonnson oat, nil Dy BAttoel ball,
Batted for Lattlmore in tomtit.
Omaha t 1 a a a a a a 1 7
Lincoln a a a 4 ft i
nomeruni Kraaaor. Tnraa-naaa jut:
Thompson. Twa-baae kltat Williams,
Thomaaoa, Johnson, Iretaa. DaaMe plays 1
Hmlth to Kllduff, Burg to Iralaa to Miller.
Stolen haeei! William., Hunter (1).
Smith, MUlor. Knreaer, Irolan. Sacrifice
hltei Mono, Thorn peoa. Struck oatt Br
Halla, ll by Gregory, 1 by Oaakell, 1, by
.. u. .... a. n a nauoi uit
off North, t. Hit by pltohed balli Br
(sUldoff)i hr North, (William.!.
... n.ui j . 1 h
Paaaed belli
Kraeear. Left u
00U1, Si Omaha, 0. Pitching record 1 Off
Halla, S hit In two Innings aff GnakoU.
7 hit. In throe ami two-third, Inalna-., Lm
plreai Kana and MaUea.
Take First Game From St. Jo;
But Lose the Second in
Seven Innings.
Denver. Colo.. Sent. 3. nnvranrl
St. Joseph divided a double-header
here today, Denver winning the first,
7 to 5, and the visitor taking the
second, 6 to 4. The batting of Butcher
for the locals in the first waa the
feature. , The second waa called at the
end of the seventh by . agreement.
score, urst game:
BT. jobbfh.
Cmps Defend. Titles Today
il iMM
For the lirst time in several years,
today Freddie Welsh, lightweight
champion, and . Johnny Kilbane.
featherweight champion, will defend
their titles in a decision bout. Welsh
meets Charlev White todav at Colo
rado Springs in a twenty-four round
decision fight) while Kilbane risks
his title against George Chanty ' at
leaar roint, u., in a mteen-rouna at
cision fight- ,
Fox, rf . . . . .
3 Griffith, IV;
Coy. If-. ..
Brltton, Ih .
lirar, . c . . .
LltscM.. 9b .
Ftapps, cf .
White, - ai ,
Liavis, -p , ,,
r,athrope, cf .
Aider, rf . ..
Goodwin., an .
Cngle, 2b .
. U". Lathrop.
Uevore, if .'.
Monroe, Sb .
Allen, o
Hall, n ...
Burwell, p .
.17 15 17 11
AB. R.
6 0
Totals ...II 1 17
Wichita . ....1 I 1 0 1 0 1 0
Topeka . ,,..0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 t
Stolen base: Gray. Sacrifice hit: Griffith.
Home run: Lltachi. Two-base hits: Allen.
oy. Alger. Three-base hit: Cor.. Bases on
Wile: Off -Hall, 1; off Davis ,6. Struck
oul: Hull, 1; Burwell. 1: Davis, 4. Double
play: White to Brltton to Griffith. Hit
by pitched ball: Alger. Umpire: Carney.
Score second game1
, -v.ICHITA. .:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
1 ! I 1.0 0
Kox. rf
"Joy. if
Brltton lb ...
- limy,, e ; . . . .
LltsohL Sb . .
Itapps, cf-lh .
White, ss . ., .
Griffin, n .
I'rali, p . ...
.rackson, of .
Totals . . . . .
H. Lmthrop, ct
Alter, rf
Goodwin, ss . .
Bmile, 2b . . .
W. Lathrop, lb
Devoro. If , ...
.Monroe. 3b . .
Allen, o
Hall, p
.Ratteil for Andrews In seventh.
St. Jo.euh...t. 1 0 0 11
0 I Denver
..... 4
v AB. R.
S 1
, T'l W...SI 10 S 11 S 0
wa l i 0 0 0 1 0 4
Called ,n4 wventh by agreement.
'.,."'" Co)r- "eH'loa hits: Griffith.
L!itchL Two-b.., hit?
VJ, Lathrop, Alger. Threo-ba.0 hit- Knai.
Base, on balls: Off Hall, 6; off CralJ i
Carney. ,0': B)r C'. - Vl:
Kelly's Timely Hit
Wins' for the Sioux
Siaux City, la Sept. 3.-Wildness
on the part of Thomas and Kelly's
timely hit. in the eighth gave Sioux
City three runs and the game. 3 to 2
I.lvln.ton. c......B4' i D0
Watson, If . J I , I .. J , J
lJeune. cf 11 J 2 0 i
Connollr. lb , I 0 0 3 3 f
Rndor, ss ...10 1 1 i
foonay, Ih 1 : 0 0 i n I
K"r. 1 0 1 0 1 J
: flark. p i , lot o e .,prf,...,:::::.:j J ' J J
Touis... ':,.! j "w. a "I
; DBS MOlkKS. '
n hn. rf 4 1 1 s 1
tlunter. cf...... 1 0 1 1 J
h"-:::::r t -
Thomss, p 1 0 o o 1 l
'Br 0 J 0 " 0 o
' Total., .i . .'. 36 3 ft 9. Tn .
.'.,..,,"5"Ir0,n,, ed ball ," '
. 'iS4 t0T Tnm" in ninth.
Sloua Clt,'.....0 0 0 0 a 0 0 J e,
Ws Moln......0, 0 1 0 0 0 0 12
Two-base hits: Hunter. Jones Hhn
Hscrlfl hlu: Clarke. R.der. sS "i,n hfaes"
Ci nnolly, Hartford. Double plays. RadSr to
' 'I??? ' Me"- ThomM Harthrd ' S
Jones. BaaB on ba ll : Off Thnmn
by Clarke. . Hit by pitched baU- Bv
lim" (Wlt,""'' ' : Umpire?
Chronic Dysentery. '
"An old gentleman Of this town
who was almost at the point of death
with chronic dysentery some time ago
and had given up all hope of recovery
was induced to try Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy. One dose atopped the discharge,
and after taking a few more doses he
was completely cured," writes J. L.
Baer, West Manchester, Pa. "Many
' residents of Baer'a Station can testify
to the truth of the above and were
aware of the old gentleman's condi
tion." Obtainable everywhere. Adv.
Wrlant, cf....;,
McCabo. Sb
Jourdan. lb...,.
itirKnam, ir. ...
Sultlvan, rf, ....
McClelland, lb..
O. Williams, ss.
Fusner, c ...... .
Sommers, p
J. Williams...
Miller, rf
Lloyd, lb.......
Oakes, cf
Butcher, lb....
Dyer, ss
Shields, lb.....
Cole. If.-. 1.
.....It I 10 14 (
AB, R. H. O. A.
1 110
.11 T 11 17 10 0
Ford. p.
.Ran tor O. Williams In ninth.
St. Joseph...'.,...! 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 t
Denver .1 0 10 0 110 '7
Sacrifice hits: Oakes. Lloyd. Two-base
hits: Klrkham. Bhlelds, Lloyd, Bhestak.
McCabe. Three-bass hits:, Jourdan, Oskes,
Butcher (2). Home run: Dyer. Bases on
balls: Off Sommers, 1; off Ford, I. Wrack
out:--Br Ford, I; br Sommers, s. Stolen
base: Butoher. Paaaed ball: Shestak.
Double play:. Butcher to Dyer to Shields.
Time: 1:38. , Umpire: . Shannon.
Score, second' tame:
.. . ST. JOSEPH.
Wrltht. cf. .......... 4 0 . 0 i 1 . 0
McCabe, 2b 4
Jourdan. lb..,.. 1
Klrkhanv, If 1
8ulllvan, 'rf I
McClelland, 3b...... I
O. Williams, ss ,, I
Fnsner, .o....
Cain, p.
Miller, rf
Lloyd, lb ,
Oakea, cf.,-..
Butcher, lb. ;
Dyer, ss
Shields, lb....
Cole, If
Stevens, c...
Andrews, p. .
11 11
AB. R. H, O.
0 10
, t
0 0
1 , o
0 0
-4 21 14
0 0
1 0 0 0 0 0 14
Two-base hits: Jourdan. Fusner, Shields.
Stolen bases: Cole, McClelland (2). Home
run: Klrkham. Bases on balls: Oft Cain.
2i off Andrews, 1. Struck out: By Cain,
5 by Andrews, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
Cain, Oakes-and Shestak. Double play:
Dyer to Shield... Time: , 1:10. .Umpire:
8hannon. . - . .
Kourkes to Play
Double Bill With
SiouxCity Today
TL. I.., U'.,,.rn lsm. UftM fit
thevyear in Omaha starts this after
noon at Rourke park, when the
Rourkes play a double-header with
ritv rin cranio wilt ntso be
played with the Sioux Tuesday.
As tOflay Will oc we last
for the large majority of fans to see
n'. f ... I...,, in - atinn it tft
.t. ,,nDIJ whirh will a nnrnarh
the record-breaker of a week ago will
see the, game, ra expects a isi
to see the second biggest crowd of
the year. .
T t r 1. n Mnna Kntl, HfllM Imttl
the Sioux today it will about cinch
the pennant tor tins cuy, as ine
r I A Anl, hav. tti ii' 1 ,1
about half of their games, even if the
.Links shoula win mne-iemns oi
The double-header today will start
at 2 o'clock. The game Tuesday
starts at 3:15. -
Miss Minneapolis Winner -Of
First Heat at Detroit
; Detroit, Mich., Sept. 3. Miss Min
neapolis, regarded by many as the
fastest hvdronlane in the world, this
afternoon won the first heat of theJ
gold cup power boat races here. Her
average tor the thirty-mile heat,
which was made in six, five-mile laps,'
was 46.55 miles an hour. Her time
for the heat was 44:41. In the first
heat she attained a speed of 61.2 miles
an hour. ' "'".-"..' ''"
Peter Pan VII, Columbia Yacht
club, New York, was second and Miss
Detroit, the defender, third.
Fort Dearborn Bank Team
, Chicago Amateur Champs
Chicago, Sept. 3. The Fort Dear
born National bank team, champion
of the Bankers' league, won the ama
teur championship of Chicago today
by defeating the Illinois Tool Wprks
team, pennant winners in the Com
mercial league, by a score of 10 to 8.
The victory entitles the bankers to
compete for the national amateur base
ball, championship.
?' Corhan Leaves Cards.
St, Louts. Sept. I. Roy Corhan, brought
to the National league from the Pacific
Coast league to play shortstop for the St.
Loul. Cardinals, will depart for San Fran tomorrow. Corhan has had a sore arm
during almost the entire season and this Is
said to be Manager Kugglne reaaon for not
retaining him.
White Sox Win in the Ninth
on Walk, Sacrifice, Wild
Throw and Double.
f A ivTl
i n i i
t vN N j i
St. Louis, Mo., .Sept.1-3. Faber
bested Weilman in a pitching duel
today and Chicago beat St. Louis, 1
to 0. Faber allowed only three hits,
one a double by Miller, and but one
man got as far as third.
Chicago won in the ninth. Felsch
walked and Terry sacrificed. Weil
man's throw to Pick went to center
field and Felsch went to third and
scored when Schalk doubled. Score:
JCIIns.rf tOSS 4 0 4 0 0
W' 4 0 1 ( OHIller.rf 4 110 0
BC'Hns.Sb 1 1 4 8 4 1 10 0
Jackson.lf 1 0 0 0 0Pratt.2h 4 0 110
F' 1 0 II 0 0M'rsans.c 10 10 0 1 0 0 0 0 TOO 1111 lAu.tln.Sb 1 0 0 4,0
Schslk.0 4 111 11110
Faber.p 4 1 0 4 0W'lnan.p 10 0 11
' Totals. 10 I It 11 1 Totals. 18 1 It 1
Chicago ........ .0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
St Louis .-...0 0,0 0 0 0 0 0 -00
' Two-base hits: Miller. E., Collins, Schalk.
Stolen base: Fournler. Sacrifice hits: Aus
tin, Terry. ' Double plays:- Collins to Four
nler. Collins to Weaver to Fournler. Bases
on balls: Off Faber, 4; off Weilman, I.
Hits and earned runs:. Off Faber. I hits,
no runs in- nine Innings;, off WeMman.
hit.. 1 run In nine Innlne-s. tftt by nltched
bail: By Weilman. -Fournler.. Btruck out:' By
Weilman, I. Wild pilch: Weilman. Um
pires:, uwens and uonnony. .
Cobb Gate Four Bits.. ...
Detroit, Sept. 8. Betting savagely and
taking advantage of Cleveland's mlsplaye.
Detroit defeated the Indians. 8 to I. to
day. Proepects for a-batting duel -between
Cobb -and Speaker- attracted -a capacity
orowd. Speaker, drove out two doubles, but
oooo, wno waa at oat tour times, got inree
clean singles and a whistling two-bagger.
With the score tied and two out In the
sixth O'Neill dropped Toung's third strike
snd Toung reached first. ' Stanage followed
with a double, which drove In two runs.
MeKee Injured his hand , In a collision with
Batby while running to first base- In the
fourth and had to leava the fame. Score:
AB.H.O.A.H. ' " . AB.H.O.A.E.
Ch'p' 4 0 11 IVItt.Sb 4 1110 4 0 11 -10 17 0
Spe'ker.of 4 111 OCobbf 4 4 10 0
Roth.rf 1 1 0 0 0Vcach.lf 4 110 4 111 OCr'ford.rf I 0 0 0 0
W'bsg' 11 I 1 I I 11 0 0 e l ii z l a z e
O'Nelll.o, I I 10 OMcKee.o 10 110
Bagby.p. 1 1 I 1 UStanage.o S 1 1 1 0
Uoeller 1 0 i 0 0D.tuas,p I 0 0 I 0
Kava'ah 1 0 0 0 0 .
Coleman.o 0 0 0 1 0 Totals. 10 10 17 18 0
Kleprer.p . 0 , 0 , 0 1.0. a,: . ,
Boelhlng 1 0 0 0 0.,,. , ,
Totais.81 714 II 1 J v; ,. ''' ;
Batted for O'Neill In' seventh. 1 ' V
Batted, for Bagby Ih seventh. : 1 f . r
Batted for Klepfer. In , ninth. . ,
Cleveland J 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 01
Detroit ........ 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 '6
Two-baae hits: OransV: Cobb. Speaker (1).
SUnaga. Three-ase hlU: .Oandll. Stolen
oases: coon tJ oung. . nacrixiee mte:
RiiaK. 'Vftuntf- f3). Roth. Dauhle nlatf
Speaker to Oandll. Bases on balls: Off
Bagby, 1; off Danes, 1. Hits and earned
runs: Off Bagby. 7 hits, 1 run In six
Innings; off Klepfer, 1 hits. 1 run in two
Innings: off Dauss. 7 hits, I .runs In nine
Innings, lilt by pitched ball: By Bagby,
(Burns) : . by Dauss, ' (Wambsganss). Struck
out: By Bagby. I; by Dauss, I.- Passed
b-tl! O'Neill. Umpires: . Hllderbrand and
Connollr. . -... r- t ;
Lewis, White, Hoyt .
;And Anderson Tied
InCurtain Raiser
.Philadelphia; Sept. -3. M, T?t Lewis
and G. W. White of the - Flushing
Golf club and John G. Anderson and
F. H. Hoyt of Siwanoy tied yesterday
in the four ball best ball competition
the four ball best ball competition
at the Mcrion Cricket club, the cur
tain raiser for the Amateur .National
golf championship,, which will' be
played .oyer; yrhe double Merion
courses next week. i i he scores , of
these pairs were 70s..1
All of the r55 crack players who
will start Nn the .qualifying round
Monday were on the course todav
and found it in excellent condition.
A gallery of .300 followed Robert A.
Gardner; .national - amateur cham
pion, and'Charles Evans, jr., national
open champion,' over the west course.
The two were paired and represented
the loiraeo ooit club in the foursome
event. Their, best, ball was a 72. 49
out and 33 in. There were eight
clubs pairs, in the,. foursome, which
was restricted .to players who are
to start in the national championship.
eiwvrntv was not broken bv an
amateur in today's practice, but Ben
sawyers, the North Berwick profes
sional of England who is here, went
over the west course in 36, 33, 69 a
new record, i he tie will be played on
tomorrow. V
4 ' -, i. '' ...
' OlanU hot BxMDItton. -
.Newport, B. .L. Bapt. l.-t-Tht Trotn.
a local tam of profNtilonat bAtxt ball play
r, aratea tn new Torn jvational. I
to I, today. Score: ' '
' .... R. H. B
Trojan I I
Nw York.. ....I 1
BatUrlei: Tutro and Can", Smith xt
lay nd Kockar, Callahan. 7
Dry GtMda Harfcvi. "
4Naw Tork, ASpt. J Cotton fooda and
yarna ware Arm today, with market rn
iportera received many olfera of new bue
erally quiet. . Jobber did a goo4 trad and
Ineaa. ,
' For KheumatliBi. '
Apply Bloan'a Liniment to the -painful
part la all you need. The pain at
once. Only He. All druvrlata. Adr.
Rrlnr--Op4nlar ef aatnma meetlna; of
Montreal Jockey rlub at Montreal.
Trottinr-4inlia; of Urand flrvult meel
Ina; at Hartford, Ooan. ' Onenlay of irit
Weetern Circuit meetlna; at Hantllne, Minn.
Rowinav-Aiintwl rctratta ef Middle State
Rowing aaaoelaUoa, Waahlmton, D. V. Ke
ratta of New UusUnd Amateur Ho winy;
ajuMH-latlea, ttoeton.
Tennis lieorfta ' etate rhamptonahlp
ournament od?m at Atlanta,. Bl-atate
vhamploiuhlp, tournament opens at Louis
ville. New Mexico state champtonshlp
tournament apens at Boawett. (reat plains
tournament mixed doubles, opens at Kaa-
aas ;ity. , .
Ciolf National amateur championship
toumainent ,mmbi at Haverford. Pa.
Automobile International sweepatakea
race at tne newvineinnau speeaway. irnea
races at Pes Moines, Klmlra and Kpohane.
Hlwetlm: Vtrflnla eUte trapHiaootLns;
tournament anens at Lmebbu.
Hase Hall Close ef the season In the
Texas league, Northwestern league Three-I
league, Virginia league. Northern league,
south Atlantic 1 league. North Carolina
league, western awioclatlon, Central asso
ciation and Blue Kldre leacue.
Bench 8hows---Opening of the annual
now of Bnokana Kennel club. Soolcane.
Trark 'Annual games ,ef New lork Cala
doalan ' at Mae petti. L, I.
Yachting Autumn regatta of Iaarchmant
Taht club. Long: Island sound.
Home Shows Rochester, N. Y. Rutland,
Vt.i Worcester, Mass.i Wheeling, W. Va.
KankakeeT 111., Detroit, Mich., and Ham-
una Minn, ...
SwtmmlnawA. A. U. ten-mil chamDlea
hip at St. Levi. Ten-mile Mlssonrl river
swim at - ivansas uity. California stata
championship at ban Otega.
Boxliw Preddls Welsh t&tnlnst ChtiriU
White, twenty rounds, at Colorado Spring 1
lohany Kilbane against Ueorge Chancy,
twelve rounds, at Cedar Point, 0. Johnny
Griffiths against Joe Rivers, twelve rounds,
at Canton, 0, Frank Moran against Carl
moms, iirteea round, mt Tutu, Okl.i Joe
Mandot against Frankle Russell, twenty
rounds, at New Orleans 1 Battling Levlnsky
against Knockout Browh, tea rounds, at
EaHt CMtrnjo; Johnny Ertle against Benny
Kaufman, six rounds, at Philadelphia t Jo
Jeanette against Jack Reed, ten rounds, at
Watertewn, , S. Y.i BUly Mascot against
Joe German, ten rounds, at Portland, Ore.;
Cal Delaney ' against Leo ' Klnneraa, ten
rounds, at Erie, Pa.j Ad Wolgast against
Lee Merrlssey, fifteen rounds, at Idaho
Falls, Idaho Matt Welle against Frankle
Whitney, ten rounds, at Atlanta 1 Young
Jack O'Brien against Jimmy Coffey, fifteen
rounds, at Marievllle, R. I. ( Mel Cogan
against Harry Carlson, twelve rounds, at
Portland, -Ms, 1 8 pike Kelly against Jack
Duffy, ten rounds, at Racine, Hls-i Jo
Thomas against Dlak HulUvan, twolvs
rounds, at Troy, O.i Kid Ashe' against
Christy William, ten round, at Jackson,
O.i Oeorge Adams against Charll Header
on, ten- rounds, at Dubuque, Ia.j ; Joe
O'Brien against Young White, ten rounds,
at Dubuque, la.
Ameriraa Association, v
At Louisville First game: i R. H.E.
Tolsd6 11, 11 0
Louisville , 7 11 7
Batteries: Bailey, Bedlent and Well;
Stroud, James, Luque and Dining.
Second gamer . , R. H. B,
Toledo ,, 1 s 0
Louisville' i 7 1
Batteries: Strand and Sweeney; Mlddla
ton and William.
At Minneapolis First garnet ' R. H. B.
St Paul ...J .,
Minneapolis ,. f t 1
Batteries;. Lelfteld and Clemons; Glenn,
Williams and Owens.
Second gamai - -t. ? R. H. B.
st Paut .14 is
Minneapolis 4 9 S
Batteries: Grlner and Clemons: . Burk. .
Coffey and Land. . - . ,
At Kaniaa City R. H. BJ.
Mtlwauk f t 4!
Kansas City .., .....S t S
Batteries: Scherdell, Moran and Dllhoe;
Regan, Bandera and Berry. ...... I
At India nanol Is First same: - R. tt. B. I
Indianapolis . ..........b...B I . 1
Columbus ; . . .L. .v. . ,1 4 - 1
Batteries:, .Beaton and Be hang Blodgett
and- Pratt. fc
Second game: . , - v. R. H. B.
Indianapolis, . .'. ; . 0 6 4
Columbus' -t '4 t
Batteries: - Falkenberg and Stfhang; Davis
and Lalonge. .
' " J" Shafroth Are Winner. ' ' ! ;
Denver, Sept." J. Morrlion and William
Shafroth, ions of United State Senator
John Shafroth of Colorado, won th state
doubles tennl championship her today, de
feating Berrien Hughes and Tyson -Dine,
Jr. The score wa 1-4, 4-1.
Chilao Takes Both Game
From the St. Louis
-. '. Nationals. "( ' '. 'J
Bescher.lf 4
SMer.lbes 4
Wllaon.of 4
M'ler.sslb 4
Onnsale.,0 4 I
Sl.w'rt.m I
Amea.p : I
tButler -' 1
Currle,B . ,
"Brattem .
8 0
0 10
Chicago, Spt. 3. Chicago won
both games o( a double-header from
St. Louis today. 4 to 2 and 4 to 1.
Larry Doyle, who made his local
debut , as a Cub, doubled in the third
inning of the first game after Wort
man and Flack had singled and Chi
cago scored two runs. Ames' wild
ness, Beck's error a timely single by
Wortman netted two more in the
fourth. s -
In the second game Doyle again
gave the locals the lead, as a result
of his timely hitting and daring base
running. Steele pitched in fine form
in the second game, striking out ten
men, but the locals hit opportunely
and took advantage of the loose field
ing behind Steele.
Bettel turned his ankle during the
first game and had to .retire, Score,
first Rime:
110 9 OFlaric.rr 4 11
11 III 4 0 1 I I I
0WII'ras,ef 114
lArch.r.o 10 4
0Perh'e,lb 111
OWort'n.H lit
OLav'der.p 10 4
OPack'rd.p ISO
0 Totals,. It til II 1
, Total.. ,M ) It I
.Batted lor AmeaTn" seventh. -., .
Batted tor Currla In ninth.
Pechoua out, hit by batt.d ball.
SI. Loul, ........... ..0 1 0 M 1 M t
Ohloago 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 .4
Two-base hits: Miller. Doyle. - Double
play: Miller to Beck to Snyder. Baaee on
balls: ott Lavender, It -off Ames, t: oft
Currle, !: 6ft Packard; 1. Hits and earned.
iuiii; uu Am.., e ni. a runs in sis in
nings; off Currle, no hlta, no ran. In two
Innings; oft Lavender, I hits, I runs In sis
Innlnss (none joal In seventh!: off Packard.
I hit, no runs In three Innings. Struck
out: By Lavender, I; by Ames, 1; by Pack
ard. 1; by Currla. I. Umpires: Bason and
nigier. score, second, game:
, : , AB.H.O.A.B. - AB.H.O.A.B?
Long.rf lilt OFlsck.rf ,40110 llll 1 4 I I I t
Butler.Sb II I OKelly.lf 4 1110 4 0 10 141111 I M I OMol'w' 11110
O.Ws' 1110 IWII'ms.ef I I i I I
Miller,.. 10 11 OA.W'son.o I 1110
Ocnsales.e I 111 I IPech' 1 0 0 6 1
Stew'rLSh lost luwrn u 1 1 a e a
ISteele.t -.1100 OVaughn.p I 11 10
paratt.m Mill
, . Total,,. 10 I IT 10 I
-joiais. .si in i I
Batted for o. Wilaon In ninth.
St. Louis 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Chicago ........1 1 4 0 0 1 1 1
Twobase hits: Wortman. Oonsalea. Three,
base hit: Long.- Home run: Kelly, Stolen
bases: Doyle (I), Kelly, Beck. Sacrifice
hit: Pechoua, Saoiiflce fly: Millar. Double
piay: wortman to uoyie to Mollwlts. Hits
and earned runs: Off Steele. I hlta. 4
runs In eight Innings: oft Vaughn. hits.
no runs In nlns Innings. : Struck out: By
Steel,, 1(1; by Vaughn, I. Umpires: Rlgl.r
ana nsson, . , . , ' .
, , Cusei Beats rtntaa.
Cincinnati, O,. Sept I. In a ragged
game, where errors counted for many runs,
Cincinnati defeated Pittsburgh here today,
7 to I. , Of the thirteen runs made only
four were - earned. Mamaux and Ullchell
were both hit hard and each gave several
Da... on nana, ncoro; i '
AB.H P A.E. . AB.H.O.A.B, till IKeale.lf I 1 t 0 0
Carey.of 4 110 t I I 7 I llll I 1100
H'ch' 4 111 41001
Farmer.rf I I I I OOrlf flth,rt 4 '1 10 0 4 0 11 OWlngo.o 4 1111
McC'hy,ss llll 11171
Schmldt,o 4 14 4 4 I IT t I
F.raaux.p 4 1 I I OMItohell.p I I I I I
. . --'n-ITTTr'T ToH. .14 1117 11 i
: juiais. ... . a 10 , . . . .. ., v
"Ran for McCarthy In ninth.
Pittsburgh . ..0. 0 4 1 0 0 0 I I 4
Cincinnati . ..0 1 1 1 0 0 0" 0 T
Two-base hlta: Grlffllh. McCarthy Roush.
Three-has hits: Wlngo. Stolen bases': Chase,
Roush, Schmidt. Basses on balls: Off Ma
maux, 4: off Mrtohell, i. ' Hits and earned
runs: Off Mamaux, 11, hits and I runs
In eight Inning. ; off Mitchell, t hits and I
runs In nine Innings. Struck out: By Ma
maux, I. Umpires: O'DaV and Harrison.
Tie in Four-Ball
Foursome Played at
Happy Hollow Club
Over 100 playen took part in an
eighteen-hole medal play beat ball
four-ball foursome for two prixea pre
sented by contributors at Happy Hol
low ; yesterday 'with the result that
Wallace Shepard, jr., with : Bryce
Crawford as partner, tied with Rav
Wagner and Lee Hamlin with net
scores of 80.- The tie will he n avrrl
off Labor day. At' the same time the
eight low net scores qualified for the
Jack Beaton trophy. Following are
tne scores:
" ' I . Gross. Handicap. Net,
R. C. Wagner...... ! II 71
L. M. . Holliday. ,T .... II ; II
Bryce Crawford '. II . t II
V. R. Oould 13 II
F. B. Clark...., 101 17 14
W, B. Shepard, jr.. 17. ' tl
L. A. Smith 16 10 II
J, P. Prentles..,.. 11 14 - 16
Pairings are as follows: . Wagner
(9) plays Clark . (13), Crawford (4)
plays Smith (8), Holliday (12) playa
Shepard (2) and Gould (9)' plays
Prentiss (ll). ' ' ' J - -
, . W. L. Pet. w. 1 Pet
Omaha , . , .11 44 .IMiRrocklyn ,. ,79 47 .toe
Lincoln .. . .7 .1 ..BSillu.tOn 40 4T .Bt
Sioux City.. 47 11 ,tiSPhlla. 70 40 .Ml
Dea Moines. IB 41 ,11. -New Tork. , ,17 tt .401
Denver .. ..41 40 .BfitllMtt.burs-h ..4(ft.4&0
Topeka ....It 71 .4(4 Chicago H4I.4S7
Wichita ... .tl 77 ..171.1:. Louis. 71 .441
St. to .114! Cincinnati... 4t 7t .113
. . . W. L. Pct.1 . W.L. Pcf.
Boston 71 II .171 Indlsnapolls.7l B7 .171
Detroit ....71 B7.IB9 Loirisvllle ..TIBI.ITI
Chicago .., .11 tl City. 74 1 .141
St. Louis ... 61 10 .III Mlnneaoolla .74 4S .ill
New Tork . .11 40 .tJBiSt. Paul 41 44 .107
Cleveland ..It 41 ,BS7Toledo . ....4t T .404
Washington:!! tl .414 Columbus ...IB Tt .414
Phils ....II It .3211 Mllwuakee ..47 11 .141
. , Vosterday's KeoDlte.
Omaha,. T: Lincoln, t tio Innings).
- tes Moines, I; Sioux City,' I,
-Wlohlta, 1-4: Topeka, 1-10.
1 St. Joseph, B't: Denver, 7-4.
St. Louis, 1-1; Chicago, 4.4.
ritlsburgh, 4; Cincinnati. 7.
Chicago. 1; St. Louts. 0.
Cleveland, 1; Detroit, t. -
.Toledo, 1-1; Louisville, T-l
Minneapolis, t-4: St. Paul, 1-14.
. Milwaukee, I; Kansaa City. 0.
Indianapolis, 0-0: Columbus, 1-1, '
Games Today.
(Doubl,.headers at all points In all
league..) .
Weatern League Sioux City at Omaha,
Lincoln at Dee Moines, Topeka at Denver,
St. Joseph at Wichita.
' National League Cincinnati at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia, New Tork at
Boston, St. Louis at Pittsburgh.
American League Chicago at St. Louis,
Clevelsnd at Detroit. Philadelphia at Wash
ington, Boaton at New Tork.
Membership List
Of Athletic Club
v Nears a Thousand
A total of 952 applications (or mem
bership in the Omaha Athletic club
was announced last night by Secre
tary Wharton and Chairman Quintan
of the membership committee.
"This means that the 1.000 mark
will be reaehed this week, Quinlan
said, "and probably that the fee will
be raised from $100 to $200 after next
"About forty of the 952 members
are nonresidents. As aoon aa the resi
dent membership list is to 1,000 the
fee will go up to $200 for initiation.
We expect to get that list this week,
for we obtained eighty-three mem
ben last week. More will come in
this week than did last."
Mr. Wharton and Mr. Quintan said
there are several men in the South
Side and Council Bluffs who want In
under the $100 rule, but that if they
get in they must write to either Whar
ton or Quinlan. aa thev will not have
time to make personal calls.'
The Omaha Athletic club will be
the first in the country, directors say,
to obtain its membership without
paying a big price for it. When the
club waa first proposed here, the
man who has built moat of the ath
letic clubs in the country, offered to
get the membership and superintend
the building for $40,000. , , . .
; !Thia big fee has been aaved. "'
The membership , work hag been
directed by , Thomas F. Quinlan.
The eighty-three applications ob
tained for membership last week arc
1. A. Munroe. t w. A. Smith,
t, W. Carpenter, Jr. t w. C. Caven. "
A. C-, Tteed.- -.V W, -H. Oernaadt
A. B. Warren, -. J. A. Rllett,
Dr." C. C. Impsy, ' Paul W.rnher, ,
Dr W. B. Moorew, W. J. Klrkland,
Dr. Brunlng. . . W. T. Smith,
Dr. P. Wearne, .T. C, Brlce, , -John
McShant, , - ' J. P. Cogan.
R. J. Kicks, ' ,' .' Edward Johnson, '
Qeorgs Forgan,. .)-- Slgmund Landsbsrf,
C, C. Oeorge ' Dr. P. T. Barber,
.. H. Coed, K Moffltt.
O.H.Payne, Oeorge Klewlt,
J. C. Bufflngton, R. H. Olmsted, 1
L. C. fiholos, ' . ' 8. B. Toung.
O, W. Johnson, J. J, -O'Connor, Jr.;
Herbert Cennell, - W. A. Smith,
Jchn Lavelle, It, O. Klnaeley ...
V. W. Shotwell. A. I. Oarrett, '
Orle Huise. .. .v ; N. H. Beller,
O. B. Clnrk, , , i. B. Stewart,
L, B. Doty, : ,-.. A. W. Hunt.
B. C. Flower. , , O. L. Holland,
C. C. Cannon, ' B, W. Hart,
Ernest Hodder, : F. M. Henry, s
R. D. Evans. W. D. Sample, .
Lewis Henderson W. Wentworth,
O. W. Ksrl, R. C. Martin.
W. B. McDonald, B. C. Bryant.
Charles Robel. , . B. C. Carrl.n
Vlotor Smiley, , : W. J. Long.
. a. Tagger, Albert Blhler,
R. E. Montgomery, W. s. Strykor,
L. B. Nebergall, '. ft. L. Carter
A, J. Fried.. . O. R. I.tnkh.n
W. H. Schroeder, W. M. Roller.
Boya npencer, J. J. Roebech,
S. B. Johnson, ' Nelson Pratt,
K. M. Larrabeo,. R. Stelnle.
Chester Baker,
Defeat Ramblers, I to 0, After
Great Hurling; Duel Between
Holland and Moylan. -
Laeal Staoha ami Bonds, ,
Quotations fumlBhad hv Tlrn..- nrlnU.r A
Co., 441-11 Ontaha National bank building,
Omaha : -
STOCKS Bid. A.ked.
Beatrloe Cream. Co. T pet. pfd.100 107
uoom jnenenes co. pra to ' ll
Deere A Co.. nfd , Itat si
Douglaa Hotel Co etock to ' 70
Fa rmont Cream. Co. 7 Dot nfd.104 , lot
Oooch Mlg. It Ele. Co. T pet pfd ItH ' 100
Lincoln let. at lei. com T-pci, so ,.. so ,
Mountain States Tel. Tel. Co. Ill 111
McCrory Stores Corp. pfd...,.; 04 It
Omsha A C. B. Ry. St B. pfd. II
Omaha ft C. B. St. By. pfd... 71 :. Tl
OmahA IV C. B. St. Ry. com, 41 Btu.
Peters Mill Co. pfd tt 101
Packard Motor Co. pfd..... ...100 . 101
Sulsberger a. Sons pfd It loo
Swift A Co ;144 ' 1,5
Union Stock Tarda 0 pot stock.100 - .....
Booth-St. Louis Is, llll mi jot
Denver Oas and Mea. Is, 1041.. tlft - tt
- Johnny Dennison Luxus advanced
a step' toward the amateur champion
ship of Omaha yesterday afternoon
by defeating the Ramblers, 1 to 0, in
the rear section of a double bill staged
at Rourke park. The Murphys won
the Class 6 championship of the city
in the first game by overwhelming
the McCarthys, 28 .to 2. - ,N,-.
The Luxus-Rambler combat was an
exciting tiur'ing duel between Guy
Holland,'the chunky little portsider,
and Jim Moylan,
Holland has something the better
of the argument. Only two hits were
garnered off him. . In the opening
stanza Mogensen, the first man up,
nicked him for a single to center. In
the eighth, with two down, Dave Hot
land cracked a single to left. All the
rest of the game Holland mowed the
Ramblera down in order. He did not
issue a walk and his mates did not
commit an error. Between the hits
made by Mogensen and Holland, the
Luxus' southpaw retired twenty-three
straight men in order, which is con
siderable hurling. Not a man got
past tirat baset
Error Proves Costly.
Moylan also pitched a hangup
brand of ball. He was hit for only
tnree saieties ana two ot them were
bunts. One of the bunts . proved
costly. Turk Smith beat one out to
start the eighth and he went to sec
ond on McAndrewa' wild throw
Den niton sacrificed him to third. Ed
Minikus whiffed, but Mogensen drop
ped the ball. When he threw Minikus
out at first Smith acooted home for
the winning run of the game.
. Just before Minikus struck out
Umpire George Clark called a balk
on Moylan. He called for Smith to
come home from third. The Ram-I
blera went up in the air at the de
cision and threatened to quit. After
beefing and crying for half an hour
they consented to resume the gamtl
When Johnny Dennison offered toj
send smith back to third. Moylan s
movement was a balk pure and aimple
and the Luxus were'' entitled to the
score, but Dennison, who ranks as a
headliner when it cornea to square!
soortmanshiD. offered to overtook th
point in order to get the Ramblera tel
continue the game and not dtsappom
the fans. -
- - Clark in Fine Form.
George Clark was called upon tof
umpire the game after the trouble)
Sage had Saturday when players and
fans alike grew abusive. Clark's work
was faultless and the athletes and the)
hard boya in the stands couldn'
enter a kick. f '
The Murphy-McCarthy game waa al
burlesque. The McCarthys blew tcj
the' clouds. The Murphys madel
twenty! hits count for twenty-eight)
runs.- :ihe hits, however,-were aided
and abetted by fifteen McCarthy er
rors. -. --.
Next Saturday and Sundav thi
Luxus and Armours will battle for the!
amateur championship of Omaha. The!
games will be played at Kourke park
Score, Luxus-Ramblers game:.
AB.H.O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.1
Smtth,lf 110 0 OMog'Hn.o 4 10 1
Denson.cfl 0 10 oKem' 4 Oil 10 11 0McA" 10 11
Hasen.tb III OHasen.rf 1000 4 10 1 OS' 10 11
R'h'b'l.o 111 OCh't'sen.ct llll
W' 1 0 0 0 0D.Holl lilt
Melsdy.rf 4 0 10 IN t 0 11 0
Holland.p 10 14 OMoyl.n.p till
Ka'fman 10 0 0 I IT It,
' Totals. II III 11
Batted tor Moylan la ninth.
Luxus ....,,,.0 000000 t O-
Ramblsrs .....0 0 0 '0 0 O'O 0 0 d
aacnuoe mia: ucnnieoa tl). atlnlkue.
Wachtler. Stolen baaeai Mlnlkna. atbln
Wachtler. Struck out: By Holland, 0: by
aiuyien. t. on nans: viz Moylan, z
riiwu nan.. Mogensen t.)- Lett on bases
Luxus. T: Ramblers. I. Time: 4-00. Un,
plrssr Clark and Bckardt. Score Murpbj I
muwidt i.niii
AB.H.O.A.E. " AB.H.O.A.K
Jll'hue.lf 4 110 llll
Drdls.rf 10 0 1 list
N'tleb'h.rf 1 0 0 0 OK'p' 10 10
Henell.p o I I 1 D'hue,p,lt 110 1
' ToUls.4toiT"l"l"ti4lTr
Murphys 1 o'l t o 4 s s .
McCarthys , 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 i
Two-oaae nits: Tost, A. Morsn. J
Donahue, Hanson, Sunny. P. Donshue
Three. base hlte: Feltman. Hanson. Saci-1
flee hll: Dworak. Sacrifice fly: J. Donahue
siviati n.naon, A. Moran, reltmsi
(9). J. Donahue. Ne.tUhnah Jk...
Kroplcka, D. Dtmahue. Double playe: A
eiur ,u renman, u.cronic to A. More
Base, on balls: Off Maxwell. n
Donahus. 1: off B.rrv. 1. Trt nn h.
Murphy, I: McCarthys, 4, Hit by pitched
balls: Ostronlc, J. Moran, Kroplcka. Struck
uwi. aj a.wflu, ii oy uonanue, t; bM
Barry. !. Passed balls: Sunny 3). Wll,1
pitches: Donshue, Barry (3), Ttmei l;4u
winpirey .uuira ana KoKarrlt.
Peraistent Advertising Is the Roai
to Success. -
A Brannew Beverage
-,'..' , (Patanted AprU 4th, Ml.) -
Maktaf aa antlraly aaw and novel bavaraga from the clrakeet
wheat, cora and hoaa, without lermoaUtkHi, without augar.
If b7w, Btaliiif NO ALCOHOL, being tas-lraai not a
"bear," "near beer," or "tompareaca aoar," with a tlavar aad
taets at its own and bemg m a cla.a of its ess,
. '"T ' J.l.DTut Stara,, Hotels, Soda fountalna and
Soft Drink EsUbllshmsnts. A Cooling and Itafraahiag
Bavarago. Particularly SulUbla lor Hot Weather Driak.
au ...I?03-0" " 30 14 Street.
South Side Station. Omaha. Nak.
Among those present as the base
ball aeason jumps into its last montn
is "Dutch" Leonard, the' big twirler
for the . Boston Red Spx, who are
dreaming-of repeating their pennant
and world's series winning stunt of
last year.
Yes, indeed, Leonard is very much
"there" just now, and kindly un
corked a sample of the goods he has
in stock by letting down the Browns
without a single hit the other day.
v '
Ill rm I Ltt'l'f-I
l ill I
H',7 Ml