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Guards With Dependent Fam
ilies Will Receive No More
- (From a Staff Corraapondeot.)
. Lincoln. Sept. 2. (Special.) Ac
cording to information received by
Adjutant General Hall from the sec
retary of war, no more discharges
will be granted to men in the Guard
.who have others dependent upon
them or who have not finished their
school studies.
It is expected that congress will
take Care of the matter of dependent
families by granting extra pay for
tnc auiuicra su aiiuaiea. xne Lincoln
recruiting station will be moved to
the lair grounds during the fair.
Will Close Labor Day.
The state house will be closed at
least a part of the dav Mondav be
cause it is Labor day. Secretary of
State Pool, who was formerly labor
commissioner, says that his office will
oe closed the entire day.
School Dava at Fair. .
. School patrons will have two big
days at the state fair, holding sessions
both days. The morning sessions will
be held in the university temple down
town, but in the afternoon the meet
ings will be in the auditorium at the
fair grounds.
Saves Girl From Injury.
Carl Greenstone, formerly a carrier
on The Omaha Bee in Omaha, but
now living in Lincoln, where he is
employed at the ball park, played the
. hero act yesterday when he rescued
a little girl from the hoofs of a horse
being driven along the street near the
nark. The little girl was claying in
the middle of the street, when the
horse, driven at a rapid rate, came
around the corner. The youth rushed
into the street and grasping the girl
tore her from in front of the horse,
' with not an inch to spare. The father
of the girl offered to reward him,
but the boy said he hadn't the time
to wait for a reward, as he had to
. . . 1 1 1 , : - II
get (O tnc Dan parx. xnc imu is wcu
known in Umana.
(Continued from Fa On,)
jng the forepart of the evening and
the buffet luncheon later.
The women on Monday evening are
to go to the Orpheum as the guests of
Rome Miller, tne party to be toi
lowed by an informal dance at the
Rome hotel afterward.
Following is a list of those; who
have definitely accepted tne invita
tion fty letter:
From Nebraska.
H- Burtman and wife, Fuller ton,
- J. W. Cutrifht and wife. Lincoln.
Lou W. Frailer and ion, Fairmont. - '
Da C, Sutherland, Tekamah. .
J. B. Sutherland. Tekamah. -'
A. F. Kelly and family. North Platte; ...
F. L. Carroll and wife, Schuyler.
J. C. Vollne and wife. Auburn.
W. T. Ftckett and wife, Auburn.
S. W. Hacker, Peru. .
A. B. Wood, Oertnff.
H. H. McCoy and wife, Chester.
W. C. Iereal and wife, Haveluck,
A. H. Backhaul. Pierce.
C. J. Wilcox, Benntng-ton. .,
W. H. Weekeg and wife, Norfolk.
Harvey C. Kendall and wife, Fremont.
K. H. Young-, Oenoa.
Charlea R. Kuhle and wife Leigh.
- Clyde 8. Htaklns, Stella.
C. H. Byar and wife, Valley.
O. Metechke, Bcrlbner.
Dyo F. Davie and wife, Syracuse.
: W. N. Hunter and wife. Syracuse. -
Edgar Howard, Columbus.
C. F. Clark. David City.
I. W. Tampltn and wife, Tekamah.
Don B. Mayfleld, Stanton.
M, M. Warner and family, Lyons..
R. B. Cates. Bancroft."
B. L. Barker and wife, Fender,
C. B. Cass, Ravenna,
B. A. Walratb. Osceola.
Leopold Jaeggl, Columbus.
L. B. Tobias, Sterling-.
'i. H. Sweet and wife, Nebraska City.
Vt E. Olrnstead and wife, Nebraska City.
C. -K. Baaaett and wife, Hyannis.
. M. F. Cronln. Chambers.
H. L. Andrews and family, Arlington,
J. E. Patmore, Mllford. (
E. A. McNeil. Beaver Crosslnr.
Frank C. Adams and wife, Fort Calhoun.
ira w. Mayior and ramuy, Callaway.
Adam Breeds, Hastings.
William Winterbottom, Brady.
E. B. Lamson, Oxford.
W. H. McOaffln, Bellewood,
J. W. Dunaway, Overton.
Horace M. Davis, Ord.
Frank W. Brown and wife, Kearney.
B. Whltcomb and family, Friend,
, Ernest G. Johnson and family, Osceola,
Will Maupln, York.
. A. D. Scott and wife, Edgar.
Chattle Coleman, Strom-burg.
B. A. Odman, Mead.
Maro O. Perkins, Fremont,
B. h. Plats. Florence.
A. T. Shaffer. Alma.
A. J. McCormlctc, Ralston.
Elmer L. Howell rnd wife, Wood Lake
. F. E. Martin, Battle Creek.
J. W. Maas. Battle Creek.
C. M. Hubner and wife, Nebraska City.
From Iowa.
C. W. Bay and wife, Woodbine.
R. O. Lucas and wife, Shenandoah.
A. H. Sniff and wife, Missouri Valley,
B. P. Harrison and .wife, Oakland.
C. C Sheaffer and wife, Randolph.
; A. C, Oaterholm, Elk Horn,
Charles- O. Wayne, Shelby.
George F. Morley and wife, Traynor.
David K. Brown, 'Harlan.
Frank M. O'Furey and wife, Mapleton.
H. Cllne and wife! Blencoe.
O. B. Bramson and wife, Dunlap,
, P. S. Junkfn, Creston.
L, C. Hatch and wife, Dow City.
O. B. Smith and wife. Spirit Lake.
T. L. Oossard, Onawa. .
E. A. Stevens and wife. Silver City.
F. M. Beymer and wife, Avoca.
Philip Andres, Council Bluffs.
L. O. Merrill and wife, Neota.
J, A. Menton, Boone.
Normal School Account
In State Treasury Overdrawn
(From a Staff Correspondent.) (
Lincoln, Sept. 2. (Special.) Ac
cording to the monthly report of the
stale treasurer there was a balance
on hand at the close of the month of
$1,560,933 with an overdrawn state
normal school fund account of $51.23.
The. balance in the state treasury
at the close of the previous month
was $1,757,691, showing a decrease in
the balance of $216,758.
Receipts during August - were
$224,512, while the payments were
$42! 1 .270.
The trust funds amount to $9
B55.098. '
Lambert, the out-and-out dry candi
date, for state senator in the Fif
teenth district. He is a republican and
wants to oust the wet republican in
cumbent, Thomas Lahners of Thayer
county, who served in the last ses
sion. . Hamilton Fair Successful.
Aurora, Neb., Sept. 2. (Special
Telegram.) The Hamilton county
fair, which 'closed its gates Friday
night, was the most successful in its
history, nearly 15,000 people visiting
the grounds during the three days.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
. 3 A
A. W. Fowler of Fremont Gzes to
New York to Learn of Banking
Alfred W. Fowler, son of V. H
Fowler of Fremont, is now working
m the National City Bank of New
Vork, the most powerful banking qr
ganiiation in the United States, as a
preparation for the school course
which the institution conduct to
prepare young men to go out into
foreign countries and extend the
work of the bank in the foreign field.
Mr. Fowler, after being graduated
from the Fremont High school, went
to the University of Chicago, for
one year and then entered a four
year course at Yale, specializing in
modern languages and receiving the
degree of B. A., with election to the
honor fraternity of Phi Beta Kappa,
one of the highest honors awarded
by American universities.
He was chosen from his class as
a fit candidate for the collegiate bank
ing class of the National City bank,
and when he has finished a year of
work in the different departments of
the bank, to familiarize himself with
banking practice, together with a
rigid course of instruction, he will
be sent to some foreign city where
the National City bank has estab
lished a branch. An appointment of
this sort is generally a fortune in
itself., and if a man s record bears
out the indications which led to his
appointment, he is almost assured of
rapid and profitable advancement.
Notes From Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice, Neb., Sept. 2. (Special.)
Announcement was received here
yesterday of the death of Mrs. E. S,
Cushman, formerly of this city, which
occurred at her home at Nampa, Ida.,
aged, 70 years. She is survived by her
four children, two daughters ana two
According to H. E. Palmer, local
weather observer, 5.88 inches of rain
fell at this point during August. The
ground is now thoroughly soaked and
is in fine shape for tall plowing.
Alfred V. Williams and Miss Jessie
Goodreau of Liberty were married at
that place Wednesday evening.
Jesse Parnell Roberts and Miss
Ruth Thorman of Green, Neb., were
married here yesterday by Judge
Walden. '
The Gage county teachers institute
closed yesterday. More than 200
teachers were enrolled.
Threatens Marshal at
Duncan With Shotgun
Columbus, Neb., Sept. 2. (Special.)
Frank Erwin, a traveler passing
through Duncan yesterday afternoon
threatened to assault City Marshal
John Boss, who attempted to arrest
him. He had reached Duncan, and,
becoming intoxicated, proceeded to
liven up things. When the city mar
shal attempted to arrest him he pulled
a double-barreled shotgun from his
wagon and told the marshal to move
on. Erwin then proceeded to this
city, where he was taken in tow by
Sheriff Burke. . He was taken before
Judge O'Brien and given a fine of $50
j . i i ... t : .
ana cosib ana is laying inc iinc uui
in the county jail. . '
Editor Xaar Death.
Jacksonville. 111.. , Sept. 1. H. N.
Wheeler editor of the Cjulney Journal la
not expected to llva for mora than a few
hour.. Hie health ha. been rapidly falling
since his return from the Ford peace expedl-
uon last February.
k ' X 1
Alfred w.ivwLsm.
Polk Will Celebrate
Its Tenth Anniversary
Polk, Neb., Sept. 2. .(Special.)
The tenth anniversary of the founding
of the village of Polk will be held on
Tuesday, September 12, and a big time
is anticipated.
A. B. Oliver of Stromsburg has
leased the Hokenson hotel at this
place and will take possession the
first of next week.
The Platte river conference of the
Free Methodist church is in session
at this place with Bishoft Walter A.
Sellew of Jamestown, N. Y., presid
ing. One hundred ministers and lay
delegates are present.
The Methodist congregation of this
place is soliciting funds for the erec
tion of a $12,000 church edifice.
Presson Goes to Plattsmouth
To Preach at Homecoming
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Sept. 2. (Special.) J. H.
Presson of the governor's official fam
ily will go to Plattsmouth Sunday,
where he will deliver an address at
the home-coming festitvities in the
church where he served his first pas
torate as a Methodist preacher forty
five years ago. - .
' Linstrum-Galley.
Columbus, Neb., Sept. 2. (Special.)
The wedding ceremony of Miss
Maude Galley and Mr: Arthur C. Lin
strum was solemnized at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and'Mrs. J. H.
Galley, on West Fifteenth street, at
poon today. Rev. Thomas Griffiths
of the Federated church officiated.
The bride is well known in social and
musical circles. Mr. Linstrum is a
graduate of the engineering depart
ment of the Nebraska university and
has a position with the Steel Form
Constructing company of Kansas City,
where the young people tfill make
their future home. ,
Chairman Langhorst Calls
Them for Conference in
. South Nebraska.
(From a State Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Sept. 2.-r(Srcial.) The
democratic campaign in Nebraska is
getting in ich a hopeless mess . that
it has been necessary to call the fed
eral brigade and democratic postmas
ters to the rescue.
The situation has become so mud
dled, that Chairman Langhorat has
been compelled to leave his post ot
duty at headquarters and hike out into
the state in an effort to stem the in
evitable defeat which some them al
ready admit is ahead of some of their
candidates, . ,
While the chairman has been rush
iiiR around out iit the state conferring
with the postmasters a personal rep
resentative of Senator Hitchcock,
who has been putting in time out in
the state in a hopeless effort to stem
the tide of votes which are going to
John L. Kennedy, has brought in re
ports gloomv.
Chairman Langhorst of the demo
cratic state committee last Wednes
day held a secret session with post
masters from fiemaha. Pawnee, Rich
ardson and Johnson counties in an
office in the court house at Falls City,
in which the' situation was put up to
them squarely and they were asked to
come to the help of the committee.
What help they will give in the
face of an order that postmasters
stay out of politics is not known, but
the fact that the committee is up
against it so hard that it is willing
to fracture the nonpartisan regula
tion indicates the critical situation
they are in.
Polling of trains does not appear
to be so popular an amusement as it
was when the campaign first started,
when, on two trains polled. Wilson
had a few more votes than Hughes.
Since that time no democrat has as
pired to tell a like storv. On a train
coming into Lincoln from the north
western part of the state every coach
but one showed from seven to fif
teen more votes for Hughes.
the democratic committee is much
worried because mighty few re
sponses are coming in, where calls
have been made for the faithful to
come across with the coin. One man
prominent in the campaign and who
has been putting in much time over
the' state said today that the lack of
"oil" to lubricate the democratic
machine was a serious one. This
probably explains why the postmas
ters are being conferred with.
Republicans at Fairbury
Hold Their First Meeting
Fairbury. Neb.. Seot. 2. (Soecial
Telegram.) Robert Devore, repub
lican candidate for attorney general,
shot the lid off the campaign with
the first gun in the court room last
night, Mr, Devore spoke at the sec
ond meeting of the Jefferson County
Mugnes and fair banks club and was
introduced by Cecil R. Shelley, vice
president of the organization.
Mr. Devore aimed his attacks at
the state and national democratic ad
ministrations. The Hughes and Fair
banks club is thoroughly organized
in every precinct in this county.
Among the new events politically
in this county is the filing of L. R.
me to whip Frank Moran
fSSS WllAM hfft McnM tsy rkhry. Akonmk fitforto ut(oJ stcrtt of
As greet (rr 'umpA ow Jack Jainott; says irwt a yra($st of asfwytA &uv$ .
Ordinary Nuxated Iron will
often increase the strength and
endurance of delicate, nervous
folks 200 per cent,, in two
weeks9 time.
SPECIAL NOTE Dr. US. Bauer, a well-
known physician who hat itudied widely In
both toll country and Europe, has been epe
clally employed to make a thorough In
vestlgatlon Into the real secret of the great
itrenstn. power ana enaurance or jess wn-
ard. and the marvelous value of nuxated
Iron u a -strength builder.
NEW YORK Upon being interviewed at
his apartment in the Colonial Hotel, Mr. Wil
lard said: "Yes. I hav a chemist with ma
to study the value of different foods and
products as to their power to produce great
strength and endurance, both of which are
so necessary in the prise ring. On his recom
mendation I have often taken nuxated Iron
and I have particularly advocated the free '
use of iron by all those who wish to obtain
great physical and mental power. Without
it I am sure that I should never have been
able to whip Jack Johnson so completely, and
easily as I did and while training for my
fight with Frank Morao, -I regularly took
nuxated iron, and I am certain that It was
a most, important factor In my winning the
fight so easily. Continuing. Dr. Saner said :
"Mr. Wlllard's ease is only one of hundreds '
which 1 could cite from my own personal ex
perience, which proves conclusively the as
tonishing power of nuxated iron to restore
strength and vitality even in most complicat
ed chronic conditions."
Not long ago a man came to me who was
nearly half a century old, and asked me to
give htm a preliminary examination for life
insurance I was astonished to find him
with the blood pressure of a boy of 20 and
as full of vigor, vim and vitality as a young
man- in fact, a young man he really was,
lotwithstanding his age. The secret he said
was taking iron nuxated Iron had filled him
with renewed life. At SO he was in bad
health i at 46 careworn and nearly all In.
Now at 50 a miracle of vitality and his face
beaming with the buoyancy of youth. As I
have said a hundred times over iron is the
greatest of all strength builders. If people'
would only throw away patent medicines and
nauseous concoctions and take simple nuxat
ed Iron, I am convinced that the lives of
thousands of persons might be saved wh
now die every year from pneumonia, grippe,
consumption, kidney, liver and heart trouble,
etc The real and true cause which started
their diseases was nothing more or less than
weakened condition brought on by lack of
Iron in the blood. Iron Is absolutely neces
sary to enable your blood to change food
into living tissue. Without It, no matter
how much or what you eat. your food merely
passes through you without doing you any
good. You don't get the strength out of it,
and as a consequence you become weak, pale
and sickly looking, lust like a plant trying
to grow in soil deficient In iron. If you are
not strong or well, you owe It to yourself to
make the following test; See how long you
A If
' I '
La hb wb a MMtf mwi iinK
Amafj all tki pramlMot Hgiiras d a prto ring, srakaMy mm ri u Sa
nta to family IHs as Ins Wlllaii. Altar satk wigayawa) On skanple
Mrrfn to Ills wHs and tMliraa (M raanlM at tMr si4 mW fMi -mni
fan Mm to km Isr mm sficssalsrt. f vtrrhiM It mm to brmf
a m "MMI WIHarsV Willi atrMif. Malthr Mist Sr. Ulnars aeaowrta Isr
kit m iMont kr "I tnsidir that pint if in in
my iltd it iht stent tf my ptai
ttrtnith, powtr W tnJvranci."
cart work, or how far you can
walk without bceomins; tired. Next
take two Ave-arain tablets or or
dinary nuxated iron three times
per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your strength
again and see for yourself how
mucn you nave gained. I have
seen dozens of nervous, run-down people . NOTE Nutated Iron, recommended above
wno were ailing all the while, double their lJ- nut, , ih uinu nor
strength and endurance and entirely get rid "crt "medy. but one which is well known
of all symptoms of dvioeoiia IWer and other t0 druK'lt "d whose iron constituents
slmnlv tw tkln. i.nn In tk. .L.. everywhsrs. UnllKo the older Inorgsnlo Iron
Ana I 5,1. 3fJ VLn (- . kI P"""1. It Is easily a-lmllated doea not
?L i.L '.mf. c"''.h"n Injure the teeth, make them black, nor up-
doctonn, for month, without obtaijlns; any ,t the stomach; on the contrary. It Is a
benefit. But don t take the old forms of most potent remedy In nearly all forms of
reduced iron, iron acute or tincture of iron Indigestion as well as for nervous, run-down
,slmply to save a few cents. You must take conditions. The manufacturers bava such
iron in a form that can be easily absorbed great confidence In Nuxated Iron that they
and assimilated like nuxated iron, if you offer to forfeit $100.00 to any charitable in-
want it to do you any good, otherwise It ttutlon If they cannot take any man or
may prove worse than useless. . woman under AO who lacks Iron and Increase
Many an athlete or prize fighter his won tnel,r trength 200 per cent or over in four
the dsy simply because he knew the seereft wk" "nie. provldd they have no serious
.rtr.b,'. .;h.rhh.:,"?o in! flm. 'u""ls 'dispensed"' th!s clly 'bv Stfi
glorious defeat simply for the lack of lr.. '."' '&oW'J?l!. and .liar
E. Sauer, M. D.
uru van w, aq veriisemeni.
Wuxtry! Judge Day
Turns Down Chance
To Be Millionaire
District Judge Grorg A. Day is
not a speculator. Me admits, how'
ever, that during his vacation he re
viyea nis aDintifls as a champion
milker, his tired wrists and fingers
bearing witness. The judge returned
to . the bench Friday after spending
several weeks in the hills near
Juanita, Colo. He tells this story of
nis reiusai to make a million: . .
"While tramping about the hills I
met a grizzled prospector whose
stories ot Setter days were enchant
ing. 'Even now.' he informed me. 'I
have aclaim where, the end of the
tunnel is just sixteen feet from $1,-
uuu.uuu. i naveu t the money to con
tinue further development work and
in order to insure same one a fortune
I will just sell you a half interest in
that million for $5,000.'
J he offer was tempting, but I in
formed the old miner that I was iust
sixteen feet from the necessary $5,000
ana womo nave to spurn his kind ad
vances. ' He is but one of hundreds
of old timers in that vicinity just
managing to exist. In former years
they made and lost fortunes,
"My days on the farm were the
days of real sport. After several un
successful tussles with the bossies I
became the champion milker of the
farm. It's surprising how soon one's
forgotten talents can be revived
through a little practice.
Westerlicher Kriegerbund
Holds Session at Lincoln
(Prom a Staff Correspondent,)
Lincoln. Sept. 2. (Special Tele.
gram.) Veterans of the German and
Austrian armies are holding a three
days session in Lincoln. The West
erlicher Kreisrerbund. as the oreani.
zation is called, began with a banquet
at the city auditorium this evening
at which both Governor Morehead
and Mayor Bryan delivered ad
dresses. Representatives from Min
nesota. Iowa. South Dakota. Kansas
and Nebraska compose the organiza
tion, a he annual parade will be held
Monday morning. . .there are about
j,uuu present.
Condition of Whitmore
Reported More Favorable
Aurora. Neb., bent. Z. (Special
Telegram.) John A. Whitmore, vet
eran lawyer, is much stronger today
ana ur. wooaara, his physician, de
clares his chances for recovery are
Mr. Whitmore has not been fullv
conscious since he was found at the
foot of the stairs at his home early
Friday morning. His skull was frac
tured ana he lost much blood. He
has not. been able to explain his acci
dental tall.
Guy Smith Agrees to Care 1
For Wife and Children
Adversity and a stimritiB- lecture bv
the judge in the criminal .court
brought about t tearful family reunion
when Guy L. Smith (not the auto
man), arrested twice on he charge of
wife desertion, was brought face, to
Let Dreshert Get Your Last
Year' Attire Reedy for .
Firit Frosty Snap That ,
Show Itself.
Listen, reader! You are only
human, just like all the rest ot us.
You are going to delay sending
your last winter's garments hero
for an overhauling unless un
less Dresners can prevail upon you
to "see ahead" and get the work
in early.
Now's the time to make up a
bundle of Fall and Winter clothes
to be sent to Dreahers' incompar
able Dry ' Cleaning and Dyeing
Slant at 2211-2217 Farnam St.
low is the time to have your more
or less musty clothes cleaned and
pressed. Now is the time to have
velvet collars and cuffs put on
garments that look as though they
needed them. Now is the iime to
have garments relined, altered in
style, dyed, etc. Now is the time
to have your furs enlivened.
Now's the time to get out last
year's overcoat to be put into
"toppy" shape. .
In fact, Dresner Brothers will
work wonders with anything one
wears, no matter whether it be a
man's suit or overcoat of last year,
ladies' dresses, skirts, coats, suits,
fur boas, muffs, even the winter
hats womenfolk wore last year.
A small army of tailors, dress
makers, hatters, furriers, cleaners,
dyers, pressers, feather workers
and goodness only knows what else
await your bidding at Dreshers'
they are all experts or they
wouldn't be at Dreshers'.'
Take it in hatsk for instance
knowing ones in Dreshers' hat de
partment actually make ladies' felt
hats to order, in any color you
designating any manner of trim
ming you wish.
Truly, now is the time, and this
is the place.
A phone message to Tyler 345
Euts you in touch with all DTesher
ieptrs at the plant, with Dreshers'
new Harney St. office, with the
Dresher Branches in the Burgess
Nash or Brandeia Stores, or with
Dresher The Tailor at lf15 Far
nam St.
Dreshers are ' the neonle who
planned and first put into action
the idea of paying express or par
cel post- charges one way on any
sized bundle, shipped to any point
in America.
And hug this idea close it's
lime to send your last winter's gar
ments to Dreshers to be put in
shape to meet the demands of the
COLD weather that wilj soon be
reauy to nip uai ' .
The Bee's Fund for ,.
Free Milk and Ice
Smaha National
The Bee's fund is now closed for
the season of 1916.
' The people contributed $680.35,
which was ample to bring life-giving
pure milk to an army of babies and
small children who would have suf
fered bitterly without it. Some of
them could not have lived without it.
Three girls sent in the final con
tribution: PraTOBsly arknowMsMl . M7S.10
Varna MarAul.j, Alloa Fataaaa Had
llalh Sajdsr.,.,., ...,,.
Total. .SDS0.9S
, Obituary Notes ?
face with his two tittle 'daughters,
Peart, aged 5, and Eleanor, aged 2,
and his mate. Complaint of the wife,
Gertrude, that she was deserted by
her husband the second time on No
vember 20 brought about his arrest
and resulted in wringing promises
from him that portend better things
for his family. With the promises
made. Smith was released on his own
recognizance, embraced his wife and
girlies and walked from the court to
begin anew. : ,
land and who came to this country,
when he was 19 years old as a horse
huyer for the British government, ro
alKninir when he waa 26 years old tn
take up (arming In Barpy county, died
at his hrTme, Forty-sixth and I streets.
South Bide, Friday evening. He was
73 years old. "His wife died about a
year ago. There are no aurvlvlnn
relative. 'Funeral services will he
held at the Brewer chapel ai 2 o'clock '
Sunday afternoon, Rev. S. H, Yerlun
officiating. Interment will foe in
Laurel Hill cemetery.
Elizabeth Virginia little.-
aged 89 years, sister of the lata John
Little, pioneer merchant of Omaha.
Funeral Monday morning at o'clock
from St. Phllomena'a church, Intf-.-ment
Holy Sepulcher cemetery. Fun
eral privte. Rochester, N. Y., papers
please copy. . j
August !8. 1916, at Overton, after an
illnca sextendlng for several years.
Mrs. Clarke waa brought up In Daw
son eounty, having lived there forty
three years. She is survived by her
husband, Guy E. Clark, and son. I.ea
ter.' , Interment was in Overton ceme
tery. . . .
her horns In Overton, August St, lils.
She is survived by her husband, Ruo
ben Decker, and five children, .
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The Man
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Yes, he Is all around us. With
ability and character, business
knowledge and honesty, he can
not get ahead. The handicap
is too great.
Chances are hlffsstomach is out of '
; order, and he pays a big penalty. Ex
amination would show systemic catarrh
in-many of thma pjuuw iwrhsTat in
Once free of it, energy would come back, life would
I St-a"
be rosy and success sure.
Peruna Has Helped Many
It has cleared out th catarrh, helped the blood to purity,
started the stomach right, and built up the system. That's the
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habits., "
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bAT thi
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